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Wrestle Angels Survivor: The Bullet Bites It

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Raden, Feb 17, 2013.

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    I wrote a story based on some of the Wrestle Angels characters, but I used some original characters from Taroimo from Pixiv. I hope he doesn't mind, I, eh, didn't ask. I just love his characters so much, and I had the idea of one of them beating on Yukiko that I just had to write about.

    Here are the characters named in this story. Most of them are simply named once as locker room brawl filler:

    Thunder Bullet


    Jun Amou

    Yurie Hakamada

    Ryoko TAMA

    Maki Sawatari

    All credit goes to Taroimo for his awesome characters, and terrific art!

    The action in the ring had been interrupted by LWS again, Ladies Wrestling Superstars. For months and months now, LWS had been interfering in Wrestle Angels matches, attacking their talent. WA talent had responded in kind, and soon, a massive all-out turf war had begun. Fans were excited by the proposition, and both companies had made unreal sums of money.

    The final confrontation was set for Wrestle Heaven 14. It had started small, with the bit players starting, escalating to the midcarders, and finally, Yukiko and Thunder Bullet had joined the battle. For the last two months, they'd been trading insults and barbs, attacks, facing each other indirectly in tag matches, but it was all set to come to a head next Sunday at the pay per view. Mighty Yukiko vs Thunder Bullet, one on one, with the winner's promotion running the other one out of Budokan Hall. Before that though, the final segment's match on their weekly show, Throwdown, had exploded into chaos again. The locker rooms emptied, with both rosters fighting in the aisle, around the ring, in the ring.

    Finally, Mighty Yukiko hit the ring, directing traffic, involving herself in brawls and giving her rostermates a hand, heel or face alike. It had become less "heel and face" and more "us vs them". Freia Kagami was helping Anny Beach fight someone off, and Chisato Sakurai had come to the aid of Natassja Han.

    As both sides continued to brawl, Yukiko got in the ring to help clear it out. She helped fight off the brawls in the ring, and they spilled to the floor, but unknown to her, Thunder Bullet had made her way out in the midst of chaos, and grabbed a chair. She slid into the ring, and swung it into Yukiko's back like she were swinging an axe at a tree. Yukiko screamed out in pain and dropped to her knees, arching over backward. She fell to her hands and knees, and then struggled to get up. When she did, Bullet was there to meet her with a destructive Thunder God Hammer lariat. It spun Yukiko through the air, like she were a corkscrew, and landed her hard on her back. Yukiko was badly dazed, and the announcer, who was still a Wrestle Angels announcer, was crying out for Yukiko to get up. Thunder Bullet grinned evilly, and then picked Yukiko up like she were a child. Bullet put Yukiko across her broad shoulders, and began to viciously pump Yukiko with a torture rack, facing the hard camera and smiling at her handiwork. Yukiko flopped around like a fish out of water in Bullet's hold, soon passing out. Bullet continued to break Yukiko's back with the hold, smiling and laughing.

    "Six days, Yukiko! Six days left before your run in Budokan Hall is no more!" Bullet sneered, as she continued to torment Yukiko's unconscious body with the submission hold.

    "For the love of God, Bullet, let her go! Let her go, she's out!" screamed the TV announcer as the show went off the air, with Bullet dominating Yukiko completely.


    "Five minutes, Yukiko."

    Mighty Yukiko was just finishing lacing up her boots. This was it, the biggest match she had ever been in, bar none. Taking a few deep breaths, she found her center of relaxation, where all the stress and worry simply melted away. She heard Bullet's music hit, and knew she had but a scant minute before all 20,000 pairs of eyes would be on her.

    As her music hit, she stepped onto the platform that would raise her into the stage and struck her pose, standing wide-based with one hand on her hips, the other pointed into the air, head lowered. As she rose onto the stage, the crowd noise simply erupted. Yukiko could not resist, and held her pose a little before making her way down to the ring. Thunder Bullet simply stared her down the entire time, her gaze never once wavering.

    Formal ring introductions were made, despite it not being a title match. It was more than that. The fate of the entire promotion rested on Yukiko's shoulders. She tried to shake off the pressure.

    "This next match is a winner take all match. The winner of this match will have their promotion take the rights to running in the Budokan Hall! Introducing first, from the Ladies Wrestling Superstars... Standing six feet tall and weighing two hundred pounds... THUNDERRRRRRRRR BUUUUUUUUUUULLET!"

    The audience gave one of the loudest rounds of boos Yukiko had ever heard... but she braced herself for her introduction. She never tired of the fans' love and adoration, and she loved and adored them right back.

    "And now..." the announcer began, the crowd starting to cheer before she could even start. "Introducing next.... from WRESTLE ANGELS.... Standing 5 feet, 5 inches tall and weighing 130 pounds....


    The crowd exploded into the single largest ovation Yukiko had ever received in her life. She acknowledged the cheers and posed a little, taking in the reaction as it etched itself into her memory, permanently.

    The bell rung, signifying the start of the most important match in both company's histories.

    They met in the middle of the ring, staring each other down. Thunder Bullet was a massive woman, and all of it looked like she were sculpted. Her tanned bronze skin, blonde hair, and her gold two-piece, boots and half-mask made her look kind of like a statue, a gleaming perfect heroine. In her promotion, she played the part too, but since this attempted takeover, they had all adopted a vicious streak.

    Yukiko, for her part, brought herself up to her full height of seven inches less than Bullet. She stood directly in front of Bullet, looking up at her, never flinching or showing any fear. Her long pink hair cascaded down her back like a waterfall. Her baby blue one-piece and boots hugged her flawless body snugly, showing off some exquisite curves of her own. Yukiko was not near as large as Bullet, but she was fairly well cut herself, and stronger than she looked.

    Bullet and Yukiko began to mouth off at each other in the ring for a moment before Bullet palmed Yukiko's face and pie-faced her. Yukiko came back with a two-handed shove to Bullet's chest. Bullet stepped back and looked a combination of surprised and angry. Bullet shoved Yukiko forcefully, knocking her off her feet. Yukiko sprung back to her feet, and then dove at Bullet with a forearm, and it was on from there! The back-and-forth slugfest took them over to a corner, where Bullet forced Yukiko into the corner.

    "Clean break now, one! Two! Three!" the referee began her count. Bullet raised her hands and slowly backed away, but then shoved Yukiko and then quickly re-took the center of the ring, laughing. Yukiko looked like she was getting angry, but held it in check. Yukiko went to engage Bullet again, locking up with her. Bullet easily overpowered her, but Yukiko spun at the last moment and now it was Bullet in the corner.

    "Come on ref, clean break!" Bullet said. "Get her off me! Do your damned job!"

    Yukiko would normally have broken clean, but Bullet was acting the hypocrite and coward, and Yukiko would not stand for that. Giving Bullet a taste of her own medicine, she cracked a sharp slap across Bullet's jaw. The crowd gasped and an "oohhhhh.." came from them. Bullet's head jerked to the side and she held her face, then her eyes went wide with rage, and she charged at Yukiko. But Yukiko anticipated it, and had moved out toward the ropes. When Bullet got to her, she grabbed the top rope and dropped down suddenly, causing Bullet to fall out of the ring and roll up into the aisle some. The crowd loved it, and started chanting for Yukiko.

    Thunder Bullet seethed in rage on the outside for a moment, looking more and more like an angry bull. She kicked the steel stairs, and actually put a small dent in them, surprising the audience members who saw it.

    "SIX!" the referee counted. "Come on, back in the ring, Bullet! SEVEN!"

    Bullet rolled into the ring, staring down Yukiko angrily. Bullet teased a lockup, but thrust a knee into Yukiko's stomach instead. Yukiko cried out and doubled over, allowing Bullet to sledgehammer her across the back with her thick, powerful arms in a massive clubbing blow, knocking Yukiko to the canvas.

    As the match wore on, both women had traded offense, but Bullet slowly began to take over, and solidified her dominance after kicking Yukiko in the knee, threatening to hyperextend it. This knocked her to her knees, and Bullet immediately hooked her head and neck, and dropped her with a snap DDT. Yukiko rebounded off the canvas, and Bullet went for the quick cover.

    "ONE... TWO...." but Yukiko kicked out.

    Yukiko stood groggily, but Thunder Bullet was there to meet her. As Yukiko turned around, Bullet hooked her arms around Yukiko's head, neck and under one of her arms, then powered Yukiko into the air and threw her across the ring with a T-bone suplex. Yukiko landed on the canvas with a thump and moaned in pain. Bullet was on top of her again.

    "ONE... TWO..." Another kickout. Yukiko, and by proxy the Wrestle Angels, would not be put away that easily.

    Bullet simply smiled. It meant she had to punish Yukiko some more, is all. She took a handful of Yukiko's pink hair, and pulled her up. Hooking her up a second time, Bullet flung her across the ring again. Yukiko's body banged off the canvas, and then the large Thunder Bullet was pressing down on her once more.

    "ONE... TWO..." but Yukiko would not stay down.

    As Thunder Bullet pulled Yukiko to her feet by her hair again, Yukiko began to fire punches at Bullet's stomach. Bullet flinched at the strikes, and then Yukiko shin-kicked Bullet! Thunder Bullet cried out in pain and hobbled around a little, and Yukiko followed her, kicking her in the legs and looking to take the wheels out. The hobbling got a little more pronounced, and Bullet took a wild swing at Yukiko. Yukiko ducked and then grabbed Bullet's arms, crossing them over, while ducking down and putting her head between Bullet's legs. She steeled herself, and then managed to pick the larger Bullet up on her shoulders! It was quite a spectacle to see Yukiko holding the monster on her shoulders, and she held it for a few seconds as the camera flashes turned into a veritable sea of them, every snap a permanent reminder of Yukiko's display. Finally, Yukiko fell backwards, stacking Thunder Bullet up on her head, neck and shoulders.

    The crowd made a loud "OOHHHHHH!!" sound as the devastating Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex pounded Thunder Bullet into the canvas, and then Yukiko shifted her weight onto Bullet. It was now Bullet in trouble.

    "ONE... TWO..." Bullet still had energy left, and put it to good use, powering out of Yukiko's pin. As Thunder Bullet tried to recover, getting to one knee, Yukiko had hit the ropes, and she came flying back at Bullet, trying to knock her out with a flying knee to the face!

    The commentator had come to life now. "SHINING WIZARD!" he screamed. "Yukiko could have her here!"

    "ONE... TWO.." But Bullet managed to thrust a shoulder up. "Ooh, so close!" the commentator yelled. "We almost drove LWS out of here! Come on, Yukiko... I'm supposed to remain impartial, but my job is on the line here, so you will have to forgive me..."

    Yukiko looked to keep her offensive streak, and climbed the turnbuckle. She waited for the perfect opportunity, and then pounced at Bullet... but Thunder Bullet saw her and clubbed her out of the air with her very muscular right arm! It was a Thunder God Hammer, but it was desperate, and Bullet fell to her hands and knees after clobbering Yukiko with it, who fell like a rock out of the air, smashed into the canvas and had been knocked over to the ropes.

    "OH NO!" the commentator yelled. "Thunder God Hammer! Yukiko is down... come on, get up!"

    Bullet slowly recovered, panting on her hands and knees, standing painfully. She made her way over to Yukiko, who had laid motionless for a full minute by now. She grabbed Yukiko by the ankles and pulled her to the center of the ring.

    "NO, YUKIKO, GET UP!" the commentator yelled.

    Bullet covered Yukiko, but it was a slightly lazy pin and she did not hook the legs.

    "ONE... TWO..."

    ... and Yukiko bucked her legs, kicking out of the pin!

    Thunder Bullet's face told the whole story. Shock, surprise, anger, it was written plain as day on it. She could not believe Yukiko kicked out of her finisher.

    "That was three, ref! Do your damn job, while you still have one!" she absolutely towered over the diminutive referee, who lacked the size or build to be a wrestler. The referee would not be intimidated, however.

    "That was a two count! And you need to get out of my face, I'm the official in this match and I say it was two!"

    Thunder Bullet glared at her, a steely gaze. The referee would not back down. "I'll remind you this is NOT no disqualifications! Just try me!"

    As Bullet continued to try to threaten and cow the referee, Yukiko was slowly recovering. Suddenly, Yukiko grabbed Bullet between the legs and pulled her over in a schoolgirl pin!

    The referee made her count, but Bullet managed to kick out. The two women stood, and Yukiko looked to keep Bullet off guard and charged at her, but ran right into Bullet's waiting arms. Using Yukiko's momentum, Bullet scooped the pink-haired superstar up and then drove her down with a backbreaker. Yukiko cried out as her body molded itself to Bullet's thick thigh, and then she was on the canvas with the mountainous Bullet on her again.

    "ONE... TWO..." Yukiko managed to roll her shoulder.

    Bullet snarled and shook her head. "You just don't know when to quit..."

    Thunder Bullet plucked Yukiko up off the mat, and scooped her up with ease. She placed Yukiko stomach-first on her shoulder, then took three large steps and drove her into the mat with a running powerslam. Yukiko was splattered into the canvas, and lay there, arms and legs spread. Bullet hooked a leg, but Yukiko showed her resilience again.

    Bullet was beginning to get frustrated. Coaxing Yukiko to her feet, Yukiko stood on wobbly legs. When she turned around, Bullet snatched her around the waist and began to crunch her with a bearhug. Yukiko tried to fight out of it, but Bullet began to shake her like a rag doll, and pump the hold on her.

    The announcer was getting worried. "Yukiko's got to fight out of this! If she passes out, the whole of Wrestle Angels will have to give up Budokan Hall to these invaders! Come on, Yukiko, you can do it..."

    Yukiko hung in Bullet's grip, looking like a little girl compared to Bullet's massive frame. And Bullet had her powerful arms around Yukiko's waist, constricting her. She was also pumping the hold on Yukiko, bucking her up and down to maximize the pressure and the agony. Yukiko was gagging, and getting limp...

    The referee checked on Yukiko, then took her wrist. She raised Yukiko's arm in the air, and it fell to her side.

    "ONE!" the referee counted. She repeated the check. Again, no response from Yukiko.

    "TWO!" As the referee raised Yukiko's hand in the air for the third time, the tension could be felt throughout the entire building. 20,000 people had never made so little noise before. You could hear a pin drop...

    ... until the referee released Yukiko's hand, and it stayed in the air. Then the building erupted in cheers.

    Yukiko began to rally back, pumping her fist and firing up the crowd. She clapped her hands behind Bullet's head, scissoring her ears with her arms! This stunned Bullet, and Yukiko did it again. The third one caused Bullet to release the grip, and Yukiko was free of the bearhug! Yukiko hit the ropes and came back, but Bullet drove her knee into Yukiko's stomach, flipping her over her leg and deflating her, along with the crowd.

    Bullet decided she needed to get vicious. She picked Yukiko up again, who could barely stand by the point. She hoisted Yukiko up, then inverted her. Holding her by the waist, she dropped suddenly, spiking Yukiko with a brutal Tombstone Piledriver. Yukiko lay flat in the ring, now bleeding from the forehead. Bullet covered her... but Yukiko still managed to roll her shoulder! It was pure instinct at this point.

    Bullet shook her head again. Then she pulled Yukiko to her feet again, and bent her over, grabbing her by the waist. Bullet easily hefted the much smaller Yukiko up on her shoulders, then brought her back down, powerbombing her in the middle of the ring. Yukiko was spread eagled again, unmoving. Thunder Bullet sneered at Yukiko, then turned to the crowd. "IT'S OVER!" she shouted, making a throat-slash gesture. "Say goodbye to the Wrestle Angels!"

    Thunder Bullet climbed the turnbuckle, perching on it like a massive bird of prey. Then she used her powerful legs to her advantage, propelling herself high in the air, and landing on Yukiko like a human avalanche, crushing her with a top rope splash.

    "LIGHTNING PRESS!" the announcer yelled out. "This has got to be it, how much more can Yukiko take?!"

    "ONE... TWO..." But Yukiko managed to slither her hand between their bodies and turn her shoulder. It wasn't so much a kickout as it was that she broke the pin by the technicality of having a shoulder up.

    The crowd wasn't sure how to react at first, since they didn't actually see Yukiko roll her shoulder with Bullet's large body in the way. When Bullet stood up and got off her though, the crowd realized it, and began to cheer again.

    Then they started rallying Yukiko by chanting her name. "YU-KI-KO! YU-KI-KO! YU-KI-KO!"

    Yukiko defiantly raised her fist, and began to draw on the energy the crowd was feeding her. She managed to slowly get to her knees, then one knee. Bullet was simply astounded, too much to keep the advantage, and simply watched Yukiko's indomitable will reassert itself. Yukiko managed to get to her feet, face smeared in blood, and turn to face Bullet again. Bullet was amazed. The abuse she had dished out to Yukiko hadn't even put her down. Two finishers, multiple power moves, and even a submission... Yukiko's will would not be broken. There was simply too much to fight for, too much at stake... and the entire building was on her side.

    Bullet wound up, and punched Yukiko in the face, to a deafening boo. Yukiko's head snapped back, but then she fired back with one of her own to a resounding cheer. They traded a few blows back and forth, the crowd cheering and booing
    loudly on each strike. Bullet began to get the upper hand, landing a couple punches on Yukiko and taking her over to the ropes. Bullet fired her into the ropes, looking to level her with a spinning kick which would surely have knocked her senseless with those big tree-trunk like legs of hers, but Yukiko ducked it, hit the ropes again and came back with a flying forearm, knocking the big girl down! Yukiko drew her legs back and kicked sharply, propelling herself to her feet! The energy was almost palpable. Yukiko struck a wide stance, waving her hand at Bullet motioning her up. "Come on, get up! Get up, bitch!" Yukiko yelled. As Bullet turned around, Yukiko took a quick step, and planted a superkick flush on Bullet's jaw, knocking her down again! The crowd was generating so much noise, Yukiko could feel the hairs on the back of her neck standing up. She hooked Bullet in a pinfall, but only got a two count.

    Keeping up the pressure, Yukiko circled Bullet, waiting for her to get up. As she tried to get to her knees, Yukiko delivered a kneelift to Bullet's face, flattening her again! Bullet began to bleed from a cut on her forehead, in a spot the mask did not cover, and it started to trickle down under her mask and smear around her eyes and on her cheeks. Yukiko rolled Bullet onto her back, and made the twirling motion with her hands that signified her moonsault. Yukiko steeled herself, then leapt up to the top rope and in the same move, turned 180 degrees. Then she sprung off the turnbuckle, using it like a trampoline as she sailed majestically through the air, cameras capturing dozens of photos of her flight path. She tried to make herself as heavy as she could, as her 130 pounds crashed into Bullet.

    "Yukiko hit the Mightysault!" the commentator exploded. "PIN HER! PIN HER, YUKIKO!"

    The referee got to two, but Bullet still managed to power out, just in time.

    Yukiko picked up a dazed Bullet again, and then spun her around. She hammerlocked both Bullet's arms, and then popped her hips, throwing Bullet over backwards! A combination of her momentum, technique, and her very deceptive strength sent Bullet head over heels, dropping her with a large suplex. Again, Yukiko was on Bullet, her body weight pressing down on Bullet's legs as they folded over her head, trying to jackknife pin her, but Bullet kicked out again. Now it was Bullet in dire straits.

    Yukiko stomped on Bullet's back as she tried to get to her hands and knees, flattening her back to the canvas. Suddenly, Yukiko's bodyweight was on Bullet, and she had Bullet's arm trapped with her legs, as she wrapped her arms around Bullet's head and clamped her across the face with her hands in a crossface submission! Bullet screamed out in pain as Yukiko leaned way back, looking to wrangle a submission out of the much larger woman. Bullet did a lot of yelling and shouting in pain, but no tapping was forthcoming. Yukiko leaned back further, looking like she wanted to tear Bullet's head off! Thunder Bullet screamed in agony again, and probably would have submit if so much weren't riding on it... so she hung in there, enduring the pain as best she could. Built as she was, even she was not completely indestructible, and Yukiko was so much stronger than she looked. Bullet began to pull herself toward the ropes using her free arm, like a one-armed combat crawl. She reached desperately for the ropes, scant millimeters away. She stretched out, reaching, brushing the ropes with her fingertips... and then with one last push, she made it, and Yukiko was forced to break the submission.

    Yukiko would have none of that though. As Bullet tried to crawl under the ropes, Yukiko grabbed her by the legs and pulled her into the middle of the ring! Bullet began to beg off from Yukiko, but Yukiko was through listening. Rolling Bullet onto her back, she quickly pounced on her, grabbing her arm and locking it up, threading her own arms through it and around her neck... then she leaned back, and Bullet began to choke and gag.

    "ANACONDA VICE!" The commentator yelled. "Yukiko only ever used this move in her darker days!"

    "TAP OUT, BULLET!" Yukiko shouted. "Tap or I'll choke you out!"

    Bullet's eyes were bugging out of her head. Nobody had ever been able to put her in a chokehold like this, let alone tighten it like Yukiko had! Bullet did everything she could to escape this vicious trap, finally resorting to clawing at Yukiko's eyes.

    "AHHHH!!" Yukiko screamed out as she let the hold go. Bullet tried to escape, but the choke had weakened her. Yukiko laid in a couple stomps to Bullet's chest, and then ascended the turnbuckle again. Quickly hopping in the air, she turned around, and then flew through the air in another Mightysault, crashing down on Bullet again! The referee counted two, and it seemed almost like the third count lingered... but Bullet kicked out just on the razor's edge. Despite her size and power, her kickouts were getting much weaker.

    Bullet tried to sit up, but Yukiko was fed up. She bounced off the ropes and came at Bullet with a vicious Yakuza kick to the face. Bullet fell back to the canvas, dazed and bleeding. Yukiko climbed the turnbuckle again... and lifted off with a third Mightysault, slamming her body into Bullet's yet again! She grabbed Bullet's leg and hooked it for the pinfall.

    "ONE... TWO... THREE!" The referee made her count, and the fans began to make so much noise, the ring started to vibrate slightly. Yukiko thought the roof was going to quite literally come off the building.

    Yukiko got slowly to her feet, as if it were a dream, and the referee hadn't actually made the count... but the referee raised Yukiko's hand and her music started to play. Yukiko stood in the ring, soaking in the cheers and the chants...

    ... but in a last bid to get in some licks, Yurie Hakamada and Ryoko Tama hit the ring, attacking Yukiko from behind and knocking her to the mat. Yurie pulled her up by the hair as Tama climbed up on the middle turnbuckle. Yurie goozled Yukiko, and threw her arm over hers, then hauled her into the air and destroyed her with a chokeslam, driving her down into perfect position for Tama to crush Yukiko with a Banzai drop. Yukiko's body stiffened for a moment, and then went limp as she lay in the ring with Tama's considerable rump on her chest.

    The rest of the Wrestle Angels locker room emptied at this point, and the LWS locker room followed suit. A massive brawl erupted in the ring again as the WA crew came to Yukiko's aid. Maki Sawatari was slugging it out with Corey Sniper.

    Apocalypsis and Dark Star Chaos were in a brawl, and Jun Amou was trying to fend off Chisato Sakurai. Tama and Yurie turned their attention away from Yukiko, who did her best to recover after the Banzai drop, but she was bleeding from the forehead and now also coughing up blood. She rolled out of the ring. Thunder Ryuko made her way over, and started taking it to Yurie.

    The brawl went on, with LWS and WA jockeying for position. Bullet had finally recovered and joined the fray, turning things to LWS' side slowly. Panther Risako did everything she could to help Yukiko. "Yukiko, we need you! Bullet has recovered and things are going badly! Please, you can do it!"

    Yukiko looked back in the ring. Things were definitely turning to the LWS side. Yukiko clenched her teeth. "We already won... they won't take our celebration from us! I.... I won't let them!"

    Yukiko mustered all her strength and leapt back into the fray herself, and eventually, the Wrestle Angels started to take control again. One by one, they threw the LWS wrestlers out of the ring. Their ring.

    Finally, the only LWS left in the ring was Bullet. When she realized she was surrounded by WA wrestlers, she tried to beg off... but they swarmed her and put the boots to her, kicking and stomping everywhere they could hit her. She took dozens of blows in only a few seconds, and then they finally picked her up off the canvas. She was past the ability to fight back anymore. They presented her to Yukiko, holding her up by her muscular arms.

    Yukiko smiled at her, then piefaced her before Irish whipping her into the ropes, and using her momentum to send her sailing like the projectile of a catapult over the top rope and onto the rest of the LWS, knocking them down like bowling pins.

    The WA group celebrated their victory in the ring, with Yukiko climbing up on the bottom and middle ropes facing up the ramp, holding on to the top one and yelling at them all. The crowd loved it and chanted Yukiko's name. Bullet stared down Yukiko as the LWS retreated up the ramp, defeated.

    The next thing Yukiko knew, she felt hands all over her as the WA group hoisted her up on their shoulders and paraded her around the ring, like a champion. Yukiko took in all the adulation, the cheering, the confetti and fireworks... it may have been for her, but she shared it with all the other WA wrestlers.

    She motioned to be put down and asked for a microphone. She got one and started in on a heartfelt promo.

    "I love every last one of you!" she blurted out, trying not to cry. "I am absolutely ecstatic that we will be here tomorrow on Throwdown! Thank you all so much for your support, but in reality... I couldn't have done it without all of you... or the rest of the Wrestle Angels. Thank you guys so much. We're survivors! We made it... that's it. We're the Wrestle Angels... Survivors. And we'll all see you right back here tomorrow on Throwdown, WITHOUT interference from LWS!"

    The crowd made their most deafening noise yet. Yukiko could feel the sound vibrations in her chest as she was picked up on the Wrestle Angels' shoulders again, and the pay per view went off the air with confetti glittering in the air, streamers falling, and a deafening chant that could be heard outside the building.
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    Heh.. I'd say Yukiko deserves a break after that. xP
  3. TheCrimsonRisk

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    I feel comfortable saying that this is one of the best stories you've written. The happy ending was well earned and there was still plenty of enjoyable ryona for the amazing Yukiko. The torture rack she suffered on the previous show and the post-match ambush by Tama and Yurie sounded devastating. It made me want to see Yukiko and the WA girls triumph in the end and they did!

    The biased commentator was a nice touch. Just like in real life, it added to the "big match" atmosphere. Also like real life, I thought you did a wonderful job of building the action. It followed the familiar structure of so many great matches where the indomitable babyface (see: Hogan, Hart, Michaels, Cena) gets beaten down only to keep kicking out until her fighting spirit allows her to finally defeat her monstrous foe. It's a tried and true formula and you nailed the pacing. A fun read!
  4. Raden

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    Thanks! Of course, you were right, the proofreading and editing beforehand helps a lot. It doesn't hurt that it was one of those things that just sticks in your head, either. The best stories are the ones you don't have to try to think too much about, because you get this idea in your head and it sort of starts to shape itself. I knew for a week I had to get this out there, and with the Family Day holiday today, I also knew I had a good chance. Still ended up spending all Saturday night writing it.