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Discussion in 'Dialogue' started by tonyh5144, Feb 21, 2012.

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    I don't think you should have taken that shortcut home. You got halfway down the dark alley - then something reached out from the blackness and clapped a mask over your face. You smelt something sweet and pungent, then blacked out. When you wake, you find yourself in an old factory, naked, with a very menacing girl right in front of you!

    This vampire has found a way of getting life-force that doesn't involve drinking blood. So you might get away without being bitten - if you please her. Don't make her wait for your cum... unless you want your blood drunk...
    She seems to have something of a liking for pain - so you may find that what would get you sworn at by a normal girl will turn her on!

    Suggested charcode (you naked, she pale-skinned and with something blood-red on her lips which I hope is lipstick):
    I like the Erza Scarlet hair (http://sdtstuff.co.cc/viewHair/1144/) with this dialogue.

    There's not much to put in a technical note, except the БББ which make SDT pause for a short time. (SDT knows it should be printing something, so it pauses; but it doesn't have a Б character, so it doesn't print anything.)

    Full text:


    intro:"Don't be afraid... since we've just met, I'll content myself with your cum! Perhaps you'll give me some blood later..."
    intro:"I'm a vampire, but I don't need your blood - your cum will do nicely. Behave yourself and I might even allow you to enjoy it..."
    intro:"Hello, human... I want your cum or your blood. I'll let you choose which one I take - if you're good..."
    intro:"Ah, you're awake at last! Give me lots of cum and you'll escape unhurt... БББББ[HAPPY_MOOD]БББББwell, fairly unhurt!"
    intro:"Right, human, here's what happens. I'm gonna milk you of your cum, twice at least. If you object, I'll start drinking your blood!"
    intro:"Good, you're awake... I want cum or blood from you. So fuck my mouth, or I'll drink your blood then get your cum myself!"
    general:"[ANGRY_MOOD]Oh, don't be silly... making the sign of the cross won't help you. No, my boy, [NORMAL_MOOD]you just feed me some cum and I might let you go!"
    general:"Don't worry, I'm not gonna make you a vampire... the last one I did it to was a woman called Stephanie, and it caused endless trouble!"
    general:"Can I get my friend to give you herpes? Then I could have cum and blood at the same time... ББББББББББББББББ[ANGRY_MOOD]ББББNo? Humans are such wimps!"
    general:"You've seen Twilight? We're much tougher than Edward and his friends. We'd have had the blood out of those wobbling werewolves in five minutes!"
    general:"You might have been eating garlic earlier, but I haven't fed in a week - a whiff of aïoli won't put me off!"
    general"I wonder if a girl's juices would have life-force in them? Give me your girlfriend for a day and we'll soon find out!"
    general:"You want me to let you go? Then GIVE ББББББББББББББББME ББББББББББББББББCUM - and I'll consider it!"
    resistanc:e:"That all ya got? C'mon, ream me out!"
    resistance:"Hurry it up... I'm getting hungry, and if I don't get cum I'll take some blood!"
    resistance:"You need to push it harder... us vampires are robust creatures! Read your Bram Stoker..."
    resistance:"Shall I bite down a bit? Not quite enough to damage you, but just enough to hurt!"
    resistance:"There's no better feeling than a sharp canine sliding down each side of your cock!"
    first_throat:"Mmm, do that again... if you're not having fun I won't get nearly so much cum!"
    first_throat:"Now deeper... I'll take more of you than any girl ever has before!"
    first_throat:"I bet a handsome man like you has a lot of girlfriends - but there isn't one who can give you as much pleasure as I can! Just trust me..."
    first_throat:"That's right... your cock wants to go down my throat. Your balls want to touch my lips. Even the blood in your cock wants to run down my throat, to keep me strong..."
    first_throat:"Mmmm, my throat's stretching! That's so good, human... give me more!"
    first_dt:"All the humans love putting it down my throat - they know most of their blood's gonna end up down there!"
    first_dt:"Yes... you want to go deeper and deeper inside me, into my warm throat, down into my stomach..."
    first_dt:"Now hammer your cock down my soft throat! See if you can make me wince..."
    first_dt:"C'mon, human, push it in harder! Enslave my throat for a while - then you'll know a little of the feeling I get from doing this..."
    pull_off:"[HAPPY_MOOD]Hahaha! I can see you twitching - you're desperate for it! Shall I stop for a few minutes? hee-hee!"
    pull_off:"[ANGRY_MOOD]Get that cock back in, or I'll give you our traditional punishment - [ARMS_HIS_LEGS]my hand round your balls and SQUISH..."
    pull_off:"[ANGRY_MOOD]Do you know how it feels to have the blood sucked out of your cock? Put it back in my mouth, or you'll find out!"
    pull_off:"I read that if you hit a man hard enough in the balls, he'll get blood in his cum... [ANGRY_MOOD]so fill my mouth again, or I'll try it out on you!"
    held:"[NORMAL_MOOD]Hey, it's OK - it takes burning to kill me. A few minutes on your cock won't do me any harm!"
    held:"[HAPPY_MOOD]Oh yeah, this is almost as good as someone drinking my blood! Make me dizzy, human!"
    held:"[NORMAL_MOOD]Shall I bite you in the balls? ББББББББ[HAPPY_MOOD]ББHahahaha, that look on your face... I love it! I'm gonna tease my men a lot more from now on!"
    held:"[HAPPY_MOOD]Mmmm, I'm getting to like that sensation! Go on, make me gasp for air again!"
    held:"[HAPPY_MOOD]Go on, human - don't stop there. See if you can make me faint. I warn you, though, if you do it too long I may wake up VERY hungry!"
    wake:"Hey! You better give me at least two cumloads to make up for that!"
    wake:"[NORMAL_MOOD]OK, Van Helsing... so you made me faint. But I can still drain you dry without any trouble!"
    wake:"[NORMAL_MOOD]Did you think I was out? I know exactly what you did while my eyes were closed... [ANGRY_MOOD]and later on, you'll pay for it!"
    wake:"[NORMAL_MOOD]Did you try to escape me? You can't... not till I let you go!"
    wake:"If you're trying to kill me, it won't work... you can suffocate me as long as you like, but when you let go I'll be back, even hungrier!"
    wake:"Ooh! You made me black out, human... and now I'm not just hungry, I'm ravenous! Give me lots of cum and be quick about it - or I'll start biting!"
    vigorous:"Yeah, make me sore... it turns me on!"
    vigorous:"I would say "make me bleed", but my own blood's no good to me. But if it makes you cum... make me bleed!"
    vigorous:"Think you're doing it well? My friend Mikelangelo does it twice as hard! See if you can beat him..."
    vigorous:"[ANGRY_MOOD]C'mon, gimme some cum... it's either that, or two little holes in your jugular!"
    vigorous:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]Yes, yes, yes, do it, you meaty human. Make me gag... make me hurt!"
    vigorous:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]At last a man who's worthy of me! If you can cum a couple more times I think I'll take you as my lover... but for now, make my throat bulge again!"
    pre_cum:"[HAPPY_MOOD]Now cum right into my throat... and dream of my mouth roaming over your body, making every square inch feel as good as your cock does now!"
    pre_cum:"Yes, that's right... put more and more of yourself inside me where it's safe. We both know the best place for your cum is my stomach... and not just for your cum!"
    pre_cum:"[HAPPY_MOOD]Oh yeah, now gush all your cum right down into my stomach. Give me all of you - oops, I mean all of it..."
    pre_cum:"If you let me I could make this ten times better... the feeling of cumming while I'm drinking your venous blood is the best in the world. You wanna try?"
    pre_cum:"Are you enjoying this, my big mortal stud? Get used to it - you taste so good, I'm going to keep milking you till you have no more cum left in you... and I might keep going after that just to see you twitching!"
    cum_on_face:"Do you like me with your cum on my face? [HAPPY_MOOD]You should see me with your blood there too..."
    cum_on_face:"Right, that's for your pleasure... now next time, put it in my mouth!"
    cum_on_face:"[ANGRY_MOOD]Watch it, human... if I don't get some cum in my mouth soon I shall start thinking about blood again!"
    cum_on_face:"[ANGRY_MOOD]Careful there... you know that "murder victim" they found last year? He wouldn't cum anywhere but my face..."
    cum_on_face:"[ANGRY_MOOD]Hey! If you're gonna do that, put some in my eyes and give me some enjoyment too!"
    cum_in_mouth:"You haven't felt this good in years - it's there in the taste of your life-force! Shall I do it again? How many times - four? six? ten? five a day for a fortnight?"
    cum_in_mouth:"[HAPPY_MOOD]Ummm! I can feel your life-force in that cum even without swallowing it..."
    cum_in_mouth:"Ahh! You want to let me really taste you, is that it? [HAPPY_MOOD]Such consideration deserves a reward[SWALLOW] - so I'll suck you off another three times when we've done the three I planned!"
    cum_in_mouth:"[HAPPY_MOOD]I'm glad you're a willing cum-cow... the last guy I jumped, I almost used more energy getting his cum than I got from drinking it![SWALLOW] "
    cum_in_mouth:"I wonder if I could drink your cum straight out of your prostate? I won't try - this is too much fun to pass up!"
    cum_in_throat:"[HAPPY_MOOD]YESSS! That's fantastic. Your life-force shooting straight down my throat to fuel my fires... you know we were meant to be together!"
    cum_in_throat:"[HAPPY_MOOD]That's just what I've been waiting for... a huge load right into my stomach. If you keep this up I won't need to bite you!"
    cum_in_throat:"[HAPPY_MOOD]Mmmm! Aren't you glad I chose you to milk? And there's more to come... I want at least one more load!"
    cum_in_throat:"[HAPPY_MOOD]Down you go... down into the darkness of my body, to nourish me and keep me horny. This is the true heaven - giving yourself to me, preserving both our souls..."
    cum_in_throat:"[HAPPY_MOOD]Oh yes, that's so good... the only way you could make me feel any better than this is to give me your blood. Don't you want to see the expression on my face as I drink the best drink in the world?"
    cum_in_eye:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]Oo-hoohoohoo! You're really making me horny. If you do that again I might start biting just from the excitement!"
    cum_in_eye:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]Ow! Yeah baby, I love that... but now [BLINK]you're going to have to give me another load to drink!"
    cum_in_eye:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]Owch! This is getting better by the minute... want to do that again? wanna pull my hair? pinch my nose? [HAPPY_MOOD][BLINK]or give me some love-bites??"
    cum_in_eye:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]Agh! Do you like making me wince? If you do I might take you home with me..."
    swallow:"[HAPPY_MOOD]Mmm - that's my breakfast taken care of! Now for lunch and dinner..."
    swallow:"Have you been drinking? It tastes like you have. You know, there's no better drink than alcohol-infused blood..."
    swallow:"[HAPPY_MOOD]Mmm, delicious! Would you like to give me some cum to take away with me? A pint or two should tide me over..."
    swallow:"You really should let me nip your cock a few times. [AHEGAO_MOOD]It makes deepthroat so hot... you wincing when I hit a tender spot, me slobbering all over your cock as I lick up the blood...[NORMAL_MOOD] "
    swallow:"[HAPPY_MOOD]There's nothing so good as a man's hot cum running down my throat to my stomach... unless it's a man's hot blood doing the same!"
    drool:"[ANGRY_MOOD]If you're not going to let me drink your cum, you know what else I'll be drinking soon!"
    drool:"How does that look - your cum coating my hard nipples? You're really arousing my passions, mortal... do you think you can give me another two or three cumshots? or would you like to give me some blood too?"
    drool:"Perhaps if I put some cum on my breasts, you'll be good for a couple more loads! You can rub it in if you want to..."
    drool:"[ANGRY_MOOD]Now listen, you - being bitten doesn't HAVE to be painful, but if I want to I can make it VERY painful! So let me swallow your cum next time!"
    restart:"[NORMAL_MOOD]Sure you don't want to try being bitten? It doesn't have to hurt... [HAPPY_MOOD]if you let me, I could make it feel sooooo good..."
    restart:"[NORMAL_MOOD]We could be so good together... me feasting on your body, you punishing me for it. Have you ever cropped a girl on her clit? [AHEGAO_MOOD]I love that. It makes me squeal so loud...[NORMAL_MOOD] "
    restart:"I don't only suck men off, you know. [HAPPY_MOOD]If you want, we can have such fun stuffing every one of our holes... ББББББББББББББББББББ[NORMAL_MOOD]but I don't do that for people who don't let me bite!"
    restart:"Have you got a girlfriend? Bring her along tomorrow and I'll teach her some tricks. In 80 years you pick up a lot!"
    restart:"[NORMAL_MOOD]Ooh, you're tempting me so much to bite you! Can't I persuade you? It's no different from a love-bite really.... we just do it a bit...ББББББББ harder..."
    restart:"[NORMAL_MOOD]Did you like that? I can make it even better... if I drink some of your venous blood, you get more oxygenated blood around your body - it gives you a rush, and you feel you could shoot your cum six feet!"
    restart:"[NORMAL_MOOD]Honest - having your blood drunk is the best feeling. Your head spinning, your heart pounding, your cock pulsing... [AHEGAO_MOOD]and seeing me in ecstasy and knowing it's all thanks to you!"

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    I hadn't checked this out yet, because "vampire" didn't sound very exciting. It was very nice though. :)
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    Fixed some minor grammatical issues...
    and one line had
    so fixed that to

    EDIT: Used my dialogue checker to fix more issues. Last version I fixed had 540 downloads.
    Issues fixed:
    Dialogue was checked in 13 ms.
    I found 3 issue(s) with your dialogue, of which 0 were severe, 1 were major issues, and 2 were minor issues.
    Syntax - Major: Double quotes were found on line 32, but the line didn't have a colon. Did you forget it, or is this a commentary line?
    Line 32: general"I wonder if a girl's juices would have life-force in them? Give me your girlfriend for a day and we'll soon find out!"

    Syntax - Minor: Excess characters (make me bleed", but my own blood's no good to me. But if it makes you cum... make me bleed!") after line attributes on line 64. This indicates a syntax error.
    Line 64: vigorous:"I would say "make me bleed", but my own blood's no good to me. But if it makes you cum... make me bleed!"

    Syntax - Minor: Excess characters (murder victim" they found last year? He wouldn't cum anywhere but my face...") after line attributes on line 77. This indicates a syntax error.
    Line 77: cum_on_face:"[ANGRY_MOOD]Careful there... you know that "murder victim" they found last year? He wouldn't cum anywhere but my face..."

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    shouldn't that be a succubus who drain life essence in such an entertaining way???:D
  5. cookiemonste

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    I like it very much, that's a very horny vampire.
  6. Bluey5

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    She doesn't seem so intimidating when she's coughing and crying...so I turn it off. Other than that, this is awesome!