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Yuna's Nightmare

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by aikoinazuma, Jan 31, 2013.

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    Hehehe...this is my first ryona story!

    Yuna's Nightmare
    FFX-2 Fanfic Only​
    Yuna was awokened in her cabin aboard the Celcius by a sudden jolt. Sitting up in bed, she looked out the window and saw the clear waters of the sea below the ship. It hovered above the beach just below near the Djose Highroad. She and the Gullwings were going to chase off a weird new fiend or group of fiends that were killing animals and travelers around Djose Temple. Brother had told her, Rikku and Paine to rest up in the cabin before they started their main assault. The plan was to let Shinra's machina wipe out the majority of the stronger fiends then YRP could go in and finish the fiends that snuck into the temple.
    "Wow, I must have overslept. Isn't Brother supposed to wake me? It's almost night now." She dashed from her bed and raced down to Barkeep's store downstairs. The Hypello was nowhere in sight. She sighed in puzzlement and went through the door towards the ship's elevator. She pressed the button for the bridge and she was transported up to the bridge of the airship. As Yuna stepped out, she slid forwards as if on ice, but she caught herself on a rail.
    "What the," Yuna had slid on a puddle of blood. It was still somewhat fresh. She saw a slight trail of it leading through the doors to the control cabin of the ship. She went through the doors and it was empty, not a soul in sight. She saw the trail of blood lead all the way up to the sphere oscillolator, the giant sphere that acts as a radar display for the ship, and then it cut off. Yuna looked below her and saw a broken hole in the glass of the cockpit. Whoever was killed here must have been dragged here and thrown through the glass, she thought. Yuna decided to go and check out the temple herself. She touched a transport sphere nearby and she was beamed down to a transport sphere on the ground. Yuna knew she was at the intersection between the Highroad, Djose Temple, and the path to the Moonflow. She headed towards the Temple when she heard someone call out.
    "Help me!" It came from the path to the Moonflow. Yuna raced towards the voice. It sounded like it came from just over a small hill.
    "Please, help me!" it was a scream now.
    Yuna went over the hill and saw Rikku laying on the ground, stabbing at something with her knife. Yuna raced to her.
    "Rikku, I'm here!" Yuna saw that a green snake's tail had wrapped around Rikku's leg.
    "Yunie, I hate snakes, please get me out of here!" Rikku whimpered as she struggled to cut the snake away from her. Yuna aimed her Bee Guns and shot at the snake, but it was like trying to shoot at a concrete wall. Green stuff splurted out of the snake until it seemed to relax and loosen it's grip on Rikku's calf. Rikku sighed in relief.
    "Thanks, Yunie. I hate snakes. Hey, this isn't a snake!" She got up as another green 'snake' darted out of the trees nearby and wrapped around her leg again.
    "Oh no!" Rikku fell back on her rear as the 'snake' dragged her towards the trees. Yuna shot at the snake again, but another 'snake' thing came out and smashed into her stomach. She was sent flying about several meters before landing. The punch to her stomach was so strong she almost threw up on the ground, and she was dizzy.
    "Yunie! Help! No, please, Noooo!!" Rikku was now being pulled up by the leg, and the other snake wrapped around her waist. Several more green snake like appendages came out of the forest, and Yuna saw that an Ochu was what caught Rikku. It's maw of sticky saliva spattered onto the ground as it walked out of the trees and wrapped a third vine around Rikku's other leg. Then two more vines wrapped around her arms and began to squeeze, then they lifted her up. Rikku shrieked and dropped her knife as she was being lowered into the sticky saliva of the Ochu feet first.
    "No-No-No-No" Rikku struggled like she was possessed but was no match for the Ochu's strength. She began to cry and scream as Yuna got up and raced back towards her. Yuna had lost one of her guns but still shot at the Ochu with the other. Again, the Ochu swung one of its vines and knocked Yuna back down. This time, Yuna was even more disoriented and began to black out partially. But she saw Rikku's dilemma perfectly clear. Rikku now was being grabbed by smaller tentacles that came out of the saliva pool in the Ochu's mouth and she was now knee deep in the stuff. She was crying as they wrapped around her arms and chest and pulled her deeper into the maw.
    "NOOOO" Rikku screamed with all her strength as the jaws of the Ochu closed.
    "RIKKU!" Yuna screamed as she shot at the Ochu with no luck. She ran at it in anger and in grief at losing her friend and cousin. The vines began to swing at her, but she dodged and snatched up Rikku's knife on the ground. As she ran up to stab the plant fiend, she noticed a lock of Rikku's blond hair stuck between the jaws of the Ochu. She drove her knife into the Ochu and it shrieked in pain. The jaws opened and Yuna tried to pull Rikku back out by her hair if necessary.
    All she pulled out was a lock of blond Al Bhed hair and some bloody skin on the end. The rest of Rikku was not to be seen anywhere.
    "No...no not Rikku, NOOO!!" Yuna dropped the hair and ran out of the trees screaming and crying. She ran until she was back in the three way intersection, and fell back against the sign. She sat there and cried and sobbed for a good half hour or so. She was thinking of all the good times she and her cousin had, their defeat of Sin, and now Rikku was nothing more than digested goo for some nasty plant monster. Yuna slowly rapped her head against the sign as she sobbed, her tears and snot dribbling down her chest between her breasts and staining her halter top. She stared at the sky, now nighttime, and realized that she couldn't stay outside for long. She got up and headed across the bridge to Djose Temple.
    Djose Temple was a mess; broken machina and bodies of Al Bhed and Youth League members lay about on the ground alongside dead bodies of fiends. A great battle had taken place here, and judging by the sheer number of dead, it looked like a deadly stalemate had occurred. Yuna saw that the rocks that normally circled the temple had fallen to the ground. Still whimpering and sobbing, she stepped over the remains of a Mech Scouter when she heard something to the left of her. She swung around, and a small lizard fiend was staring back at her. It began to come at her, and she shot back with her remaining gun. Shot after shot plunged into the fiend until it finally keeled over dead at her feet. She looked down at it and it smelled like it was rotten. Almost like a zombie, but fainter and sweeter. Yuna backed away from it, and she saw one of the members of the Youth League step out from behind the remains of the Al Bhed shop nearby.
    "Hey, are you alright?" Yuna called to him. He staggered towards her, saying no word.
    "Uh...what's wrong with you?" Yuna began to back away as he raised his hands towards her and charged, snarling.
    Yuna ran quickly towards the temple door and she tripped just in front of the door. The Youth League soldier fell as well, and he grabbed her half skirt and leg.
    "Let go! No, stop!" Yuna shot at him twice before she ran out of bullets. He tore off her half skirt and was trying to drag her whole body towards him. Yuna tried to stomp his hand in an attempt to loosen his grip but had little luck. After a minute of struggling, the soldier had pulled her closer. All of a sudden, a large sword came down and sliced the soldier's forearm off. Yuna pulled away, the hand still gripping her ankle, as the sword came down and beheaded the Youth League soldier.
    "Looks like I just saved the damsel in distress."

    Paine had saved Yuna, but she was a mess. She had bruises and scratches all over her body, and it looked like she was bitten in the neck by a snake.
    "Why did he attack me?" Yuna got to her feet and she kicked the severed hand and forearm away.
    "I don't know. I was ambushed by one of these guys too. He was crazed, he bit me in the neck but I pushed him off me and he fell onto a shard of metal from one of the broken machina nearby. Then, I was knocked out by who knows what."
    Yuna and Paine went through the front door. "What happened here? Where is everyone?"
    Paine looked back outside. "I don't know. I transported down here with Rikku when Brother ordered me and her to come to the bridge. He called for you but couldn't get you to wake up. Me and Rikku were transported down into the middle of the fight here and Rikku somehow got split off from me. Some of the Youth League and Al Bhed here were fighting alongside the fiends, and they had that weird smell and look to them" she gestured towards a dead Al Bhed on the floor, his normally green eyes a pitch black. "The one that pursued me was still struggling with the metal shard impaled through his chest when I awoke, and I beheaded him. Then, I heard you scream and came to your rescue. If you ask me, there's more than meets the eye here. Where's Rikku?"
    Yuna started to sob again. "She....she's dead. An Ochu ate her. I couldn't stop it..."
    "Oh God..." Paine said as they started up the stairs to the Cloister of Trials. The door was ajar and fell down when she pushed on it. They walked over a bridge over a small pit and stepped over another body of an Al Bhed. As they passed it, Yuna noticed the same bite on the neck of the Al Bhed as there was on Paine. Paine all of a sudden stumbled and fell against the rail of the bridge.
    "Ughh..." she gurgled as she dropped her sword and it clanged on the bottom a few meters below.
    "Paine, are you okay?" Yuna rushed over and lifted Paine back to her feet.
    "I'm...a bit dizzy." Paine said.
    "Can you move on?" Yuna carried her on her shoulder.
    "Yeah...I think so." Paine and Yuna hobbled together until they came to the first room of the Cloister. They got on the elevator and went up to the second floor. Here, they entered the room immediately outside the chamber of the Fayth. They saw someone standing in the front of the door to the chamber.
    "Lulu? Is that you?" Yuna said as the figure stepped forward. It was Lulu, although in a daze like Paine.
    "Yeah...I can't remember how I got here though..." she seemed more disoriented than Paine, and barely could walk. Paine, meanwhile, had collapsed now, and was on her knees.
    "Where's everyone? Wakka, Kimahri?"
    "I don't know...dead...perhaps -- what's happening to me..." Lulu looked sad and scared as she gazed at Yuna. Then, her eyes began to change color, turning from her reddish hue to an almost pitch black. She started to smile.
    "Come now, Yuna. It's okay now. Everything will be all right."
    Yuna backed away, sensing something sinister in Lulu's eyes. She saw that Lulu had the same bite on her neck as Paine and the Al Bhed guy from before.
    "Lulu...you're scaring me. What are you doing?"
    Lulu opened her mouth as she walked towards Yuna. Yuna's eyes widened as she saw that Lulu had grown fangs.
    "We know you're scared, little girl..."
    Yuna tried to run, but she ran into Paine. Paine's eyes also turned to coal black except for the sclera, and she grabbed Yuna by her upper arm.
    "Sorry, Yuna. Can't run now." She was dragging Yuna back towards Lulu. Yuna tried to escape but Paine's grip was like a vice. With her other hand, she produced a small knife and cut off Yuna's long ponytail. Yuna squirmed but could not escape Paine's grip. Lulu grabbed her other arm and they dragged her into the Chamber of Faith.
    Yuna started crying again. "No, please don't."
    "Sorry, Yuna. We're vampires now. But don't worry; we won't turn you into one. It'd be no fun if you turned into one as well."
    Paine turned and gripped Yuna around the waist in a bear hug. Lulu was in front of her and stared into Yuna's eyes with the hypnotic gaze of a vampiress.
    "Such a cute, innocent girl. It's hard to believe you defeated Sin." Lulu traced her finger around Yuna's collarbone before she lowered her head towards Yuna's neck.
    "Noo..." Yuna cried and struggled in Paine's bear hug, her arms also pinned by Lulu's. She kicked at Lulu, but it did nothing to stop the buxom black mage. She felt Lulu licking her neck slightly. Then, Lulu bit her, a sharp but brief pain in the front of her neck. Paine also bit her in the back of the neck. It was silent in the Chamber of the Fayth with the exception of Yuna's crying and shrieking as Paine and Lulu drank her blood. She was sandwiched between the two vampiresses and almost had an orgasm from being pressed up between the two of them. This went on for about thirty seconds before they released their grip and Yuna scampered to the other side of the Chamber.
    "We just softened you up, Yuna. The real fun is yet to come." Yuna noticed that her boots had stepped into some white gooey stuff. She jumped out of it, and she ran into a rope that had been hanging from the wall. She tried to push it away, but it stuck to her arm. She pulled again, and she was yanked back again. This time she fell back first into a net of the ropes and she was pinned to the wall by the sticky ropes. She could barely move her legs and arms before the sticky stuff pinned her back down again. Only her head moved freely. She then realized she was stuck in a giant spider web.
    "Oh God..." Yuna was usually fearless, but she had a mortal fear of spiders. Just as Rikku almost passed out at the sight of a snake once during a Sphere hunt, Yuna was mortified of the eight legged creatures. She moaned and whimpered as she struggled to free herself, her small frame unable to free itself from the web.
    "Lulu, Paine...Help," Yuna whined.
    "Oh, this is too good. A meal and then a show." Paine laughed. Yuna then saw a huge spider descend from the ceiling above. It was the size of a large Ronso and walked up to her on the web. Yuna screamed in terror. It spat some white goo on her wrists and it was like sticky marshmallow crème but much stronger. It began to secure her wrists and legs to the web with even more white goo and smaller threads of webbing, then it came up to her and stuck its fangs at her. Yuna screamed even louder and faster, her eyes widened with fear as the fangs brushed against her stomach and breasts. They made their way to her neck and Yuna was hysterical, her tears streaming down her little heart shaped face. Her mind raced like a rocket engine; she lost her cousin, two of her friends, her entire team, and now she was a giant spider's lunch. The fangs then sank into the front of her neck and Yuna shrieked and struggled with all her might with no luck. She felt the strength draining from her as she howled in terror. She saw a few other spiders descend from above and came towards her as well. One of them sank its fangs into her thigh and Yuna screamed and vomited all over the first spider. Paine and Lulu laughed as Yuna saw another spider come up to bite her at the front of the neck as well. She screamed and screamed as it came closer...
    "NOOO!" Yuna sat up in bed. She was crying and disoriented as Rikku and Paine were trying to comfort her.
    "Yuna, Yuna, it's a nightmare, wake up!" Paine was shaking Yuna by her shoulders. Yuna stopped screaming.
    She was on board the Celsius. It was early in the morning and Paine and Rikku were woken by Yuna's screaming.
    "I'm...I'm on the ship." Yuna said.
    "Yeah...you must have had a really dissasterific nightmare, Yunie. You woke up half the ship." Rikku giggled.
    "Oh, Rikku, you're alive." She got up and hugged Rikku.
    "Yeah, I'm here. Yunie, you're squeezing too hard, hehehe." Rikku tried to break free.
    "But I was at Djose and Rikku was eaten and you became a vampire and bit me!" Yuna began to walk down the stairs to Barkeep's shop. He sat there and laughed when she sat down at the bar.
    "Mish Yoona, I heard yoo had a bad nightmare lasht night?" he said as she stared into a mirror on the counter.
    "Yeah, I guess so..." she stared into the mirror and noticed she had the same bite marks as she got in the dream. Rikku and Paine walked up behind her, their eyes dark and fangs drawn. Yuna's face paled.
    "Oh no..." she whimpered as Rikku and Paine gripped her arms and lifted her out of the seat.
    "It's time for breakfast Yunie, and I want some juice, hehehe" Rikku laughed as she began to lick Yuna's neck.
    Yuna began to scream. "NOOOOO!!!!!"
    The End?​
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    Very cool story, I like it.
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    Not bad, would've been nice to read this during Halloween though :P