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Dec 2, 2018

Patreon page: Tom is creating 3D "indie-AAA" Adult Action-RPG | Patreon

Hi everyone! We are excited to show you our new project - Real Life Sunbay!
AAA Adult Action-RPG with detailed sex interactions!
We've been working like a dogs=) and finally here.

Sorry, due to Youtube adult content policies we can't show Uncut Uncensored Trailer of our game.
You can check out our Patreon page for adult version of in-game trailer.

From small to large we will create a beautiful game world with a lot of hot chicks with different body types and skin color! We have a huge plan on this project and we will add all types of sex, including bdsm and fetish stuff etc.

Mike gets kicked out of college. Keeping it secret from his parents, he goes to his relatives in Sunbay City to start over.

How this story goes it's up to you.
You can spend your time working as postman or courier to make enough money to start relationships with girls or grab the gun and try to take what you need from Sunbay City.

Or use some other dirty tricks to make the girls do whatever you need.

  • Explore the city and visit all the public places
  • Meet unique characters and make romantic relationships with them
  • Interactive sex scenes between player and NPC
  • Find hidden items and use them interacting with characters
  • Ride a bike, use a drone and play mini games

Many years working in a big companies I have always dreamed about to create the game without restrictions, with cool story (for example as Scarface movie has), with sex and relationships. From 3D generalist to art director I’ve collected a lot of knowledge to build the world where you can live another life. Where most of your sexual dreams come true. (within the law=)))

With strong dev-team and clear roadmap we're doing our best to bring this vision to life.

If you want to support the creation of the game we'll be happy to see you as a part of our community!
Thank you for your attention!


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Apr 16, 2012
Hello, and welcome to Undertow. :smile:
Thank you for complying with our site rules by posted a link back to Undertow on your Patreon page.
It would be nice if you provided a free demo version game to our members. :wink:
Very respectfully,
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