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Wonder Woman vs Under-Woman (Taresh)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Raden, Jul 11, 2016.

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    God, I finally got this one done... now I can start on the next one I have in mind.


    "What do you say, sweetheart?"

    "Tank you, big pwetty wady!"

    Wonder Woman couldn't help but smile genuinely. "You're welcome, sweetie. Now make sure Mr. Fluffy doesn't get out and in the tree again, okay?"

    The little girl nodded enthusiastically as she took her cat back from Wonder Woman. "You silly cat, you is not a twee cat!" the little girl admonished Mr. Fluffy. "You is a houses cat! You wive in da houses!"

    The girl and her mother set off back home. The mother turned back one last time. "Thank you so much again!" Wonder Woman raised a hand, waving, before turning around and setting off again. Sometimes she liked to patrol just to find good things to do for people.

    In her travels, she happened across a condemned section of the street. It was deemed a dangerous hazard, with signs up warning for falling debris. Buildings had been damaged in a recent villainous attack, and the damaged structures were slated to be torn down within the week.

    "Help... Help me! Someone..."

    Wonder Woman perked up. Someone else needed help. She looked around for the source of the voice.

    She noticed a woman half buried under a pile of bricks. Wonder Woman flew toward the pile, slamming into it with her shoulder as she sent bricks scattering. She tossed bricks left and right off the young woman until she was able to free the civilian from her trap. She had no way to know she was falling into one of her own.

    "Oh, thank you, thank you so much... I was just walking by and a wall crumbled and fell on me! It was all I could do to avoid most of it..."

    Wonder Woman seemed skeptical. "What were you doing wandering around in a damaged part of the city anyway? It's closed off for a reas-"

    The woman suddenly lunged at Wonder Woman, trying to bite her neck. Her fangs made contact with Wonder Woman's skin, but couldn't pierce it. "Ow..." the woman said as she fell back a step. Wonder Woman twisted away from the woman, taking her own step back. Both stared at each other with the same "What just happened" look. Wonder Woman towered over the civilian by at least six inches and had what had to be 70 pounds on her. Why on Earth would this civvie attack her??

    The civilian then smiled, and a cloud of purple smoke seemed to envelop her. Wonder Woman watched intently. She thought she had detected an evil presence, but couldn't pinpoint it. It turned out it was under her nose the whole time. So this was why.

    When the smoke dissipated, the woman's true form was revealed. Purple skin, dressed in black leather boots and corset with arm guards to match, all adorned in blood-red studs. She sported a small pair or red horns that curved off her head upward, and inky black wings that were currently folded behind her.

    "Hm. It seems you were able to resist that attack... so the legend is true..."

    "Who are you and what do you want here?" Wonder Woman asked sternly. "I am in no mood for games."

    "You may call me Taresh", the demon answered. "As for what I want? .... I want you defeated and laying at my feet. I enjoy defeating strong opponents... and you seem like a great challenge." Taresh lunged at Wonder Woman, who dodged easily.

    "Many have tried, yet here I remain, righteous and strong. You will be removed from this world, piece by piece if necessary if Hera deems it so."

    Taresh grinned and unfolded her wings, then pushed hard with them, flying into Wonder Woman at a high speed. Taresh unleashed a hard right cross into Wonder Woman's jaw.... who didn't react at all. Taresh did, as she yelped and shook out her hand. "Gah... super strength... I have some of that myself...."

    She tried a punch to Wonder Woman's abdomen but it was like striking a statue. Again Taresh winced, shaking her hand. "How the..."

    Wonder Woman smiled. "My Goddess protects me with her strength." Then the heroine unleashed a punch of her own, clipping Taresh on the jaw and sending her sprawling back ten feet. Taresh ended up seated on her rear end, rubbing her jaw. "Ow. You hit harder than I thought. Good..." she grinned, pushing her self to her feet with a flap of her wings.

    Wonder Woman was surprised, but did not show it. That punch should have sent her a lot further, and ended this altercation. There is more to this demon than there seems. Taresh closed the distance between them immediately, spear-tackling Wonder Woman around the waist and carrying her with her momentum, where she proceeded to drive Wonder Woman into a nearby wall, slamming her through it. Wonder Woman rolled backward as her body collided with the wall and she hit her back, landing on her feet, looking like nothing had even happened.

    Taresh rushed again, trying to catch the Amazon off guard, but Wonder Woman caught her and spun in a half circle, using Taresh's momentum to fling her. Taresh went sailing twenty feet, slamming into a concrete stoplight pole and breaking it. The stoplight fell over, onto a couple nearby cars, crushing the roofs of them inward and shattering glass, setting off alarms.

    Wonder Woman went to check on Taresh to see if she was finished yet. Taresh moved like lightning, grabbing Wonder Woman by the arm and pulling her downward, at the same time rolling out of the way. In an instant, Taresh had grabbed the open car door and slammed it on Wonder Woman's head. There was a *thump* as the door collided with her skull, and Wonder Woman recoiled, but more of annoyance then pain, as one would dodge a fly. Taresh tried to keep the advantage as she took Wonder Woman's hair and face-slammed her back onto the passenger door, but again, Wonder Woman was unaffected.

    Wonder Woman returned the favour to Taresh, slamming her face on the car. She recoiled, a little stunned from the blow. She had great defense of her own but clearly it did not match up to the heroine's. Wonder Woman returned the earlier favour by wrapping an arm around Taresh's midsection and then taking off in a horizontal line with her, bulldozing her through the wall of a nearby condemned distillery. Bricks pounded down on Taresh.

    "Hmph. Ending the way we started. How fitting."

    When the dust cleared, Taresh was laying on a pile of debris, seemingly unconscious. Wonder Woman sighed a sigh of relief as she let her guard down, but it was all Taresh needed as she sprang up and swung her right hand, holding a brick. The brick slammed into Wonder Woman's haw and snapped her head back, but otherwise didn't hurt. Taresh took the opportunity to tackle her again, flapping her wings and building up steam before slamming Wonder Woman into the side of a city bus. Glass shattered and steel tore and screamed as the two hit the bus so hard it cleaved through clear to the other side.

    The two tumbled out of the new doorway made in the bus, as they stood facing each other. Taresh had been shielded from the worst of things by the Amazon's body, but Wonder Woman had suffered an injury on her trip through. She had the tiniest little pinprick of a cut, made when some jagged steel had sharply and roughly torn into her shoulder. Any lesser being would have lost their arm, if not worse. To Wonder Woman, it was nothing more than something to yawn over.

    "Give it up, hell spawn. You can't defeat me, as you can see, whereas I can hurt you. You have no chance."

    Taresh usually grinned this maddening mixture of sensual and amused, but there was nothing of the sort now. Her face was set and determined. "I have not yet revealed the extent of my abilities. Ha!" She cast her hand out as if throwing something, and a dagger of black nether energy flew at Wonder Woman.

    Instead of dodging this dagger, Wonder Woman raised an arm and it collided with her gleaming silver bracer as she sent it off course, deflecting it. It spun end over and and dissipated in mid-air. "Enchanted bracers. Deflects pretty much anything. Now, like I said, either leave or I'll wear you down by attrition, and then I will end you."

    Taresh's ears picked up at "enchanted bracers." Conjuring another dagger, she hurled it again at Wonder Woman. As the first time, Wonder Woman deflected it, but as she did, the nether energy splattered against it and splashed off into a puddle. Taresh recalled the fluid energy and reabsorbed it. As she did, she collected information about the bracers that the energy had read. Taresh stared down Wonder Woman, processing the information as the two circled each other slowly, the demoness buying time.

    Then it happened... the maddening impish grin the demon was known for. "Then come and end me, heroine."

    Wonder Woman charged at Taresh again, intending to take her head off with a massive momentum-powered punch, but Taresh caught her arm and held her face to face for a moment, just grinning at her.

    Wonder Woman and Taresh stared at each other for a few seconds, Wonder Woman in surprise and shock and Taresh with that big maddening smile. "What, what the hell is your problem?" she finally asked Taresh as she roughly shoved her away.

    Taresh simply pointed to her own wrist in response. Wonder Woman looked down.

    "What... what is happening?" she asked. "My bracer... it's..."

    When she looked up again, Taresh was in her face. Taresh cocked her fist and swung for the fences, punching Wonder Woman across the jaw with a right cross. Taresh had to use all her strength and hit the muscular Amazon as hard as she could, but it worked. Wonder Woman's head snapped to the side and she felt the punch. Her mouth hung open, mostly in shock and surprise. "Guh... I... shouldn't have been able to feel that..." She looked back to Taresh, who swung the other way, a left cross this time. Her head snapped to the other side and again, she felt the blow.

    She looked to her bracer and made the connection. "Oh no... the bracer's power.... By now, the seeping dullness had overtaken nearly the whole bracer. Taresh had contaminated it with nether energy, and this energy was destroying the bracer's powers of protection.

    Taresh raised a leg and kneed Wonder Woman in the stomach. She winced and flinched, her other bracer managing to protect her from the worst of the assault. Wonder Woman swung back, striking Taresh in the jaw herself. Taresh's head snapped to the side from the force of the blow. "Uph!" she grunted. Evidently Wonder Woman still had some power. Taresh took Wonder Woman's left forearm in both er hands and pulled her arm across her body, clanging the left bracer off of the right one with a metallic *clank*.

    Then Taresh stepped back, smiling her smile.

    "What, what have you-" Wonder Woman started before realization set in.

    She looked at her left bracer... and horror filled her.

    There was a dark spot on it, where it had made contact with her other one.

    The nether infection had spread to the other one now.

    "No... oh no..." she whispered.

    The other bracer began to go dull as the energy overtook it, like water's unpredictable path when forming a spill. Wonder Woman looked up again, and was met with another right cross. This time, it staggered her and she took a step back. She recovered and stepped up to Taresh, hammering her with a right hook... but it barely phased her. Wonder Woman had lost too much power.

    Here was this hulking Amazon warrior, punching a creature much shorter than her, and the smaller creature laughing it off. The notion seemed ridiculous, and it was difficult for Wonder Woman to grasp mentally. As she was trying to reconcile this in her mind, Taresh wound up and punched Wonder Woman in the stomach.

    "Gah!" Wonder Woman cried out as she took the blow, doubling over. She wheezed a couple times. Then she cried out again as Taresh swung her arms at Wonder Woman's bare back, knocking her down to her hands and knees. Taresh completed the takedown as she raised a leg and stomped down on Wonder Woman's back with her boot, flattening her out.

    "Oof!" she let out as Taresh brought her down. Taresh stood over Wonder Woman and then sat on her back, pulling the amazon's arms over her thighs and yanking back on her chin, trapping the heroine in a painful camel clutch hold.

    "AAAAAAHH!!" Wonder Woman shouted out as she was bent harshly backward, unused to the treatment. "Gah, what is... what are you- OW! Guuhh...." Wonder Woman struggled and squirmed as the smaller demon locked her in the punishing hold. Taresh leaned back, drawing a pained cry from Wonder Woman as her spine was bent backward more and more. She flailed and tried to fight out of the hold, but her strength was gone. Her bracers were just simple metal now, nothing more than adornments. Taresh had free reign to do whatever she pleased...

    "Guh... release me.. Hera will strike you down!" Wonder Woman yelled out.

    "Oh ho... but I think not. I've been threatened with worse than being smited." Taresh's voice had taken on her usual "playful" lilt that she usually sported when she was in control of an opponent.

    "Hm!" she said. "Some girls like to be choked... do you like to be choked?" she asked teasingly... then switched the hold to a Cobra Clutch as she threaded Wonder Woman's left arm through her own, wrapping one around the heroine's neck and using the other for leverage.

    Taresh leaned back again, combining the Camel and Cobra clutches as Wonder Woman began to choke. Wonder Woman gagged as her air was cut off by the powerful demoness. It was quite a sight to see Taresh choking out a much larger opponent.

    Taresh shook her a little as she cinched up the choke, Wonder Woman making strangled sounds in Taresh's iron grip. She reached up with her other arm, trying to pull Taresh's arms away, to no avail. Wonder Woman found herself beginning to sag as air continued to elude her lungs. Wonder Woman felt her eyes getting heavy as they fluttered, beginning to close. Her free arm drooped a little, then hung limp as Taresh maintained the hold. "Good night, sweet princess..." she whispered.

    Taresh had to force herself to break the choke hold and let Wonder Woman's limp body drop to the pavement. After a few moments of Taresh patiently waiting, Wonder Woman gasped for air, coughing fiercely.

    Taresh let Wonder Woman regain a little energy, allowing her to her hands and knees, before kicking her harshly in the ribs.

    "UUHHH!" Wonder Woman groaned as she curled up, holding her side. Taresh wouldn't let her get off that easy, and took a handful of Wonder Woman's luxurious hair. Pulling her up to her knees, she raised one leg, kneeing Wonder Woman in the face. Her head snapped back and she grunted with the blow. Whack! A second knee to the jaw. Wonder Woman was stunned from the blows. A third knee to the temple knocked her back down to her side.

    Taresh was on her again, the diminutive insect taking down its much larger prey. She pulled Wonder Woman up to her feet by her hair again, then reached an arm around her side and picked her up perpendicular. In one movement, she dropped to one knee, delivering a nasty backbreaker to Wonder Woman.

    "AAHHH!" Wonder Woman yelped in pain as her spine flexed backward sharply over the demons' knee. Taresh was loving hearing Wonder Woman cry out in pain, and reached down, plucking the beautiful golden tiara from her head. She looked it over with Wonder Woman still laid out across her knee. "Quite a beautiful thing. I was going to destroy it in front of you, but..." instead Taresh slipped it on her own head. "What do you think? Suits me?"

    "You fiendish scum," Wonder Woman. "How dare you disrespect-"

    "Oh, you do talk simply too much." Taresh cut her off. She stood Wonder Woman up, and then sharply kneed her in the crotch.

    "AAUUUUHHH!" she screamed in pain as she took the knee, doubling over hard. It was the opening Taresh needed as she hooked one arm around Wonder Woman's neck and then dropped backward with her, faceplanting the beauty with a vicious DDT in the middle of the road. Wonder Woman hit with a *smack* and lay there, stunned.

    "uhhhn... I'm... going to end you..." Wonder Woman moaned out.

    "Oh yes? Then please do! Come on, I'll even let you get up. Come chase me. If you catch me, you can even have your jewelry back..." she said, pointing to the tiara.

    That spurred Wonder Woman on. She clenched her teeth and stood up. She looked around to see Taresh standing in the doorway of a tavern. She made sure Wonder Woman saw her, then ducked inside.

    "I'm going to end this... somehow, some way, I'm going to finish you..."

    Wonder Woman took off across the street and through the door of the bar. She barely got two steps in before something hit her in the back of the head. "Ungh!" she grunted, falling to her hands and knees again. Taresh had unscrewed a pool cue and hit her with the thick end of the handle. Shortened the way it was, it was more like a solid bar than a pool stick.

    Taresh raised it and slammed it down between Wonder Woman's shoulder blades. She cried out again as she was struck, falling to the bar floor. Taresh then hooked it around Wonder Woman's throat and pulled up on it, choking her again. Wonder Woman gagged as air was denied her again, and she tried to pry her fingers between the pool cue handle and her throat, but she couldn't work them between it. Taresh stood over the larger woman, dominating her with the weapon choke. Wonder Woman began to fade again as she slowly went slack in the grip of the demon, who was not through torturing her.

    Taresh was merciless as she wrenched back with the weapon. Wonder Woman's eyes fluttered and her attempts to pry the pool cue handle away went feeble. Then her arms dropped to her sides, and soon Wonder Woman had been choked unconscious by the netherworld demon again.

    Taresh held her like that for a few more moments before letting her go again, dropping her roughly to the floor. Once again air rushed to fill Wonder Woman's lungs when she woke, the dizziness taking a moment to subside as she was able to breathe again. Taresh laid in another strike with the weapon to Wonder Woman's back. A large red welt began to form from the strike. She arched in pain and rolled over, which only presented Taresh with a new avenue of attack. Raising the pool cue handle again, she drove a shot home into Wonder Woman's stomach. She wheezed and jackknifed as she was struck, sitting up and holding her stomach as she exhaled hard. Suddenly she was on her back seeing stars when Taresh laid a blow with the solid wood into her head, cutting her open just above the left eye and nearly knocking her out with it. She was too out of it to notice the thin trail of blood that had started down her face.

    Taresh discarded the pool cue and then dragged Wonder Woman back to her feet. The Amazon stayed there, unsteadily, until Taresh met her face to face... and then suddenly dashed her head forward, headbutting Wonder Woman and gashing her forehead with her own tiara. Wonder Woman's eyes rolled as she slumped to the floor again, dizzy.
    Taresh continued the punishment by hauling Wonder Woman up again. The demon wrapped her arms around the heroine's thighs. Hoisting her up, she brought Wonder Woman down hard, slamming her on top of one of the wooden table. It was not designed to take the weight of a muscular, large female crashing down onto it and the legs cracked and broke as Wonder Woman fell to the floor again, now laying on top of a broken table. She groaned painfully as she tried to get up.

    She slowly rolled over and pushed herself on to her hands and knees, but would be denied again. Taresh hefted a bar stool and raised it up, then slammed it down on Wonder Woman's back, breaking the stool and causing Wonder Woman to cry out in pain as she was flattened to the floor again.

    Taresh put her hands on the Amazonian beauty again and once more began to haul her around. She picked up the muscular heroine, scooping her up and shouldering her before wrapping her arms around her waist, holding her upside down. After a quick moment, she sharply dropped to her knees, crushing Wonder Woman with a violent tombstone piledriver. Wonder Woman's spine compressed like a spring once and she struck her head hard, then lay on the floor on her back, arms and legs spread out. Her eyes were closed and her lips were parted slightly, her hair strewn messily all about. The only sound in the bar at the moment was Wonder Woman's breathing. Taresh sat on a stool and just watched Wonder Woman lay there, suffering in pain.

    After a few moments, Wonder Woman's eyes opened, slowly. Taresh was glad she was not finished yet. "Ah, sweetie. I see you're back..." It was time for a different style of abuse now...

    Taresh sat Wonder Woman up and got under an arm, pulling her back to her feet. Wonder Woman protested with a pained groan. Taresh wrapped her arms around Wonder Woman's waist and then hoisted her up, easily. Wonder Woman began to moan in pain as Taresh laid in a bearhug to the larger woman. It seemed odd that a smaller creature was able to hold someone Wonder Woman's size up and off the floor, but Taresh did it with ease. She squeezed Wonder Woman and was rewarded with her pained moans again. Wonder Woman hung in Taresh's grip, arched sexily backwards as she suffered in the squeeze, her long black hair hanging downward. Taresh took great delight in crushing Wonder Woman with the hold, the Amazonian's hard muscles being slowly pulverized by Taresh's tightening grip. Taresh arched backward with the hold now, causing Wonder Woman's body to pitch forward and lean against Taresh. Wonder Woman's chin rested on Taresh's shoulder as she continued bearhugging the heroine. Wonder Woman whimpered with every pump of the hold.

    "aahhhh..." she moaned. "aaahhh... I.. I submit..."

    A victim's submission only spurred Taresh on more, to get more of the same reaction. When Wonder Woman moaned a submission into Taresh's ear, Taresh responded by shaking Wonder Woman a little, ragdolling her. This also helped eliminate empty space between their bodies, as Wonder Woman was pressed into Taresh's body harder. Taresh clamped the vice-like hold around Wonder Woman's midsection tighter. A pop and a crunch emanated from her spine as a rib cracked.

    "I submit.... stop... no more..." she groaned, hanging limp in Taresh's hold, completely at her mercy. Her eyes fluttered, half-open.

    Taresh would have none of it. She loved the pure domination of such a hold. She wrenched harder, drawing another sharp crack from Wonder Woman's body.

    Wonder Woman began to choke and sputter as blood started to well up in her mouth, the sign of internal injuries.

    Wonder Woman began to pass out from the pain and the squeeze. Finally, Taresh stopped squeezing the heroine, but did not release her, enjoying Wonder Woman's hard body against her own.

    She began to buck Wonder Woman slowly up and down, bouncing her. This effectively forced Wonder Woman to grind her vagina against the demoness.

    It took a moment for Wonder Woman to realize what was happening in her addled state.

    "Gods... what is wrong with you?" she asked. "No.... stop this..!"

    Taresh didn't care for what her victims thought. They were simply her playthings, to do whatever she pleased with. And she had special plans for Wonder Woman.

    She bounced Wonder Woman against her own body in a quickening rhythm. Wonder Woman moaned against her will as she began to get aroused. Taresh used her strength to bounce Wonder Woman up and down. If Taresh were male it would look like they were fucking. It still sort of looked that way as Taresh forced Wonder Woman to rub against her harder and faster.

    Wonder Woman began to involuntarily breathe quicker, shorter breaths as she got hotter. Taresh pitched forward, forcing Wonder Woman to arch back again, allowing the full extent of her womanhood to grind against the demon. Wonder Woman was helpless to fight back as Taresh ground her out, bouncing her in a steady rhythm now.

    Wonder Woman tried to stop it but had no chance. Her body tensed for a few moments and then she came hard, splashing against Taresh's midsection as the crotch of her leotard soaked up fluid. Some of the fluid got on Wonder Woman's powerful thighs as well and she moaned, half in physical pleasure and half in embarrassment. She physically enjoyed it but mentally was ashamed. "The Gods will strike you down, hellspawn, for what you are doing today..."

    "Oh please. They tried, through you, and failed. What more could they possibly do? I've not only defeated you, I've dominated you. I own you... if you want more reason to have me struck down though..."

    Taresh amped up the suffering when she took one of Wonder Woman's arms and hooked it behind her back. Using her other arm, she looped it around Wonder Woman's head and neck. Giving one strong upward hoist, she then squatted as well, Wonder Woman's powerful legs hooking over Taresh's thighs. It almost looked like Wonder Woman were sitting on her lap. Taresh then began to lock in both holds, putting Wonder Woman in a choke hold for the third time. Wonder Woman flailed with her free arm as she punched the demon in the back, the kidneys, anywhere she could hit her, but her blows had no effect without her power. She began to black out as her punches of protest got weaker, and soon she was hanging limp in the hold again.

    Taresh smiled, and just before Wonder Woman would have passed out from the choke, Taresh suddenly fell sharply to her back, bringing Wonder Woman with her and drilling her facefirst into the hardwood floor. Wonder Woman's head slammed off the floor and she lay limp, face down, the cut on her forehead beginning to bleed anew.

    Taresh perched on a bar stool again, pouring herself a couple of drinks while she patiently waited for Wonder Woman to wake up. She watched the Amazon laying there, taking in the curves of her body, the definition of her muscles, her thick and powerful legs and thighs. She ran her eyes up and down Wonder Woman's very well-fitting onepiece that exposed her entire back, which had begun to sport some bruising from the attacks focused on it.

    Finally at long last, Wonder Woman began to stir, painfully. Groaning again, she pushed herself to a sitting position. Taresh got off the bar stool and stayed behind her. Wonder Woman tried to remember where she was and what was happening.

    "Ngh... demon..." it came back to her as she tried to get her bearings back. She'd been knocked out multiple times, and her hand went to her head to try to steady herself. Little did she know it wasn't over yet.

    No sooner had she managed to use the nearby bar countertop to help pull herself to her feet did she find herself face to face with her tormentor. Fear played across her face for an instant before Taresh grabbed the heroine by the throat. Lifting her up, she brought her back down to the floor in a hard chokeslam.

    "Gunhhh..." Wonder Woman moaned as she slammed into the hardwood floor, landing with a limp splat.

    Taresh stood over Wonder Woman, proudly wearing her stolen circlet. Bending down, she slid her hands and wrists under Wonder Woman's arms, and then picked her up off the floor. At the same time, she pushed off with her wings and drew Wonder Woman ten feet into the air, where she hovered. Then she began to bearhug Wonder Woman again, holding her in midair as she drew her legs up to also wrap around the defeated heroine.

    Wonder Woman immediately arched backward in painful submission as she dangled helplessly in Taresh's grip. Taresh held Wonder Woman around her waist with one arm and then placed her other hand on the back of her head, drawing her head up... and then planted a kiss on the heroine's lips.

    As Taresh's lips touched her own, Wonder Woman's eyes went wide in surprise... and she began to tingle as Taresh began to drain her energy.

    "MMPH! Mmmm... mmm...mmnnnn..." She could only moan helplessly as Taresh laid into the kiss, longer and deeper, draining more of her strength with every second as the tingling sensation seemed to begin to feel like her very skin was vibrating. Her eyes felt heavier and heavier, and she stopped fighting entirely. She had been beaten physically a long time ago, and now she had been beaten mentally as her will gave out, allowing Taresh to simply treat her like a pleasure toy.

    The kiss lingered for a long time in the air, Taresh making sure to grope Wonder Woman and run a hand over her chest, caressing her breasts as she kissed her. The tingling feeling surged every now and again as Wonder Woman's strength slowly disappeared until she finally hung totally limp.

    Taresh finally released the liplock, looking at her victim and smiling. Wonder Woman's eyes were closed, raven hair messed up, blood drying on her face. "Aw, poor dear. You look so cute when you're sleeping." Taresh nuzzled Wonder Woman playfully, then reached down and grabbed a hold between her legs. Hefting her up once, she spun her upside down, catching her around the waist, then allowed her flight to end, dropping her in a spine-compacting tombstone piledriver... from the flight height they had been at. They landed with a bang on the hardwood floor and Wonder Woman lay limp as her body settled to the floor, hair splayed out, arms and legs spread eagled.

    Taresh stood, eyeing Wonder Woman again before turning back to the bar and selecting a bottle. "Tonight, sweet one, I'll have a drink, and think of the fine quality time we spent together today..."

    Grinning, she took three steps backward, a portal appearing behind her back home. As she stepped through, she blew a final kiss to the fallen beauty. Then the portal closed, enveloping the demoness and soon, all was still.
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    Wow another Wonder Woman story, wasn't expecting this. Really liked the part with the bear hug /rib cracking stuff. Nice job!
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    Thank you. Sometimes I wonder how repetitive this stuff gets, and then I get IRC messages that say they really like the story and Taresh, and that answers that. :)

    It's doubly appreciated because when I made the character years ago I was told no one would like it. Yeah, well.... guess they do. xD
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    So exciting to see Wonder Woman get trounced. Excellent work, especially the parts where Wonder Woman gets smashed, thrashed and harassed.
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    Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. :B
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    Been begin you for another one of these since forever ago, well worth the wait.
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    Been a big fan of your stories for a while now and this latest one didn't disappoint. Any chance of a follow-up with Diana in the midst of recovering from her beat down getting paid a second visit?
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    Probably not, I have something else in mind... I want to try to get it done before September but being a lazy asshole is so easy. lol
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    I love the constant cycle of pass out, wake up, get beaten up, pass out. She's already lost, and she has to lose over and over!
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