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May 9, 2012
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I've decided to take one of my favourite OC's on a cinematic deathmatch tour of some of movie history's greatest killer fighters. There's no canon, I'm just slotting her into the various movies to take on and get crushed by some badasses from a loosely planned roster LOL


As two more names went up on the board overlooking the Kumite fighting platform, the hawaiian fighting prodigy tried to hide the hard gulp that suddenly filled her throat.


Holly was proud and eager to make her mark when she managed to gain entry to the brutal tournament, being a twin rarity among the combatants as she was both female and a distant foreigner. She had managed to secure a decisive win in the opening round, battering a muay thai fighter before choking him out with her mother's signature dragon sleeper hold. But she also had seen her next opponent dominate his first opponent even more brutally, practically breaking a brave karateka in half before throwing the man right off the platform.

Taking a long sip of water as she sat in the fighters' bleachers, Holly let some of the liquid run over her face and through her dark mane of curly hair. Droplets ran down her bare neck and shoulders as she stood, wearing red fight briefs and an orange sports top with tape around her wrists. She put on a brave face, ignoring the other fighters as she stepped down past them, and letting the crowd's excitement fill her heart with courage before she stepped up onto the mat of the fighting platform. Turning to stride across her side of the ring, Holly raised her arms to play to the crowd. However, she also was prolonging the period before she had to turn back and see Pumola's massive form standing across from her. The grappling goliath's loincloth left little to the imagination as he loomed, grinning at the sight of Holly's widening eyes. She shook off the visible nerves, bouncing lightly on her bare feet as she watched Pumola begin to lumber towards her.


When in doubt, Holly's solution was always to turn to shock and awe, so she flew forward with an overhand blow. Turning in place, she followed up with a backfist, and then span around and leapt to slam her foot into her opponent. Her battle cry was still echoing through the arena when she landed, looked up, and saw Pumola merely regaining his balance after stumbling back two steps. Not pausing for breath even as she panted heavily, Holly threw another overhand strike, but found her wrist intercepted by Pumola's hand. She swang her other fist, but it too was caught midway to its target. Grunting harshly, Holly could only watch as her arms were forced down below her waistline, and then yanked forward to pull her into a trapping bearhug.

"Uuaaugh! Uh-UHNG!!" With two massive arms compressing her against an equally massive chest, Holly struggled to wriggle free as her ribs began to feel the pressure build around them. She began to moan as she shook her head, baring her teeth as she tried to flex her pinned biceps to resist. Pumola responded by leaning back, lifting his opponent off her feet as she began to cry out louder in pain. Holly's feet kicked in the air as they tried to find the mat, while her gasps grew thinner and harder. "Can't breathe...can't get free!" Holly's mind raced as beads of sweat dripped down her skin. "C-can't...lose...like this..."

With a shrill cry, Holly reared her head back and swang her forehead towards Pumola's face. There was a meaty impact, but the bearhug was still locked around her. Desperately, Holly threw two more headbutts, finally feeling her opponent's arms come loose as the huge grappler staggered back with a dazed expression. She fell to the mat in a heap, her chest heaving for breath as she clutched her aching ribs. Seeing Pumola already cracking his neck and blinking rapidly to regain his senses, the hawaiian girl moaned in pain as she forced herself back up to her feet, knowing she had to keep up the pressure. Holly threw both of her feet forward, slamming her heels into one of Pumola's legs and dropping him to one knee. With a ragged and hungry look in her eyes, the hawaiian girl threw two successive hooks into each of the large grappler's cheeks, before leaping around his shoulder to get behind him. Feeling Pumola begin to stand as she tried to lock in her signature dragon sleeper, Holly jumped and gripped her legs onto her opponent's flanks, trying to pivot to a backpack dragon sleeper to finish him off.

While she began to lock in the hold, Holly's heart raced as she felt Pumola's hands simply grab hold of her arms and begin to force them open. "N-Nrrrhh! No!!" Holly's arms flexed and shivered as she poured all her might into maintaining the hold, and her expression grew dire as she felt herself being overpowered nonetheless. Then her eyes grew wide as Pumola began to drag her off his back, pulling the wildly struggling hawaiian girl over one of his shoulders as he collected her into his arms in a helpless position. Holly's arms and legs beat at Pumola rapidly and awkwardly, causing little more than the smacks of skin against skin while she made increasingly panicked sounds, held across Pumola's chest in a dreading anticipation.

Her fears were justified when Pumola proceeded to slam her back down into his knee with a loud crack. "GAUWRH!!" Holly's body bent as she let out an agonized cry, before her opponent simply let her fall heavily to the mat. Beads of sweat that had sprayed from her skin when she took the brutal backbreaker proceeded to spatter to the mat around her, while the hawaiian girl clutched her back and writhed at Pumola's feet. Her anguished expression gave away how hopeless her match had become, and her eyes snapped open when her opponent reached down and grabbed hold of her skull to haul her back up to her feet. She clutched at Pumola's wrists, otherwise completely at his mercy as the crowd began to grow louder with anticipation.

Holly looked up at Pumola with a fearful and beaten expression, and he responded by finally giving her a headbutt of his own. "GUH!!" The hawaiian girl's arms swang out as her eyes rolled up slightly, completely stunned while Pumola slid his arms in to fasten around her body. With a loud grunt, he lifted Holly up into a far more brutal bearhug than before, cracking one of her ribs within seconds as she screamed in pain and struggled wildly. "HAU-AAAUUUWWGHAAAW!!" Holly's sole attempt to fight back dissolved into uselessly slapping her arms against Pumola's head and shoulders as another of her ribs cracked loudly. Sweat flew from her head as she whipped it back and forth, shaking it rapidly while her ribcage felt like it was being crushed inside of her.

"It's over, I'm finished, I-I have to give up," thought Holly, quickly losing the ability to think without blankets of agony dropping over every thought. "Wha-what was the word? Oh god, oh g--"

"GAAAWWWHH!!" A very loud crunch caused Holly to spit some blood out of her mouth. The pressure finally paused as she shivered and spasmed in Pumola's arms, barely noticing that his grip was shifting down to the small of her back. "M-muh...mah..." Holly whimpered as she began to remember the phrase 'matte', but she only had moments to clearly state it. The crowd was erupting as many of them were eager to see the decimation of an american fighter in their vaunted tournament.

Holly's lips sputtered as she began to surrender, "M-mah...mattAAWWGHAAAUUHHAAAW!!" Pumola planted his feet and began pumping his arms as he put all his power into tightening the bearhug, cutting off his opponent's surrender as she simply howled in pain. Holly's arms and legs simply flailed in primal fear as she felt her back begin to shudder and pop. Her sweat-soaked body crushed up against Pumola's, flopping against his like a dying fish before a meaty crunch filled the arena with the sound of her freshly-broken back. "AOUGH!!!" Holly's upper body jerked forward sharply before sagging back, as her arms and legs suddenly went limp and she was forced to experience being crippled in the ring. Pumola harshly pumped the bearhug twice more, forcing Holly to spasm as her back broke in two more places and her tongue shot over her lower lip. "GAW!!...AIYAUGH!!" Her own shrieks of pain echoed in her ears with the sound of her crunching spine as everything went dark.

The hawaiian girl's eyes had rolled back by the time Pumola released her, utterly finished by the brutal destruction of her spine. Holly rapidly collapsed to her knees, arms hanging at her sides as she flopped forward and hit the mat face-first with a loud smack of skin on canvas. Her bare feet bounced lifelessly to a rest behind her, as the flesh of her lower back sagged into a visible dent where her spine had been crushed and broken. While the ring official quickly checked and confirmed that she had a pulse, it was obvious that she was unlikely to recover, and attendants made haste as they rolled her over and hauled her off the canvas by her shoulders and ankles before she potentially expired right there on the mat. Holly's face was frozen in a gaping, comatose expression of crippled agony, partly hidden by strands of sweaty hair as she was carried out of sight.


"Think of this as a...job interview."

Holly Brockler was an eager hawaiian brawler who had heard that someone in town was into hiring female muscle, and the idea of making a living dealing out poundings was too enticing for her to ignore. Eventually she found herself in a secluded warehouse, facing several individuals seated before a small square platform that was surrounded by towering stacks of shipping boxes.

Holly had done enough underground matches to know a ring when she saw one, and quickly kicked off her sandals to step barefooted onto the canvas-covered wooden surface. "Beat down my competition? Sounds good to me." Wearing a small orange top and scant red jeans shorts, she pulled her curly dark hair back into a loose ponytail and grinned.

The group chuckled at her confidence. "The only one up for elimination is you, little lady. Claudia, if you would?" A man motioned towards the lone woman in the group, who stood up and allowed a white robe to slip off her shoulders and onto the floor. Claudia wore a bright crimson bodysuit that left her muscular arms bare, with a matching headband holding back her bobbed blonde hair.

Sneering, Holly cracked her knuckles. "I don't need a fancy costume to break your face!" The hawaiian girl moved in hungrily, throwing a pair of punches that smacked loudly against Claudia's jaw. The blonde enforcer's eyes flared with intensity before she leaned back, dodging a third punch and catching Holly's fist with one hand. Holly winced as she felt her fist crack lightly under the sudden pressure of Claudia's grip, before taking a hard punch to her flank. Claudia span the stunned challenger around in a circle before throwing her across the mat.

As Holly pushed herself to her knees, she heard Claudia's red-booted feet marching slowly towards her. The hawaiian girl scrambled to stand, watching warily as her opponent simply continued to walk towards her without any worry. "You get one more," said Claudia, idly running a hand down her jawline, "and then I break more than your face." Holly's expression twisted into a mixture of intimidation and stubborn anger, before she threw a hard right hook that landed heavily against Claudia's cheek. Charging in, Holly grabbed hold of her opponent's shoulders and shot a knee into Claudia's gut, quietly gasping as the enforcer's abs felt like a sheet of rock.

Before she could follow up, Holly's assault was halted by Claudia's hand firmly gripping her incoming leg. "Enough," snarled the blonde enforcer. Caught in close quarters, Holly struggled but could not fend off Claudia's other hand as it grabbed hold of her shorts. She cried out as Claudia suddenly pulled and hurled her up into the air, releasing the suplex as soon as it began so that Holly's body simply flew over her shoulder and landed in a heap behind her. After a painful impact against the hard mat, Holly was slow to stand up. She tried to focus as she saw Claudia leaping towards her, spinning gracefully before cracking a hard kick across the hawaiian girl's face. Stumbling in a circle, Holly threw a wild punch back at her opponent, but as soon as it connected she received a blow to her chest. Holly traded punches three more times, her own landing more sloppily each time as Claudia's responded with twice the power.

Staggering in place, Holly tried to throw a kick, but Claudia smashed both of her fists right into the incoming limb. "GAUHW!!" Holly fell to her knees, realizing something in her leg nearly shattered from that counterattack, but had no time to regroup before Claudia's fists smashed down into her back with a soft crunch. Holly flopped out onto her stomach with a grunt, shivering slightly as she writhed in pain, feeling like a wrecking ball had just dropped into her spine. Claudia looked to her employer with purpose, silently inquiring if she should finish the fight, but the man chuckled and shook his head before responding out loud, "Have some fun, first."

Trying to push herself off the mat, Holly's eyes began to fill with dread at those words, while she realized she could not put much pressure on her injured leg. Before she could think of a plan, Claudia firmly grabbed hold of the backs of her top and shorts, and then hurled the hawaiian girl straight up into the air. Holly shrieked before landing heavily on the mat in a heap, having been thrown like a sack of garbage. A firm hand gripped the back of her scalp, forcing Holly to stand and then take a sharp punch to the gut. Spitting out something onto her opponent's chest as her body jerked from the strike, Holly was helpless as Claudia proceeded to lift her overhead like a set of weights.

At her opponent's mercy, military-pressed high above the mat, Holly's will finally broke as her arms and legs flailed. "No more...please! No more!" Claudia strode confidently towards one side of the ring, unphased by her struggling opponent's verbal submission as she used Holly to display her strength to those watching the fight. Arriving at the mat's edge, Claudia proceeded to pitch Holly straight forward. The hawaiian girl's shriek cut off as her body smacked against a shockingly sturdy wall of stacked shipping boxes, bouncing off of their hidden contents of unforgivingly heavy payload. Holly fell and crashed loudly into more shipping boxes that crumpled slightly, leaving her limp and moaning form in a messy cardboard crater of debris.

Claudia took her time approaching the prone hawaiian girl, but once she reached her location, the blonde enforcer was quick to reach in and lift Holly's body straight back up into the air. Pressing Holly up once again, Claudia walked back to the ring and then slammed her headfirst into the mat. Holly came to a rest spread out on her back, staring up at the ceiling as her head weakly lolled from side to side. "N-no more...please..." She didn't want the job anymore, she just wanted to leave the warehouse in one piece. But her pleas were answered by the sight of Claudia looming over her, wielding a very heavy and sealed shipping box overhead. Holly tried to raise her hands as she sputtered, "No! NO, PLEASE!!"

The shipping box slammed down onto Holly's chest with a soft crunch, causing her bare hands and feet to flop and spasm against the mat. Claudia lifted and tossed aside the shipping box, ignoring the loud thud of its landing as she looked down at her opponent. Holly lay spreadeagled and wheezing, staring glassily at the ceiling as her crushed ribs filled her chest with agony. Claudia harshly pulled Holly up into a seated position, stepping around her to wrap her powerful arms around the beaten girl's throat and left shoulder. Claudia lifted Holly off the mat and into a chickenwing chokehold, once again giving her employer a meaningful look as the hawaiian girl sputtered out some blood from her mouth.

The man nodded. "Interview's over. Bad luck, little lady."

Feeling Claudia's powerful arms coil like pythons around her throat and underarm as a hand began to grip her cheek, Holly's eyes grew wider. "Glk-give...GIVE!! G-GAWHK!!" A sharp twist made Holly's neck snap wetly as she let out a squawk. The hawaiian girl's eyes remained wide as she shivered and gurgled, spasming in Claudia's powerful clutches. Coiling her arms even tighter as their muscles bulged, Claudia firmly forced Holly's twisted neck to fold sideways and down. There was a meaty crunch as the flesh of Holly's neck curled in on itself, finishing the challenger off for good with a final flop of her lifeless limbs. Claudia held her prey tightly for a few moments, before relaxing her grip and grabbing a handful of Holly's barely-ponytailed hair. She pulled up to display Holly's dead visage like a trophy, eyes unevenly closed and rolled back with bloody drool dripping from either side of a hanging tongue. Letting the dominated body of her opponent fall to the mat, Claudia returned to her seat for a drink as two guards headed to the ring. Holly's lifeless form was lifted and dumped into an empty shipping crate, curled up to fit before it was sealed inside for disposal.

"What fun," said the man, putting an arm around Claudia's shoulder. "Next!"


It had been a brutal few weeks, but Holly Brockler finally made it. After three victories in the notorious underground arena known as The Coliseum, she was able to issue a challenge to its champion.

"If I win, I become the owner...the fucking OWNER of this place," she thought, furiously warming up backstage. "And even if I lose, I'll have one hell of a boost to my combat cred."

Holly did not know much about the Coliseum champion, but in the pit of her stomach she knew there was a chance that she would be in for a beating in just a few minutes. But the risk was worth it. Already working up a sweat in her fight attire of taped wrists, red compression briefs, and a small orange sports bra, she pushed back the long locks of her curly dark hair and began to make her way to the now-familiar Coliseum ring: a throwback to gladiatorial combat of old, right down to the columns and torches, but catering to the rich and depraved. She could already hear the infamous announcer rolling into his pre-fight build-up as she approached the closed entrance to the ring.


"We have a challenger! She's fought her way through our gladiators for this chance at greatness, he first daughter of the mighty Krusher Kaila...ladies and gentlemen, give a big Coliseum welcome to Ms. Holly Brockler!"

The metal door in front of her swung open, and Holly stepped out into the lavish ceremonial fight pit as a spotlight shone on her. She quickly saw that the walls of the pit were also viewing windows for most of the audience, while a smaller but louder crowd of high-rollers watched from above and screamed a mix of jeers and encouragement at her.

"Show us what you got, kid!" "Get wrecked, island girl!"

"Ladies and gentlemen, the ultimate warrior who has never known defeat, the master and owner of the Coliseum, the champion of the underworld...BRAKUS!"

A glass door slid up as ring girls presented the titanic german fighter that stepped into his own spotlit view. Opening his arms wide as a large purple cape hung behind him, the crowd went wild at the sight of their champion. Dressed all in black with his muscular arms bared, he let the ring girls remove his cape before stepping onto the fight pit floor, playing to the high-roller crowd that watched from above as they gave him a standing ovation. The black-booted and crew-cut champion gave a mocking bow to Holly, who cracked her knuckles and scowled back.

"Now remember, when you hear the buzzer, there is only one rule..."

"THERE ARE NO RULES!" roared the crowd in response.

"And you love it! Ha ha! Fighters, to your corners. Ladies and gentlemen...the Coliseum!"

The fight pit cleared quickly, leaving only Holly and Brakus together in the Coliseum ring as a loud buzzer sounded and the spotlights faded into wider arena lighting. Not one to back down from such an opportunity, Holly charged in, throwing a right hook quickly followed by a back elbow strike with the same arm. Brakus took both blows, standing firm even as Holly launched a foot into his chest with a leaping side kick. The hawaiian girl pressed in to throw an uppercut, but suddenly found her fist batted to one side before Brakus backhanded her with a loud clap of his knuckles against her cheek. Holly stumbled back, wanting to hold her ground but completely blindsided by the force and speed of her opponent. Brakus grinned and turned his back to her, raising his arms to some of the high-rollers watching from above, while Holly's lip curled back in a snarl. "Your funeral, asshole!" she roared, running towards the Coliseum champion with a fist reared back.

With even greater speed than his backhand counterattack moments before, Brakus whipped around and swept his arm to catch Holly's incoming punch, trapping her arm under his. Holly winced, reaching to pull herself free, before her opponent wrenched the twisted and locked limb with a soft crunch of sinew. "GAUH!!" The hawaiian girl faltered, stumbling slightly as Brakus led her in a small circle to show her off to the crowd while she suffered the pain of abused muscles in her arm. Her cheeks growing red from both exertion and embarrassment, Holly turned and began throwing knee strikes into Brakus's midsection. After two solid hits, Brakus forced her to stop with another wrench of her trapped arm, before shooting a fist into the center of her face. Holly's head snapped back from the hit, her eyes going wide from the shock of the powerful strike as she fell to one knee. Brakus released her arm, taking his time to line up a shot before punching her again square in the face. Holly hit the mat on her back, quickly sitting up but clearly in a daze as she blinked and tried to focus. "Felt like getting...punched by a truck..." she thought, finally starting to see through fuzzy vision that her opponent was once again facing away from her to engage with the audience.

Now slightly punchdrunk, Holly charged Brakus from behind yet again, shooting a thrust kick at him. She was sure she would catch him this time, until he deftly dodged her with a half-spin while catching her leg. Holly's face began to fall as she saw the elbow drop down, and then her expression exploded in pain as Brakus's elbow cracked straight into her kneecap. "KAAAUHUH!!" Barely standing on one foot as she clutched her knee, Holly was defenseless when a short uppercut cracked into her jaw. Brakus snatched hold of Holly's hair, keeping her upright in order to sink a punch into her gut and double her over. Then, gripping her head with both hands, he drove a knee into her forehead with a loud crack. Holly was launched back up to her feet, eyes wide and glassy as some blood trickled from her nose. She stood stunned and wobbling as Brakus wound up, and then turned to smash a boot into the side of her head with a high roundhouse kick.

Hitting the mat in a sprawl, Holly tried to roll away and regain some distance, but was so addled from blows to her head that she simply crawled aimlessly on her hands and knees until her opponent took hold of the back of her scalp and hauled her back to her feet. After a moment, Brakus began punching Holly in the face, forcing her to jerk and grunt as her body grew more rubbery.

"SHE challenged the champ?" "Bury this loser!"

If it weren't for the third punch smashing a bruise into her face, Holly would have been more upset at how much the crowd had turned on her for her performance. "GLAUHFH!!" Brakus threw an entire forearm into her cheek, smashing her head to one side and forcing a bloody spray to fly from her nose and mouth, spattering one of the viewing windows with sticky crimson. "G-gladiators were strong but...he's un...unstoppable!" Holly's regretful reverie devolved into a howling moan as Brakus scooped her right off her feet, lifting her just over his head before throwing her into a 6-foot drop that ended with a brutal thud of skin on canvas. Sprawled on her side, Holly shivered as she tried to stand back up, grabbing one of Brakus's pant legs as she did so.

"C-Can't end like this...not after everything I..." Holly's thoughts rambled like a half-conscious eulogy as she tried to right herself, only to find a hand snatch hold of her throat to help her the rest of the way. The hawaiian girl choked out a protesting squeal as she was then lifted overhead once again, this time pressed like a struggling set of weights. Brakus turned and almost presented her squirming body as a prize to the high-rollers, before throwing her face-first into the mat.

Laying prone on her stomach and barely conscious, Holly felt a wave of heat as she looked up to see flames begin to circle the ring, while curtains drew closed over the lower viewing windows. "Then I...I lost...?" Her thoughts were cut off as a hand harshly gripped the back of her throat and pulled her stumbling to her feet. Her body was beaten and her spirit was broken, and she began to accept that she would suffer one more show of domination before a long recouperation.

"In the tradition of the Coliseum, you priveleged few must decide...life? Or death?"

Brakus yanked Holly into a choking front facelock as the crowd cheered his name, and the hawaiian girl could only cough and claw weakly at the champion's arms and hips. The question began to fire up a spike of doomed adrenaline in her body.

"Does she live?"

Holly could not see the announcer's thumb begin to tip to one side, but she could hear the bloodthirsty crowd's response to the offer of mercy, and her eyes began to grow wide as one word filled her thoughts. "D-deathmatch...?!" She began to claw and slap more rapidly, trying to submit to her opponent who simply responded by tightening the front facelock choke and walking her towards the center of the fight pit. Holly's bare feet practically dragged across the mat as she could barely even stay up on her toes due to Brakus's height, while he kept her head firmly trapped under one arm.

"Or does she die?"


Gasping and whimpering rapidly as the front facelock choke continued to tighten and the crowd's decision filled her ears, Holly tried to surrender but could even barely find the breath to cry out. "Gih!...Pluh!! NUH!!" While the beaten hawaiian girl's hands desperately pawed at his arms and hips, Brakus simply looked up at his adoring fans and the downward thumb that signaled their decision.

And then, he wrenched his choking arm with a brutal flex of its muscles, pulling it tighter with his other arm as he leaned back. "GYEUHGH!!" Holly's feet left the mat and shuddered with spread toes as her neck cracked loudly within the hold, lifted and practically hung by the force of the giant german folding her head forward and crushing her throat. The hawaiian girl's eyes bugged out, bloodshot and staring down at her own clawed fingers as her arms and legs spasmed from the finishing choke. Brakus jerked his choking arm back harshly, bending Holly's head to one side and fully breaking her neck with a meaty crunch. "AWH!!" A sharp squawk was the last noise the hawaiian girl made before her arms and legs went limp, hanging in the air as Brakus continued to hang her in the front facelock.

Once some drool had begun to patter on the mat beneath him, Brakus released the hold, allowing Holly's lifeless feet to return to the mat before she slumped to her knees. The finished hawaiian girl pitched forward, her bruised and bloodied face resting against her killer's leg for a moment. Her eyes were wide and slightly rolled up, locked in a beaten and terrified expression. A bit of foamy saliva dribbled from her lips before she slid forward and hit the mat face-first, where she lay facedown like a discarded toy for some time before finally being dragged away.


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May 9, 2012


It had been a long road with a lot of hard fights, but Holly felt proud stepping onto the Kumite fighting platform as a combatant who'd nearly made it to the finals. Her curly dark hair and toned skin glistened as she raised her arms to the cheering crowd, before removing a lei of orange and yellow flowers from around her neck. She came in her best attire, wearing a shiny and bright orange two-piece sports bra and briefs ensemble, with a braided red anklet above her right foot and yellow cord bracelets on her wrists. Facing her was Demon, a powerful malaysian fighter with short dark hair and white military slacks, who was the opponent she least hoped to share the ring with at such a high-stakes point in the tournament. However she refused to let her nerves flare up, even as Demon locked eyes with her and made a very threatening gesture of pointing at her, then drawing his fingers across his own throat.


Circling her opponent as she bounced on her soles and kept her fists at ready, Holly threw a hard right hook that landed with a smack. Demon immediately responded with a kick to the side of her knee, wobbling her leg long enough for another kick to slam into her chest. Holly let out a defiant shout as she retaliated with an overhand left fist, battering Demon's head to one side and turning him around before she slammed a knee into his back and watched him fall to the mat. The hawaiian girl then paused, clutching her aching chest for a moment as the pain caught up with her. Seeing Demon still stunned on the floor, Holly ran up to stomp a foot down on his head, but her opponent quickly shot a leg out to sweep her feet out from under her. Holly hit the mat on her back, laying still for a moment before scrambling back to her feet.

She returned to a fighting stance just as Demon did the same. The malaysian powerhouse let out an intimidating roar that made Holly pause, before she attempted the same with a shrill battle cry as she charged in and grabbed hold of his shoulders. Holly threw two knees into Demon's body before he slammed both palms into her chest to drive her back. Her caught one of her wrists as she stumbled away, pulling her back in and trapping her arm under his own. Demon proceeded to lay two heavy kicks into Holly's increasingly-aching chest, one landing with a meaty thud while the second struck with an audible crunch, before releasing her arm and crushing a third kick against the side of her head. Holly span once before hitting the mat, clutching her chest and writhing in place.

Demon stepped forward and loomed over her before throwing several sharp kicks into his fallen opponent's body, making her flop and bounce on the floor from the beating. He paused to play to the crowd after the cruel assault, but Holly found a second wind as anger filled her body despite the burning pain that ran through her lungs with every breath. She snapped her legs out to tangle her opponent's dropping him to the mat as he had a surprised look on his face. Holly leapt onto Demon's back, beating her elbow twice against his head and neck, before clamping her thighs around his flanks and reaching her arms in to apply a vicious chokehold.

"I got you," she snarled through ragged breaths, "I got you, you motherfAAAIIEGH!!"

After a shriek of pain, Holly rolled off of her opponent and onto the mat as she held her forearm tightly. Demon had sunk his teeth right into her flesh to break the hold, spitting out a bit of blood as he got up and marched towards her. Holly made it up to one knee before a foot slammed into her chest to flatten her on her back. Demon knelt down and began throwing slow, deliberate palm strikes into her forehead. Four thuds later and Holly was mostly limp and shuddering on the mat, but rather than ending the match, Demon firmly took hold of her scalp and pulled her back to her feet.

Holly's will to fight kept her upright and swinging, but she only did so once before taking yet another sharp kick to the chest. There was a loud crack as her ribcage could not take anymore, causing her to double over in pain. "GAUWK!!" A rough hand grabbed the back of her head and forced her upright once again, revealing a gasping mask of agony on her once-proud face. Demon threw a hard punch across her jaw, before the same fist swept back and crushed into her cheek. Holly span around once and then slumped to her knees, struggling to even raise her arms. Within her foggy brain she knew that she was finished, but the far more threatening realization was that her opponent didn't just want to win, he wanted to turn her into a statement for his co-finalist.

Almost to confirm her growing fear, Demon grabbed hold of her skull before slamming his knee into it three times. He then took his time making her stand one last time, looking away from her as he no longer considered her a threat despite her hands weakly trying to wrestle herself free from his grasp. His eyes came back to her before he rammed his knuckles into her throat, causing her to let out a pathetic choked yelp. Another backfist span her around in place, her feet barely keeping a grip on the mat. It was then that he span her back around and pulled her tighter against him, forcing her head under his armpit. Holly realized too late that she had been locked into a standing dragon sleeper hold, and could only claw at Demon's bicep and shoulder as she was held prone and bent back on her feet.

"Ghi!...Ghlu!" Holly could only let out a few choked whimpers as her opponent made eye contact with his co-finalist, pointing right at the fighter to make sure all eyes were on what he was about to do next. Almost wishing she had been choked out by now, Holly grew more panicked as she felt the hold tighten without cutting off her air and blood flow completely. This was supposed to be one of the most exciting days of her life, and now--

"KAU!!" A wet squeak came out of Holly's mouth alongside a meaty crack. Demon had wrenched and crushed her neck, snapping it in a show of merciless and unnecessary brutality as a threat to his next opponent. Her arms flopped out and hung limply below her, before Demon simply opened his arms to let her fall to the mat like a rubbery bag of meat. Her body hit the canvas with a heavy thud, not even bouncing as she lay splayed out and staring at nothing. A small twitch shivered her body before her eyes rolled upwards and a bubbly drip of drool flowed out the side of her mouth. A referee ran towards her, quickly checking her as Demon celebrated his semi-final victory. A quick, shocked signal led to the crowd growing quiet as the adjudicators stood and turned their backs to the ring. Demon did not care, simply reaching down to lift Holly's lifeless right foot off the mat to take her anklet as a trophy, before tossing her leg aside to utter a threat to his next opponent. The fallen hawaiian fighter was quickly carried off the mat by two attendents, rushing her body out of sight before the final match preparations would get underway.


Everything about the island tournament had gone sideways, from the ninjas and the organizer's declaration of literally taking the souls of the often fatally maimed losers, to the reigning champion's monstrous four-armed musculature. Holly Brockler's invite put a lot of confidence into the scrappy hawaiian girl, and even as she finally found herself in a ritualistic combat ring surrounded by crowds of human and inhuman onlookers, she was focused entirely on the fact that she knew how to dish out a beating and look good while doing it. She had taken advantage of the island environment to gain a small following as she trained on the beach, and even in the ring she warmed up with a bit of flair to get the crowd on her side. Holly wore her usual fight attire of an orange sports top and red briefs, as her curly dark hair and tanned skin glistened with a mixture of sweat from her warm-up, and ocean water from a quick dip she took before entering the arena.

Just as she began to wonder if her opponent was going to back out of their match, a stone door slammed open and she heard a terrifying roar. Two large feet stomped into the ring as Holly's eyes grew very wide. The last thing she ever expected for her first round of kombat was to face the reigning champion, Prince Goro of the Shokan. And as he cracked all four sets of his knuckles and eyed her like a hungry beast, she could not help but utter a hushed "...Fuck."

Trying to hold onto her visions of victory, Holly began bouncing lightly on her bare feet with both fists raised. As her opponent lumbered towards her, she had trouble keeping up a brave face and simply circled and feinted until a massive punch came her way. Dodging and closing distance, Holly laid in a rapid series of punches against Goro's mountain-like abdomen, ducking and rolling under another of his arms as he tried to swat her away with a backfist. Nimbly popping up to her feet, Holly threw an elbow against Goro's chest, followed by two high kicks against his pecs and chin.

Seeing the champion stumble back a few steps from her successful strikes, Holly cracked a smile that would prove to be her last. "Shyaa!!-- AUH?!" She ran forward, throwing a leaping knee towards the Shokan prince's face, only to find her attacking leg caught in the grip of one of Goro's enormous hands. Before she could react, he grabbed hold of both of her wrists, giving the hawaiian girl a moment to realize that she was all but trapped before throwing two monstrous body shots into her flank with his fourth hand. Holly's free leg flailed as each hit sent a shockwave through her body, before Goro struck her with a powerful uppercut. "GAUWWH!!" She was released just before his fist smashed up into her jaw, launching her several feet into the air before she landed in a heap on the solid ring floor.

As her opponent roared and marched towards her, Holly simply stared up from a seated position with fear in her eyes before scrambling back to her feet and fleeing as best she could within the confines of the ring. Many of the Outworld onlookers enjoyed seeing the formerly showboating beach-bound girl reduced to a desperate kombatant against their deadly champion, jeering as she tried to once again bob and weave on nimble feet. Goro was no longer patient, however, and as Holly ducked under one of his punches, another quickly crossed through and battered her skull. Holly stumbled back against the harsh ropes that surrounded the ring, trying to bounce back and evade another attack. Her four-armed opponent's advantage overwhelmed her agility once again, blasting a spray of blood and saliva out of her mouth as another monstrous punch sent her spinning.

Barely staying on her feet, Holly hit the ropes again, and this time was shoved forward by some of the audience right into Goro's grasp. Almost passing her along his four hands, Goro lifted his wailing opponent high overhead in a tall arc before slamming her into the ring floor. After bouncing once, Holly lay spreadeagled and gasping, her eyes fluttering as the breath was smashed out of her by the heavy impact against the unforgiving surface. "U-uhg...uhghun-n-NOOO!!" The hawaiian girl's eyes went wide as she saw a shape suddenly coming down towards her, before Goro stamped both of his feet straight into her chest and hips. The Shokan prince leapt and stomped down onto his opponent's body twice more before stepping to one side and roaring at the crowd. Holly simply screamed in agony as she was crushed and pounded underfoot, laying shivering and sputtering in a visible crater as she felt muscles and bones collapse within her body.

Finally reaching down with his lower pair of arms, Goro firmly gripped Holly's midsection and lifted her up off the floor. Holly's bare feet struggled to find the ground beneath them, simply kicking weakly in the air as her enormous opponent held her upright in front of him. Her face was a mask of agony and fear, spitting up a bit of blood as she shook her head and began to raise her hands. "M-mercy, pl-please...AUNGH!!" Goro responded to her by slamming one of his upper fists down into her chest, making her choke and shudder as he turned to look at the tournament organizer.


Goro looked back to his opponent, staring into Holly's eyes as he growled, "Time to die."

Holly's glassy eyes grew wide with terror as she realized she was about to be finished off by a four-armed monster. Before she could beg for mercy again, Goro began pounding her chest with his upper arms, forcing a long howl of pain out of the hawaiian girl as her ribs were audibly smashed to a pulp by the Shokan champion. Goro's lower arms then tossed Holly up slightly before snatching her in a powerful bearhug, while his upper arms firmly gripped her head on either side. The beaten hawaiian girl's arms and legs flailed wildly as her back was rapidly crushed. "NAAAWWAAAUU-- AIH!!" There was a meaty snap as Holly's spine broke, leaving her bare legs quivering involuntarily as Goro proceeded to squeeze her head with increasing force. "AAAAIIIEEEGHAA--!!!" Holly's skull let out an awful crunch as her head suddenly and visibly compressed a full inch between Goro's palms with a small spurt of blood spattering the Shokan prince's face. Her wide eyes rolled up as her tongue rolled out of her mouth, quickly followed by a long wave of bloody drool while her arms and shoulders let out a dying spasm.

Turning the finished hawaiian girl's body in his arms, Goro proceeded to raise her overhead as he went down to one knee, offering Holly's limp and broken form like a trophy to the tournament organizer. The grim-looking man raised both hands, and proceeded to pull a swirling and screaming ethereal shape out of Holly's corpse, drawing it into his own. As the hawaiian fighter's skin began to grow pale, Goro went on to slam her headfirst into the ground, cracking her neck and leaving her lifeless body facedown in a splayed heap.

"Goro wins!...FATALITY."


"Welcome to the world championship of free fighting! Today, for you viewing and gambling pleasure, we've assembled some of the top names in the world of martial arts. Back to defend his title as the current world champion, Chang Lee, known as the Vietnamese Cobra! Representing the traditional Japanese art of sumo is the dreaded Yokozuna! Ace sisters of shootfighting, the deadly young flowers of Kona Hawaii, Holly and Leilani Brockler!"

The announcer's words were designed to fire up the audience, even if it was hyperbole. That was how Holly felt, at least, as she warmed up in the locker room alongside her sister.

"The skill, strength, and ferocity of today's competitors is beyond description. It's going to be a fight to the finish, where the survival of the loser cannot be guaranteed! The stakes and the bets are high...sky high!"

The two girls had grown quiet, focused on their preparations as they eyed the other fighters around them. Holly could tell that Leilani was eating up their introduction, brimming with confidence despite her younger age. They did not get along very well as sisters, but they had both been sent to the tournament as a test of sorts, with all parties aware that this was an incredibly dangerous tournament. Holly had been granted her chance, and Leilani demanded to attend at the same time in the hopes of defeating and possibly ending the career of her older sibling herself.


And she simply sneered as she watched Holly step off the mat victorious after a match against a karate practicioner, before being called for her own second round fight. Holly could not help but linger and watch as her sister was pitted against Yokozuna, the sumo wrestler. Leilani held a confident face despite her much smaller size, wearing a bronze swimsuit leotard with taped fists and a golden sash belt, as her long dark hair hung loose over her shoulders. Yokozuna was a massive ponytailed sumo champion garbed in a simple mawashi, looking like a stoic mountain as he simply stared down his opponent. Both fighters had defeated one combatant apiece, leaving no question that they were capable of inflicting pain.

However, as Leilani rushed forward to strike her opponent's throat, the audience quickly ceased to question the result of this match-up as Yokozuna effortlessly knocked her back with a palm-strike counterattack. Leilani tumbled head over heels, staring up at Yokozuna from a kneeling position in shock. Slowly creeping to her feet, the young hawaiian warrior inched towards her foe, before charging in with a shrill battle cry. She landed a punch to Yokozuna's firm jaw, before throwing a series of three kicks against his massive body, which he partially blocked with his curled forearms. Her eyes widening with desperation at the lack of pain on her opponent's face, Leilani leapt to drive a fist towards the sumo wrestler's face.

Yokozuna's arm snapped forward with surprising speed as his palm blasted Leilani back once again, and this time he began lumbering towards her as she tried to pick herself up from the mat. Rearing a fist back as she found her footing, Leilani took two steps forward before another massive palm cracked against her chest and sent her flying through the air onto her back. Clutching the center of her ribs as she felt a sudden lingering pain in her bones, Leilani whimpered slightly through gritted teeth, a look of concern breaking through her mask of confidence.

The young hawaiian realized just how close her opponent was and went for a rushed right hook, but both of her arms suddenly went tight as Yokozuna clamped his own around her body, pulling her into a bearhug that immediately had the smaller fighter standing on her toes. Her body froze as the first wave of pain ran through her torso, and her delayed cry of pain blossomed into a shriek as Yokozuna proceeded to lift her over a foot into the air. Leilani's body began to bend backwards as she was held aloft and squeezed, as her bare feet kicked awkwardly in the air. She tried to fight back, but the sheer crushing force made it hard for her to do much more than straighten and unevenly flap her arms while her eyes grew wide and her mouth began to shiver and gape open. Too late did she realize what kind of sumo champion would attend a potentially deadly combat tournament, feeling his monstrous power crack her ribs and crush her back.

Then, Yokozuna quickly leaned down to finish his opponent, forcing Leilani onto her knees as her spine let out a hideous crunch. "NAUWKH!!" Her arms both reached up and outwards as she let out a defeated squawk. Her back visibly contorted for a moment, but Yokozuna showed her no mercy as he pushed forward and forced her down onto the ground, simultaneously pressing his huge stomach over her face to pin her down. Leilani's rubbery legs flopped out and twitched on the mat, while her hands wildly beat at Yokozuna's body in a panic as her head and chest were squashed and smothered. Her voice was almost inaudible as she drowned and flattened beneath the sumo wrestler's fat gut. Yokozuna felt something quivering beneath his stomach, and firmly pressed himself down even harder, drawing a soft crack out of his struggling opponent's skull as it was pinned and pressed between his dominant weight and the unforgiving ring floor. Leilani's hands briefly clawed and gripped against his body, then fell limply to the mat. She lay spreadeagled and pinned beneath the sumo wrestler's stomach, now deathly still. Her face was frozen in a twisted and squashed expression when he righted himself and left the mat, as a small trickle of blood spattered the mat from one of her ears.


Holly watched her sister get rolled onto a stretcher and carried out of the ring, but could not allow herself to wonder if Leilani had even survived making it to the locker room before she stepped onto the mat for her third and penultimate match. She was so close to winning, nothing else could matter now. And she felt anything but at ease, seeing that she shared the ring with the returning champion, Chang Lee. Wearing blood-red shorts with a snake tattoo on his forehead, the herculean fighter rolled his neck and seemed to be in a bit of a haze. Holly did not realize his morality was dulled by a cocktail of enhancing drugs, and believed that she may best him if she gave it her all. The hawaiian girl's dark and curly hair was glistening with a fresh drizzle of water and the sweat of her previous match, as were her toned and bare neck and shoulders. Her fight attire was simple and minimal, bright red spandex briefs and a matching strapless top. Holly also wore a golden sash belt just like Leilani's, hoping that hers would be seen with pride in the winner's circle of the tournament, rather than the crushed and discarded one that remained wrapped around her sister's broken body.

As she raised her fists and approached her opponent, Holly was confused to see Chang Lee still standing with his arms at his sides, almost as though he didn't care that he faced her on the mat. After a short pause and an awkward feint, Holly snarled and brazenly rushed in with a series of chops and punches. Chang Lee barely blinked as he stepped back in time with her advances, easily swatting and parrying her blows aside. Holly's brow furrowed as she tried to strike harder and faster, but Chang Lee suddenly ducked and dodged around her. A sharp kick to her ribs stopped the hawaiian fighter in her tracks, before a palm struck her forehead hard enough to send her flying back. Holly flipped over and hit the mat on her back, staring in a daze before shaking her head to clear the cobwebs.

The crowd immediately began cheering and chanting for her opponent, putting a fire into Holly's eyes before she leapt to her feet swinging her fists and feet with renewed vigor. Her voice let out rapid shouts of both exertion and frustration as Chang Lee continued matching every one of her attacks with a measured defense. Holly's skin quickly glistened with sweat under the arena lights as she put everything she had into trying to land a single blow. "HyyyAAAAA!!" Her voice grew more shrill as Chang Lee physically parried her arms harshly 8 times in a row, before finally sinking a fist into the center of her chest. Once again stopped on the spot by the power of her opponent's strike, Holly was frozen and breathless until Chang Lee smashed a fist across her face, and then swang it around to crack a backfist into the rear of her neck. The struggling Hawaiian fighter cried out in pain as she was shot several feet forward, crashing to the mat on her stomach.

Laying on the canvas for a few moments, Holly stared down as she saw some blood drip from her mouth into a few spatters beneath her face. Her next breath gave her a sharp pain, and she realized her ribs had been badly cracked in the last exchange. Moaning softly, Holly gritted her teeth and began dragging herself to her knees. The crowd's support of her opponent continued echoing in her ears, making her cheeks redden with shame as she punched the mat in frustration. Turning around, Holly looked up to see Chang Lee simply looming over her in a glazed stupor. Refusing to fall to an opponent that barely seemed to take her seriously, Holly sprang to her feet with focus in her eyes. She came in swinging once again, but as her feet moved nimbly over the mat, the hawaiian fighter circled and weaved as she threw pointed punches and snapped out cautious kicks. No longer facing a full-on charge, Chang Lee's defenses began to have trouble readjusting and keeping up. Soon, several punches began finding their mark against his body. Just as Holly's confidence returned with the sound of her fists slamming against her opponent's bare chest, she realized that Chang Lee was simply staring back at her as he slowly seemed to stop feeling any pain. A helpless expression came across her face before a sudden backhand sent Holly spinning to one side, barely staying upright before a brutal flying kick crunched into her collarbone and flipped her head-over-heels.

Spitting out some bloody saliva before crashing to the mat, Holly was a messy tangle of limbs as she fought her way back upright. Feeling knife-like pains in her chest and neck, the desperate hawaiian fighter leapt forward to try and grab her opponent in a wild takedown. Instead, Holly's arms snatched thin air as her opponent deftly stepped around behind her. Chang Lee's hands quickly grabbed the back of Holly's briefs and neck, lifting her up and overhead in a show of power as she let out a startled shriek. Holly's arms and legs flailed rapidly in every direction as she was held aloft, only able to see the bright lights above her while she began to panic. "No! No!!" Her head whipped from side to side as she tried to find a way out of her helpless predicament, until she heard Chang Lee's voice roar beneath her. Holly's world span around as Chang Lee whipped her around in the air, grabbing hold of her ankles in both hands before driving her skull into the mat behind him with an audible crunch. "GUH..." Holly's body went taut, then limp, after the top of her head was spiked down into the canvas hard enough to fracture bone. The hawaiian girl's bare feet pointed up almost comically as they rested against Chang Lee's shoulder, before he tossed them aside. Holly flopped out facedown on the mat in a messy splay, her arms and legs pointing in every direction as she softly convulsed near the edge of the ring.

Suffering from a critical cranial injury, Holly could only sputter out unintelligible gurgles, but she knew she could feel her golden sash being yanked off of her body by her victorious foe. Chang Lee whirled the glittering belt around a few times before discarding it on the mat behind him, and then stepped over his fallen opponent to kneel down over her back. Holly's heart filled with shame as her mouth slowly filled with blood, knowing that she had been utterly dominated after such a proud victory in her first round. Then she began to feel fear as her opponent pulled her head up off the mat, and gripping her scalp and chin in his hands. Tears, blood, and sweat ran down Holly's face as her glassy eyes stared forward with an increasing look of half-conscious worry. Then, a wet crunch and meaty snap filled her ears as her vision wrenched to one side. "GLEAH!!" Blood sprayed out of Holly's mouth as her jaw flapped open in time with her neck being snapped. Her body shuddered in a tight spasm before her head fell heavily to the mat with a solid thud. Holly's eyes quivered and rolled up slightly, staring lifelessly as blood and drool continued to pool out of her mouth, leaving a widening stain beneath her face while her body lay splayed out and forgotten beneath the celebrations of her opponent. As all had been warned, survival of the loser was not guaranteed, and hers was not even on offer as her brutalized body was stretchered out of the ring.


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May 9, 2012

"Next bout! Number 13: Holly Brockler, versus Number 13: Svietta Chekov!"

Jumping up from her seat on one of the ringside benches, Holly flashed a smile as she heard the call of Number 8. The hawaiian fighter was excited to prove herself worthy of the invite to that year's kumite. She strode forward onto the fighting platform: a clearly outlined square bordered by tall stacked shipping containers on two sides, benches on the other two, with organizers and rich patrons observing throughout. The venue was somewhat hidden amidst the dockyards of Hong Kong, and included a contract absolving the organizers of responsibility in the case of maiming of death. Holly shook most of that off as scare tactics to weed out the more cowardly competitors, though she visibly paused as she turned to face her opponent. Svietta was a towering fighter from Russia, whose green leggings and top revealed powerful muscles. A scar over one eye gave her a cold gaze to match her lightly bleached hair.

Dressed in her comfortable fight attire of an orange sports bra and red compression briefs, Holly began bouncing on her bare soles as she gave Svietta a taunting and beckoning gesture, mostly to keep her own confidence high. Svietta simply stared back at her with slowly-narrowing eyes until the gong sounded the start of their match.

Charging in with an eager glint in her eye, Holly threw a series of left and right palmstrikes and elbows, each one connecting heavily against Svietta's face and chest. Confident that she was about to take a quick victory, Holly leapt forward to sink in a powerful knee bomb, but found herself hopping on one foot as Svietta skidded back and grabbed hold of her thigh under one arm. Before she could react, the russian fighter's fist battered her back and forth across the face four times. Holly's head was still jiggling atop her neck when Svietta turned and threw her several feet away, watching as the hawaiian fighter tumbled to a rest near one edge of the ring.

As Holly began to pull herself up, her opponent glared down at her with a smirk and remarked, "You should roll a little farther. Lose by ring-out." Holly bared her teeth in response, getting back to her feet and rushing forward. Svietta licked her lips as her opponent came closer, opening her arms slightly to take an oncoming punch straight to her cheek. Just as fast as she had been struck, Svietta lashed back with a punch twice as powerful, sending Holly stumbling to one side as a cloud of sweat burst from her bruised face. Pride getting the better of her, the hawaiian fighter went for a spinning elbow strike, landing a brutal blow against Svietta's jaw. But even with blood on her lips, the russian fighter almost smiled before firing an uppercut right into Holly's chin, knocking the desperate girl onto her back with a spray of saliva.

Wincing hard as she sat up, Holly's eyes looked much less confident as she saw her opponent staring down at her with a shark-like grin, revealing some metal in her teeth. With a shrill battle cry, Holly leapt up and rammed her shoulder into Svietta's abdomen, wrapping her arms around the russian fighter to try and slam her to the floor. Svietta wasted no time, grabbing Holly's hair along with an ear to wrench her face right up in front of her own, before cracking a brutal headbutt into the hawaiian fighter's nose. Holly's legs went rubbery as her head snapped back, and while she stared up at the ceiling, her opponent proceeded to slide an arm over her neck to lock her in a twisted headlock. Holly was helpless as the russian fighter began pounding punches into her face, quickly drawing blood as three meaty cracks came out of the hawaiian girl's features. In one sweeping motion, Svietta then slammed Holly straight down into the arena floor, leaving the stunned fighter on her back and spitting out some blood. Her face was now slightly misshapen, between bruising and a few broken bones, and the only noise she could make was somewhere between a gurgle and a whimper.

Svietta made a show out of pulling Holly's head off the ground before bending down, wrapping one leg around her fallen opponent's throat as she seated herself on one knee over the struggling hawaiian girl and began choking her in a humiliating show of strength. A muscular thigh pressed down over Holly's neck and rapidly cut off her ability to breathe, leaving her kicking her bare feet wildly against the floor of the fighting platform as she began slapping her hands against Svietta's leg. Holly's mouth opened, but could only let out violent wet croaks as she tried to submit. Well aware of what her opponent was requesting, Svietta leaned down and hissed, "I don't care," flexing her thigh until she saw Holly's eyes go wide and start to quiver. Then she stood up, letting Holly flop out beneath her with a ragged gasp, before taking hold of the hawaiian fighter's curly hair to pull her up to her feet. Holly could barely stand on her own, unable to resist as she was pulled around to stand near one of the sides of the ring. Svietta released her, taking a step back to watch Holly as she fought to stay upright, and then thrusting a kick forward with a roar of strength. The kick slammed into Holly's chest, smashing the breath out of her as it sent her flying back into a loud collision with one of the shipping container stacks that bordered her side of the ring. She bounced off the metal wall with an awful clang, and landed heavily in a heap face-down near where her journey began.

The crowd cheered as Svietta shrugged and said, "Still in the ring." With her opponent nearly unconscious, the russian fighter visibly enjoyed herself as she rolled Holly onto her back and grabbed hold of the hawaiian girl's throat and thigh. With another show of raw power, Svietta lifted and pressed Holly overhead, smiling wider as she heard her opponent let out a moaning wail of fear. Holly's arms and legs flailed wildly as she was then hurled straight forward, once again colliding with the stack of steel containers, this time leaving a visible dent in one of them as the clang partially hid a crunching noise from her own body. The brutalized hawaiian fighter bounced limply as she hit the ring floor, once again still within the boundaries of combat, and thus still at her opponent's mercy.

Svietta, however, had no mercy to share. She took hold of one of Holly's bare ankles, and simply dragged the hawaiian competitor to the center of the ring as she clawed weakly at the floor. Tossing Holly's leg aside to flip her onto her back, Svietta sat down on Holly's stomach as she pinned the helpless fighter's arms beneath her knees. Curling her legs as her arms were held out to either side, Holly shook her head as she stared up at her dominant opponent, eyes wide beneath a bloody and beaten visage. "P-Please...!" Svietta replied with a punch to Holly's face, quickly followed by another. Like a machine gun, the russian fighter began pounding her fists into her opponent's face with increasing speed and power, relishing the meaty impacts and bloody spurts as Holly's legs kicked helplessly behind her. Soon, the hawaiian girl's bare feet were simply flopping against the floor of the fighting platform. Spasms wracked her body as the beating continued, battering her head from side to side in a splatter of blood, sweat, and saliva that rapidly grew on the floor beneath her.

Holly's spreadeagled body shivered when her opponent finally took a pause to survey her gruesome handiwork. The hawaiian girl's face had been pounded into human hamburger, twisted and quivering as it glistened from the cuts and fractures that would likely leave her a concussed vegetable. Svietta decided to leave nothing to chance, rolling Holly's head to one side before pressing and pushing a palm down to loudly dislocate the beaten fighter's jaw. Setting Holly's head back in place to stare up at the ceiling, Svietta proceeded to slam one last punch straight down into Holly's throat. The meaty crunch was followed by a single spasm through Holly's body before she lay deathly still, spread out beneath her opponent with lifeless and glassy eyes, bubbling bloody foam spilling out of her gaping mouth.

Standing victorious, Svietta held her arms high as she walked a circle around the ring, sneering over her shoulder as Holly's limp body was lifted onto a stretcher and quickly carried out of the ring.


After a string of victories in the ring, the hawaiian brawler Holly Brockler finally felt the pride of a championship belt being wrapped around her waist. Always an underground combatant, Holly had managed to pull off a series of upsets in arenas that were more above board, felling one of Thailand's up-and-coming muay thai stars in the final match of the circuit. And after the euphoria and pride washed over her, the hawaiian champion decided to celebrate with a trip abroad to that fighter's homeland, wanting to revel in the feeling of superiority with a pointed and petty victory lap.

During a particularly expensive night of drinking and bragging, Holly was convinced by some friendly local faces to take on a challenge at a local kickboxing ring. All she had to do was face the local champion, pitting her belt against his pride, with the promise of a big payout and even greater fame. Holly eagerly agreed to be there in fighting form the next night, and spent the next day casually warming up in her hotel room as she settled on the decision in a more sober frame of mind. After all, she'd already beaten Thailand's best back home, so why shouldn't she squash a local big-shot to punctuate her win?

Late that evening, Holly's orange entrance robe shimmered beneath the dim lighting of the humid venue as she stepped through the ropes and onto the mat of the well-worn muay thai ring. The crowd was loud and jeering, with a few photographs of the fighter Holly had defeated being waved at her in a nearly threatening manner. The smirking hawaiian girl simply unfastened her championship belt and held it high over her head, answering the crowd's hostility with a show of confidence before setting the belt on the top turnbuckle of her corner. Letting her robe slide from her shoulders onto mat, Holly raised both arms and turned to face each side of the ring, wearing her usual fight attire of an orange top and red briefs with taped wrists. She even took a moment to pose, before she heard the crowd's tone begin to shift at the arrival of their own champion.

Almost ignoring the hawaiian girl as he silently made his way into the ring, Tong Po began his pre-match ritual with a stoic and stone-like expression on his chiseled features. His powerful body was not rippling with muscles, but his tight sinews looked as solid as steel cabling. Removing his head-dress from his bald and topknotted head, Tong Po finally turned to face his opponent, wearing red shorts with yellow trim. He looked over Holly's body as she gave him a cocky wink, and his eyes paused at her lack of gloves. Immediately, he pulled his own gloves off, letting them fall to the mat at either side of him.

"Yeah, you'll need the help!" taunted Holly, as she crouched slightly to settle into her fighting stance. She could not help but feel a little shaken by the cold way Tong Po's eyes remained locked on her own, but didn't want to show a hint of intimidation. It had already at her request that they would be fighting without any rounds, going until one fighter was prone at the other's feet, hoping to leverage her underground experience against the dedicated muay thai practicioner.

As soon as the bell rang, Tong Po was marching forward with his fists held in a high open guard. Holly snarled at the invitation, and leapt in to slam a knee bomb into her opponent's chest. Even though she felt a satisfying impact, the hawaiian fighter's eyes looked confused as Tong Po not only held his ground, but also now held her curled attacking leg under one arm. A left hook clapped across Holly's face, before a sharp kick to her standing leg sent her stumbling down to her knees as Tong Po released her captured limb. He let her stand back up, waiting until he saw her rise up with an uppercut that he quickly batted away. Holly continued fighting back, landing two consecutive palm strikes to her opponent's jaw. Tong Po's head snapped to the side with each hit, but as Holly followed up with a high kick aimed at the same target, the muay thai champion caught her bare ankle in one hand, and began pounding jabs into her face with the other as he forced her back against the ropes.

Holly's blurred vision exploded in a white flash as Tong Po rammed an elbow into her right temple, shoving her leg aside to let her rapidly crumple facedown on the mat. The hawaiian fighter groaned, slowly crawling to her hands and knees as she shook her head and began to clear her vision. She didn't understand how the opening exchange had gone so badly, especially with most of her blows connecting so heavily. As she raised her head, she saw her opponent with his back turned, ignoring her as he roared at the cheering crowd. Holly's lips curled back in a snarl as she got back to her feet, before she rushed straight towards Tong Po with an enraged battle cry.

The muay thai champion turned around and immediately took another knee bomb to the chest, skidding back an inch from the sheer force of the strike. Holly's hands fastened onto his shoulders as she threw three alternating knees into her opponent's midsection, before switching her grip to snatch hold of Tong Po's right thigh and left flank. Planting her feet firmly, the hawaiian fighter's body tensed as she began to lift her opponent into a suplex takedown. However, Tong Po rode the upward momentum to slam his own captured knee into the side of Holly's body, and then dropped an elbow down into her collarbone as the first blow left her stunned mid-move. Staggering back with two torturous waves of pain running through her body, Holly tried to keep Tong Po back with a sloppy teep kick, but he simply caught her leg and cracked a headbutt against her skull. With her eyes wide and slightly crossed, the stunned hawaiian fighter let out a gasping moan as she was lifted off her feet and physically carried by her opponent, who set her down crookedly against the ropes.

With both legs half-dangling in the air, Holly let out grunts of pain at an increasing level of volume as Tong Po began violently slamming knee strikes into her body like a merciless human piston. With seemingly unending strength, the muay thai champion kept his opponent bouncing and airborne on the ropes for nearly a minute before her feet touched the mat. But Holly found no mercy in her landing as the machine gunning knee strikes continued to pulverize her chest, ribs, and stomach. Her cries had started to become drowned out by the meaty and wet impacts of her own flesh and bone, forcing spurts of saliva to spray from her lips. The hawaiian fighter's brain overflowed with confusion and anguish, not understanding how such a monstrous force could have overtaken her so quickly when he was supposed to be the underdog.

Finally pausing his assault, Tong Po stepped back and forced Holly's rubbery body to turn around in place. As her hands reached punch-drunkenly for the ropes, her face contorted with a gargling shriek as Tong Po hopped up and crushed his knee into her back. Stumbling and spinning across the ropes, Holly grunted as she hit one of the corners of the ring. Leaned back against it, she choked out another cry as she clutched the small of her back, which had now been added to her growing number of lingering and painful injuries. Tong Po gripped the ropes on either side of her, not giving her a moment to breathe before leaping up to slam his knee into her jaw. Holly's arms and legs spasmed out as she was blasted and trapped in the corner. Her opponent slowly and brutally performed the move twice more, sinking his knee into the side of her head each time with a spray of blood and sweat as Holly's body reacted more violently despite growing rapidly limp.

The crowd cheered when Holly's rump hit the mat with a heavy thud, leaving her seated in the corner with her arms at her sides and her legs splayed out, staring glassily at nothing as she shook with uneven breaths. Tong Po stepped back and motioned to the crowd, who responded with eager and bloodthirsty roars. One of the arena staff quietly got onto the apron behind Holly, cracking open smelling salts before pushing them under her bloodied nose, ensuring the fight would not be over until the organizers were satisfied. Holly sharply gasped, blinking sweat from her eyes as she looked left and right in a half-conscious stupor. She remembered she was in the ring, taking a beating, but then saw Tong Po once again playing to the crowd. With some of the memory of the last minute still in a mental slurry, she began shakily getting back to her feet to continue the fight.

Tong Po turned to see his opponent wobbling against the ropes, and quickly went to work. A sharp elbow to the forehead snapped Holly's head back, before a kick to the inside of her knee caused her to fall face-first onto the mat as she bounced off the ropes. Crawling forward as it took everything she had to get up to her hands and knees, Holly stared down at the mat as drops of her own blood and sweat spattered against it. She saw Tong Po kneel down beside her out of the corner of her eye, but her joints felt like concrete and she could no longer move. While Holly could not see Tong Po raising an elbow, she heard his monstrous bellow and prepared herself to lose the match.

What she was not prepared for was the sickening and meaty crunch of his elbow spearing down into the small of her back, destroying part of her spine and causing her body to flop out violently onto the mat. Holly's bare legs and feet quivered and twitched as she lay gasping and croaking, her eyes screwed shut and mouth wide open in an endless, choked cry of agony. Tong Po retrieved her championship belt as she lay prone on the canvas, carrying it over his head as he went to stand over her fallen form. Then, the muay thai beast ripped her prize in half and let it fall to the mat in pieces in front of her. Harshly gripping Holly's scalp, Tong Po yanked her head up like a trophy to display his dominance. Still conscious partly due to the smelling salts forced upon her earlier, Holly's eyes began to leak tears as she saw her championship destroyed just as she had been.

There had been an agreement made before that night, and Tong Po forced his opponent up onto her knees to carry it out. Holly stared up at him with terror in her eyes before he slowly and mercilessly drove three alternating knee strikes into her skull. As her eyes rolled up in slightly different directions and drooling jaw grew rapidly slack, Tong Po knelt down and set her forehead down onto his knee. Raising his crippling elbow once again, the muay thai champion drove it down into the back of Holly's head with the sound of a cracking coconut. Blood spattered over his knee as the hawaiian girl's body jiggled from the sheer force, spasming twice before her now-softer head slowly slid off her opponent's leg like a wet sponge. Her body came to a rest face-down and flattened out with her limp arms at either side of her hips, dead on the mat in a growing pool of blood.

As Tong Po took on the crowd's adoration, two ring attendants came in with a stretcher for the sake of keeping up appearances. Loading Holly's lifeless body with little care, they took her entrance robe with them as she was removed from the arena. Holly was dumped in a facedown sprawl on the deserted street outside, her robe tossed over her head and shoulders before a bottle of booze was poured onto her body to complete the cover story of her unfortunate drunken end at the hands of a careless driver.



As she stood, a voice called out "Go get 'em, Holly!" Holly smirked, glancing at the American fighter and giving him a wink. The hawaiian representative at the secret Tibetan Ghang-gheng tournament of 1925 was actually named Hualani, but she had grown fond of her fellow combatant's nickname in the days leading up to the opening matches. She was a stunning sight, especially to most of the participants, mixing beauty with power in her fit and tanned frame. Holly strode past the two girls who served as her seconds and stepped into the ring, performing a brief dance as she removed her flowery lei po'o headdress, revealing the soft curls of her long dark hair. She headed into battle wearing a red cloth wrap around her chest, along with the short grass skirt that bared her strong thighs. She also wore green ti leaf anklets above her bare feet, and a small thin lei necklace of orange and red flowers around her neck.

The island beauty warrior raised her hands up and forward as she entered her combat stance, a hint of concern on her face as she looked over the mongolian fighter that faced her. Khan was a powerful and muscular combatant, shirtless and booted in red pants with bracers on his forearms and biceps. They had both won fights already in the tournament, proving themselves as worthy, but where Holly had come out victorious through hard-fought battle, Khan had plowed through whoever faced him. And he did not seem phased by the fact that he was to fight a woman, let alone one was lightly clad as the hawaiian representative. He simply let his wide pectoral muscles pump once, standing and staring at her calmly until the gong sounded.

Holly had barely taken half a step forward before Khan was suddenly at punching range, dashing forward and cracking a fist into her chin to send her stumbling back in surprise. The mongolian had not moved nearly that fast in his previous matches, but his opponent shook her head and fired back with palm strikes and low kicks as she circled and retreated to clear her head. The two began trading blows, for every three or four times Holly's hands and feet struck Khan, one of his own powerful punches would connect with much more obvious effect. Realizing she could not keep up such an exchange rate of damage, Holly darted in and got her arms around Khan's waist, circling behind him to wrestle him to the mat, believing her grappling technique could overcome the large striker's brute force. However, Khan held his ground, gripping Holly's forearms firmly before stamping down on one of her feet. The hawaiian beauty cried out once, then began to let out a long groan as her arms were slowly forced open and overpowered by her foe. Khan released her arms as he shot an elbow back into her gut, forcing Holly to bend down just as a backfist cracked up into her face. Sliding a leg back to intersect his opponent's, the mongolian yanked forward on the increasingly-fraying curls of Holly's hair, tripping and flipping her forward onto her back.

Rolling over to get back up with her teeth bared, Holly brought up her guard and moved in, prepared to weather more of her opponent's punches. Khan feinted a left hook before slamming a kick straight into the top of his opponent's thigh, causing the hawaiian to cry out from the unexpected pain. Her hand dropped involuntarily to cup her leg, leaving her open to take a brutal and deep gut punch. Doubling over with some drool spilling over her lip, Holly desperately wrapped her arms forward around Khan's waist, as she felt his own arms do the same from above. Gripping her toes against the mat, Holly once again wrestled with her opponent, this time at a clear disadvantage that had her fighting to simply hold her ground. After a few moments, Khan ended her resistance with a pair of heavy knees straight up into her chest, feeling her hands come loose before lifting and hurling her entire body up and over his shoulder. The hawaiian beauty let out a short howl as she flipped once in the air, and then a winded grunt as she crashed heavily onto the mat behind her opponent.

Thudding footsteps grew closer as Holly lay on her back, glistening with sweat and struggling to lift her head off the mat. She raised her feet and curled her legs, throwing ground-based defensive kicks at Khan to buy herself some time, but the mongolian warrior stepped in past one of her kicks and speared his hand down to grab hold of Holly's throat. Hearing her own neck muscles crackling in her ears from the vicious choke, the hawaiian fighter grabbed hold of Khan's wrist and forearm before swinging her legs up and wrapping them around his arm. Hooking a foot behind Khan's head as she locked her other ankle under her knee, Holly's eyes flashed hungrily as she caught the mongolian in a fully-applied grappling maneuver. She prepared to stretch and snap his captured limb, certain that she finally had him where she wanted him.

Holly's eyes quickly told a different tale as Khan snarled and lifted her entire body off the mat in a massive show of raw power. Before she could unweave herself from his arm, Holly was slammed straight down into the mat. Khan lifted and slammed Holly into the mat two more times before one of her legs came loose, flopping to one side while her other foot remained hooked behind Khan's head even as the rest of her body grew limp. Keeping a grip on his opponent's throat, Khan continued slamming Holly into the floor until she lay spreadeagled at his feet. Releasing her and stepping back, Khan watched to see if there was any life left in his softly-convulsing opponent. Holly moaned, shivering as she painfully rolled over onto her stomach.

"Please Hualani! You cannot win!"

"Let sleep take you, he is a monster!"

Despite both of her seconds pleading with her to stay down, Holly forced herself up to her knees, refusing to yield and let the darkness take her while she still drew breath. Unfortunately, Khan had been waiting to make an example out of such courage, digging a pair of brutal punch straight up into Holly's back as soon as she was on her feet. Gagging in pain, Holly threw a wild backfist as she span around to face him. Khan caught her forearm mid-way, holding it up as he slammed his other hand under her chin and began to crush her throat in his grip once again. Holly let out a choked and agonized scream as the sheer power of the attack forced her beautiful features to contort in a rictus of pain. Releasing her forearm to grab a handful of her grass skirt's waistline, Khan proceeded to reveal the unknown heights of his strength and lift Holly's body over his head and suspend her there. Holly's eyes grew wide with outright fear, weakly flailing her arms and legs as she was rendered helpless by Khan's dominating display.

"Spare her! Spare our sister!!"

"Mercy for Hualani, please!!"

The two hawaiian girls at ringside were on their feet, horrified at the sight of their warrior being held aloft like a toy. The american fighter realized something was wrong, standing up and shouting, "It's over! HIT THE GONG!!"

Satisfied enough to finish making his point, Khan proceeded to throw Holly down as he knelt forward and heard her let out a choked yelp. "AIH...GYAW!!" A horrible crunch echoed through the arena, followed by a finished and gurgling squawk from the beaten hawaiian fighter's throat. Holly lay over Khan's knee, her back broken and body still bouncing lightly from the force of her crippling landing while her face remained frozen in a gaping expression of torture. Holly's seconds both shrieked in horror as Khan pressed one palm onto the base of his opponent's throat, and the other onto her pelvis, before shoving both hands down to draw one more finishing snap out of the hawaiian girl's ruined spine. Holly's limp hands and feet flopped once against the mat as her limbs draped down chillingly. It was over.

Shoving his opponent's body forward, Khan held eye contact with the american fighter, ignoring Holly's body as she tumbled to the mat and came to a rest on her back. Her tongue flopped out of her still-gaping mouth as her lifeless eyes remained unevenly closed and visibly rolled up. The hawaiian beauty lay dead on the mat, and her seconds tearfully followed behind as her body was soon carried out of the arena.
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"Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the shootfighting finals. We have a surprise for you! An unscheduled exhibition match between two former shootfighting champions...Holly! And Buck! Enjoy the show!"

Grinning as she posed in the center of the cage, Holly threw aside her grass skirt and lei flower necklace with a short and alluring dance. Something in her had changed after she defeated enough opponents in the deadly shootfight circuit to be named a champion, and she felt little fear as she watched her larger opponent lumber into the cage to join her. Holly was a lithe and muscular hawaiian girl in revealing red briefs and a scant matching sports bra, while Buck was a massive and wide black man in simple black shorts and a matching t-shirt. Somewhere deep down, Holly knew part of the reason she had achieved her streak of kills was due to the simple fact that her opponents were all of a similar size or build to her own, but she simply regarded Buck as a thicker tree trunk to tear apart layer-by-layer.

After gripping and shaking one of the cage walls, Buck turned to face his opponent. Almost as though he finally noticed her slimmer build, he let out a deep chuckle before he began to approach. Holly locked eyes with him, smiling back before leaping in to meet him with a hard knee bomb to the center of his wide chest. Halted but holding firm, Buck reached forward and grabbed Holly's shoulders, but quickly winced as her hands clapped hard against both of his ears. Holly snapped a headbutt into his nose for good measure before getting shoved down to the mat, scrambling back to her feet as Buck stumbled back and rubbed his face. Stalking towards him, Holly leapt and slammed a side kick into his jaw, followed by a pair of alternating open-hand strikes to his face. As she threw an overhand blow, Buck leaned in to take the hit on his shoulder, simultaneously scooping Holly up into the air. In one long arc, Buck swung his opponent overhead and into a standing bodyslam, drawing a winded grunt out of the hawaiian girl as she flattened out on the mat at his feet.

Holly only made it to her hands and knees before Buck took hold of a handful of her hair and the back of her briefs, and then threw her into the nearest cage wall like a human beanbag. The hawaiian girl bounced off the metal barrier with a loud clang, bouncing to a rest on the mat and slowly rolling to one side with a long moan. As Buck marched towards her and reached down again, Holly lifted both of her feet and slammed them into his chest. As Buck stumbled back, Holly rolled forward and leapt into the air before driving an elbow down into one of her opponent's clavicles with a shrill roar. Buck let out a roar of his own, this time in pain, before Holly clambered onto his chest like a monkey to begin pounding her elbow down into the same spot three more times. The larger fighter managed to shove her off of him with sheer brute force, but Holly landed nimbly on her feet, backing up a few steps as she panted with an intense look on her face.

After a moment of catching their breaths and squaring up, both fighters headed for the center of the ring. Holly shot her fingers towards Buck's throat, but the larger fighter caught her arm and twisted it to turn her away from him. Buck rammed a meaty fist into Holly's back and ribs twice, visibly punching a lot of her strength right out of the hawaiian girl with each blow, before pulling her into a full nelson hold. Kicking her legs out as she was lifted off the mat, Holly cried out as her shoulder blades began to grind together inside of her. Desperately, she swung a foot down and managed to drive a heel into the front of one of her opponent's kneecaps, stunning Buck long enough for her to squirm free and slip around behind him. Holly leapt onto Buck's back, dropping two elbows into his shoulder before a pair of hands clapped around her skull and hurled her forward into a long arcing fall.

Hitting the mat with a thud and laying prone for a few moments, Holly was slow to stand as her body was failing to keep up with her will to fight. Every solid hit from Buck felt as strong as ten of her own, a fact that proved itself as she took a brutal body shot as soon as she made it back to her feet. Holly doubled over with a loud grunt, spitting out some saliva as the breath was punched out of her body. Buck moved in on his stunned opponent, wrapping his arms under her own to lift her into a mighty bearhug. Letting out a long cry as Buck's full strength finally exerted on her body at length, Holly writhed as he crushed her torso within his arms. She threw two hard chops against his neck as her legs kicked aimlessly beneath her, before he responded with a brutal squeeze that broke several of her ribs with a series of snaps and cracks. Shrieking in pain, Holly threw a desperate headbutt that stunned Buck and set her free, though she merely crumpled to the mat in a heap as she clutched her ailing chest.

Once Buck shook off the headbutt, he saw his opponent struggling to return to her feet. Holly's breaths had grown raspy, but she met her larger foe with a left-right combination of open palm strikes to either side of his head. Taking the blows with a gritted jaw, Buck knew he was about to finish things and grinned through the pain before swinging his arms forward and grabbing hold of his opponent's head. Holly tried to wrestle with him but her strength was fading fast, leaving her helpless and struggling as he swung her around by her skull until her back slammed into one of the cage walls. Shifting his hands to clasp firmly around her throat, Buck proceeded to lift Holly up into the air, keeping her pinned against the cage. Holly's feet gripped the chain links of the cage as she pried and pounded at Buck's wrist, croaking out choked noises even as her foe released one of his hands to slowly rear it back. It began to dawn on the strangled hawaiian fighter that she was pinned, prone, and at Buck's mercy, and her eyes began to fill with dread before he plunged his hand into her chest with monstrous force.

"GAWWH!!" Holly's eyes bugged out as her face twisted in agony. Buck had aimed at her broken ribs, and his hand pierced straight into her body with the sound of meat being ripped open. Holly's toes spread and fingers curled as her body went into manic spasms, feeling Buck's hand close into a fist inside of her chest. With a single grunt, Buck yanked his hand back out of Holly's body, taking a messy chunk of her heart out with it. "GLUUUH!! UGHUH!! A-AWGA..." Blood began to pour over Holly's lower lip as she reached pathetically for the ragged piece of her that had been torn out, spasming further as crimson spattered on the mat beneath her. Lowering his dying opponent down to eye level as her arms fell to her sides and eyes began rolling up, Buck opened his hand and let her violently crumple to her knees before she pitched forward and loudly slapped against the bloody mat. The former shootfighting champion now lay dead at the feet of one of her peers, facedown in a growing pool of blood from the messy hole he had punched into her body.


The invite to Tong Po's tournament was supposed to be a step up in the world of underground single combat, but Holly Brockler was already regretting the fact that she had won her match on the opening day. After a welcoming feast and a brutal victory to her name, everything turned on its head for the hawaiian fighter as the host of the event suddenly declared that all remaining matches would be to the death. Frozen slightly with shock as she sat in the outdoor arena, Holly saw a number of fellow competitors stand and take the offer to leave. Just as she prepared to get up to join them on their way out, Holly's face went pale as she saw them all gunned down in the arena doorway. Slowly she sat back down, realizing that she was now going to either take a life, or lose hers for Tong Po's entertainment. Two matches went by as she watched a pair of fighters suffer fatal consequences on the mat before her.

"Thomas! Holly! Center of the ring!"

Controlling her breaths as she stood up and stepped forward, Holly could not hide that she was not entirely ready to do battle to the death. The toned and fit hawaiian fighter wore an orange top and trunks ensemble, with her curly tresses flowing freely over her shoulders. She had wanted to really put on a show in the second round after her opening victory, but any flashy smiles were wiped from her face as things had taken a very dark turn. Her opponent, Thomas, maintained the confident look he had throughout the tournament. The moustached fighter's loose blue gi jacket and pants still had a bloodstain on them from his brutal dispatch of another female fighter in the opening round, and he appeared to be anything but shaken by the call for matches to the death.

Clearly cautious as she circled and inched forward, Holly threw a few short jabs and palm strikes that were easily parried and dodged. Feinting high, she quickly span around and landed a back elbow strike that sent Thomas stumbling back. Faltering for a moment to find her nerves, Holly began to rush in to follow up, but her grinning opponent cut her off with a turning high kick that clapped against her jaw. Quickly retreating as she cupped her mouth, Holly saw that Thomas was in no rush to pursue, casually rubbing his chin as he walked forward. Ducking as she stepped in, Holly lifted a knee into Thomas’s chest, grabbing him for a clinch as she prepared to strike again. However, he caught her leg mid-swing, and slammed his palm into her stomach and chin before shoving her back. Holly hit the mat on her back, sitting up and scuttling away until she reached the edge of the mat.

While they may have been evenly matched, Thomas was clearly much more comfortable with the current circumstances than Holly, keeping his cool as she circled towards him nervously. With a loud cry, Holly leapt forward with an overhead elbow smash, only catching Thomas on the shoulder as he leaned to one side. Not watching her distance, Holly went for a follow-up elbow with her other arm, which Thomas countered by punching her in the bicep to cut off the attack. Wincing, Holly then realized he had a firm hold on her other arm, and looked lost before her opponent began beating her across the face with two hard forearms. Stunned, she was helpless as he then drove his shoulder into her face twice, pulling her arm in each time to increase the impact to her skull. Finally, he released her arm, only to use the same hard to shoot a hard punch across her jaw. Holly span around, spitting out some saliva before spiraling onto the mat.

Moaning as she crawled to her hands and knees, Holly was completely dazed from the beating her brain had just taken. Thomas was no longer patient, watching his opponent on the mat before reaching down himself to yank her up by one shoulder. Holly went up to one knee, her bare feet finding an unsteady grip on the mat as she was pushed to a standing position. With a dazed expression still on her face, a look of fear also crept through Holly’s eyes. Everything was spinning, and she knew she was unlikely to win. But she also knew what that meant. And before she could think of a plan, her opponent ended whatever hope she had left. Thomas smashed a backfist across Holly’s jaw, spinning her around on her feet with an audible crack of bone, before delivering a leaping roundhouse that once again twirled her body into a downward spiral that ended with her landing face-down on the canvas.

Thomas sat down on Holly’s back, casually pulling her limp arms up and over his thighs before spearing two knife-edge chops into her shoulder-blades. “AURGH!!” Holly’s head jerked up as the pain brought her straight back into consciousness, before she felt her opponent wrench both of her arms inwards to dislocate them from their sockets. “GAWWHUH!!” Holly’s bare feet beat against the mat as she began to shake her head, while Thomas began to grip two handfuls of her scalp. And then, he slammed her face into the mat twice, stunning her long enough to make a show out of three more brutal thuds as he continued to beat her face into a growing smear of blood on the canvas. Holly’s arms slumped back onto the mat in a wide sprawl as the last of her strength was beaten out of her, leaving the hawaiian fighter once again nearly unconscious beneath her opponent.

Holly felt her body being rolled onto its back as Tong Po’s voice suddenly called out something that made her heart pound faster in the fog of her mind.


Thomas strode over Holly’s legs, taking a moment to stomp one of her thighs with a meaty crunch, causing her to let out a short cry of pain as she half-consciously jerked and writhed at his feet. He kicked one of her arms so that she would lay with both of them outward and wide, and then knelt down on her chest. One of his hands grabbed her throat, pushing fingers in to grip the spinal column within her throat, while the other pressed harshly on her jaw. Holly gurgled, arching her back as her legs slide along the mat in a pathetic attempt to escape. “UGKL…KUL…” Her body began to shake as she choked bloody saliva over her lower lip, before Thomas brutally twisted his hands in two different directions, dislocating and crushing her neck with an awful snap. “GLAW!!” Holly flopped out beneath him, twitching once before laying still on her back in a twisted sprawl with her tongue jutting out. Thomas stood, taking a moment to mockingly bow at Holly’s dead body, before stepping on her bare belly as he walked over her to leave the ring. Two ring attendants grabbed Holly’s wrists, dragging her defeated corpse off the mat and dumping her next to the other losers on the side of the ring.


"Holly Brockler versus...The Beast!"

Heading through the entrance tunnel and out into the arena of Duvalier's Kumite tournament, Holly leapt up onto the fighting platform and bounced on her bare feet as she waved to the cheering crowd. The hawaiian warrior had put in several grueling matches to make it to the semi-finals of the tournament, and even better, a lot of the audience had come to love watching her go to work on her opponents. With long curly locks of dark hair glistening under the lights, Holly's fight attire was a shiny orange sports bra and tight red briefs, making her popular for both her fighting prowess and also her attractive look in the ring.

Stepping heavily onto the mat with booted feet and a military attire of dark shorts and a grey tank top, the gigantic fighter known as the Beast looked entirely unimpressed as he glared down at her. Holly felt a pang of fear in the back of her mind as she saw him up close, but she tried to play it off and proceeded to assume a broad-shouldered pose to taunt and mock him, garnering some laughter from the crowd. Both the Beast and his employer, the tournament's own organizer who watched from above, were not laughing whatsoever. Holly had no idea that her opponent had been sent to the ring with explicit orders to make an example out of her for taking so much of the event's spotlight, when she was not even relevant to its true purpose.

And so when Holly still had a grin on her face as the Beast marched towards her, he countered the incoming high kick by both shrugging it off and scooping Holly straight off the mat, holding her horizontally against his chest. The hawaiian girl yelped in surprise, beating fists against her opponent's back as her legs kicked aimlessly. The Beast carried her in a short circle before turning and slamming her into the mat with a loud thud, hard enough to force her body to bounce and flip over onto her stomach as the crowd let out a collectively shocked noise.

Holly was stunned, pushing her face up from the canvas and shaking her head, before realizing her opponent was looming over her. The hawaiian fighter sprang up to her feet with an uppercut that cracked against the Beast's jaw, knocking him back two steps. Holly darted in and around her opponent, dodging his massive arm as it swang towards her and unloading two punches into his back. She dipped under a retaliatory backfist, throwing a hard knee into the Beast's body before cracking her foot against his jaw with a high kick. The Beast stumbled, then fired back with a fast overhand blow that clubbed into Holly's forehead and sent her flying back from the sheer force. She skidded to a stop on her back, several feet away, and groaned as she began to get up.

Seeing her massive opponent still lightly stunned, Holly ran forward and threw her weight behind a flying knee towards his upper body. The Beast grunted as the impact smashed into him and drove him back, but Holly began to cry out as she realized he had grabbed hold of her leg and waist to take her with him. "Ah-AAIEH!!" Held aloft by her frightening foe, Holly shrieked before the Beast drove her back and shoulders down into the mat in a messy powerbomb. Dazed and laid out on her back, the hawaiian girl had no time to recover as her opponent grabbed hold of her cheek and her jaw, forcing her to stand back up. She fought back valiantly, punching at the Beast and turning to roll away, but he yanked her back in with her back pressed against his chest and one of his arms around her neck. Holly threw blind elbows behind her, and then drove her shoulder into her captor's pecs, but the Beast simply slammed a headbutt into the back of her skull that sent her stumbling forward. Clutching her head and barely staying on her feet, Holly never saw the Beast come up behind her with a double-axehandle blow, smashing his fists down into her back and sprawling her onto the mat at his feet.

Finding herself unable to get up as quickly as before, Holly began to realize with some dread that the Beast hit hard enough to take her from nimble-footed to writhing on the floor in a handful of solid strikes. Almost to confirm her fears, the massive fighter stepped forward to stand over her struggling body, before dropping a single punch into the small of her back that made her bend up from the mat before flopping back onto it. "GAUWH!!" Her cry of pain came with a soft crack of muscle against bone, and as she crawled to her hands and knees, she suddenly cupped her back as a wave of agony flared within it. "Aaaauugh god!...auh...UNGH!!" The Beast's booted foot punted up into her face, flipping her over onto her back before she tumbled to a rest on her side, still writhing and unable to find her footing. Her opponent wasted no time grabbing hold of her skull with both hands and physically lifting her right up to her feet, holding her stunned form in place as he reared back a fist and then swung it right in between her breasts like a battle axe. "OUGUH!!" Holly's chest let out a meaty crunch before she began to double over, but her opponent pulled her head to set her upright once again before delivering the same crushing attack, this time caving her her solar plexus. "GOUH!!" Spitting out a gob of saliva, Holly folded on the spot and fell to her knees.

The Beast was no longer giving her any respite, firmly gripping the back of her neck as he pulled her up to stand before him. Then, he slowly and powerfully shot three monstrous punches across her face, each one sounding like a steak being struck by a sledgehammer. Holly's head snapped to one side with each blow, her arms flopping and flapping at her sides as she was beaten to a pulp on rubbery legs and stumbling feet. A fourth punch visibly whiplashed her neck as a wet crunch came out of her cheekbone, before she crumpled to her hands and knees. The Beast finally released the back of her neck, but only after throwing a knee strike into her skull that almost flipped Holly over on the spot as the crowd grew more confused and restless. The hawaiian fan-favorite was quickly losing her support as they watched this semi-finalist combatant get torn to pieces in front of them.

Whimpering softly in a daze, Holly was hauled up by one arm, and then let out a long howl as the Beast proceeded to lock her bicep under his own and crush it with a brutal squeeze to snap her back to her senses. "GAAAIIEEAAAAGH!!" Holly's face was a mask of fear and agony as her bicep crunched and crackled, crushed by her opponent in a show of strength. The suffering smaller fighter fell slowly to her knees as she was released, toppling backwards and clutching at her arm. The Beast stood over her, glancing to his employer, before harshly grabbing her wrist and pulling her injured arm back up. "AUU- GAWWD!!" Holly began to raise a hand to try and free herself, but the Beast proceeded to twist the entire limb in one vicious motion, breaking her wrist before letting her go. "NAWWWGH!!...AUGH..." Holly lay wailing on the mat, rolling weakly from side to side as she held her mangled arm close.

Ignoring his fallen opponent as she waved a hand in submission, the Beast moved in for one final show of dominance, grabbing hold of Holly's throat in one hand and the waistline of her briefs in the other. With a deep grunt, the massive fighter proceeded to lift his opponent right off the mat before military-pressing her overhead. "AAUUGH!! NO!!" Holly's terrified screams preceded a roar from the audience as they fully turned on her, wanting to see the disappointing hawaiian fighter get finished off. Her bare feet kicked wildly behind her as she shook her head, struggling to get free and gripped in fear. The Beast carried his pleading opponent to the edge of the ring closest to his employer, waiting for a signal of what to do next before turning back around and hurling her body forward. Holly let out a shrill cry as she flew in a long arc before crashing into the mat and tumbling to a rest across the ring.

Writhing on the mat, she could not fight back as her opponent walked across the ring towards her and roughly pulled her up from the canvas and into a front facelock. Pushing Holly's limp injured arm over his head, the Beast grabbed hold of the side of her briefs and proceeded to lift her into a delayed vertical suplex. Moaning while the blood rushed to her head, Holly felt helpless and paralyzed with her feet pointed straight up at the ceiling. When she was finally slammed into the mat once again, the hawaiian girl let out a winded grunt. A brutal elbowdrop quickly speared into her chest with a crack of broken bone from her body and a spray of saliva from her mouth. Holly flopped out on her back with a crushed squeak, barely able to breathe and wishing she had never stepped onto the mat that day. As she weakly lifted her head up, her face was met with a leaping stomp that sent a spasm through her splayed-out body. She was completely destroyed.

Above the ring, the Beast's employer gave a quick and merciless signal. The massive fighter nodded and knelt down next to Holly's motionless body. He firmly gripped her jaw in one hand and her skull in the other, and then performed a fatal sideways wrench that nearly turned her head 180 degrees. "HUKK!!" Holly's eyes snapped open and rolled up as her throat coiled and neck snapped, sending one last spasm through her spreadeagled form. Her brutally-twisted head bounced to a rest on the mat, as curly locks of her long dark hair plastered over her sweaty face and shoulders, partly hiding just how violently she had been finished off. The Beast saluted his employer and left the ring, leaving the hawaiian girl's body lifeless on the mat behind him.


Ryonani Teamster
Jul 30, 2010
Dig how The Beast was the clear winner from like, the middle of the story and he just kept inflicting punishment until his boss was satisfied

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