[PC] Witch Act ~ Corruption RPG Game! ^_^


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Oct 15, 2018
Witch Act has 58 sex scenes in total, but only 15 unique sexual situations. Each sexy situation has one CG followed by multiple variations of the same artwork divided into different scenes.
For example, first you pose in your underwear while people draw your body. Then you pose in the nude, then with a naked man by your side, then in a sexual position. Each piece of art is used multiple times.
You can expect the standard missionary, blowjob, and doggy-style sex. Some men talk about wanting to impregnate you, but there is no impregnation action anywhere in this game.
Most sex scenes are initiated under three circumstances. You are paid to have sex, raped, or put under a spell that makes your character horny. The setup of the scenes feel formulaic like the developers tried too hard to follow successful formulas perfected by their favorite developers.

There are unique sexual situations too. In one scene, a man cums on your salad and feeds it to you. In another, an artist paints clothes on you, so your character can walk around naked. And in one other scene, your character is stuck in a wall, creampied by ten random guys.

All these scenes should be hot, yet they’re missing something. Most times, there is only a single scene devoted to the new idea, and it never goes anywhere. Like when your character walks around with painted clothes on – there’s only 4 NPCs in town watching you. It’s an underwhelming experience. And what’s the point of getting creampied when the protagonist never gets pregnant? Where’s the taboo, where’s the risk?

The one great scene in the game shows Hildegarde turned to stone on purpose. Her statue body is sent home to her father, who thinks it’s just a decoration. Even though she is turned to stone, Hildegarde can see and feel everything. His father jerks off onto the statue many times, revealing her incestous desires for her sexy daughter. After taking multiple cumshots in her stoneform, the girl gets so horny, she reverses the spell and rapes her own father! She quickly gets pregnant and the game ends, quest failed.

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