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Yukari's wreck

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Psycho333, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. Psycho333

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    Oct 15, 2011
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    ((This is a fic based on Yukari the English teacher of Azumanga Dioh, if you know her you know how she drives O_O ))

    "Crap Crap CRAAAAAP" Yukari yelled in her mind as she was already running behind schedule, on her way to pick up her students for a fieldtrip ,she was driving as fast and wrecklessly as usual, swerving between cars and cutting several people off...

    "GET THE FUCK OUTTA THE WAY!" Yukari yelled as she swerved around a stopped but abandoned car... this however caused her to hit another car and threw her vehicle into a building with a loud "CRASH"

    Yukari let out a scream of pain as chunks of a wall slammed into her leg, shattering the bone from the force of the crash, Yukari saw a figure approch her and pull her out ofthe wreck... she thought she was rescued but then a rag was placed over her mouth and unconciousness came shortly after...

    When Yukari woke up she found herself handcuffed to a chair... her leg still broken and not in a cast.

    "Time for revenge you bitch!" A masked figure yelled and slammed a sledgehammer into her broken leg, causing her to scream loudly in agony and for the leg to break more, pain shot throughout her body.
    "You were the one who killed my SISTER! Yet no one believed be just because I get followed by pink elephants riding giant bannanas!" And with that she slammed the sledgehammer into Yukari's shattered leg again and again... the bones were broken in several areas and the bone itself had no more structure then water... Yukari's leg was bright purple and at an off angle...

    "Yes I saw it! You ran her over in your car then rode off into the sunset on a flying unicorn that shits rainbows and pukes hearts!" The figure shouted angrily...

    "ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS!" Yukari shouted through the pain only to get a sledgehammer shot to her stomach whoch made her lean forward, more and more pain shooting through her...

    "Of course I am" The figure said and approched her... considering her right leg bone was completely shattered she grabbed her right foot and moved her leg upward toward her mouth, making the shin at an extreme angle and for Yukari to let out howls of pain as her nerves felt like they were ablaze...

    "You do have nice feet though" She said as she removed her mask, revealing short blue hair, blue eyes, and a nose piercing, when she showed her tongue that too was pierced. She ran her tongue up and down the bare sole of Yukari, "I have always loved the feet of women" She told Yukari as she twistedthe leg around, the leg itself offering no resistance as tendons and muscle tore where the bone was shattered... causing more and more pain for Yukari... pain shot through her body causing her whole body to twitch as joltsof more pain shot through... Yukari began to drool as her leg was twisted a full 360 degrees

    "This is forMY SISTER!" The girl yelled as she slammed the sledgehammer into Yukari's stomach again, causing her to throw up some and a sizable bruse to appear on her stomach... she then put Yukari's right foot in her mouth and began sucking on her toes... "I think I'll keep your body for my amusement..." She said... this caused Yukari's hear to sink "B...Body?" She said "What you didnt realize I was going to kill you?" She taunted...

    then without much more warning She got her sledgehammer and landed a very sharp blow to Yukari's throat, collapsing her windpipe... Yukari gasped and struggled to breath as her chest heaved butto no avail. her toes wiggled and streached in protest which made Yukari's killer extra excited.She frantically licked the wiggling toes of Yukari while Yukari herself felt more and more pain, her chest felt like it was on fire as she desperately tried to draw in even a little breath...

    within seconds Yukari cried... realizing she was going to die here... die an english teacher and nothing more... No air would go through her collapsed windpipe as her struggling slowed down, Yukari was losing strength...

    Within several minutes,to Yukari it felt like an eternity, her senses started to fade.

    her killer was licking the arches of Yukari's right foot when she noticed the toe movements slowing down, "Leaving us already bitch?" She taunted.

    a few minutes later... Yukari passed out.

    "Unconciousness always preceeds death in asphyxia" Yukari's killer said out loud as she approched Yukari from behind "However your no fun once your unconcious so I may as well end it now" She said as she now slammed her sledgehammer into the back of Yukari's neck. shattering her neck and killing Yukari.

    Then the killer left with Yukari's limp body, she'd definately have fun with it.