Uncle + Niece dialogue


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Nov 29, 2018
I hope I'm doing this right, first time posting to this site.

So I made a new character recently and I was trying to find a good dialogue for her. The scenario goes like this:
The uncle and niece live next door to each other, the uncle alone and the niece with her parents and brother. One day the niece walks to her uncle's house while he's playing games. The uncle has had a strong attraction to his niece but has always been to shy to ask her to fool around. When she interrupts his games he's not sure what to make of her just showing up and becomes nervous, but eager, when she starts making advancements on him. While they're getting into the act she remarks about noticing he's had his eyes on her for several years while he's glad this is finally happening.

Other key notes are...
1) Their birthdays are very close together but he's much older. She's turning 21 soon so it's just incest. His birthday is before hers so maybe make a reference to birthday gift? Idk, I'll let the writer decide.
2) She's built very small, especially for her age. I'll provide a charcode, if it's unnecessary I can remove it upon request. I just figured it would help build settings if a preview of the character was available.
3) The uncle's big sister is the mother of the niece. He's had his eyes on her too, but mostly his niece.
4) This scenario happens out of the blue. She just shows up unannounced and starts blowing him. He's excited and nervous as she takes charge. She's not demanding or submissive, she just wants to do him a favor and make him feel good.
5) They don't use any terms of endearment. It's either by name or uncle/niece, or uncle *YOU*.
6) I use a mod called anysizeher. I'm not sure where to find it now, sorta hard to keep track of many mods on this site. The mod allows me to make her smaller than defaults allow.
7) I also use more moods, if you can do anything with that.
8) Two more mods of note are sharpshooter and more cum spurts. More cum spurts for a longer climax and sharpshooter should've been a default feature imo. I'm not sure if those would have any affect on how the dialogue will play out. With other dialogues I've had many lines play during the climax, but I should have the sharpshooter settings fixed to where it won't interrupt any lines.
9) At some point I may ask for a mini-series, but for now I'm just seeing if this request will take off. Other ideas is where this becomes a regular thing and she visits more often, or she may get interested in other positions with her uncle.

I hope I was thorough with this request and provided enough info as to what I'm asking for. If more info is needed I will gladly supply it.



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Nov 29, 2018
No takers? This request got a like and a few views so I guess that means some people have an interest. I thought someone would have replied by now. Oh well, I'm patient so I can wait longer.

In the meantime, I've been editing the Loving Wife dialogue to get some entertainment from the character I created. Not done yet, but I got Part 1 finished if anyone is interested.

Even though I'm editing an existing dialogue it's still not what I was looking for. I'd rather have the scenario described in the op.
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