[PC] Viking's Daughter - 3D Open World Game 14/3


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Aug 2, 2017
Viking's Daughter v0.15.0 Backer
Free Public Build - v0.12.0

Hey everyone,

We are working on a 3D adult RPG named Viking's Daughter. It has interactive NSFW scenes, so you cannot only watch them, but do things like spank, grope, change camera views and so on.

Game Story
You, a smith's son visiting a village to deliver weapons meet the chief's beautiful daughter.
Explore the land, become a renowned warrior and find plenty of women to take to your bed along the way!

What is the difference between the baker build and the public build?
The public build will lack game add-ons like quest helper and third-person view during the NSFW scenes. Even if you are playing the game without add-ons, you will be able to fully enjoy it.

Animations (They were improved in the game!)

Slave Market

Vikings owned slaves and it's a good opportunity for us to add different type of characters in the game. The slaves were captured during Viking raids and they are desperate for a new owner. You can buy them from the market and own multiple slaves. Currently we have:

  • Rose, submissive, origin Ireland, age 20
  • Nicole, origin North Africa, age 23
(We may also consider adding male slaves, futa slaves and more BDSM related scenes)

Here is a small video: Click here for a better quality.


It's a first person game, but you can also switch to third person view during the NSFW scenes. We were working on combat mechanics and there are animals in the forest that will attack you. We have also added more content similar to the Norse mythology once you die. The characters are mainly humans, but we also have an elf and we might be adding more creatures from the Viking mythology.


Visit our Patreon Page!
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Apr 16, 2012
Thank you for updating your game.:smile:
I've looked at this thread, and most of the posts are announcements of updates. Once a new update is made, the older update posts have no value to our members. :frown:
I've deleted a bunch of the older update posts. When you post a NEW update, please delete any older update notices. Doing so will allow our members to quickly get the latest news and links without needing to scroll through old posts.
If someone posts a question and you post a reply, I would not delete those posts.
Very respectfully,
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Aug 2, 2017

I will make sure to delete the old posts when we are doing a new release!

Thanks for letting me know.


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Apr 17, 2018
Hit a bug where a wolf was attacking me and it pushed me through the bottom of the map, now I'm falling endlessly! Can't go any further unless I start a new game. Having a respawn point set upon loading a game would be wonderful. (I used the public build)


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Aug 2, 2017
Hit a bug where a wolf was attacking me and it pushed me through the bottom of the map, now I'm falling endlessly! Can't go any further unless I start a new game. Having a respawn point set upon loading a game would be wonderful. (I used the public build)
I think we fixed that bug in the latest public release, check the post below to download it.


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Aug 2, 2017
Hi guys,

The backer build is currently available on our Patreon page.

Preview the NSFW scene (Video)

NSFW & Animations
  • New blowjob scene with the slave Rose (video above).
  • Added more female and male SFW animations.
  • New character named Harald, who arrives on day 5 with his ship to help the village.
  • New character named Agatha (still in development, can be seen in-game on the village dock)
  • New character named Bjorn (still in development, can be seen in-game on the docks)
AI Changes
  • We have spent a lot of time to fully rework the characters AI, making it very easy for future development and extending their behavior.
  • Local avoidance - characters will avoid other characters while moving, instead of bumping into one another.
  • Changed the behavior of Hilde during the hide and seek quest, she is crouching while hiding and will stand up, once she realizes you’ve found her.
  • Added “Go to Location AI” to Hilde during the springs quest and the same one was reused for Harald during the fish hunting quest.
Combat & Weapons
  • New weapon - spear with 5 animations.
  • We decided to change that and allow you to cancel any animation after the initial charging (it's around 0.5 seconds to avoid spamming) and play an animation from a similar angle. It means that you can start an attack from top right and cancel it to play a top left attack or a block. You are not able to start a top right attack and finish with a bottom right, because it's not possible to change that big angle.
  • We have also changed the player's bleeding system and you will see blood on the screen depending on how much damage you've taken.
  • Added block animations to the sword & spear. Here are the stats for the sword block:
80% damage reduction of attacks coming from animals
60% damage reduction of attack coming from one handed weapons
35% damage reduction of attacks coming from two handed weapons
85% damage reduction of attacks coming from ranged weapons
  • Something we are experimenting with: Before we used to render the arms and weapons on a second camera on top of every object in the world, this avoids arms clipping through walls when you are too close. The problem was that the collision was not as accurate as we wanted and the arms weren’t with realistic size. We have changed this and now we have accurate hit detection and realistic scale, but the weapons can clip through walls if you get too close. We are going to see if we can find a solution for that.
  • New map, displaying the currently tracked quest.
  • New main menu and pause UI
  • New dialogue UI.
  • Crosshair changed.
  • New fishing quest with 2 tasks.
  • You are able to track a quest on the map, by pressing “J” and the search icon. If you only have one quest active, it will automatically be tracked and its quest helper will appear on the map, but if you have more than one active quests, you will need to choose which one you want to see on the map (it will automatically pick up the first on the list)
  • 5000+ words of dialogues added on day 4 and day 5.
  • NSFW dialogue during Dalla’s NSFW scene
  • Characters are disabled when you are more than 200m away from them to increase the performance, then when you get close their AI is resumed.
  • Increased the water level.
  • Extended the beach texture and added rocks on the beach.
  • Added rats roaming around the village and docks.
  • Added fish.


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Feb 4, 2018
Hey, just got the public build and I must say I like the idea behind this. Before I back the patreon though I want to know how far this game goes? I could only get to day 4 and bedded with Hilde then the game stopped giving me dialogue and was just playing the NSFW scene til I closed out the game. I love the history and really appreciate the feel of this game. How far does the backing version go? Is there an open world version of this game?
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