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Apr 16, 2012
No reference images were provided; moved to Invalid requests.
I strongly suggest you look at the linked thread. It gives guidance on the type of images modders need to make SDT mods.

Reference Shot Guide

Please understand that I'm not saying all of this to be mean. Providing useful reference images will greatly increase chances of the request being filled.

Key points:

  • Side-view is essential: almost nothing can be done if the hair or costume is not shown exactly from the side (i.e. 90°)
  • Anime-style is essential: it means two or three colours (base, shadow, light reflection) with no or very simple gradients. Photographs, 3D game screenshots, digital "waterpainting" pictures, etc. have colour gradients very difficult to reproduce.
  • High resolution is essential: very pixelated refs makes drawing small parts quite difficult to reproduce (find PNG or JPG images, not BMP).
  • Upload your references on an offsite image hoster (e.g.Imgur) and put them in image tags. Specifics on how to host at Imgur are at the link in the reference shot guide.

Very respectfully,
fleet (global moderator)

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