Using AnimtoolsV28 ?


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Jul 20, 2020
I wish to thank this entire community for the fantastic works given on this forum
However, I'm having a damn lot of trouble to use some resources.
Animtoolsv28 is given with a setup guide, however some necessary steps cannot be performed because of the absence of some files in my case. I guess I've missed a few things, but:
- Where is the modsfolder.exe to set it? I only have a jar file in my loader, and I've never encountered any of these
- How can I add new positions to use in my loader screen? I thought that adding the files in the same folder as the first ones would be enough but nah

Thaks in advance


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Nov 3, 2018
you don't need that modsfolder.exe to set it, don't worry.
Here is a step by step installation guide (with picture)

Here is a step by step guide to load poses

Start the game, then open the loader tab (enter P, with your keyboard) and scroll with the small arrows (located on the bottom right of the picture) to find animtools and load poses with the high-litghted button (on the picture)
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