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Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 4-2 OL AI vs II MD 2.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Preliminaries Round Four Fight 2:

(*I had to do some weird pic chopping and alteration so it would be a small enough file to be posted on here as a pic. That's why the usual Death Battle letters are gone and there is extra white space.)

Brunettes vs Blondes Ozana Love 2-1 & Antonia Iacobescu 2-0 vs Iryna Ivanova 2-1 and Mandy D 0-2

“Guess whose back, back again,” the busty blonde sang to herself in the tune of the sexy rapper Slim Shady Eminem. “Mandy's back. Tell a friend!” Mandy strolled the streets near the Spanish airport awaiting a ride from a Foxy Corps android. The blonde Romanian who had trained under Antonia had worked with UFSO and the MFL to conquer serum air after smoking serum had made her sick before. Mandy was so excited to be back and to put it to her stupid friends Ozana and Sara. Mandy got chills. Ozana was just a bitch, telling Mandy to not text or call, and Sara had ignored Mandy's attempts to communicate. Sara was always too good, too strong, or too busy for Mandy, and Mandy was sick of it. She put a cream colored jacket over her shoulders. She wore a white crop top and jeans. She put on sunglasses and put her hair up into a ponytail.

Delia and her bot Robert arrived in a mini limo. Mandy was going to ride in fashion. She didn't see which android was driving the limo, and didn't care. Mandy had seen Robert on the App, and thought he was as hot as the UFSO employee she liked to rub up against named Bert. Mandy had been focused training though, and had all sorts of devious plans that Megan was interested in. Delia did not give Mandy a warm welcome as Mandy got in the limo. Delia looked good in a black tank top and skirt, but Mandy had the goods Robert liked. Mandy had big boobs and full control of serum air to go into her pores and puff out her chest more to bump the hot bearded bot with her tits as she got in the luxurious back seat. Mandy said, “Do you still not believe that I'll be on your side now, Delia?!”

“It's not so simple as to just have clear cut sides,” Delia said. “Antonia's one of my best friends. I can't say I've ever liked you. I don't care if you're loyal or coming back, I just don't like the idea that Megan is going to give you a chance to fight and take Antonia's spot in the tournament.”

“Well, Antonia's a traitor,” Mandy said. “I mean, so am I.” Mandy put her arms in the air behind her head, tempting Robert. The beginning of the ride was bumpy, so Mandy was happy to make her boobs jiggle more than necessary to keep Delia annoyed and the attention on her. Mandy giggled and acted like she was going to take her bra off under her top. Delia looked like a cat with her ears back, shoving a glass of champagne into Robert's hands. His sensors wouldn't allow him to be affected by alcohol, but all 3 people toasted and drank. Mandy wished that Megan had come along for this, but beggars couldn't be choosers. Mandy was happy to get another chance at EMCASA. She downed her champagne and said, “I'll do whatever Megan asks this time around for the rest of the EMCASA season. Her mind control collar and whatever is not my business. My business is proving I got better than my mentor and housing my friends!!”

“And apparently flirting with Robert,” Delia said. “I hope you lose.”

“I can feel my tits around Antonia's throat already,” Mandy said, putting the champagne glass underneath her shirt and bra to demonstrate. Robert thought she was going to break the glass, and reached under, fondling boobs to stop her. Delia was not happy to see Mandy's bra fall. She swooped it up, rolled down the window, and tossed it out. Mandy's dirty blonde hair and ponytail whipped around in the moment with the window near her down too. Mandy filled out that white top a little too well. She touched her thighs past the holes in her trashy jeans and batted her eyes at Robert, making small talk that he enjoyed too much for Delia's taste. Delia wanted to fight Mandy by the time they got back to the estate, but that wasn't going to happen.

With the reasoning for who could request matches now being officially posted on the EMCASA website, Alexis, Ashley, and Natasha were trying over and over again to schedule fights, but were getting rejected and blocked out of the App. Megan's motives were clear and going against what Uncle Justin wanted for fairness per round. Megan planned to tell everyone that Alexis, Ashley, Natasha didn't request fights, but they were bitching a lot about not getting in on the App to everyone all the time. Ashley was dumb and thought she'd ruined her phone. The footage could be edited, but Megan was worried if she should try and hide the deleted scenes from her uncle and the staffers, or explain that her methods and plans for the tournament were best and with the fans in mind. No one should want to see any of those three uglies fight again.

Megan and F6 walked down the marble staircase to the fighting cage in the basement. Delia, Robert, and Mandy were waiting down there. Mandy was playing with the thermostat to see how low it would go. Delia huddled up against Robert. The blonde in the ponytail, Mandy, pulled her jacket over her body to snuggle herself a few seconds. Then she looked at Delia and grinned. Mandy said, “It can get cold in here! Brr! But if you've got enough fat and energy on your body and can do serum air like me, it's not so cold.”

“I hope Megan beats the fuck out of you for messing with the temperature,” Delia said. Mandy pranced over to her bags and took off her jacket. She puffed out her chest, which was looking massive and enhanced. Mandy was busty, but seemed to be controlling her cup size at will. Her white tank top was stretched so thin now from the enhancement, her erect nipples were threatening to cut the cloth.

“Hug me, Robert, and feel how warm I am!” Mandy said. Robert looked to Delia who rolled her eyes, shook her head, and looked away.

“Perhaps I should see what she means about the serum air,” Robert said, approaching slowly. Mandy took off her top, tearing into the thin tank and ruining it before whipping it at Robert's erection. He was very aroused by what he saw. Mandy dropped the shirt and hugged him, pressing big warm bosoms into his perfect musculature. Robert looked away blushing as Mandy grabbed his hands and forced him to fondle her hooters.

“Put on some clothes, whore,” Delia groused, rooting around in Mandy's bag. Delia pulled out a thick white crop top. Her legs were cold in a skirt and Robert hadn't looked at her butt at all.

“Hot, right?!” Mandy asked, standing on her tiptoes and puffing up her rack. Robert nodded. He bent over to get Mandy's jacket and handed it to her. Mandy slung it over her shoulder and said, “When I beat Antonia, you and Delia can come join me for sex when I'm done humiliating my teacher.”

“No!” Delia said, throwing the top into Mandy's face. It rolled down her cleavage mounds, and Robert caught it with fast reflexes before it would hit the ground. Delia had heard Megan and F6 turn around to go get Megan a boa and warmer clothes. Delia glared at Mandy and Robert and said, “That won't happen. You won't win, and if you do, you better keep your hands off Robert or I will break your floozy neck! You can be into people, Robert, but not some witch gunning for my closest friend!”

“And I thought I was taking things personally,” Mandy said in a huff. She took the top from Robert, winked, and put it on. This top showed no cleavage as her last white top had, but this one showed Mandy's navel. Mandy didn't bother to waste anymore energy enlarging her assets or warming herself with serum air. She put the jacket back over her shoulders and said, “Robert. Do you like cleavage or underboob better?” Robert shrugged. Mandy pulled up on her top just slightly enough to get a reaction from Delia. Mandy laughed and said, “When I fight, my girls will get so big that you'll see them in this top. Underboob and more.” Robert's eyes opened wide.

“You're obnoxious,” Delia said. “Are you modifying yourself with experimental MFL serum?!”

“Maybe something like that,” Mandy said. They all heard Megan clomping down the steps in combat boots complaining that it was too cold. “Oh hi Megan!” Mandy called out, waving and smiling. Megan's eye twitched. She tried to fake a smile but couldn't. Mandy hugged Megan, which made the brunette celebrity ready to murder someone. Megan didn't like Mandy or her big bust. Mandy added, “Remember what I said about different temperatures and serum?! I was hoping to show you the proof of my training soon here.”

“I have the lie detection software running,” F6 said. “She's truthful.”

“Let's go out to the beach where most of the whore's are at and straighten some things out,” Megan said. “You really don't need the MFL special serum to be bigger, and you can control your cup size at will?” Mandy smiled and nodded. Megan sneered. She said, “I don't care about that anyway.” F6's body gave a jolt. Megan added, “Turn off that software until Mandy is beating Antonia and using mind control on her to reveal her loyalty or not!” The blond android nodded and obeyed. Everyone looked eager to get out of the cold basement, even the androids, and F6 didn't have any pain sensors on.

The hot Spanish sun and cool breeze was ideal for sunbathing and swimming outside. Most of the gorgeous models were out in it. Maria and Bianca F were busy inside watching tapes for Megan and trying to make sure their fighting skills were good enough. Mandy's chipper mood and expression turned sultry, subdued, and sour as she got outside. She liked being back, but she didn't feel good about her mission or all the negativity and resentment brimming inside. Sara saw Mandy first. Sara ran up and gave Mandy a hug. Mandy hadn't been expecting that. She clenched her fists. Sara's body had just dried off. She wore a purple bikini and had beads of sweat on her tan skin. Alexis, the tall lanky and clingy chick with the rainbow colored hair still hadn’t tanned much, and stared daggers at Mandy.

“You were allowed back?!” Sara asked.

“For now,” Megan said. “I have an announcement to make. F6 project my voice!”

“I'm going to take you down Sara, along with Ozana and Antonia!” Mandy shouted.

“SHUT UP!” Megan said to Mandy. Megan addressed everyone, “Mandy D which stands for Dumb or D lover or dick sucker has sworn her allegiance to me, the Fatal Five, and Foxy Corp. It's about time to see who really cares about saving people's lives and which of you posers are just whores in it for yourselves! You can fight and get stronger on Uncle Justin's serum, but I'm sick of PRETEND!! Mandy says she will prove that Antonia is a traitor! If she wins a fight in a cage now and does just that, Antonia is kicked out of the Fatal Five and the tournament!”

“That's not fair!” Ozana shouted. “Not like I care about Antonia.” Ozana folded her arms and pouted her luscious lips. She definitely cared. She wore a black swimsuit with high strap bottoms and a top that had a small circular cleavage window due to the straps coming together at the base of her neck. Ozana's top was very tight and her nipples could be seen. She'd been doing stretches on a towel and cushion near the house and a little garden. Mandy sized up Ozana and cracked her knuckles.

“I um,” Mandy said, “Megan, didn't you say I'd take Antonia's place if I win?!”

“I changed my mind,” Megan said. “You'll have to earn it with a second win, and I'll have to like what you do to your stupid teacher you so admire!”

“Mandy!” Sara said. “Don't do this!”

“Of course you're against this,” Mandy said. “It was ok with you that Antonia joined the Fatal Five to get stronger, but not me. She only pretended to be under mind control to get strong enough to be in contention to try and stop Megan!”

“I was in real hell for a long time and still have side effects from the collar being used on me too long!” Antonia said, walking up to the scene. There was sand on her butt from playing in the shaded sand and building a castle with Cora and Emily. Polina had already ruined that, playing around and falling on it like Godzilla. Polina clapped and giggled, excited for the new revelations. Mandy twitched. She still loved and admired Antonia, but also hated her. Mandy could feel Megan's energy. It was dark, sadistic, powerful, and alluring. Mandy felt like she could make it to the top fighting. She was in full control and could have what she wanted. Mandy had a headache. She deserved everything she wanted.

“F6 is running lie detection software we should've used to screen you bitches forever ago,” Megan said. “Antonia will fight Mandy now. Then Iryna vs Irina.”

“What about us?” The tall blonde babe Dajana asked. She had lost her first two fights just like the weathergirl with the boob job, Daniella.

“If Mandy gets another chance, and she was trash, I should get one too!” Daniella said. Megan rolled her eyes and pointed at Mandy. Megan snapped her fingers. Mandy guessed that she needed to show off her strength.

Mandy said, “I can do serum air now.” Mandy grimaced and pushed aura out from her body. It looked really dark. Normally it was the golden yellow of Antonia's bikini or colorless. The mini explosions knocked Daniella and Dajana off their feet and made them choke and cry.

“Ok, ok,” Daniella said. “We're not at that level yet still.”

“I'm close!” Dajana protested, trying to compete with Daniella to see who could cough less. Dajana got up faster too.

“Use your energy up to impress Megan now,” Antonia said. She winked and put a playful tap into Mandy's sideboob. “I'm glad your loss to me made you work hard and overcome your body's initial random failure to smoking serum! That was quick. Good for you.”

“Don't pull that,” Mandy began. “Don't compliment me! I came here to destroy you!!” Mandy reached into her jeans pocket and pulled out a syringe of special MFL serum. Mandy aimed it at Antonia's neck. The babe in the yellow bikini was quick and dodged. Ozana also came to the rescue and kicked Mandy right in the chest. Mandy's thick white top was about to be perfect for a wet t-shirt contest with her perspiring so much. Her adrenaline and emotions were high. Mandy took off her jacket, scowling at Ozana. Ozana kicked Mandy between the legs and tried to punch the syringe out of Mandy's hand by attacking her wrist. Mandy held on. Ozana kicked the blonde in the stomach. Mandy bent over with a wince and fell onto her ass. Ozana had good power even not on any serum.

“We're not staying for this,” Alexis said, pulling Sara inside. Sara looked reluctant. Sara's current lover and trainee, Alexis, continued to complain, “Our shopping date got moved to today! I swear! Megan is purposefully sabotaging my happiness! Every time I get a chance with you, there is some big event, and I'm not allowed to travel with you, and I'm unable to request a fight on the APP!”

“Ah, loser tears,” Megan said, smiling. “Catch them for me to drink, F6.”

“The actual liquid is very minimal,” F6 said. Alexis screamed and ran inside with her face beet red.

“I promised Alexis,” Sara said. “I want to see this fight, but I guess I'll just watch it later.”

Cora the dark haired tattooed nudist nodded and said, “Me and some others will film it too, because we all know the studio cuts too much and has a pro Megan angle.”

“It figures you'd bail and not support me, Sara!” Mandy said, stabbing the syringe into her own boob. “You're never there for anyone but yourself, Sara!” Sara frowned and shook her head. Her feelings had been slightly hurt, but only because she realized how she hadn't been responding to Mandy. Sara hadn't expected Mandy to progress so quickly and Sara had been very busy. It was sad to see a friend turn to the dark side, but also exciting to think about facing her and beating sense into her in the future. Sara walked off, nodding to Antonia. Mandy's body bulked up significantly, especially in the chest. Mandy's fleshy underboobs could be seen, and her natural breasts had expanded over double the cup size. Mandy winked to Robert and said, “Told ya so!”

“Ugh, gross,” Megan said. “You even injected yourself in the chest. Antonia, I think you are a traitor, but I almost want you to win.”

“Why don't you just use the lie detector now?” Emily asked.

Cora shushed her girlfriend in the green bikini with a finger and a kiss. Cora said, “That makes too much sense, and it's not enough drama. Lie detection software isn't always 100 percent right either.”

“Anything F6 does will be accurate!” Megan said. F6 shook his head. Megan added, “As long as there isn't serum air interference! Mandy is going to beat the energy out Antonia!” F6 nodded and shrugged.

“I won't stand for this,” Ozana said, stomping Mandy in the boob. The blonde got up and tackled her previous ally, careful not to break or show the other syringe padded in her jeans pocket. Mandy wanted to pound Ozana's surprised face, but made a jump for Antonia. Mandy pulled the syringe out, took off the stopper, and was sure she'd stab Antonia in the hip. Ozana had tripped and grabbed Mandy's leg. Antonia kicked at Mandy. Mandy swung her arm so the syringe wouldn't be kicked. Antonia's foot busted Mandy's lips open. Scarlet dropped onto Mandy's chest. Ozana punched up into Mandy's crotch and jumped back. Mandy's jugs jiggled and a little lactate could be seen up against the top.

“What kind of serum is that?” Antonia asked. “It looks like the MFL kind on steroids for sexual complications. You're leaking milk already!”

“It's not complications!” Mandy said. “You just wouldn't be any good fighting on it!” Ozana and Antonia squared off, ready to take on Mandy.

Out of nowhere, the blonde Romanian got help from the short busty blonde Russian with the beauty mark over her lip. Iryna, that very bimbo, grabbed Ozana from behind. Ozana took no mercy, elbowing Iryna in the face and drawing blood. Iryna wore a rainbow colored bikini. The cups on the top didn't connect; instead the straps wound around Iryna's torso looking extra and making possible nip slips even more probable. Iryna's big underboobs were already peeking out. Ozana spun around, shouting and cursing at Iryna. She clawed Iryna's face, and the two models went down into the sand wrestling. The only thing that stopped their scrum was Mandy plunging the serum syringe into Antonia's shoulder. Antonia blinked. Her eyes changed from green to blue to brown. Antonia shuddered. Her body bulked up instantly. Her breasts and ass got too large for her bikini.

“NOO!!” Antonia moaned with the body transformation. Succulent ass and tit flesh was too much for the cheap cloth. Antonia's bikini practically burst off her body, leaving her nude. She immediately hunched over from the extra weight of her now gargantuan knockers. Mandy flung the syringe carelessly behind her, where a lesser known android gathered it and the other used syringe up for recycling. Mandy bumped her boobs up under Antonia's rack, eager to titfight and dock breasts. The white cloth over Mandy's orbs kept rolling up, exposing her too. Antonia grabbed Mandy's ponytail and cracked skulls with her student. The stare down was intense. Antonia's eyes flashed red. It was weird. Antonia was definitely having more side effects than expected, even though Mandy had planned on Antonia having quite a few. Mandy had planned 100% chance of winning on this type of serum going into Antonia that she had zero experience with.

“Get OFF ME!” Ozana shouted, punching Iryna in the eye. The blonde was smashed into the sand with a black and bruised cheek and bloody lips. She barely defended herself, and didn't need to as Ozana went over to check on Antonia. Antonia shoved both Mandy and Ozana away with dark serum air randomly shooting off like firecrackers. Antonia grit her teeth and tried to control everything. Ozana stared at Iryna and said, “What's wrong with you, letting Mandy inject her with that?!”

“I was abreast of the plan,” Iryna said in her dull monotone. She stood up, dusted herself off, and continued, “In fact, I have betrayed my Russian MFL comrades. I have been giving Megan info about their personalities so they can be controlled. I want to save lives and be a part of something important. I knew about Mandy's plan from meeting with Megan and the Fatal Five and wanted to see how this new serum would affect Antonia. The odds are against her now.”

“Even more so when we fight in the refrigerator temp basement!” Mandy said.

“God, you're so stupid to say that out loud,” Megan said, flipping her boa puff off her shoulder with much contempt. Ozana punched Mandy right in the boob. Ozana had aimed for a chest punch, but Mandy's bimbofication had completed and her rounds orbs were a ridiculous size like Iryna's. Mandy grinned and grappled with Ozana. Antonia kicked Mandy in between the legs. Antonia, the now naked fighter, snatched Ozana's long onyx locks and slung Ozana into Iryna who was getting up. The blonde in the multicolored bikini squatted, and upended the brunette like she was cow tipping in Crimea farmland. Ozana tumbled into the air after being hit, feeling the sting of Iryna's shoulder and body. Ozana landed on her ass, getting reverberations of pain into her tailbone and spine. She scowled.

“YOU Gonna CUM already!?” Antonia asked, chest bumping Mandy. Antonia threw a punch that Mandy barely blocked, and settled for grabbing the blonde's ponytail. Antonia yanked the dark and golden hair, ripping the pink hairband, and sent blood flying onto Megan from the big right hook to Mandy's grill. Antonia grabbed Mandy by the crotch, pinching, and trying to arouse the gasping thot. Antonia plowed her shoulder into Mandy's gut. The winless fighter, Mandy, crashed into the side of the house, but was fine with that. She wanted to drag Antonia inside anyway.

At an alarming speed, Antonia, stripped Mandy down to daisy dukes, attacking and clawing Mandy's legs. Antonia even plunged a long finger deep into Mandy's ass. Mandy stifled a shrill orgasmic yelp, feeling the front of her panties get as damp as the rest of her body. Mandy and Antonia were drenched in sweat, feverish in temperatures, and sporting huge tits that were constantly in the way, touching, squishing, reforming, puffing out, etc. Antonia brought her arms up, putting a tear in Mandy's white top sitting rolled at her collar. The busty babes grappled. Antonia headbutted Mandy in the face. The blonde's hair went into her wounds with it no longer up in a tie. Mandy inched towards the door and got kneed in the crotch. No longer holding hands, Antonia belted Mandy in the navel. Mandy hunched. Antonia lifted Mandy under the arms into the air quickly. One hand moved to get a seductive death grip on Mandy's crotch. Antonia slammed Mandy's back onto her knee. Mandy screamed, arched over Antonia's knee. Mandy's big breasts heaved. Her milky nipples were erect. Megan shook her head, expecting another let down. Antonia tried to bite Mandy's nipple and got a nibble as the blonde flailed and kicked out of her mentor's grasp. Mandy hit the ground, rolled, and began to get up. She was injured, but still confident enough to pull her wet white top off over her head in a sexual way. Ozana was already up, and kicked Mandy in the face. The bimbo fell down hard, trying to keep too much energy from going to her face to heal injuries and keep her pretty. She wanted to save lots of serum air and energy for power and strength downstairs in the cold.

“I want to see drastic temperature change in the equation on this recipe of serum,” Iryna said in a dull voice. The Russian blonde tried to restrict Ozana by forcing her arms up under Ozana's armpits. Ozana tried to elbow Iryna, but it didn't work. She exhaled a cloud of murky gray serum air, that made Iryna's eyes water. Ozana stomped Iryna's ankle, and wriggled free. The brunette turned around and kicked Iryna in the stomach. Iryna bent over, wincing, and took a rocket jab to the tit. Ozana opened her hand and snagged the rainbow cloth with her nails. She sliced into mammary meat and stripped off the MFL traitor's top. Iryna wound up with dark serum air around her wrist and punched Ozana's ready blockers down. Iryna should've stayed with boxing. She tried to tackle Ozana, but Antonia held them all up. Ozana uppercut Iryna in the pussy and then kicked Iryna in the ribs to get her to back off.

“Fuck all this!” Ozana shouted. “Everyone help me take down these traitors!”

“Em and I can get in on a Battle Royale free-for-all even if we're not on serum,” Cora said, cracking her knuckles. Dajana and Daniella looked to side with Iryna, Mandy, Delia, and Megan by how they were standing. Antonia wasn't in a mood for talking though. Ozana didn't want this fight to happen or count, but looked for support instead of stopping Antonia. The naked brunette followed Mandy's bait as the topless blonde headed for the door. Antonia was like a cheetah. As soon as Mandy got the door open, Antonia speared her into the door frame. Mandy grumbled and went down, kicking, thrashing, and trying to pull both women inside.

“Everyone is kind of a traitor,” Delia said. “For someone who doesn't care, Ozana, you're posting a bitch fit. I think Antonia can beat Mandy, and if she doesn't; so be it. I'm not going against the current order of things. Foxy Corp put me here and treats me well.”

“YOU Like Robert's DICK!” Megan shouted. “I think you're a traitor to me too! Anyone who gets in the way of a scheduled fight will feel MY WRATH!! I mean... uncle Justin. He won't like it. You could get banned from the tournament and I'LL Personally PUSH for THAT!!”

“You spineless Russians just allow this bitch to be a traitor?” Ozana said, pointing at Iryna. “Didn't the MFL send you here to stop Megan?!”

Sveta shrugged. Polina giggled and clapped. Sveta, the MFL veteran brunette said, “We were supposed to see what was going on. The MFL technology is just as good if not better than FC's. The two companies might even be partnered together. I don't like the idea of mass formation psychosis and mind control pushing people to unwittingly harm themselves, but the MFL isn't taking a big stand. Foxy Corp hasn't really gotten the ball rolling on those seemingly evil plans anyway.”

“That's not going to make the cut for this show,” Cora said to Emily. Emily nodded.

“FOXY CORP HELPS people!!” Megan shouted. “They HELP ME! I DESERVE everything I WANT!! I hope Uncle Justin fucks you in the head and CUTS YOUR NECK OFF and Doesn't heal you for saying those misinformation lies!! You're Putin's PUPPET! You WANT everyone to DIE!!”

“She's coming unglued,” Cora joked, filming it on her phone. Megan was too upset to direct serum air well at Cora. Cora neutralized it with her own serum air.

“I kind of knew Iryna was a traitor,” Polina said. “I had mind control training to a degree in the KGB ninja assassin program. If you all can break into my mind, you can break my hymen, and oust me from the tournament! Hehe! I'm so horny! Is that what you tell them, Iryna?!” Polina was a nudist like Cora. The bubbly blonde's tan lines were going away. Iryna blushed, and looked ashamed to have her friends and allies back her still.

“I can't believe this shit,” Ozana said. “Fine. I don't care.” Ozana pouted. Some of the other women looked around. Mandy and Antonia were inside now. There were loud crashes and the entire building seemed to shake.

“They went inside,” Robert said, pointing with his finger, and stating the obvious.

Inside, Antonia looked hulking. She was obliterating Mandy and getting blood all over the halls. Androids came behind the two women trying to clean up broken picture frames, vases, glass, blood, etc. After being thrown towards the steps down to the basement cage, Mandy picked up a potted a plant. Antonia kicked up into Mandy's tits. It slowed down the force of Antonia's foot before it smashed into Mandy's chin. Antonia blasted both palms into Mandy's nips. The big breasts were holding up well, taking a lot of damaged and only light bruises, even though the impact was enough to normally tear skin, draw blood, and look brutal. Mandy's mounds were leaking and spraying milk as a side effect, and Antonia's breasts were ready to lactate too with any sort of extra touch, twist, or milking motion. Mandy adjusted her grip on the pot, and hesitated instead of just smashing the pot onto her mentor's head. Mandy was worried there actually was something wrong with Antonia's brain from overexposure to the mind control collar because of Megan. Mandy was also worried that this MFL serum could hurt Antonia in a way that couldn't be fixed by healings. That hesitation got the pot smashed onto Mandy's head by Antonia. The ceramic pieces split into Mandy's skull and scalp. Crimson oozed down Mandy's eye. Dirt and plant fronds bounced off Mandy's shoulders and curvy body.

“YIAH!” Mandy shouted, slugging Antonia in the kisser. Mandy really needed to fight back hard. The cool air of the basement could be felt coming up the marble staircase. They were very close now. Antonia rammed her body into Mandy, pushing the blonde backwards. The hand rail hit Mandy in the back, arching the topless combatant until an extra push from the nude brunette broke the wood handrail corner. It cut into Mandy's back a bit. Mandy had to focus on not falling down the steps. Antonia's eyes began to cool and go blue. She seemed interested more than possessed as she socked Mandy's tits from side to side and boxed Mandy's belly. Mandy held Antonia in a clinch with her heels at the first marble step leading downstairs to the cage. Antonia swung her rack from side to side, pummeling Mandy's engorged udders. The chest to chest squeeze had both women spraying dairy from flesh crevices with the breast pillows bunched together. Mandy grumbled and said between gasps, “You're falling into my trap, teacher!”

“I know you want me down there!” Antonia said. “This is my first time on this serum, and I'm GOING ALL OUT now! If I can't win on it... Honestly I don't care. Don't PULL your PUNCHES against ME!” Mandy looked surprised. Everything Antonia had done was to help her students. Antonia cared about being strong and stopping Megan, but she knew from the beginning that she couldn't do it alone. Antonia didn't care if she missed the tournament. She wanted those who beat her to really earn it though. Antonia lifted Mandy by the taint again and pitched the quivering and submissive blonde down the steps. Mandy cried and began to expel all her serum air energy to cushion and warm herself. She really bounced down the steps hard, cracking her chin open, flailing, and looking like she was breaking every bone in her body until she hit the landing.

Mandy, the Romanian blonde, got up, grimacing. She was used to growing her breasts out and flaunting them, but she felt top heavy now, hunched and dangling. The drying milk over her chest felt weird. Her body was turning up the heat, and she was repulsed to see some blonde hair grown on the back of her hands. That was a non lady like and a not sexy side effect of all this, but so far minor. Mandy's shoulder had popped out of the socket, but she didn't bother to heal that. Antonia leaped from the top of the steps. Mandy looked on in awe. Her jaw gaped open, losing blood and drool. Antonia landed like a jaguar, and looked to take Mandy down the rest of the steps. Mandy winced and got low to match her adversary. Their bodies collided hard. Mandy felt a tremor of weakness in Antonia. Mandy's tits were winning the titfight and staying firm. Antonia's breath was cold. Mandy swung their bodies and tackled Antonia onto the steps. The brunette's back hit down, but she didn't get ridden down the entire way. The voluptuous vixens both took a lot of damage with the unforgiving marble chunking, bruising, and bloodying their sprawling and tumbling bodies. Antonia pushed Mandy off with a blast of dark serum air as they reached the tiled basement floor.

Both women got to their feet on shaky legs, hunched over from injuries and from the massive weight of plumped bosoms. Mandy groaned, and grimaced. She moved bangs out of her eyes, discovering a cut gushing blood at her eyebrow. Antonia's blood looked slow and congealed. When they exhaled there was a lot of vapor. It was mostly not serum air, and the serum air wasn't any more visible just because it was cold in the basement. Mandy's ass cheeks clenched. They were hanging out of what was left of her shorts. She was so horny and shivering, but she'd trained for this. Antonia shook off her daze and charged. The nude brunette's eyes turned dark brown and flashed red for a moment. She trucked Mandy, knocking the topless broad off her feet into the side of the cage. Mandy curled into a ball, and Antonia stayed on the attack.

“I THINK you OUTWITTED me This time!” Antonia said in earnest, kicking the shit out of Mandy. It must have looked odd on camera to hear that and see the abuse Antonia was doling out. Antonia kicked and kneed Mandy in the face, the ribs, the breasts, and belly, flipping the pained rag doll over and about. Mandy curled into a ball again, with golden serum air covering her like a shield. Antonia kicked with dark serum air, and Mandy uncurled like an armadillo with a scream and blood splatter. Antonia kicked Mandy in the boobs, finally tearing into the flesh and doing serious visible damage there. Antonia kicked Mandy again in the side. CRACK! CRACK! The slender brunette pop star, Antonia, limped. She had broken some of Mandy's ribs, but she'd also broken her ankle. She had felt her body losing steam and energy rapidly, and had figured this would happen in a matter of time. Mandy was too out if to celebrate her strategy. Antonia bit her lip and picked Mandy up, hoping for a KO. Antonia tombstone slammed Mandy onto her head. Tile broke. Mandy's head bled. Blood pooled like water, but was it a finisher or an old injury dripping the gore?

Antonia felt so weak, she sat down, still holding Mandy in the slammed positions with Mandy's billowing breasts spread out on the black and white tiled floor. Antonia's tight ass squished Mandy's mammary meat, milking the teats. The blonde was limp, warm, and supple. Antonia knew this wasn't a good sign for Antonia beating Mandy. Mandy's crotch was in Antonia's face. Antonia shivered and tore off what was left of Mandy's jeans and some of the white panties cloth too. Antonia knew she was about finished. She tongued Mandy's pussy. Mandy squealed and came almost right away, covering Antonia's face in warm ejaculate. It dripped and congealed on Antonia's giant breasts. Antonia's pain felt so different and debilitating now as she shivered. The bigger boobs and butt hadn't stored extra energy, but used it up rapidly. She was still bimbo proportioned. Mandy wrapped her legs around Antonia's neck, and Antonia felt powerless to do anything about it.

The blonde in the white crooked panties was running near empty herself after shielding her head with serum air and such an orgasmic release. Antonia punched Mandy in her abs, and thankfully Mandy still subconsciously had a protective serum air shield and fat to absorb impact. Mandy put her palms on the broken tile, and pushed off. Antonia went head over heels, landing awkwardly on her neck. She kicked back at Mandy, but her stomach and breasts were vulnerable to attacks. Mandy groped her teacher while clamping her legs closed tighter, choking the brunette. Mandy dove into Antonia's vagina headfirst, slurping, stroking, rubbing vigorously, and eliciting a cum shot facial. The secretion pushed Antonia down further and gravity took hold. Mandy refused to loosen the thigh clamp on Antonia's neck and the brunette went down on her back. Mandy scooted on her ass towards the cage, getting clawed in the process. Even when Antonia was ice cold, and not moving, Mandy kept cranking until she heard neck bones snapping and cracking.

“AHH!” Antonia screamed, firing off dark desperation serum air that made Mandy tumble off her. Mandy somersaulted and hit the side of the cage. Antonia tried to get up on her broken ankle as androids and EMCASA contestants and spectators ran down the steps shivering and complaining about the cold to watch. Mandy could only get up by using the cage links to help. Antonia's eyes twinkled green as she looked at Mandy. She had to turn her entire body to see Megan and the others coming and she couldn't nod. Antonia made a move towards Mandy. Antonia's leg broke with a loud crunch and bone pierced skin near the knee. Antonia slammed a karate chop into Mandy's neck. The blonde lingerie model with big jugs coughed and flinched. Her tongue hung out. Her knuckles turned white as she held the grating with one hand. The rest of her body hung down with her abused knockers dangling like 100 pound sacks. Antonia went down with a bunch of mist and a sort of capitulation of serum air. Mandy realized she could inhale that and it didn't really harm her. That was a relief. It didn't really help either though. Mandy pushed Antonia flat onto her back and mounted her.

“No fucking WAY!” Megan said. “You actually are winning?! You won?! I've gotta see the tape of this! You left a lot of blood for my androids to clean up! That's less of them to tend to me if I'm upset with these results!”

“You never wanted to help Megan, did you Teach?” Mandy asked, grabbing Antonia's throat. Mandy had to shake the dazed brunette. Mandy couldn't resist pushing her tits down onto Antonia's succulent melons. It hurt and felt good at the same time. It was impossible not to have hard nipples in this cold and with this eroticism. Mandy kissed Antonia and fingered her.

“You cheated!!” Ozana shouted.

“I... I lost,” Antonia said in surrender. She moaned, trying to hold back another squirt. This serum was such an aphrodisiac, it was unreal. Antonia didn't realize it was possible to have so many hormones, nerve endings tingling, and so many emotions. She cried, saying between gasps, “FUCK MEGAN! You DO A LOT of WRONG! You'll be BEATEN!”

“Not by you,” Megan said. “The only thing I did wrong was believe that I had you firmly under my control. You Romanian sluts are so stubborn. Kill her Mandy.”

Mandy sighed and rolled her eyes. She was exhausted and wanted more fucking. No androids were going to give her sex toys, but Mandy wanted more fornication badly. Mandy felt the winner's serum dart hit her. She had really needed that. She pulled Antonia up to a sitting position and into a headlock. Mandy was crying too now, but trying to hide it. She whispered into Antonia's ear, “I don't know what's going on or who to trust. It doesn't matter. This doesn't matter, right? I wanna win!”

“Do it,” Antonia grumbled, nodding off.

Mandy gathered her confidence. The EMCASA serum mixed with the special MFL serum had a weird effect on Mandy, but she started to control it and feel violent and fit. Mandy's shoulder popped back into place, and she released the headlock. Mandy's tits were still giant. She parted them to go around Antonia's neck, and then pushed down to smother Antonia. Mandy bounced her body up and down, getting her vulva to rub up and down on Antonia's lifeless but hard hand and fingers. Mandy leaned up with Antonia's head between her breasts. The blonde swung her body. CRACK! CRUNCH! POP! Mandy broke Antonia's neck and beheaded her. The lifeless brunette dropped to the floor in a stunning loss. Megan was not going to allow Antonia into the tournament because of all this.

“You'll need to win again Mandy,” Megan said, “but I guess there's two spots open in the tournament now. Fucking A. Unbelievable. Now turn the temperature back to a comfortable level!” F6 obeyed that command. Many women were uncomfortable with Antonia losing and this shakeup.


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Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 4-3 IS vs II.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Preliminaries Round Four Fight 3:

Irina Shayk 1-2 vs Iryna Ivanova 2-1

Megan, Maria, and Bianca Fund of the Fatal Five were dark and brooding, but that didn't come across all that well outside in the playful beach atmosphere of the Foxy Corp estate on the coast of Spain. It was a beautiful and hot sunny day and those three were the only sour grapes. Even the faceless and expressionless androids seemed happier going about their business than those women bent on getting their way with everything and being better than all the other women there in every way. The two models scheduled to fight to the death in the cage in the sand were more carefree, but the loser would be revived and healed.

Russian Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, Irina Shayk, was so used to the negative clique and their energy, she didn't even notice when Megan barged out of the housing area door. Irina's long wavy brown hair was blowing in the breeze as she spoke to pop star Inna. Irina's skin was very tan and she only wore blue, purple, and green bikini bottoms and gold ring jewelry and cream colored flower necklaces and bracelets. Inna flinched, noticing Megan's scowl and foul mood. Megan's android F6 always took a more defensive posture and looked more alert when Megan was irritated or looking to do business. Inna said, “Shouldn't you wear a top, Irina?! Won't being topless not in a fight upset Megan? She just came outside with Maria and Bianca Fund.”

“I'm due to fight in less than hour,” Irina said. “Maybe sooner. I kind of lost track of time. I'm not like these other fake whores with implants running around or being nude and acting into chicks 24/7 for the fans and notoriety. Megan and I are the same body type, so she doesn't care. She was jealous about me being in Sports Illustrated, but got over that after killing me. But like I was saying, I see this as more of a loyalty tryout. Mr. Fox and many other rich and influential investors and Mega Chad studs are watching. We won't always have to fight for the serum if we can prove our loyalty to Megan and the company. Foxy Corp medicine is the newest and best and going to save a lot of people from new and scary life threatening things! Plus, I wanna have access to serum forever to be young and strong like this.” Irina stopped her recruiting spiel, hoping that Megan was paying attention. The cameras were filming this, so that was good. Daniela and Dajana were all about Foxy Corp too, but had failed to impress Megan with their strength. The dumb blonde traitor Bimbo Russian, Iryna, walked over to Megan. That chick was such a fucking slut. She acted too good for everyone reading her stupid IPad and being quiet unless she was tempting fans with her likely plastic body and stupid huge boobs. Of course, she would be taking away from Irina's moment to impress Megan, but Irina would be killing that whore in the cage soon.

“What is Megan going to do if she wins the mind control collar?!” Inna asked.

“When she wins it,” Irina corrected. “The truth is that Foxy Corp can't make or use the mind control collars yet. They have to pass some extra inspections and prove there are no ill side effects again, at least for most people. Antonia went crazy because of how she used serum wrong, that's all. The mind control technology isn't limited just to BDSM collars obviously. It incorporates serum air to go into people's brains. Some people make all the bad and wrong choices, and don't deserve control over their own minds because they are selfish and hurt people. Mind control is a good thing, but it probably needs to be advertised to the masses in a different way. Most people don't want to sacrifice anything for scientific advancement and the greater good, and they wouldn't be in significant volunteer studies needed to advance Mind Control.

“Shadow Enterprises tried it by putting computer chips in people's brains in healings. Foxy Corp is trying to be invasive with serum air. Imagine that projected at one of your concerts in the air, getting all the people to take the medicine they should to keep everyone else safe! Megan can experiment on her friends freely when she wins the collar and open up bigger and better proof that Foxy Corp should be left alone to mass produce mind control and help people.”

“I dunno,” Inna said. “It sounds good, except the invasive part. I think some of my concerts did have something weird like serum air and mind control going out. Lots of people had headaches, seizures, and Foxy Corp was there selling a lot of remedies and providing help. … I had signed some paperwork with them because I had tried and liked serum and wanted more. So what if someone else wins the tournament? And how come Megan can't tell us all this?!”

“She's busy organizing,” Irina said. “I got most of this info from other Fatal Five members; a lot from Antonia actually. I don't understand her. No one will beat Megan, but if they do, Foxy Corp will probably offer them a job and lots of serum, and not allow them to run off with the mind control collar. I've been working with the Fatal Five and on serum air. I'll be collared and collar these other sluts or just use my mind and powers to make them submit and join our side!!”

“Yeah, I was all with Megan and Delia, until Megan started getting weird, and Delia and Antonia didn't seem to be into what they were pedaling,” Inna said. “I'm going to check my contract and see if I can get another meeting with Megan. She still likes me. I should be able to get another fight too.” Irina nodded, smiling. Megan was still talking with the other Iryna. Gross. Irina couldn't wait to fight. She still was very bad at serum air, but would be getting help today, and Ivanova would be going down in a humiliating defeat!

If there was something Megan enjoyed all the time subconsciously, it was looking down on people. Physically she could look down at Iryna, Maria, and Bianca Fund. Delia had always been Megan's favorite friend here until recently. Was Delia still Megan's right hand girl?! Megan was unsure. That damned Antonia was a real bitch, traitor, and friend stealer, even after all the work Megan had done to rig a fight and double team Antonia, make her lose, and enslave her to the mind control collar for over a month. The mind control spell had worn off or something, and Antonia was back to her old and awful ways. It was a shame Uncle Justin's company was so worried about popular opinion to have to heal the awful Romanian witch, Antonia. Her music sucked anyway. The world didn't need her.

Megan hated Iryna more for her curves than Fund. They were both fat and ugly, but Iryna was really popular somehow. Fund was under Megan in popularity where she belonged. Iryna had that gross mole over her lip and her giant tits made Megan want to gag. Iryna wore a mostly white bikini with red and white ruffled trim, drawing eyes to her cleavage and her loose and ratchet bikini bottoms. Iryna was already falling out of the swimsuit with both pieces, which was nauseating. She wasn't prettier or hotter or anything. Megan put only the best in her body, and that's why she should be desired #1 over these whores who may have bigger boobs, but were ugly, stupid, and filthy inside.

“Do you want me to lose to the Sports Illustrated Irina, SI?” Iryna asked.

“Are you trying to be Latinx friendly now?” Bianca Fund asked. “It's Ese, not Essai!”

The short blonde shook her head. Iryna added, “We both have the same first name, so I thought I'd nickname and call her SI for Sports Illustrated to make it simpler.”

Megan chewed on her lip. She and the other two brunettes all wore black swimsuits. Megan liked something about the nickname for Irina Shayk, but she couldn't put her finger on it. Anything that dehumanized or degraded someone like a nickname after an inanimate object or something that didn't sound like a person, Megan was going to enjoy. Megan said, “You can't go faking shit, stupid! Irina, or SI as you call her... I think I like that... she has been catching onto serum air with Fund.”

“Thanks to me,” Maria said with her dark brows furrowed. Maria barely ever smiled.

“I can make me losing look real,” Iryna said. “I thought you liked SI, she was loyal, and you wanted her to make the tournament. If you want me to go all out, I'm fine with that too.”

“Yeah,” Megan said, “You've only beaten losers. If SI can't beat you with help... I mean, with her training, than she's no use to me anyway. I like that you two hate each other.”

“I don't hate her,” Iryna said in her dull monotone.

“You're RUINING MY Fun!!” Megan shouted. “Get angry and Catty on the serum, DAMMIT! You're the worst! Even if you betrayed your friends, they still like you. I Hate it! I am getting betrayed left and right here and don't deserve it! You deserve the worst! I don't know how Uncle Justin will view this round, but I hope you lose and end up not making the tournament because of it.”

“That's not likely,” Iryna said, “and it wouldn't help you at all. I gave you my word that I will forfeit to you if we meet in the tournament.”

“Well, you better be good enough to beat the best to get there!” Megan spat. Iryna cracked her knuckles, looked at Cora and Emily, and nodded. Megan shrieked and said, “NOT them! They suck! Cora cheats and looks good, but Maria has that figured out!” Maria nodded, glaring at Cora the nudist with the tattoos. Iryna thought Viki, Sara, and Polina were really good too, but she kept her thoughts to herself. Iryna didn't support everything about Megan and Foxy Corp, and hoped they wouldn't get all their plans fully launched, but perhaps Megan getting a mind control collar and abusing it could shelve the risky and immoral technology again for a while as Shadow Enterprises had done after Shadow Baxter and others abused their mind control.

The topless brunette, Irina/SI, strode up to the scene. She tried to ignore the blonde Iryna, but that harlot kept staring at her. She had no manners! Her coochie was practically hanging out of her white bikini bottoms. SI slammed her palms over the tops of the blonde's fat mammary mounds, shoved, and shouted, “You ready to have your face broken in, traitor bitch?! I'll have you bleeding from every pore and so submissive everyone will think I've got you in my own mind control collar!” F6 pushed up his shades, trying to hide the fact that his eyes flashed red, but Iryna had seen it.

“Ooh!” Bianca Fund said, signifying. “Got her!! Nice one SI! Iryna is going to get her holes filled and dead! You can Shayk your ass all over her pitiful and ugly loser face!! In your face, Iryna Tits!! HA!” Iryna studied Fund's face. Bianca Fund had been practicing her serum air a lot. She had decent mind control capabilities, but was one of the weakest Fatal Five members. She had been working to make her serum air sharp and pointy like hedgehog spikes, and had been making the air around SI like that in their secret trainings together. Maria helped a lot teaching about serum air, and it felt like curses to Fund. SI was doing ok not choking and dying on Fund's helping serum air so far.

“QUIT just standing there!” SI said, hauling off and getting ready to slug Iryna. The blonde grabbed SI's wrist. Bianca Fund punched Iryna in the boob and shoved her by the head. SI said, “I wanted to talk to Megan before our fight, so you NEED to PISS off!! Megan, did you see me recruiting Inna? I think she is more loyal to us and has seen and understood the right way better now.”

“I'm not doing meetings now,” Megan said in a disgusted voice. “Inna is already on our side! Don't recruit people who are already allies. Christ! Why is everyone around here so FUCKING stupid? Do I have to do everything myself?! F6 call everyone around. I wanna see this fight now.” The blond cyborg servant to Megan nodded, and made a vocal and APP announcement that the fight would start early. He injected SI in the shoulder with serum, and she seemed to channel all Megan and the Fatal Five's anger and resentment right away. SI got hot on the heels of her blonde rival walking to the cage and pushed Iryna in the back. SI tried to trip her too, but the bustier babe stayed on her feet and whipped around. SI grabbed Iryna's hair and punched her in the face.

“Get SOME serum in her ALREADY so we CAN DANCE!” SI shouted, barely able to release her foe's hair, and lightly clawing Iryna's shoulder. The blonde quickly took off her long white fake nails, and got injected in the spine by F1. The androids all wore business suits unless ordered to strip for show sex or something, but didn't overheat. Iryna had asked them about that. The topless brunette definitely had height and weight on her adversary, but less curves and serum air expertise. SI pulled Iryna's white bikini top crooked, unable to hold back the extra strength. The white strap tore, exposing the blonde's gigantic and mouthwatering breasts. SI punched Iryna in the nipple. The blonde probably liked that kind of foreplay and titillation. Men she was with probably only liked her for the sex and playing with the fun bags. SI shoved Iryna at the cage and said, “GET in THERE an AWAIT your DEATH!” The topless blonde's body jiggled in seductive ways. She backed into the cage, showing no emotion other than fierce determination in her eyes. She wiped the little blood from her lips, smiled to an android, knowing he was filming her, and pranced around on the balls of her feet in a flirty way for fans. Iryna's abs tightened and she looked fantastic.

The brunette Fatal Five chicks all wore black sunhats. Maria liked to shade and cover her eyes. SI accidentally knocked off Fund's hat, backing into her. Bianca Fund massaged SI's shoulders and pretended to give her encouraging advice, only she slurred her words and it was obviously fake. Dark serum air went around the two ladies and flashes of light could be seen at several points of triangular clumps of serum air. SI coughed a little, nodded, and shoved Fund away. Bianca Fund looked sweaty and exhausted, putting her clenched hands down at her knees as she hunched gasping. Maria tried to stand in front of Bianca so she wouldn't be noticed, but Cora was filming the two of them on her phone like she knew the tricks they were up to. Maria tried to destroy Cora's phone with serum air, but it got neutralized by the tattooed slut. Maria knew Megan was going to need her to kill Cora, and Maria hated everything about Cora and most of the women on the estate.

Irina/SI got into the cage, and slammed the door shut behind her. She tried to give energy to the invisible serum air spikes around her. Cora, Sara, Viki, and some of the other women seemed to see the shapes in the air better than others and looked surprised. Iryna even raised an eyebrow as if she were interested. SI could tell that Bianca Fund was still putting out most of the serum air, and it was a constant adaption and effort to not be weakened by Fund's serum air. They were compatible, but it was still hard to pull off a sort of healing and universally acceptable serum air from your body to help someone else like this.

“We need to fix RoboMic,” Cora's girlfriend Emily said. “He would love this with you both topless already and everything!”

“We need to fix you,” Blonde Instagram queen Abby said, sneering. She was in line to be in the Fatal Five, but had other plans of showing her loyalty and guaranteeing serum for herself moving forward. She may not even have to join the MFL InstaModels on Pongeo for serum. Pongeo Island had gotten a lot better, but Abby liked the idea of not having to fight for what she wanted and just manipulating to get it. Abby tried to slap Cora's phone out of her hand, but the black haired hippie blocked with serum air, and managed to keep hold despite the physical force. Abby shot clear serum air up Emily's nostrils to make her eyes water and to make her gag in her ugly olive green bikini. Abby scoffed at the lovers and said with spite to Emily, “You need to be fixed to never procreate. RoboMic is an awful disgusting misogynist who should be broken down for parts. You whore yourself to whoever profits you in the short term with no sense. Fucking all the UFSO announcer incels and now Cora won't help you at all in the long run.”

“She was a bitch like this in UFSO too?” Cora asked Emily. Emily shrugged, not really wanting to create more bad blood. Emily had always sort of stayed away from Abby who seemed like a stuck-up mean girl. Unbeknownst to many, Abby had been doing “favors” for Justin Fox that any married man would be ashamed of. Justin was married, but Abby thought his wife Trudy was an ugly old hag who only cared about money and power. She did a lot for the company and was valuable in that way only. Abby was valuable because she was desirable. The Shadow Dimension version of Abby was actually very different than this version and a lot nicer. It was like they were in the wrong realms, but that was an entirely different story thread.

In the cage, SI started off the aggressor, throwing punches and kicks with her extra height, length, and weight. Iryna would be better wrestling, but did fine for the moment blocking. SI stooped to hair grabbing, low blow kicks, and boob punches rather quickly. Iryna hung in there and went for SI's legs and belly with attacks efficiently. A second kick to the groin had Iryna's white bikini bottoms folded over more and showing camel toe. Iryna doubled over with her hands held high, knowing that serum air tricks were being used against her. SI swung both fists upwards into Iryna's dangling melons. The tips of the serum air spikes glistened and hardened like razors, slashing tit flesh and drawing blood as the bimbo's knockers flew up by her face. Iryna gathered herself and blocked a punch aimed at her face. She kicked SI in the side of the knee. Her hair got grabbed. She chopped SI's arm and took a right hook to the abs. Iryna got kicked in the flank and careened off the cage, looking tired and juicy.

There was a lot of shouting and cheering as usual. A lot of women including the Russian MFL allies Iryna had “betrayed” were still rooting for her. Megan hated that. The androids simulated crowd noise and sometimes purposefully drowned out what other women might try and say to help others in the fight who Megan didn't like. Emily kept shouting over and over as loud as she could, “I think she's CURSING YOU!” Cora shook her head and shushed Emily as the androids got louder. A lot of Megan loyalists glared at Emily.

Cora whispered in her girlfriend's ear, “Let her figure it out herself if she's going to. I think she sees it too. Trying to make her hear you will just be a distraction.” Cora then kissed Emily.

The fight raged on, and the serum air spikes were puncturing and breaking apart Iryna's serum air aura. Only the most advanced combatants were starting to get a glimpse of this and really understanding how good Bianca Fund might be if she could incorporate this for herself with that much strength. Bianca Fund and Irina/SI were in tandem with one another, essentially cheating with more available power from two women like a 2 vs 1 handicap match. As Iryna's serum air kept dispersing, she could feel and sense that something was wrong, but didn't know what to do about it. Her feet and fists seemed to be taking damage from attacking. Her wrists and shins hurt from blocking. The air around her was a lot harder to breathe and her body was having to work much harder faster to stay in this fight than normal. Irina looked tired too, huffing, puffing, and throwing grueling attacks one after the other. SI knocked Iryna's blocking hands away. The topless blonde's back was at the cage. She puffed out her chest and took a haymaker to the face. Polina swatted Iryna's ass from outside the cage. Iryna had always wanted to be with Polina so she liked that encouragement. Iryna's beauty mark was covered with blood as she ducked her head and socked SI in the stomach. The topless brunette winced.

“I GOT you CORNERED!” SI yelled. She stomped Iryna's knee. The Russian with her hair dyed blonde felt stabbed and stuck in place. Iryna's little remaining serum air was practically inviting Polina to finger her and sucking in. The wild and horny ninja babe, Polina, who had also been hanging out nude to Megan's ire, didn't disappoint with teasing Iryna and helping the battling bimbo to get stimulated. Polina spanked, fisted, and licked Iryna from behind while SI socked breasts and threw high elbows which Iryna blocked. SI smashed her rack into Iryna's abused knockers and bent low to deliver an uppercut to the crotch. Iryna yelped, thinking that skin had been cut. The pussy play hurt and felt good. Polina either got knocked away from the cage by serum air or got distracted by wanting to smooch and fondle Sveta. Iryna had not been able to time getting an amazing threesome with them or an orgy including Ashley, but there were more pressing matters than sex right now. Iryna got punched in the navel and felt like she was losing. She grabbed SI in a clinch, restricting the topless brunette's arms from going up or attacking. The hug was so erotic with breasts battling for position and sexy bodies smushed together.

Dirt and sand got kicked up as the topless combatants spun around, grunting, and trying to knee one another. Iryna hid her head in SI's shoulder as the brunette tried to headbutt. Iryna normally liked to titfight, but merely holding SI was painful. SI was taller and her patella strikes were able to blast past Iryna's lifting legs and barrel into the blonde's belly a few times. Iryna hoisted SI off the ground, slamming her against the cage grating while still locked in a steamy embrace. SI shrieked and channeled her energy into reinforcing and sharpening the serum air spikes Bianca Fund had made for her and kept focusing to keep around her. Iryna trembled and whimpered. Her tight grasp loosened. SI shook her chest crazily. Her tan firm orbs pounded Iryna's squishy tits. SI got her hands up and boxed Iryna in the belly. There were small puncture wounds all over the blonde's arms, legs, tits, and torso. SI cackled and drilled her pointy knuckles into Iryna's navel. The blonde buckled, spitting out crimson and shielding her vulnerable tummy with her giant engorged boobs.

If Iryna was going to put her fat udders in the way, SI was gonna pop them! The topless and trim brunette model uppercut Iryna in the tit. The fat sow's chest still hung over. There were tears in Iryna's eyes, but SI wanted to see a stupid and frantic look on the face of her foe. SI slugged Iryna in the bosom again, making the left hooter concave in its bloody obliteration for a moment. Iryna gasped and cried, catching SI in the chin with a right hook. Iryna's reshaping and shaking supple breast spilled scarlet red and white lactate mixed in with the sweat. She tried to tackle SI at the leg, but the brunette expanded her spike serum air there to cut up Iryna's neck, collar, and chin something fierce. Gore washed over the sand. The stunned blonde was falling out of her bikini bottoms still and beginning to rise to her feet with that hopeless face SI had wanted to see. The confident brown haired woman aimed a knifing strike in hopes depantsing her rival, but her powered knuckles went into vagina without ripping and destroying the drooped bikini bottoms. Iryna was wet and panting like a prostitute in a train orgy. SI elbowed the dumb broad in the neck and then backed up for an impressive kick.


SI's foot slammed into Iryna's jaw. The sexy blonde's ass cheeks clenched. Her eyes jammed shut. Her mouth was agape and her mandible needed healing energy to realign. Blood slopped from her mouth and further puncture wounds as she toppled over. The bimbo's big breasts put crater's into the sand. She turned her head to breathe. SI kicked her in the ribs hard, but the blonde didn't budge. SI looked at a tired and pale Fund, winked, and then sat on Iryna's face. SI shook her Glutes, hearing screams, and feeling blood spurts from more puncture damage. SI wondered if she could blind Iryna like this. The blonde got her hands up, turned onto her side, and tore off SI's colorful bikini bottoms. SI got a fist forced up her anus and her hair pulled. Iryna was struggling for her life, and it was great for SI to be on the winning end of things once again. Not since killing Mandy had SI had this much fun in one of these fights. Iryna had to use the cage to get to her feet. SI kicked sand up at the hunched whore. Iryna's face was full of blood and there were many deep cuts near her eyes. SI said, “Oh, I guess you wanna wrestle. I can of course beat you at that too!” The nude brunette smacked her own ass cheeks as a taunt and straightened up to swell her chest before squatting like a sumo wrestler.

Iryna stumbled against the cage, looking like a lost lamb for the slaughter. She bounced off the sun warmed metal cage links, mauling her breasts and body further. Iryna's blonde locks were in her bloody face. She was forcing off as much healing as possible for now. She could see SI grinning and dark serum air spikes around the naked fighter's silhouette. SI tried to wrap her arms around Iryna. Iryna continued to stumble and stagger into the cage with evasive maneuvers, trying to think how she could win against this. Could or should she attack Bianca Fund who was clearly helping?! SI kicked Iryna hard in the shin. Their calves collided, and Iryna was barely punctured. Her face slammed into the cage. Abby spit on her. It was almost refreshing at this point. Iryna spun around, sending off a cloud of dark serum air at SI, expecting her to back off. The advancing antagonist stayed on the charge. She breathed in the dark charged air particles, and recoiled like she'd eaten something sour. Her eyes blinked away tears and blood. She coughed violently, holding her stomach and throat. Iryna couldn't help but kick SI in the tits for a little retribution. SI's calves and certain areas of her body weren't totally spiked. The serum air shapes were constantly moving and changing though.

The involuntary healing from serum sped up for Iryna. She didn't fight it this time, but made a plan for victory. She aimed her serum air at SI's leg to build up there rather than explode. The dark air made the pointy shapes visible to everyone until the battling serum airs mixed together and coalesced into neutrality. Iryna ducked low and tackled SI right there. The topless blonde was smarter than she looked. Her plan worked perfectly, and SI was shocked to be knocked onto her ass. SI tried to make more pointy spikes and failed to protect her leg. Iryna quickly jerked the ankle, kicking into the back of the knee, and scooted around in the sand to get SI in a debilitating leg lock. SI screamed as Iryna torqued the helpless lower limb. “AHH!!” SI screamed. “NOO!!! HOW?! S-STOP!! F-FUCK! AHH!!”


The blonde finished breaking her naked foe's leg and ankle, and shoved the sexy tan thigh back at her. SI curled into a ball, moaning in pain and cradling her leg. She could have forced healing energy into her leg and continued to battle, but must have thought Iryna was stupid or something. SI amplified the spikes around her head and body like a protective shell. Iryna stood towering over the lady in the fetal position. Iryna's shadow was cast over the brunette's body, so it was hard for the average person to know that Iryna was shoving as much serum air as possible into SI's head and into her ears. Iryna said, “You're nothing to Megan. You're weak and stupid!” SI yelped and put her hands to her temples with a massive headache from the bit of mind control Iryna had been able to pull off there. Iryna put her foot up against SI's head, and felt very little prickles. Iryna punched down with a fist coated in serum air, drilling SI in the Cerebellum. Iryna punched and kneed the downed babe, getting cut up a bit in the process, but knocking her enemy senseless from repeated strikes to the back of the head.

When Iryna saw no more spikes around SI's body, she knew she had the match in the bag. Iryna kicked SI hard to flop her over. The nude brunette was covered in sand with her sexy tight booty in the air. Iryna was ready to fuck now, but instead got SI into a headscissors. Iryna liked how her bikini bottoms had folded down to expose her vagina. She pushed her bean into SI's nose and face, squeezing the life from the nude brunette's throat with her thighs. Iryna flipped from side to side, brutally slamming the brunette several times. SI choked on sand and from lung restricting thighs tightening around her neck. The constant slams injured SI's neck past the point of return, breaking the necklaces. Iryna wanted her taint to be pleased and teased. SI's lolling tongue and cooling breath was all she was going to get for now. After hearing a loud scream and a POP from a neck crank, SI's eyes rolled. Iryna gave one extra clench with her thick thighs and flopped the brunette rag doll onto her face.

Bianca Fund had stopped aiding SI a while ago. Fund was exhausted and had done a really good job, only Megan wouldn't see it that way. Megan would see SI and Fund as losers. There was a very good reason that Maria hadn't wanted to help SI, and this was precisely it. Iryna knelt atop SI's back, putting her in a camel clutch, and beginning some erotic torture of her victim. Iryna kissed SI's lips while choking her, and raked her nails into the brunette's still firm orbs. Iryna gave SI titty twisters and pulled the limping lass up by her sweaty hair. Iryna said, “Oh, I guess boxing suits you better, but I'll beat you at that after your serum air trick couldn't get you the win! Nice TRY!” Iryna put a combo of punches into SI's bruising midsection and finished with a flurry of uppercuts and karate strikes to the neck and face of the defeated damsel. SI's neck looked to be on by a thread. Her entire body was rigid as she flopped down backwards in the piles of sand showing extra large divots where her curvy body had been. Iryna got on her knees and slung SI's legs over her shoulder. The blonde tongued the brunette's pussy to give her a quick taste of the orgasmic pleasure to come.

With Iryna clearly the victor, F1 shot her with a winner's serum dart and androids stood at the cage doors with sex toys ready. Iryna could invite anyone in to have sex with her, but Megan was watching and Iryna wanted to continue to play the part of Megan loyalist. Iryna allowed a female android to help her with a strap-on, and decided to plow SI by herself. With her swollen breasts healing, Iryna enjoyed titfighting the loser while humping and penetrating her pussy missionary style. Iryna showed off her skills wrestling to Megan, contorting SI into a sand ground pretzel several times, and fucking her relentlessly. Iryna pounded the loser in the ass with the dildo on the strap-on, smacking that cum covered booty like her hands were sticking in glue and coming back down with more force because of that. Iryna used her boobs to hit SI in the face with them sitting on the ground after a lot of sex and squirting orgasms.

“I'll let you kill her, Megan,” Iryna said, getting up and heading for the cage exit with great restraint.

“Why would I want to?” Megan began, but she did want to. She was mad thinking that SI was weak and stupid and that so was Bianca Fund. Megan entered the cage and pounced on the lifeless body, using her own serum air to cover the carnage in black shadows. Megan cursed and ranted up a storm. She still didn't like Irina's popularity as a swimsuit model and hated when someone who was easy to convince to be a pasty like Irina turned out to be weak. Megan punched, hit, and clawed Irina's body. The body was brittle at this point and Megan tore into the flesh like a rabid beast. It was enjoyable for Megan to cover herself in blood, to shred and nearly tear off the loser's tits, and to come up with a piece of a beating heart in her hand after all the shouting, raving, and blowing off some steam with serum air powered destruction on the pathetic piece of shit, SI.

The androids came in the bag what was left of the sexy brown haired woman's body. Megan was super horny and pleased with Iryna for now. Megan whispered orders into F6's ear. She wanted sex, and everyone knew it. Iryna headed to the showers, ignoring her allies and Polina, even though she wanted to fornicate too. Cora nodded, impressed with Iryna and said, “Still two spots left in the tournament. You can stop trying to pretend like you didn't help Irina, Fund.” The fat booty Romanian, Bianca Fund, didn't even realize that Maria had left and wasn't covering for her still. Fund blushed, gave everyone the finger, and ran off.


2D Artist
Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 4-4X.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Preliminaries Round Four Pre Fight Four:

Foxy Meeting & Android Orgy

“Oh my God, this gym is so boring!” Bubbly blonde nudist Polina said, getting up off a yoga mat. The 'gym' was essentially a big shed with workout equipment near the barn on the estate. Sveta was doing squats with weights, and the tan brunette's ass looked especially yummy to Polina in tight red booty shorts. “You need a spot?!” Polina asked, jumping to her feet, and swatting Sveta's ass. She knew this was a light workout, and the answer was no, but she tackled her ally, friend, and sexual love interest, fondling boobies over sports bra and licking Sveta's sweaty body all over. Polina hopped to her feet looking like the lithe and lethal ninja she had been trained to be, and parkour jumped off the wall and a treadmill to molest the tall and voluptuous brunette Russian, Ashley.

Sveta rolled her dumbbell weights towards the rack, wiped bangs from her eyes, and said, “I actually miss Iryna hanging around us all the time even though she was so quiet and seemed sort of a prude. She's a crazy sex fiend like you, Polina. You two should really hook up more. Leave me and Ashley alone.” Polina rolled her eyes, hanging over Ashley's back and shoulder with her naked and perky breasts poking into Ashley's mostly bare back. Sveta liked Polina and fooling around with many women, but was trying to stay loyal to her girlfriend Helga back on Pongeo Island. Iryna spent a lot of time with the Fatal Five now, and seemed like a double agent playing both sides of the field. It made sense to befriend enemies or those who you feared might use their power and money for evil. What the Fatal Five had done to Ashley to start EMCASA hanging her and leaving her half dead for days worth of abuse had been awful, but the mean girls were kind of hard for Polina and Sveta to take seriously.

Ashley, one of the tallest combatants, was unable to keep Polina from groping her while holding her phone. Ashley's long brown hair was tied back at the nape of her neck in messy swirls. Her lacy lingerie outfit had black stocking with black and blue lace ruffled bands atop. The same black and blue frilly look was on Ashley's thong panties with high hip hugging straps and on the uber sexy and revealing “top”. The silky cloth pieces over Ash's nipples left a lot of milky white underboob showing and attached to her cloth choker necklace by one thin vertical string in the center. Polina rammed her crotch into Ash's booty humps and tailbone, humping vigorously in a joking way while massaging and exposing Ash's giant gazongas in their entirety. Polina pinched and prodded the teats and tickled around the areolae. Polina giggled and said, “What's on your phone Ash?! You didn't break it, silly! Come on and let's ditch the workout and go to the beach! You're so fucking pale, and your outfit says FUCK ME, not let's workout like Svetabilly's.” Polina kissed and nibbled at Ashley, getting rather rough, but the bigger woman acted like this was normal, reading the messages on her phone.

“Everyone is so tan,” Ashley said, “I asked for my skin to be set back a few shades on my last healing so I could stand out more, and I'm in this lingerie since I may have a fight any time now! The App isn't working for me! I think the fans like me here, and I want to go work for Shadow Enterprises with you all after this to keep getting serum, but I want to make sure they'll want me.”

“They'll want you,” Sveta said, getting up, and peeking at Ash's mammoth mommy milkers. “I'm one hundred percent sure.”

“Megan has us blocked from the App you big dumb-dumb!” Polina said, wrapping her legs around Ash's waist and kicking her heels together near Ash's navel. Polina bent back to palm the ground and contorted her body to look up at Ash's vagina. Polina's necklaces and blonde hair in the ponytail bobbed. Then Polina pushed herself up to headbutt Ash in the sideboob. Polina giggled, clapped, and said, “One of your tits is like as big as my head! Why wear anything at all?!”

“Several reasons,” Ash said, slapping at Polina's hands hard. She tried to shake Polina off, but the blonde was like a leech. Ash's brown eyes opened wide as she read the message on her phone. She said, “Justin Fox wants to meet with me in the meeting room over the Dorm Halls! So let me wear this top! Maybe he wants to talk about a fight or... I haven't done or said anything wrong I hope!”

“I hope you have,” Polina said. “This whole place and operation is sketch! Go nude like me! He probably just wants to stick his wee wee in between your tatas or his pee pee in your hooha unless he's a butt guy – which I doubt; then he might ram his erection between your bum bum cheeks or slap that rod all up and down your curvy body! Hehe!”

“I'm nervous,” Ashley said. “I want you to come with me, but maybe you shouldn't.”

“We'll go, right, Svetabilly?!” Polina said. She didn't wait for Sveta to respond and continued, “He won't mind extra models showing up. He probably wants to bone us all and tie us up and tickle every inch of our bodies with his tip until her gets a little weenie goo on each of us, and then fill our tight holes with whatever he's got big enough; likely he'll want it to be his dick, but I bet it's small. Hehe!”

“Maybe you shouldn't go,” Ash said, walking towards the door with Polina still riding her. Polina hopped off because Sveta was clearly wanting to workout alone and not following. Polina pulled Sveta by the wrist to follow. Ashley sped up and added, “I might be late. I'll text him. He didn't give much notice unless my phone really isn't working.”

“Out of the gym, WOO!!” Polina said.

The three gorgeous Russian women walked from one end of the estate to the other, passing the portable fighting cage on the garage driveway. Inside the dorming building, en route to the meeting room, they passed Cora and Emily's room, hearing some hot humping, kissing, and cum cries. Ashley was trying not to be late, and her tits were bouncing all over the place; so Polina was running ahead to get view of this. She doubled back to the room of the lesbian lovers as Sveta poked her head in. The door was wide open. Sveta blushed and said, “Could you two do your business and love-making with the door closed, please?! It's like you want people to join, and some of us are trying to be good!”

Polina slapped Sveta's chest and then her cheek so she'd open her eyes and see that Cora and Emily were watching a tape of the EMCASA weekly TV show. They were at the VIP part from the last fight where Iryna had been fucking the other Irina. The fat blond non-Foxy Corp cyborg, RoboMic, was propped against their bed on the floor, watching the TV and drooling. His shades had slipped off his face, and he wasn't working right. The black haired nudist with the tattoos, Cora, got along well with Polina, ensnaring her with dark clouds of serum air. Polina twirled like a ballerina into Cora's embrace, and then tried to finger, kiss, and trib with her. Cora was stronger and better with serum air than most, and didn't allow that. The two naked chicks made a hot couple, but actually hadn't been hooking up with one another. Cora was set just on Emily. Cora said, “We wouldn't stop most ladies from joining us. That's part of why we do keep the door open. We like to be open. We were watching this week's episode with RoboMic! What a joke!! Did you see what all they cut out?!”

Sveta fanned herself and stepped into the room. Polina sat crossed legged in front of the TV to see what they were talking about. She snatched the remote and tried to watch at like 5x speed to catch up. The show intro acted like all the women there wanted fame, notoriety, and to win for bragging rights. That wasn't the truth at all. Emily's hair was still dyed blonde. She wore a pink bikini and hunched over RoboMic with her hands at his temples, pouring clear serum air into his head to try and fix him. RoboMic's tongue lolled. His eyes stared straight down at the cleavage and round jiggly chest goodies. Emily said, “Cora, babe! I'm no good at this... I think we might need Foxy Corp androids to help fix RoboMic. They didn't want to go against Megan, and Abby wants RoboMic out of commission, but that's just so mean!”

“You gotta believe in yourself!” Cora said, slapping Em's long hair. She swiped her fingers across Em's back, making a black 'x', and set the curse off with a little explosion. Cora then rubbed Em's shoulders as she straightened up like she'd been goosed. Em finished trying to help RoboMic with serum air to his circuitry to bypass and break the holds keeping him paralyzed. Em gasped and glimmered. The fat pervert's eyes flashed red and then blue. His face fell into her cleavage. Cora pulled Em away from the obese bot and gave him the stink eye.

“I'm BACK!” RoboMic shouted. “Sorta! I can talk again! WOOEE! Let me tell you, I am SO HORNY right now. If I could touch my junk, watching that tape and then Emily touching me like that so close! I JUST NUTTED! OO!! No touch there either and I BLEW!! It's hard Again. You dumb lesbians are the best! Thanks a bunch! But don't let Megan hear that I said that! … You all SUCK!!” RoboMic tried to stand up and walk. He almost fell onto the bed, but instead crashed through the wall, making a big crumbling hole in the plaster. He looked sheepish and ashamed about that, and then just sat down, rattling the entire foundation of the building.

“I don't even watch the show,” Polina said. “It's maddening. Ashley is talking to Justin Fox now though! We should all crash their meeting and demand more fair representation on film!!”

“Or we could have an orgy,” Cora said. She was afraid to get into the politics and that her friends would be targeted and hurt. She was already too close to Emily.

“Or both!” Em said. Cora grinned. Sveta huffed and rolled her eyes. She tried to push the door shut, but it didn't really close. The tan Russian brunette took her black hair out of the ponytail and took off her sports bra. Everyone knew what that meant. Sveta and Polina double teamed Emily, smashing against her, and stripping her, knowing that Cora would be taking the lead soon. Polina went low on Em while Sveta hugged and kissed her. Cora cursed Sveta's ass and then controlled her with serum air like a ventriloquist, pulling her arms up, and her body off Em.

“What if I blast that lock compartment off your crotch?!” Polina asked RoboMic, taking a break from already making Em moan and wet. Polina shook RoboMic's man boobs and used his girth as a trampoline. RoboMic was going to be involved in the four woman orgy as a passive and excited observer. He still didn't really have good control over his limbs and body as that all was recharging, but he was fine with that.

“Don't do that,” RoboMic said. “Too risky. You broke me in the first place, Polina!”

“I know, hehe!” Polina said, twerking on RoboMic and tearing off his clothes. “I'll make it up to you somehow!! I'm a naughty naughty girl with a horny dick craving kitty! I deserve your robo-baby batter all over my sinful destructive little body! Do you wanna do puff puffs between my titties?!” RoboMic nodded and drooled.

“Oh no!” Emily said, inspecting RoboMic's naked body. “Your package really was converted to a legit lock box! Should we open it?! You shouldn't be an aggressive pervert, but it's not right for you to be hamstrung like this.”

“Penis strung,” Sveta and Cora said at the same time. Cora winked, and Sveta's remaining booty shorts and panties singed to nothing from Cora's curse.

“Just Fuck on Top of ME!” RoboMic said. “WOOEE! I mean... This is TORTURE! I'm only into Megan FOX... Kinda true... uh. OH! … I'm like a FUCKING Sperm WHALE! I've got loads forever! Sell what's in me instead of Viagra!!”

Polina found the box of sex toys under the bed. She gagged her own mouth with a red ball and spanked herself with a paddle. Then she took the ball out of her mouth and pushed herself atop RoboMic again, looking disappointed. “I wanna see his mecha-shlongs again! I bet he could cover us all in CUM!! HEHE! Ooh! Fun game. Mind control collar. Mind control collar!” Every time Polina said the phrase, 'mind control collar' RoboMic and all the other androids in earshot were forced to shut off and stop recording. Polina thought this would be like autoerotique asphyxiation before ejaculating. There was a hole in the wall, the door was open, and the very loud love making and craziness was for anyone who wanted to see it or join.

Somehow, Justin Fox and the others in the meeting hall didn't really know that all was happening. As soon as Ashley had made it to the meeting room, the doors were automatically locked behind her. Megan was dressed in a tuxedo t-shirt and black dress slacks. Justin was in a fancy black and red FC suit and tie, sitting on a stool. Little waisted Barbie bodied Abby D wore a sexy red top showing a lot of cleavage with spaghetti straps and a black leather skirt that sat high on her hips. She sat on a bed with her long black stocking covered legs crossed making this look nothing like a meeting. Abby stood up, groaned, and rolled her eyes. The only other person in the room was Romanian brunette Nicoleta. She wore a white cloth bikini top and brown khaki shorts.

“The Romanian was bad enough,” Abby said, teasing Mr. Fox's shoulder and collar with her fingers, “but this Russian bimbo. I'm out. You can come see me and talk again in private later, Mr. Foxy.” Megan looked down at the floor. She seemed like a spoiled child ready to throw a temper tantrum and cry without F6 or any of her usual mob around. She looked up with the fire of bravery in her eyes and said, “Uncle Justin! It's none of my business, but I thought you were staying away from all these fighting whores!” Abby laughed scathingly.

“I don't need to prove my superiority fighting all the time,” Abby said. “I like a good session of stomping a slut like this to the curb every once in a while.” Abby glared at Ashley and blew a dark cloud of serum air at her. Ashley dodged.

“Do you want me to make Abby a Fatal Five member?” Megan asked, clenching her fists. Abby strutted to the door. Mr. Fox worked his phone to unlock the door for her. Abby waved a little and winked. He winked back. Megan could tell they were engaged in an affair of some sorts, and she didn't like that, not that aunt Trudy was nice – she wasn't. She was a stuck up old bitch Megan assumed dead, but Abby and her uncle – ew! Gross! Not as bad as her uncle and some of these other chicks though. Abby swished her blonde locks and left. She wasn't concerned about the answer, and heard Mr. Fox chuckling. The double door locked behind Abby.

“I don't care about all that,” Mr. Fox said. “The show is going well. We have some ideas for this season to end with a Bang! Fans would've liked to have seen Abby take down one of the contenders for a tournament spot, but she wasn't into the idea, and no reason to force her into it. She's been invaluable for my physical and mental health in a supporting role with your aunt traveling so much for business and spearheading the mind control campaign. Trudy knows how things get with work.”

“You're hooking up with Abby and Megan doesn't like it?” Nicoleta asked. Ashley was shocked that Nicoleta said all that.

Megan screamed and ran her hands through her hair. She shouted, “SHUT UP, Romanian WHORE! You both got called here for NOT good reasons!!”

“I wouldn't say all that,” Mr. Fox said. “Both of you are popular with the fans, more so Ashley.” The way he looked Ashley up and down was territorial and a little creepy. She faked a smile. Mr. Fox stood up to walk around Ashley and sniff her. He poked, prodded, and groped her body, testing her breasts, ass, stomach, and hips as if he was measuring her for clothes.

“I don't like what I've heard about mind control,” Nicoleta said. “I'm sure you know what I've said, and where I stand. I'm not the only one. I am flattered, and grateful to be here getting serum and participating in this, but I don't know that a sales pitch will work on me.” Mr. Fox chuckled and adjusted his tie and slacks.

The man with short dark hair rested his foot on part of the stool, striking a pose. He said, “Everyone here is already sold on serum. Megan, sweetie, the company is happy with your work with the androids and with the show. It's making good money, but you can't have more droids. Your clique is great for TV, and we didn't expect you to have to talk our contestants into what is right, but it seems that many of the women you don't like have gotten misinformation about our great company.”

“Am I gonna get another fight?!” Ashley asked, wondering if she was supposed to fight Nicoleta. The two babes made eye contact.

“Certainly,” Mr. Fox said.

“NO!!” Megan screamed. “She's an UGLY Bimbo! And RUSSIAN! She lost TWICE!! I'd rather leave Antonia in! Fans like that stupid singer, right?! No one likes Trashley! She's Plastic!”

“I selected you two ladies, Nicoleta and Ashley, for this meeting,” Mr. Fox continued, “because you both are sort of loners and outsiders with seemingly strong morals and opinions. My company helps people. Whether you see it or believe it or not; we do.”

“Can you tell us more about the mind control?!” Nicoleta asked.

“Make Abby fight and beat stupid Trashley!” Megan shouted. “Stupid Mandy got another fight, Dajana should too. Her and Inna I think should make the tournament.”

“The fans want to see Ashley,” Mr. Fox said. “She should fight someone good and sexy, but not someone exquisite like Abby, or unbeatable like Cora or Viki.”

“Those whores are all TRICKS!” Megan shouted. “And no GOOD! Not unbeatable!” Mr. Fox rubbed his temples and shook his head, not making eye contact with Megan.

“Is that me?” Nicoleta asked. “I'll fight Ashley. I'm not throwing the fight though, if that's what you're asking! I'm in the tournament either way, right?! I wouldn't mind another win under my belt like Sara and Iryna got.”

“That's not what I'm asking,” Mr. Fox said, “but I'm fine with that match-up. Your only loss was against Maria, who is a Fatal Five and very good. We were impressed with your win over Sveta. The MFL is a partner company we want to stay on good terms with. What happened with their bot, RoboMic? He got busted?! Fix him up to do commentary for the tournament. We have a largely male audience who think the things he says out loud I'd imagine, and they enjoy that. A lot of women is great, but a male voice could fit in well.”

“Abby hates RoboMic,” Megan said.

“Nonsense,” Mr. Fox said. He hesitated. “We haven't spoken of him much. She doesn't want to be near him I recall... It's not important. Have Mandy fight someone else who is 1 and 2 after this, Megan.”

“Noo,” Megan whined. “Not Mandy. She's all boobs and nothing else! I hate her!” Mr. Fox furrowed his brows. Megan huffed and twisted her tuxedo t-shirt bottom.

“Are Nicoleta and I supposed to fight here and now?!” Ashley asked. “Are the locked doors like a cage? Are you an android?!”

Mr. Fox chuckled. Megan repressed a gag and said, “She's so dumb!! Please, Uncle Justin. Reconsider. Don't even bother to tell them about the good we do. They're not strong. They have weak minds too!”

“It seems the company needs to play a little better role in talking up our products and services other than serum,” Mr. Fox said. “It shouldn't matter to end this show, but many of you women are getting outspoken, and we don't want you to feel that your voices aren't being heard and that we don't care about your opinions. We make edits for the show the way it was originally planned. Should one of you advance far in the tournament or want to work with other Foxy Corp leaders other than my dear niece who is sometimes hard to work with, I will look forward to partnering you with other scientists, researchers, or field specialists. We identify a need and a problem with people, and fix that. Health and safety keep a civilization running. Serum air and mind control can bring in a brave new utopian future that benefits all of society!”

Nicoleta scrunched her nose. Ashley found herself nodding and smiling. She knew she was gullible, and trying to work on that quality in herself. Nicoleta said, “That's an interesting offer. I want serum and fights. I don't know about talking up your products and agenda. It seems... off.”

“Well, it's nothing for you to worry about,” Mr. Fox said. “Go ahead and just fight and miss out on the subtle nuances of greatness and opportunity. Megan may be right to think you have a weaker mind and body than others here. Miss Ashley, keep that sense of humor. I look forward to seeing the footage of you from this fight, and so will many of my colleagues.”

Mr. Fox slapped Ashley's ass and put his business card between her boob and black cloth bra piece. He licked his lips, ogling Ashley, and then left the room. Megan rolled her eyes and said, “He's not an android, stupid! You and Nicoleta fight now! In the portable cage! You're a dumb bitch to defy my uncle, Nicoleta, but I hope you win.” Ashley fished the business card off her nipple and Megan snatched it. The orgy of four women had just missed Mr. Fox and stood in the doorway. Megan shouted angrily, and called forth F6 on her phone. The EMCASA App was updating to tell everyone about the fight. RoboMic trailed behind, lumbering slowly with female juices still on his pudgy body in shorts and a t-shirt. He was able to tap into the footage of the meeting in his internal CPU.

“WOOEE!” RoboMic said. “Mr. Fox wants me to announce the tournament! I knew I came here for a reason! He's a baller and likes big titties too! NICE! I love you, Megan! These other whores suck!”
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Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 4-4 NV vs AT.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Preliminaries Round Four Fight Four:

Nicoleta Vaculov 2-1 vs Ashley Tervort 1-2

Megan Fox was a completely different person with her uncle not around. She was more confident, walking tall, ordering the women around, and backed by her personal bodyguard F6. It was the technology era, so the App update about the fight had reached nearly every EMCASA participant already. The group of women including the two babes set to fight, Nicoleta and Ashley, headed out of the dorm building towards the driveway where the portable cage was located. Several other Foxy Corp androids and allies arrived quickly to flank Megan. Fund was falling over herself as normal, and Maria was quiet, sour, goth, and glaring with her tattoos and fake boobs well covered. Megan was mad that Delia was one of the last of her supposed friends to show up at the cage. Delia was with her bot, Robert, and maybe wanting to stay away from Iryna and Mandy the blonde bimbos who were acting like they were cool with Megan now. Megan just wanted to use them.

Abby D looked like she was trying to bump Inna over with her hip and then serum air. Abby scowled at RoboMic and said, “Who decided to fix that junk heap?! Can't we keep the pathetic perverts just online and not make them be here in person?!”

“Lookin great, Abby!” RoboMic said. “WOOEE!!” Megan rolled her eyes. She'd break the news to Abby about her uncle wanting RoboMic up and running later... or not. She had a text from her uncle she could just forward. He explained that the MFL wanted to see that RoboMic was ok as they hadn't seen him on the TV show lately.

“Oh, ouch,” Emily said, adjusting her pink bikini top. “You've got to fight on the concrete out here. That's rough. The tile doesn't feel good either... I like the beach and the barn best.”

“You just like to fall on wood,” Cora teased. Em blushed.

The other nudist Polina, gave Ashley zero breathing room saying, “Street Fight! Teat Fight! Your big ole milk bags are gonna get torn up, ASH! Hehe! You should be named something different. Assley would make sense if you had a big ass. When you're all pale like this, Ghosty G Cup can be your name! Hehe!” Polina pressed Ashley up against the cage door. The hyper blonde had been all over Sveta like this for most of the season, but now had taken her flirty efforts to Ashley mostly. Ashley was one of the tallest fighters and had some of the biggest tits. Her bosoms got squashed against the door as she opened it, prepared mentally to fight Nicoleta. Ashley had opted for the androids to make her skin pale on her last healing which made a stark contrast between her black lingerie outfit and milky white skin. Polina tore the lace bra top from the choker necklace it had been attached too. The cloth slipped lower on Ashley's mounds, showing a little less underboob. Even though Polina had just been hooking up with three other women, Ash's thong panties and black stockings were a turn on. Polina stuck fingers between Ash's booty cheeks and pushed further to the private area.

“Leave her alone, and let her get in fighting mode,” Sveta said, pulling Polina away.

“RoboMic, can we see the footage from the meeting?” Em whispered to the fat blond obese cyborg from the MFL.

RoboMic shook her off, pretending to be aligned with Megan only and said, “Get AWAY from me WHORE! Psst, I love you, you're so sexy. BUT PLENTY of HOTTIES to SEE here! I wanna be closest to the hottest, the queen, Megan FOX!!”

The busty Romanian brunette, Nicoleta, smiled and put on a brave face, considering what the Foxy Corp owner Mr. Fox had said about her being a loner. Ashley was surrounded by friends. Megan had a posse. Robert approached Nicoleta to inject her with serum. The white cloth fabric of Nicoleta's bikini top and bottoms began to stretch as her ass and breasts enlarged slightly. That made her brown khaki shorts even tighter and smaller on her curvy body. Robert hoped to see some nipples exposed on Nicoleta's tan mounds. He only glimpsed for a second and then went back to Delia. Some of the other Romanian women began to arrive like Madalina, Natasha, Bianca, Ozana, and Sara. These people were more Nicoleta's speed. It wasn't that she didn't have acquaintances and friends here. She was just a private person and wasn't all up in everyone's business. Americans Carmela and Genesis were kind of tough loners too. Nicoleta was like that. She was cool and quiet, but she had already had two wins, and would be getting a third here to crush Ashley's hopes at a tournament spot!

The pop star, Inna, whispered to Megan, “Hey, am I gonna get another fight?”

“Uncle J wants this and then Mandy,” Megan said. “He hasn't been reading the popularity polls obvi. Can you beat Mandy? She used to be trash but does serum air now. Hit her with an attack hard now, and you can fight her next.” Inna nodded and clenched her fists, trying to charge up a volatile cloud of energy from the little residual serum stored in her body. Mandy had extra energy all around her body. Mandy clearly felt insignificant and hurt, based on how she used her serum air immediately to make her already sizable breasts bimbo sized, popping off buttons on her skimpy red blouse.

“You make it sound like you want me to lose,” Mandy said. Megan turned her head, ignoring the blonde Romanian as response. Inna tried to grab Mandy's hair to throw her down, but the blonde blocked with a pulse of dark serum air and then kicked Inna in the flank. Inna shot a dark glob of charged air at Mandy, which the blonde batted away with her arm. The energy hit the cage, sparking, and making a little explosion. Mandy jumped into the air. Her leg glowed golden. She kicked swiftly, smashing her bare foot into Inna's nose, and knocking the brunette singer over.

“That was just a slow start!” Inna said. “I can beat her for you, Megan! I'd wear her down physically first...” Inna began to think as Mandy towered over her, pounding her fists. The underboob shadows alone were formidable. Inna didn't like Mandy either, but why fight someone strong and on your side? Inna said, “Nicoleta will win. I'll take the fight after Mandy goes.” Megan shook her head and huffed. Dajana and Daniela helped Inna up. Mandy and Daniela exchanged interested glances at one another's big racks. Daniela had gotten a boob job, and both ladies were very interested in having the best and perfectly big breasts.

Most of the androids Megan was in charge of here were male prototypes with short brown hair and no other distinguishable upper features. F1 was the first and largest droid of the builds. There were some females too with dark hair and curves, but otherwise the same expressionless faces further shielded by sunglasses. F1 injected Ashley, the big Russian woman. Ashley's brown hair was falling out of the sloppy bun swirls with the follicles getting juice and growth from the serum. Ash didn't want her chest growing any more. She tried to fix her top which was about to drop low enough to expose her nipples, and accidentally tore the cheap fabric. RoboMic nearly broke everyone's eardrums with his gleeful shouts and wooing. Ashley stepped into the cage, not caring about her popularity, her giant jiggling tits being caught on camera, or any of the politics of EMCASA and Foxy Corp. Ashley simply wanted to win the fight. She would win the fight. Ashley slammed the door shut at the same time Nicoleta slammed the door from where she'd entered the cage. They stared at one another with ferocity and the primal urges to kill or be killed.

“Kiss your chances at the tournament goodbye,” Nicoleta said, feeling her biceps and quads tingle with power and nervous energy. Nicoleta needed to tap into serum air big this fight. Perhaps she needed to take some damage to unlock the beast within her. The idea of kissing stimulated and aroused Nicoleta. There were so many hormones in the serum. Nicoleta wanted to win as fast as possible and get to fucking Ashley. She took a step up and then back as Ashley advanced.

“I'll give this my all,” the topless brunette said. She threw the first punch. Her fist knocked away both of Nicoleta's blocking hands. Ashley leaned back, crouching, and plowed her other palm into Nicoleta's midsection. The bikini model bent from the blow, gasping, and was catapulted against the cage bars right behind her. Ashley misjudged how Nicoleta would ricochet, and whiffed on a haymaker punch. Nicoleta could feel the wind on that. She kicked Ashley in the flank. Ashley lowered her guard. Nicoleta used her speed, jabbing Ash in the face. The sound of the skin thwacking smack was satisfying, but there appeared to be no blood lost. Nicoleta sidled being Ash, dodging a rising patella. She grabbed Ash's messy hair, pulling it out of the hair tie. Ashley kicked hard into Nicoleta's knee. The bikini model was going to fall and that was fine.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. That was the thought and strategy Nicoleta went with as she tangled her ankles and shins with Ashley and clawed the topless broad's shoulder to get an extra grip for pulling. Ashley threw elbows and writhed to get free. She flipped around, landing on her big milky breasts. Nicoleta landed on her ass, fraying her brown shorts. Her perky brown mounds were moving a lot, stretching the woven white cloth top more. She yanked Ashley's hair. The Russian's determined face couldn't be seen with sweaty locks in the way. She got dragged on the cement, spilling crimson and lactate from her juicy jugs. Nicoleta got to her feet, worried about Ashley's weight and ground game. Ashley banged her shoulder into Nicoleta and chopped the Romanian's arm to break the hair hold. The lingerie model remained hunched with her melons dangling, and charged at her rival.

A fast reaction was necessary for Nicoleta. She jumped into the air, turning horizontal. She kicked one foot at Ashley, not meaning to obliterate the big bosoms and underboobs. The other foot came arching down, cracking Ashley in the head. The topless babe extended her arms to push Nicoleta crooked so that she wouldn't land well. Ashley fell onto her side, dazed and injured. Nicoleta landed hard on the pavement too, scraping up her side, but was up much faster. Ashley got her hands ready to box and took a quick jab to the nose. After that, she blocked a lot better. Then the kicks came in. Nicoleta had great aim, getting Ash off balance at the knee and then stomping her ankle. Maybe Ash should try something like that. She kicked hard enough to make Nicoleta's thighs and booty cheeks shake on impact. Then Ash blocked a high kick. She readied a punch, and got kicked in the crotch.

“F-fuck,” Ash grumbled. “I didn't see that coming. Should've seen it coming.” Nicoleta landed a right hook, spraying blood from Ash's mouth. She was on a roll now, pushing her adversary back with a combo of blows smacking abs and breasts. Ash struck Nicoleta in the kidney and it really hurt. Nicoleta uppercut Ash in the chin. The topless babe's head flew back. Her lean long tummy was open for more abuse and bruises. Nicoleta punched, and timed the head dropping for a nose twisting knuckle sandwich. Ashley gasped, bleeding onto her heaving chest. She had taken a lot of damage, and kicked Nicoleta hard in the navel to get the Romanian to back off. Ash lounged against the cage, trying to make the world stop spinning, and forcing healing energy away from her face to save for power for later. Nicoleta grinned and pulled off her shorts in a sexual way, trying to be careful not to rip them and her white woven bikini bottoms.

Ashley took this erotic moment to attack. She charged and tackled the bikini model. Nicoleta's nails destroyed what was left of her shorts. Her sexy body crashed into the other side of the cage with her shoulder blades scraping cage links, and Ashley still pushing as if she was going to topple the entire portable cage. Ashley wrapped her arms around Nicoleta, taking a grazing headbutt to the cheek. Ashley squeezed Nicoleta tight in a bearhug. Nicoleta was well endowed, but her knockers were lost in Ash's dominant and gigantic gazongas. Ashley's nipples got erect hugging her opposition with mammary meat squashing together. Hard teats were tearing into Nicoleta's top. Then the back popping began. Nicoleta yelped. Ashley got a lower grip on Nicoleta's back, lifting the tan brunette higher. Nicoleta arched her back, moaning, with a booby flopping out.

The celebrity wearing the tuxedo t-shirt, Megan, gathered her cronies into a huddle and whispered, “Any of you whores able to do serum air that won't be caught on camera?! Attack Ashley!”

The bikini model, Nicoleta, was getting crushed and squeezed ragged like a doll. She wasn't even kicking or thrashing. She was concentrating on using serum air. Bianca Fund tried to gather energy to attack Ashley, but it looked dark, so she sucked it back in. Mandy's attempt was golden, and still visible, but barely. She kept it growing near Ashley. Maria stood with her hand by her mouth, sort of hiding and not showing a lot of effort. Those who were good at serum air, could tell Maria, and Iryna were contributing most to the dangerous air gathering around Ashley. Ashley noticed the disturbance too late. Nicoleta was already gathering a lot of white charged energy of her own, tickling and tearing into Ash's chest and arms. Little explosions went off from Nicoleta's serum air. She thrashed, forcing Ash's arms apart, and kicked the big brute in the belly as she was dropped. Nicoleta saw the serum air and dropped for cover, landing awkwardly. Ashley turned and covered her eyes with the blinding flash of light. The explosion was big, flaying skin off Ash's arms and back. As she had turned, Nicoleta went on her hands and knees to cow tip Ashley. The topless Russian flipped over the bikini model's back, landing bad on her shoulder, head, and neck.

Nicoleta stuffed her tit back in her top and mounted her foe, kneeing Ash in the pussy and belly-button while climbing atop her. Nicoleta knew that she had been helped and felt guilty about that. She wanted to win though. She'd finish Ashley with a serum air attack of her own, so it would be fair. Nicoleta punched Ashley in the face. The Russian's head bounced off the ground. Then Ash began to block. Nicoleta still snaked in some more blood splattering face shots, but got less accurate as Ash blocked well and kicked into Nicoleta's body. Ash's mammoth mounds were so engorged and in the way of Nicoleta attacking Ash's neck. Nicoleta fired fist into the udders, unsure if the white splashing was breast milk, her own serum air casing on her strikes, or both. Ashley grunted while taking this beating, but used great flexibility for a position to kick Nicoleta hard in the gut. Ash's leg extension sent Nicoleta stumbling back far.

The chick in the black thong panties and stockings, Ashley, got to her feet, feeling very woozy, and barely able to make out the voices of friends over the android crowd noise. Ash's swollen breasts had taken a lot of damage and discoloration. A little softer touch and lower at her pussy was desirable about now. She struggled to breathe, sensing a lot of remnants of other people's serum air all around. Nicoleta was speedy, and tried to attack again. She was trying to overpower Ashley with serum air pushing her punch. Ashley had to use two hands to block. Ash's retaliation kick went high, hitting ribs and boobs. Nicoleta kicked Ashley in the thigh. The next kick Ashley was ready for. Ashley's serum air was a darkish blue like the lace on her panties as she rose her leg to block. The serum air shred the black stocking on that leg. Nicoleta grimaced and fired another big punch. Ashley parried it, feeling a surge in confidence! Ashley stepped up, and Nicoleta yanked Ashley's hair. Ashley batted away Nicoleta's hand, and got popped in the jaw. Ashley flinched and shook that off to knee Nicoleta in the kidney. Nicoleta's fingernails sliced deep into Ash's shoulder skin. Nicoleta tried to get away from the cage. Ashley grabbed the strap of Nicoleta's white bikini top and pulled. The top tore. Ashley's blueish fist decked Nicoleta. Scarlet burst from the Romanian's agape mouth, and only the cage wiring kept her from falling over. Ashley continued to attack. The topless bikini model squealed and bent with the body blows. Nicoleta punched Ashley in the crotch, but it didn't slow down the horny Russian.

Maria stood behind F2 and F9, a female droid, accessing voice copying software in the girl bot. Maria was forcing clear serum air around and into Ashley's ears. Iryna, Fund, and Mandy were trying to sabotage Ashley too for Megan, but weren't getting anywhere. Maria copied Cora's voice to whisper to Ashley, “There's another serum air charge behind you!” Ashley didn't really trust the feelings she had while fighting and hearing this, but trusted Cora's voice. Ashley stopped attacking and ducked.

“She's mental!” Megan laughed, pointing. Nicoleta was happy for a few seconds to breathe. She kicked and kneed into Ashley's body and neck, and tried to shove her over. Ashley stood her ground. She looked back at Cora who pointed at Maria. Cora showed a black serum air curse thread struggling with something invisible near Ashley's head. Nicoleta's foot glowed a brilliant white as she booted Ashley in the mandible. CRACK! Blood spurted. It looked like a knockout the way Ashley bled and staggered. Nicoleta scrunched her nose and got ready to try and finish this. Ashley roared. A blue hue of aura was around her as she pushed all she had into ramming and running Nicoleta over. The sexy topless bodies pushed together. Ashley rammed Nicoleta into the cage, and all the extra power and serum air pushed the portable cage over. It wasn't held by a crane as usual and was on a slight hill on the concrete. The toppling cage forced the wrestling women apart. The spectators yelped. Androids pushed against the cage to make sure it didn't roll too far or too much. Both women were smart to keep hands and feet on the cage grating to not have anything crushed as it rolled. Ashley's black thong bottoms were crooked. Her breasts billowed out and over the warm bars with her flat on her front. Her ass cheeks clenched. She knew balance and strategy would be important, so she got up slowly. A swift kick creamed her pink pussy. Nicoleta was already up and striking. She kicked Ash's leg that still had a stocking on it. Nicoleta careened a chop off Ash's sideboob, and spun for a roundhouse KO. Ashley moved the entire cage, leaning on purpose to make Nicoleta miss. The cage was egg shaped atop and Ashley was at that end with the thing on its side. She didn't have to jump to grab the top of the links and lift her legs. That thrust Nicoleta forward. Ashley wrapped her legs around Nicoleta's neck.

With her arms up and her hands holding the links, Ashley was vulnerable to punches. Her tits only got in the way of Nicoleta's first few desperate strikes. The the Romanian found Ashley's face, making it look a bit swollen and marred. Nicoleta used her final push of serum air to get free from the choke. She punched Ashley in the stomach and headbutted the dangling Russian's kitty. Ashley dismounted, trying to land away from Nicoleta. She gingerly curled her feet avoiding the cage holes and curled her body, absorbing glancing punches and kicks. Ashley backed up, and Nicoleta did a better and faster job of keeping her balance with her arms out like an airplane. Nicoleta charged. Ashley threw her shoulder into the side of the cage. A brutal punch knocked out three of Ashley's teeth, but she wasn't the topless combatant to fall. CRUNCH!

The cage rolled over Nicoleta's ankle, breaking it, and forcing her down in agony. Ashley sprawled out over the trapped and pained babe. Nicoleta was bent backwards awkwardly. Ashley could've smothered her with her tits, but all touch there hurt too much presently. Ashley rocked the cage to her advantage while atop Nicoleta, freeing the brunette's ruined leg, but snaring an arm. Ashley sat on Nicoleta, punching her silly. The carnage was quick, and the gore was subdued for how much damage Ashley was doing with the last of her energy. Nicoleta was arched over the cage wiring, trembling and paralyzed. The footage from Robert and RoboMic was honed in on her protruding chest. Ashley's eyes were elsewhere. The victorious Russian stood up carefully and then stomped Nicoleta's bruised belly. Nicoleta whined, folded, and spit up blood. She could barely twitch with her head and neck so damaged. Ashley got on her hands and knees, looking so hot, as she went down on the bikini model, tonguing around like a helicopter blade to push the white woven cloth apart and make Nicoleta squirm with pleasurable feelings at her loins to combat the breaks of her limbs and the match losing strikes still oozing from her head and face.

With the Romanian brunette stripped nude, Ashley opened a side door of the cage, and exited out the top of the fallen dome, pulling Nicoleta by the hair. Ashley hopped onto the pavement, happy to no longer have to focus on her footing and footwork. She pulled the sexy and lifeless doll along, spreading her out on her back for the victory sex. Ashley pulled off her panties and had a horde of allies wanting to engage in an orgy with her. Androids offered Ashley sex toys. Ashley still didn't really understand what was going on with Iryna. She pointed at the short blonde and said, “We trained together in cuffs! I thought we were friends, but I'm pretty sure you attacked me during this battle!”

“It's not on camera,” Iryna said with no feeling, “but I did admit I betrayed you all.”

“We just had sex,” Sveta said, pulling Polina away, and not succeeding. “Let Ash have this one.” The winner wearing one black stocking was shot with a serum dart in the tailbone to help recover and give her strength for the fatality. Ashley allowed Polina to help with the strap-ons, and the two of them fucked Nicoleta together. Nicoleta took a lot of penetration and did most of the sucking and oral. Polina would lick anything and had a paddle and ball gag to spice things up. Polina swatted Nicoleta's ass like she was trying to whack a tennis ball into another dimension. Polina sucked all over the ball gag, forced it deep into her own crotch and behind, and then strapped it over Nicoleta's mouth. Polina was loud enough during the sex for all three women. Nicoleta's cries were muffled as Ash rammed her from behind into a creamy orgasm. Polina tried to milk Ashley, and take control, but her allies yelled at her to calm down. Polina pouted and let Ashley take control, rattling off new sex ideas.

“Someone needs to gag her,” Megan said with irritation. She couldn't watch this shit any longer. Uncle Justin would be happy Ashley made the tournament, but Ashley wouldn't win again. Ashley's erotic high began to die down after over thirty minutes of sex and many women walking away. Polina held Nicoleta up under the arms, ramming her with a strap-on in the anus. Ashley smothered Nicoleta between her healing bosoms. Ash's big rack hardened with serum air. The blue wasn't from bruises or abrasions now. Her chest got bigger and sharper. Nicoleta's head didn't bounce and push into soft titties any longer. She was being beaten and bludgeoned by the breasts now. Ashley's left boob got sharp and pointy with serum air around it. Ashley jabbed that razor edge into Nicoleta's jugular, spurting blood everywhere. It was a deep cut. Ashley swung her jugs, beheading Nicoleta with a the double titty slap to the face. The head barely split off and the ball gag popped out of the mouth. Polina kept humping the corpse in the anus and decided to pull out to squirt anyone close with as much fake jizz as possible. When Polina was involved, all the sex toys got drained. RoboMic couldn't count how many times he nutted watching. He couldn't even touch himself, but he was starting to think that his crotch compartment wasn't such a curse. His robotics sucked in the splooge, put it back, and allowed him to keep hard and going on and on.

Polina was still full of energy, wanting to fornicate with the androids as they bagged Nicoleta's body. Ashley was tired and ready for a bath and healing. She didn't even need calming drugs. She'd punched her ticket into the tournament, and now could begin to think of the implications of her meeting with Mr. Fox, and how she wanted to play out her options moving forward.


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Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 4-5 GL vs MD.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Preliminaries Round Four Fight Five:

Genesis Lopez 1-2 vs Mandy D 1-2

This was it; the last preliminary fight before the tournament for the mind control collar and EMCASA champion bragging status. Even though maybe Alexis deserved to get the fight against Mandy, Megan didn't like Alexis or anyone associated with Sara and Antonia, so Genesis was able to talk Megan into giving her the fight. Megan had tried to do a little serum air and mind control on Genesis to test her, and it hadn't worked. That gave Megan confidence in Genesis. Genesis likely wouldn't throw any matches, but the busty Latina bruiser could certainly beat some of the annoying whores who had made the tournament or who would make Megan sick just looking at them. Alexis was in her room crying and pouting, but everyone else at the estate headed out to the beach to see the battle.

To show solidarity heading into the tournament, Megan and Foxy Corp had purchased matching black strapless swimsuit tops, black bottoms, black sunglasses, and black sunhats for the Fatal Five. All who were loyal to the company got all of that minus the hat and wore it. Megan's top was encrusted with gold gems sparkling in the late afternoon sunlight. Her hat was black with red spots and the Foxy Corp logo in many of the red circles. Delia's hat had silver circles with #2 and the Foxy Corp logo in some, Maria's hat had purple #3's, and Bianca Fund's hat had pink #4's. Abby had a hat with gold circles and no numbers. The bustier women were struggling to keep the strapless tops up; most comically Fund, who also had a giant ass, and hadn't yet caught on to using serum air to keep the top snug over her mammary mounds and not exposing her nipples. Inna walked up to Megan, wishing she had a hat. She said, “This can't be the last fight. I can beat Alexis. Nicoleta shouldn't make it in at 2-2 and with being a dumb slut who is against the company.”

“I know,” Megan said, “I agree, but I don't care. I don't need your help Inna. Where do stupid Mandy and Iryna get off wearing hats like us?! That WASN'T the plan BIMBOS!!”

“Mine is coming off now,” Mandy said, getting up from her beach towel. She'd been lounging and tanning the entire day, looking golden brown and sweaty. She stood up, kissed her lips together, and pushed the hat off her long blonde hair with a push of golden chi. The hat was black with white spots and curled like a withering spider as the serum air sparked and burnt it. Mandy adjusted her mostly pink and white strapless top with flower designs on it, and took her sunglasses of slowly, like Clark Kent becoming Superman – all while staring at Robert, an android who liked her and her big boobs and who would be filming this automatically from his eyes.

“WHAT the FUCK?!” Megan shouted, shoving Mandy. “The TOP! I didn't want all us to dress the same anyway, but it was supposed to be BLACK!! You can't Follow SIMPLE rules?!”

“I got kind of lazy with the suntan lotion and let my boobs be regular size,” Mandy said. “I'll puff up. I can go get that black top now.”

“Don't bother,” Megan said. “You're not with us. I don't consider you an ally.” Mandy shrugged and began to beef up her body with serum air before even getting injected. Her tan melons enlarged, pushing the colorful top down. Mandy's tits flopped out and RoboMic cheered with glee. Mandy wanted to flirt with Robert, but Delia wasn't going to let him anywhere near her. Mandy had to settle for being injected with serum by F1. The syringe went in her back, but Mandy's boobs kept growing, far surpassing normal bimbo Barbie proportions. Megan fake gagged very loudly several times.

“How come you don't care that Abby is wearing a hat?” Inna asked Megan.

“Quit being a pest, Inna,” Megan said. “You're useless to me now. Give me SPACE! F6 don't let her near me!” the blond android nodded and showed more sympathy on his face than Megan with a nod and gesture with his hand for Inna to move along. Inna couldn't believe she was getting the same treatment as Dajana and Daniela now. Inna thought she was tough. Stupid serum air. Inna hoped to see Genesis fail miserably.

The bodybuilder brunette and successful UFSO fighter, Genesis, was focused on fighting. She'd been using all of her resources to get serum to smoke and train alone. She felt ready to pulverize Mandy. Gen was a lot bigger than Mandy in all aspects of the word big. Gen had wide hips, huge breasts, impressive muscles, an ass to crush cans or anything small and weak like Mandy's face, and Gen was taller. Mandy's inflated knockers were a lot larger than Gen's as Genesis had actually been modifying her body to have smaller tits for more speed. Genesis was topless in a pink skirt and no panties with bikini tan lines over her mouthwatering bosoms and at her crotch and waist that would be seen later. F9 injected Genesis with serum, and the brute roared, stomping her feet in the sand with the frenzy of a berserker. Genesis walked over to Mandy's towel and stomped Mandy's sunglasses to a fine powder before showing her quickness to sprint into the open cage in the sand.

“That wasn't necessary,” Mandy said, fondling her own breasts. She squeezed them and tried to lick them. She eyed Gen and added, “Did your tits get smaller?! WHY would you DO that?!”

“I'm not a desperate slut for attention like you!” Gen said, slamming the cage door shut. “I'm going deflate you, your fake tits, and your ego!!”

“They're not fake,” Mandy said, “it's just how I use my serum in and out of my body. You'll feel how real they are when they're popping your head off late—mmf!” Mandy never finished her sentence since she'd been staring at her own cleavage and not Genesis. The bodybuilder slugged Mandy in the mouth, drawing blood immediately. Gen was convinced Mandy wasn't strong, and could only appear strong for a little bit, wasting energy on things like being bustier. Gen stomped Mandy's knee. Mandy yelped, limped, and chest bumped Gen. That went nowhere. Genesis hunched like a sumo wrestler, wrapped her arms around Mandy's waist, and body slammed the blonde to the ground.

The topless blonde in the black bikini bottoms was sweaty and wiry. She wriggled free of Gen, using serum air to coat her body and make it slicker. Gen's punch hit the sand like a rocket blasting apart the ground. Sand and dust flew. Mandy flailed a kick and knee into Gen's body and got to her feet, trying to titfight. Their chests collided as Gen rose. She uppercut Mandy in the navel, and then kneed her rival in the pussy. Genesis wanted to pulverize and destroy in a way that was more brutal and physical than even Ozana fought. Ozana aimed to destroy inner organs. Gen was going to pound Mandy's skeleton to dust if Mandy's innards could survive the punishment.

“Did you see she's not wearing any panties?” Em whispered to RoboMic.

“I was ogling boobies,” RoboMic said. “Let me rewind my memory real quick – WOOEE!! You're right!! Good call!! It's great to be back, and don't stand so close to me by the cage!” Megan rolled her eyes. When RoboMic thought Megan wasn't looking he tried to hug Em and Cora, but Cora retreated to a chair. With RoboMic back, it was a large body right by the cage, blocking women from seeing the match or cameras at times, but his vision did record what he saw for Foxy Corp. Cora could practically feel how the fight was going. Em liked being close to the cage, but decided to go sit on Cora's lap to not get RoboMic in trouble. RoboMic was dumb. He didn't understand that the Fatal Five and other women knew he didn't like Megan best. He was owned by the MFL, so Foxy Corp hadn't been able to make him a completely obedient servant with no free thought. Megan would use and manipulate him as much as she could though.

Gen stomped Mandy's ankle and slammed a palm into Mandy's jaw. Mandy took it well, but looked dazed. Gen rammed her knuckles into Mandy's kidney. Mandy's brown eyes opened wide with tears in the corners, and blood spilled from the sides of her frowning mouth. Mandy clenched her teeth and socked Gen in the nipple, still playing booby games. Gen grabbed Mandy's blonde hair and wrecked her pretty face with a punch. She didn't stop at one punch. Mandy tried to use serum air to slip away, and gave one last playful punch up into Gen's mounds. It was a mistake. Mandy shrieked and screamed as her lips were busted, teeth were chipped, and her face took terrible damage. The gore was off the charts. Mandy had to try and knee Genesis and strike the attacker in the midsection. The attacks looked weak, but Genesis was gasping for breath. She tried to snag Mandy in a clinch to transition into a bearhug, but didn't expect Mandy's breasts to be so firm. Mandy was slippery. The blonde with her face covered in blood kicked off Gen's hip and Gen lost her grip at Mandy's wet back. Mandy fell into the sand and rolled. Granules stuck to open wounds and the perspiration all over Mandy's bimbo body.

“Not having so much fun against someone good?!” Gen asked, cracking her knuckles, and looking ready to charge and murder.

The well endowed Romanian, Mandy, spit blood, and saw some of her front tooth go with it. She cringed and smacked a fist into her palm. She said, “If you think you're wearing me down, you're dead wrah-AHH!” Genesis had lifted her leg and plowed her heel into Mandy's navel. Mandy's mentor, Antonia was still in healing since Megan wasn't in a rush to get her out, feeling betrayed. Antonia would've been shaking her head at Mandy. Mandy tended to run her mouth and be flashy in a fight. Mandy began to block a little better and stopped Gen from grabbing her hair again. Mandy tried to dock her tits onto Gen's chest. Mandy had to jump to do this, and it was wasted energy. Gen's melons were pushed down. She grappled with Mandy, and pushed the blonde's arms back and into the cage. Gen got the last laugh with the breast docking, and not by intent. She headbutted Mandy in the mouth, breaking Mandy's nose. Mandy kicked Gen between the legs and knocked the brunette back with a blast of dark serum air. Mandy tried to grin and look cool, but with all the blood, her heaving chest, and teeth broken or missing, she looked kind of goofy. The automatic healing went to her teeth, and Mandy did care about how she looked, so she allowed it.

The Latina warrior, Genesis, lunged at Mandy and missed. She crashed off the cage and then kicked Mandy in the flank. The topless blonde bent with the blow. The swelling on her face was down, until Gen mashed another palm strike into Mandy's mandible. Mandy tried to shake that off, ducking, and stumbling around in the sand. Mandy swung her fist up into Gen's crotch and then pulled down Gen's pink skirt, showing everyone the Latina's big booty and pussy. Mandy's nails scratched Gen's thighs as she finished stripping the beast nude, tearing the cloth. Gen slammed fists up into Mandy's breasts. The giant orbs sprayed lactate, eliciting and groan and scoff from Megan and many of the other women watching who hated that. RoboMic loved it, and cheered louder. Mandy flopped around like a limp noodle, smiling, and saying, “I got ya naked!” Genesis shouted in anger and threw a haymaker punch. Mandy looked shocked and troubled, trying to dodge. Her serum air was visible for a moment.

Gen's punch went over Mandy's shoulder. Her fist bent the cage link and her arm got stuck from the force. Mandy had planned for that to happen and kneed Gen in the ribs. Mandy sidled behind Gen, sticking a finger in her mouth. Mandy goosed the brunette in the ass, and then rocked back to deliver a punch to the Cerebellum. Gen used a ton of her power and serum air to spark against the metal cage and break the link where she was trapped. Her arm flew out and backwards, hitting Mandy in the neck, head, and ear. The topless blonde was knocked onto her side in the sand again. Gen climbed the cage. Mandy winced bleeding from the ear. Gen hopped off a high part of the cage, hoping to land her ass onto Mandy's belly. Mandy screamed and dove into the sand, covering herself in it. Gen got her feet down to land. It was like Gen created an earthquake tremor the way Mandy tripped. Gen kicked Mandy in the side of the knee. Mandy wiped sand from her eyes and took a gutbuster punch that made her spit up more blood. Mandy was hunched and sobbing now.

“MEET your MAKER!” Gen said. Mandy's milky breasts dribbled lactate on her knees. She was hyperventilating, and it wasn't an act. Mandy had been powering up her serum air around Gen's head to try and impress Megan with mind control again. This left Mandy very weak and wobbly. Sand fell off her ass cheeks with her doubled over. Gen uppercut Mandy in the pussy, bunching the black bikini bottoms, and tearing some of the cloth. Mandy's eyes rolled. Her tongue hung out as she panted and got wet. Genesis then swung her leg with a KO stomp to Mandy's head. There was a loud impact noise, and Gen thought it was strong enough to dent or crush Mandy's skull. Mandy staggered with wide eyes and blood dribbling from her ears and all over her face. She was not healing the face injuries. Mandy backed against the cage, looking vulnerable and ripe for the kill. Gen grabbed the busty blonde by her big tits. Gen put a death grip into the mammary meat, twisting, and trying to tear off Mandy's leaking knockers. Gen raised Mandy off her feet with her nails puncturing into the still firm breasts of the ragged blonde doll. Mandy's pink pussy could be seen through the tear in her bikini bottoms. She didn't move an inch in Gen's clutches, and put her head back like she was done.

The taller and naked chick, Genesis, pulled down on Mandy to force the blonde's head forward. Gen crashed her forehead into Mandy's face once, twice, and then a third time, injuring herself in the process, but decorating the fighting area with crimson. Mandy had been shielding with serum air, but she was in a bad way now. Gen let go of Mandy's breasts. The blonde's chin hit Gen's shoulder. Gen had a headache. Mandy's serum air entered Gen's brain through her ears. Mandy whispered, “I've got you right where I want you. You trained with the wrong type of serum”

“NO YOU DON'T!” Gen shouted, lifting Mandy under the arms and by the crotch. Gen stretched Mandy on her shoulders, bending the topless blonde and making her moan. Megan clapped and smiled. Gen pulled Mandy down, ready to snap the blonde's spine with a backbreaker. Mandy gave up on the mind control and used that energy to explode near Gen's arm. Blood and flesh flayed off Gen's hand and arm gripping Mandy's underarm. She lost grip of Mandy's vagina too as the blonde kicked her in the tit. Gen's teat was milky, and she wondered if UFSO serum wasn't as good as the others. Her boobs weren't supposed to be getting bigger and lactating too. Mandy hit the ground face first with a thud. Gen took a deep breath. Mandy's body rolled around in the sand in agony with dark serum air around her body. Then her fit ass clenched. She turned her head to breathe, but she couldn't focus or look straight anywhere. She looked dead as a doornail.

The nude brunette climbed the cage, rocking it, all the way to the top. Gen pounded her collar and chest, feeling the victory coming, and hopped off to finish Mandy. Mandy wasn't moving at all, so Gen pulled up her legs for a cannonball. It was a direct hit, but Gen's tailbone and everything hurt so much, like she'd missed. The dark form underneath her was the shape of Mandy, but the blonde had created that image out of serum air. The explosion under Gen's ass hurt. Mandy popped up like a jackrabbit from her hiding spot in the sand and kicked Gen under the chin. Blood flew. Gen's head tilted up and she landed on her back. The blonde took this moment to dive on Gen. Gen was tough and strong, so Mandy had to go into jujitsu and submission holds right away. Mandy trapped Gen's arm while moving frantically. Gen managed to hit Mandy, but the blonde had the positioning and the hold down, using her leg and her arms to wrench Gen's arm. Pop! CRACK! SNAP!

The gassed brunette had nothing left in the tank. She screamed and cried as Mandy flipped her over to further cripple her. Gen tried to do a push-up, but her leg got twisted like a pretzel. She would've tapped out if she could, but she couldn't. The torque made her yell, but she wouldn't beg for mercy. She gnashed her teeth to die with honor, knowing this limb would be broken too. There were short crackling noises. Gen's nails went into the bloody sand. She almost kicked Mandy hard enough to stop the submission, but Mandy was good with serum air and defense. CRUNCH! Gen's ankle folded like paper. Her knee joint was toast too and her elbow was poking through the skin on her broken arm. Mandy propped Gen into a sitting position and humped Gen in the face. Mandy's sandy vagina was no treat to Gen, who was dying, but trying to heal and hang in there.

“You wanna have sex with us, Megan?” Mandy asked.

“OF COURSE NOT!” Megan shouted. “I thought you were gonna lose! Why tease me?!”

“I'll lose to you in the first round of the tournament if you want,” Mandy said, “but I'd rather fight Ozana or Sara!”

“You won't fight either of them!” Megan shouted. “Dumb bimbo! And... And, no more group fucking in the tournament! Unless it's the Fatal Five punishing and humiliating a loser. Do it solo. No sex toys either for you for this, Mandy!” Megan slapped the strap-on out of F2's hand and used a very good shot of serum air to knock the dildo from F9's hands into her mouth.

“Fine, whatever,” Mandy said. Mandy made use of her fingers and mouth. Gen wasn't a willing participant for sex, but Mandy finger blasted her, fisted her lower holes front and back, and tongued Gen into orgasmic bliss. Mandy also put Gen in a headlock and milked her tits. Mandy couldn't resist some kissing and a titfight to show how big and dominant her rack was. With the winner's serum dart in her, Mandy got a little carried away and ripped off Gen's broken arm and broken leg. She thought that might cut Gen's pain so Gen would get into the sex, but that didn't work. Mandy had to knock Genesis out, cranking her neck, and then use Gen's one arm and hand left to sit and spin on it to please herself. Mandy was irritated by this and tried to fuck herself with serum air, but that wasn't that great either. The victorious blonde was looking sexy after the winner's serum dart had her healing her face and injuries almost to normal. Many women were willing to jump her bones, but were not allowed.

Mandy took her time playing with Gen, not really realizing how this was pissing off Megan even more. Mandy used Gen's ejaculate as finger paint and got them both lactating into the mix. Mandy tossed Gen around like a sack of potatoes, humping her face, wrecking her neck, spanking the big brown booty, etc. After leaving for a while, Megan came back to shout at Mandy, “If you don't kill her in five minutes, you're not making the tournament!”

The blonde shook her head and sat Gen up against the cage. Mandy began smothering Gen between her breasts. Mandy pulled apart her unreal large breasts with her hands to clamp them around Gen's neck and put the squeeze on. Mandy was counting out her time out loud for herself until Megan shot at Genesis with serum air to try and kill her. Mandy twisted her body, popping and lopping the brown haired babe's head off between her bosoms. Megan's serum air took a chunk out of Mandy's shoulder. Mandy stood up, looking a little glum and dejected. She went to kick the dirt, and accidentally knocked Gen's head away from F2 who was trying to bag it and the body. Mandy apologized, something a real Fatal Five member would never do. Mandy expected to be hated by the women who had still watched all of this, but it was quite the opposite. She got some compliments. Ozana mouthed off and ignored Mandy, but Sara sad something nice quick in passing. It was a blur for Mandy. She needed a real healing. She was glad to make the tournament, but she wasn't so sure about her decisions to be loyal to Megan and to hold a grudge against Sara and Ozana.


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Jan 6, 2022
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European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Tournament Bracket:

Uncle Justin continued to be a pain in Megan's ass. All he asked to see for the tournament was Abby against “that Nicoleta woman who was so misinformed about the company and they needed to keep an eye on”, and Mandy against Ashley because, “The fans will like two chicks with the biggest boobs fighting”. That ask was huge, and Megan threw a temper tantrum when her uncle wasn't around. She didn't want to set those matchups, but she did schedule them anyway. Megan wasn't going to set up the tournament in a way that made sense numerically. She told everyone that she was going to randomly assign matchups, but everyone knew that wasn't true. The producers still put that announcement in the TV show though.

Megan ranked herself first and the other three of her main posse next, with Delia still #2 and Fund 4th as she'd lost a match. The input from the Foxy Corp production team said that Cora and Viki had to be ranked next highest as they were 3-0, which Megan didn't like, but obeyed. From there on out it was pretty much a favorites game. Megan was so worried about Cora and Viki, she put them against one another, and then hoped the winner would lose to Maria. Polina would also be a tough competitor who Megan was happy to make Maria fight and not to face. Megan didn't trust Mandy or Iryna, and Iryna said that she would fight and beat Delia, and prove that Delia wasn't loyal to the Fatal Five. So that's how the bracket was set up with Megan wanting to destroy Antonia's lover Ozana with her own hands first to start the tournament off with a bang! Megan gave Ozana a 10 seed also so it looked like she was taking on a tougher opponent. Megan had also toyed with the thought of taking on and humiliating Emily, but threw her to Fund for fucking up.

1. Megan Fox vs 10. Ozana Love

9. Mandy D vs 15. Ashley Tervort

3. Maria Heart vs 11. Polina Sitnova

6. Sara Calixto (Cora) vs 5. Viki Odintcova

2. Delia Matache vs 8. Iryna Ivanova

13. Sara C vs 12. Bianca Dragusanu

7. Abby Dowse vs 14. Nicoleta Vaculov

4. Bianca Fund vs 16. Emily Elizabeth


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Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 5-1 MF vs OL.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Tournament Round One Fight One:

1. Megan Fox vs 10. Ozana Love

The black haired Romanian model, Ozana, headed out on a sexy golf outing with female androids F10 and F9 and two male producers of the show who might as well have been androids with how they wore sunglasses and weren't very expressive or talkative. The men weren't bad looking, but nothing stood out about them. There was no flirting or teaching her how to swing a club, not that she needed it. Ozana wore a white Adidas visor and white socks, black sneakers, and a black bra top with the straps coming together and hiding cleavage but showing some underboob. Her long hair was down. Her freckled and and fit tummy was showing abs when she'd use her serum air that way, but her navel was covered by the high sitting black skirt. Her legs looked long and lean like the golf clubs and she kissed her voluptuous lips together and posed frequently, knowing F9 and F10 were filming.

About halfway through the round of golf, Ozana started to feel a little paranoid. There was no casual chit chat. The game seemed competitive and fast paced. The Foxy Corp producers, Levin and Martin, wore sunglasses, polo shirts, and khakis and looked like real humans with nice muscle definition. It was too nice. It sounded like their names were 11 and 14 a few times. Ozana hadn't asked Megan for permission to go golfing since she'd been invited out by Foxy Corps producers, and honestly – fuck Megan. Ozana couldn't wait to beat, fuck, and kill her. Hole 18 had a bend around trees to the green, and there next to the sand traps was F2 sitting in a crane with the portable cage in the grass. Foxy Corp Hummers and limos could be seen parked past the hole. F9 couldn't get Ozana a club fast enough. Ozana snatched the first thing available, a putter, and wielded it like a sword, whipping around and feeling a dark energy.

“Chill out, bitch,” Megan said, picking her wedgie with her long white nails. Megan walked up to Ozana with a driver over her shoulder. Megan wore a bright pink crop top that was so small and tight it looked like it was made for a doll or a small human with no breasts. Megan's bright pink boxer shorts or undies were the same make, showing camel toe and clinging to Megan's excited private area. Megan's eyes looked especially blue in the backdrop of her black and blue serum air energy and wearing a white and blue bracelet. Megan sneered at the sweating Romanian and said, “If I had wanted to ambush you, you'd be passed out and bleeding from the head already.”

“So you were trying to wear me out before our fight with the golf?!” Ozana asked. “I think you were and are planning to ambush me! You couldn't sneak up on me because I felt you coming!!”

“We are going to fight here,” Megan said, gripping both hands hard on the holder of the 1 Wood. Her veins bulged and she looked curvier than normal, a sign that she was already on a little serum. Megan added, “I just wanted to tee off once, and charged up. You wanna fight here and now with serum air and get dragged into the cage?!” F10 shot Megan in the shoulder with a serum dart. Megan's android F6 walked towards the scene from the vehicles. Levin and Martin finished putting quickly and left without another word or glance in Ozana's direction. With F9 and F10 faced the combative women. F6 fired a blast of dark serum air at Megan. Megan didn't even flinch. It didn't hurt her, it just pushed her pink top up to show her tits.

“This is a SET UP!” Ozana said. “Give me a serum dart NOW!”

“You attacked ME!” Megan shouted.

The black haired babe in the skirt, Ozana, held her putter up with two hands to block Megan swinging the driver at her head. The metal rod of the putter bent. Megan sneered, spitting, and looking demonic, but smelling nice as she was so close. Megan's dark energy exploded near Ozana's hands. Ozana lost grip of her putter. Megan kicked Ozana between the legs. Megan swung the driver. There was a loud clunk and a scream that made birds fly from the trees. The raven haired beauty toppled over. Her white visor hit the ground second with a bludgeon splatter of scarlet on it. Ozana had taken the club to the head with Megan very powered.

Despite the immediate healing and serum air, Ozana was out a few minutes with a concussion and head trauma. Megan had whacked Ozana four times in the head and kicked Ozana while she was down. Megan dragged Ozana to the cage by the wrist, getting grass stains and cherry burns on the Romanian's long legs and abs. Once in the cage, Megan gripped Ozana's hair too and flung her into the side of the cage. Megan stripped off all of her own tight pink clothes, shredding the cloth. Then the self proclaimed #1 seed tore off Ozana's bra. Megan clawed Ozana's perky breasts and left bloody scratch marks on the orbs. Megan twisted Ozana's nipples, and then got on her knees to punch Ozana in the crotch. Megan reached in for the black panties, removing them, and then stood up the concussed chick. F9 shot Ozana with a serum dart, and then Ozana began to heal and awake.

“Come on bitch,” Megan said, boxing Ozana in the cheek and the face with lefts, rights, and feigns. “You wanted to fight early! Then I knocked you on your ass and you can't do shit!!” Megan bitch slapped Ozana as the Romanian came to. The topless model in the skirt grunted and shook off her daze. Megan kicked Ozana in the thigh. Ozana threw a punch at the blue eyed celebrity's face. Megan dodged and smirked. She kneed Ozana in the gut, making the skirt waistband slip down and show Ozana's bruising navel. Ozana shoved Megan back. She stumbled into the cage.

“You're gonna cheat this whole fucking tournament, aren't ya?!” Ozana said, clenching her fists.

“Says the slut who suckered me with a weak ass serum air attack,” Megan said. “You wanted your fame, and tired yourself out trying to impress the company guys who thought you were ugly and dumb with golf. HA! Lame!”

“I didn't attack you!” Ozana shouted. “That was F6! The videos will show it! You were on serum and I wasn't!” Ozana kicked Megan in the shin. Megan threw a high punch. Ozana dodged. Ozana was out of her element and trying to punch Megan in the face. Megan kicked Ozana in the flank. The topless babe yelped. She kicked high at Megan's face, and realized she wasn't wearing any panties. Megan put a knee on the ground to uppercut Ozana in the pussy. From there, Megan wrestled Ozana to the ground by her leg, tossing the lanky and sexy golfer down. Ozana kicked Megan off, but was slow to get up.

The nude brunette Megan, stood over Ozana, smiling big with malicious intent. Megan said, “The video won't show that because you're delusional.”

F10 chimed in, “I got a reading for serum air around you miss, Ozana. Megan's power was much higher after the initial attack and confrontation, but you had access to serum.”

“O FUCK YOU!” Ozana roared. “Megan, is a Big CHEATER and I'll still beat her!” Ozana tackled Megan at the knee. Megan gouged flesh off Ozana's sex body with her nails. Ozana mounted Megan, and split her lips open with a punch. Ozana had to gain her composure. She hadn't healed her wounds totally, and needed strategy to win. A glancing punch hit her in the jaw. She grabbed Megan's arm, clamping her armpit over the wrist, and jumped back into the itchy and scratchy grass. Ozana was going to have to break and debilitate Megan to make things even. As the naked fighter got pulled atop her foe, Megan pushed at Ozana's face, getting Ozana's Cerebellum to hit the lip of the sand trap. Ozana's head was still injured, and that reopened a cut. With a little unrecognizable burst of serum air, Megan fully escaped the arm submission.

“I thought you didn't fight with Antonia's moves,” Megan said. She hit Ozana in the eye with a right hook, and then cuntbusted her hated rival with a kick. Ozana's arms made an x over her body, trying to block Megan's punches. Ozana's knee got stomped, and she almost fell down again. Megan punched Ozana right in the boob, giving the Romanian a chance for a counterattack. The topless babe in the skirt blasted Megan in the tummy with her knuckles. Ozana slammed a palm into Megan's chest, and then wedged a karate strike to Megan's kidney. Megan winced and spat. Ozana used her long legs and leverage to lower the boom with a stomp to Megan's belly. The naked chick buckled over and crashed into the cage metal, spitting up blood.

“GET OVER HERE!” Ozana shouted, reaching for Megan's flailing arm. Ozana grabbed Megan's boob instead. She aimed a slam at Megan's chest, but Megan pushed in with a chest bump and a headbutt. Ozana's full lips were busted wide open. Her head shot back and color drained from her pretty face. Ozana grabbed Megan's wrist, and tangled their legs to go to the ground.

The power difference due to serum alone was nearly double with Megan on approximately 15mL serum to the 10 Ozana got and easily 2.5mL already used for healing her head. Megan was able to knee Ozana in the upper thigh and hunch the taller babe with belly blows. Megan then lifted Ozana, who struggled fiercely, kicking and crying out. Megan slammed Ozana's abs down on her knee. Megan grit her teeth and repeated the move, coating her patella with serum air. Ozana hacked up blood and moaned, arched over Megan's thigh. Megan flipped up Ozana's skirt to spank her. Then Megan fisted Ozana ruthlessly. Ozana scored an elbow to Megan's jaw and wriggled free, but she was in bad shape and not going to last long without a miracle.

“HAHA!” Megan gloated as Ozana whiffed bad on a punch. “Weakling!” Megan added, jamming her foot up into Ozana's pussy. Megan ran up, grabbed Ozana in a headlock, and then climbed up the cage quickly. Megan turned and jumped, slamming Ozana's front to the ground, and wrenching the Romanian's neck. Ozana still nearly got Megan into an armbar despite all that as Megan had gotten some reverberation pain in her tailbone from landing herself on her ass. Ozana got to her feet one last time, totally gassed and dizzy. She was a punching bag for Megan, only able to throw a few strikes, that connected off the mark in the midst of having to block combos of half a dozen strikes or more from an adversary tasting blood and cornering a wounded prey. Ozana's sexy torso got battered until she couldn't cover her face, and then her head got punched every which way. Her neck could be heard crackling and suffering whiplash.

The blue eyed villain in her birthday suit, Megan, cupped her own tits with Ozana dazed, and shoved the Romanian’s face between her enlarged cleavage mounds. Ozana could barely breathe to begin with. Now her lips had Megan's sweaty mammary flesh all around. The staggering competitor yanked and pinched Megan's pussy, before being propped up for the haymaker. Megan made a split decision to shatter Ozana's nose instead of smashing her teeth out. It would've been instant death if not for healing, and the bloody mess of Ozana's nose wasn't going to look pretty until minutes of healing could regrow the obliterated tissue and cartilage. Ozana's lifeless body plunged against the wiring. Her fingers wouldn't close as she slid off unable to hold herself up. She plopped onto her side, and then Megan kicked Ozana over so that the loser's rump was in the air.

It was time for the victory sex, and Megan was going to take as long as she wanted. She ordered F6 in to please her, and got very rough on Ozana with a strap-on. Megan tried to use mind control to make Ozana say things, but the Romanian bit her own tongue and tried to knock herself out to avoid that further humiliation. Megan forced Ozana to cum several times, which kept Ozana awake, but it was a sad and unfair showing for the first fight of the tournament. Megan possibly could've won without cheating, but she hadn't wanted to take that chance.

“You're not so tough,” Megan said, propping Ozana up for the fatality. Megan didn't even take a winner's serum dart, which was further evidence how lopsided the fight had begun. Megan hit Ozana in the chest hard, stopping her heart. Then Megan hit Ozana so hard between the eyes, that both eyeballs popped out of the sockets from the serum air and pressure. Megan was drained, requesting the winner's serum dart from F6. He obeyed after creaming inside her from behind. Then Megan was able to reach into Ozana's chest, pull out her heart, and wipe her ass with it. Ozana's tattered skirt still swished in the wind as her corpse without eyes or a heart dropped. Megan propped her foot up and Ozana's chest, flexed her biceps, and roared in victory.


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Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 5-2 AT vs MD.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Tournament Round One Fight Two:

9. Mandy D vs 15. Ashley Tervort

In the crowded underground arena, no one even knew F6 and other androids were among the masses. Megan Fox was dressed to the nines in a glimmering high fashion dress with cleavage showing and a high slit showing lots of leg. Her jewelry and makeup were equally impressive, and she had the attitude of an empowered celebrity in charge of the event. Her Uncle Justin and other Foxy Corp employees were in a balcony booth and staying out of the spotlight as usual, and there had already been some weak ass fights in the wrestling ring. Now was time for the main event! Megan strutted down the aisle announcing the EMCASA tournament and how she'd won the first fight. A metal cage dropped down from the ceiling to surround the wrestling ring. The seedy underground fans cheered – really there were tons of rich playboys.

“WOOEEE!” RoboMic shouted at a table with other commentators. “Megan Fox is the hottest! Come sit on my lap!! My crotch compartment is like a chair! … I haven't had this much fun since judging UFSO fights in that states! … I mean, the EMCASA estate is the best!!” The production team had a translation projection putting everyone's words into Spanish and or English, depending on who was speaking. Megan glared at RoboMic, who was still essentially her slave, but a little emboldened by the lime light and getting out.

Megan did not take her seat. She saw a server out of the corner of her eye who looked familiar. Megan's contemptuous gaze of the busty woman holding a tray between her tits and armpit went as low as possible with scorn. The floozy wore black boots with chains instead of shoelaces and a black skirt with a zipper in the front that would go all the way down! It was tacky. The woman showed off her navel, but didn't have nice hip curves or an athletic or curvy model shapes in the skirt. The skirt said Shoot the Hog on it outlined in red, which was probably some bar or drink promotion. Megan hated when anyone was bustier than her, and this chick definitely had the goods upstairs wearing no bra, but a red leather server's top with no sleeves and only a zipper and buckle to keep the tank top closed from the plunging cleavage neckline. The bimbo, Mandy, had dyed her blonde hair darker, wore ugly bright lipstick, and eyeliner like a real trashy and desperate server ho. The Romanian set to fight now, Mandy, also had an ugly bulbous nose. Megan slapped the tray out of Mandy's hands, also hitting Mandy's boob, and growled.

“What the fuck are you doing, Mandy?!” Megan whispered.

“I thought it would be fun to do some service and sell drinks,” Mandy said. “Kind of like Keilah did at UFSO, going from cute salesgirl to formidable fighter! It's a great publicity stunt, and I didn't mind waiting on people.”

Megan slapped Mandy in the side of the head to shut her trap. The spotlight was back on RoboMic and Mandy's opponent, the tall and extremely well endowed Russian, Ashley. Megan yanked at Mandy's hair to keep her close for whispering, “What the fuck is wrong with you?! It's time to fight! What you say and do is so Fucking STUPID on so many levels and doesn't make me like or trust you!”

“When I win this, I'll throw my match against you next, and make it look real and like I'm trying,” Mandy said. “I can be on less serum than you like with Ozana or whatever!”

The first fight of the tournament had been rather controversial with nearly no one present to watch Megan fight Ozana in the portable cage on a golf course. Megan grabbed Mandy by the neck and shoved her towards the runway. Megan was annoyed by all the cheering as it sounded lewd and louder than the initial reaction she had gotten from this idiotic crowd. Megan headed for her seat next to a skeevy looking Spanish dude in a silk shirt, slacks, and rose tinted shades. The cheers were for Ashley and the idea of the sexfight death matches. Megan was annoyed having to wait to hear the translation as the fast talker said in Spanish to RoboMic, “Your show is wild, bro! We all will see here tonight that the serum and kills aren't CGI?!”

“It's my show,” Megan said, but she didn't get much of a reaction.

“YEAH!” RoboMic said. “WOOEEE! Ashley got some big titties and that outfit is perfect!”

F1 stood on the stairs to the wrestling ring with a cage door open for Ashley to enter. F1 held up the syringe of serum for it to glisten in the spotlight. Ashley looked short compared to F1, but she was rather tall for a woman at almost 6 foot. Ashley had never fought in front of a big crowd and was very nervous. She wore a light blue see through ruffled skirt with white lining over white panties. The skirt was obviously way too small and wouldn't go down over her hips. It covered her abs and navel and the bottom of the skirt almost didn't cover her panties lines. The top was a similar style in light blue with white lining that Ashley pulled on just so it would cover her nipples. The top looked ready to tear, and as soon as F1 injected Ashley, she lost grip and her ginormous bosoms flopped out. The ruckus from that was enough to give Megan a headache.

“This outfit is maybe too small,” Ashley shouted, trying to cover up. “It was left for me in the changing room, but I think maybe it was for Mandy. It's not my size at all!”

“You are so DUMB!” Megan announced. “Everyone knows to bring your own clothes to something like this or just fight naked. That's how I fought. You have no chance against me or Mandy!”

“And that outfit wasn't for me!” Mandy announced, stepping into the spotlight and trying to chase Ashley. F2 guided Mandy towards her own steps up to the ring and cage, and Mandy pushed and shoved at him. Mandy used her powers to absorb the enhancing serum liquid in the air and enlarge her breasts. The women were supposed to fight barefoot, so Mandy bent over to take off her boots. As the Romanian's big tits expanded, the cleavage view was amazing and the buckle on her red leather top snapped open. The zipper on her top and the zipper on her skirt pulled apart. Ashley tried to demonstrate that her skirt was too small, and accidentally ripped it off. Mandy purposefully took off her skirt, revealing black thong panties. Mandy pumped herself up to be as busty as Ashley. She wasn't as tall though. Mandy's gigantic bosoms pushed the red top off her body. The fans were so simple minded and perverted. Megan couldn't stand it. Big boobs. Big whoop. F2 injected Mandy with serum.

“SEE!” RoboMic shouted. “YIPEE! Mandy's big ole tatas just got to be titanic gazongas because of her powers! It's not fake! That's why the chicks are gonna have serum air absorbing handcuffs on! So they won't accidentally harm the crowd with energy blasts!”

The handcuffs looked more like heavy steel bracelets as F1 and F2 put them over the wrists of the topless combatants. Mandy had never worn serum air restricting products, but Ashley had. Ashley looked much more uncomfortable as she stepped into the cage though. Mandy ran up to Ashley, jumped, and smashed boobs together, ready to titfight and more. The fans loved it. The two stacked brunettes grappled and wrestled their arms high. Mandy shook her shoulders from left to right, knocking her melons into Ashley's underboobs. Mandy pulled down Ashley's arms, lowering the Russian to be nipple to nipple. As thongs go, Ashley's white undies were small and barely seen with her bent over. Her ass cheeks were tight and hiding the material. She powered out of Mandy's grasp. The androids shut the cage doors. Mandy socked Ashley in the boob. Their hands came together again with fingers lacing. Ashley's backside hit ropes and cage wiring.

The Spanish announcer said, “They look ready to fight for real! We all wouldn't mind just watching this or wrestling. They're really going to try and kill one another?!” RoboMic nodded.

“Truth is stranger than fiction,” Megan said. “Quit making the league look bad and attack for real already! Headbutt her, Mandy!”

The topless Romanian with the long dark hair was trying to knee Ashley in the crotch, but the taller woman was blocking that. Mandy, the babe in the black lingerie bottoms, obeyed Megan. She hopped onto the bottom ropes, still holding Ashley's hands and hooked to her rack like a jigsaw puzzle from the side. Mandy sprang from bottom ropes, knocking Ash's mounds up. Mandy bashed her forehead into Ashley's lower lips and chin. Fans gasped, seeing the crimson splash and then run down Ashley's jaw to her enormous mounds. It didn't have a chance to pool in cleavage or anything and was more like a lube for Mandy continuing to titfight. The fans began to cheer in disbelief and then primal arousal and interest. Two men had fought earlier outside of the ring and that had gotten a little bloody, but this was going to beat that by leaps and bounds. The women wouldn't be as swollen and ugly getting beat up due to healing magic, but it would be a lot bloodier and end in death for at least one brown haired bimbo.

The chick with darker eye makeup, Mandy raked her nails into Ashley's breasts like she was going to sling the thot in the white thong to the mat. She pinched and twisted a nipple, leaving bloody claw marks on the big sweaty orbs. Ashley karate chopped and attacked Mandy's arms. Mandy kicked Ashley between the legs. The crowd made ooing and awing noises as one of the last sympathetic moments they'd voice before getting totally into it with a bit of distance to the actual carnage.

“I guess the fight has officially begun,” the Spanish announcer said.

Mandy was riding high on adrenaline. She didn't have near the power of normal with the cuffs on, but neither did Ashley. She kicked and stomped Ashley's ankle, and then plowed her shoulder into Ashley's gut. The Russian hunched, punching Mandy in the flank and the ribs. Mandy turned to keep using her breasts as battering rams. She loved all the attention and the crowd, which was clearly bothering Ashley. Mandy punched Ashley in the side of the head, using the cuff for extra impact damage. Mandy fired a left hook into Ashley's sideboob, using the cuff to really bruise and injure the chest flesh. Ashley yelped. Mandy was getting really horny going chest to chest with Ashley. Mandy reached low, pushing panties cloth aside and pinching and stroking Ashley's crotch. Mandy got on her tip toes and gave Ashley a big kiss on the lips. The fans roared. Ashley wasn't about to make out with Mandy, so the Russian brunette put a lot of power on shoving Mandy by the boobs away. Mandy nibbled Ashley's busted lips and left a trail of saliva as she backed up. Ashley punched Mandy in the tit.

The buxom beauty in the black lingerie bottoms laughed. Her jugs jiggled, and didn't look near as engorged or swollen as Ash's knockers. Mandy pumped her fists in the air, knowing what that did to her body and the fans. She said, “Ashley isn't used to a crowd like this like I am! I'm going prove that I'm hotter and stronger, and that my boobs are better! I'll milk this big sexy broad's udders!!” Fans went wild. Ashley blushed, covering her nipples with an arm and hand, and then realized how stupid she was being. Ashley advanced. Mandy could feel the mat shake, but wasn't quick enough to block. Ashley drilled Mandy in the mandible with a left hook. Mandy's jaw gaped open and blood flecked out.

“DAMMIT, Mandy!” Megan shouted. “Don't play those games! You know our serum doesn't do that! No one wants to see that! Just beat her, and you can fuck her real quick before you kill her!” Fans loved this sentiment.

“Oh, fans will want to see that!” RoboMic said. “Let me in for the sex too!” He begged. Mandy gave a thumbs up and a smile, working the crowd.

“NO!” Megan shouted. “You're crotch is staying locked up the way it is!”

“You're all over the place and not focused at all,” Ashley said, honing in on Mandy's body and the fight. Ashley kicked Mandy in the kidney. She couldn't help but be interested in how Mandy grew her breasts. Ashley used the cuff with her punch to tear Mandy's mammary skin near the areola. Mandy's boobs looked so big, real, wet, and juicy. Ashley caught Mandy near the navel with a hook and then popped the shorter broad in the face again. The cuff cut into Mandy's eyebrow. Mandy staggered, backing towards one end of the ring.

“I'm gonna pop her head off with my titties!” Mandy declared, throwing her arms up in the air to rile up the fans. Ashley swung her fists up into Mandy's breasts. The big fun bags clapped Mandy's throat. Mandy shuddered and struck Ashley in the hip. Ashley jabbed Mandy in the nose, twisting the bridge, and spilling lots of plasma. Mandy shrieked for the fans in such a dramatic and sexual way like she was getting fucked. She rubbed the blood onto her bouncing breasts and over her perky nipples. Ashley's panties sort of fell back into place to cover her vulva as she moved. She uppercut Mandy in the groin, and then trucked the showy lass. Mandy would've been off her feet and downed if not for arching over a corner turnbuckle and being propped up by cage bars.

The voluptuous Russian vixen felt her long brown locks get grabbed. She catapulted off the springy mat to slam her body into Mandy, but the Romanian dodged. Ashley's billowing breasts absorbed the impact of the metal bars and the corner pad. Mandy had sidled away. She jumped. Ashley pulled her legs back to not have an ankle stomped, but then realized Mandy's purpose had been to trampoline higher. Mandy kicked Ashley across the face to the delight of the crowd. The bigger chick with the very lean and trim body lost her footing with all the bouncy vibrations. Her head was pointed at the raving mob of fans hollering. She could feel blood at her nose and mouth. She was used to her breasts going up and down all the time, but this surface was too much like a trampoline. Ashley's body flopped onto its side and went airborne a little. She kicked out her legs to sit, trying to throw off the daze, but Mandy's butt hitting the mat, flung Ash up and to the side. Ashley's legs flew apart, and she landed on her Glutes, disoriented and smarting with blood dribbling down her chin.

“Oh yeah!” Mandy hollered, scurrying to get behind Ashley. “Time to break something!” Mandy knew and meant to grab an arm or leg for a submission as Antonia taught her, but Mandy instead grabbed Ashley in a headlock. The Romanian snaked her legs over Ash's pelvis, pushing her heels back into her opponent's clit. Mandy's toes rested under Ash's thighs. Ashley couldn't really kick out to stand up, even though she tried. That gave crotch and booty shaking views to accompany the booby magic. Mandy flexed her bicep into Ash's throat, sorely missing her own serum air presence. Mandy was feeling light headed and more tired than normal at this stage in a fight, but she was having fun. Looking at Ash's body over Ash's shoulder was exciting. Mandy salivated, staring at Ash's jugs. Mandy said, “You'd all rather see this!”

“No we wouldn't,” Megan said, before Mandy even started fondling and scratching Ashley's chest. Mandy groped and massaged the milky white breast meat of her foe. Ashley moaned, getting choked out and writhing. Mandy fluffed Ashley's tits like they were pillows, and then jabbed her nails into the top layer of skin to get blood flow to play with. Mandy rubbed the watery red into Ash's melons, circling and pinching the teats. Ashley kicked harder and nearly stood. Mandy sat down hard and it hurt her tailbone. She still held Ash's neck and boob, but her grip was worse. Sexfights could uncover weird and new fetishes for the combatants. Ashley was finding out that she got a lot of arousal and extra energy when being choked. It was a little more than just fighting for her life and the win. She bashed her head into Mandy's face and got free. The incoming Oxygen was bliss.

Ashley rounded on Mandy, crawling on the canvas. The #15 seeded fighter, Ashley pinned Mandy's arms down. Her patella crashed into Mandy's crotch. Then Ashley knelt on Mandy's belly-button. She let go of Mandy's flailing arms and met Mandy's mouth with her fist. Mandy wasn't going to be acting out now. She had to take the elbow to the head with toughness too. Ashley had to be careful not to give her body up to a submission hold or limb lock. Her curvy body glided across Mandy's Barbie proportions. The pressure around the women was intense. They gasped for breath, bathed in blood and sweat. Mandy sat up as much as she could and turned sharp. Her crotch tribbed Ash's pussy for a moment. Mandy's hair whipped into Ash's eyes. Mandy landed strikes to Ashley's body, and wrapped her up in a rolling hug. Mandy ended up underneath Ashley with the Russian's chest protruding in the air and Mandy's knees at her spine. Mandy didn't realize how weak her chop to Ash's neck had been. Mandy was intent on milking her rival. Mandy pulled, squeezed, and prodded Ashley's bust until creamy white lactate sprayed.

Megan shouting, “STOP IT!” was drowned out by the crowd.

Despite a release of hormones and energy, Ashley still had tenacity. She tumbled in the air after a particularly high juggle from Mandy's kneeing. Ashley pushed Mandy's legs apart and landed atop Mandy. Their skulls clunked, but the most impossible connection was the expansive racks molding together. Ash's battered bosoms were still holding up firm and threatening to flatten Mandy's mammary mounds. Their hands clasped. Mandy laughed and kissed Ashley again. Ashley slammed a forearm into Mandy's neck. Mandy grabbed Ashley's head and ears. The Romanian had trouble breathing with an opponent directly atop her. Mandy sat up, knocking Ash's leg awkwardly to the side. Mandy was depleting her energy trying to tap into serum air powers and mind control. The cuffs seemed legit in stopping serum air to a degree, but Mandy thought she could overpower them or that Megan had cheated to give Mandy cuffs that weren't as powerful. That wasn't true.

Forehead to forehead, gazing into one another's eyes in a sensual and aggressive lust, Mandy said, “I'm popping your crowd fight cherry! I love that you're so nervous! Just give in to me fucking you!” Mandy massaged Ashley's scalp. The serum air didn't feel right, but when they kissed, Ashley began making out with Mandy. It was so hot. Mandy felt she was in full control, until she was underneath Ashley and definitely not in control. Ashley got up and then elbow dropped down into Mandy's navel. Mandy folded like a tent spitting drool and blood. She got up, shoving Ashley, and got kicked in the neck and the chin. Mandy's brown eyes opened wide. Her thick and feminine frame careened off the ropes. Mandy put her fists up to fight. Ashley looked like a pro boxer. Mandy said, “These cuffs sort of suck.”

“I trained with them,” Ashley said. Mandy looked surprised and stupefied. Ashley punched Mandy in the boob, and this time it really hurt the Romanian, causing a fountain of blood and milk to spill out from the ruptured teat. Ashley kicked Mandy hard in the kitty, giving her a wedgie of fraying cloth. A left and right to the gut had Mandy doubled over, shaking her head, and spitting up carmine gore. The uppercut to the grill was a KO punch with the cuff doing extra damage. Mandy shrieked and went airborne. Her ass perched atop the turnbuckle, her back hit the grating, and she slumped over. Ashley raised her shoulder to bump Mandy's head back. Ashley then leaned back and delivered a brutal punch to Mandy's eye. The healing magic wasn't going to fix that mess any time soon.

“So brutal and sexy,” the Spanish announcer said. “Your healing technology is out of this world to revive and fix all this.”

The topless Romanian was so out of it, her chest shrank a little to give extra energy to healing. Ashley grabbed Mandy's wrist and sat back. Ashley kicked her foot up into Mandy's nose with a blood splattering break. Mandy's stiff and rigid body toppled back the other way where she collapsed in the corner with her long brown dyed hair showing blonde roots and hiding the temporary ugliness Ashley had done to her face. Ashley stood up with the buzz of the crowd vibrating inside her. She propped a foot against Mandy's boob that hadn't been milked and kicked and stomped until that tit leaked and looked the same size and amount damaged as the other one. Just in case, Ashley made sure to twist and jam her heel into Mandy's neck to paralyze the Romanian and ensure the win.

F1 and F2 opened the cage doors, offering Ashley sex toys. Ashley was embarrassed, and hadn't been given the winner's serum dart yet. They would probably make a show of that later after she fucked Mandy. Ashley was tired. She took a strap-on from F1 while F2 took off her cuffs. That felt nice. Ashley had a lot more power, and situated the device to rub up against and give pleasure to herself too when she penetrated Mandy. The urges from the serum were enough to make Ashley do what the fans wanted. She pulled Mandy up by the hair and stretched the loser's leg out against the ropes. Ash entered Mandy missionary style. Mandy was easy to please, waking up, moaning, and hardly able to resist getting wet and squirting. Mandy asked for some kissing and doggy style. Megan was repulsed watching. Ashley threw Mandy down. The Romanian eagerly got on her hands and knees, holding her neck so it wouldn't snap and stop her from enjoying this heightened pleasure before death. It didn't take Ashley many plunges and spanks to Mandy's ass to make the horny girl cream and cover the mat in ejaculate.

“I can't believe this is real!” the Spanish announcer said. “Awesome!”

“Yes yes,” Megan said, trying to gain her composure. “Now we will show you how we kill. A serum dart for the winner will allow even that weak loser Ashley to commit a fatality. FINISH HER!!”

F1 displayed another syringe of serum from his many pockets into the arena lights. He jabbed Ashley in the spine, and she definitely had plenty of power. She almost felt like ripping off Mandy's limbs, but instead, brought the natural blonde to an awkward sit with her legs sprawled out every which way. Ashley bent over to force Mandy's face into the jungle of bosoms dangling. Mandy sucked, licked, and played along well with her loss as she was smothered in Ashley's tits. The serum air restraining cuffs kept Mandy especially weak and brittle. It was easy for Ashley to push her tits apart with her hands, clamp them around Mandy's neck, and pop the head off with a little pressure. The spritz of blood was like a knot in a hose working itself out, and then the cauterization and healing magic took over. Mandy's corpse fell over. Ashley wiped her sweaty brow, and was eager to take off the strap-on, but she would've accidentally stripped herself nude. She asked F1 to help, but it sounded mean, so she apologized. No one could really hear any of this as the microphones near the ring had been shut off. Foxy Corp androids including F6 came into the ring to bag Mandy's body with special attention and lighting paid to the CryoBag and its tubes with flowing blue and green neon liquids inside.

Megan left with F6 as quickly as possible. The fans were all dumb, and Megan didn't care to fight here. She heard one guy say something like, “I hope that chick isn't dead! I swear she served me my beer and she looked good, but her tits weren't that big!” Megan tried to forget the parts she overheard about people saying the bimbo fighters were sexier than her. The real fans of the show liked Megan best. These were a bunch of loser men who had no taste and would and should lose whatever money they had. It probably wasn't as much as the real and good fans. Ashley was happy to have won, and seemed to take to being in the spotlight. She got changed into some Foxy Corp clothes that shouldn't have looked sexy but did, and went back out into the crowd to talk until it was time for all of them to go back to the estate. It felt like waiting forever to Megan, who couldn't do enough online shopping, social media perusing, or stuff on her phone to kill the time backstage. She elbowed and kicked the CryoBag off the bench next to her, but it was in a big hard case so Mandy's recovering self wouldn't be harmed. Mandy had lost. Megan couldn't wait to kill Ashley herself to begin round two of the tournament.


2D Artist
Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 5-3 VO vs Cora.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Tournament Round One Fight Three:

5. Viki Odintcova 3-0 vs 6. Sara Calixto (aka Coralline Suicide) 3-0

A red Double-Decker bus with a flat roofless second story drove along the Spanish countryside. A male and female android, both wearing suits and sunglasses, faced forward near the front. Farmland gave way to lakeside property, trees, and a waterfall in the distance. Two sexy bikini models sat atop the bus facing the water scenery with bags at their feet and black handcuffs around their wrists as if they were prisoners. Viki was very tan and topless in black bikini bottoms. The Russian brunette held a giant steel ax of an ice pick, scooting closer to her riding companion. Cora, the usually nude tattooed Colombian camgirl, actually wore a swimsuit. Her white bikini had blue straps, and the cloth didn't cover much, leaving sideboob and underboob on display. Every bump in the road jostled the busty babes, making their big breasts shake nonstop. The view of nature and the naturally gorgeous women were all quite the sight.

“Viki, what's up with the ice pick?” Cora asked. “Put it down.” Cora shook her head, suppressing her bisexual urges. Viki was hot, but her crowding actions weren't about being flirty or nice.

“I brought this to cut you when I win this fight,” Viki said, dipping the point of the pick into Cora's navel. Cora rolled her eyes and put her cuffed hands behind her head. Cora had dyed her raven colored hair to look blonde and sandy brown. Cora and her girlfriend Emily back at the estate had both dyed their hair lighter colors, trying to up the mood of the group and not be as dark and brooding as Megan and the Fatal Five. Cora missed Emily's excitable and happy-go-lucky presence a lot. Viki lifted up the pick and pretended to drop it, but Cora wasn't stabbed. The tattooed babe held the bottom of the handle with her feet, and had used serum air to protect her belly-button. Viki spoke right into Cora's ear with her naked breasts pushing into Cora's shoulder, “When you're lifeless and twitching, I'm going to hack into your stomach and fuck you a new gaping vagina. My belly-button fucking is next level. I did that to my Russian rival, Galina, and I can't wait to do it to you too! If you're lucky, I might cut off your tits and lop off your head with this too!”

“Oh great, so you intend to take this into the cage,” Cora said. Viki nodded and then made a sharp move with the pick. Cora didn't really flinch or dodge. She didn't want to show fear or weakness, but wouldn't put it past Viki to kill her before the fight. Viki liked to piss Megan off and had some serious blood lust issues. The blade sliced into Cora's cheek, drawing a thin line of blood. Cora's serum air force field was depleted from the serum absorbing cuffs she and Viki wore separately. “Quit it, Viki,” Cora said. “I will curse you off this bus.”

“Ooh! I'm so scared!” Viki mocked. She put the ice pick down by their bags. The topless Russian then spit on her hand and slapped Cora's wound. She said, “You're healing already! I bet my serum air in these cuffs would be stronger than yours right now! I'd love to see which one of us gets tossed off the bus first, bitch! It'd be you!!”

“What if they only brought CryoBags for one of us?” Cora asked. It was unlikely, but possible. The CryoBags could resurrect and rejuvenate anyone killed in battle.

“I'm crazy tough,” Viki said, locking fingers with Cora. “I don't fear death.”

The male android turned his head and said, “We have plenty of healing equipment and serum, but do not wrestle or cause problems like that. I will intervene.”

“Come over here and say that!” Viki said, shoving Cora in the sideboob. Viki gave the android the middle finger and stuck out her tongue. “Neither of you dumb bots will look at and film us! You're missing all the good show footage facing forward!”

“I'm pretty sure there is a mini bus camera on us,” Cora said, pointing where the sun really glistened across from them.

“You're all grumpy and no fun, Cora,” Viki said, “and I know why! Megan made you put on a bikini to ride up here. She couldn't let us be too sexy! I bet she's down there in the AC giving F6, her husband lookalike bot, road head this entire time!” Viki moved her head up and down near Cora's crotch miming oral. Cora put her hands behind her head and looked away from Viki's voluptuous and scintillating body. Viki put her mouth over Cora's white swimsuit bottoms and tried to spread Cora's legs with her hands. Cuffed, Cora couldn't grab Viki under both arms. She pushed Viki up by an armpit and a boob. The androids looked back with disapproving expressions. Viki jumped onto Cora's lap, facing her and bashed her skull into Cora's head. The view from the camera from behind of Viki's tight ass made it look like she was riding a horse because of the bumpy road the bus was on.

F2 and F9 walked back towards the commotion. F2 said, “Do you need to be cuffed to the bus separately, miss Viki? Miss Cora has done nothing to agitate or spark your volatile reactions.”

“I'm just having a little fun!” Viki said, knocking Cora's hands to the side. She pushed up into Cora's breasts and pressed her shoulder against Cora's bloody nose and busted lips. Viki whispered with her mouth nibbling Cora's earlobe, “I'm gonna fuck you so hard! I eat wannabe tough chicks like you for breakfast! I took down women twice our size in IMDB! When I'm done with you, I'm gonna go back to the estate and find your little girlfriend, Emily. And I'm gonna beat her senseless and torture her like I do to you in our cagefight! She'll be crying my name before I cut her up and kill her too! And there's nothing you can do about it!”

“I can beat you,” Cora said, “and Emily's no pushover. You're not getting under my skin, Viki.”

“Maybe not,” Viki said, looking back at the androids somehow balanced perfectly standing on the moving bus. “But I'm under your bikini!” Viki said, stripping Cora of her top. Viki bounced on Cora's lap, smushed their breasts together in a titfight, and tried to kiss Cora. Cora tried to dodge, but there was still lip to lip contact. Viki punched Cora in the stomach and then the ear. It looked like Viki was trying to knock Cora over the seat and off the bus.

“That's enough,” F2 said, lifting Viki under the arms and pulling her off Cora. The topless Russian in the black bikini bottoms elbowed the droid in the head so hard it sounded like gears clanking. She wriggled free, but was tased with an electric stunner from F9's hand. The vicious vixen gyrated and trembled while being shocked. Cora pursed her lips, watching, and sort of turned on by Viki's body. The crazy Russian chick dropped to her knees. F9 was the android Viki had ripped the head off. F9 had no expression as she kicked Viki in the face. The bikini model's head shot back with a smattering of blood being sucked into the centrifugal force of the moving vehicle. Viki flopped over onto her side, twitching. Her hot body gave off steam and her hair was a little frizzy. F2 melded the serum air absorbing bracelet chains together with his hands. Viki began to come to, shaking off her daze, but it wasn't in time to stop the android from opening one of her serum air cuffs and attaching a regular handcuff to it. Those really dug into Viki's wrist, and she scrambled to her feet while getting pulled up and seated on the opposite side of the bus away from Cora. Viki was handcuffed to a bus railing. She grunted, snarled, and shook, trying to break everything, but couldn't.

“FUCKING Junk Machines!” Viki shouted. “I bet you liked that, F9. A little revenge on me, huh?! You'll have to bring me a sex toy later, and I'm pulling you into the destruction! I hope you like being torn apart by an ice pick!”

The Foxy Corp cyborgs calmly walked back to their seats. Cora stifled a laugh. She dangled her bikini top over the side of the bus. There were no people out watching. Megan was full of it for saying people would stop the flow of travel for topless chicks visible. That's why Cora had been ordered to wear something. Cora dropped her top over the side of the bus and watched it get caught up in the wind currents. Cora got in her bag for her phone and decided to have some fun while Viki was fuming and cursing under her breath. With full access to serum air, Cora could've balanced perfectly on the bus, but cuffed, she felt like a normal human being again, having to adjust. Cora rammed her ass into Viki's face, knocking the Russian's nose with her booty cheeks. Cora said, “You brought this on yourself, Viki. It's time for me to have a little fun.”

Viki sat back rolled her eyes, and was subject to a stinkface humiliation. Viki didn't whine to the androids for help. They weren't going to look back. Viki knew she had asked for this. Cora turned around and then forced Viki's face into her cleavage. Viki spit on the boobs and bit Cora's mammary mounds to stop that. Viki said, “Enjoy this while you can. You didn't want to fight with these cuffs on. You're toast now! You have no chance in this tournament like this!”

The tattooed babe ignored her adversary. She sat next to the chick in the black bikini bottoms, and put Viki in a headlock. Cora took a selfie of her choking Viki. Then she released Viki's neck as the tan babe kicked and flailed crazily. Cora sucked on and massaged Viki's naked breasts. Cora pinched and prodded Viki's nipples, thinking about trying to milk her, but that didn't happen. Viki looked like a cat with her ears back and wouldn't stop kicking Cora. Cora took some pics of her smiling while toying with Viki's body and boobs and sent them to Emily. Emily texted back: 'Woah! Those are hot! Viki is a crazy bitch, but sexy! You'll have to tell me how that happened when you get back if when we watch it together on the show, they don't show any of it. I love and miss you! Beat Viki and come back soon!'

“I'm gonna make you regret this, witch whore!” Viki snarled, bending the bus's railing bar with her force and power. Cora winked at Viki and headed over to the other side of the bus to ignore Viki for the rest of the short trip to the Fox's Time Share lake house.

Megan was pissed off that Cora and Viki were both topless, but there were still some chill hours spent at the lake house, showering, hot tubbing, looking around, and relaxing. Cora put her long dyed hair up into a little ponytail and took some more pics with the sights for Emily. They ventured out in the late afternoon sun to find the waterfall and then go fight in a lakeside cage. Megan and F6 rode in a tented cart like King and Queen of Oregon Trail with F2 and F9 pulling them along on a trail. Megan had wanted Viki and Cora to pull the wagon, but Viki outright refused. Viki hacked away overgrowth with her ax of an ice pick and was wanting to explore. She also wanted to beat Cora, and figured that the serum air cuffs were really in her favor. They both wore the cuffs from earlier that looked more like big black clunky bracelets. Cora, the blonde in the white bikini bottoms with blue straps, whispered to Viki, “I'm getting weird vibes about all this and us being cuffed. Ashley and Mandy didn't really need to be cuffed last fight. I think the cheating is going to be rampant. I'm wondering if we should protest. This isn't just about the Fox's using their time share.”

“You scared, Cora?!” Viki asked hip checking the inked beauty. Cora sighed, shook her head, and gave up on trying to talk to Viki. Not much further along, the topless Russian changed her tune. Viki whispered, “It'd be my style to bust all the droids and kill you and Megan. If you live you live, if you die you die.”

“That won't work,” Cora said dismissively. They may have talked more, but they arrived at the waterfall, and Viki was eager to jump in. Cora thought Viki might impale herself with her ice pick jumping in like that, but the buxom brunette was fine. She only set down her weapon and left it off to the side for short moments of getting sprayed with water with no one else close by. Megan found the scenery romantic or something and clearly had sex with F6 in the wagon amidst all the healing supplies and likely coolers of food and drink. When the white canvas tent opened again, Megan got into the water to clean the sex off. She dried and got back into her white robe and black leather booty shorts.

“Time to get to the cage, bitches,” Megan said. “The sooner one of you is dead, the other can rent a vehicle and go back to the estate so I can enjoy my vacation with F6.”

“You sounded like you were enjoying it plenty with all those cum cries and then covered in it,” Viki said. “Does your husband know about this? I mean there's using sex toys, and then there's you. You created a cyborg to fuck you!”

“SHUT!” Megan screamed. “SHUT IT!! You need TO pull the CART and Tire yourself out! We don't trust either of YOU! The serum air is too OP and fans don't want to see it, or I'd use mine and mind control to FUCK you both submissive!! But you have to fight! There will be no winner's serum dart either. Fuck and kill with the energy you've got. Neither of you whores can be trusted!”

“If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black,” Cora said.

“NONE of US are BLACK!” Megan shouted. “That's fucking RACIST!”

“Why aren't there any black or Asian bots?” Viki asked. “They all look whiter than you, ya pale beast.”

“Only whites should serve now,” Megan said. “Duh. Or at least that's how Foxy Corp runs. We believe in equity and the utopia of mankind, but you dumb sluts wouldn't get any of that.”

Cora rolled her eyes. Megan was full of BS. She and Foxy Corp believed in money, wealth, power, capitalism, and corruption, but would always call it something benevolent. Cora said, “I challenge you to pull the kart with me, Viki, unless you're too scared and weak.”

“Fuck you bitch,” Viki spat. “It's on!” Viki tossed her phone and ice pick up into the wagon. Viki was first to grab the big wooden yoke. Cora noted that there was still no cell reception, and handed her phone to F6. F2 and F9 almost looked like they were smiling as they nodded to Cora. Cora got on the other end of the yoke. Viki lifted up higher and tried to trip Cora as they began walking.

“Stop IT!” Megan whined. “I don't want a bumpy RIDE!” Cora and Viki grinned to one another. Led by the androids, Cora and Viki aimed the wheels over every bump and hole they could find, much too amused by Megan hollering and complaining within the wagon. Cora was concerned about the androids overheating or being overworked. They had serum in their bodies if they were functioning. The Foxy Corp bots and RoboMic weren't straight mechanics. RoboMic had been a person. They were cyborgs. Had the Foxy Corp agents been fully human once too? Cora and Emily had discussed this a few times in private, and thought they should be nice to all the women fighters and androids. Pulling the kart was hard work especially with little to no access to serum air because of the cuffs. Viki and Cora really worked up a sweat so when Viki would bump into Cora they'd just slide off one another. Cora felt like another shower or dip in the waterfall.

“The cage should be one hundred yards out around the corner,” F2 said, bending over to touch something in the water alongside the path. That definitely seemed human.

“This may be our last chance to speak up,” Cora whispered to Viki.

“WHAT'S ALL that Whispering?!” Megan shouted. She peered through the black netting and then unzipped the canvas to look out and scorn. F6 held her by the hips so she wouldn't fall and didn't have to use any energy to balance.

“You're just a fucking cheater, Megan,” Viki said. “I wouldn't be surprised if you want to leave both Cora and I out here to die because you know we're stronger than you.”

Megan laughed scathingly. Viki guided the kart into a divot and only F6's grasp kept Megan from toppling over. Megan was seething, but enjoyed the touch of her specially made man. Cora said, “You were clearly on more serum than Ozana and faked being attacked by a bot off screen. That's why that was so one-sided. What's to stop you from giving who you want to win more serum or slapping fake cuffs onto the person you want to win?!”

“The dumb bots have Foxy Corp writing in them,” Megan said. “If you weren't so fucking dumb, you'd know that Uncle Justin has full say. That's the only reason that fat cow Ashley got a fight to even qualify for the tournament! Him and the fans like her better than psycho ratchet sluts like you!”

“That popularity data is a joke,” Viki said. “I'm so much hotter than you.” Viki dropped the yoke, seeing the cage. The cage stood straight, but half of it was in the lake water. The last third of the round space for fighting looked like it could be up to five feet high in water and reach the chests of the combatants.

“For such important fights we have company orders to show the equal volume of serum in the syringe before injections,” F2 said. He took two syringes from his suit jacket pocket and showed them off to everyone and especially F9 who was filming through her eyes.

“Mine could have half water in it,” Cora said.

“You've got all the excuses for why I'm going to win and you'll lose!” Viki said. She punched Cora in the boob and then reached up into the cart for her ice pick. Megan tried to kick it and Viki's hand, but Viki manged to knock Megan's foot a side with a burst of dark serum air. Viki snickered, snatched her item, and tried to walk into a needle F2 had pointing out. He pulled the syringes away.

“You'll be injected through the bars once in the locked cage,” F2 said. “Megan thinks you both are escape risks, and other risks. We need to stay in control.”

“Whatever,” Viki said. She got into the open cage on the dry side. There appeared to be a rusted and locked door in the water. Viki set the ice pick against the metal links and then swam into the brown water. She went under for half a minute or so and then came up. She tread water, hanging on the bars and added, “The floor is fucking solid and probably reinforced with steel and beams underneath. I could blast through without these damn cuffs though.”

“It looked like you could use some serum air even with the cuffs on,” Cora said, stepping into the cage. She stretched, and eyed the ice pick. Viki sprinted up to Cora and chest bumped her. Viki was all wet and slimy, but she had nice squishy tits with just the right amount of firm resistance at first.

“We're both drained and tired,” Viki said, panting and puffing. She hugged Cora in a clinch. Both topless bikini models had jelly legs and leaned against the cage. F9 shutting the door almost knocked them over. “I'm only gonna grab that pick after I've beaten you,” Viki added, trying to reach and slap Cora's ass or give her a wedgie.

“Weapons, serum air absorbing cuffs, and a half drowning peril cage no one has ever fought in before for the crucial tournament fight,” Cora said; “no one rational would object to me wondering about all this. Viki, we know Megan hates us both equally.”

“DAMN RIGHT!” Megan said.

The Russian in the black bikini bottoms finally rallied some energy, expecting a serum dose soon. She kneed Cora in the thigh and pinched her fingers over Cora's bottoms and vulva lips. Viki planted a smooch on Cora's lips. The tattooed blonde backed off, holding Viki's cheeks as far away as possible. Viki said, “I'm just FUCKING with you! I wanna make you uncomfortable! You're all worried about your girlfriend like Sveta was. That's why she was so weak and unable to advance! That's why I'll win!” Viki punched Cora in the stomach. She aimed for the eyes of the owl tattoo near Cora's kidney, buckling the busty babe with that. Viki then aimed for the eye in the heart tattoo near Cora's sternum. WHAM! She grabbed Cora's blonde ponytail, and socked Cora in the face. A second punch to Cora's kissers still didn't have the bodacious bombshell bleeding. A third strike finally cut the cutie's lips and had the blood and saliva flowing. Viki felt so... normal. She couldn't even rip the hair tie. Cora held the cage links, holding her own rather well despite the abuse.

“Back off 'til we get injected,” Cora said, punching Viki in the boob. Viki winced.

“Inject us already!” Viki shouted. She kneed Cora in the pussy and shoved Cora's face into her cleavage. “This is the revenge I want!” Viki said, trying to smother Cora between her breasts. The tattooed lesbian looked right at home, motorboating, sucking Viki's nipples, cupping underboobs, and tickling around the teats. Viki stifled a horny moan and manhandled Cora's breasts. Viki groped, squeezed, and massaged. She rubbed around the areolae, pinched, and pulled up on Cora's erect nips. “You like that?!” Viki asked, shoving her body up against Cora. Their legs were intertwined, and Viki humped Cora so hard that the tattooed blonde's body banged against the cage links and her booty got indented from the wiring.

“Once you two are away from one another we can get started,” F2 said.

“I don't want to watch you two hideous trash lesbos doing boob and crotch stuff!” Megan shouted. Viki scrunched her nose, and decided she'd rather fight too anyway. She spun off Cora and put her back to the cage like Cora to glare at Megan. Cora held Viki's hand as the two topless bikini models got injected simultaneously through the lattice work in the neck by F2 and F9.

As cute as it looked for Cora to hold Viki's hand, it was strategy. Cora wasn't afraid either. As soon as she felt the serum in her body, she tickled Viki's palm, making an 'x' to curse it with serum air. She let go of Viki's hand as they both got a surge of power. Viki elbowed Cora in the mouth and turned to throw a punch. Her fist opened because of the curse explosion. Her aim went up and to the side, allowing Cora to duck. Cora was only going to curse once, hoping that Viki would overuse her serum air and get it all sucked up by the cuffs, weakening her further. Cora slugged Viki in the diaphragm. The busty brunette buckled. Cora punched Viki in the lips, drawing blood. She kicked Viki in the ribs and felt that Viki was already using serum air to cushion that.

The model in the black bikini bottoms, Viki, powered up a serum air punch. Her fist was dark as it whizzed past Cora's blocker's and knocked her head to the side. A dark glob of plasma shot from Cora's agape mouth. Viki kicked Cora in the stomach, determined to use more serum air despite the cuffs. The topless blonde crashed into the cage still covering her face with her belly bruising. Cora blocked a punch aimed at her throat. Viki kicked Cora between the legs and hoped to make Cora's heart explode by arching a hook into her chest. Cora tried to grapple, but Viki rammed her body into the tatted thot. Cora's arms got pinned to her side. Viki lifted up at Cora's tailbone, turned, hoisted a little extra, and body slammed the bisexual fighter to the dirt.

The pugilist with the ponytail, Cora, wrapped her legs around Viki's back as the Russian bounced her butt on Cora's belly. Cora snared Viki's arm and felt her sideboob burnt with a serum air explosion. Cora's back slammed into the dirt again from that. Viki gasped and slugged Cora in the nose. All the nose bones shifted or something and blood spurted out. Viki's chest heaved. She was on a roll, and tried to slam knuckles and elbows into Cora's face with serum air casing for extra damage. Cora grunted and yelped, but blocked well, kicking into Viki's spine. Viki got frustrated and tired, breaking free of Cora's legs. The Russian stood up and then sat on Cora's head. The brunette twerked and rammed her booty into Cora's face, and the blonde went ahead and took that, spanking Viki's ass. Viki said, “Payback stinkface! You done already?!” Viki slammed her derriere into Cora's mouth one last time and made a move for her ice pick. Cora stood up. Viki shook her head and doubled back to rock Cora in the navel. Cora evaded the punch and kicked Viki in the bread basket. The Russian babe cried out, hunched over. She was catapulted into the water by Cora's kick.

Viki's bosoms acted like buoys and wouldn't submerge in the water. Cora turned to face Viki, putting her hands on her knees. Cora's hard nips and perky tits looked bigger than normal and ripe for Viki to milk. The Russian climbed up the wet underwater slope using serum air on her feet and in her legs. Their chests crashed together as Viki tackled Cora. She wrestled the blonde into the murky waters. The breast docking and floating mammary mounds were erotic. The combatants pulled hair and tried to shove the other under while treading water. Viki clawed Cora's body. The tattooed babe was smarter, kneeing Viki in the gut and holding onto the side of the cage even if it meant getting hit in the face. Viki sputtered and flailed, trying to use serum air. Cora used the fence to climb, grabbing Viki's hair, and belted the tan babe in the mush. Blood flew. Viki hit with a splash and turned over with the dead man's float and her rear in the air.

Cora wasn't buying this. She climbed up near the top of the cage out of the water. Her sexy body dripped blood and lake water. Viki turned over and floated on her back with a crooked grin. Cora leaped off and Viki's eyes opened wide. Viki held her breath and submerged herself down. Cora's legs and pelvis touched her adversary's rack underwater and they tangled together blinded by the brown lake liquid all around them. They were close to the bottom. Cora could feel the cage bottom and Viki trying to use her powers to punch and attack. Cora's ribs felt Viki's cuff smash into them. Cora used serum air to make sure she would be able to breathe. She got away from Viki, sensing her presence, and then got up and out of the water as fast as possible. Cora heard Viki coughing and spitting up water.

“Go ahead,” Viki began. She wiped tears from her eyes and choked more. She hung onto the cage in the water, looking weak and woozy. “Get the ice pick. … Come at me!”

“That's not why I got out of the water,” Cora said, pulling her darkening wet dirty blonde hair out of the ponytail. She shook off a bit and F6 stood a little taller watching. Cora sat on the incline and leaned back. She said, “Come and get me. I'll wait.”

“I'LL Play YOUR game!” Viki shouted. She climbed to the top of the cage, dangling with her arms up, and losing grip quickly. Cora got to her feet and Viki leaped off. Viki tried to kick or land on Cora but missed as Cora dove into the water. Viki landed with a crouch and her knee joint popping. She grit her teeth and turned as Cora bolted from the water. Viki punched Cora in the jaw, but the blonde's head barely moved. The collision knocked more blood into the mix, but Cora looked to have the edge, knifing an uppercut into Viki's kidney. Both lasses were injured and exhausted. Viki grabbed Cora's hair and hit her in the face, trying to force the match back into the water. Cora blinked and grunted. She gutted Viki with a punch the belly. The scream and whoosh of air seemed enough to shake the leaves of trees nearby. Crimson slopped out of Viki's mouth as she doubled over, breathing heavily.

The tattooed fighter hugged Viki with a dominant chest position flattening the tanner chick's orbs. Viki braced for being rammed into the cage, but Cora set her down early. Viki threw a weak left hook that was blocked. Cora dealt the game changer to Viki's mandible. Viki's eyes rolled and she was off balance, bleeding. Cora punched Viki's eye, nose, and then temple with alternating haymakers. She grabbed Viki's hair and forced the face down into a flying knee. Viki was temporarily out with gore splattering and a flail of her limbs. Cora put another punch into Viki's belly for good measure as the topless brunette fell over. Viki went down with a THUD and was spread eagle.

“Take this!” Cora shouted, dropping both knees into Viki's stomach. Cora rolled over her downed victim, who came to faster from the extra anguish. Viki was practically erupting blood from her insides out her throat. Cora repeated the same move, but her patella hit some boobs this time. Viki tried to turn and shuck Cora off, but was done. Viki could barely see straight or stay conscious from the facial beating and everything that had happened to her. She looked towards her ice pick, figuring she was going to get the worst kind of death possible. She put her hands up by her wet dark hair, and balled her fists. Cora held and twisted Viki's legs to trib with her. Viki gave in to the pleasure and left her face and neck wide open for a few strikes that made it certain she was not going to recover or win this fight. Cora flipped Viki over and shoved her down the slope towards the water. Viki's turned head and mouth were right by the water.

“No serum dart at all to make you feel better if you don't finish her quickly,” Megan said. “That's what the ice pick is there for, Sara Suicide Slut.”

Even though there was supposed to be no or little celebration sex, F2 had been so pleased with Cora pulling the wagon, he got a double-sided dildo from his pants pocket and tossed it through to Cora. Cora was already moving her white bikini bottoms and Viki's to the side for entering. Cora flicked Viki's bean and climbed atop her rival's back, kneeing the brunette in the spine. Cora got the sex toy situated in both of them and pushed Viki's head in the water, fucking and drowning her at the same time. Cora didn't make Viki choke to death, but she definitely made Viki cum. Cora had to sit back to hump Viki from behind, which made it near impossible to keep Viki's head submerged at all times. Cora wanted Viki alive a bit longer to bang. Cora fluffed Viki's boobs and continued the vaginal pleasing practically connected to Viki. Cora didn't time orgasms together or anything, but gave Viki a good couple spankings, kisses, and plunges to remember her by. Then Cora pulled out and simply forced Viki's head and face into the water to drown and kill her. That was it. Cora had won the third tournament match, and Megan was annoyed and disgusted.

F2 and F9 actually treated Viki's corpse rather nicely and delicately, getting the water out of her with vacuum functions before bagging her. F2 and F9 pulled the wagon back to the lake house with Megan, F6, Cora, and Viki in a Cryo Tank all close together riding in silence. Megan wanted Cora to cover up, but Cora kept letting the towels fall to piss Megan off.

Back at the house, in secret, F2 and F9 approached Cora. They gave her some healing products and a little extra serum to help recover after the fight. F2 and F9 were allowed to take Cora back to the estate in the bus where Megan and F6 planned to get a Lambo later. Cora found the androids to be better conversationalists then Megan or many people after she convinced them they didn't have to tape the ride home and could speak plainly with her. F9 looked at Viki in the CryoTank and admitted that it had felt good to kick Viki, and that all the droids had been rooting for Cora. F2 said that he didn't know and couldn't say if they all had been human first or had been built as robots. As soon as they neared the estate, F2 and F9 had their brown eyes flash red. They put their sunglasses on, continued recording, and took stiff and professional postures once again. Cora was glad to be nude again and happy to return as a winner. Megan needed to lose the tournament and not be allowed to experiment with a mind control collar again. She'd hurt Antonia enough using the collar longer than directed. Em's smiling face and warm embrace was too comfortable for Cora. For now, their relationship was loving and magical, but they had very different plans for after EMCASA; and that was fine, but would be a hard change.


2D Artist
Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 5-4 MH vs PS.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Tournament Round One Fight Four:

3. Maria Hart 2-0 vs 11. Polina Sitnova 2-1

It was the last day of Megan's one week vacation to a lake house with F6. The rules on the EMCASA women had relaxed, allowing a few of them to leave the estate and or travel for a mini trip. Foxy Corp was already looking at rebranding, and giving little test jobs to those women who they thought would peddle their products. Inna had been allowed to do a concert, advertising and giving away free samples of F & P (Foxy Pharmaceutical) drugs. Daniella did that for the news station she used to work at, and other models made their rounds doing similar work. The Romanian pop star, Delia, didn't think she'd be big in Spain, but apparently the club pool she was supposed to go to with Iryna and Maria had to shut down regular service and sell tickets for the time the 'Foxy Core' was supposed to be there. The name Foxy Core had been given by Foxy Corp to the EMCASA stars who would help the company.

Delia sat in a shelter with Robert, noticing the lines of people who had come to see her. Delia didn't want to hand out F & P drugs or talk them up. No one out here seemed to need antidepressants, nor the likely placebo pills to affect better health (they weren't even vitamins!), nor the preventative medicine against the new round of “incurable” pandemic viruses expected to surge soon. Delia wore a cute Foxy Corp bikini with a fox on it, and Robert looked stunning and handsome in a suit. Delia wished she and Robert could just swim in the pool with all the average people and families who were likely to be kicked out in the next fifteen minutes or so. Iryna sat in the sun in a micro-bikini reading a book. The club staff had to keep people away from her, but the MFL Russian women, Polina, Sveta, and Ashley (who had already talked to Shadow Ribiero on Skype and said she wanted a contract) were in the midst of the pool like normal people. The crazy blonde, Polina, was so used to not being around regular people and being naked, that she seemed really quiet and different in dark brown sexy swimsuit. Sveta was pulling pranks and cracking jokes. Polina was set to fight Maria in six hours.

The crowded pool was the perfect place for Maria to execute her plan and ensure her win tonight. Maria, the tattooed Romanian with tastefully big fake boobs (not ridiculous like Ashley or Iryna!), headed for Polina's table stealthily. Plenty of perverts were looking at Maria because she was sexy in a pinkish purple glimmering swimsuit with high sitting straps on the bottoms. Maria wore matching big thick rimmed circular sunglasses and her long black hair was in two braids. Maria's tits looked great and she knew it. Maria was done being in Megan's shadow. Megan wanted Maria to beat Polina and Cora! They were the best two fighters left in the tournament! Maria might've had a chance with serum air and curses, but all combatants were going to wear serum air absorbing cuffs as ruled by top-down management, and all the sluts were all complaining about cheating after Megan vs Ozana, so any of the usual tricks, needed to be held for a bit and maybe used in the second round.

Thankfully, Iryna being a traitor was a huge help. Iryna had studied her friends, and knew Polina well. The bubbly ex KGB assassin, Polina, loved her some soda. She drank at least one Pepsi a day, so no wonder she was annoying as fuck and hyper all the time. She had purchased a fountain Pepsi in a cup with ice for today and hadn't touched it yet. Maria kept a gigantic ice cube in her mouth. In the middle of the cube was the metallic serum air absorbing compound used in the cuffs. Maria lifted the lid to Polina's pop, slopped the cube into her hand, and dropped it into the soda. Apparently Polina had a habit of chewing the ice cubes in her drink, and she'd often get too excited mid-conversation or wanting to do something spontaneous and just swallow the ice cubes in her mouth. Iryna better be right about this. Maria had finished her part of the scheming, and really hoped that Polina ingesting this stuff would kill her. A severe reaction was expected in a matter of 4-6 hours. Maria just hoped Polina wouldn't die before getting into the cage to fight.

On the way back over to Delia and the Foxy Core, Maria kicked Iryna's book out of her hands. Iryna sighed and said, “I can't say I'm happy you're doing this, but I'll go over there and excite Polina and make sure she swallows.”

“She's a fucking slut,” Maria said. “She always swallows. … What are you looking at Delia?! You're the one who's a traitor! You thinking about how you can get off the hook for being here?! Well, you can't?! What's your problem with Foxy Corp anyway?!”

“There just needs to be better and more data,” Delia said, reading the labels of one of the F & P products. “Look at all this stuff in here. I've read up on some of it... and it's not good.”

“Who cares what's in it?!” Maria said. “Of course it's good for people! The scientists have said it is! Our job is to model. No one cares what's in it. They care who's taking it or saying they're taking it and how it makes them feel; which will be good.”

“But we're not supposed to take any of it,” Delia said.

“Because we're on serum, duh!” Maria said. She shuddered. She was starting to sound like Megan.

“What are you and Iryna up to?” Delia asked. Iryna got up and headed over to her Russian allies, who welcomed her warmly and were so stupid, they didn't expect any foul play. Delia added, “Are you coming up for plans to try and read my mind and prove I'm a traitor? You'd like to be Megan's new best friend and second in command, wouldn't you Maria?!”

“Oh FUCK off,” Maria said. She tried to hide her grin. She didn't need Megan. She didn't give a fuck about Megan. Maria said, “I don't know and don't care what Iryna is trying to do with that, but I do think you're being sketch as hell and not doing your part to help the company and everybody. You're listening to the wrong and bad people if you think Foxy Corp, who is giving us everything, shouldn't be fully trusted! I've got to focus on my fight tonight. I'll do the talking for this event and prove my worth again. You just sing some crap songs or something, smile, and wave.” Delia rolled her eyes.

Maria looked over her shoulder and pulled down her sunglasses. Iryna rubbed an ice cube into Polina's cleavage and carefully selected one to pitch into Polina's mouth. Iryna pointed to a basketball court, and Polina hopped up and down, clapped, and ran for it. Perfect. God. She was so dumb. The train-wreck weirdo Barbie bimbo was as good as dead!

Two thrones had been made and dragged outside for Megan and RoboMic to sit in to comment upon the tournament fights. The Foxy Core event at the pool club had gone off without any hitches, and Maria still wore the same bikini and outfit from before, standing by the small cage in the sand on the coast at the estate. Maria did not like the feel of the serum air absorbing cuffs at all. She was light-headed and felt like she was going to pass out. Polina and those other bitches had trained with these things on. They were mental! Polina was naked again now with bikini tan lines. Maria hated everything about Polina from her perky round tits, her tiny nips, her annoying high pitched voice, her positive attitude, her appeal with the fans, etc.

Megan sat in her throne not looking amused to be wearing a FC bikini. RoboMic was in a business suit with all of Foxy Corp's different products, logos, and subsidiaries patched onto the jacket to advertise. RoboMic was a fat and ugly slob. Maria could agree with Abby about that. RoboMic whooped and cat-called women. He nearly broke his giant armchair (throne) sitting down. He said, “Megan! Are you glad to be back?! We're glad you're back! You like sexy in that bikini! WOOEEE! Polina's going nude again! Love it!”

“Hate it,” Megan said into the microphone F6 held up by her mouth. Without thinking she licked the head of it making ASMR fans excited. Megan rolled her eyes, stopped tonguing the mic, and added, “My trip wasn't long enough. Being away from all you losers did me wonders. What an unfair advantage against Maria with them both having to wear serum air absorbing cuffs!”

“Oh, yeah!” RoboMic said. “What she said!” RoboMic tried to whisper but was still projecting his voice with a microphone app, “I don't get it. Why? How?!” Megan scoffed and shoved him away.

“OO!” Polina shouted, squatting and dancing. “I love fighting chicks with braids! Maria's got the sexy braids! I can't wait to ride her! Hehe!” The naked blonde hadn't even been injected with serum yet and she was full of energy.

“Maria was out working today too, and Polina is so not taking things seriously,” Megan said. “She was out just relaxing. There's no justice if she wins. In fact, I'll guarantee she loses because she sucks.”

“I'll suck all sorts of dick and dildo and sweaty lady pussy! MMM!” Polina said. She clapped and through the open doorway to the cage. She kicked up sand merrily and then ran back out to get her serum air absorbing (SAA) cuffs put on her wrists. She was still quick and chaotic even then, springing back into the cage, jumping up to grab the top, and swinging like a feral monkey.

“OO!” RoboMic shouted. “The titties! And her PUSSY! Mikey Likey!” Megan faked a gag.

The dark haired Romanian, Maria, got injected with serum after F1 displayed the same volume in the syringe as Polina had gotten for everyone to see. Maria felt a push of energy, but her wrists tingled and burned. It wasn't the same. Maria wasn't in touch with all the things around her and the energy she was used to manipulating either. She hated it! Maria sneaked a look while still wearing her sunglasses at Sara. Maria hated how popular Sara was and actively ignored or was mean to Sara just to get back at Sara for being arguably the most successful and popular Romanian sexfighter. Well, Maria didn't care anymore. Sara wasn't worth her time. Maria would be working alongside Trudy Fox if she played her cards right, and raking in enough money in a few years to be one of the wealthiest elites out there. While Abby had been kissing up to Justin, Maria had found that Trudy barely worked too. She spent most of her time spending company money, drinking, partying, and inking a few deals where she used mind control collars bracelets on executives that the companies maybe did or didn't know about. Maria was going to win this entire tournament and prove she was more reliable than Megan. Maria should get the mind control collar, could run this fighting estate and Foxy Corp experiments herself, and be the boss lady she was born to be.

“You left in a belly button piercing for me!” Polina said, clapping. “Yay! I'm so fucking horny!! I had to be good at the pool and not act out!” The cage doors were shut by androids. “The cuffs aren't so bad once you get used to them,” Polina added. “I'll let you strike me first in case you think it isn't fair. I like to be the sub and take a beating too! Hehe!”

“You're always the sub,” Maria said. “Just let me take my glasses off and take out my piercing. Then the match starts.”

“Aw,” Polina said, pouting. Maria felt the serum in her veins. She clenched a fist. Polina smiled and looked at her friends. Maria sucker punched Polina in the mouth. Polina cried out so loud. It was so damn annoying!

“Shut UP!” Maria said, kneeing Polina in her naked coochie. Maria grabbed Polina's hair and slung her into the cage. Polina climbed up, contorting her body in the upper corner like a spider. Maria didn't want to chase.

“What about your glasses and piercing?!” Polina asked.

“You acted like you were going to attack me,” Maria said. “Then I got annoyed by your fake crying.”

“Whatever,” Polina said, dropping down gracefully. Her boobs shook. “I said you could have some free hits anyway.”

“You're the one who needs free hits,” Maria said. She jabbed her nails into Polina's eye. Polina yelped. Maria stomped Polina's ankle so she wouldn't be so damned fast. Maria punched Polina in the abs. The bitch was ripped. Polina shrieked, emoting her pain as usual with the sounds of a video game girl death and sex voice (since those were typically the same). Maria punched Polina in the ear and then aimed for the belly again. Maria's eye glanced at Polina's mole below her tits, and Maria's knuckles hit there, which was mostly ribs and sternum. Maria raked her nails over Polina's tits and smashed her forehead into Polina's mouth. That kind of hurt Maria, and Polina was so loud sobbing and bleeding. Polina had also managed to grab and strip Maria of her purple bikini top. Maria was fine with that. She was proud of her tits.

“Hehe!” Polina said, turning around to present her ass. “You're hurting me.”

“I'm GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU!” Maria shouted. She kicked the back of Polina's knee, and smashed an elbow onto Polina's spine. Maria jabbed fingernails into the back of Polina's head and one broke off. Polina was still shielding her body with serum air somehow. That was fine. It had been nearly six hours since she ingested SAA metal and Maria just needed to stay in the fight for a few more minutes to see the violent reaction, unless Iryna had lied. ... Maria tried to grab Polina's hair and got a clump. Maria didn't expect Polina to turn so fast and kick her in the face. Maria's glasses broke and scratched up her face. She lost grip of Polina's hair. The nudist socked Maria in the belly; hard. Maria buckled. Polina bent over to lick Maria's boobs and nipples. Maria uppercut Polina in the neck.

“That kinda hurt,” Polina said. She spit in her hands and rubbed them on her cut and clawed bosoms. With the blonde's little nasty nipples standing out, Maria was lured into bad aim again. She punched the nipple and Polina moaned. Maria tried to stick her entire hand up Polina's pussy to destroy it, but only touched the clit momentarily before getting her arm snatched and slung around her own neck. Maria was slung forward and almost hit the cage. She put her arms out to stop that and felt a hand smack her ass. Maria swung around with an elbow. Polina ducked that and licked up Maria's thigh towards her crotch. Maria swung her leg up and around with all her might, stomping Polina's eye that had been poked. Skin broke near the eyebrow, painting the sand with red blood. Polina screamed like a bitch. Maria nearly feel for the bait and jumped at Polina to wrestle, but the nudist scooted away like she was on a round roomba. Polina jumped up and kicked Maria in the face. WHACK!

The Fatal Five member and #3 fighter, Maria, felt the blood fly from her mouth. Polina was too quick and too strong. Maria was so frustrated! Sara had beaten Polina, and Maria knew she was light years ahead of her Romanian rival, Sara. Polina had just trained and gotten good with SAA cuffs, and Maria hated all the sexual crap and Polina's cutesy girl act. Maria really wanted access to her powers. She could push it and hope for the best, or wait. She cornered Polina, ready to box. Maria threw a punch. It got parried. She kicked Polina in the belly. That seemed to work. Polina really doubled over and looked surprised. She didn't cry out like normal. The SAA in her stomach was starting to work?! Maria stomped Polina's foot, breaking toes, and belted Polina all over her abs and midsection. She grunted and shouted aiming higher to obliterate Polina's chin and nose. The naked blonde was Maria's punching bag, and Maria loved it! Blood spurted from Polina's nose onto her heaving chest. Maria wound up for a haymaker and felt Polina's finger pull the side of her mouth. Maria's punch missed.

The tattooed brunette felt her braids get pulled and a finger goose her butt. Polina had been right against the cage and was now behind her. Maria screamed in anger, and turned around kicking at Polina's neck. Polina blocked. The blonde's stomach was really bruising. Maria spit in Polina's eye, but serum air blocked that. Maria bent down and grabbed some sand to throw at Polina's face. That worked a little better. Maria charged up her serum air. Her fingers looked long, witchy, and black before she balled her hand into a fist with swirling dark mist all around. Maria got off a gutbuster punch with her powers that hunched Polina and made the naked slut really weep and moan in a shrill voice. Polina spat up blood, and Maria just about took Polina's head off with an uppercut.

The awful noises from the mouth of the whore continued as Polina's body went airborne. A scarlet glob hit the cage. The naked blonde hit the sand hard on her front and clenched her ass cheeks. Maria gasped for breath from exerting herself and pushing her powers. Polina had to be done. The blonde turned her head and then threw more sand over herself. She shook her hiney and said, “You wanted sand on me! Ok! I got a sandy vagina too! Come pet my kitty before I get yours, Maria! Hehe!” Polina humped the sand. Maria angrily stomped over to the playful blonde, looking to snap or rearrange Polina's spine with her foot. Polina turned her core and swung her legs like helicopter blades, kicking Maria in the jaw. Maria fell against the cage, rattled, and furious.

The Russian babe, Polina, hopped to her feet and walked to the cage door. She said to F1, “This is no fun. Take those cuffs off her.”

“That'll be the death of you!!” Maria shouted. “I'm winning right now! Your stomach is in knots!!”

“Nah,” Polina said. “I just ate something funny at the club. I'm fine. Your punches hurt, but I wanna see your curse and mind control! Yipee!!” RoboMic tried to recreate Polina's excited yipee and got smacked in the head with a mic by Megan. F1 walked over to Maria, offering to take off her cuffs, and Maria let it happen. If Polina was going to be this dumb, fine. Polina clapped. She wiped blood, sweat, and sand off her face and body. Slowly her smile turned into a serious stare.

“YOU'RE DEAD!” Maria shouted. There was still plenty of sun, but it looked like night was coming on as Maria got full control of her powers and shaded everything with serum air. Maria was finally Polina's speed – no; better! She hit Polina in the navel with a flying knee. She pulled on Polina's blonde locks, and punched Polina in the mouth until chipping teeth. Polina didn't make one damn sound as Maria lifted her up and threw her onto the ground. Polina popped up, and barely blocked the kick at her face. Polina's arms flew back. Maria charged into Polina, spearing her in the belly. Polina's plasma came up and hit Maria in the back. Polina gave Maria a wedgie before getting slammed senseless into the cage. Maria landed a combo of half a dozen punches to Polina's face and stomach, rag dolling the harlot with the tan lines. Maria grabbed Polina by the throat and held her in the air. Polina was bloodied and not healing any of her injuries well at all. Maria's eyes were pitch black.

“Take the cuffs off Polina now too!” Emily shouted as a spectator. That got a mixed response from the women watching, and Bianca Fund tried to attack Emily with serum air. For once, Emily neutralized it herself instead of taking the hit or having her girlfriend Cora protect her.

The bikini model in the pinkish purple sparkling bottoms shook her victim, scraping the blonde's back against the cage wiring. Maria used her other hand to grip and break Polina's fingers one by one. Polina began to cry out and call for help. “YOU DUMB FUCKER!” Maria said. “Cry for mercy!” Polina did! It was such a rush! Maria smiled and threw Polina down, hoping to break the Russian's skull, but sand gave a somewhat soft landing. “You're my bitch now,” Maria said, pushing dark clouds of serum air into Polina's head and ears until the twitching blonde shivered and drooled on herself. “Get on your hands and knees and bark like a dog,” Maria ordered. Polina did it! Maria grinned and tried to kick Polina in the face. Polina blocked. No one was expecting that. Then Polina bit Maria's leg!

The nude blonde was playing along for fun after warding off the mind control. Polina had little to zero energy left and knew she was likely to lose if she didn't get these cuffs off. Polina really wanted to win in order to fight Cora next, but that wouldn't be near as fun with SAA cuffs. Cora would likely own Polina, and the masochistic blonde wanted that experience undiluted. Maria really hurt Polina's mouth kicking, but Polina was going to continue to bark like a puppy. The blonde got to her feet and slugged Maria in the gut. Polina hopped onto all four to evade a punch and her arms nearly gave out. She spun and rolled away from Maria who tried to dive on her. Polina tried to make a sound like a laughing dog as Maria's big boobs billowed out from her missed attempt to dive atop Polina. Polina had to snatch off those bikini bottoms and finger Maria's pussy. She succeeded in doing that and got kicked backwards.

With both naked women to their feet, Polina began to bite her SAA cuffs. F1 got as close as possible to her from outside the cage and said, “I'll take those off.”

“NO YOU WON'T!” Megan shouted.

“I'm killing her,” Maria said, pausing to recover and breathe heavily. “Go ahead.”

F1 took off Polina's cuffs with the key and the bubbly blonde leaped into action. Maria yelped. It was a small cage, but Polina covered a lot of space like a ninja. She got behind Maria to pull the braids. Polina humped Maria from behind and bashed her forehead into Maria's Cerebellum. Maria rammed her ass into Polina's stomach. Polina winced. The Russian knew that Cora had agreed to fight her without SAA cuffs and/or with them if Polina lost this fight, but Polina didn't know who she wanted to lose to and get fucked by the most in the tournament. She could also win, and enjoy fucking that way, but her mind was a mess. Her tummy really hurt and she began to foam at the mouth like a rabid dog. Maria's elbows and serum air weren't doing much of anything, unless Polina had been cursed. She was pretty sure that wasn't it. It felt like SAA cuffs were in Polina's stomach. The more she tried to use serum air, the worse she felt. Polina chopped Maria in the neck, and gave the nude brunette a shove.


The naked Romanian hit the sand face first, temporarily paralyzed from Polina's karate strike. Maria had hit the ground very fast with blood splatter and burst organs against her bare back. Polina's eyes watered. She held the cage grating and looked down in shock. Her stomach had exploded and went both ways. Her upper half slid down over the gory mess. Her ribs touched her pelvis. “Woof,” Polina said. “Think... I... ate... a curse... You win! Hehe!” Then blood poured from her mouth and her corpse slid apart to two pieces and dropped. Maria rolled over, wincing, and rubbing her neck.

“That's right, BITCH!” Maria shouted. “I cursed her to death! That's HOW strong I AM! I... didn't even need the winner's serum dart!” Needless to say, Maria pumped her fists and was so tired, she didn't even have the energy or enough libido enhancements to want to fuck after the fight. The winner's serum dart she received helped her heal. Maria opened the door to the cage herself, and headed towards the dorming area to shower off the nastiness all over her body.

“If no one's going to fuck Polina, I still will,” RoboMic said.

“EW! NO!” Megan shouted. The androids began bagging Polina's body. F1 found the SAA metal in the sand and pocketed it. The droids studied Polina's skin where the burst had happened, knowing that something was wrong and they shouldn't say anything about it. Megan said, “Maria is legit! Her curses are second only to mine! With us cuffed though, that's the last you'll likely see of those powers.”

“That wasn't a curse,” Cora said.

“Like you'd KNOW!” Megan shouted. “You're so low level! You wouldn't know.”

There was quite a bit of dissenting opinion, but none of that would go into the show. Maria had won and was set to face Cora in the next round. Half of the first round was over, and fans were wondering if they wanted to see more serum air. Foxy Corp only suggested the SAA cuffs for the fight in public and didn't care too much what the fight fans wanted. It was the sex that was the main selling point. Megan wanted the cuffs, and since nobody had been fucked after the match, that would be reason enough for the company to agree with Megan that the SAA cuffs should remain for the rest of the tournament. Just like with pushing their products and the data and studies they would release, nothing had to be consistent or make sense to the general public. The company would make up a reason for what they wanted, and make it sound like it helped others, and run with that. The SAA cuffs were around to stay. Megan had actually trained with SAA cuffs with F6 for their week vacation, fearing that she might actually lose to Ashley next round in the tournament. Megan knew that she couldn't and shouldn't just keep cheating to win. F6 was very proud of Megan for putting in hard work for a goal again. Only time would tell whether it would pay off and how the tournament would play out.


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Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 5-5 II vs DM.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Tournament Round One Fight Five:

2. Delia Matache 2-0 vs 8. Iryna Ivanova 3-1

The more Delia learned about Foxy Corp, the more disturbed and unhappy she became. There was no one to talk to about this. She had already picked her camp and aligned with Megan and the company. Maria had surely tattled on Delia for having doubts about their last promo event at the Spanish swimming pool club. If she hadn't, Megan could extract that footage from Robert; and therein was another problem. Robert and all the “androids” were made with living tissue over mechanical exoskeletons and computer chips linked and connected inside. They were cyborgs. They were human. It wasn't a cheap imitation, and Delia wasn't just thinking that because she was infatuated with Robert. Antonia had convinced Delia to get Robert in a meditative trance and to see how far back they could see in his memory banks. With her Fatal Five clearance, Delia was able to unlock some of Robert's “footage”, but it was from before he was created. It was his memories. They were scrambled. Delia and Antonia had to use their serum air together to keep seeing and experiencing Robert's pre-mechanical life. He had been a real man. He had appeared to work for Foxy Corp and had some issues with the study he had conducted testing their drugs. He was canceled, ridiculed, threatened, and financially destroyed, but refused to lie for the company's benefit. There were strong emotions attached to a beautiful blonde woman (likely his wife) and two children... He ended up in an underground body harvesting area surrounded by naked humans in what had appeared to be Cryo Tanks until he was selected as the right “fit” for Delia. It was heartbreaking.

“Megan and I were friends like you and me for a while,” Delia said to Antonia. Antonia, the Romanian pop star with brown hair, had gone full rebel, walking around in the nude like Cora and Polina now. Delia and Antonia stood at the fence of the neighbor's farm property, waiting for Robert to return from a game of football with Martin, Levin, and some of the “guys” and droids.

“Megan has been training to try and keep up with Ashley,” Antonia said, grinning. “See. Things are getting better. I better head to the basement cage. I'm sure you'll want some alone time with Robert before your fight. I'm sure Megan, Maria, and Bianca are monitoring us with GPS and won't like that you and I have been spending so much time together lately.” Antonia winked, slapped Delia's ass, and added, “You look cute... hot; and sexy. What we saw with Robert... I don't know what it means, but we are right to think of the Foxy Corp bots as humans and treat them with kindness and respect.” Delia nodded and shrugged. Her mind was a mess. Her blonde hair was pulled up in a top know ponytail. Her eyelashes and mascara were done up with glimmering gold eyeliner. She had in big dangling gold colored hoop earrings and wore a pink sparkling bikini that really accentuated the curves of her natural breasts. Antonia walked off, looking enviably fit and bad-ass. Delia felt like she had caved on her morals or just been too naïve and had gotten in over her head with EMCASA and befriending Megan and working for the company.

Being alone with her thoughts was terrible. Delia was going to be late to her fight at this point. She thought it was kind of silly to not play football on the beach or at the estate, but boys would be boys. They liked to sneak onto someone's else's property and play among the animals or something. Delia wanted Robert to have human fun and not just be programmed to please her only. She saw Robert in the distance coming from a cluster of trees, laughing, and talking to someone – someone who wasn't just one of the guys. Even from a distance, Delia could tell the helmet wearing harlot was a seductive succubus witch! The short bimbo had tan sweaty flesh and her giant boobs on display with a lighter shade of skin. Her chest was outlined and framed by white leather straps that connected at her neck and looked like what you'd expect an American football player to have on under pads. This bitch wore no pads and had a long blonde ponytail. She flirted and touched Robert's chest and biceps. He was dressed casually in shorts and white muscle shirt. Delia knew who the woman was before she took her helmet off. The helmet was plain white with gray face mask protection. The football lass was Iryna, the woman Delia was set to fight in a few minutes, who claimed she would beat and expose Delia as a traitor! The evil topless Russian wench, Iryna, held Robert's hand and cuddled up against him. Robert was a sucker for blondes with big boobs. The rest of Iryna's outfit was trashy too with white uniform cloth shorts and thigh high stockings strapped to them.

Upon closer inspection, Iryna's shorts had lace on them like panties, and she wore a lot of makeup. Robert could sense Delia's anger, and tried to distance himself from Iryna as he waved to Delia, smiled, and ran to the fence to hop it. Delia clenched her fists, looking at Iryna. Robert hugged Delia. Iryna winked, and pretended to struggle climbing over the fence, making sexual moaning noises and riding the top of the fence like a two-dollar whore.

“Sorry Iryna,” Robert said, helping the topless temptress. She dropped her helmet and Delia kicked it with serum air covering her foot. Robert added, “Come to think of it, you playing ball with us was a bad idea for the fight. You didn't even save enough energy to climb the fence? You are short.”

“I'm not wasting energy,” Iryna said, hugging Robert, and shoving her tits into his face. He liked that. Delia knew he liked that. Iryna held onto Robert's hand especially long after she was on the other side of the fence and facing Delia. Iryna was going to try and sound monotone and boring in the presence of other women. She was so fake! Delia hated it! Iryna batted her lashes to Robert, stroking his pecs, and added, “I still say I bet Martin and Levin are cyborgs sent to tire me out before the fight and are not producers of the show.”

“You're the one who followed us to play!” Robert said.

“I had my reasons,” Iryna said, winking.

“AND what were those?!” Delia asked, shoving Iryna at the collar into the long wood beams and thin metal wiring of the farm fence. Iryna could arch her back over the beam sexually, sticking out her tits, but she couldn't climb over it without needing Robert's help. It was all an act, and an infuriating one. Iryna hugged Delia, trying to show dominance with bigger breasts, but Delia wasn't going to allow the slut to get her bosoms over Delia's rack. Robert looked worried and tried to intervene, grabbing Delia's arm which was being coated in dark serum air energy.

“Tackle football with the guys,” Iryna said in her fake flirty voice. “Robert got me in the sack multiple times... if that's the right terminology.”

“You know it is!” Robert said. “You're really smart and athletic. You made some good passes! … hey. Hold on. Something else is going on here. … And serum air.” Iryna winked and blew a kiss to Robert.

“No, REALLY?!” Delia asked. As soon as Iryna shoved Delia, the Romanian pop singer/songwriter saw red. She grabbed Iryna's shoulder and punched her in the face with serum air backing her blow. Iryna's head turned to the side. Blood hit the white paint of the wood parts of the fence. Iryna balled her fists and swung a punch at Delia. Iryna's fist grazed the pink shimmering cup of Delia's bikini top and her chest mound.

“Oh, right,” Iryna said. “You're not as big as me there.” Iryna winked to Robert, and rubbed her nasty hands all over her dumb oily fat udders. Iryna caressed and shook her boobs, exciting her own nipples with touch. Delia kicked Iryna in the crotch. The topless woman hunched and moaned. Delia grabbed Iryna's ponytail and slugged the bloody tramp in the face again. Iryna stepped on Delia's big toe in her white cleats. It hurt, but Delia didn't care. Delia punched Iryna in the boob. She wanted to rip her rival's tits off, but Iryna would need to be mostly dead for that to happen. Iryna backed up, slamming a fist into her palm. She thrust out her chest as a taunt, and Delia just decked her. Iryna's jaw slopped open and she stumbled. The serum air had on Delia's punch had actually burnt Iryna's lips a little. Delia kicked Iryna in the navel.

The football lingerie model, Iryna, crashed into the farm fence, breaking a portion of it and knocking down big wood beams. Iryna quickly got to her hands and knees, gasping. Her naked melons dangled. Delia kicked Iryna in the ribs, but the Russian blocked with clear serum air of her own. Delia picked up a big wooden beam and cracked it over Iryna's back. “Um... Delia!” Robert said.

“Iryna and I are both equal now!' Delia said. “We can fight before the serum and the cuffs and the cage! I'll drag this bitch to the basement to finish her!! She started it!” Iryna rolled around trying to touch her aching back, laughing and whimpering. Delia aimed the broken part of the beam at Iryna's neck to impale the sex vampire here and now. She didn't expect it to work, but forced a lot of serum air energy into her powerful stab attempt. Iryna had to further deplete her energy reserves to block, kicking the points of the beam with her cleats. Delia threw the beam down, feeling Iryna's high pressure serum air all around. “Get up, BITCH!” Delia shouted, standing over Iryna. She punted the Russian in the cooter to spur that along. “If you thought you were tired before, what about now?! Still gonna beat me and do mind control on me?! I'm kicking your ass!!”

The topless blonde got to her feet and winced as Robert picked up her helmet a few yards away. Iryna walked right up to Delia. Their auras were diametrically opposed, making their ponytails whip in the currents of conflicting airwaves. They were close enough to kiss with intense eye contact. Iryna said in her dull monotone, “I'm in your head already.”

It was true, and not just in a regular human manipulative way. Iryna had pressed Delia's buttons, knowing that flirting with Robert would do that, and more. Delia shuddered. She had a massive headache. Iryna's serum silhouette powered down to nothing, but Delia could still feel a lot of pressure and power inside her head from a foreign agent (Iryna). Iryna's serum air had gone into Delia's ears. Delia had been stupid to let her emotions get the best of her. She used way more energy than she should have to try and push out all Iryna's influence. Delia yelped, bent over, and rubbed her temples, seeing the images of Robert before becoming a bot, and some of her own worst memories relived. Delia pushed those out, opened her eyes, and grit her teeth. Iryna caught her helmet that Robert had tossed to her. Delia could see wisps of dark serum air headed for the helmet, but she was woozy and maybe not seeing clearly. Delia said, “I'll read your mind and control you!”

The blonde Romanian forced her powers near Iryna's head, gasping, spitting, and barely able to stand from overexertion. Iryna was so hard to read. She had no expression like the Foxy Corp bots who were programmed to act like that and not look human. Robert grabbed Delia by the waist. Finally Delia realized how badly she'd been played. She saw the last dark streaks of her serum air not penetrate into Iryna's ears, but go into the helmet. There was a sucking feeling and deep dread in the pit of Delia's stomach. She blinked, shuddered, and was glad Robert was holding her up.

“I'm going to expose you in more ways than one,” Iryna said, taking off the helmet again like fucking mastermind villain Magneto in X-Men. “This helmet has SAA metal in it. You fell for every one of my traps, Delia.”

“Go fuck yourself!” Delia shouted, getting to her feet to not show weakness.

“Robert and I will be fucking your lifeless body shortly,” Iryna said.

Delia almost said, 'over my dead body', but that felt like a poor choice of words. Delia was sure Iryna would have an evil cackle and swagger, but she didn't. She looked down and looked sad as she led the way down the road back to the estate. Delia wasn't eager to follow. She would take as much time as possible. She could ask Robert for extra serum, but Delia didn't want to cheat. They walked in silence while Delia debated what was fair and right. As soon as they got close to the estate and all the buildings, several women were waiting and wanting them to hurry as Megan was upset about the fight being delayed, even though they had all seen through Robert's eyes on a TV screen what had been happening to delay the fight.

Inside the dorming building, Antonia quickly whispered to Delia as they went down the winding marble staircase, “I should've just stayed with you. I don't know what to do now.”

“Me neither,” Delia said. “I'll fight. I'm going to try and win, and read Iryna's mind to know what she's truly up to.” Antonia shook her head. Reading a mind and controlling a mind were all related, but both very hard to do.

Megan and RoboMic sat in their cushy throne chairs in front of the basement cage. Megan took the helmet from Iryna and said, “Unbelievable. I don't even know what I want to happen with this fight.”

“I'm going to win,” Iryna said, stretching and wiping blood from her mush. RoboMic whooped and commented about how sexy Delia and Iryna were. Iryna took off her cleats and stockings, smiling and showing off her body for RoboMic and the fans. RoboMic said like twenty different comments about boobs, but Delia mostly ignored him. F1 showed equal levels of serum in the syringes meant for the tournament fighters. Delia knew she was going to be at a disadvantage now. Everyone knew that, but not even the Fatal Five or Foxy Core said anything in Delia's defense. They expected she was a traitor, and she'd been stupid enough to fall for Iryna's tricks. Maria smirked and shot Delia nasty glances, keeping her hand by her mouth as usual and not standing out from the crowd. All that was left was to beat Iryna with pure strength. Delia wasn't Megan's most trusted Fatal Five fighter for nothing.

It was cool in the basement with black and white square tiled floor, but not frigid like when Mandy had fought Antonia. Delia warmed up after being injected with serum, but didn't recover right, and felt frightfully normal once the Serum air absorbing (SAA) cuffs were put over her wrists. Delia got into the cage opposite Iryna and the doors were shut. Iryna healed some of her battle damage quickly and still looked pretty. Delia said, “I barely used any energy unlike you. I've been acting like I used a lot to fool you.” Iryna didn't say anything. The crowd speculated about it. RoboMic believed the lie and the bluff and thought everything was so cool. Iryna had gotten very strong. She could probably sense the power potential in other people's serum air. Delia had used a lot of energy and Iryna had trained in SAA cuffs. Delia hadn't. Delia felt like she had made so many mistakes. This was the moment of truth, and Iryna just stood there like a fucking blow up doll.

The enraged Fatal Five member and #2 seed in the tournament, Delia, threw the first punch. Iryna didn't even block. The metal of the cuff, helped damage and tear into Iryna's lips. The tiled floor was cool and slick, but Delia's footing was on point. She kicked Iryna in the flank and grabbed the whore's ponytail again. Iryna pulled on Delia's earrings. Both women let go of their holds. Delia kneed Iryna in the crotch. Iryna hugged Delia. It was super erotic. Delia shoved Iryna into the cage. Iryna pointed to Delia's earrings and said, “You might want to take those out.” Delia had meant to, but now was beyond the point. She wasn't going to accept help or kindness from her enemy right now.

“Focus on helping yourself,” Delia said. “I left these in on purpose!” Delia punched Iryna in the jaw. If the bimbo was going to be a punching bag again, Delia needed to destroy her quickly! Iryna blocked the next attack aimed at her face. Delia punched boobs and belly. Iryna grabbed an earring as expected. Delia helped the tug, shredding the cartilage to lose earring and earlobe to get another opening. She knifed an uppercut into Iryna's kidney. She slammed an elbow across Iryna's nose. It was getting bloody, and Iryna's footing wasn't so hot. She nearly fell. She pitched the ring at Delia who caught it on her finger and slung it back at Iryna's face. The dumb Russian put her hands up to block that. Delia stomped Iryna's knee at the side and jumped into the air to kick Iryna in the spine. Iryna's big boobs hit Delia in the face as Delia landed. Delia yanked Iryna's ponytail and pulled the lingerie model down into a rising knee. Iryna screamed as her back was arched and the impact to her spine made her big boobs jump. Delia tried to punch Iryna in the neck, but that was blocked. Delia raked her nails over Iryna's big juicy tits, and the Russian flailed to get out of Delia's grasp and drop to the floor. Instead of presenting her ass, this time, Iryna sat back, looking to employ defensive maneuvers and jujitsu if Delia came down to wrestle.

So Delia didn't. She aimed a kick high, and glanced it off the top of Iryna's head, forcing her adversary to make a move. Iryna tackled Delia at the leg, showing more good football skills. Delia's leg got pinned down and awkwardly to the side. She snatched for Iryna's hair, but the Russian flipped the ponytail over her shoulder and away from Delia. Delia slashed her nails into Iryna's shoulder and collar. The tips of the fingernails bounced out of the dermis upon reaching the giant jugs of her rival for a moment. Iryna climbed atop Delia, slamming her labia into Delia's crotch repeatedly. Delia wasn't about to allow the slut's sagging tits to smother her. She stabbed nails in, pinched, and twisted the mammary meat. Iryna's hands and weight dropped onto Delia's chest. She raked and fondled Delia's mounds. Delia tried to headbutt Iryna, but only got a face full of boobs. Iryna sat back, stripping Delia of her top. Delia should've had tunnel vision, only seeing Iryna, only sensing the battle and the desperate moment, but she turned her head to see if Robert was aroused by her exposure. He covered his eyes, looking pained by Delia struggling now and Iryna taking control of the fight.

The model in the white panties, Iryna, sat back. Delia's fingers slipped to the straps framing Iryna's bosoms. She tugged, and the entire football strap piece up to the choker at Iryna's neck tore off Iryna's body. Iryna jammed an elbow into Delia's stretched and contorted thigh. The short Russian babe with the gargantuan gazongas, Iryna, was deadly with serum air and or wrestling on the ground. Delia kicked into Iryna's side and head, but her rival kept wrenching the leg submission. Delia screamed. She tried to grab the ground or cage, but wasn't close enough and her fingers just helplessly slid off the tile.

Iryna flipped the topless Romanian onto her front, pulling Delia's leg like a Mrs. Potato Head limb to pop on and off. Delia's leg made popping noises and her shrill cries weren't good news for the favored fighter. Delia's orbs flattened and squished against the tile with her on her belly, writhing and crying. Iryna was in such good control now, she used one hand to slap Delia's ass, sliding her index finger tip over the booty curves, seeking out the natural blonde's camel toe and pussy against her pink bikini bottoms. Delia flopped like a fish or a flexible gymnast to sit up and elbow Iryna in the mug. Delia's top knot ropy hair hit Iryna in the eye. Iryna winced, unable to break Delia's leg, but the damage had been done. Iryna punched Delia in the ear, temple, and back of the head. The shifty and huskier babe, Iryna, threw all her weight down on top of Delia, taking her down again, and transitioning smoothly into an armbar. Iryna clamped her thighs around Delia's elbow joint. She moved over Delia, leaning down on the side of her pert ass. Iryna crossed her leg and sat, bending Delia's arm in a way it wasn't supposed to go. Delia yelped and cried, shaking. Her hair was at Iryna's chest and face. Delia threw an elbow back, but it hit the cage. Iryna put Delia into a headlock to choke her out, and then slapped Delia's boobs with her other hand. The jujitsu fighters were all noting Iryna's capabilities. If she wasn't fooling around, Delia's arm could be broken.

Pop! “AHH!” Delia yelled. Woosh! Click! WHAM!

The topless bikini model in pink bottoms, Delia, managed to use her abs to swing a powerful kick up into Iryna's face. This allowed Delia to slip out of the debilitating hold. Delia spun around and tried to get up fast to stay on the attack. Her hip and leg didn't work right. She turned her ankle on the tile. As Iryna hoisted herself up with the help of the cage, Delia jammed a knee into Iryna's face. The chesty combatant crashed into the cage with her white panties wet with excitement. Delia scrambled to get to her feet, feeling her arm tendons, ligaments, and joints trying to pop and snap back into place. It was painful and her body didn't feel right at all. Delia got to her feet, hoping to beat Iryna's face in, but the bloodied bimbo had stepped to the side. The shorter blonde with the ponytail, Iryna, avoided Delia's spinning thrash and karate chopped Delia in the neck. Delia shuddered and faced her foe, losing energy rapidly. Everything spun for Delia. She watched her rival's footing. The black and white tiled floor and Delia's dizziness made a trippy scene for the #2 fighter.

“You're done, Delia,” Iryna said, staring at her opponent. The Russian stood tall and swelled her chest with pride. Delia grit her teeth and socked Iryna right in the nipple. Flesh cratered and tore. Delia hopped into the air and kicked Iryna in the side of the head with her bad leg not quite executing with all the power for the kick she had wanted. Iryna crashed into the cage. Red ran down from her ear hole to match Delia's ruined earlobe. Delia tried to jump on Iryna, but the crafty and slippery cunt got her knees up, and pushed Delia off and into the metal bars of the cage.

Delia was determined to finish the fight strong and beat Iryna despite all her injuries and mistakes. Delia was up first. Iryna breathed heavily and stepped into Delia's punch. Delia's fist smashed into Iryna's teeth, cutting Delia's knuckles, and rattling the whore's dick sucking mouth. Their bosoms collided and squished. Unfortunately Delia had little to nothing on the punch with her healing and strained right. The impact to Iryna's stomach was minimal at best, and Delia's arm got grabbed. Iryna shook off the daze, bleeding from the mouth with no expression. Iryna yanked and twisted Delia's arm while kicking Delia above her hip to spin her. CRUNCH!

Tears fell as Delia let out a blood curdling scream. Her arm was ruined. Robert showed more emotion than anyone else watching. It was becoming a blur to Delia who was in and out of consciousness. Iryna was behind Delia. Iryna had Delia's legs and ankles trapped so she couldn't move. Iryna kneed and forced Delia's hurt leg to twist and buckle. Iryna grabbed Delia's long ponytail of hair and strangled Delia with it from behind. Delia choked and tried to rip her hair off. With serum air or without all these injuries, that would've been easy, but for now, Delia looked totally vulnerable with her fingers prying at ropey gold locks cutting off her Oxygen supply. Delia's broken arm rested crooked against her heaving chest, smearing crimson in between the voluptuous mounds. Iryna kicked into Delia's bad leg and behind the knee several times. She finally swept Delia's leg like the villain in the Karate Kid breaking Daniel-son, and the result was a win for the bad guy. SNAP!

The sound of Delia's defeated cries echoed in the basement. She was going down and about to pass out. Iryna stopped asphyxiating the Fatal Five member, and let Delia slide down towards the tiled floor. Iryna wrapped her legs around Delia's neck, clenched her thighs, and jumped down with a twist to begin the final critical damages to the victim's throat. The cranking noises were subdued with many women watching and cheering to see one of the Fatal Five (or four) lose in the tournament. Delia's head was turned crooked. Her face was pale and blue. Her tongue lolled and she didn't even kick her legs to struggle. Iryna knew it was over. She was exhausted, but still had work to do. Some kinky sex would give her the strength to go on. Iryna unwound her legs, took off her white panties, and then ensnared Delia's neck again, but this time forcing the loser's face into her crotch.

“Suck my pussy and I won't make Robert do it,” Iryna said. Delia obeyed. Iryna massaged her own bloody and engorged tits. Robert winced. He wouldn't have minded obeying that order either, but he felt horrible that Delia had lost and was going to be killed.

Iryna was purposefully waiting for a winner's serum dart. She pushed the humiliation sex in order to have it, before trying to use mind control to prove Delia was a traitor. Iryna knew that Megan had no patience, and likely would not want to see Delia fucked for long. The androids opened the cage doors, offering sex toys. Iryna motioned F1 over with a strap-on, still in orgasmic bliss with Delia at her loins. Iryna pointed and singled out Robert to be the main toy. Delia stopped slobbering in Iryna's stimulated vaginal area and tried to get her face up for air. She sobbed and pleaded for Iryna to leave Robert out of it, but that wasn't going to happen. Just turning her neck, set Delia back and into negative levels of energy. Her neck was ready to snap. Iryna sat back, using her hands to roughly positioned Delia's head to watch Robert strip. Iryna then attached the strap-on to her waist, admiring Robert's manhood. She pulled up on the shaft of the prosthetic, mashing it between her cleavage for Robert to please her.

It was hard for Delia to swallow her pride and realize that Robert may enjoy this if Delia wasn't too mad, upset, and emotional about losing. Robert fucked Iryna in the pussy, but was on his hands and knees, taking off Delia's bikini bottoms and fingering her all the while. Iryna noticed this and said, “You can give your woman the D too. OOH! OO! Just don't stop getting us both off!” The male model with brown hair and a beard, Robert, was as efficient as you'd expect a machine to be. He penetrated Delia and Iryna with his artificially enhanced rod and his magical robotics improved fingers. He spread vaginal lips with soft fingers, tapped and stroked the clits of both horny blondes, and tongued all around the ejaculating thots. The tile got covered in white liquids. Megan was disgusted waiting. Robert turned back to look at Megan coughing and grumbling. Robert still provided hand jobs to the blondes lying down with their legs open and thighs saturated in cum.

“I guess Delia wasn't a traitor,” Megan said. “Just a weak loser.”

“I should take off Iryna's cuffs,” Robert said. Megan shrugged and nodded. The cyborg could change the tissue of his finger to make it like a hard metal the shape of the key for the SAA cuffs. Once Iryna was freed from that, she flipped Delia over onto her front, to pound the singer in the anus and then doggy style. The dildo was up at Iryna's waist. It wasn't rubbing Iryna down low, because she pulled Robert over and into her for a train of sex. Robert enjoyed groping Iryna's tits. He enjoyed cumming inside the women as much as they enjoyed their multiple orgasms and secretions. Serum had them horny and producing hormones and replenishing fluids at insanely high rates.

“THAT'S ENOUGH!” Megan shouted. “Do the... what you think you can and obviously can't now! I can't stand watching this anymore.”

“That's why we're sitting,” RoboMic said, shifting around in his seat to get his meat to beat into the box that contained his genitals. Megan scoffed and shrieked in frustration.

Robert pulled out and jizzed on Iryna's back and tailbone, drumming his hard throbbing member on her booty cheeks. Iryna didn't stop plowing Delia. She gathered serum air and put her hands to Delia's ears. No one could see that anything was happening, but Robert watched the blondes jiggling and looking engrossed in something serious. His sensors could tell there was lots of serum air being used. Iryna put her hands to Delia's neck and said, “You're still closer to Antonia than Megan. You like Megan, but are unsure of wanting to help Foxy Corp with sales. Admit that's true.”

The brutalized blonde was able to get to one knee. Her other leg was broken. She gave Iryna the middle finger. Iryna, grabbed that, and used her serum air strength to snap the finger. Bone pierced skin. Iryna kept humping Delia, smacking the booty cheeks of the blonde songwriter with the thrusting. Delia didn't want to admit it, but her mind was all over the place. It was too much energy to enforce her own will, and Iryna had spoken the truth in a rather diplomatic way. Delia heard whispers like all the people she cared about were encouraging her to spill the beans. Robert looked to nod. Trying to look back it him, nearly killed Delia. She was ready to be killed. She'd already been killed and collared at the estate before. This wouldn't be as bad. Delia began to speak, but stammered and slurred her words.

Finally, the Russian stopped with the celebration coitus. She massaged Delia's scalp, bent over her, resting milky tits on Delia's back, and whispered, “The truth shall set you free.”

It was pretty corny and a copied and regurgitated line delivered in a crappy tone of voice, but Delia knew couldn't resist the truth of Iryna's words. Delia said, “You're right, Iryna.” Megan hollered like a banshee. F6 picked up the brunette celebrity and slung her over his shoulder, knowing a hissy fit was coming. He carried the cursing chick off and up the marble staircase. It almost felt like a win for the good guys, but things weren't so black and white as the tiles of the basement with good and bad here.

Iryna let Delia slide off the always hard plastic cylinder and sat Delia up to face her. Iryna sat back, pulling the defeated broad onto her lap. Delia couldn't keep her head up. Iryna petted Delia and assured her in a hushed whisper that everything would be fine and better soon. Iryna then felt the surge of adrenaline and raw violent aggression. She capitalized. She pushed her tits apart to slap into the sides of Delia's neck. With a boob strangle on her enemy, Iryna twisted her core and snapped Delia's neck between her breasts. Iryna left the dead woman's head contorted in her mounds, drooling, until the corpse really cooled. Then Iryna lifted and handed Delia's dead body to Robert. He carried her carefully to the other androids with the Cryo Bag.

In the back of the basement, the tattooed Fatal Five member, Maria, hid her cackle and glee behind a hand, pretending to chew her nails. No one was happier about Delia losing than Maria. Delia would be out of the Fatal Five. The Fatal Five was essentially ruined, and that was fine. Megan thought Maria and Bianca Fund were loyal. The fat ass, Fund, would be, but would likely lose to Abby in the second round. Maria would be facing Abby in the final. It would be Justin's favorite vs Trudy's favorite to see who got the most power in Foxy Corp, and Maria was sure it would be her coming out on top. She couldn't wait to betray Megan and prove her strength and worth.


2D Artist
Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 5-6 SC vs BD.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Tournament Round One Fight Six:

12. Bianca Dragusanu 2-1 vs 13. Sara C 3-1

The underground fighting arena in Spain went crazy cheering as it was time for the featured spectacle; an EMCASA tournament fight. A cage went around the wrestling ring in the spotlight. RoboMic and Megan Fox sat next to the Spanish commentator, who announced the stakes and hyped the showdown between Sara C and Bianca Dragusanu. The common Spanish people seemed to know the celebrity and TV personality, Bianca D. She got so much applause and energy from the crowd. It helped that Bianca strutted down the runway topless, looking like the sexy supermodel from her initial career. The healing effects of serum prevented the lines and look of aging, and could reverse it to a degree. It was literally only available on the black market and shrouded in secrecy by big companies for this reason and due to its other healing properties.

Bianca felt at home in the spotlight, looking spectacular. RoboMic whooped, loving her big titties exposed already. Bianca's long hair was curled at the ends and an auburn color. Her skin was always rather dark. Her luscious lips were full and a light pink, giving off an erotic Angelina Jolie vibe. Bianca's thong panties had blue straps, bringing out the blue of her eyes. She wore jeweled earrings that looked like peacock feathers and glimmered in the lights.

The first ever made Foxy Corp android (or more accurately cyborg), F1, stood ringside in a suit and sunglasses to help Bianca take off her earrings. She rubbed her butt up against his crotch, but he was programmed to remain flaccid and have no emotions at the present. “He is so lucky,” RoboMic, the fat blond MFL owned cyborg said. “I wish I could inject the combatants. They are all oiled up and looking Fae-EEN! YEAH! Then the booties and the titties be getting bigger on serum! WOOHOO! My favorite part besides the sex! Every time there is that fatality it makes me nut!”

“It's better when you're doing the killing yourself,” Megan said, in a sour mood, but happy with how well she'd been received by the fans this night. Foxy Corp had paid a few people (good and rich looking men and women) to especially make Megan feel pretty and wanted, dropping compliments specifically to her before she'd gone to the table for commenting and on breaks between matches. Megan was very popular without that, but intimidating at times, especially walking around with a frown and a serum air aura that warded people away.

Next to exit from backstage for the runway was bikini model Sara C, another brunette from Romania. She was trim, athletic, and able to hang with the best of them in all sorts of fighting styles and especially jujitsu. Sara was good at breaking bones and giving the fans a show while sexually dominating the loser. Sara didn't expect such a big reaction from the crowd. Surely most of these people weren't paying for the EMCASA pay per view online and couldn't know Sara. Alexis was in the stands leading the cheering for Sara. Sara waved and nodded to the fans. Her brown hair was up in a bun, making it apparent that her sexy white bikini top was strapless. Her bikini had gold embroidery on it, and had been a lucky and fan favorite design in the past for Sara to wear. As Bianca's wrists were clamped with serum air absorbing (SAA) cuffs, she made it seem sexual like bondage, moaning, twerking on F1, and sticking out her tongue. Sara didn't do all that when the android F1 cuffed her wrists, but she did walk right up to Bianca, feisty and unafraid.

Sara had nice tan skin and very feminine curves that didn't look inflated or bought. Bianca was eager to show off her boobs, chest bumping Sara, but the lesser known Romanian stood her ground, mashing her firm orbs into Bianca's squashed big bosoms. Both women were about the same height, clenching their fists and keeping their composure for now. F1 showed the two serum syringes in the light with equal amounts of serum. Bianca stared at Sara and said, “I've been eagerly awaiting this fight after you beat my lover, Natasha. It's not your fault the App was stacked so Natasha wouldn't get another fight. She deserved to be in this tournament though. We both have wanted to fight you for a long time.”

F1 injected both women in the neck with separate syringes at the same time. That stopped Sara from nodding to Bianca. As RoboMic expected and loved, the assets of the fighting women grew. Bianca was already busty and needing no enhancement, but the serum gathered in her chest, swelling her naked melons and literally pushing the women apart as both racks were firm and not going to give for a moment. Both Sara and Bianca were experienced with serum and fighting. They breathed heavily, but there was little other sign that their bodies were going through extreme changes and they were ready to and wanting to fight to the death. Sara didn't get much growth on her already tight model body, but her buns clenched and expanded a bit more than her bust. Her strapless bikini top was going to stay on even with the breast enlargement, but Bianca put her hands to Sara's sideboobs and pulled down before her own knockers were going to be caved in and overpowered by Sara's perky solid orbs.

“Oh hell YEAH!” RoboMic shouted. “Bianca and Sara both know what we want to see! WOOEE! Topless start and finish with the kinkiest dirtiest sex imaginable!! YAHOO!!”

“They're both dirty alright,” Megan said. “A loser fighting a loser. I can't believe this part of the bracket ended up so weak.”

“Whoops,” Bianca said sarcastically, still peeling down Sara's top, trying not to break it with all the extra power from serum. Bianca was trying to look cute, seductive, and in control. Sara backed up to bump fists with her opponent, allowing the bikini top to hang at her sternum. Bianca winked and forced their SAA cuffs to touch gently too. Sara was exposed too now, and decided to untie her bikini top from behind to show off her skill and dexterity while on serum. Sara held and dangled the top to a chorus of cheers. Bianca's face screwed up for a slight moment.

“It looks like the crowd won't be in your favor very long,” Sara said.

“Whoops,” Bianca said again, stepping out of her blue, black, and white panties. Her legs looked so strong and erect, and she almost shredded the cloth with her nails accidentally. It was hard to do things like playing video games, brushing your teeth, or getting dressed on this much serum. Your body was just a whirlwind of destruction and power. Bianca dangled her panties right near Sara's face, getting the part that was over her pussy to float near Sara's lips. Bianca puckered her lips to taunt Sara and said, “I doubt that. Whoever wins this gets Iryna. Let's see if Antonia's sexy little student grew up to be a contender. We are not the weak side of the bracket. I'll guarantee now that the winner of this fight goes all the way and wins the tournament!!”

In the stands, Sara caught a glimpse of Natasha in the front row, cheering. There seemed to be a section for Bianca fans and one for Sara across from it. Sara thought that Alexis and and Natasha fighting would be hot. “Keep talking to me like I'm not on your level and I'll undo you faster,” Sara said. She didn't bother to slap Bianca's panties away from her face. She had a bigger statement to make. Sara shoved three fingers into Bianca's mouth. Sara opened her own mouth, wondering if Bianca would bite or suck. The busty nude celebrity slobbered on Sara's fingers as she slowly curled them and withdrew them suggestively. Bianca noticed Sara's smirk and quickly rolled her tongue back in. Sara said, “That's what I thought. You, me, Alexis, and Natasha should all go 2 on 2 sometime.”

“Natasha will be let in the cage soon enough to double team you,” Bianca said. “Alexis can come in too if she wants to watch, do our bidding, and get slapped around by us.” Bianca let go of her panties strap and turned towards the stairs to get up into the fenced off cage.

“No,” Sara said, grabbing Bianca's wrist. It stopped the nudist with a jolt. Bianca wanted to smash her body into Sara now to fight. The heat and intensity between the broads was palpable. Sara added, “I want to drag you around into the crowd, but that's not allowed. You'll die with your mouth full getting fucked just like Natasha did by me and me alone. I've been excited and training for this too.” Bianca jerked away from Sara, looking a little rattled. She shook her head and tried to move like a Baywatch broad making her tits bounce for the fans, who were voicing complaints with the venue.

“They did that for UFSO!” RoboMic said. “How come the front row and me can't bang a half dead Bianca after she loses?!”

“If she loses,” Megan said. “She won't lose. It's for the safety of the fans.” The Spanish commentator echoed that and tried to appease fans, saying they were looking into changing this. RoboMic almost argued with Megan, but knew his place, or at least knew Megan had the keys to unlock his genitals.

The naked chick, Bianca, clenched both fists once inside the ring, ready for a no holds bar fistfight. Sara got into a bendy stance like a martial arts master. One hand was open, and the other was balled into a fist. Bianca stood upright, looking down at Sara's dangling breasts, and raising an eyebrow to evaluate Sara's current posture for weakness. The Spanish announcer said to let the fight begin, and Bianca moved first before the English translation came across over the sound system.

Bianca threw a punch at the side of Sara where she had a clenched fist. Sara opened her hand and pushed down on Bianca's wrist. The tanner fighter didn't expect to be punched so quickly or hard in the kidney. She backed up with her big jugs jiggling. Bianca kicked Sara in the knee. It looked to slightly hurt both of them, but nothing more. Bianca jabbed at Sara's face. The topless bikini model rose up and to the side to take the fist to the curvy portion of her boob near her armpit. She crouched low, extending her leg to stomp Bianca's ankle. Bianca leaned in, trying to wrap up Sara's arms in a clinch for a throw or a bearhug. Sara's shoulder pushed past soft cleavage to the sternum. Sara flipped head over heels, wriggling free from her surprised opponent's grasp. Bianca tried to stomp Sara's wrist, but the upside-down Romanian saw it coming and had planned to balance on the arm that was attacked. Sara dropped her leg and foot down to slam her heel into Bianca's eye and nose. The nude brunette's nose gashed open and blood spurted from her nostrils onto her heaving chest. She shoved Sara in the ass. The bikini model's feet landed on the springy mat. As she spun up and round, she got kneed in the face, but not too badly. She also slapped Bianca's pussy.

“That was impressive, new, and different,” Bianca said. She wiped the blood from her upper lip and said, “Try something like that again. I dare you.”

Sara hadn't known whether all that would work out, but when you trained at such a high level and experienced losses, you were more willing to try something risky and unexpected. Sara rocked back on her heels, ready to box. Bianca wasn't that fast. The auburn haired gal grazed Sara's flank with a kick, trying to chase, corner, and trap Sara. Bianca was ready for the right hook aimed at her tummy. She bent over to shield with her breasts. She rammed palms into Sara's abs. Sara knocked blood and spittle out of Bianca's mouth with a left hook. That opened up the thot's vulnerable belly for a combo of punches. Bianca coughed and buckled, firing off a punch Sara had to back into the cage to dodge. Bianca's boob and belly had bright flesh ready to bruise. She kicked Sara between the legs. Sara winced and uppercut Bianca in the pussy. Bianca stifled a yelp and slugged Sara in the cheek. Sara's head turned to the side and blood shot from her mouth. Bianca grabbed Sara's bun of air.

The Romanian in the white and gold bikini bottoms, Sara, attacked Bianca's arm. She grabbed a hold, thinking of breaking the limb and going to the ground. Bianca seemed ready for this too, slugging Sara in the bicep. Sara's loose hair covered her eye before that got punched. Sara grit her teeth and kicked high at angle with so much force into Bianca's ribs and boob, that the exhibitionist's tit flopped and almost put the nipple in her own mouth. Sara jumped to get out of the corner and to attack. Bianca jumped high to counter, stretching her leg with incredible speed and ferocity to slam it across Sara's belly. Sara landed on shaky feet, getting a push to the stomach from Bianca's foot, ankle, and shin. Bianca seamlessly landed, and boxed Sara's midsection. Sara's blocking hands went down. Her back rubbed against the cage. Her ass touched the ropes. Her face got hit from side to side. She was seeing stars, but caught the uppercut aimed at her chin. Sara kicked Bianca in the stomach. They were both going all out already. Bianca had appeared to back off as Sara stole a glance at her footwork. Sara misjudged Bianca's length as the chesty chick leaned forward and purposefully slid her feet back to deceive Sara. The bikini model got blasted in the jaw, while belting Bianca's flank with her attack. Blood splattered and Sara went down.

The naked fighter tried to act like her abdominal region wasn't in agony inside and out. She couldn't stand straight without putting healing energy into it, but she wanted to finish Sara while she was down. Sara wasn't knocked out. She immediately curled her knees up to protect herself, hoping for some jujitsu, and Bianca to rush in stupidly. The nude brunette kicked Sara in the ass and backed off. Bianca massaged her own tits and pumped a fist for the fans. Bianca turned her back to Sara and clenched her ass cheeks, hoping Sara would rashly get up and lunge. Sara didn't fall for it. Bianca turned around slowly and said, “Am I gonna have to pull you up?! You'll end up on your back soon enough.”

“Cute,” Sara said. “Come down here and say that. I thought you could wrestle and defend my moves down here.”

“Cute,” Bianca said, batting her lashes. She stuck out her tongue and rocked her hips for the fans. She swaggered over to Sara. The crowd was pressed as close to the wrestling ring as they could get, spilling out of the stands with bated breath. The bronze skinned and well endowed woman in her birthday suit, Bianca, bent down, reaching for Sara. Sara leaned up, latching onto her rival's arm. Bianca slammed her knee into Sara's temple and head, attacking Sara's arm, and thrashing away from Sara's legs. Bianca tried to pull Sara up by the hair, but was struck in the neck. She hoisted Sara up under the arms, docking breasts. Bianca punched Sara in the belly next to her navel. Sara struck up with her fist without being able to look to aim, and bopped Bianca in the boob. Sara backed against the cage blocking until she got a good look at her target. Her elbow barely deflected a gutbuster punch. She plowed a right hook into Bianca's cheekbone. Bianca bent Sara at her hourglass curve with a punch just below the ribs there. Sara hopped in pain. She was in trouble if the fight stayed like this. She had to try serum air. Her blocking hands got punched away. The mat was so springy. She wasn't used to that and felt lots of air at her feet. She kicked Bianca in the leg right as her adversary swung a punch. Sara tried to duck. Bianca had been pushed out of sync. Bianca's bicep hit Sara in the ear. Bianca's boobs went into Sara's face. Sara sucked a teat, trying to spit it out, but then decided to bite as she punched into Bianca's body and got kneed between the legs.

“OUCH!” the naked lady, Bianca said. She gave Sara a wedgie and then curled her finger around the bottoms near Sara's crotch, knuckling Sara in the private area. Sara slugged Bianca's chest and got depantsed. Bianca touched her stinging and bleeding areola and put a lot of power into the punch that landed atop Sara's head. Sara would be damned if she wasn't going to try and use serum air at this point. She had never lost in the first round of any tournament, and didn't plan on that changing now. Sara saw glistening color because of the bright lights in the air particles. Her serum air got sucked from her clenched fists towards her SAA cuffs, but her punch went off with a bang! Her knuckles did a number on Bianca's eye. The sound of skin tearing and skull crunching near Bianca's eye was probably only audible in the cage. Bianca's scream rang out as Sara's cuff scraped Bianca's face too. Bianca had to touch the mat with her palm to stop from falling over. Her reddish brown hair masked the damage Sara had done, but crimson spilled down from the wound onto the canvas. Bianca got to her feet, and her wavy locks flitted over her shoulder. Where she'd been hit, her pretty blue eye couldn't be seen. The gore and structural damage was more than women on serum normally experienced for any length of time. This wasn't healing for Bianca, and she knew it had been a killer haymaker to connect. Bianca grunted and figured if Sara could use serum air, so could she.

Sara was now a naked fighting Romanian too. She looked a little faster on her feet until Bianca started attacking with serum air. Sara was hard pressed to block, and not wanting to try to defy the cuffs again. There was no point in doing it too much. It wouldn't work. Bianca's punches were temporarily a lot stronger, knocking Sara's blocking hands away. Sara was pretty sure she got clobbered and it broke the bridge of her nose. Blood was really flying, and Sara had to give her all just not to be knocked silly in Bianca's onslaught of blows. Sara got kneed in the thigh and backed against the cage again. Her feet were tingly. Hot air rose and Sara could feel her body telling her there was serum air available at her feet. What good would that do? It was like Sara's toes were gripping sand that was drifting upward. Bianca got awful pleased with herself parrying Sara's punch and tearing Sara's forearm skin. She cocked back something that could be devastating. Sara kicked Bianca in the side of the knee with serum air rising up her foot and leg. Bianca grit her teeth and was unable to unload her KO punch. Sara bounced on the mat and kicked up high into Bianca's ribs and underboobs. Bianca yelped, gasping for breath, and no longer giving off a vibe of charged air around her.

The naturally tanner battler, Bianca, was looking pale from the war in the ring. One eye was swollen shut and barely healing. Her breasts and belly were bruised with abrasions too. Sara kept kicking Bianca in the legs and across the body, pushing Bianca back into the corner. Bianca sucked in air feverishly, sensing that Sara was surpassing her and doing something incredible. Sara kicked Bianca right in the stomach, buckling the veteran fighter. Bianca choked up blood and flailed her arms to strike Sara, missing. Sara sidled Bianca and kicked her in the ribs. CRACK!

Sara got behind Bianca and kicked her in the middle of the spine. “AIYAH!!” Bianca moaned, arching her back and bending her knees like she was doing the limbo. Her big abused breasts jiggled with gravity unable to pull the billowing bosoms down at the sides. Sara felt like her feet were on fire. She leaped into the air high, trampolining off the mat. She speared her heel down into Bianca's nose and face, breaking bones and teeth, and forcing her rival down face first. The impact was so forceful, both of them bounced high into the air. Bianca sprang off one knee to get to her feet. She was too slow. She got booted across the tits and crashed into the cage with her arms out and her head flying back; completely vulnerable. Sara wanted to charge in and finish Bianca now, but knew that pulling off using so much serum air was probably smart. Bianca hunched and put her hands on her knees, gasping. She got her hands up to block, and Sara kicked them away. Sara punched Bianca in the neck.

The Romanian TV personality, Bianca, was nude, cornered, and getting the beating of a lifetime. She still kept in the fight though. She had no quit. She tried to predict if Sara would kick or punch to get in a submission hold. Sara was purposefully unpredictable. She kicked Bianca in the calf. Bianca thought her shins were splintering. Bianca took a body blow. She nailed Sara in the side of the head with an elbow, and got kneed in the side of her ribcage that wasn't as broken and bruised. Her eye finally began to heal, and Sara knew this was the time to finish the battle.

An uppercut to the chin made it hard for Bianca to keep her head down and her entire body guarded. Sara kicked Bianca right in her quivering vagina lips. Bianca's mouth was just as pink and drawn tight, but cracked more and ravaged. Sara popped Bianca in the kisser. She kicked Bianca across the diaphragm. Bianca whimpered, knowing she was defeated. An elbow bashed into the back of her head, and then she got upended with some sweet chin music. Bianca's jaw was off kilter from the big punch. Gore clung to the cage grating. Bianca's curvy body was held up by the ropes. She had no feeling in her hands to grab the cage. Sara spun with a roundhouse, jamming her foot into Bianca's neck. The fight was over. Bianca was paralyzed and at Sara's mercy. Sara kept her foot pressed into Bianca's crushed throat. Blood bubbled through where Bianca had a few teeth knocked out. From certain angles, fans could see Sara's crotch with her leg up. She slowly began to drop her foot and couldn't resist trampling Bianca's big engorged jugs on the way down. The defeated brunette was going to face plant, but Sara grabbed her opponent's arm, twisted, and kicked it. SNAP!

The fans cheered as Bianca's body stiffened in the arch shape. Her chest protruded with her defeated on her back. Sara held the ruined limb by the wrist and wedged it between a cage grating to keep Bianca's shoulder blades off the mat and her delicious puffy tits drawing a lot of attention in that position. Sara waited to see if Bianca had anything left, and noticed the loser's eye healing to look pretty and almost undamaged. Bianca had goosebumps and shivers. Sara found her own clear hairband on the mat still intact, and surprisingly stretched it enough to get over Bianca's head. The elastic was about to break, but Sara managed to get it to clamp over Bianca's neck. The brunette was getting choked to death and unable to use any power to break the thin band. That's how gone Bianca was. Sara took Bianca's hand from up high and dragged Bianca on her back around the perimeter of the square ring. Bianca got fingers between her neck and the string. The hair tie finally broke and Bianca could breathe. She'd at least live through the punishment sex. Sara said, “I'd throw her to some of you fans, but I guess you'll have to wait for a different event for that pleasure.”

F1 opened one cage door and offered Sara a strap-on. He knew she'd want it, and let her put it on before giving her the winner's serum dart. Sara karate chopped Bianca in the neck, nearly killing her. Bianca wasn't going to be moving much at all now. Sara grabbed Bianca's toned legs and hung them over her shoulders. She plunged fingers down into Bianca's pussy. She gave a few licks and tongue boxing clit slurps before using the same three fingers she'd stuck in Bianca's mouth earlier to elicit a squirting eruption from the loser's spread legs. Sara then dropped her rival's legs down to her hips. Sara was able fuck Bianca real hard and good, pulling the fake dick in and out and squirting loads onto Bianca's belly and thighs. Sara liked to rub that in and smack Bianca's skin while doing her. Sara expected that the fans here were going to want to see as much sex as possible, but many were worried about Bianca being dead for good. Bianca opened and closed her eyes, but was otherwise humiliated in silence, motionless, and allowing her body to enjoy it.

“That's right, you better bag that ugly tramp quick or there may be no coming back,” Megan said, eager to ruin Sara's fun.

Sara grabbed Bianca's hair to titty fuck her. The head of the dildo got up between the mammary mounds and with Sara shoving Bianca's rag doll head down, she was able to make Bianca suck it. Sara shot the rest of the jizz down Bianca's throat and all over her shaking, chafing, and tormented gigantic tits. Sara put it in Bianca's armpit too, noticing androids at the cage with the doors open and a Cryo Bag in hand, trying to calm the regular venue staff. Sara forced Bianca to her knees and face-fucked the loser, giving her squirrel cheeks. Sara mimed to hush the crowd and it worked. She jerked Bianca's neck 90 degrees. SNAP! She pulled out, unclasped the straps, and slung the device to her side. Sara then sat on Bianca's tits as the body crumpled. Sara put Bianca in a headlock, seeing Bianca's eyes flicker as she welcomed the grim reaper. Sara jerked again. CRACK! Bianca's head was facing the wrong direction. Sara let the corpse topple over with the pretty woman's glossy blue open eyes directed to the top of the cage not quite 180 degrees and very angled. Bianca's arm that wasn't broken helped keep her propped up on her hip. Sara bowed, spun the sex toy in victory, and pumped her fists. Bianca got bagged quickly and rushed out to the backstage area. Natasha helped with this process, nodded knowingly to Sara, and didn't come back out. Sara was given towels to cover up and had the cuffs taken off by F1.

“See!” RoboMic said. “Bianca's fine! I've got word from my other cyborg brethren backstage already! WOOEE! That was the hottest fight of the tournament yet!”

“No it wasn't,” Megan said.

“It definitely wasn't,” RoboMic said, completely changing his tune. The Spanish commentator made a whipped sound into his mic. RoboMic tried to repeat what Megan said, and was rather worthless for any additional commentary. Alexis ran up to hug and greet Sara after her win. Sara still felt like more sex. She was ushered backstage, which was a little odd. The people in charge here didn't want the winners talking to fans or something. That allowed Sara to be a little rough and passionate with Alexis before getting calming drugs.

Megan walked by and said, “Enjoy your one win, Sara. Even if you win again, and you won't, you always choke in the important fights. At best you'll lose to Abby and get fourth again. I don't even know if it will be worth it to make Maria fight you for third.”

“Oh it would,” Sara said. Maria had always been a snotty bitch to Sara. Sara wanted to win the tournament, and sometimes she didn't mind losing, but she really relished the idea of putting Maria in her place. Alexis was eager to hear how Sara pulled off such an awesome fight and win. The fans would want to know too, but EMCASA obviously wasn't all for the fans. Foxy Corp had their own agenda, and Bianca wouldn't be winning the mind control collar or stopping them. Sara hoped that big actions against Foxy Corp wouldn't be necessary. She didn't especially like Justin Fox, but he was complimentary of Sara after her win, and mentioning wanting to meet with her.


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Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 5-7 NV vs AD.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Tournament Round One Fight Seven:

7. Abby Dowse 2-1 vs 14. Nicoleta Vaculov 2-2

What Abby wanted, Abby got. It had been this way for much of the Barbie proportioned blonde's life. Abby had a little waist and big boobs. She was smoking hot. She had three more fights left, and then she planned to just be a trophy girlfriend for Justin Fox for a while. She could be an InstaModel with the MFL, but she didn't need that to get serum that way, and she'd find other ways to take out her anger and aggression then fighting other models to the death. Abby wanted her tournament fight to be in the same unused bedroom where Iryna had beaten Madalina. Of course, Foxy Corp made that happen, positioning the throne seats for Megan and RoboMic right in front of the bars in the bedroom. Barely anyone else would be able to see in, and Abby preferred it that way.

Unlike last time, there weren't metal bars all around the walls and the windows. It was like this for a reason. Abby lounged on a bed with white bed sheets wearing red lingerie. Abby's bra and panties had red bands lining the cloth with the company branding in small white letters that said, 'Lounge'. Abby wore red pantyhose and two thin necklaces. One had a cross resting in her tan cleavage mounds. Abby was not religious at all, and more like a temptress devil. Many people may wonder how such a beautiful woman could be such an unfeeling, selfish, and uncaring bitch, but this Abby was the polar opposite of the one in the Shadow Realm. The weird ways people got pushed to extremes was perhaps a story for a different time. Abby crossed her arms and legs, waiting for Justin Fox to arrive and take RoboMic's seat. RoboMic pouted, but got up and obeyed the Foxy Corp leader. He would have to watch from the hallway, accessing house cameras from the room and projecting it on the wall for the other whores to watch and feel part of the action.

The cute Romanian brunette with the sweet smile, Nicoleta, wore sexy underwear for the fight too. Her cream colored bra was lacy and only a few shades lighter than her skin. Nicoleta had some big boobs, but Abby and everybody knew she was chunky, plain, homely, and nothing special to look at. Nicoleta was fit enough, smiling over her shoulder in the bedroom to the androids watching and filming with their eyes from just behind the cage grating. Delia's bot, Robert, was very apologetic for having eyes for Nicoleta. He said, “I think I just like Romanian women for some reason.” The truth was, Robert was a Romanian man who had defied the company and lost his life to their “science”. Abby wanted to break the malfunctioning POS, but kept her cool with Justin watching.

Nicoleta tossed her hair over her shoulder, tightening everything to pose for Robert. She batted her lashes and her ass looked great. She wore green panties with white lace lining. She wouldn't be horny enough to want Robert until she was injected with serum. She was determined to fight Abby, and did not like seeing Justin there. Megan wore a lot of black leather and a skimpy outfit, even though she knew her uncle was going to be here and seated next to her. Nicoleta walked over to F1 who was in charge of showing equal amounts of serum in the syringes and putting on wrist cuffs like bracelets to absorb serum air from the combatants.

“Do we really need those?” Abby asked, posing on the bed. “She can't do serum air.”

“Yes I can!” Nicoleta said.

“I can read it around her now,” Robert said. Abby rolled her eyes and put out her arms to be cuffed. She then leaned back, making F1 do even more work to get her ready for the battle. Nicoleta was eager to battle and very willing to do what was necessary before the fight to make everything as equal as possible. F1 injected Nicoleta first with serum since Abby was being coy and sort of resisting, flopping around on the bed and looking down her nose at everyone but Justin, who she waved to and winked at. Nicoleta pulled her shoulder blades back after the injection and experienced the breast enhancement that many woman got from serum. The brunette's bra clasp unbuckled in the back. Her hands pressed her tan bosoms together instead of reaching around her back. Reaching behind only made her boobs stick out more and push the bra further off her chest. Nicoleta let the bra drop to the carpet, shrugged, and kicked the bra under the other bed. RoboMic could be heard cheering in the hallway.

“Miss Nicoleta, I will hold your bra for you if you like,” Robert said. “If it's alright with you, I'd also like to cheer for you to win. My filming point of view will likely feature Nicoleta in a way I do hope Delia doesn't feel upset about. I can't take my eyes off miss Nicoleta.”

“Pervs with no taste should be shut down,” Abby said. “I wouldn't take my top off for you. Delia ruined that machine.”

“What is wrong with that man?” Justin asked. “That bot? He's one of your experiments, Megan, my sweet niece?!” Megan nodded and shrugged. She wanted her uncle to look away and stop pestering her, so she opened her leather jacket to flash her boobs, but that didn't have the effect she wanted. He didn't leer or really look away, but he was clearly more into Abby.

The spunky and voluptuous brown haired lass, Nicoleta, bent down to retrieve her bra from under the bed. She pranced it over to Robert and pushed it through a link in the fencing. She smiled and said, “You can root for me Robert. After I beat Abby, you can come in the cage to make love to me and fuck Abby too if you want!” Robert nodded and blushed. Nicoleta held his hands a long time through the grating and smashed her big boobies against the metal to give him a kiss. The women watching in the hall really enjoyed this and began to cheer for Nicoleta, calling her name. Abby was not well liked, except by the Foxy Core, who were all being quiet and well behaved with Justin around, worrying about their image.

“They'll do anything to try and get under my skin or make me lose my cool,” Abby said, getting off the bed with erect and posture after getting the serum injection. She shook her head disdainfully. She popped her neck by turning it to the side and cracked her knuckles. Abby pushed F1 in the back so he'd exit quicker and the fight could start sooner. Nicoleta got on her tiptoes and stretched with her arms in the air. Abby wanted to spit at her. Instead she kicked dark red serum air up from her foot into Nicoleta's chest. It separated Nicoleta's tits and made them look pink and a little burnt raw. Nicoleta spit in her cleavage to cool that off and clenched her fists.

Mr. Fox stood up when F1 closed the cage door. He said, “Let the fight begin ladies!”

The blonde tried to show superiority, nodding to Justin and taking her eyes off Nicoleta. The topless brunette slugged Abby in the jaw, almost knocking her onto the bed. Abby sneered and threw a pillow at Nicoleta's face. The babe in the green panties kicked through the pillow, waking right into goose feathers that pricked her skin. Abby grabbed a floating quill in the chaos and stabbed for Nicoleta's jugular. Nicoleta blocked with her hand pushing the tip into her collar instead. Blood spurted. Nicoleta tried to protect herself with serum air from another stabbing. She kicked Abby in the flank. Abby had planned for the pillow's destruction and more. She felt she didn't need it to win though, and jabbed Nicoleta in the nose with a punch. With the white feathers mostly littering the floor now, Abby blew the one from her hand at Nicoleta's eye. Nicoleta swiped it away, leaving her legs open for a cuntbusting kick. Nicoleta bent over and got rocked in the belly and the mush with punches by Abby.

The Romanian fighter grabbed the American's red bra and pulled. Abby knew that her sexy body was the climax for all viewers, and attacked Nicoleta's arm to keep her top on. Abby kicked Nicoleta across the tummy. Nicoleta gave Abby a shiner with a left hook. Abby cursed and flailed. Nicoleta jumped off the corner of the bed and kneed Abby in the face, bloodying the favored fighter's nose. Plasma ran down into Abby's cleavage, and would've felt gross if not for all the other urges and sensations from fighting and serum. Abby tried to ruin Nicoleta's landing on the floor, and didn't kick well into her rival's leg. She did get her foot to spin a quill on the carpet with serum air so the arch of Nicoleta's heel would be impaled. Nicoleta winced with only a little limp before staying on the attack and punching at Abby more. Abby blocked her face and got boxed in the belly. She neared the other bed in retreat, hearing Nicoleta's name get chanted by the idiot masses outside the room. Abby stomped Nicoleta's ankle, and landed a critical hit to Nicoleta's neck. That opened up some belly and body for slugging. If Nicoleta was going to put her tits in the way of Abby's strikes; so be it.

The topless lingerie model, Nicoleta, was getting worked over, but hanging in there with a lot of strength and rallying left in her. Her abs clenched as she was hit in the stomach and she could only glance blows to Abby's head and body as her enlarged breasts got belted. Abby was vicious and unable to just punch a boob. She had to puncture her long fingernails into the tit flesh, twist, and carve near the nipples. Abby kneed Nicoleta in the crotch just as the Romanian brunette swung her head forward. CRACK! Nicoleta's forehead did a number on Abby's thin nose. Abby's tan and curvy body got spotted with a similar red color of her lingerie from her own wounds as well as her rival's.

A little stunned from the headbutt, Abby couldn't knock away Nicoleta's hands as the Romanian clung to her sideboobs. Nicoleta had stumbled and nearly knocked the mattress off the bed with her fat ass. She pulled the American on top of her, stripping the blonde. Nicoleta and Abby could've scissored with crotches rubbing, but the brunette squatted to get up and crashed bosoms instead; titfighting. Abby yelped, grabbed Nicoleta's hair, and punched her in the face. Abby looked down to make sure she wouldn't step on any quills. Nicoleta's foot was bleeding, but she didn't care. She charged ahead kicking Abby in the ribs and the boobs. Abby turned and twisted in anguish and fired off a revenge punch directly into Nicoleta's nip. Nicoleta smirked and buried a haymaker punch into Abby's chin. The topless blonde was woozy and trying to avoid quills, so she stumbled backwards towards the bed by the window. Nicoleta barged ahead a little recklessly, and got kicked really hard in the underboobs and chest. Her tits lactated and bled with pain and stimulation.

The babe in the red stockings, Abby, emoted her fall backwards, arching her back over the bed and making sexy noises. She sat up and reached for a dresser drawer behind her. Nicoleta jumped up, doing the splits, and kicked the drawer closed. The brunette was beginning to think that Abby was planning to cheat in many ways. There was a small lamp on the white wood dresser. Abby grabbed Nicoleta's hair and wrestled her off the bed to the floor. Abby's elbow smashed into Nicoleta's neck and she was on top, trying to gouge out Nicoleta's eyes. The topless brunette panted and grasped Abby's forearms pushing up. Abby thrashed and rotated her pelvis to be able to plow her patella into her enemy's navel. Nicoleta shoved Abby off and into the bed frame. The mattress came off, giving Abby cover to channel her strength. Nicoleta took a lot off her punch, not wanting to get her hand caught in springs or uncovering another trap in the mattress. Nicoleta got to her feet with the mattress on its side shielding from her pelvis down. Abby reached for the lamp. It was a fake move that caught Nicoleta's attention. The brunette hoisted and tossed the mattress at Abby.

The Foxy Core #7 seeded fighter, Abby ducked. The mattress hit the wall. Abby uppercut Nicoleta in the crotch. She tackled Nicoleta against the wall and the window. The topless brunette's back hit and crumbled the window ledge. Nicoleta's shoulder hit the glass of the window, cracking it, and she felt something seemed off. Abby had purposefully rigged this big window so that it could be knocked out with some force. Abby kicked Nicoleta in the kidney as the Romanian had hesitated. Abby jammed her palms into her hated foe's big sloppy breasts, shoving her at the window. CRASH!

The busty brunette in the green panties flailed as she was catapulted from the third story window. The only thing that stopped her from dragging Abby with her was Abby's burst of serum air. So much had gone into the cuffs, but it was worth it for the Romanian to fall down as planned. Abby gasped for breath and acted shocked that the window and wall had been destroyed. Nicoleta's voice got caught in her throat for just a cute little yelp. Her back hit the grass with a crunch and then the back of her head hit hard down enough to kill the average person. Nicoleta's body curled in pain, but then she stretched back out with a twitch, forcing healing energy to her head and body. Her hands even went up to the back of her head, feeling where there was a bloody gash from smashing onto a jagged rock in the ground that Abby had put there.

“I guess I don't know my own strength,” Abby said, acting innocent. Justin smiled and nodded, making notes for repairs on his phone. The cord of the lamp was caught in the dresser that Abby lifted off the carpet. She leaned out the window and chucked the dresser down at Nicoleta. The wood crashed, splintered, and broke on impact with brunette's uncovered torso. Nicoleta sat up, crying, and spitting up blood. She had lots of cuts and wood shavings lodged into her tan skin now too. The EMCASA App was able to split screens from a camera outside and inside to show close ups of both women. Abby climbed out the window, dangled from the broken window ledge by her hands, and tried to kick off the side of the house to drop down carefully. It worked like a charm.

“OW!” Nicoleta moaned. “No! No way!” Abby pulled the chesty brunette chick up by the hair and decked Nicoleta in the mouth. The dresser was ruined, but somehow the lamp hadn't broken and was solid in the grass. Abby stomped Nicoleta's ankle and kneed the filth in her gut. The woman who'd fallen out the window, Nicoleta, couldn't take anything else to that soft belly region where the furniture had dropped and landed onto her. She spit up blood, trembling and paling.

“Yes way,” Abby said, hugging Nicoleta tight and grinning mischievously. Nicoleta swatted Abby's ass and tried to rip off Abby's red undies, but the American fighter socked Nicoleta in the belly button. Only the titillation from their chests together helped Nicoleta stand the anguish. Abby hoisted Nicoleta off her feet in a bearhug, and the draped the screaming brown haired hussy over her shoulder. “Cry out my name and I might make this quick,” Abby said, carrying Nicoleta to the sidewalk. Nicoleta shook her head and tried to wriggle free. She elbowed Abby in the ear, choking up plasma from her ravaged insides onto the blonde's posterior side. Abby turned Nicoleta by the crotch and slammed the cute chick's face down onto the sidewalk. The blood splatter decorated the light colored pavement.

No fault to Abby since everyone thought the fight was over, but the American relaxed. Nicoleta shivered and kicked back into Abby's face hard, chipping the topless blonde's front tooth and drawing a bit of blood. Abby was mad as a hornet. Nicoleta tried to stand up, but could barely get to her hands and knees with her engorged melons dragging the paved surface. Abby grabbed the nearest piece of ruptured dresser board and hit Nicoleta in the back with it. The topless brunette went down. Abby kicked Nicoleta onto her back. Abby grabbed other pieces of wood to beat in Nicoleta's face, body, and arms, as the determined Romanian continued to defend and battle on. The third piece Abby wielded broke down to a nub after breaking apart against Nicoleta's elbow. The European model crawled towards the grass to try and escape Abby and stand, but got stabbed in the back of the knee.

As Nicoleta turned around, Abby trucked over her with a tackle. Abby mounted her foe and quickly knocked away Nicoleta's bloody and cut up arms to wreck havoc on Nicoleta's pretty face. Even in a nearly unconscious state, Nicoleta swelled up her chest, trying to shield her face with that, and it worked for a few blows until Abby noticed the milk spraying into the air from the swollen knockers. Abby grabbed the nearby lamp, and unscrewed the bulb. She shoved that into Nicoleta's mouth, making the whore suck it and look stupid. Abby stood up and stomped Nicoleta's cheek, breaking the light bulb in her mouth. Nicoleta spit out a lot of the broken class, but was cut deep inside her mouth and all inside her body. That was going to be a hard healing for the androids to pull off. The side of Nicoleta's face was a mess. It would almost be easier to start from scratch.

“I've only got eyes for one person here,” Abby announced, grabbing a sturdy stake of drawer lumber. “No sex toys needed.” Abby trampled Nicoleta's belly and walked atop her before pulling up on Nicoleta's hair. Abby spit in the loser's face and jabbed the pointy ends of the board into Nicoleta's jugular. She didn't want to kill the Romanian from blood loss. Abby pushed the stake deeper into Nicoleta's neck. She pushed her foot into the chin of the dying chick until Nicoleta's eyes ran with pinkish blood tears. Abby grunted and forced the wood against the ground through the throat flesh. It was a sloppy, horrific, and nasty beheading. Abby topped it off by stroking the corpse's thighs sexually, and then pulling down the green and white lace panties. Abby left them at Nicoleta's ankles to get the lamp. She shoved the big white butt end of the electronic into Nicoleta's pussy for humiliation and a statement win.

The androids jumped out of the window to come help with a Cryo Bag, but while Justin used steps and doors, Abby decided to play keep away, dragging Nicoleta's body to the sidewalk. She got another piece of wood to stomp into Nicoleta's heart like a flag of victory on a mountain. The cauterization was slow with the jagged neck wound and more scarlet spritzed onto the paved sidewalk. F1 looked ready to attack Abby, so she put her arms in the air and said, “Fucking CHILL, Bot! That better be my winning serum dart aimed at me!” It hadn't been, but Abby never got it. She got plenty of other drugs, healing products, and attention from Justin though, who waited for her to shower before taking her out on the town in a limo to celebrate her win.

It was feeling like Iryna and Abby were Fatal Five members, and the villainous team was at full strength or better. Bianca Fund was sure she was going to beat Emily, who was unfairly being touted as the weakest chick to make the tournament. All of the bragging after this fight got on the nerves of anyone not part of the Foxy Core and not rooting for Megan and the company to do whatever they wanted. Robert wasn't near as upset as he had been after Delia had lost, but a lot of the women were really nice to him. He didn't want sex. He was starting to remember his past, and that was hard and awkward. He tried to have a serious chat with RoboMic, but that turned into the fat blond man trying to scheme to get his cock literally unblocked and unlocked. Sometimes it was good just to get your mind off things that were negative and didn't make sense. RoboMic was comedic relief when times were rough. With one fight left in the first round of the tournament, the entire bracket's worth of fights was nearly halfway through. The way things were looking, comedic relief was going to be necessary for the heroines to cope with the outcomes like this one with Nicoleta getting cheated and losing.


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Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 5-8 EE vs BF.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Tournament Round One Fight Eight:

4. Bianca Fund 2-1 vs 16. Emily Elizabeth 2-1

The weather on the Spanish coast was a little overcast for the final round one fight of the EMCASA tournament. The lean and busty model, Emily, had always been rather reserved, but she'd met Cora, dyed her brown hair blonde, and felt so much positive energy and good vibes from her tattooed girlfriend, that Emily was rivaling Polina for bubbliness and a constant cheerful attitude. Emily was dressed in a yellow bikini, ready for her fight, and looking out the window. She looked over her shoulder at Cora and said, “I hope the fight gets moved to the barn! That's my favorite place. That's where we came together first against Megan and the Fatal Five!”

“It won't happen,” Cora said, checking her EMCASA App on her phone. The fight was still scheduled for the small cage on the beach for some reason. RoboMic and Megan's thrones were already outside too. Cora tossed her phone onto the nightstand, guiding it to a soft landing with serum air. Cora was naked with her natural coal black hair again. She hadn't felt right as a blonde. Cora's look was supposed to be alternative, and she never thought she would've liked the typical Barbie bimbo model looking gal in Emily. Both women proved that there was more to them than met the eye, and people generally really liked what they saw of these two sexy lasses. Cora stared at Emily's ass, wanting to mark it with x curses with her tongue.

“Oh well, whatever,” Emily said, turning around and smiling so big that her eyes closed. Emily's yellow bikini top left a lot of underboob and sideboob showing. There was a small black x near the strap on the yellow cloth cup over her left breast.

“Are you nervous?” Cora asked, moving her hands around Em's back to lift up on the tight and toned buttocks. Cora then laced her own fingers and pushed her hands into Em's tailbone so they would be crotch to crotch. Cora looked into Emily's hazel eyes. Their serum auras were so complimentary it was like the energy was infinite and swirling inside and outside their mouths and bodies in perfect harmony. Cora could tell that Emily had learned and grown a lot in strength with the serum air fighting technique. All that extra enhanced air kept them both very horny. Em looked down at Cora's naked breasts before making intimate eye contact again. Cora kissed Em's lips and slowly lowered her lover and girlfriend onto the bed. Emily closed her eyes, grinning, and put her arms behind her head and the pillow. Cora wet her lips, getting tingling sensations downstairs as she looked at Em's trim belly and underboobs.

“I'm excited,” Emily said. “I've got love and purpose like never before... and I know. Don't be upset I said that. I know we're likely going our separate ways after EMCASA for a bit.”

Cora nodded and appeared to massage Em's crotch over the yellow bikini bottoms with a black vibrator, but it was actually her fingers with serum air. Cora said, “I don't know why your fight isn't going to be in public. I expect foul play. I heard that Bianca wanted the beach cage.”

“I'm not going to worry about it,” Emily said. “I've got you to cover my back. … and my front. That feels great! But let me do you. I think you're the one who's nervous!” Cora went stiff kneeling at the end of the bed. Emily sat up, hopped over Cora and sat behind her. Cora sat on Em's lap for a back massage. Then there was a front massage and some kissing. And then Emily gave back to Cora what she'd learned in the way of oral and cunnilingus. Cora felt a lot better, but did have good reason to be skeptical and doubt that things would be legit in the tournament moving forward.

By the mid afternoon fight time, enough sun was peeking out for Fatal Five fighter, Bianca Fund to wear some dark Aviator sunglasses. The bootylicious Romanian brunette wore a white bikini, looking picture perfect with just the right amount of model padding on her ass and chest for any fan. Robert put serum air absorbing (SAA) cuffs around Emily's wrists, gave her a kiss on the cheek, and wished her good luck. The blonde in the yellow bikini blushed, fanned herself, and raised her eyebrows to her girlfriend Cora. Cora shook her head. Emily walked over to F1 displaying the serum syringes in front of RoboMic and Megan in their thrones. Bianca chatted with and got cuffed by Megan, who was trying the nudist look. “You Fatal Five ladies are looking foxy!” Em said, smiling.

“WE're TALKING here!” Megan said, exasperated.

“You don't have to be so grumpy all the time, Megan,” Emily said. “You should give RoboMic and F6 a little more freedom.” F6 shook his head. RoboMic nodded, and then got caught ogling Em's boobs. Megan glared daggers. RoboMic shook his head and stopped smiling to copy Megan. Em continued, “I know you can listen to and care about people, Megan. You're just really strong and trying to make power moves, which I get. If you pick a favorite friend or someone you're intimate with, you should fight me and Cora 2 on 2. You're awful mean to Bianca most of the time, but I think you're just too hard on her because she's devoutly loyal.”

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Megan screeched. “You know you're gonna lose.”

“I almost feel bad for what I'm going to do to you,” Bianca Fund said, cracking her knuckles.

“You look really sexy, Bianca,” Emily said. “You should get more modeling gigs, for real. Let's start topless.” RoboMic whooped in agreement. Em reached for Bianca's big jugs and white bikini top.

The naked celebrity, Megan, pulled Em's blonde hair to stop her and said, “She's trying to get in your head, Fund.”

“That's cruel,” Bianca said, folding her arms over her bulbous chest.

“No, I'm being genuine!” Emily said. “I wanna be in your bikini, Bianca!” Em tried to grope Bianca and squeezed the tops of her orbs. Megan punched Emily in the armpit and got her lighter from F6 to try and burn Emily. The blonde backed away, shrugging, and went to RoboMic. Despite wearing sunglasses, the fat blond MFL cyborg was obviously looking at Em's cleavage. Em said, “Do the honors, Mr. Announcer! Take my top off!”

“NO!” Megan protested, trying to burn RoboMic, but he didn't notice or care as the flesh over his arm melted down to the metal exoskeleton. His fat pudgy hands pushed up into Em's mammary mounds. He got in several gropes before pushing the cloth up and over the happy cutie's chest. Em finished taking off the yellow micro-bikini top, pulling it off over her head. RoboMic said his typical soundbites like WOOHOO, WOOEE, and YIPEE. He stuck his face between the swimsuit model's tits and shook his head until his glasses fell off and he had a light nosebleed.

“Ok big guy,” Em said, retreating with a slobbered on rack. “Megan is mad and your arm is melting.”

“I don't care!” RoboMic said. “About my arm! That was awesome! Best EVER! YAHOO!!”

“No it wasn't,” Megan said. “You're a disgusting slut.”

“Megan's right,” RoboMic said quickly. “Just sitting next to her is better. Can I uh, touch you too, Megan? Just a little booby action...”

“NO!!” Megan hollered. “No looking at me either.” RoboMic nodded and stared ahead stiff.

The featured fighters, Emily and Bianca stood side by side in front of the cage, waiting for their serum injections. Bianca's SAA cuffs looked rather glossy, sketchy, and unusual to Cora. The thick dark metal bands around Em's wrists were pulling in Em's clear serum air. Cora could see it (though others couldn't) and feel more serum air around her lover than Bianca. Had Bianca learned to repress her serum air? That was the natural next progression in advancing with these powers.

The bikini model in white, Bianca, still wore her sunglasses and had her arms crossed angrily. She looked at Em's naked boobs, and understood how and why Megan didn't like chicks doing this sort of exhibitionist bullshit. Bianca had always been super busty and voluptuous, and here was this happy twit blonde bimbo looking bigger topless. Emily's breasts were firm, round, the perfect shape; and the nipples were even the ideal shapes and sizes. F1 went to inject Em with serum first, but Bianca didn't like that. She bumped Em with her booty. The topless thot stumbled into the hot beach side cage. Bianca grinned and swelled her bosoms with pride to be injected first, only F1 had backed off. Bianca felt fingers at her back below her shoulder blades. Emily untied Bianca's white bikini top strap, and pulled the top off, revealing Bianca's mammary boulders. Bianca screeched, trying to cover up, and slammed a flailing fist back into Em's collar.

“Show the goods,” Em said playfully. She groped Bianca from behind, and added, “What's the big deal? It would happen during the fight. I'm much less horny with these cuffs, but I'm still attracted to you babe! You've been working hard, and your sexy body is proof!”

“Get off me!” Bianca shouted, trying to sling Em over her shoulder. The topless blonde smashed her tits into Bianca's back and wrapped her thighs around Bianca's legs to stay in place. Bianca crashed elbows into Em's torso and rammed her big booty into the slightly taller woman's crotch. Bianca backed Em up, banging her into the cage. The blonde let go and put her hands up with her abs sticking out from the bumbum battering ram hitting there. The topless brunette in the sunglasses whipped around and punched her adversary in the boob. Em felt she had some breast retribution coming so she put her arms behind her head and took a left right combo to the tits. It seemed like a fight now, and Emily stopped smiling so much.

The self-conscious Romanian with the long brown hair, Bianca, wanted serum now to boost her confidence, but she was so angry, she grabbed Emily's blonde hair and punched the #16 seed in the mouth. There was a lot of pressure for Bianca to win this fight, and she was worried about her questionable schemes for winning being exposed. Emily pulled at Bianca's arm. The brunette clawed Em's face. She punched her enemy in the eye and the mouth. Bianca tried to knee Emily between the legs, but the blonde got a thigh up to block. Bianca peppered punches into Em's midsection while the dumb bimbo tried to hug her. Bianca finished her enraged frenzy of attacks with an arching hook to Em's kissers. The wrist cuff helped do damage with neither chick on serum yet. Em's head turned to the side. Her mouth was bloody and there were other scratches and open wounds on her already. Bianca scoffed and turned around to get serum. Emily said, “I could understand the tit punches, but you went a little overboard there. My hands were up and we haven't started yet.”

“You haven't started yet,” Bianca began to say normally while turning around, and then changed that into a mocking tone. “We've always been enemies! Watch your back! Keep one eye open when you Sleep at night, bitch! We can begin whenever, and I was kicking your ass on no serum!” Bianca kicked Emily between the legs. The beautiful blonde bent over in reaction to the crotch kick, scrunching her nose. Bianca rifled her fist into Em's flank. She fired an uppercut for her opponent's face. Emily couldn't really back up pressed against the cage. She straightened up and arched her spine, getting hit in the underboob. Emily yelped and held her jugs to stop them from jiggling.

“Well I'm gonna fight back now, then,” Emily said. Bianca snarled, stomping Emily's foot, and getting a little too complacent, treating the blonde like a bop bag. Emily cocked back a punch, and drilled Bianca in the cheek. The swimsuit model in the white bottoms yelped. Her head turned to the side. Her sunglasses came off and hit the sand. She had a shiner and blood dripping from her nose. Emily waited patiently with fists clenched. Bianca screamed and got back into a fighting stance. She tried to kick Emily, but the babe in the yellow bikini bottoms blocked. Bianca threw a punch, and it got parried.

The Fatal Five fighter, known for killing with her booty, Bianca Fund, left her feet to launch her ass at Emily's ankles. The slender American chick put her palms on the brunette's shoulders for just a moment to flip over her. Emily pretended to stick the landing like a gymnast, squatting and balancing. She bowed. Bianca dusted sand off herself and grabbed a handful for throwing. It was terrible aim. Emily dodged and only Megan's serum aura stopped her from getting doused in sand granules.

“ENOUGH!” Megan screamed. She stood up. Bianca had been ready to hit Emily, but decided to turn and cower in fear of Megan. With both topless broads having their back to Megan, the nude EMCASA host crouched and uppercut both combatants in the pussy. Em's tight booty clenched, and Fund's cheeks flapped together. Both busty babes turned around in synch. Megan shouted, “Get your serum ALREADY! This will take forever if you keep FUCKING around out here!” Megan punted Bianca in the poon. She then cuntbusted Emily too. Blonde and brunette hunching and holding their crotches while their big breasts jiggled had RoboMic sweating like a greased pig in ecstasy.

“That was the TITS Megan!” RoboMic said, standing up. “Punish me too! Kick me in da NUTS!” Megan rolled her eyes and was going to refuse, but then she liked the idea. She protected her foot with serum air and ballbusted RoboMic, who didn't feel a thing. RoboMic sat down with a pervy smile. Emily nodded to Megan and said, “Thank you for hitting us both equally to get us back on track.” Megan shrieked and shot black and red serum air so that it would explode as it got near Em's chest. The blonde put her arms up to block, but her big orbs still got scorched by the blast.

F1 administered serum to Bianca first. The Romanian's ass expanded. When Emily was injected she looked nearly the same. She healed some injuries and her boobs gained a little girth and perk. F1 had barely pulled the syringe out of Em's skin, and Bianca was already kicking Emily in the spine as hard as she could. The well endowed women in the yellow bikini bottoms moaned. RoboMic had perfect view of Em's sloping belly and protruding chesticles. It made the cyborg wish he could touch his testicles. Being kicked in the crotch had rattled his parts around the locked box in a sexual way, but he couldn't really simulate that again just by moving himself in his chair.

“You're dead blondie!” Bianca shouted, pointing at Em. “FUCKING DEAD! Fake SLUT!” Bianca headed for the open door of the cage, just barely dodging a spinning kick from the American fighter. Emily ran in after Bianca, and the Romanian hadn't expected that. She ran away from Emily, looking a little foolish. Topless models running could only be so laughable though since it was so erotic. Emily ran really fast. She didn't expect Bianca to drop like she was cowering in fear. Em's knee went into Bianca's back. The Romanian timed this perfectly to stand up and use her booty to launch her foe head over heels. There was no sticking this landing or pretending to be a gymnast for Em this time.

The blonde in the yellow bikini bottoms landed on her ass. Her spine and tailbone already hurt from Bianca's big cheap shot kick. Em's chin going down touched her bouncing breasts and cleavage. She closed her eyes and ducked, seeing Bianca's open hand and fingernails coming in. It didn't stop her face getting clawed and bloody gashes going into her face over her eyebrow and on her cheek. Emily wasn't too concerned about healing that right away. With all the different fighting styles, Emily found herself normally watching her opponents and taking quite a bit of abuse, before really attacking hard and trying to outlast her enemy. Emily felt her wrists get grabbed. Emily's leg and ankle had hit the sand awkwardly. It was enough with the back pain to slow her down and stop her from getting to her feet right away. Her arms got pulled backwards by Bianca. The brunette rammed her knee into Em's vertebrae. Bianca kept pulling and stretching Em by the arms while kicking between the blonde's shoulder blades and booting Emily in the back of the head. The sexy submission move had Emily moaning and feeling the burn early in the fight. This was position was one that could really accentuate and draw attention to the big breasts of the victim. RoboMic and Robert weren't the only ones looking at Emily's protruding chest.

“HAHA! STUPID!” Bianca cackled, kicking her rival and leaving bruises on the tan topless backside of the likely bulimic little cunt. Bianca kept pulling Emily's arms back. She was a little worried to get too close right away when she was doing this well from a distance. The one punch Emily had thrown before serum injections had left an impression on Bianca. Bianca put a pinch of dark serum air onto her foot as Emily got to a squat. Emily's ass cheeks clenched, giving her a wedgie. She was fucking fit, and Bianca hated it. Bianca kicked Emily between the legs, clumping the yellow bottoms deeper. Bianca didn't mean to put serum air on her pulls, but she did, dropping the blonde to the sand on her ass again. Bianca focused on the side of her enemy's head that had been scratched, and aimed her serum air powered foot to smack behind the ear around to the face with a kick. Emily grunted and whimpered. Crimson hit the sand and dripped onto her heaving chest.

The only Fatal Five member who had lost, was Delia, the one who hadn't cheated, and Bianca wasn't going to risk that mistake. The cuffs Megan had put on Bianca, didn't absorb any serum air. Em's cuffs might absorb some of Bianca's serum air though, and Bianca had to be careful not to show too much dark serum air to not be suspected. With Em giving little resistance with her arms now, Bianca transitioned into an armbar submission hold. The topless brunette wrapped her thighs around Emily's shoulder and armpit. Bianca's Glutes pressed against her adversary's body with the dazed bimbo spread eagle. Bianca stomped her foot and heel into Emily's face and nose. Her other leg trampled Em's likely fake tits and lean stomach. Bianca could hear the tendons tearing in Emily's arm as she leaned back and pulled. Bianca grinned and kept stomping for continued damage, insult, and injuries.

The underdog blonde, Emily, tried to keep from hollering in anguish and tried to clench her mouth, but she shrieked anyway. She brought up a lot of dust and sand writhing to try and get free to no avail. The primary boob she rested on was half covered in sand like a half chocolate coating over an ice cream cone. Emily wanted to be licked and cleaned, preferably by Cora, but had to focus on the fight. Emily thought Bianca was trying to do a little too much at once, and that was going to be the main reason Em got out of this predicament without a broken arm or too many ruptured ligaments. Em waited for the right moment with Bianca bouncing her booty and stomping. Em used her abs to kick near Bianca's head. It didn't matter if that hit or not, but Bianca dodged that like she thought it was the extent of Em's plan. Emily felt her serum air charge get sucked into the cuffs, but her free arm got a burst of power. The blonde battler leaned up and over, slamming a left handed jab down into Bianca's unsuspecting face. CRUNCH!

The cheating chick lost grip of the armbar hold. Her nose had been broken, and her rival's stupid big chest was docking down atop her bosoms. Bianca shoved Emily, wanting some space. The babe in the yellow thong bottoms somersaulted and tumbled backwards, getting more of her voluptuous body covered in sand. Bianca hoped Emily was dizzy. Bianca got to her feet, using the cage to help stand. She let the healing energy fix her nose immediately. That stopped blood from slopping onto her chest, but her white bikini bottoms had still been speckled by Em's plasma. Emily got to her feet, dusting sand off herself. She looked bloody, tired, and unsuspecting. Bianca kicked Emily in the coochie again. Em's eyes crossed and her quivering lips puckered. Bianca used an areola as a target, denting titty flesh. Em yelped and put a hook into Bianca's sideboob. It wasn't so tough. Bianca relaxed a bit. Emily kicked Bianca in the leg and that hurt! Bianca parried Emily's punch, and slugged that long torso of the challenger. The American hunched and hugged Bianca in a clinch.

“Oof,” Emily gasped, finally being smart enough to keep her legs rising to block. Bianca crashed her skull into Em's chin. Emily wanted to see Bianca's pretty brown eyes. Because their boobs were so big and jostling and contending for position, their heads were far apart enough for this. Bianca was really spunky with a lot of energy even after healing her broken nose. They were totally titfighting, and Bianca's swaying orbs were crushing Em's supple mammary mounds. Emily needed to attack, but her brain was still slowly processing the info about this fight. Her body's initial instincts were panicked and to send healing energy all to her arm injury, but that could heal slowly and in time. Em would wait for that. She took her hands from the small of Bianca's back and her curvy hips up to the billowing breasts. Em said, “These are nice!”

“BITCH!” Bianca yelled. She headbutted Emily in the face, and felt that she'd broken out of the clinch when really Emily had let go to grope her. The blonde's dumb head moved like a bobble doll. Her nose looked broken. Ha! Bianca said, “That's what you get for trying to get in my head! You can't! I know you can't! Because...” Bianca shut her trap. She'd almost spilled the beans in her gloating. Women didn't admire each other's bodies out loud, unless they really were gross lesbos. Bianca would fuck another chick in the cage, but that was for humiliation and self-gratification. The hormones and libido were so high on serum. Emily had a disgustingly admiral body. She put her arms up by her fucked up face. Seeing all the red blood, bruises, and abrasions, gave Bianca a rush. Bianca was going to make Emily sorry she was such a skinny wench.

The topless Romanian brunette attacked with the speed and power of a serum air master. She fired left and right handed punches into Emily's bread basket. The blonde backed into the cage. Her big boobs jiggled and dangled into the line of fire. Emily was pretending to be into tits and curves; well Bianca was going to pop Emily's tits or at least flatten them! Emily moaned in such a sexual way, maybe she was a dike. The perfect tits just wouldn't stay cratered or sag no matter how much serum air Bianca put into her punches. She practically shredded a lactating nipple with a haymaker punch. Em's chest was bloody and pink like a pussy from abuse. The meat was tender for Bianca to slice her nails into the udders, and twist the milking nipples.

“OW!” Em yelped. “OH! YOWCH!” She bashed her already bloody ear and head into Bianca's cheek. “That's embarrassing,” Em grumbled in reference to her engorged melons leaking. It took a lot of effort to knock Bianca's hands away and knee Bianca in the navel. Emily couldn't catch her breath. Her sweaty hair was in her face. Bianca grabbed it. This was bad news. Emily got her face hit up, down, left, and right, like some insane fighting game combo she couldn't pull off anymore gaming with Cora because of serum air messing up her dexterity. Emily wobbled, feeling like this was torture she may not come back from. Whenever Em landed a big blow to her rival, Bianca seemed to double her ferocity at will. Emily's best punches seemed to go into Bianca's blocking wrists, and specifically the cuffs. It was effective in hurting Em's hands and bloodying her knuckles. The second uppercut that landed at the blonde's chin snapped Em's head back, made her choke on blood, and turned her legs to jelly. She hit Bianca as hard as she could in the stomach, and could hear and feel the wind leave her opponent's gut.

The #4 seed, Bianca crashed her body into Emily to recuperate from being gutted. Emily was weak as fuck and had gotten off that one last lucky punch. Bianca could tell that Emily would've dropped if not for being wedged against the cage by Bianca. Bianca stomped Emily's foot. She got socked in the kidney and coughed up blood onto Em's swollen knockers. Bianca's fingers stretched near Emily's face. Bianca launched serum air into Emily's eyes. Then she grabbed Emily's arm that had been nearly broken before. She yanked and twisted it. Bianca didn't kick a lot, but the power from her ass, serum air, and gravity got such a satisfying SNAP CRUNCH out of the whore's arm bones. Bianca got chills from what she thought was a death scream. She was going to prove herself and win. Bianca wanted to beat Abby too, but Abby was Foxy Core. Bianca threw Emily her stupid arm back with it looking mangled, crooked, and only not showing bone pierced skin because of all the blood. The topless blonde stood there, totally still, hanging her head. The sweat from battle had washed a lot of the sand off her curves. Bianca's attacks had also done that. Bianca wanted to see the look of defeat on Emily's stupid face, but Em's golden locks were in the way. The supermodel slut was drooling and passing out in her own cleavage. Bianca rotated her shoulder, gathering dark serum air. The mist got partially sucked into Em's SSA cuffs which many of the spectators definitely noticed. Cora stopped filming on her phone now that she was absolutely sure there was cheating and she'd gotten evidence of it. Bianca's uppercut slammed into Emily's jaw, broke the mandible, and violently ejected the battered blonde's body airborne.

Cora handed her phone to Antonia, a Fatal Five defector and sister nudist who Cora trusted. Cora whispered, “Keep filming, and then hide my phone. Save the video. Copy it.” Antonia nodded.

Emily's body hit the ground almost curled in a ball. Then there was a spasm and she sprawled out in the shape of a star with her head turned to the side, spilling scarlet from her agape and crooked mouth. Bianca sat on Emily's face and pushed her heels into Emily's armpits, making the bimbo's pummeled orbs rise and smash together. There weren't many KO and victory sights sexier than this. Emily's legs were open and her bunched yellow bikini bottoms were practically showing all her business. Her abs were straining as she tried to breathe, and the big boobs were there to be ogled with blood, bruises, and lactate on them, and still firm roundness. As Bianca twerked and reached down, thinking about ripping her rival's tits off, Emily began tonguing Bianca's crotch. It wasn't too hard to get past the white bikini bottoms. Em's one functional arm and hand went up to rub Bianca's thigh and stroke down low too. Bianca put her arms behind her head, really enjoying the oral and making throaty cum cries she tried to stifle to not piss Megan off.

“KILL her ALREADY!” Megan shouted. “Winner's serum dart,” she added, standing up and clapping obnoxiously. “What are we waiting for?!”

The Romanian woman, Bianca, was ready to cum in Emily's mouth to kill her at this point, planning to release a volcanic ejaculate load. A serum dart was aimed at Bianca's body by F6. Bianca saw it fly which took much practice and skill, but then and a dark brown and silver swirl of chi got in the way. Someone had blocked and exploded the serum dart. Everyone looked correctly back at Cora, the naked tattooed girlfriend of the downed cage-fighter. Cora said, “Em's still moving around! It's not over yet!” Bianca stood up, trying to stop her orgasm, but still leaked some crotch cream onto Emily's face, making it easier for the injured lady to slip out from underneath Bianca's marvelous ass. “See!” Cora exclaimed as Emily got to her feet with help of the cage and her one good arm. She licked her lips and then wiped her face.

“NEVER interfere in a fight!” Megan shouted at Cora. “You should have to forfeit now, but rest assured, if you Even ATTEMPT cheating like this Again... Your PUNISHMENT will be SEVERE!”

“You and Bianca are cheating,” Cora said. “Bianca is in regular cuffs. Those aren't absorbing serum. Em! Go all out and put serum air into a punch to show it! Trust me!”

The topless blonde struggled just to adjust her bottoms and fix her wedgie with only one good arm, but she was going to try and win. Why not risk it all now?! Emily's feet were hard to follow as she got in perfect position to swing at Bianca. Bianca yelped, blushed, and felt Emily's aura growing. Bianca was tongue tied, unsure if she should deny the claims against her or run away from Emily's attack. Bianca put her hands up to block, and her arms got slammed into the cage. Blood flew. Emily's knuckles cracked one of the cuffs. Emily winced and turned back to look at Cora. Antonia's lover Ozana was whispering to her and trying to dress her while Antonia continued filming on Cora's phone.

“I just wore the cuffs put on me!” Bianca shouted. “You can't prove anything!”

“Bianca's cuffs haven't absorbed any serum,” Robert said, turning on his sensors for that. None of the other androids had been able to say anything, because Megan had programmed them not to. Robert was the only one given free reign, and Megan bit her lip, cursing herself and Delia in her mind for this oversight. Robert wanted to yell at the other bots, but realized they were controlled by the pained expressions hiding behind their motionless faces. Their facial muscles were frowning behind it all. “I'll take your cuffs off, Emily,” Robert said, reaching through the cage links. Megan screamed in protest. She almost took Robert's head off with a serum air blast which he ducked. It created a giant wave in the ocean where it landed.

Emily stood with her arms behind her back for Robert to take off the cuffs. Bianca shouted, “THIS PROVES nothing!! CHEATERS!!” Bianca punched Emily's face and body while the blonde got uncuffed. Emily's jaw had just began to go back into place and then got cracked again. Her tongue lolled. Her sexy frame swayed from side to side after getting drilled under the ribs with Bianca's alternating strikes. Bianca kicked Emily in the pussy. Bianca stepped back to get more momentum for a serum air haymaker. Emily couldn't get her hands up fast enough. A golden silhouette formed around her, starting from her feet. Then a flash of darkness streaked into the cage like a firecracker off a thin little serum air thread Cora had been charging.

CRACK! BAM! Crumble.

The topless brunette's fist hit the cage, denting it. Emily had ducked and Bianca's aim had been jarred off because Cora had shot serum air into Bianca's cuffs, destroying them. “That's IT!” Megan said, pointing at Cora. “PUT her DOWN! Sedate the WITCH! Capture and TORTURE is in order!!”

“If those were SAA cuffs they wouldn't have been destroyed!” Cora explained.

“SHE'S a REAL WITCH!” Bianca shouted. “She cursed them! They were absorbing my energy the whole time, I swear! And now that they're ruined you all will never know the truth! … I mean, you can never know or check to prove my guilt!”

Foxy Core members like Inna, Irina, Dajana, and Daniela were first to go after Cora to prove they had gotten stronger. Those were all mismatches even 4 on 1. Cora had a lot of curse threads ready and made it look comical the way she tripped up those four models and knocked some of them into each other. Iryna and Maria who were still in the tournament went into the fray with serum air, allowing the androids to barge in and overpower Cora. Cora was injected in the neck with a sedative, and her sparking chi faded as her eyes shut tight and her body slumped. Maria blasted Cora something awful with serum air, kicking up dirt and blood with an ear ringing explosion.

“CORA!!” Emily shouted, rushing up to the cage door closest to her lover. There were righteous tears in Emily's eyes. She didn't care that Bianca had cheated. She didn't want Cora to be tortured! Megan had really hurt Antonia and things could've been worse with Ashley when they'd tortured her at the beginning of the season. Bianca tried to grab Emily from behind to put her to sleep with a rear naked choke. The androids gave some of the Foxy Core serum to help detain Cora even though she was out, burnt, and still smoldering from Maria's attack. Inna was first to buff up. Daniela kicked Cora in the face. Inna ripped off one of Cora's arms. It was gory and awful to watch. “NOOO!!!!!” Emily wailed.

The entire cage shook due to Emily's chi awakening. The blast was on par with Megan's but it was more contained, knocking Bianca onto her ass and singeing off the bottoms of both topless combatants. The blinding light of Emily's aura stopped everything for a moment accept Inna beating Cora with the dismembered arm temporarily blinded. Megan ordered Inna to stop, and the androids began to carry Cora off without her arm and not in a Cryo Bag. This was alarming to Emily. She didn't know if Cora was alive or dead, and could barely feel Cora's energy. Emily's golden silhouette made her blonde hair float directly up for a moment, drying the dye so she was brunette again. Emily had reached a new level with her broken arm still hanging loose and pathetic like Gohan in DBZ reaching Super Saiyan against Cell. Emily's hair fell down on her shoulders and her aura blew the hair back instead of up. With one arm, Emily broke the lock on the cage door.

“She'll be fine!” Antonia shouted while filming. “I'll make sure of it. Finish the fight!” Ozana, Sveta, Madalina, and other more trustworthy women headed for F2 and the other bots carrying Cora. Sveta did a tug of war with Inna for Cora's arm until it burst in gore. Sveta rolled her eyes and hustled after the others. Polina (fresh out of healing) followed, acting like she was a stealthy ninja. She could be a secretive assassin, but she didn't feel it necessary, and still thought this was all fun and playing around. Emily bit her lip, took a deep breath, and turned around to face her foe.

The nude brunette, Bianca, stood up, clapping her booty cheeks to get sand off. She said, “Nice job wasting all your power. You're too injured to have a chance! You couldn't even heal your arm!”

“I'm choosing not to,” Emily said, “so I can finish this faster and protect and check on Cora.”

“There will be nothing you can do,” Megan said. “She interfered twice; made her bed, and will have to lie in it. I will talk to my uncle about disqualifying her from the tournament.”

The naked blonde woman read Bianca's expression. Bianca was flushed. Emily didn't need mind control to know that Bianca was embarrassed and had likely been lying and trying to cheat. Bianca was very hesitant to attack now. She threw a high punch at Emily's face on the injured side. Emily batted that away and kicked Bianca in the gut. It immediately hunched the Romanian brunette. Bianca's big boobs touched her knees as she coughed with eyes wide open. Emily's movements were swift, but jerky. She went from standing still to moving in a blur of goldenrod colored force. The knee to Bianca's belly looked to make skin push up from Bianca's back. The brunette hacked up blood. She got punched in the side of the head. The noise sounded like a skull fracture. Bianca would've hit the cage if Emily hadn't dashed over to the other side of her. Emily kicked Bianca in the jaw, eliciting a dire scream. Bianca's body crashed into the metal grating. She hit the sand with a thud. Emily hovered over Bianca, looking to the distance with Cora on her mind. Bianca charged her serum air, creating dark clouds around Emily's head. Bianca was shocked that her presence and pressure went right in. Emily breathed in the rest of Bianca's serum air. Emily's cheeks reddened. Her body shook with little tremors and jiggled. Bianca began to stand up. She got karate chopped diagonally at the neck. Bianca's eyes seemed glued open. She fell onto her round ass.

There had been so much fear and worry for Bianca to tap into in Emily's mind it had been too much. Emily had allowed herself to be an open book and empty vessel for Bianca's serum air. She didn't care if Bianca saw it all and tried to control her, and it had led Emily to being able to land the decisive strike. Bianca's tongue lolled. She looked dumbfounded and unable to move her neck. Emily used one foot and her arm to lift Bianca under the arms. Emily chucked Bianca's voluptuous body towards the opening to the cage. Emily pushed bleach blonde hair off her shoulder, no longer looking like a speed demon anime character. Her silhouette was gone. She jumped up and grabbed the cage with one hand, and swung her body forward. This gave fans ample places to stare: boobs, butt, pussy from below, etc. Bianca tried to crawl out of the cage, but Emily landed a knee into Bianca's spine, flattening her. Bianca's yelp was cut off with sand going into her mouth.

The naked warrior with the broken arm, Emily, rolled over atop Bianca and grabbed her rival's hair. Emily kicked the cage door to repeatedly slam into Bianca's neck. The Romanian had put so much effort into mind reading and serum air that didn't work, she was brittle and toast due to the neck damage and everything else now. Emily said, “I'd love to fuck you, but it'll have to be some other time.” One last kick into the cage door really bent it and splintered Bianca's neck bones. She couldn't even scream. Blood pooled at her mouth and in her eyes.

The thrill of victory and Emily's libido would have to get a quick rush for now. She fingered herself and rubbed her milky breasts against the cage door. Emily moved to stand over Bianca so that the favored fighter was staring up at Em's crotch. Emily teased herself further, stroking her pussy lips and ringing the bell of her clit. Her other arm was still very broken, and the androids were hesitant to give her the winner's serum dart. Then Emily sat on Bianca's face. Emily's fantastic ass cheeks spread over Bianca's eyes, shutting them. Emily twerked, bumping her kitty into Bianca's mouth until the brunette's tongue came out. Emily didn't want to wait for more serum to begin her trademark finisher. She turned around atop Bianca's head, shoving her bean into Bianca's face. The naked bisexual model who wanted to try all the different serums and get the best out to the general public, Emily, had to be on her knees for a moment, humping her dying opponent. Bianca was totally out of it with her tongue flopping around nice, warm, and wet. Her nose was a stimulating touch to Em's crotch too.

Emily pulled up on Bianca's hair to keep the Romanian's grill all up in Em's business. Emily rose to her feet, keeping Bianca's neck in a vice grip between Emily's toned tan thighs. Emily dropped like she was going to do a push-up, but held herself up with one arm and twisted her core, cranking the loser's neck left, right, and all over awkwardly. In order to do more damage, and due to her own exhaustion and injuries, Emily flopped into the sand, looking like a spastic worm. Dust flew up and granules went all over Em's engorged and sexy front. The American with light brown colored hair, Emily, turned over and sat on her butt, still squeezing the life out of Bianca and face-fucking her. Fund's curvy rump was in the air and her cheeks clapped together from the aggressive humping and forced blow job. Emily rocked her hips from side to side, leaning on one arm while the other bled in her sandy cleavage. Bianca's body grew pale and she didn't move her arms or legs. Emily had to fake really loud orgasm sounds in order to finally get shot with the winner's serum dart. Her arm healed a little, and she didn't expect the rest of the power to come in so quickly.


The last series of pelvic thrusts had torqued and broken Bianca's neck in several places. The thigh clenching restrictions popped Bianca's head off like a plastic doll. Emily wasn't embarrassed to spray a forceful jet of ejaculate that went over the head without a body. Emily's reflex was to snatch Bianca's head out of the air as the clean neck wound cauterized and stopped bleeding. Emily winced, hearing and feeling her arm bones crunch back into place. Bianca's eyes were practically glued shut with white goo, sweat, and sand. That stuff was on her lips too, but Em kissed those anyway and then tossed the head underhanded to RoboMic, hitting him right in his pudgy gut. Megan angrily slapped the head out of RoboMic's fat stomach, wanting to light it on fire. F6 and other androids stopped that from happening to bag Bianca's corpse.

Tears streamed down Emily's cheeks with concern for her dear friend and lover, Cora. She sprinted off towards the garages where the cyborgs had gone under Megan's control. Megan typed orders into her phone and APP with fast moving fingers. Robert went with Cora and could barely keep up even using mechanical enhancement to his legs. By the time they caught up with the group that had hauled Cora off, there were no cyborgs present, and the tattooed rebel's body was just a swirling mass in a rejuvenation Cryo Tank somewhere. Sveta said to Emily, “Oh good! You won! I can't wait to see the phone footage Antonia got of your win. F2 was ordered to hit Cora with lethal injection. They will decide how to punish her and everything after they bring her back.” Sveta frowned and sighed. Polina didn't seem to think this was a big deal, hugging and kissing on Em and Sveta. Emily wasn't sure if it was for the better or worse for Cora to be “killed”. Megan had probably only done that to not have to see Emily have victory sex. Emily was worried about what was going to happen to Cora, but somewhat relieved that Cora wasn't being tortured and in a peaceful state at the present.


2D Artist
Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 6-1 MF vs AT.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Tournament Quarterfinals Fight One:

1. Megan Fox 3-0 vs 15. Ashley Tervort 3-2

“Yes! This is where I want to hang her!” Megan said to F2, pushing on the cage door in the basement. “This door needs to support that fat cow, Trashlee! It's not shutting right when I bump into it!”

The dark short haired machine/man in the business suit and sunglasses, F2, looked to have slightly less than perfect posture for a moment. Megan was pent up and nervous about her fight for the first tournament quarterfinals match. She wore light blue lingerie with a see-through component to the bottoms and top. The bra had black leather straps with buckles, holding the cloth tight to Megan's perky orbs. The raven haired celebrity’s dark colored nipples could be seen behind the bra mesh. Megan had on a black choker necklace and gold bracelet. There were two silver crystal big hoop earrings in her earlobes and a belly button piercing with a dangling circular gem swaying as Megan moved. She looked especially toned and sexy with a tight ass and toned ab definition from training with F6 and really pushing herself.

“You should just hang her from the top of the cage again if you're able to win and going to do it,” the blonde Delia said. She was fresh from healing with her bot Robert by her side, nodding. He was the only Foxy Corp cyborg allowed to think and act freely with no reservations or programming blocks.

“FUCK you, DELIA!” Megan shouted, slamming the cage door over and over again. She picked up the ice ax Viki had left behind. Viki had lost in the tournament to Cora, gotten healed, and then skipped out, leaving the estate and dirty underwear and pranks all over like the ejaculate in Megan's Hazelnut coffee creamer. Megan had been drinking that and didn't know of the alteration. She would've been so angry and grossed out if she knew. Megan swung the ice pick at Delia's face, but the blonde didn't budge. Megan said, “You're NOT one of US anymore, Delia! Quit acting like we're friends! And OF COURSE I'm going to WIN!” Megan threw the ice pick at the wall and huffed off, giving Delia a deliberate could shoulder. Megan walked over to F6, rubbing up against him as her serum air was making her horny. She didn't care that Uncle Justin was sitting in her throne in front of the cage watching. He could do his whores like Abby, and Megan wouldn't care either. F1 had hauled down an armchair for Abby to sit in next to Justin, and RoboMic still had his throne too.

The other featured fighter, Ashley, was among the other sexy Russian women, but not in the spotlight by the cage yet. Instead; trim American model Emily stood in front of Mr. Fox with her light brown hair in a ponytail, wearing a fox ear headband, brown fuzzy bikini bottoms with a fox tail attached, and brown leather straps that barely constituted a top with a line of brown tassels to cover her nipples. Emily normally wore cute trendy makeup, but had whiskers and a fox nose painted on today as advised. She blushed, bowed to Justin and said, “Mr. Fox, please! I've done what you asked, wearing this costume you provided and doing the makeup so you'd give me the time of day. Megan has Cora hanging in the barn with shackles on her wrist and ankles to keep her in position, breaking her neck and asphyxiating her with a Bubble Mask on to keep her barely alive and tortured! They ripped off her arm again and I'm worried about that being off so long for the healing! How will Cora be ready for her fight against Maria next under these conditions?! You've got to let her go!”

“She should've thought about that before badmouthing the company over and over and defying our rules,” Mr. Fox said. “You're no ally either, you selfish twit! Cora is lucky we are allowing her to compete at all after interfering in your fight against Bianca.” F2 walked up to Mr. Fox holding a mind control collar. It looked like a fancy big metal brace with a leash. Mr. Fox handed that to Abby and said, “Perhaps you can work down Cora's punishment time by becoming Abby's slave for a day. Abby is so much better looking than you, and five times the woman you'll ever be.” Emily sighed, nodded, and bowed her head for Abby to attach the mind control collar around her neck.

“Do nothing!” Abby said. “I don't want to hear or see you.” The blonde model with the tiny waist, and Justin's current favorite on the EMCASA roster, Abby, spit in Emily's face, ruining some of the makeup job. Abby jerked the leash. Emily's tongue hung out. She fell to her knees.

“I like my ladies of the night painted up and with the titty tassels as a tease,” Mr. Fox said, batting at the brown dangling strings over Emily's breasts. “What do you think, RoboMic?” RoboMic didn't respond right away as his sunglasses slipped down his fat nose. He programmed his nostrils to not bleed from over stimulation, seeing Emily's nipples. “A fox is sly and cunning,” Mr. Fox added. “A fox always gets what he wants. Abby is much sexier, don't you think?!”

“Yes, yes,” RoboMic said, nodding. “I like when Em's boobs get bigger and milky on serum though.”

“A fetish suitable for a lowlife like her,” Justin said, nodding.

“Be my footrest, bitch!” Abby demanded. Emily bent over on her hands and knees. RoboMic pulled his sunglasses back up to hide the fact that he was ogling Emily. The tassels did little to nothing to cover Emily's dangling breasts and nips. Abby kicked her heels into Emily's spine and added, “Your back is too hard for my princess feet! Punch yourself in the face until you bleed for upsetting me!” Emily would've obeyed even without the collar to possibly help Cora. Abby kicked Emily in the stomach, then the ribs, working her way up. The breasts got an especially hard kick, but remained firm and round. Emily's mouth and knuckles bled. She began to cry. Abby kicked Emily in the face happily amused. Abby was so glad to be wearing red boots. She couldn't even see Emily's blood get on them. Abby said, “This isn't a bad toy. Quit crying Emily. Be silent. Traitorous whores should be unseen and unheard.”

“If you like boobs getting bigger and sexy women in fox costumes, count me in!” Romanian blonde, Mandy said, trying to climb the ladder and make a power move in front of the company leader. RoboMic's pudgy perverted face lit up with a grin as Mandy shook her shoulders and grew her tits to make her bosoms sway in her red bikini top.

“Stay out of the line of vision for me and Abby,” Mr. Fox said. “If you remain loyal, we can look into you pandering to the fans. Pandering to me will do you no good. You are slightly more attractive than Emily, but that's not saying much.”

“I like titties,” RoboMic interjected. It was his best attempt at sticking up for Mandy and Emily.

“Ah yes, a lingerie battle,” Mr. Fox said, noticing Ashley and the Russians. Ashley, the well endowed and near 6 foot tall brunette wore pink silky lingerie with white lace borders at her cleavage and pelvis. The panties were a thong, and the bra left a lot of underboob showing. Ashley had giant melons. A see through robe with pink fluffy lining on the cuffs, edges, and bottom hung loose on Ashley's shoulders. Bubbly blonde Russian nudist, Polina, was trying to strip Ashley. F6 put serum air absorbing (SAA) cuffs around Megan's wrists. Megan glared at Ashley. Mr. Fox said, “It's a shame miss Ashley has to fight the best now, but I look forward to seeing her go down if you know what I mean.” RoboMic nodded, drooling, thinking about blow jobs before even ryona and sexy defeat positions.

“I wanna put on Ash's cuffs!” Polina said, snatching them from F1 with her ninja speed. Polina lowered her voice and said, “Officer Polina Sit on Your Face SuperNova Aura responding here with the busty perp in question needing to put her hands against the wall and spread her legs!” Ashley shook her head, but went along with the act. “Your titties are too big for this bra!” Polina squealed, fondling and stripping Ashley of her bra. Ashley looked over her arm and shoulder and raised an eyebrow. Polina giggled, clapped, and then cuffed Ashley's wrists separately. The cuffs weren't linked together like handcuffs. They were more like bracelets. Polina fluffed up Ashley's robe and went into actress mode again, saying, “I'm going to have see if there is jelly in the perp's donut hole. Crime; too sexy, too chesty. Punishment; stimulation til icing all over these naughty girl thighs! Hehe!”

“POLINA!” Ashley yelped. “Get your fist out of my butt hole!” Sveta pulled Polina away. Ashley shook her head, noticing that her bra on the floor was ruined. Ashley nearly stepped on the ice pick, and hoped that wasn't a bad omen. She took off her robe, which made RoboMic and some of the women cheer. Her big breasts bounced as she headed for an open door to the cage to wait for a serum injection.

F1 held up the two syringes to show equal volume of serum, and then handed a syringe to F6 to inject Megan while he went to Ashley. The Romanian brunette nudist, Antonia said, “Let's show a display of serum air to see it get sucked into both cuffs this time so we can be sure of match fairness.”

“My serum air is all clear now,” Megan lied. She just wanted to be obstinate and have power over Antonia and Delia. Megan hated Antonia more than Delia, and was convinced Antonia used mind control to mess up Delia's mind. Ashley's serum air normally didn't have a lot of color to it, but she wanted to prove herself and the equality of the match. She allowed the serum air injected to her veins to waft up out of her pores. Unfortunately her already verging on too big breasts enlarged too. Her silhouette was pinkish and sucked into the devices on her wrists. Megan rolled her eyes and made a ball of black and white volatile energy in her sweaty, angry, and nervous hands. That got sucked slowly into her cuffs. The sparks from her energy and added fruits of her labor and training were more than Megan expected, scorching her light blue bra. She dragged her long white fingernails into it, stripping herself as F6 finished taking off her jewelry bracelet and earrings.

The two topless lingerie models stepped into the cage at opposite ends simultaneously. “Oh, so you're keeping the navel piercing in?” Ashley asked, slamming a fist into her palm. The cage doors were shut, but the one near Ashley wasn't closed properly, looking crooked. F1 wanted to fix the door now, but knew his place to step aside and not distract the fighting ladies or Mr. Fox and the other spectators.

“SHUT IT!” Megan shouted. “YOUR Fat MOUTH TRASHLEE! You’re going to be kissing tile, licking my toes, and begging for mercy before you get anywhere near making my abs feel a tiny prick of your weak pathetic – AH!”

Megan had been so busy running her mouth, she failed to defend the first right hook from Ashley. Megan had misjudged the effects of the SAA cuffs on her and Ashley's length. The Russian stomped Megan's knee and rifled a punch into Megan's belly. Megan screamed angrily. She threw an uppercut wildly that got lost in Ashley's underboobs. The fat cow's udders seemed to absorb Megan's punch. Megan was going to have to get serious quickly. Ashley clobbered Megan with a left hook to the lips, already drawing blood. Megan staggered, wiped her mush, and deflected Ashley's low jab. Ashley's eyes were on Megan's piercing. Megan had hoped for that. She kicked Ashley right between the legs.

The Russian with the giant jugs, Ashley, hunched over from the cuntbusting kick. Pink silk wedged tight into her camel toe. Megan rocketed a punch into Ashley's nipple. Ashley clipped Megan in the side of the head and ear with a punch. Megan gutted her foe with a strike to her soft belly – only the stupid cuffs were taking away lots of Megan's power, and the sow only slouched and coughed. The cuff had left a bruise on Ashley's belly. Ashley punched Megan in the eye. Megan was glad the dumb slut's aim was good. Did Ashley not realize the cuff would hurt more than her fist?! Perfect. Megan tried to work over Ashley's belly, but the pretty in pink pugilist deflected the first two attempts. Ash grazed a punch into Megan's torso, making the babe in blue bottoms bend. Megan stomped Ashley's ankle, twisting her heel into the ankle, and uppercut Ashley in the pussy.

The second low blow to the taller combatant had Ashley draped over Megan, wincing. Ashley's ginormous mammary mounds landed atop Megan's forehead with Megan not quite risen out of the squat from her attack. Ashley tried to hug Megan in a clinch, realizing she needed to expect Megan to fight dirty. Ashley's nipple got bitten. She yelped and took a knee to the crotch and then one higher which broke off the lace on her panties and made her insides swirl as major ouchies. Ashley abandoned the clinch feeling Megan's erect nipples indenting her chest flesh. Ashley slugged Megan in the kidney. It was damned effective. Megan groaned, covering her sexy stomach with one hand, and raking her long fingernails over Ashley's boob with the other hand. Ashley punched Megan in the nose, drawing blood. Megan leaned back in a bit of a daze, but kicked Ash hard in the flank. Megan snarled, tapping into her rage, and punched past Ashley's blockers into her squishy midsection. Every belly punch made Ashley's boobs jiggle so much. RoboMic was losing his damned mind! Megan finally hit Ashley in the face with a blood splattering uppercut.

The chesty chick with clawed and swollen bosoms, Ashley, crashed into the broken cage door. She didn't have a glass jaw, but Megan had been aiming to let the cuffs help do damage, and that device to the chin and mouth had Ash really bleeding. Ashley kept her legs vigilant, getting kicked in the thigh. She leaned a boob into one of Megan's punches. The teat got torn into and Ashley whined and cried. The sacrifice had been worth it though, as her haymaker punch hit Megan in the temple so hard that Megan's eyes rolled and she drooled on herself. Ashley put Megan in a headlock and got elbowed in the ribs. She kneed Megan in the spine. Then she got poked in the eye. That was fine, but Megan clawed Ashley's cheek, looking to gauge her eyes out. Ashley was hesitant to worry about that until Megan drew blood as Ashley had forgotten no serum air aura would protect her. Ashley slung Megan by the neck into the cage door. With her vision blurred, the model in the pink panties kicked like a karate expert, jamming her sole into Megan's abs – just missing the swaying round jewel in her belly-button.

The topless black haired fighter and #1 seed, Megan, hollered in anguish and broke the chain keeping the cage door locked. The door opened and Megan's ass hit the black and white tiled floor. Ashley wiped her eyes and advanced. Even not seeing well, she was determined not to let off the gas. Megan tried to kick Ashley between the legs. Her foot hit her enemy's shin. Ashley was mid sprint ready to knee Megan in the face as the hottie in the see-through light blue lingerie bottoms sat up. Megan punched at Ashley, hitting the engorged melons. Ashley trucked Megan over with her shoulder. Ashley stomped Megan's stomach, lifted up on Megan's hair, and decked the smaller woman with a drill punch to the grill. Blood squirted from Megan's mouth although she clenched her teeth. The back of her head hit the tile. Ashley dropped her knee into Megan's belly, and decided some breast attacking retribution was in order. Ashley licked and slobbered on Megan's nipple, and then punched the heaving mound around the areola.

“FUCKING TRASH CUNT!” Megan swore and griped, grabbing Ashley's hair and trying for the eyes again. Ashley knocked Megan's hand away. The buxom Russian headbutted Megan, making the American actress's mouth a ravaged mess. Ashley punched the choker around Megan's neck right on the brown spot, which happened to discharge a strong zap of electricity by design. The topless babe with light brown hair shook and trembled. Her tits flopped around, looking juicy and docked over Megan's mounds as Ash fell limp for a moment. Megan wrapped her legs around Ashley's back, kicking heels into Ash's spine. Ashley had enough wherewithal to pin Megan's arms down to the tile as she recovered, letting saliva slop. She rolled her face towards Megan's boob with no hickies and welts.

The shock hadn't been much and there were no tricks left in Megan's bag for now. She happened to get lucky that the ice pick was in arm's length. Megan writhed and thrashed. Ashley had blood and hair in her eyes, and didn't realize what Megan was up to. Ashley sat back on Megan's thighs and hammed her hands down into Megan's belly, breaking the round jewel off Megan's navel piercing. Megan choked, forcing back tears, and got her fingers to grasp the handle of the ax. Many women shouted out in protest. That alerted Ashley to put her hands up to guard. Megan swung the ice pick for Ashley's head. It hit one of the SAA cuffs and chipped it. In Ashley's surprise, she was shucked off Megan's body. Megan kneed Ashley in the jaw while getting to her feet and tried to hack the point of the weapon into Ashley's side. Ashley reacted, blocking with the cuff again, and it was broken off her wrist.

The Russian sensation with big mommy milkers, Ashley, wasn't known for kicking or flexibility, but looked like a pro kickboxer arching her leg up and around to boot Megan in the mandible. Ashley's pink pussy lips could be seen with her pink panties bunched from so many attacks that had hit her private area. The topless brunette wielding the ax slid on the tile and fell on her ass again, still holding the ice pick up. Doing that had caused Megan to land hard on her backside. Blood dribbled down Megan's chin as she slowly got to her feet. Ashley stepped back, leaving the arm with the cuff forward, and charging up serum air in her other hand for a punch.

“NO!” Megan screeched. “FUCK THIS! Unfair! CHEATING! Time OUT!!” Megan threw the ice pick down. Ashley dodged it and looked to the others to see what would happen next. Her serum air eventually did get sucked into her other cuff. The ice pick also flipped over and stabbed right into the top of Ashley's foot. Megan stormed past Ashley to appeal to her uncle. A fountain of thin crimson plasma speckled Megan's face and chest from Ash's foot. Megan shoved Ashley in the boobs, gripping, slicing, and twisting a nipple. Ash hit Megan's arm to be free of that. “Let's just get these cuffs off both of us!” Megan said. “It makes no sense to only have one, and she's at an unfair advantage over me now.” Mr. Fox stared at the sexy women including his niece rather long, and nodded.

RoboMic knew he was perverted and a freak, but he looked around, wondering if anyone else thought it was kind of creepy and sketchy that Mr. Fox was sort of checking out Megan's body. RoboMic began to sweat and smell like McDonald's meat grease as he worried about the company being able to read and access his thoughts. He wanted to go back to the MFL or at least have free access to his junk and all of his programming again.

F6 took Megan's SAA cuffs off. Ashley limped over to F1, who melted the ice pick with heat from his hands first. As they waited for his hands to cool down, F9 stepped in to take off Ashley's remaining cuff. Ashley was finally able to fix her wedgie. Megan felt so good with the cuffs off, she tore off her baby blue colored panties, roared, and stepped into the cage, pounding her chest like King Kong. Ashley was warring on whether to heal her foot and other injuries or not. She walked through the broken door opening to get in the cage. Megan kept her hands together and looked like Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat shooting a black ice projectile from the hands. The dark serum air (not ice) hit the unsuspecting Russian in the belly. She crossed her arms over her bulbous front, and braced for rapid fire of serum air. A big explosive burst of energy knocked Ashley's head back. Scarlet sprayed from her agape and cut up mouth. Her serum air had defended her a bit and knocked other blasts of energy into the top and sides of the cage. The androids used their energy to keep the spectators protected. The rope noose Megan had set atop the cage for Ashley fell down and bounced off her boob. Ashley flinched, having bad memories of being hanged in the cage with a Bubble Mask on; similar to how Cora was currently being “punished”. The gimpy gal, Ashley, knew that a short hesitation could really hurt at this stage in the game. It physically hurt and led to a lot of pain for her too. Megan went berserk, plastering fists into Ashley's core. She belted Ashley in the cheek, which immediately bruised. Then Megan stomped the punctured foot of the limping loser. Ashley punched Megan in the mouth with a brilliantly white serum air punch. Megan went with the momentum, sliding on the tile into the cage; shocked. She had expected to finish the fight then and there.

The lady with the luscious curves, Ashley wobbled, but pursued her prey. Ashley looked ready to drop herself. Her entire front was riddled with bruises. Her pretty face was just as bloody as Megan's. Ashley's foot stepped on the rope. Megan sent out dark serum air furiously, noticing that someone else's serum air was sneakily creeping towards Ashley's head from the shadows. Megan could feel and sense that chi as Maria's. Megan tried to get into Ashley's head with serum air, but it didn't work. Ashley had anticipated that and neutralized it with her own serum air. Megan's stomach got pulverized in a matter of a few punches, until she was hunched over, grasping at Ashley, and spitting up carmine gore. Ashley put her hands to her temples and shook her head. Megan boxed Ashley in the gut, but focused her main power into the mind control. The naked black haired fighter, Megan, wanted the brunette nude too, and tore off Ash's pink panties, really clawing Ash's stimulated clit and kitty in the process.

The naked models were chest to chest, humping, gasping, and grappling with their arms up in exhaustion. Everyone saw Megan's serum air going into Ashley's ears now, where Maria's had gone into Ashley's head earlier, causing Ashley's pained head grabbing reaction. “I got you bitch!” Megan said, kneeing Ashley relentlessly until the Russian's legs could no longer block and her bare pussy was ripe for several patella smashes. Ash's whole body shook. She shivered and her eyes opened wide before jamming shut. “You're gonna be hung and tortured here again!” Megan continued, tapping into Ashley's fears and emotions. “Your fake MFL friends don't and won't care! You'll be left here suffering FOREVER! I'm your WORST NIGHTMARE!” Ashley scrunched her face and began to cry. Megan headbutted her adversary with a critical blow. Ashley flailed into the fence. She kept her hands up in her hair and at her temples, trying to rub away the bad thoughts. Her booty was getting dented by the cage. Megan strutted over to Ashley and boxed her tits like punching bags. The fun bags cratered and spritzed lactate.

The sexy voluptuous nude body of the Russian was completely vulnerable and subject to all sorts of punishment. Megan kneed and punched Ashley in the pussy several times, but the karate chops to the neck were the critical blows. This time when Megan gutted Ashley with a punch, there was serum air on it, and Ashley's death cry was such a turn on. The defeated bimbo couldn't stop blood from pouring out. Her stomach was toast. She had goosebumps and no energy left. Megan looked back and saw Justin stand up and begin to undress. Megan ignored that, shoving Ashley's arms up and her wrists into the links of the cage so she'd stay put. Megan then put one hand around Ashley's banged up throat, feeling the windpipes ready to burst as she choked and squeezed the joke of a jobber. Megan then stabbed her nails into Ashley's eyes. The ho sobbed. The rest of her serum energy and reserves had to be used just to make it not look as gruesome as it should. Blood drops hit her heaving chest.

Androids stood ready to give Megan sex toys, but not F6. He was off to the side very still. Megan hadn't gotten the winner's serum dart either and she was hurting and wanting it. Her uncle was getting down to his tighty whities with his boner poking through, but had a lot of fancy cuff links and other shit to take off slowly. He got an injection of serum. Megan rolled her eyes and got a strap-on. She picked up her noose and lassoed Ashley's neck. Megan grabbed Ashley by the neck again, throttling her so hard that her arms fell loose from the cage. Megan then threw Ashley face-first down on the tile. Megan jumped onto Ashley's back and started fucking her in the ass. Megan made the dildo spritz goo onto Ashley's backside, and then fucked Ash in the pussy from behind, carving into Ashley's back flesh all sorts of obscenities like WHORE, CUM SLUT, JOBBER, LOSER, etc. Megan was getting off and a rush enjoying this, until her uncle walked over and took over. Megan wasn't going to fuck with that aura and power.

Mr. Fox flipped Ashley over for some boob play. He fucked her between the tits and got a blow job. Ashley was so out of it and more than willing to supply the fellatio. On serum, Justin had several nuts. He was going to ride Ashley long and hard. Abby hated this, but tried to act like it didn't bother her. She took out her anger kicking the shit out of her footstool, Emily, and ordering Emily to cut her own wrists. Abby had to be content watching Emily die from blood loss and the androids bagging her body to keep her mind of hating that Justin thought Ashley was sexy and was doing her. Megan pulled Ashley's hair and kept whispering mean words to Ashley about how bad things were going to be for her. Megan sliced nails into Ashley's boobs. Justin punched, cupped, groped, sucked, and slapped Ash's fat and battered tits. Her rack was so engorged and abused by the time it was all said and done, but Megan hadn't been able to write anything in with bloody claw marks on the expansive bust of the Russian. Justin fucked Ashley missionary with Megan banging her from behind and in the booty cheeks. It was Megan who made Ashley cum, but Justin didn't care. He blew his third load on Ashley and finally the serum started to wear off a bit. He was flaccid and about as quiet and expressionless as a cyborg as he patted Ashley's chin and then head like a pet or play thing. He exited the cage, put his clothes back on, and sat down in Megan's throne like that all hadn't just happened.

With the celebratory coitus complete, Megan was given the winner's serum dart. “Finally,” she grumbled. In a louder voice she declared, “No one can beat me!” She felt good about her victory. Megan had left the noose around Ashley's neck. She motioned for F6 to come in. She kissed him. She tore off the strap-on and got fucked by the cyborg that was designed to look like her husband. Justin and the others continued to watch as Ashley was trampled underneath the intercourse. Megan sat back getting oral and shoved her feet into Ashley's mouth to make her suck Megan's feet and toes. She nearly asphyxiated Ashley shoving too deep. Megan purposefully aimed her ejaculate onto Ashley. Then Megan lifted Ashley up by the noose and ordered F6 to put the dying broad on his shoulders. Megan tossed the end of the rope up to the top of the cage. With her serum air, she was able to tie a knot. She pulled F6 away with her, and Ashley's body dropped.

Crunch. SNAP!

The nude Russian was hanged again from the top of the cage and dead. As instructed, the androids got a Bubble Mask over Ashley's head and the neck breakage repaired. Ashley cried and shouted out in anguish with her cries muffled by the healing device that looked like an astronaut's helmet. “You're not really going to leave her there like that again, are you?” Polina asked. Megan grinned mischievously, rubbing her hands together as she saw Ashley's neck breaking again. The androids seemed to have other orders from Mr. Fox. The Bubble Mask burst. Ashley screamed and was hanged again. Then F1 went into the cage to cut Ashley down and bag her. Despite the win, that put Megan in a sour mood.

While getting toweled and partially covered by F6, Megan cornered Maria to whisper to her. Only the Foxy Core were celebrating Megan's win, high fiving one another and being obnoxious gloating winners even though Mr. Fox was already headed up the marble stairs with Abby and wouldn't be impressed. He could watch the tapes later and see who was loyal, but wouldn't. Megan whispered to Maria, “I had that! You didn't need to... butt in. I worked hard to be able to beat a loser like her.”

“You did,” Maria said. “Which is odd. She is a loser. She was so easy for me to get into and so fun to fuck with, right? You look like you had a blast!”

“Are you going to forfeit to me after you win or are we going to script a fight?” Megan asked.

“We'll have something in a cage,” Maria said. “I am totally on the side of Foxy Corp. You know that.” Megan nodded. Maria was now Megan's only worthwhile original Fatal Five member left, but something about the sneaky tattooed chick with the fake boobs rubbed Megan the wrong way. Megan had wanted to prove to herself that she could beat Ashley without help. Megan hadn't meant to turn the fight in her own favor so much against Ozana, and regretted that ambush and cheating. Megan definitely wanted to fight Ashley and Ozana again, just not with the mind control collar on the line and the public watching. Private battles at the lake house were sounding nice. Megan didn't bother to say anything to her groupies. She was frustrated that Abby killed Emily while she was wearing the collar. Now no one would have access to that until Emily was healed, and Emily might even make more gains in strength from that experience like Megan and the Fatal Five had after being killed while wearing mind control collars. Megan didn't really care what happened with Iryna and Abby's fights anyway. Megan was hoping for a sexy final showdown with Sara, but having a sure win against Iryna or Abby would also be fine – maybe better – just to be sure. Megan wanted that control and that power, but was slowly starting to see how maybe her uncle wasn't so great and the good that came from working hard for something and achieving success, victory, and friendship on your own merit.

Although she didn't care what others thought, Megan did often spy on the other women and watch tapes of them. She heard Delia and Antonia talking about the fight and was pleased to hear that they both thought Megan looked strong. She didn't like hearing them say that it looked to be an even fight before Maria interfered. Stupid Maria! Could Megan trust no one?! She needed new friends.


2D Artist
Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 6-2 MH vs Cora.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Tournament Quarterfinals Fight Two:

3. Maria Hart 3-0 vs 6. Sara Calixto (Coralline Suicide) 4-0

Normally full healings took over a day, and that's if the injuries weren't severe or complicated. The tattooed brunette, Cora, was strung up and hung in a dark back portion of the barn with muffled horse and animals noises as the only comforting sounds. Where Cora's right arm had been ripped off at the shoulder, it still stung, even though it had stopped bleeding. Cora could feel the pressure of the noose at her throat digging deeper. This was like a layer of hell, knowing eventually your neck was going to snap again, and then the Bubble Mask healer would revitalize you only for the brittle healing neck bones to begin to crack again. Cora's wrist and ankles were spread apart and latched to the cold stone wall with serum air absorbing (SAA) cuffs. Cora was naked as usual, and even though she hadn't eaten or drank anything in days, she looked rather full and not too skinny or haggard. The Bubble Masks switched out every day or so provided Cora with hydration, nutrients, and some nourishment as well as keeping her alive and hanging.

Something riled up the animals, and Cora knew she had a visitors again; and not like friendly visitors: no Emily, Sara, or any of the friendly MFL Russians. Cora's prison was in a locked room, that apparently only androids could open, and likely not Robert or RoboMic. The footsteps were plentiful and some were heavy, suggesting maybe that RoboMic the giant obese cyborg was among a group coming to see Cora now. Was it time for Cora to fight already? Megan, Bianca, and Maria had come to torture Cora a few times, burning her like a witch with lighters, firecrackers, and serum air ballistics practice. They had carved insults into her thighs and over her stomach and breasts, and had used her own severed arm to beat her. Cora didn't know if it was necessary, but she kept serum air around the detached appendage. It was the only thing that could get serum air without it being sucked into the cuffs. She was tired of being picked on and abused, and ready to fight back today.

“You kept Cora locked up in here naked and didn't tell me about it?!” RoboMic shouted in exasperation. “I got a nosebleed just going through her stuff and finding this black bra and panties!”

Cora heard the sounds of the complicated lock grinding, clicking, and unlatching on a door she couldn't see. She saw a stone wall across from her with a door with bars on the tiny window leading to an alcove hallway. Maria said, “That's disgusting. Cora isn't even near cute. I bet she's a stinky hippie who doesn't bathe and is as gross as Viki was. Cora's a repulsive alt dike. I'll still fuck her before I kill her, but she needs to be clothed to start the fight. She's been peeing all over the floor just like an animal.”

Serum air shadows covered Cora's arm in the corner of the room. Maria, Megan, and Bianca Fund had arrived as usual. RoboMic scanned the floor immediately, expecting to see a lot of nastiness, but most of the fluids he saw were blood and sweat. F2 was the android with them this time. Cora had never seen the particular type of Bubble Healer in his hand before. Maybe it was what they were going to use to reattach her arm. Maybe Cora shouldn't attack. Maria wore sunglasses inside like she didn't want to see Cora. The black haired chick, Maria, the only other person to have curse powers, was dressed in a yellow-green bikini. Megan was decked out in goth black leather, a corset, fishnet, and all sorts of accessories. The Romanian brunette with the big booty, Bianca Fund was in some specially made purple Foxy Corp advertising bikini. Fund said, “Let me try and get in her mind real quick before the fight!” Megan shrugged and looked like she didn't care. Maria ignored them.

“You alive up there, Cora?!” RoboMic asked. “I can see your cooter! WOOEE! The view of them underboobs and titties is nice too! Time to fight! YIPEE!”

“I'm hanging by a rope,” Cora said, seeing Fund's clear serum air go towards her body. Megan slapped her forehead with a palm. Bianca serum's air wouldn't go into Cora's head with a Bubble Mask on. It began to go into the SAA cuffs. F2 could alter gravity in his body or use magnetism to climb up the wall like his feet were attached to it. He did that and popped Cora's Bubble Mask with a finger lance. She gasped as the healing liquids splattered against her chest, feeling good on the broken open skin and wounds. Then the cyborg began to take off the SAA cuffs.

“That bitch Emily who beat me is dead!” Bianca said. “She killed herself! I desecrated her body, touching her in naughty ways and pounding her pussy loose! I mean more loose!”

The hung Colombian woman, Cora, would've had her neck broken if F2 hadn't cut the rope with his finger. It was a long drop to the hard floor for Cora. She hadn't used her legs or limbs in days. No one caught her either. Her bare feet hit the cold stone. She squatted, and her hip popped out of the socket. She didn't want to limp or show weakness in front of the bully trio. Bianca Fund frowned. She was trying to read Cora's mind, and Cora didn't care. Cora said, “I'm glad to hear Emily won. I figured she would without cheating. She's not a prude. She probably would've been fine with you fucking her.”

“Well, um, she's dead and won't be watching your fight,” Bianca said, faltering on trying to bluff and make things sound worse than they actually were. Bianca caught of glimmer of how Cora was worried about Foxy Corp and Megan with mind control collars hurting people. Bianca blurted out, “Emily died with a mind control collar on! She'll be permanently fucked when revived! Abby made her kill herself since Mr. Fox let Abby have her as a slave to watch the last fight that Megan won.”

“Yeah, that pisses me off,” Cora said, clenching a fist.

“You must do whatever I ask to learn the secrets of how I improved when that was done to me,” Bianca said. Cora shook her head. Bianca's serum air turned dark as her face turned beet red in frustration. Cora's shoulder bled where there was no arm, and Maria walked over to the shadows in the room, sensing Cora's power. Maria was charging up something nasty, likely to destroy Cora's arm. Cora took a deep breath and with that, drew the serum air back towards her. Her arm went flying. Maria ducked. Megan screamed in revulsion, and although Cora would've rather attacked Maria, it was just so fun to fuck with Megan and pull her hair. Cora cursed Megan's boobs and blew off corset strings before Megan could try and neutralize anything or protect herself.

“EW!!” Megan screamed! “GET it OFF ME! How dare you touch me like that, CORA!”

“Your hypocrisy is rich,” Cora said. Her arm floated towards her on a dark thread of air. F2 hopped down from the wall to apply the Bubble Healer, and an icy spray like glue to Cora's shoulder to attach the arm. It still didn't feel right and there were still marks on Cora's neck from where the rope had been digging in. Her energy level was incredibly low.

“Get her dressed for the fight,” Megan said. “You're done here, Fund. You haven't been able to help the good guy team for a while... Loser. Your fat ass disgusts me.” Bianca stopped trying to do mind control and frowned. RoboMic sniffed Cora's bra and panties, hoping he would be chosen to dress her. Bianca snatched them from him. She sniffed them too, since RoboMic had.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Maria squealed. “Nasty! You're mental, Fund! You're a lost cause, I swear. And you thought you could take on students and teach them?! Ha! No wonder Juicy left you!”

“Most of us like your ass,” Cora said, swatting Bianca on the booty. Bianca blushed. F2 helped Cora put on the black bra and panties, even though she would've preferred to stay nude. With her chest healing, the bra was very tight and her tingling breasts looked bigger than normal. Megan and Maria noted that with distaste. Cora rotated her shoulder. It still felt wrong. When she had spanked Bianca everything felt out of place and like she couldn't get blood or serum to the arm to really move it. She was happy to be down, but fighting in this condition would have her at a huge disadvantage.

The lingerie model, Cora, tried to look strong and confident walking into the open space of the barn with the big fighting cage open. She hadn't been out of SAA cuffs for more than a minute or so, and here were two more being put over her wrists by F1. Cora shuddered. Megan walked over to her throne and plopped down. She stared at Cora's injured arm with disgust, but that slowly changed into a creepy smile. Megan tended to like blood, gore, horror movies, satanic, cult, and demon stuff. RoboMic took his seat, complaining, “I never get to cuff the sexy women fighters. I've got my nosebleed issue under control! My programming is set to stop it once!”

“There are other problems with you,” Megan said coldly, without looking in the fat cyborg's direction. Megan was the one to cuff Maria, which Cora didn't trust. Thankfully Antonia spoke up first.

“Let's see the serum air get absorbed in both cuffs,” the nude Romanian brunette pop star began.

“Aht!” Megan snapped. “ZIP IT! Shut it, An-HO-nia Ia-Bitch-co! … Do the... the... thing. You know. I make the orders around here!”

“The next thing I wonder is if they are making cuffs for the Fatal Five that aren't as absorbent as the others,” Antonia said. Cora nodded. Megan screamed. Maria rolled her eyes. Cora and Maria both fired up dark serum air. Cora's looked like a black spider's web as it got sucked into the dark metal bands around her wrists. Maria's serum air looked dark, sticky, and putrid. Cora had a theory that the serum air was gross like that in reflection of Maria's current heart and mind being so corrupt. Cora felt better about the cuffs, seeing Maria's cuffs suck up her energy right away. Cora gave an extra push of energy, extending her arm an inch away from Maria's cuffs to test them. Maria scowled and reacted so violently, her sunglasses almost fell off her crooked and sneering nose. She tried to grab Cora in a power move, but the Colombian wasn't all about that. Their curse powers collided, resulting in an explosion. Cora's tits were already bulging out of the black bra. She swelled her chest and the fabric frayed just enough that the back clasp came undone and her girls flopped out.

“WOOEEE!” RoboMic shouted. “Cora looks stacked tonight! Being hung and tortured did that body good! Mikey Likey!” In catching the top, Cora pushed up on her underbooobs.

“She's nasty,” Maria said. “What's wrong with your brain?! She walks around nude all the time!”

“It's hotter when she strips,” RoboMic said. “The reveal. I love it! Yipee!!”

“She was supposed to be clothed to start the fight for a reason,” Maria complained. “If I don't get serum soon, I'll throw up and gag.” F1 held up the two syringes of serum to show equal volume. One of the clear needles really glimmered from the overhead barn lights.

“You gag on Megan's dick and getting fucked when you lose,” Cora said, putting her bra back on just to tease RoboMic and take it off again. She dangled the bra near his fast and shimmied her chest to make her melons move like a metronome. RoboMic's sunglasses fell off. His head tilted back. He put his hands up, but he couldn't stop the spurt of blood from coming out his nose in his overexcited state. Cora made an oops face to her friends and the non Foxy Core sluts around the barn. It was nice to have friends and see smiles. She tossed the bra to RoboMic, who stood up, trying not to bleed all over Megan or her throne.

“DAMMIT!” Megan shouted. “BAD! Bad gross fat pervert bot! I don't like your pervy nose blood! Go! Stand in the corner! Face away from us! Time OUT for you! Program yourself better!!” RoboMic frowned, looking like a sad puppy. Maria took off her sunglasses and handed them to F9. She was so unamused as she got injected with glistening serum. RoboMic held, sniffed, and tongued Cora's bra furtively as he walked to the corner of the room. From there, he could access all sorts of other cameras in the barn to see the fight up close. He'd remain there, just humping the corner and having fun with the bra while accessing live recording cameras in his CPU brain.

When Cora got injected with serum by F1, she knew the fix was in. They were never going to allow her to be on near equal playing terms with Maria. Cora reacted with such shook, it was noticeable. The majority of the liquid in the syringe had to be water. Megan got defensive immediately, saying, “I'm not surprised you're so weak and needing tons of serum after continually defying us being punished. You shouldn't be either. I'd recommend not being a pussy, and saving that energy for the fight.”

“There was like no serum in that,” Cora said.

“ENOUGH Complaining!” Maria shouted. She slammed the cage door shut and sprinted over to Cora. Maria leaped into the air and kicked the topless broad in the face. Cora's mouth bled from the blow. She looked so seductive in her black panties. She fell into RoboMic's throne with her big bosoms mashing into the cushion padding the back of the chair. RoboMic wished he was still sitting there. Cora was bent over with her ass presenting to Maria. The tattooed Romanian, Maria, kneed Cora between the legs, and elbowed her enemy in the spine. She punched Cora in the back of the head, pulled hair, and snagged Cora in a headlock. The inked camgirl flailed to get free, but all that did was make her mammary mounds sway.

“Back away, diseased witch thot!” Megan said, flicking the wheel of her lighter to scorch Cora's luscious but dry pink lips and the tip of her nose. Cora showed great resilience, elbowing Maria in the stomach, and attacking Maria's arm to get free. She pounded a fist down into Maria's cleavage while ramming her ass into Maria's crotch. Cora knew Maria would be pissed if her yellow-green bikini top was taken off so soon, and that thought was consolation for Cora as she shred the side and yanked it off Maria's perky rack.

Maria grunted and transitioned her grip under Cora's armpits, forcing the underdog's arms up into the air. Megan tried to light Cora's nipple on fire, but her orbs were too sweaty. Maria completed the submission, grabbing hold of the back of Cora's neck and squeezing. Maria kneed Cora's haunches, between her legs, and at her vertebrae from behind. Maria mocked Cora, saying, “It's always conspiracies with you! Cheating this and cheating that! All baseless misinformation! Complain all you like, but you'll be known as the chick who couldn't hack it, and cried about cheating!”

“Robert!” Cora shouted. “Read the serum levels!” Maria carried Cora over towards the cage and smashed her front into the metal links. Robert was Delia's bot, and the only Foxy Corp cyborg running without censorship and all orders from the company.

“How You Like THAT?!” Maria gloated, cutting Cora's face against the cage grating. She smashed her rival so hard, Cora's nose bled. Cora wriggled and kicked backwards into Maria. Maria kept kneeing Cora with added serum air power on her knee for kicking and cursing. Cora's backside was burnt in explosions and her big tits pressed into the cage. Maria heard Cora's cries and rubbed Cora's naked breasts against the grating as erotic and humiliating torture. Cora's milky white bosoms turned pink and rubbed raw, getting scratches and cuts where her knockers had been carved into before. Her teats lactated, and she moaned, feeling horny, but otherwise angry about this whole predicament.

The Romanian man turned cyborg in the black muscle shirt with a beard, Robert, analyzed the serum with his functions built for that. He said, “My readings for serum levels are blocked, but I hacked into RoboMic's mind and system for the same controls, and they're not perfect for inside the women, but pretty good with serum air outside. Maria has a good 9 milliliters inside and Cora has none. The ratio is about five to one in serum air gm3, serum grams per cubic meters of air in favor of Maria, before getting pulled into the cuffs. It's not right that my functions are being blocked!”

“You're THE Traitor's BOT!” Megan shouted. “You're LUCKY to be Functioning at ALL!”

The topless bikini model was unable to do much other than try and knee Cora as the milked hottie was grabbing and holding onto the top of the cage. Some of Maria's black grimy serum air went into the cuffs, but a large portion of it got to Cora's hands to blast her fingers off the metal. Maria was so pissed off. She went to flip Cora upside-down in her arms and got socked in the face. It didn't stop her from spinning around and executing a tombstone slam. Maria's hands gripped Cora's hips tight, and her nails scratched into Cora's flesh. Poor Cora's head smashed into the wooden floor of the barn. Her abused tits flopped down by her chin, and her tongue lolled. The neck damage was bad, and Cora couldn't move her right arm at all. Her abs tightened as her legs slumped and draped over her limp body. Cora's tight ass was right near Maria's boobs until Maria gave Cora a shove. The pool of blood from Cora's head gash smeared as her legs went over her head and to the ground. Cora's chest rubbed on the wood. She couldn't curl in pain on her front without tenting her body. Her butt cheeks clenched and she fell back as flat as possible with her curvy front taking up a lot of space.

“Put a Muzzle on the rogue scrap Metal!” Maria shouted. “Even if is his readings are remotely accurate, it's Cora's fault for attacking me before the fight with her arm detached from her body! Everyone will see that on the tapes in the show, and know she's just a washed up WHINY BITCH!”

Former Fatal Five members Delia and Antonia stood by Cora, offering to help her stand. Cora shook her head. She'd keep her pride. She spent a little serum air to make sure they backed off and she could stumble over to the cage. Cora felt the bloody wound at the back of her head. Her shoulder bled too from where the arm had been put back on. Cora stepped into the cage, knowing a loss was inevitable and that the show would portray Cora exactly in the negative way Maria wanted. Cora just wanted to a see a smile from Emily to make her feel better. She could feel Maria run towards the cage. Cora looked up, and put her dukes up. She blocked a punch with her left hand. Her right arm would barely make a fist or raise up.

Yellow-green bikini cloth wedged into Maria's crotch as she kicked high into Cora's right side. Maria's foot hit Cora in the ribs, sideboob, and armpit. Cora socked Maria in the eye, tearing hair from Maria's perfectly manicured eyebrow. Maria jabbed Cora in the stomach. Cora hunched. Maria mauled Cora with a left hook to the mandible. The lingerie model looked like a punk jobber getting her ass handed to her. She had tried to block and was so slow and pathetic. Maria led with the heavy cuff, crashing it into Cora's kidney. Cora's stupid wrecked breasts got in the way of Maria's uppercut, but it still knocked Cora silly on the chin. Maria grabbed Cora's wrist and kicked her in the shoulder.


The helpless victim's arm got torn off in Maria's carnage. Maria roared. She was beyond trying to beat Cora with her own arm for humiliation. Cora convulsed and backed towards the cage. Maria kicked Cora in the knee. She lunged forward and bashed her elbow into Cora's lips. The Colombian's smart mouth was ravaged with dark gore. Her head was to the side. Maria bopped Cora in the belly. Cora looked down. Maria rifled a punch up into Cora's eye and nose, making the cuff do tons of bloody damage. Maria stomped Cora's gut, squashing her against the cage. Red bubbled and got coughed up from Cora's dirty whore mouth. Cora's eyes rolled. Maria honked Cora's stupid breasts and sank her nails in. She twisted, hoping to hear Cora squeal like a pig. She heard nothing but panting. Cora then booted Maria in the pussy. The topless babes were both bent over, leaning on one another with bosoms pressed together.

Theoretically, it should've been easy for Maria to control Cora's mind with the energy disparity, but the SAA cuffs were working, and Cora seemed to strum up emergency aura out of nowhere. Maria didn't need to control Cora's mind, as fun as it would be. She hugged Cora in a clinch and said, “GO Back to the HELL Hole you call HOME after this, and NEVER come BACK!” Maria only had to pin down one arm, leaving her other hand to punch up into Cora's side. The blow bent Cora's body and put her foot off the ground. Maria blasted Cora in the jaw. Cora's head shot back with a smattering of crimson slopping out her mouth. Maria got both hands around the center of Cora's back and lifted. Cora swatted Maria's ass and had to really stretch to give Maria a wedgie. As Maria tried to squeeze the life out of Cora, she got stripped of her bikini bottoms. Cora kicked hard into Maria's midsection multiple times. Cora felt like she was using tomorrow's strength today. It felt like she had stitches coming apart at her side, and couldn't breathe. The stinging pain at her cauterized shoulder was numb now.

A particularly petulant thrash from the harlot, really hurt Maria. She coughed and winced. The nudist gave Cora another big squeeze. Cora's chest thrust forward like her melons were going to over inflate and explode. Maria then body slammed her nemesis to the hard wood floor. Cora had curled up and bonked heads with Maria. The bridge of the nude brunette's nose was twisted. Maria rained down an elbow strike into Cora's nose for retribution. Cora whined and muttered, holding on for dear life. She wrapped her legs around Maria's back and rocked her body. Cora rolled onto her side, trapping Maria's arm. Cora's leg and uninjured left arm put the pressure on Maria. Maria couldn't believe this! She screamed. That bitch couldn't have the strength to hurt her like this! It should've been impossible!! Maria tried to control her breathing. She stopped writhing. Maria swung a punch at Cora's face. The little slut dodged. Maria's knuckles rapped the ground. Maria clawed Cora's cheek and yanked hair. Their free legs whacked into their tender battling bodies. Maria looked like she was going to have a hernia with her eyes and veins bulging as she moaned and lifted Cora. She could feel the tendon in her arm snapping due to the witch's submission. Then Maria slammed Cora down atop her head again.

The undefeated lingerie model, Cora, was nearly knocked unconscious hitting her Cerebellum and the same wound from before. Her limbs untangled and she was easily mounted by Maria. The naked fighter's first punch to Cora's face splattered a lot of blood. Cora shook that off, and tried to block. Maria pinned down Cora's one arm. She pressed her knees into Cora's belly and went to work with her left hand mauling Cora's pretty face. Maria sneered and made a mess of Cora with relentless punches, aiming to break bones and do additional damage with the cuff. Maria got excited when she thought her knuckle would knock out Cora's eye, but it was unclear with all the blonde and ratchet hippie hair in the way. Cora's body was getting cold. She was knocked the fuck out and not resisting at all. Her chest heaving was the only sign of life. Maria slapped a boob and scooted her butt down the loser's body. Maria didn't strip Cora of her black panties. Maria shoved her nails in through the cloth, made a fist, and forced torquing motions inside. Cora tried to repress her humming and pleasured prostitute noises, but she couldn't hide that nasty shit. It was finally a turn on for Maria. At one point, Maria had gotten tattoos and thought a woman with Cora's looks was what Maria had wanted to go for. She couldn't believe she'd ever admire or admired someone who looked like Cora in the past.

Getting the winner's serum dart felt great. Maria felt the prick hit between her shoulder blades. She hadn't sustained too much damage, but healed that all right away. Maria also felt a push in strength. She allowed F9 into the cage to help attach a strap-on. Once Maria was suited for fucking Cora into humiliation oblivion, she shoved the female android out of the cage. When Maria turned around, she got kicked hard above the knee. If she hadn't just got more serum, that could've caused her to really falter. Maria had destroyed Cora's face and so much blood had pooled by Cora's head, Maria hadn't bothered to strike the neck. Cora was toughing this out for some reason. Maria kicked away Cora's legs and then stomped her rival's kitty. Maria dropped her knee into Cora's navel as Cora tried to sit up. Maria forced the dildo piece into Cora's mouth, and tried to twist and snap Cora's neck. Cora fought back with one arm, spitting out the head of the plastic rod. Maria batted away Cora's hand in no time, and hit Cora with an uppercut to the neck. That elongated the loser's throat in her anguish. Maria belted Cora in the temples with a left and right. She shoved Cora back down and lifted up on the sex toy to hump Cora in the face. Maria sat and bounced her booty on Cora's battered face. Maria said, “KISS My ASS! Kiss MY ASS you WEAK Sniveling CUNT!”

“This fight was bullshit,” Robert grumbled.

The cheater and bully, Maria, sat back on Cora's engorged breasts after sitting on Cora's face and not asphyxiating the feisty female. Maria squirted juices into Cora's eyes and then fucked Cora again in the mouth. Cora kept spitting and resisting. “You SHOULD be Honored and HORNY to be FUCKED by ME!” Maria shouted. “Tell everyone how great I am compared to Emily! Tell everyone how you're all gimmicks and talk, and not near the warrior or fight strategist that I am!” There was no response. Cora was not allowing this to be fun. Maria's face contorted in rage. She grabbed Cora's arm and snapped the ulna through the skin. Cora cried out in agony. There was a lot of blood in her eyes. She looked ugly. Maria enjoyed that. “SAY my NAME!” Maria demanded. “SAY IT! Sah-AAYY ITT!! NeOW!”

“No way,” Cora murmured, choking on blood and turning her head to get poked in the eye with the dildo. “Emily, Sara, it's up to you now!” Cora said between gasps. “Don't let these cheaters win!! Say your name yourself!” Cora sat up and headbutted Maria. Blood flew. Cora fell down, totally spent with her eyes glossed over. Maria was madder than a hornet. She ripped off the dildo and tried to shove it through Cora's ear and brain. Blood spurted from the ear canal, but Maria wanted to save her serum air for a curse statement.

“SORE Loser,” Maria said, clenching her fists. She held her wrists by the open cage door, charging up dark slimy serum air. Dark curse whips like tentacles looked to undulate up from the cracks in the barn floor. Even RoboMic who enjoyed tentacle porn, was kind of grossed out and taken back by this. F9 took off Maria's serum air cuffs. The sludge slapped and flayed Cora's skin and body before turning into two big thick grimy restraints. They made a 'x' over Cora's body, squeezing her. Cora couldn't close her mouth, but she shut her eyes. The serum air curse could be heard crunching Cora's bones and organs instead of exploding. Cora's flesh soon burst from the pressure in a very disgusting fatality that left Maria hunched and holding her knees, covered in ichor. Bits of Cora were all around the barn and outside the cage. The androids didn't need all of it to heal or resurrect her, but Megan and Foxy Corp would want it all cleaned up. Maria pumped her fist and flexed her bicep.

So many of the women watching looked to Sara. Emily was still in healing. It was like even the Foxy Core knew of the cheating and was looking at Sara to win. Abby and Megan had smug grins, but no one else seemed too happy about how Maria had won.

Trudy Fox got the update on her phone that Cora was in healing. She wouldn't bother to watch the fight, even though secretly she wanted to see the showy whores meet fates worse than death. Maria would be very helpful in growing Trudy's wealth and power. Trudy had secret plans for doing away with her husband as well with Maria's help, if the Romanian proved to be good and useful enough. She'd need to win this tournament and get the mind control collar though. That was very important.


2D Artist
Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 6-3 SC vs II.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Tournament Quarterfinals Fight Three:

8. Iryna Ivanova 4-1 vs 13. Sara C 4-1

It felt like a trap traversing through rough woodsy terrain to a death battle. Sara brought up the rear among a group of models and androids heading to the portable fighting cage. The trim Romanian brunette, Sara, wore a navy blue bikini. There were already serum air absorbing (SAA) cuffs around her wrists, but they weren't connected to each other and she could move her arms freely. Her power was cut in half or more though. They were still in Spain, but it might have well been the Amazon jungle with how things looked.

“I'm losing you, Ozana,” Sara's mentor Antonia said on her cell phone. “You should have come along. Ope. Lost 'er.” The Romanian pop star looked at her phone. She bent over to put it in the holder band around her thigh. Antonia was walking around naked with serum air around her feet instead of shoes or boots. Sara and Iryna were barefoot too, and unable to use serum air while cuffed. Antonia did look really sexy, and Sara got caught staring at her ass.

The leader of the pack, Iryna, stopped among some trees next to the quiet and stoic F1. A female model android, F9, was also among the walking group. Iryna looked dark and foreboding in the jungle backdrop with dark MFL eye shadow and sexy long alluring lashes. The short and well endowed Russian with her hair dyed blonde had a big knife secured in a black band around her thigh. She wore a black choker necklace and a barely there leopard print micro-bikini with black straps and lining. The top crisscrossed at her neck showing a big cleavage window, and tons of glistening wet tan underboob and sideboob. The thong bikini bottoms showed, pelvis and crotch lines, suggesting what everyone knew, that Iryna was shaved down low. She said in a dull monotone, “Over halfway there.”

“Aw, my cute little student Sara is lagging behind just to look at my ass!” Antonia said, putting her arm around the model in royal blue. Antonia gave Sara a noogie, and Sara swatted her ass. Antonia winked and added, “Boy, Megan really didn't want anyone coming out here. She gave everyone the slip except us. Ozana is jealous I was so devoted to making sure to see you. Mandy is pissed she and the other Foxy Core got left behind too. I'm not even mad at her anymore; or any of you, and you shouldn't be either. It's water under the bridge.”

Sara bent over and blew her mentor a kiss with two hands. Antonia pretended to catch it and put it on her lips. Delia, a blonde Romanian pop star, held the hand of a cyborg made especially for her, named Robert. She didn't want him to keep following Iryna so close. He had eyes for Iryna as well as Delia. Delia wore boots, daisy dukes jeans shorts, and a flannel top tied at her sternum that left most of her white sports bra showing. Robert was looking rugged and buff shirtless in jeans. Delia said, “I think we'll walk in the back the rest of the way.”

“I don't know what it is with Megan wanting to exhaust people before the fight,” Antonia said. “She and F6 are taking a hummer to the cage. It's like she wants the fights to go quick to make herself look better or something. No one even saw F2 leave with the crane and the portable cage. If Iryna wasn't clearly cuffed, caked with sweat, and laboring, I'd think the cheat was on again.”

“I won't partake in a rigged match,” Iryna said, slashing down a branch at eye level for her. Sara trudged along behind Iryna.

“Oh, that's rich!” Delia shouted. “Like what you did against me wasn't rigging things?! I'm rooting for Sara, and I'm not so sure that this isn't a trap for all of us, Robert included – especially. I think Megan would kill Antonia first. I could see her trying to shut you down for good, Robert, and leaving you out here to rust. It's just odd that no one else is out here, not even Sara's puppy dog lover, Alexis.”

“I knew the risks and wanted to come along anyway,” Robert said. “Even RoboMic doesn't know about the fight location. I put a tracker on the portable cage. That's the only reason I knew when and where F2 went. If you all wouldn't have been with me trying to recover my memories and ready to go, it'd just be the sexy combatants and the two Foxy Corp cyborgs out here.”

The walk continued. It paid to pay attention on this terrain. Sara looked back at her Romanian allies in a bit of awe, and got hit in the face with a branch because of it. The Russian Iryna was the odd gal out. It was cool for Sara to think she had surpassed Delia and Antonia and made it further in the tournament than them. Iryna had a blade, but refused to cut anything tall that would help Sara. They rounded a final corner, and Sara was feeling hot, tired, and annoyed. Iryna pulled back a branch for herself and let it fly and thwack Sara in the face. She didn't laugh or smile or anything. “You fucking, bitch!” Sara said, letting her temper get the best of her.

F2 sat in the crane. The crane still had the cage on its arm, but the cage was secure on the ground with the doors open. F6 hoisted Megan's throne out of the Hummer and plopped it down in the grass in front of the cage. Megan's black manicured eyebrows forked. She was wearing very white goth makeup and mauve lipstick with a simple black crop top open showing cleavage. The rest of her outfit included a black skirt and fishnet stockings. There was a silver pentagram choker at her neck. Megan said, “How the... Why the fuck did you three follow us here?! I wanted a private viewing party to this!”

“I could kill them for you, Megan,” Iryna said, turning on Antonia with her blade. Sara punched Iryna in the face. The dumb blonde bimbo, struck at Sara, slicing the Romanian's cheek. Sara put her fists up, feeling invigorated by this, and that a death match was happening already. Sara had fought against armed women before while unarmed, and that was a big test. She dodged Iryna's next swipe, feeling the knife nick her flank. Sara tried to grab Iryna's arm, but the whore was too sweaty and elusive. Sara was pretty sure she was going to get stabbed. She stepped forward and uppercut Iryna in the chin. Iryna held her arms out, which looked really odd, until it resembled a trust fall, and Robert caught her under the arms. “Thanks babe,” Iryna said, turning instantly energetic, flirty, and animated. “WHOOPS! Your hand got caught in my top.” Robert shook his head, trying not to be tempted by Iryna. She made him caress her breasts and took off her own bikini top, guiding his hands.

Delia took off one boot and kicked her leg with a push of serum air. The steel toed boot went flying as Robert stood Iryna up, and wasn't sure whether to let her go or restrain her. Sara said, “Let her come at me. I'll disarm her and take her down!” The boot had become a projectile with serum air on it that clonked into Iryna's nose. The topless blonde whipped around, looking from Sara to Delia and back. Robert backed off quickly. Megan stood on her throne to see better. Sara kicked Iryna in the flank. Iryna took one big step away, and then chucked the knife. It was a really good throw. Sara felt some of her brown hair get clipped, and felt it whiz by before clunking into a rather white and gnarled tree trunk. The blade had sank in deep.

The busty Russian bimbo turned her back on Sara and said in her dull monotone voice again, “Leave that in there.”

“I don't need that to fight you,” Sara said.

“Nor do I,” Iryna said, stepping up to the cage as F1 presented the serum syringes in front of F9, the main recorder at this point. Sara wasn't about to be shown up by Iryna. Sara took her blue bikini top off, tearing it to shreds even though she wasn't on serum yet. Antonia whistled and cat called. Iryna said to F1, “Let's taste them both before injections for fairness.” F1 shrugged and plunged a tiny drop from one syringe onto Iryna's tongue. She batted her lashes to Robert and wiggled. Then he let Sara taste it. It was clearly serum and not diluted. F1 repeated the process with the other syringe.

“Seriously?!” Megan said. “I-re-re retard! Who's side are you on?! All the serum is straight serum just like every fight in the tournament!”

“Why not be transparent up front and have no complaints?” Iryna asked. Megan scoffed, rolled her eyes, and plopped down in her throne. She wasn't going to answer that question, and it wouldn't go into the show. Iryna turned to F1 and said, “You all should administer that way all the time.”

“We have clear instructions to follow that differ every fight and every day,” F1 said. “Most of those are only privy to Megan or our main programmers.” He injected Iryna and Sara at the same time. Sara felt a good deal of energy return to her body. Hiking with SAA cuffs on in this brutal summer heat had been a workout. Sara felt tingling on her cheek and her side where she'd been cut, but didn't want to bother healing those injuries. She wanted all the power possible for beating Iryna.

The topless blonde in the leopard print thong bikini bottoms, Iryna, hunched like a sumo wrestler. Her big breasts dangled. The androids closed the doors to the cage, but Iryna and Sara didn't take their eyes off one another. Sara was eager to test Iryna's current strength and endurance. She kicked for her rival's face. Iryna tried to grab Sara's ankle, but was too slow. She could only block. She bent over further, determined to take things to the ground already. Sara punched Iryna in the jaw. The busty and short fighter, Iryna, stumbled into Sara's leg and went down to one knee. Sara's shin was between Iryna's cleavage mounds. She blasted that into her rival's chest, and couldn't totally avoid a glancing blow to the navel. Sara clocked Iryna with a right hook. Iryna stood her ground this time, and launched a jab into Sara's abs. Sara clenched her teeth, and returned fire with a gutbusting punch. Iryna bent over to shield with her breasts too late. Sara kept her legs rising and ready to block a crotch attack that never came. She felt light on her feet compared to Iryna bouncing around slowly with her fat udders shaking.

The well endowed Russian woman was backed into a corner. She threw a punch with good power. Sara blocked, but her arms got knocked away. Iryna kicked Sara in the ribs. Sara moved over to protect that area, and got punched in the mouth. Iryna's knuckles had drawn blood. Sara kicked Iryna in the thigh. She jumped up high and kicked the flabby chested broad in the back of the head. Iryna was dizzied and fell towards Sara, yet Iryna still struck Sara in the stomach. Iryna's mounds were so wet, warm, and squishy when they pressed into Sara's firm and toned frame. Sara gave Iryna a shove. Iryna kept thrusting herself forward, wanting a clinch. Sara scored her elbow into Iryna's nose and mush, getting a spurt of blood. Iryna recoiled. Sara knifed an uppercut into Iryna's kidney. The slut yelped and buckled. Sara swung her leg high, drilling her foot into Iryna's face. A gash by Iryna's eye gushed crimson and she bounced off the cage grating like a jobber bimbo. Sara didn't expect such a precise punch to come so quickly and smack into her jaw. She shook that off and returned fire. Sara's left hook hit Iryna's flank. It wasn't a great landing, but the kick that followed really bent Iryna, and likely bruised her ribs.

The bikini models were going full force and had to back off to catch their breath. The fight had been extremely clean so far with no hair pulling, low blows, tit punches, clawing, or using the cuffs to inflict extra damage. Every punch had led with the knuckles so far. The sexfight encapsulated polar opposites with curvy gorgeous females toned to perfection, straining muscles and going hard, but still jiggling with soft seductive femininity. Their high pitched squeals and yelps also made the impressively strong gladiators seem lady-like. Iryna tried to pretend like she wasn't gasping for air, and said, “What must I do to piss you off?! I'd like to say I fought you at your best and when you're angry.”

“Try and attack my friends or stab me again,” Sara said.

“I didn't try to stab you,” Iryna said, “or you'd be stabbed. I was trying to make you angry.”

The topless Romanian with the dark hair, Sara, gnashed her teeth in irritation, and continued to use her length advantage and kicking power to boot the annoying model in the quad. Sara was angered by most things about Iryna. The bodacious blonde really slunk low to the ground, dangling her breasts over her bruised belly. Sara punched down into Iryna's face. The bimbo moaned. Iryna tried to tackle Sara at the leg. Normally the ground game and jujitsu was Sara's specialty. Today, she stood her ground, turned her body, and plowed her shoulder into Iryna's grill. The blonde's head flew back with an arch of blood going overhead. Iryna got her feet set and smiled. She charged recklessly at Sara. The brunette timed her punch perfectly to rattle Iryna's jaw. Seeing the red spittle fly made Sara more aggressive. Iryna had just barely missed on her punch since she was short, and tried to tackle again. Sara leaped into the air and jammed her heel between Iryna's shoulder blades. The Russian blonde crashed into the dirt, really smashing her overly large melons.

“I'm gonna kick your ass whether I'm mad at you or not!” Sara said, landing. She straddled Iryna's head, flipping her heel into the hussy's nose. CRACK! Iryna yelped, and was likely to go down in pain. Sara bent over the broad and grabbed Iryna's thong strap, pulling up for an atomic wedgie. Sara aimed a stomp for Iryna's spine, but the arch of her foot hit ribs as Iryna cuntbusted Sara. The busty bikini model, Iryna, was covered in perspiration and damaged worse than Sara, but she had been able to stand and crash her hooters into Sara's perky tits.

“That pussy punch make you angry?” Iryna asked, grappling with Sara. Their arms went into the air. Iryna's billowy breasts were all over Sara's mounds and torso. Sara kneed Iryna in the stomach and broke free of the grapple. Iryna backed up, biting her lip. Her stomach was ravaged. Sara punted Iryna in the crotch, splitting the leopard print cloth in the front before it wedged to make more pronounced camel toe. Sara wanted rip Iryna's fucking tits off, but that urge would have to be satisfied later. She needed to concentrate on finishing her foe. Sara did rake her nails into Iryna's boob, but only to grab it. Sara got kicked in the pelvis as she jerked Iryna by the tit. Sara slammed a haymaker punch into Iryna's face. The cuff hit right on Iryna's mole, and a splash of scarlet plasma went flying.

“You're playing with fire here,” Sara said, twisting and slicing nails into the teat of her enemy before releasing it. Sara blocked a punch from Iryna.

“Make it even,” Iryna said, winking and puffing out her chest. Sara grabbed Iryna's other boob. Iryna tried to act like it didn't hurt. She moaned sexually, and the proof of her pain was in the way she didn't get a leg or arm out to attack. Sara yanked Iryna by her breasts again. Iryna was looking to grab Sara's arm expecting a big punch. Instead; Sara kicked Iryna in the jaw. CRACK!

The nearly naked blonde, Iryna, now had a broken jaw to match her broken nose. Her flabby front flopped into the cage grating, and the dark string of her thong was lost between clenching ass cheeks. When Iryna turned around, it was clear that healing energy wasn't working for her quickly, or she was saving it for power. Sara wanted to block Iryna's punch, but decided to evade. The rip of the knuckles alone to Sara's temple on a graze dizzied her. The cuffs splitting her ear open didn't help. Sara kicked across Iryna's upper thighs and crotch. Iryna grabbed Sara's leg, twisting and contorting to take things to the ground. Sara was glad they were so sweaty. Blood was everywhere, and although Iryna was a good wrestler, Sara wasn't going to be bested in jujitsu with her mentor watching.

“DAMN!” Iryna cursed, wrestling to try and mount Sara. “You are skilled and fierce!” The top heavy lass tried to smother Sara between her clawed and engorged cleavage. Sara knew that was a front for going for an armbar. Her arms got pushed back above her head. She kneed Iryna in the bread basket. They turned onto their sides and rolled over from side to side. Sara was fine with being on the bottom, and Iryna realized that, and tried to take that tactic away by letting Sara on top. Sara dropped her knee into Iryna's pussy and fell with all her weight on her palms, flattening Iryna's milky tits. Iryna hit Sara in the neck. Sara saw black spots and couldn't breathe, but Iryna felt equally stiff, tense, and out of O2. Sara's arm got grabbed. She elbowed Iryna in the mouth, chipping teeth. Sara braided her toned thighs with Iryna's legs, and used her core strength to tumble them to Sara's advantage. Iryna screamed, wrenching Sara's arm.

It was a bit of a stalemate with neither combatant able to break an appendage of the other. Iryna summoned her remaining strength to sit up. Her stomach had taken a lot of abuse. She headbutted Sara, in what could've turned the match around completely. Thankfully, Sara didn't need much consciousness to fend off an attacker on top of her. Sara got boobs in the face again, but used her knees and legs very well to harm Iryna and make sure the Russian couldn't get in close enough to Sara's arms to do anything debilitating. Sara had to turn her head and thrash her arms to not be asphyxiated in tits, sweat, and grime. Iryna's noggin got clocked by Sara's arm and elbow a few times. The blonde tried to spread Sara's legs. Sara had too much leg strength. Iryna slid down Sara's belly, licking her navel, and then yanked off Sara's blue bikini bottoms. Iryna fell back onto her butt, holding the swimsuit bottoms up like a trophy. Sara kicked Iryna in the mug. The blonde went down hard on her back, banging her Cerebellum. Iryna saw stars. Her chest heaved. Her wet pussy was thrumming. She could feel Sara powering up something. Iryna trembled and tried to get her arms to push her away.

The Romanian #13 seed, Sara, flipped head over heels, landing he tight ass onto Iryna's shoulder and boob. That force pushed lactate from the swollen mammary mound, but more importantly, the critical blow of Sara's thigh pounding Iryna's neck, left the Russian bimbo in tears and a temporary state of paralysis. Sara got to her feet and stomped Iryna's neck. The little crunches and Iryna's shrill cry were the sounds of success and a KO. Iryna flinched and shuddered, going into shock. Sara hopped on one foot being a little showy, to then elbow drop right into Iryna's navel. The blonde sat up in agony, sobbing and spitting up blood, only to be shoved back down hard by Sara. Iryna's dome was going like a bobble head, and it was only going to get worse for her. Just for good measure, Sara kicked into Iryna's chest, breaking ribs, and then dove down next to the twitching bitch who'd beaten Delia. Antonia, Robert, and Delia cheered. Sara put Iryna in a headlock, cranking her neck, and then threw the rag doll down. Iryna didn't curl into the fetal position, she just laid there like a bitch spread eagle with her bloody tits sagging.

“Can I get the cuffs off to really enjoy this?!” Sara asked, standing up. Megan shook her head. The androids opened the cage doors and offered sex toys. Sara went with a strap-on, and was surprised she was actually given the winner's serum dart already. It was clear she had won, but Megan didn't seem to accept reality most of the time. Sara didn't even have to strip Iryna. She could enter through the hole in the bikini bottoms cloth. As irksome as Iryna was as a competitor and with her personality, she was real fun to fuck. Iryna was super horny and kinky, begging to be choked, to suck it, be spanked, clawed, milked, and all of that. Sara happily played out the dom role, fucking Iryna in the pussy, in the ass, between the tits, in the mouth, and using a dildo and a full strap-on of juices before being handed the last strap-on to put on by F1. Sara tore the strap of the depleted toy, and Iryna kept stroking the plastic shaft and tonguing it with her neck pretty much unable to move.

Sara sat atop Iryna bouncing and penetrating, watching the thot's breasts gyrate and and shake in circular motions while she got porked. Sara loved the sounds of slapping Iryna's face, tits, and ass. The skin on skin smack and Iryna's cum cries were the best. “M-MORE! SARA! UH!! Don't STOp!! DO ME HARDER!” were some of Iryna's naughty lines. She was really into it too. She knew she was about to be killed. Sara wasn't sure how many times both of them had orgasms or ejaculated, but the ground was full of fluids, and Iryna gave a damned good blow job at the brink of death. Sara was so amped pulling Iryna's hair and remembering the knife throw, that she yanked out threads of dirty blonde dyed locks. Megan had already gone back in the Hummer to pout, so Sara could do what she wanted, besides allowing Antonia in for celebration sex with her. The androids didn't allow that, but were kind of enough to take Sara's SAA cuffs off.

If Iryna wasn't going to die, she'd be walking funny from Sara ramming her doggy style, and drizzling the pull out loads on her back and hip dimples. Sara smacked that ass raw, fucking. Iryna was in ecstasy, and then even more so when Sara tongued her vagina from behind. Sara had a ton of power and threw Iryna by the arm, snapping the limb. Iryna rolled and was propped up by the cage, beckoning Sara for more sex with her uninjured hand. Her tongue lolled, covered in jizz.

The victorious Romanian humped Iryna in the navel with the strap-on and fucked the blonde from pleasure to pain in missionary position and holding her legs open. Sara torqued the thighs at the knee pits and broke both of Iryna's legs to put the final touches on this thing before the fatality. Antonia retrieved Iryna's blade from the tree and stood close enough to the cage to get some loving, kissing, and foreplay strokes from Sara. Antonia exchanged some hot lesbian action with Sara, where she was entered briefly by the strap-on too, before handing off the knife. Antonia and Sara's serum air were still fondling each other playfully when Sara rammed the slobbered on black plastic dong into Iryna's slack-jawed agape mouth. Sara fucked Iryna in the mouth, until Iryna couldn't breathe. Sara stabbed the blade into Iryna's eye, which likely killed the blonde right away. Iryna screamed... and then it was silent. Sara flung the blade out of the destroyed eye socket, and fucked that hole. She'd fucked every other. This put a new spin on her signature finisher, fucking the eye hole while cranking the neck. Crack! SNAP! CRUNCH! Iryna's head got turned 270 degrees with Sara not realizing how powerful she was due to her hormones and adrenaline raging and no cuffs on. Iryna's body was still cuffed and brittle too though. As Sara had imagined, she sank her nails into Iryna's tits, and mauled the silicone sweater puppies to shreds. Sara thought it would take longer with so much breast meat, but it took less than a minute to rip the bimbo's tits off entirely.

“That's a statement win for the good guys!” Antonia cheered. She wanted to hook up with Sara so much more after the cage was opened, but Sara was given calming drugs, and Delia advised them to cool it if they wanted a ride back to the estate. Megan and F6 had already left in the Hummer, and F2 went off in the crane while F1 and F9 waited with the Romanians and Robert, standing next to the CryoTank with Iryna's thoroughly destroyed corpse in it.

Another one of the female androids was a passenger in a caravan with a jeep and off road trucks. Emily, Polina, and Ozana were the drivers, so the Romanians went with Ozana. Polina was a crazy driver. All the women there were happy Sara had won. It wouldn't be until getting back to the estate that the Foxy Core would look mad and irritated by Sara's victory. Emily and the MFL Russians were super nice, complaining about how upset they were that they had missed the fight and complimentary of Sara. Emily encouraged Alexis to go ride with Sara and the Romanians. Even Mandy had ridden with the Romanians in that jeep, and things were better, but Mandy was still a rival to Sara and friends. Her and Ozana really butted heads on the ride home. Mandy wanted to drive. Sara thought it was amusing. She was in a good mood after winning though, and two fights away from winning a championship.


2D Artist
Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 6-4 EE vs AD.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Tournament Quarterfinals Fight Four:

7. Abby Dowse 3-1 vs 16. Emily Elizabeth 3-1

Despite the craving and demand for EMCASA tournament fights to be hosted at the underground arena, Abby had requested a fight on the beach. She preferred the sand and the privacy. As Mr. Fox's favorite, Abby got what she wanted, and it was a really nice day and evening to be outside. Mr. Fox or Justin (he and Abby were on a first name basis) sat in RoboMic's red cushy armchair of a throne like something you'd imagine Austin Powers to have in a party room with reg shag, cup holders, etc. The fat blond cyborg, RoboMic stood by Justin, the owner of Foxy Corp and actress Megan Fox's uncle. Megan had her own throne that was more goth than gaudy. She sat in that, wearing a lot of black and white and makeup and looking pale.

In contrast, Abby had been getting a lot of sun out on the beach lately. Her skin was very tan. The red-orange bikini she wore left a lot of bronzed body on display. The cloth of the top was triangular, covering her nipples and underboobs, so it wasn't quite micro, but it was tiny leaving cleavage galore and massive sideboob for ogling. Abby's bottoms were a much more substantial amount of cloth in front, almost going up to her navel and a string thong in the back. The blonde Barbie's tits were firm like torpedoes. She acted prim, proper, and plastic, but was riding high after smoking serum today and looking a little more relaxed. For many women, smoking the serum had helped them tap into serum air powers. Since it wasn't liquid in your veins, it wouldn't register to the androids testing the fighters as an unfair amount of serum or an advantage to start with having smoked right before. Both combatants were going to wear serum air restricting (SAA) cuffs for their death battle.

The health and mental wellness conscious model who used to not smile much in photoshoots, but smiled a lot more now, Emily, sported a sexy pink bikini. She hadn't dyed her long hair recently, so it looked very brown with some blonde strands in the mix. Emily wore the brand of bikini Cora had dubbed Cursewear as the tops always had a little white x on the left top cup, and Cora cursed by marking people's bodies with black 'x' energy deposits. Megan was purposefully holding up and delaying Cora's healing to make Em sad and worry. Em's bikini had pink loops on the low sitting bottoms straps. It was a small triangle of cloth showing off her trim tummy and a lot of her crotch, which she wasn't embarrassed about. As Cora had said, Em wasn't a prude. Emily's bikini top had nice round lines to show cleavage, and was supposed to cover her bosoms, but Em's tits really jiggled when she moved, and underboob flesh was peeking out. Her boobs looked packed tight into that top with zero breathing room between mounds.

“Wipe that grin off your face,” Abby said, smacking Emily in the mouth. “Justin doesn't like you. He knows you're a ratchet gold digger. This will be just like UFSO when I handed you your first loss. It was sooo embarrassing for you then, getting destroyed by me. We all know you're not that good now, so it won't be as exciting for me whooping your ass this time around. You've done nothing but get more weak, pathetic-er, and more ugly since UFSO.”

“You've done nothing but get... just dumber,” Emily said, shaking her head. She wouldn't address how mean Abby was or how Abby had used comparative adjectives incorrectly in a way that had just sounded awful. F9 put dark chain bracelets, the SAA cuffs, around Abby's wrists. Emily saw F2 with cuffs for her and RoboMic's sad drooping head. She said, “Let RoboMic do me—er, my cuffs.” F2 nodded, and RoboMic smiled big. He snatched the cuffs and tried to touch and grope boob in a fast and coy motion undetected, but everyone saw it. He went behind Emily, fulfilling bdsm or cop fantasies with her arms behind her back and him peering over her shoulder at the cleavage. His black sunglasses fogged up and he held in his nosebleed while bumping his robotic crotch compartment against Emily's behind. “Ok,” Em said, blushing. “I'm cuffed. You need to get that fixed. You've got a harder more stale box than Abby.”

“HAHAHA,” Abby mocked, sneering. “You both need to be fixed alright, and never be allowed to ma-uh... Gross. Can't even say it. What a waste of money and effort to revive you.”

“How about a show of serum air for the cuffs?” Antonia asked, being the voice of reason, and one of few to really speak out and stand up against the Foxy Core frequently now. The Romanian pop star had taken to being nude like Cora, and was rarely featured on the show, even though Emily thought she was super sexy. Emily fanned herself, noting how jealous Ozana looked with Antonia and Sara seeming closer than ever in proximity and public displays of affection now. Alexis also looked jealous as Sara's lover and first student.

“I feel bad for whoever has to edit the show,” Abby said. “Ugly thots need to keep quiet and know their place.” Justin smiled. Abby had dark red serum air silhouette her head before going into the cuffs slowly. Emily tried to show her serum air, but it was rather clear. Abby scoffed and said, “She can't show any. She needs all the help she can get for fighting me!!”

The bikini babe in pink, Emily, grunted, and felt a little sweaty, gross, and angry as her aura turned a golden yellow; hard to discern from sunlight, but she forced out a lot of it, and the cuffs made whooshing sounds sucking it up. The androids could definitely measure serum air in volume too. Emily always had wondered what happened with the serum air absorbed by the cuffs, and Robert had told the ladies and friends that it was typically used in healings or for running the cyborgs. Emily was glad to know her energy wasn't wasted and could help.

F1, the tallest and oldest Foxy Corp cyborg, held up two syringes to show equal volumes of serum. He had his orders to be silent, knowing very well that the glimmering liquid in one syringe was undiluted, where the other syringe he was supposed to inject Emily with was mostly water. Abby was to be injected first to give her body more time to acclimate to the serum so she could tap into it quicker and be able to win as fast as possible. Despite the SAA cuffs, Abby still had a lot of serum air around her. The cuffs were designed to suck up more volatile gaseous energy particles, typically going for power ups near the arms and attack serum air first and foremost. Abby's eyes opened wide when she was injected. She had looked a little lazy and sleepy since she was high, but now was clenching muscles, and trying hard to be contained and not an animalistic maniac. F1 and his fellow bots, if he should even think of them as gendered, should not have been programmed with emotions, but deep down, he felt guilty for Emily. It didn't show on his face or in his actions when he injected her with only about 3.8mL to Abby's 10, but it resonated uncomfortably the way Emily sort of sighed like a sad puppy in realization of what was happening and being staged again.

“Let's see those titties get bigger again today, huh, Em?!” RoboMic said. “WOOEEE!”

“Not today, Mikey,” Em said, looking glum. She had been super cheerful since being with Cora, and her mood drop was noticeable. Emily slunk towards the open cage, deciding that it was pointless to say that she hadn't been injected with the full amount of serum. It barely felt like enough to even out the SAA cuffs. Emily would just be accused of being a liar, and didn't want the cyborgs having to follow orders to keep the lies or get shut down if fans realized the truth and complained after the match.

“You're ugly except your tits, and it's all I like about you!” RoboMic said. “Abby vs Megan in the final! Yipee!! I wanna have full access to my body and stay here for more after the tournament if there is more!” RoboMic thought Emily was super hot, but was sucking up to Megan and Mr. Fox.

“Aw, she's all sad, because she's found out and no one likes her!” Abby mocked, throwing fake jabs as she walked into the cage.

“I Like her!” Antonia shouted. “Most of us, and if we're being honest, all of us like Emily and Cora better than you.” Abby scoffed, rolled her eyes, and flipped her bleach blonde hair over her shoulder. Bianca Fund tried to attack Antonia for saying that, and promptly got tossed onto her ass. That all would certainly be edited out of the highlights for the show. Emily looked back to the women watching to smile, nod, and thank them, but Abby stopped that from happening. The blonde socked the brunette in the spine. Emily arched and threw an elbow backwards. It hit Abby's cuff. As Emily turned around, Abby punched Em in the ribs. Their shins cracked together with them both attempting kicks. The brunette stumbled, looking pained, with her breasts still jiggling after being punched.

The blonde in the red bikini had firm big bosoms coming to points with erect nipples like a horny FemBot. She yanked her rival's hair, and let the SAA cuffs inflict extra damage to Emily's face. Red blood flecked into the sand and dust below their frantic fighting feet. Emily struck Abby's arm. Abby was determined to make Emily look as stupid and worthless as possible. She wanted to humiliate Emily mostly for her own amusement. The fact that Foxy Corp and Justin would like that since Em and Cora were too vocal about the effects of serum and other drugs publicly, was just an added bonus. Abby was getting tons of serum air at her legs. She was able to kick Emily behind the knee, and trip the dumb bisexual bimbo. Abby shoved Emily in the shoulder blade, but the sweaty little wench grabbed a hold of Abby, taking her down too. Abby led with her elbows and knee, trying to hurt Emily in the fall. The busty brunette was forced to turn by her foe, and landed with her arms out and her fat boobies taking the brunt of the fall.

While atop her enemy, Abby slammed a cuff into the back of Emily's head and forced the below-average model's face into the sand. Emily contorted and thrashed, kicking into Abby so that Abby could not mount her. Abby pinned Emily's arms down, bending over, and swung her core so her legs and knees would go back like a pendulum. As Emily wrenched her arms free, Abby swung her knees into Emily's face and chest. The trim brunette in the pink bikini yelped. Blood spritzed from her nose and mouth. She tumbled away from Abby, covering herself in sand. Her tan tit with x on the bikini Cursewear cloth had popped out and stung from getting pinched by Abby's patella. Abby looked pretty good on her knees to Emily. The blonde got up with perfect posture and used a gust of her own serum air to get sand off her stacked body.

The bloodied battler, Emily, felt no shame getting up and bounding off the cage wall like a wrecking ball. Em was getting beaten badly so far. She tried to wipe all the sand off her chest, and accidentally exposed herself and popped the ring off the pink bikini top. The cloth didn't even have time to hit the ground. Abby jabbed Emily in the nose. Emily winced and closed her eyes, bleeding out more, and getting her tight booty simmering from being smashed against the fence links. Then the blonde punted her adversary in the pussy. As Emily buckled, she reached for Abby's red bikini strap. Abby batted Em's hand away, clawing Em's wrist. She kicked Emily in the flank and then socked the topless brunette in the boob. Emily let out a cute and concerned cry. Abby glanced at her opponent's shaking jugs with contempt and said, “I'm going to rip those off worse than what Sara did to Iryna.”

“Well, they're attached now, so come and get 'em,” Em said between gasps. She puffed out her chest, and dodged as Abby tried to puncture and rake her nails into the soft mammary meat. Abby did slice sideboob, but then Emily grabbed Abby's bikini top and popped the bully in the teeth. Emily's knuckles drew blood, and Abby shrieked in fury. As Abby reached for Emily, the tiring brunette crashed her chest into Abby's newly uncovered and firm mounds. Emily would be thankful to tifight awhile or wrestle in an erotic fashion. Abby did have an amazing body, but her perky orbs took too much push to feel nice, soft, and feminine. Em's titties wouldn't last long getting cratered and crushed like this.

“HANDS OFF!” Abby roared as Em touched Abby's tits and pussy, caressing and moaning like a lesbian. “GIVE it BACK!” Abby added, snatching her top from Emily. It was ruined. Emily punched Abby in the belly. Abby clenched her teeth. Abby knew her bosoms were a big deal. She kneed Emily in the crotch and blasted a right hook of mostly cuff into Em's eye. Blood and bruising were immediate. Abby scratched down Em's chest like a cat sharpening her claws, before kicking the bitch in the kidney. All of Emily was just so fun to hit and torture. Abby grabbed the slut's hair with Emily trembling and looking dumb sprawled against the cage wall.

BAM! POW! *and other less comedic Batman comic sounds of realistic brutal battle noises like spit flying, joints popping, and skeletal fractures occurred as Abby led with the cuffs, punching Emily into oblivion. Abby jerked hair and struck. She reeled in the brown locks further and got a direct metal cuff impact to Emily's mouth. Crimson and maybe a a white Moeller tooth spilled out. Emily's legs trembled. Her hair was covering the damage done to her face. One more pull and punch got a KO'ed “KIYAH!” cry from Emily. Her pretty facial features had been reduced to a gory mess. Normally healing autopilot would take over now to make the loser doll look pretty again, but Em was not going to look pretty to Abby ever, and Emily wasn't healing fast.

The topless blonde let go of the #16 seeded fighter's hair to claw Emily's eyes. Abby rammed her shoulder into Emily's neck to keep the dumb broad up. Thick crimson blood dropped in globs into Emily's cleavage. Abby fired off a combo of nearly a dozen punches into Em's long lean belly until the thot's plasma was coming up from her insides and onto Abby's A+ bod. Abby scrunched her nose and then took her attention to Emily's tits, shredding flesh off the sides of the round jiggly puffs. Emily's melons and nipples got punched and gashed open something fierce. Emily took that, whimpering, and gathering strength in order to karate chop Abby in the sides of the neck with her cuffs. Abby flinched and couldn't attack for a moment. Em began to slide down the curved cage grating. Emily caught herself and attacked. Emily kicked Abby in the side of the knee and uppercut the blonde.

It was a great strike. Abby's head went back, and her blood was just as red-orange as her bikini bottoms. Abby's feet almost went up, but she got her balance, shook off the daze, and scowled. Emily could barely stand. It didn't matter that Emily saw the punch coming and blocked. Abby still got serum air to help blast past Em's blockers and uppercut Emily in the chin. The back of Emily's head hit the cage. More carmine arched over her knocked back noggin. Emily was flattened against the cage with her tits still not concave or smushed enough for Abby's preference. As Emily slid down to her demise, Abby glanced a kick off Em's collar and neck.

The fun underdog story in Emily and her pink bikini bottoms was becoming undone as she collapsed in the sand at Abby's feet. Emily curled around Abby's legs and ankles, showing no signs of quit, but little to no signs of attack powers. Abby shucked Emily off pretty easily and raised her arms to gloat. Justin clapped like he was at a golf match, and the cheering Foxy Core decided to tone down their enthusiasm and follow suit to clap and nod. Abby kicked Emily in the pussy and then dropped knees into her black and blue core. Abby mounted Emily with her tight buns perched atop Em's bikini bottoms camel toe wedgie. She grabbed Em's temples, clawing into the dermis, and banged Emily's head against the bottom of the cage. Emily kept her hands by her neck to guard. Abby pulled at Emily's hands, and then just went hog wild slamming cuffs into Emily's blockers and pounding the engorged tits. Em's knockers were too bloody and discolored to tell if she was lactating too. Her arms got torn up and it was unclear if her neck took a fight ending blow or not. She looked pretty done, but sounded alive with her grunts, groans, and gasping.

“F-FUCKIN Classless PIG!” Abby spat, bouncing her rotund derriere on Em's belly because of the motion of continually punching. The brunette's arms seemed to be holding out better than her tits. Abby hammered both hands down crushing a cone shaped chest genital like a whoopee cushion (no fart noise though). A lot of carnage and fluid came off. Emily screamed again. RoboMic shuddered because of the eroticism. His fat rolls were well hidden by his black baggy attire. Emily's decimated billowy boob had trouble reshaping and sagged compared to the other. Her chest didn't rise and fall. She didn't move at all. Abby stood up and took off her red bikini bottoms. She got hit with the winner's serum dart as she walked over to the open cage doors. Abby got a strap-on with the biggest plastic vein covered dildo cock made to really punish the loser. Only the SAA cuffs stopped her from ruining that sex toy in putting it on and allowed her some dexterity. “Take off my cuffs,” she ordered, and F1 obeyed.

The naked blonde looked like a futanari monster, radiating dark energy and desires. She strutted over to the downed damsel and kicked Emily repeatedly in the private area, until the pink bikini bottoms had frayed too thin and left the wet and slightly bloody labia lips showing. Abby squatted over Emily, and flipped the pummeled pugilist over. Abby tried bury the rod into Em's anus, but met resistance. Emily put her shredded and broken forearms behind her neck, yelping in anguish on her front. Abby said, “You're getting blacked better than when you let that freak UFSO announcer pork you!” Abby couldn't recall Avi's name. She jabbed her nails into Emily's ass to see how far they would go and was disappointed. Abby slammed a fist into the back of Emily's head, and decided to just punch the spine and between the shoulder blades during anal. Emily still showed signs of life and not the submission Abby dreamed of, so the blonde flipped the floozy onto her back again. Despite getting punched in the face and having her collarbone broken, Emily, still guarded her neck, cooing and cumming from the giant penetration. Abby was a whiz as a dom, and Emily had grown to like being the sub from her time with Cora. Em and Cora would switch it up a bit, but Cora was so good and experienced at knowing what a woman wanted and getting Em in all the right spots.

Abby complained about Emily being gross and having multiple juicy orgasms, and noticed her serum air getting sucked into Emily's cuffs. The cuffs were making weird sounds. Abby popped Em's arm out of the shoulder socket, pretty determined to break Emily's fingers and many bones before any neck snap kill. Megan had timed Cora's healing and release perfectly for the tattooed nudist to be escorted to the cage by an android now. Cora could see Emily enjoying getting fucked by the better woman. She'd have to see Emily die too! Abby pulled out and tried to dip the goo covered mushroom cap into Em's navel, but it was too large and just sat between ab abrasions. Abby threw her head back and laughed scathingly. Abby said, “Why don't you kill yourself like Homo And Juliet?!”

“Emily's not out of the fight yet, you morons,” Cora said calmly. Abby scoffed, but then shrieked as she could sort of feel and know that this was true.

“I could use a boost, bae!” Emily called out, choking on blood.

“Your cuffs should be off too,” Cora said. “Everyone who can, send as much serum air at Emily and Abby as possible. It doesn't matter if it's meant to attack or if you can pull that off a bit.”

“That would kill Emily,” Delia said.

“Trust me,” Cora said. “She's done either way if we don't.”

“What's this cheating bullshit?!” Abby shouted. She dove sloppily back atop her prey, getting kneed in the neck. Abby roared like a lioness and pried Emily's hands away from her neck. It was way harder to do this than it should've been, but Abby felt the power of all the jealous hoes and hussies coming at her, and she wanted to defend that. Abby strangled Emily, and began to cough violently on the serum air. It tasted and felt like Sara, Polina, Cora, Nicoleta, Ashley, even Mandy, and many others exploding near Abby's head. Emily was breathing all that crap in and going to kill her dumb self! Abby's hands were so scorched she let go of Emily's neck. Emily's SAA cuffs took in too much serum air. Emily was perhaps the most skilled at taking in volatile energy and converting it into something neutral her body could handle and use almost like serum. So when the cuffs exploded, her hands were melted to the bone in some places, but Abby's face and head was definitely more damaged.

The shocked and naked blonde had been trying so hard to defend and neutralize enemy serum air, she hadn't expected the SAA cuffs to explode. Abby's blonde hair had been blown off her head, leaving only a few strands and bloody globs all over. Her face was very pink, burnt, and like something from a victim in a slasher movie. She shuddered in disbelief, seeing Emily's hands heal a little in real time. Emily sat up like Lazarus from the dead. The brunette's bosoms gained some perk and leaked lactate, but she stopped them from healing all the way to keep power. Abby's hands shook as she scooted on her butt away. Her arms hurt too bad to block, which was fine with Emily. Emily stood up and kicked Abby in the head. The naked blonde took a lot of damage from that and got to her feet. Justin Fox stood up, angry, and calling over F1 to see replays and get serum readings to understand this turn of events and decide if he wanted to object to it or not.

“That was an awful blast,” Emily said, feeling guilty for decking Abby in the mouth. Abby hadn't expected a punch since Em's arms were so injured and one shoulder was still popped out. A lot of the blonde's lips were gone, so the blow to the teeth was even worse. Emily flinched, hoping Abby would heal and look pretty. This was rather horrific, and Emily wanted to put Abby out of her misery quickly. Emily went straight to kicking. CRACK! One side of Abby's neck elongated and bent awkwardly. SNAP! The other side got kicked. Emily crammed her heel into Abby's throat, nearly crushing the blonde's burnt and vulnerable windpipes. Abby's eyes were bloody and white – wide in terror. She slid down the cage and her last words were “You Ch-cheated!” Emily kicked forward to gain momentum and spun like she was dancing before stomping Abby's neck.

The nude brunette had done all the fucking and coitus necessary for now, and said, “Serum dart please for the fatality or she'll really suffer!” Robert shot Em with a serum dart right away, aiming it perfectly to hit her neck. Emily didn't want Abby's charred face and cracked skin touching her raw and abused kitty, but she clenched her thighs around Abby's neck anyway. Emily wiggled away from the edge of the cage with Abby's face at her crotch. Emily did one armed pushups, snaking her spine like the worm dance which almost looked like humping. Abby's body was cooling rapidly and healing so it felt like an ice block to Em's coochie. She moaned and enjoyed that. A little later she twisted her hips, cracking Abby's neck in another place. Emily sat back, leaning back on her good arm, and thrust her pelvis up and down, getting Abby's finally softened breasts to plow into the battle darkened sand. The blonde's ass cheeks and entire body clenched as Em whipped her up and down with the face fucking and neck compression. Emily rocked her hips from side to side with a double POP POP!

Emily's shoulder was ruined, but Abby's head was squeezed to the point of no return with long blonde strands growing back on her head amidst the blood and not a lot of gore to ooze from the decapitated corpse. Emily didn't catch or kiss Abby's detached head. She rolled onto her back and practically got tackled by Cora in a hug. Cora had been the only one the androids let in, since they needed to bag Abby ASAP for the speediest recovery possible. Cora kissed Emily and then sucked on her lover's swollen and tormented tatas. “Let me kiss these and make them better,” Cora said. “My sexy little winner is really hurt and needs me to nurse her.” Cora slurped and smooched around the areola and tongued the sensitive flesh. Emily shivered.

“She didn't win though,” Megan said. “Abby got the winner's serum dart first. Duh.”

“She didn't lose though,” Cora said defiantly, emerging for air from the cleavage. “It's a death match and she didn't die. So... Duh yourself.”

“Just kiss me,” Emily said, grabbing Cora's hair. “On the lips.” This quieted Cora, and was rather steamy to watch. Emily was exhausted and needing lots of healing attention. It was clear Emily had won against the odds, but it wasn't clear if Foxy Corp would allow that win to stand. Emily wanted to fight Sara, and partly because it was a turn on. She felt they'd be a good match. She also wanted to continue to try and preempt Megan from winning the mind control collar as Cora had shown was important. Emily felt like she was a lot stronger, more resilient, and more loving since coming here (or as Abby might've said, 'more strong, resilient-er, and loving-er'). Whether Emily got the semifinal fight or not, wouldn't matter. She was sure that she or Sara would go all the way and that good would prevail in the end.


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Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 7-1 MF vs MH.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Tournament Semifinals Fight One:

1. Megan Fox 4-0 vs 3. Maria Hart 4-0

Trudy Fox, the wife and heiress of Foxy Corp, was a refined and elegant lady; or at least that's what she wanted everyone to think. She stood in a business suit in the meeting room of their coastal Spanish estate house, remembering vacationing here and how awful, dimwitted, lazy, and poor the servants were. Publicly she said how much the globe should be connected, but Trudy wanted nothing more than to be gated off by any low class foreign slobs and their inferior thinking and criminal ways. They were good cash cows for drugs and needed for hard cheap labor though. Trudy had switched all her alerts to silent to meet with Maria. She liked that Maria was prompt, buzzing at the door to be allowed in. Trudy let Maria in with a push of a button. The door would bolt automatically behind her. Trudy took a look at her text argument with her husband about this stupid EMCASA project and tugged at her shoulder length graying hair. It was his fault she wasn't looking young forever, but Trudy was planning to get Maria to do her job for her. Then Trudy could use serum and surgery to change her face, and run the show from behind closed doors.

The Romanian model was very attentive, smart, shy, and ambitious, like Trudy at that age. Maria was dressed appropriately even though she had come from the beach. She wore shoes (albeit red and white flip fops), unlike the other heathens around. Maria held her black and white striped sun hat under her arm and wore a black knit cover up. Maria said, “Is everything ok Ms. Fox?! You looked at your phone and seemed upset.”

“You're very observant,” Trudy said. “That's great for consultative sales and pinning back the consumers. My husband is a little too into this dumb fighting league. I really pity you for having to put up with it and these... deplorables... I can't wait to take you under my wing.”

“Megan has been asking about staging our fight,” Maria said. “I want to win. You're still ok with that, right? The semifinals were both scheduled in that awful underground arena.”

“I did that,” Trudy said. “I hyped it as a double header with you vs Megan and Sara vs Emily. Justin wanted Abby to fight Sara somewhere around here or in a remote location. I beat him too it, getting Martin and Levin to finish this week's episode early. It's airing now. Emily and Cora are the bad girl villains of the show, and good enough for the slime-balls at that local venue of sin. You can take out Megan and drag her into a cage whenever you want. The sooner the better.”

Maria smiled and nodded. Maria said, “I'll be sure not to inner curse. We want to keep the fact that I can make people feel sick and hurt from within unknown... better for sales. I can also control their minds even without the help of the collar.”

“In the high pressure situations you'll... I mean we'll be in,” Trudy began, “best to have the collar and ensure 100% success. Chi calming necklaces, my ass. People will believe in this garbage though with a few extra bucks to the pharmaceuticals, but soon they'll destroy all their files and have no chance to rat us out when you're done with them.” Maria nodded. Trudy added, “Justin wants to make sure that the winner of this tournament stays around the estate or his company and under his thumb. He and Megan have a weird connection. You must win. It's not written out well in his will what to be done about the collars and this project. My lawyers also should get your assistance for keeping quiet. The less people to have to trust the better. Justin has trusted too many losers, and that's why there's so many cyborgs.”

“Just you and me boss, ma'am,” Maria said, grinning. If Maria got big enough, she'd back-stab and kill Trudy as Trudy planned to do to her husband. The real issue was keeping a murdered important person from being revived. The technology was too good, and there were too many trusting and loyal losers around. Maria figured she'd learn how to do all this in a year or so. Then she'd be bigger than ever and have her own lackeys and slaves for everything.

After the meeting, Maria took off her cover-up, and put on her hat. There was a knife on the inside brim of the hat, that Trudy knew Maria was carrying for Megan. Maria knew she looked damn good in her black bikini with her navel pierced and her milky white cleavage showing. She left the stupid cover-up on the floor for a stupid robot to clean up. Maria was the Ace of spades. She was the best card, the best trick, the highest caliber woman on this entire estate. She stopped by Megan's room, knowing the lock combination. Megan yelped and cursed, busy being the sub to F6 while watching the EMCASA show on a big screen TV. Megan didn't care that she'd been seen sucking F6's dick, but she hated when her focus watching the show was interrupted. She could only multitask two things at once. Maria didn't say anything. She just stood there and watched the rest of the show while Megan finished off F6.

Megan had that Vampirella or Morticia Addams look going on with her long kinky black hair, pale white skin, and her leather bra and skirt getup. Black pantyhose stockings and the look like claws of the skirt attaching to the bra around the see-through mesh completed the outfit. It was ok. Better to Maria than some of these other whores and nudists. Megan wiped her mouth and said, “I wasn't expecting that in the show. We're letting that weak ass 16 seed Emily advance? Is it just a joke to give me the easiest championship ever or to humiliate Sara more?! Do you wanna light some candles, do a séance, and talk about how we have to fight in that stupid arena?!”

“I was thinking we'd go to the beach cage and rehearse,” Maria said.

“No way!” Megan said. “Too many stupids out there. F6! F6! I said you could pull your pants up?! What's wrong with you?! Dammit! I let Delia talk me into allowing him to have some real emotions and ejaculate, and its ruined him! I knew it!”

“Why would you listen to her, and not come to me about something important like that?” Maria asked. She gnashed her teeth. Megan shrugged. She tried to reboot F6, but he was going to need to go back into a healing chamber and pod. Megan would order that rushed. She typed furiously on her phone. Maria said, “If you're seen out fighting me, it will make them want F6 up and running for you smoothly sooner. In fact, we should just do the fight now and skip the entire arena.”

“Yeah, fine by me,” Megan said, following behind Maria. She typed into her phone barely looking up and following Maria out towards the beach. Megan added, “Uncle Justin wants cuffs and fans and Emily's only popular because people hate her. They hate us because we're the prettiest and strongest. Haters gonna hate, but I didn't and don't especially like Abby. I should be able to beat whoever in the finals with no trouble.”

The raven haired bikini model, Maria, almost let the door leading outside hit Megan. Maria used serum air to stop that from happening. She was superior to Megan in every way. Maria took off her hat, snagged, the knife, and flung the hat. She shouted, “You won't be making the tournament, Megan!” Maria knew that by F6 malfunctioning, Trudy was at work manipulating the androids for new orders, and that an ambush and fight now against Megan was going to work. Maria didn't need to injure Megan first, but stabbing her in the belly just felt right. It wasn't backstabbing when you did it right to someone's face. Megan yelped and blinked, putting her hands near her bleeding tummy. Maria really forced the small knife in deep and twisted.

“Wah,” Megan gasped. “How is this, p-part of the plan?! You wanna be the bad girl not Emily?! I kinda like the role too.”

“Yeah,” Maria said, smiling crooked. She jerked the blade out, and immediately began hugging and rubbing all over Megan. This allowed Maria to set up slow detonating curses on Megan's skin. Megan kneed Maria hard in the pussy, getting into the act, and not liking the sunshine. Megan tried to tear into her punctured clothes to separate bra from skirt, but her automatic serum air kicking in gave her too much strength and she stripped herself down to just her black panties and stockings. Megan looked surprised that her serum air was kicking in. She still didn't suspect the betrayal. Maria shouted, “What's that, Megan?! You don't want to use the cuffs?! You want to fight now without them?! But what about the live fans?!”

“Fuck them,” Megan said. “They'll be stuck only seeing Emily and Sara which will be disappointing, but they can throw some other random jobber fights in beforehand. Not my problem.” Megan punched Maria in the mouth. “I can't believe you fucking stabbed me!” Megan said, bending over to get the knife. Maria's lips were bloody. She kicked Megan in the mouth, upending the topless celebrity. Megan fell on her back with plasma dribbling from her chin. Most of the EMCASA entrants had been outside and came over to the scene. F1, F2, F9, Robert, and a few others bots were present. Megan looked at Maria's dangling belly-button piercing and kicked her trusted ally in the knee.

The black haired actress with the perky tits, Megan, jumped up. She swung her fist into Maria's midsection. Maria hugged Megan and shoved her towards the cage. Megan's silhouette darkened and she powered up serum air. Maria's curses went off. The topless lingerie model yelped with explosions scorching and making her scintillating flesh pinker. Megan stumbled against the cage. Blonde nudist, Polina, said, “Hey Megan, can I fuck Maria when you're done with her or if you don't wanna?! I've dreamed up a lot of kinky BDSM things to do to her.”

“Of course not,” Megan said, shoving the Russian. “Get away! … Maria?! You cursed me?! What the fuck?! It's like we're using up all our serum air now anyway.”

“Our orders are to encourage and oversee this fight with no cuffs,” F1 said, holding up two syringes of equal volumes serum, both shimmering in the setting sun's rays. Polina ran up behind Maria to snatch the back of her black bikini top. Maria had a nice body, but was such a cold bitch and loner, most of those around wouldn't be super attracted to her unless on serum. As soon as Megan was injected in the neck, her nipples got erect. She was attracted to power and the fact that Maria kind of looked like her. Maria didn't have the biggest boobs around, but they were the perfect shape, and buy surgical design. They were big round balloon tits with a little dark tattoo at her sternum and a few other small tattoos in different places on her pasty white body. Polina's speed and ninja skills in stripping Maria were further proof that a rematch between the two of them needed to happen to determine who was really stronger.

F1 injected Maria in the neck to get serum to her brain and all through her body as quickly as possible. Megan was eager to battle, and chest bumped Maria, discouraged by her rival's bigger breasts. The two similar brunettes grappled with their arms in the air. Megan grunted and thrust her naked tits into Maria's bosoms. She kneed Maria in the pussy and got the tattoo on her wrist hit. Megan shoved Maria towards the cage. The Romanian fell on her ass in the sand and scrambled inside the open door.

There were holes in Megan's black pantyhose stockings from curses and explosions, which made the black panties and overall skimpy outfit sexier. Megan followed Maria into the cage; glad to get this over with. Megan liked to fight, and didn't mind the seedy underground arenas that much, but there was too much pressure now. She was the star of the show as she should be, and she wanted her mind control collar back with free reign to use it how she saw fit. Megan had beaten Maria in a fight, fucked, and collared her ages before EMCASA started. This would happen again. Maria was faking being weak. She was actually very strong now. Megan had needed Maria to beat Cora and Polina, and those hadn't even been fair matches. Megan clenched her ass cheeks and healed the puncture wound in her stomach. She wouldn't need the energy with Maria throwing the fight.

The bikini model, Maria, smirked seeing Megan heal her stab wound. Maria wound up and slugged Megan in the cheek. The doors to the cage slammed shut. Megan pulled Maria's hair and kicked Maria in the groin again. Megan and Maria were both dirty fighters. Megan tried to tackle Maria, but the Romanian didn't want to wrestle. She wanted this to be more like boxing. Maria planned to curse Megan more, and the volatile chi could get wiped off in the sand while wrestling and explode there instead of on Megan's body. Megan and Maria knocked knees. Maria clawed Megan's face. Megan clawed Maria's boob. She kneed Maria in the navel. Megan socked Maria in the tit. The last time they had fought, Maria had wanted to wrestle and break limbs, but Megan had overpowered her. Maria's powers had interested Megan, so Megan had collared Maria before the sex and the kill then. After being Megan's slave for a bit, Maria got better with serum air and was able to use some mind control on others without the collar.

Maria punched Megan in the mouth, drawing blood. She punched Megan in the abs. Megan could take a punch a lot better now. Megan seemed faster and stronger like she'd been training instead of just having sex with F6 on their vacation. Megan kicked Maria in the flank. Megan grabbed Maria's hair, and slammed knuckles into Maria's teeth. Maria's head turned to the side. Blood flew. Maria grabbed Megan in a clinch and clawed Megan's back. Megan's orbs were real firm. Megan punched Maria in the belly and the breasts. Maria was surprised Megan wasn't whispering for Maria to not hit so hard. Maria rubbed her hands all over Megan's ass, arms, and back. A gutbuster broke her belly-button piercing, but she held her composure and kept hugging the #1 seeded fighter. Maria tried to give Megan a wedgie, but the panties stretched too thin and tore. Megan seemed really horny. She punched Maria's boob, and elbowed Maria in the head to create space.

“Are you cursing me?!” Megan asked.

“I'm wrapping you up,” Maria said, fake gasping. She was a little out of breath. Maria added, “I'm gonna break you!”

The nude brunette, Megan, tore off what was left of her pantyhose. She jumped at her opponent and kicked hard into Maria's kidney. Maria grabbed Megan's leg. Megan's other foot landed in the sand. She scored her elbow across Maria's mouth, spraying scarlet. Megan scratched and attacked Maria's sideboob, armpit, and arm to get her leg free. Megan then stretched high to kick Maria in the side of the head. Maria stumbled into the side of the cage, smarting from that. Megan charged. Maria stepped up to crash chests with Megan and hug her. The impact made Maria moan. Megan was going to body slam her! Maria whispered, “This isn't your game. Just punch and kick!”

“I can win however I want!” Megan said. She grunted, roared, lifted Maria and jammed her entire body down atop Maria's surprised and squishy front. Megan's knee went into Maria's stomach first. Then Megan plowed her patella into Maria's pussy. Maria was getting pissed off. She threw a punch at Megan's face with black serum air residue visible on her fist. Megan blocked, charging up herself. Maria jabbed her nails into Megan's abs, trying to reopen the stab wound. It didn't do all that, but Maria was able to shake Megan off. Megan tried to tackle Maria by the leg and got booted in the mush. That slowed Megan down for a moment.

The buxom Romanian popped up. She dusted herself off. Maria beckoned Megan with a hand. Megan kicked Maria in the shin. Maria threw a fake punch. Megan blocked and parried. Megan punched Maria in the temple. Maria bitch slapped Megan in the jaw. Megan really wound up with serum air to throw a right handed haymaker into Maria's mandible. Maria moaned and fell against the cage door with her head turned in the direction of the carmine spritz. Megan kicked Maria in the pussy again, giving Maria a wedgie. Megan buried fists into Maria's belly. Maria was seriously about to cough up blood. She hugged Megan and went back to work cursing again. The old curses were about to go off and it sounded like there were firecrackers at their feet in the sand. It looked like dark worms were in the beach silicon. Megan raised an eyebrow at that and shoved Maria at the cage door. Maria flailed about, acting hurt. Megan began to really fire up her aura for a KO punch. Megan stomped her heel into Maria's bruised belly. Then Megan backed up. Megan moved her hands like she was circling a bowling ball, and the black energy forming and sparking there was likely all of Megan's remaining energy.

The plastic well endowed woman, Maria, winced and moved her mouth, activating different curses. Megan pushed her arms out like Goku with a Kamehameha. A curse on Megan's leg erupted, tearing flesh from Megan's calf and knocking her off-balance. Her chi shot was slow but powerful. It went over Maria's shoulder, slowly tearing through the metal grating of the cage before going up into the atmosphere over the ocean water to explode high in the sky. The serum energy in the distance dropped down like sludge or acid rain. Maria set off other curses and Megan screamed, looking like she was being hit by a gang of invisible men. Megan's body contorted. She squealed, arched, and stumbled around looking very sexy as the damsel in distress. Megan's naked body got pretty bloody and battle worn. Maria ran at her unsuspecting ally and downed her with a forearm lariat to the neck.

Once again on this great day, Megan was on her back looking up at Maria. Megan was stupid or too trusting to keep her hands by her throat, and when they went down, Maria's heel went down too – right into Megan's trachea. “ACK!” Megan screamed, trying to roll over. “F-fuck! WHAT the FUCK are YOU doing?!” Maria jumped atop Megan. The naked and exhausted American fighter turned onto her side, sucking in O2 feverishly. Maria crashed her knee into Megan's ribs and punched the back of Megan's head. Maria put an elbow into Megan's Cerebellum.

“Haven't you realized yet?!” Maria asked in a flip and scathing tone. “I'm surpassing you and becoming the champ here! Your serum air attack was very powerful, but still slow as usual!”

“Well I can't really practice it without people knowing,” Megan said, “and I only want to be seen and noticed when I wanna be seen and – hey! Wait, what?!” Megan growled and threw an elbow backwards. Maria caught it. Maria shoved Megan's arm into the sand. She dropped her knee onto it and pulled. CRACK! Megan screamed and Maria nearly had an orgasm.

Desperation energy wasn't coming for Megan. She'd completely depleted herself with that attack and healing the stab wound earlier. Her eyes opened wide in shock and disbelief. She was still on her side with her arm broken. Maria groped Megan's sideboobs from behind and clawed them, slicing nails into the mammary flesh. “How do you like that Megan?!” Maria asked. She kneed Megan in the back of the neck. She rolled Megan over onto her back and sat on Megan's good arm. Maria stomped and kicked into Megan's chest and torso. She punched Megan's face. She kicked and stomped Megan's head and nose until the pale American's facial features were a swollen and bloody pulp. Maria stood up. Megan's body convulsed. She was going into shock. She twitched. Maria said, “You killed me with a mind control collar on, and needed my help to beat and collar Delia. I've always been better than you! I should be the one with the power, and I WILL BE!!”

The busty Romanian in the black bikini bottoms, tore off that remaining swimwear piece and humped Megan in the face. Maria then hoisted Megan up by the pussy and underarm, holding Megan horizontal. Maria lifted Megan over her head and then slammed Megan's neck down onto her knee. The brutalized EMCASA host and favorite to win it all was paralyzed and on her knees in the sand. Maria lifted Megan by the hair and slapped her in the cheek. “WAKE up SLEEPY head and REMEMBER how I Kill and Dominate you!!” Maria said. She put Megan in a headlock, cranking the loser's neck worse. Maria punched Megan in the stomach until the goth gal coughed up red gore. Maria propped Megan against the cage and fisted Megan's pussy and anus. Some curse powers and serum air opened Megan up even wider. She didn't beg for mercy while getting fisted into bliss, but dripped blood atop Maria. Megan's head lolled and her tongue hung out as she panted and was unable to speak.

“Oh snap!” Polina said, watching with her fingers in the cage grating. “Maria is strong! Or did you cheat again?! Since you have like absolutely zero friends now can I come in a fuck Megan with you?!”

“NOO!” Maria shouted. She took out her anger, breaking Megan's jaw with a punch. Androids opened the cage doors offering sex toys. “JUST GIMME the Winner's SERUM DART!” Maria shouted. F1 had been resisting orders slightly to shoot Maria ASAP when it looked like she had won. He now launched the serum dart perfectly into Maria's neck. Maria rotated her shoulders and roared. She said, “I've been waiting to do this!” Maria grabbed Megan's arm and popped it off at the shoulder.

That wasn't what Maria had been waiting to do. She'd been waiting for and wanting the kill. Megan slid and fell down into the sand with her eyes shut, completely bested. Maria grabbed Megan's ankle, twisted, and broke it, while spreading Megan eagle in the sand. Maria's eyes turned pitch black dark as she powered up something creepy and evil. Black serum air energy like tendrils came up and covered Megan's body. Then they broke apart and just began covering Megan. Megan opened her eyes and looked like the perfect horror movie victim. The black energy acted like blood seeking piranhas or maggots, eating away Megan's flesh. She managed to get off a bit of a gargled scream. The blackness took over and obscured how gruesome the deterioration to the bone had been. Maria flinched with dark goo in her ear when she finished killing Megan. All that was left of the chick fighter was her skeleton, globs of blood galore, and a little bit of meat hanging off the bones.

“This is why you don't have any friends,” Polina said. Sveta tried to clamp a hand over Polina's mouth. Polina resisted, shrugged, and giggled.

“I DON'T WANT or NEED Friends!” Maria shouted at Polina. Maria normally ignored Sara completely, but stared right into the Romanian brunette's eyes and said, “I'll kill you next! I'm at a different level and unstoppable! You probably think your usual shit will be good enough! You're usually just shit, so I never waste my breath on you!”

“Your serum air finisher looked like shit,” Emily said. “You didn't even make sweet love to Megan properly. You're giving a bad name to curses and the pretty things and webs Cora makes.”

“FUCK you, no DIE you and CORA!” Maria said. “Just leave me alone! You all give bad names to yourselves! If you wanna be a whore go fuck the bones! We know you like money bones!”

Maria's smack talk in her emotional state wasn't that great. She left to go shower, ignoring everyone else like she did the rest of the time. She did go onto the EMCASA website and write passive aggressive and mean things about Sara, Polina, Emily, and others later.

The androids bagged Megan, and Trudy Fox was happy, but Justin Fox would be shocked when he learned the fight had already happened and Megan had lost. He was already disappointed and mad that his wife had told everyone officially that Emily had won and scheduled her against Sara in the arena underground. Emily batted her lashes and smiled to Sara, hoping for the sexfight of a lifetime. There was little animosity between them, but the tension and stakes were getting awfully high.


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Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 7-2 EE vs SC.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Tournament Semifinals Fight Two:

13. Sara C 5-1 vs 16. Emily Elizabeth 4-1

Emily hummed to herself, getting dressed in her and Cora's room. The chipper, curvy, chesty chick had left the door open, expecting her tattooed nudist girlfriend to return some time ago. Emily's long hair had plenty of blonde streaks in it. Emily really loved Cora, and was considering putting her own dreams and aspirations on hold to be with Cora longer after this tournament. Emily put on her white Cursewear bikini bottoms, thinking of her fight with Sara. The bottoms were skimpy and Emily teased herself with her fingers, fantasizing about the fans, the bright lights, and a sex fight with Sara. Sara was super popular and always seemed busy with different fighting events, training, or important talks in the works, but Em would be locked in a cage with Sara on serum, so the sex was guaranteed.

Nervousness, anxiety, and excitement were all similar physiological feelings, so Emily wasn't sure exactly how to describe her mood. She'd been so cheerful overall lately, so that was probably it. She was thrilled to fight Sara, and really wanted to be the submissive one, subject to all of Sara's kinky desires and erotic “torture” if you weren't going to just acknowledge it as mind blowing sex. The show had portrayed Emily and Cora as bad girls, cheaters, and villains. The worst of them was Maria, and either Sara or Emily needed to beat her. Emily wasn't good at combating or calling out cheating, so she was worried if she won that Maria would end up with the mind control collar and work with Foxy Corp doing bad things. Emily thought she could go toe to toe with Sara, and wanted to feel the adrenaline rush of being the winner and dominant like she'd been in UFSO too. Emily bit her lip before putting on her white bikini top, wishing Cora was there to talk and or comfort her. The x stitching on the cup of the top, the smell of Cora's laundry detergent, shampoo, and natural pheromones in the room, and oh so many things reminded Em of Cora. Then Em heard footsteps at the door and felt and strong but pure and unbridled serum air presence in the doorway.

“Cora, babe!” Emily said, dropping her top, and rushing to the door. Emily hugged before looking and then realized it was the Romanian bikini model Sara, and not her Colombian lover. The topless American, Emily, blushed, but continued to hold Sara tight. The trim brunette wore a white bikini with gold embroidery on it. She had rose tinted sunglasses with the earpiece hooked over her top in her cleavage. “Sorry!” Em said. “My tits are crushing your glasses! … I know you're not Cora, but can we kiss anyway?!”

“There will be plenty of that in the cage, don't you think?” Sara responded. Emily wasn't sure how to respond. Instead of feeling awkward, she embraced her bad girl role, and just smooched Sara on the lips. Sara didn't resist, but did press hard into Emily's bosoms with her hands. She was likely trying to keep her sunglasses from being broken, but the massage and fondling was welcome stimulation and foreplay to Emily who had been dreaming about the kind of pussy pleasing magic Sara was capable of. After a steamy little make out session, Sara stepped to the side of Emily, smacked her ass, and said, “We've gotta meet with Mr. Fox now before the bus to the arena. Get your top on. Where's Cora?!”

“I don't know,” Emily said. Her cheeks turned red with worry. Emily retrieved her top, hoping Sara would smack her booty again or hump her, but there would be a lot of that later. Emily finished clothing herself and continued, “Cora's been gone for like an hour. Megan hasn't been as bad letting people do what they want like Alexis and Natasha showing up for your and Bianca's arena fight; but she wasn't going to let Cora have a ticket to this. Since Megan is in healing now, Cora thought maybe she could take Megan's place as announcer next to RoboMic.” Sara nodded and walked along. Sara was so cool and focused. Emily was scatterbrained and emotional. Emily didn't even realize that she had grabbed Sara's hand to hold it while following her. Sara gave a firm squeeze, stared deep into Emily's soul, and then they stopped holding hands. Emily wiped her brow. This sexfight was going to be intense! They got to the meeting room door and Sara buzzed in. Emily said, “I'm so jealous Cora got to fight and fuck you. I'm glad it's me this time!”

“Ms. Elizabeth, shut up,” Mr. Fox said, allowing the two lean and sexy models in. His voice was over the speaker again saying, “I could hear your incessant chatter all the way down the hall, and I'm dumber now for it.” Emily and Sara walked inside. Many of the tables and chairs had been removed. Mr. Fox sat in a suit on a high rise chair. There was a curtain right behind him. There were chairs for Sara and Emily that Mr. Fox gestured to, but if Sara wasn't going to sit, neither would Emily. Emily wanted to say something in the silence. She was sweating a lot now. She fanned herself.

“My email said you wanted my opinion on things,” Sara said. “There was no meeting structure sent, so I'll start by saying that I think the show would do fine if it represented reality more.”

“Nothing about all of this seems real,” Mr. Fox said. “People don't think that serum air, death matches, and being healed and staying young forever are possible. It's too much and there are limits and exceptions they wouldn't understand.”

“Like side effects from the serum and drugs,” Emily said. “Serum hasn't made me too different, but I keep a daily diary. Serum seems to be safe and used by people even like you and the elites.”

“SPEAK when SPOKEN to!” Justin shouted. “The side effects with you have been the worst! But you're the worst kind of person. There is really no harm. There have been countless studies proving that with all of our products.”

“There are like two max for each,” Emily said, “and they're terrible studies paid for by you with subsidiaries or companies benefiting from leaving out important data and making the results seem rosy and innocuous.”

Mr. Fox cracked his knuckles and shook his head. He said, “You and Cora think you know so much. You're wrong. Sorry that things are a little more complicated than Google search results.”

“I know they are!” Emily said. “We do good research! Cora's really smart and taught me!” Emily stopped prattling on as Mr. Fox opened the curtain. Emily shuddered feeling something vile and invasive. A giant chamber possibly made of all serum air absorbing metal with a transparent curved door held Cora in place. Metal bands dug tight around the naked black haired woman's neck and waist to hold her in place. Cora's body had been whipped, flayed, and cut in ways that left black unnatural wounds. Emily yelped, and tried not to cry.

“That's messed up,” Sara said.

“Some people have to learn lessons the hard way, don't you think?!” Mr. Fox said. Sara shrugged. “Don't speak out of turn or out of line again, you bleach blonde lesbian bimbo or I'll show you what your delusional lover doesn't know about how things can work in the world. That chamber is pulling the serum out of the air and out of her body, and Maria, although not my first choice, showed great promise in attacking through the conduits with her powers to tort... to justly punish this loudmouth Sara Calixto and make her know her place.”

“Maria's bad news,” Sara said. “She's never liked me or much of anyone it seems. She clearly has cheated every tournament fight and beat your niece in a dishonest way.”

“I don't know about all that,” Mr. Fox said. “It was planned that Megan would win, but things change. My wife wants Maria to win very badly. I had been rooting for Abby to beat Megan, and might've allowed Megan the mind control collar then, but my wife and I are relaxing a bit on our fight over the controls on the androids. We agreed on reduced strength SAA cuffs for the final in the basement and equal liquid serum testing in both combatants. You see, the mind control technology and collars are very effective. They were plenty safe to use, but Megan sort of abused that privilege with Antonia. Antonia is fine now, but Megan needed to work, and do this show, and get along with people for me to see any possible value in her for me and my company moving forward. We do need someone to tweak, experiment, and work with the Chi calming necklaces as we plan to brand and advertise them. There will be studies and scientists wanting to run some tests alongside the androids and a third party, you, Maria, or... dare I say Emily after a lobotomy; could be that very woman to stay at our estate and host a second show and season of this as defending champ with the collars to use.”

“I'd like that as long as it wasn't sketchy,” Sara said. Mr. Fox smiled and nodded. Emily shook her head. Emily didn't know what to do or say. She didn't trust Mr. Fox or his company as they'd been proven to be liars many times. Sara said, “The show is for entertainment, but for selling stuff people put in their bodies, I'd want none of that to be faked.”

“It isn't and never is,” Mr. Fox said. “This shows isn't really fake either. We make edits and give the fans what we think they will want and engage them the most in order to be return customers. The other products we make to help people, there is always a market for, so we don't even really have to advertise. We do have to compete though and keep people focused on doing the right thing. Thus mind technology is the way to the utopia.”

“Or dystopia and apocalypse,” Emily grumbled. Mr. Fox cleared his throat. Emily shook her head, smiled, looked up, and said, “I'd be glad to reassess my opinions if I can beat Sara and kick Maria's ass. In a fair fight... well, Maria hasn't had many of those lately. She's strong, but she's certainly not even the third best around here!”

“That's the kind of talk and spirit I want to hear!” Mr. Fox said. He typed into his phone. The tube-like compartment holding Cora retracted the steel clamps around her. The clear door receded or opened, disappearing into the sides of the metal, and Cora slumped forward. Emily ran up to catch and kiss Cora. Emily could feel her lover's energy at scary and negative lows. Cora needed a healing immediately. The wounds on her were unlike anything Emily had ever seen, and she wondered if they could be healed. Mr. Fox said, “This is what can happen when we can get along. I gladly would've let Cora be ringside for your fight, but she insisted on trying to smear the good name of Foxy Pharmaceuticals. To say that most young women don't need depression medication and that the studies back that up is just insane – like tinfoil hat insane, but Cora has her image as rebel, bucking the establishment. You two can keep that, just stop digging. Work with us, or be destroyed by us. One day, bodies like yours will become android and on the market to fulfill sexual desires sort of with Delia and Robert. Women with lots of healings and serum air might complicate things and not react well to new technologies, so do remember that. Have a good fight! May the best woman win. Sara I expect it to be you, but I'm glad we had this little talk.”

Emily tried not to sob. She wanted to try and turn Sara against Mr. Fox, but maybe Sara was smart and knew, and was just playing along because you had to or something. It was doing Emily and Cora no good to speak the truth and put themselves on the line against these evil scumbags! Mr. Fox had practically admitted that the rumors were true that their cyborgs were people who had been modified likely against their will like with what Delia and Antonia thought had happened with Robert. Cora mumbled something, unable to speak with such dry and brittle lips. No amount of kissing or swapping spit would help her. Emily decided to try and give off her serum air energy for Cora to absorb. It was a risk since Cora couldn't take an explosion, but Emily ignored her anger of the crooked company and the man in the suit, and focused on meshing and being in harmony with Cora. Emily was good at being taking in energy, and Cora was more at piece and wiser than Em, so Emily figured she could just push out as much energy as possible with deep breaths and meditation. Emily started to feel rejuvenated, but then weaker. Cora was breathing in and healing. She was looking and feeling better! Emily could feel Cora's lips moisten with their kissing. Emily was healing Cora with her serum air!

“You're going to heal Cora back to normal now, right?” Sara asked.

“She'll never be normal by my definition,” Mr. Fox said, “but yes. Interesting that you would waste your energy before a fight, Ms. Elizabeth. Cora will be healed and fine. Your mistrust will be your downfall. Or as my darling niece would say, you're a stupid moronic bitch – or something worse.”

“Are you going to try and profit and market me and Cora's serum air for healing next?!” Emily asked. Cora slapped Emily in the back of the head. She was clearly feeling better.

Mr. Fox laughed scathingly. He still had the upper hand. His derision and cringe factor gave Emily chills. He said, “You sluts aren't healers. We have the technology for that. You get lucky a few times not blowing each other up and hurting one another and think that's salable?! It's not! It would be a giant liability. You can't be healed or effectively use serum air from most of the women here. Leave Cora to us, and get on the bus.”

The blonde bikini model, didn't want to let Cora go, but Cora was brave and strong, nodding. A few androids came from behind the curtain with healing equipment, so Emily felt a little better. She squeezed Cora's hand tight with tears in her eyes. Emily wanted to argue that she could use the serum air from most women here for healing and rejuvenating properties, but she kept her mouth shut this time. The truth had been on camera for Em's fight against Abby, but it was no use arguing now. Emily saw Cora being held up by the androids and moving on her own. Emily got grabbed by the wrist by Sara and pulled along.

As Emily already knew, Sara was a cool chick, and they talked a lot about fights, mentors, and sexual experiences on the bus ride to the arena. Emily considered Cora her mentor and trainer, and had never thought like Sara who had been trained by Antonia and now trained Alexis, that she could do something like that. Emily began to think about training someone like Nicoleta. That'd be hot, but Emily didn't want to move on from Cora, even if it was only temporary. The possibilities were exciting, and Emily let the gloom and negativity of the meeting flow away into the Spanish air, feeling happy and blessed that Sara was such a good and willing conversationalist.

The Spanish underground arena was packed. Emily and Sara had wanted to go out and watch the preliminary bouts before them as the featured fighters, but the production crew had them sit on a bench backstage where they could watch a small TV monitor of the action in the boxing ring. Two other model women had been selected for topless boxing, and they were both super busty, but clearly not real fighters. They didn't have serum, and the refs all stopped things before anyone ever threw a punch that would even draw blood. Their gloves were likely padded too. RoboMic, the fans, and the Spanish commentators loved it. Emily was thinking about boobies and Cora, and felt a little feint. Sara grabbed Emily under the arms and then they were standing.

“You slid right off the bench,” Sara said. “Your nose is bleeding.”

The blonde wiped her schnoz on her arm and noticed Sara's white bikini straps hanging down. It was sexy. Emily looked down Sara's cleavage to see nipples and said, “Sorry! Did I do that?! Did I pull your straps off your shoulders?!”

“No,” Sara said. “It's habit from when I used to tan and wasn't on serum. I wouldn't want the tan-lines or the rubbing on sensitive sun kissed skin, but I guess I don't need to do that anymore with serum.”

“Wow,” Em said. “Let me be the sun and kiss your skin.” She was immediately embarrassed after saying that, and tried to cover, fondling Sara and asking, “Is that nipple stick or serum air keeping that on? I haven't yet mastered the art of strapless tops since being on serum air yet. I used to be able to wear them, but the way our breasts and everything sort of puff up and get bigger... nada now.”

“It's just clinging without me thinking about it,” Sara said. “I'll leave it like this since you think it looks sexy. Fans are going to want to and be able to see us topless and naked soon anyway.” Sara was announced in Spanish with the main event hype and a translation delayed. The fans loved her. Emily was announced as the 'The Greedy American slut from the show who cheated Abby out of her spot.' The roar of the crowd was intimidating to Emily as she went out there. UFSO had decent crowds, but this was something different. It was like WWE. People knew the storyline. They'd been watching the show. A ton of people seemed to hate Emily, jeer her, and all that, which stung at first, but a ton of people liked to root for the bad girls and the villainesses. Emily smiled and took it in stride.

RoboMic whooped and hollered, talking about Sara half naked now and titties as usual. F1 showed the equal levels of serum in the syringes. Sara surprisingly held the serum air absorbing (SAAA) cuffs which F1 had handed to her. She and Emily cuffed one another, and Emily was horny as fuck, batting Sara's straps hanging down and getting into the spirit of her show character antagonism to chest bump Sara. Emily whispered, “Let's just start topless.” Her voice got caught on speaker and projected. Fans cheered. Sara gave a coy grin and nodded. Emily added, “Count of three. One... two...” Then Emily jumped the gun and pulled off Sara's white and gold bikini top. Sara undressed Emily in a much more flirty and controlled way. Her hands went up and over Em's underboobs, sneaking inside the cloth. The squeeze to her chest had Em's clit so hard and shooting chemicals all around her brain and body. Emily licked Sara's nipple and got punched in the boob. The two natural brunettes separated to be injected in the neck simultaneously with serum by F1. They both had gotten 10mL. Sara bulked up with abs and bigger assets like a crossfit model. Em's dumb boobs just got bigger and milkier, but that had its appeal too. Em did have nice abs herself.

The topless combatants climbed up the stairs to get in the cage erected around the boxing ring. They walked through separate open cage doors. The mat was so springy. Em felt light footed and fantastic. She as going to show Sara a great fight. She beckoned Sara with a hand, but then just walked up to her. Emily whispered, “Whoever wins this has to beat Maria.”

Sara nodded and said, “We're both better than her.”

Emily wasn't so sure about herself in this moment, but she shook that off. She was on serum. She needed to stop hoarding it for protection, but she was having to block a lot of it from healing. What did she need to heal? Emily pushed some serum around in her veins and decided to embrace her dark heel role, saying loud, “I'm so excited to try and beat you up, and mostly for the sex.”

The slender and athletic Romanian cracked her knuckles and shook her head. Sara said, “I'm going to kick your ass and fuck you silly. That's how it's done.” Emily nodded and clenched her fists.

“And here is the EMCASA semifinal tournament fight we've been waiting for!” The Spanish announcer said in his native tongue. “Ladies, you can fight now!”

The blonde threw the first punch before the English translation really came through over the speakers. It was weak and Sara knocked it down. The two swimsuit models both had tan bodies and small tight bikini bottoms on, cuffs, and that was it. Emily got kicked in the leg. Her body bent with that. She punched Sara in the boob. Emily needed to focus and make her hits count. Sara was a wrestler who could cripple opponents, and Emily wondered if rolling around on the mat with Sara now would be ok and not get her debilitated too early. Sara kicked Emily across the belly. Emily tried to grab Sara's leg, but the Romanian was too fast. Em hunched. Sara rocked Emily in the mouth with an uppercut for the first blood. Fans reacted loud. They sometimes saw men bleed, but rarely women unless it was EMCASA. Emily backed up, trying to shake off the blow. Her voluptuous curves and fatty feminine areas shaking were in contrast to her tight and toned body.

The #13 seed brunette, Sara, wasn't fucking around or waiting back. She stepped up and belted Emily in the kidney with a punch. She kneed Emily in the pussy. Emily moaned. The naughty blonde's pain quickly radiating and resonated to more pleasurable sensations. Emily kneed Sara in the upper thigh and tangled their legs together. Emily plowed a right handed hook into Sara's belly and hugged her. Sara's orbs were so perky and fresh. Emily tackled Sara against the ropes. Sara powered through the clinch, knocking Em's arms up. A cuff hit Emily in the ear. Sara's pointy nipples had dug up and into Em's underboobs and mammary meat, which had the horny blonde panting and wanting more. Sara clonked her skull up into Em's chin. Em's long lean torso was a target for a left hook. She yelped, but twisted, and slung Sara down to the mat. The bouncy canvas threatened to push them apart.

The American model tried to straddle the babe below her. Sara got her knees up into Emily's core and chest. Emily was pretty sure her arm was going to be snagged for an armbar, but she had to bust Sara's lips open with a punch. Emily wanted an excuse to kiss Sara and suck on those luscious pink lips. There was bit of a tangle, but Emily was sweaty and not going to be dragged into submission yet. In fact, Sara kicked and kneed Emily in the ribs, forcing her up and away. The barely clothed brown haired beauties got to their feet. Em's blonde streaks really shined in the bright lights. She was a little confused, but threw a punch. Sara's hands got deflected away. Sara looked surprised and off balance. Emily positioned for a left handed hook. Sara stomped the canvas. Emily's body lurched with a random stinger in her side. Her fist hit Sara's hip. Knuckles and cuff drilled Em's nose and mush. Blood splattered with her head knocked to the side and her jiggly bits not slowing down on the fast motion eroticism. Emily tried to kick Sara in the head, but Sara ducked and socked Em in the kitty. Emily made too sexual of a noise and clamped a hand over her mouth. Sara got behind Emily and kicked her across the back.

The top heavy and insanely proportioned athletic beast, Emily, arched her back. It was a treat for fans from every angle, and especially when her protruding front touched the cage grating. Emily kicked back like a donkey as Sara grabbed her arm. Sara slung and twirled Emily around, slamming a cuff into Em's throat. Emily choked, but stayed on her feet with serious resolve. Emily sank a knuckle into Sara's navel. She got lucky her tits got in the way of Sara's uppercut. Boob flesh bruised and tore. Emily winced and shrieked. She boxed Sara with a jab across the cheek. Emily sidled behind Sara and kicked her opponent in between the shoulder blades. Sara grit her teeth, and whipped around throwing an elbow. It connected, and her hair whip hit Emily in the face too, but the action was so fast now, it was hard to see where attacks landed. Both ladies were light on their fight, trampolining and leaning forward and back for more momentum and force. They both smiled. kicking into one another's legs while airborne.

“These won't stop shaking!” Emily said, groping Sara's tits with hands over the heaving mounds. “It's distracting me!” Sara headbutted Emily in the mouth. The blonde groaned and recoiled, feeling her face automatically healing. Emily was really tired and not at full strength. Normally she'd stop from healing and look ugly for a bit, but she also was really attracted to Sara and wanting to look her best. Sara fondled Emily's breasts and kneed the #16 seed in the crotch so hard, it gave a permanent wedgie. The Romanian sucked around Emily's areola and got a wrist cuff to rattle into Emily's ribs and kidney. It pinched titty meat, and Em was humiliated that she was leaking lactate. Cora always liked that, and Em shouldn't feel self-conscious though. She normally wasn't on serum, but she was out of it today. Her stomach was in knots. She attempted to fix her wedgie and got socked in the jaw. Blood and saliva flew. Emily kicked Sara right in the armpit. That slowed down the aggressor.

The captivating chick fighters collided fists with simultaneous high jabs. Sara swung a punch for Em's belly. The blonde draped her bosoms over as shields, blushing and squealing as more milk spritzed from the busted and engorged teat. Sara said, “You're tiring. You started tired.”

“Then why didn't you wrestle me longer when we were down before?!” Em asked.

“I want you weak enough to not seduce me and try and turn it around,” Sara said. Emily smiled big. Sara almost felt bad punching that smile off her face. Sara landed the bloody haymaker and Emily flailed, falling into the corner. She grabbed the cage grating with her spine at a curve against the turnbuckle. Sara stomped Em's ankle and kicked the blonde's leg. Emily's sexy belly, big breasts, and face were likely vulnerable options to be hit, but Sara knew that both she and Emily had been doing well in cuffed fights because they were both speedy, tough, resilient, and had good leg strength. Sara lunged and walloped Emily's haunch, giving the gasping gal a Charley horse. The sexy and labored competitor, Emily, flopped forward, smashing Sara's face between swollen melons. Emily put Sara in a headlock. The breast smothering was disorienting. Sara punched Em's abs and attacked her arm. As soon as Sara's head was up and could see and breathe, she took an uppercut to the face.

Both women were bleeding and giving it their all. They were so sexy and determined. The fans loved every second of it and especially in slow mo replays. Emily jumped to kick at Sara. Sara's leg attacks had worked, leaving Emily a little slower and weaker so Sara could block. Sara dodged Emily's punch and elbowed Emily right below the back of her neck. It was almost the aim Sara had wanted. Emily whipped around, slamming a fist into Sara's collarbone. Sara grabbed Emily's hair and belted the cutie in the kisser. Scarlet splashed onto the white canvas below. Emily grabbed Sara's arm as Sara fired up another attack. The blonde had to take a shot to the temple and ear. She was super dizzy, but aroused, and feeling flattered that Sara thought she was attractive and seductive. Emily put Sara's arm between her legs, and they tumbled onto the mat. Em's crotch got rubbed and she was wet and ready to cum. Sara barely got out of the armbar kneeing, punching, and elbowing down atop the busty broad on her side. They got up, locked like complimentary pieces of a puzzle, and Sara pushed Emily into the ropes. Emily grabbed a hold to stop herself. Sara's kick grazed Em's chin. Emily kicked Sara in the chest with bad aim. Sara grabbed Emily's bicep and struck it. She elbowed Emily in the neck, and got her spine kneed because of it. Sara rammed her ass into Emily's belly. Emily hunched. Her warm knockers smushed into Sara's back. Sara snaked her leg to heel stomp the side of Em's knee. Sara grunted and lifted Em over her shoulder. The blonde's arm popped out of the socket. Emily landed in a squat with her tits jiggling, and spun around like a break dancer to take out Sara's legs. Sara hopped over that, pushing Em's hurt arm back into the bikini model's puffed out boobies. In landing, Sara jammed her heel onto Em's quad. The cutie got a leg spasm and whiffed barely on a punch for Sara's face. Sara was off balance but jumped in the air again, kicking off the cage and turnbuckle, to deliver a critical boot to the neck and jaw of her opponent. Emily fell back, hitting the mat, and couldn't get up fast enough. Sara swung her foot at Emily again and obliterated the struggling damsel's pretty facial features. The scream echoed despite the raucous fans and a red wave shot over Em's head. She was on her back, spread eagle with her chest heaving, finally weak enough for Sara to finish her.

The tough Romanian stared at Em's moist bikini bottoms, and had to get those off first. A simple swipe and tickle got the job done, and Em masked her pain and agony with a sweet giggle and cough. She wrapped her legs around Sara with a surprising amount of energy and vigor. Emily sat up wincing, and grabbed Sara's chin. She said, “You got me, babe. Now do me right.” The kiss was electric. Em tugged Sara's earlobe. She was having trouble moving her neck, but Sara nibbled on her lips and could move plenty for the both of them. Sara pushed Emily's arm back and sprawled out across the naked blonde. She nibbled Em's earlobe and grinded crotch to crotch on the titillated warrior.

“Aw come on,” Sara said, slamming an elbow into Em's throat. “You can still fight.”

“Ack,” Em sputtered. “Yeah.. but no point. I'm not trying to be a let down, I was just really looking forward to the sex and not wanting to feel mostly dead. I messed up trying to help Cora.” Emily rustled with Sara, sitting somewhat to reach for Sara's bikini bottoms. Emily slapped Sara's ass and fingered her. Emily threw her injured arm up to fake an attack and Sara heard it pop again. Sara batted the arm away, and could tell that the limb was brittle. Sara couldn't recall breaking a limb so easily and feeling a little guilt about it like now. The fans cheered. Emily cried. Her cute makeup ran a little. “See,” Em said. “I thought you'd like that, and the fans sure did! I'm done...”

The crowd shouted for the kinkiest and awful things to be done to Emily. The blonde got a little rough, depantsing Sara and fisting her vagina. Sara strangled Emily to stop that. The blonde's tongue slopped out. Sara left one arm at the throat of the loser, and plunged her fist deep within Em, even though Em had really just twisted knuckles around Sara's outer labia. Sara wiggled off Emily and picked her up under the arms. Sara wasn't all that into milking chicks, but Em's sweat seemed like it had some serum in it. Sara sucked her rival's shoulder and neck, making that observation. While on her knees behind Emily, Sara, leaned around to give some hickeys and chest kisses. Then Sara got to her feet, lifted Emily, and dropped the tight bodied model onto her front. Em's booty clenched and she was somehow full of tons of hormones to be losing milk like that from her nipples. Sara caught Em's trampolined body under the arms again with the blonde still horizontal, and got her mouth into the boob dairy. It did invigorate Sara. She pulled Emily up to her feet, and put the rear naked choke onto the barely resisting babe. Emily wanted to keep it looking real, thrashing and kicking out. She even flailed her broken arm which made more satisfying crunch and cracking noises. It didn't take long for Em to temporarily lose consciousness. Sara let the toned sex kitten drop. Em toppled onto her shoulder or the overstuffed chest pillows would've been squirting more.

For Sara, she was elated and ready to fight more, but also looking forward to the winner's serum dart. She didn't get that right away, perhaps for safety reasons at the venue. She was offered a strap-on by F1, and was eager to put that on. Emily got to her feet, wobbling, pretending like she was still in it. Her legs trembled. Sara kicked Emily in the ribs. CRACK! The blonde moaned and was on her back again. Sara was impressed with Em's will to get up and on her knees, ducking under the dildo to lick and please Sara's pussy. Sara banged the road against Em's nose and forehead. Her ass got cupped by one hand at a time per cheek and pushed around. It felt pretty damn good to win and be pleased like this. Sara was going to get Maria in the championship. She began to relax, expecting Emily to be submissive and not attack. As soon as Sara came, Emily stood up and kicked Sara hard in the neck. It was a desperation strength kick that likely would've killed over half the normal population not on serum. Fans booed. Sara's body hurt all over. Emily gasped, holding her side, and charged.

The bodies crashing together was amplified in kink by the dildo portion going into Emily's cooter. Sara had more strength, turned, and crushed Emily against the ropes and the cage. She pulled Emily legs up, cupped the ass, spanked, and fucked with vigor missionary style. Sara kept pulling out to wet Em's thighs, belly, and tits, with jizz. Sara pulled on Emily's leg so she'd fall onto her ass cornered. Sara thrusted the shaft up between Em's tits and used her hands to karate chop Em's mounds together. It was bloodier than Sara imagined. She pressed the release button, depleting the sex toy of its last nut in Emily's face.

“You hurt me a lot,” Sara whispered, “but also made this enjoyable.”

“Uh, you ugh, do your finisher on me?!” Em asked.

“I'd fuck you longer and harder, but I don't think they're going to give me the winner's serum dart,” Sara said, bending over Emily.

“I'll teach you to take the last of my energy,” Emily said. “No trick. Trust me. My serum air is volatile, but if you suck it up quick before the cuffs, and think about our love and connection, it just kind of naturally works for me. Tune everything else out and just imagine how we pleased one another. Make your body an empty vessel of thanks to receive whatever comes. Hehe. You made me cum a lot.” Sara raised an eyebrow. Emily pushed out as much clear serum air as she could. Sara gave this bullshit a try – and it worked. Really well! There was a bit of an immediate negative feedback burning her throat, but then she felt healing energy and strength shaking up the blood in her veins all over. “Good,” Em said, barely able to talk anymore with her voice quiet and hoarse. “It worked. Use my finisher on me if you want. Let's fight and fuck again soon after this, ok?!”

The victorious Romanian nodded. She understand how Emily felt, and liked being the submissive one to get dominated sometimes. With a battle against Maria on the line though, Sara was damn happy to win and earn that match. Sara clamped her thighs around Emily's neck. The goofy American was still trying to tongue, kiss, and stroke Sara's private area for more nirvana. Sara humped Emily in the head, hearing little neck snaps already. The back of Em's head hit the turnbuckle. Sara sat back, resting her tight buns on the mat, and bounced on it. She rotated her hips from left to right. SNAP! CRACK! CRUNCH! Em was very dead and no longer pleasing Sara or having hot breath. The neck was crushed and hanging on by a thread. Sara made a few more humping motions and clenched her thighs tighter. POP! Emily's head shot up in the air. Sara caught it, kissed the lips, and put the head between her own arm and bosoms. Sara propped Emily back up to sit in the corner. She put the head back on the body and did a little stinkface since the fans were wanting much more. The androids really handled Em's body with care, and it was hard to tell that she'd been beheaded.

“Lemme suck her tits too before you bag her!” RoboMic said, but it was too late. Sara went into the stands to celebrate where she was approached by Alexis. Alexis was very jealous of all the sex and attention Sara was getting lately, but Alexis had a lot to learn about doing this sort of stuff and keeping her cool. Sara thought that Emily would make a good teacher too. Sara and Emily were kind of uprising stars. Bianca D and Antonia were among the veterans, but new stuff was always happening in the world of serum and sexfights. Sara wondered if she'd be teaching or using her new skill soon. She could only imagine the cheating Maria had in store, but hoped for a good clean fight even if it was without serum air. Sara really preferred fighting without serum air, but to stay relevant, she did have to learn it. Sara liked the SAA cuffs, and was eager to train Alexis in them after she won the tournament. She might even get to use the mind control collar too. ;)-

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