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Jan 6, 2022
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European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Preliminaries Round One:

Bianca Dragusanu vs Maria Heart (Chosen Five)

The final group of EMCASA women arrived at the Foxy Corp estate in Spain, flashing their golden ticket invites to the android bodyguards. Five sexy babes and one fat male dude with blond hair and sunglasses unloaded luggage from the trunks of their rides. Bianca Dragusanu was no stranger to strange TV programming and sexual entertainment. She had been interested in fighting other Romanians like Sara on Pongeo, but now Megan and Foxy Corp needed to be stopped. Bianca had been waiting for the women from Pongeo and the MFL to arrive. She and her blonde fighting student, upcoming model Natasha dared to mingle with and get in the way of Megan and her cohort welcoming the newcomers outside. Natasha groped and held Bianca's butt to stop her from walking right into the fray. Bianca wore a black bikini with a white speckled print and sunglasses. Bianca had big boobs and a luscious ass. She loved how the serum kept her at her sexy prime.

Megan wore some black tape, a big black hat, and tons of jewelry. She shouted, “No! No! No! These are the losers left?! I thought the MFL was going to send good or fun fighters if they were going to force their way into this and buy tickets!”

“I'm fun!” Black haired bisexual Russian Sveta said. “It would be more fun if my girlfriend was able to come too.” Three of the women looked very quiet. One had lots of tattoos on her arms. There was a bimbo model with giant breasts named Iryna and also a Barbie-bodied model with tan skin and no waist. The most blonde of them had the most energy and the skimpiest outfit, Polina.

Polina said, “You, me, and Iryna can all hook up together, Svetabilly!”

“Where's Abi Ratchford or the InstaModels?” blonde Abby Dowse said, also sounding outraged. “And worst of all, what's that fat perverted cyborg RoboMic doing here?! Get him out of here!!”

The woman known for fighting with her ass, Bianca Fund kicked over a bunch of luggage. The fat cyborg man ogled Megan's body, thinking his sunglasses were still covering his eyes. They weren't. Megan said, “Ugh, we have a tattooed nobody camgirl from Colombia, an old hag with fake tits, two weak losers, and crazy Polina. At least Polina owned and fucked Sara.”

F1 had dark hair, wore sunglasses and a suit like most of the other male FC models. He was slightly taller than the others with a deeper voice. He said, “None of the women with tickets were allowed guests. I see inside some of the suitcases clothes that are obviously meant for you, RoboMic. Foxy Corp will take good care of MFL assets.”

“I'm not any company's asset,” the tattooed chick said. “I just happened to be running late and catch a ride with them. I saw you already started the fights! So many hot celebrities here. Sometimes your taste sucks, Megan, but other times it's spot on!”

“Why don't you go kill yourself, Coraline Suicide,” Megan said, making a joke off the cam-girl's stage name. Megan stared at her minions for a laugh. Abby and Bianca chimed in late.

“You're right Megan,” Abby said. “These are a bunch of losers. Valenti is trying to have my look. She couldn't even make the UFSO tournament! Ha! The MFL sent her?! Unreal! Don't bother to unpack your bags, you all will be out after your first two fights!”

“Hey bro,” RoboMic said, holding his hands up. “Robo-brothers... and sisters! Woah! Chick cyborgs are here too?! There's so many big booby broads all three of me is excited!! WOOEEE! I'm one of you Foxy androids! I swear!”

“He's not,” Abby said. “He's a disgusting perverted pig.”

“I watched the episodes of Two and Half Men with you in it Megan, hundreds of times,” RoboMic said. “I seen the Transformers and Ninja Turtles with you in them loads too! I got all sorts of loads! I can be of service! I'm just like your other workers! Give me a chance! I'm begging you!!”

Megan's favorite FC, F6 who had blond hair shook his head. F1 scanned RoboMic. F1 said, “He is not one of us at all. He has many weird functions, and has abnormally high human libido. I recommend we send him back where he came from or at least modify his hard drive.”

“Megan Fox in the flesh!” RoboMic said. “WEEE! I love big titties best, but Megan doesn't even need them for my hard drive to be … hard... and with drive! YEAH!”

“He's tolerable,” Megan said. “He makes Abby and the other women uncomfortable. It would be hilarious to humiliate the losers by letting his fat and grotesque body have his way with them.”

“Yes!” RoboMic said. “Hilarious! Or Whatever! Let me stay! Let me have my way! WOOEEE!!”

“We will work on revisions,” F1 said. He shot RoboMic in the neck with a dart from his suit sleeve. RoboMic flinched. He tried to step forward, and then reached under his tuxedo t-shirt to grab soda from his stomach fridge compartment. F6 shot RoboMic too, and then the tub of lard tipped over face-first into the gravel driveway. F1 and F6 carried him away. Abby twitched with irritation, but didn't want to speak out against Megan.

Bianca Dragusanu shouted, “It's about time you Russians arrived! Megan left you a message, torturing and tormenting one of your allies in the cage in the basement!”

“The MFL only got five tickets, right?” Iryna Ivanova the dark haired bimbo said. “I suppose something happened to Maryse.” The women grabbed their bags and raced inside, being guided by the female androids F7 and F9.

Cora said, “We've all seen what's happening. It's Ashley. What they did is awful.” No one listened to her. Bianca Dragusanu and Natasha followed the new arrivals. Bianca wanted Ashley taken down, since she was still hanging in the cage. Bianca had been warring with herself to not get involved.

Brunette Romanian pop star Antonia was in the basement with most of the rest of the women. She said, “I suspected there would be a fight when you all arrived. I am also supposed to be your tour guide.”

Chosen Five member Maria with a nasty mean streak and a tattoo at her sternum between her boobs was in the cage, poking a hole in Ashley's Bubble Mask. She shoved the busty nude hung brunette, and little neck snapping noises could be heard.

“I don't know who that is,” Sveta whispered. “Should I? Should we be mad?!” Polina laughed and shrugged. Maria wore a white leopard print bikini and had in a belly button piercing. She saw the group gathered and wasn't ashamed of her deplorable actions. She scratched Ashley's face, tearing the healing device over her head completely open. The few remaining healing liquids spilled out. Maria spit in Ashley's face with a dark serum charged loge.

Bianca Dragusanu had expected the Russians to come in and for there to be a big battle. That hadn't happened at all. She said, “It's none of my business, but keeping her hanging and hurt is shameful and disgusting. If no one is going to help her, I will take her down myself!”

Maria jerked down on Ashley's boobs. CRUNCH! Ashley screamed, being killed again from a broken neck. Maria tore down the rope and said, “So it's old drag hag Dragusanu who melts under the mental pressure first. Get your fat ass in here and I'll kill you!”

The brown haired and full-lipped babe, Bianca, pushed past her lover Natasha to get into the ring. Androids put Ashley's body into a Cryo Bag. Bianca was injected in the spine with serum. Maria was given an equal dose of serum with the liquid level clearly the same in the syringe. Maria's nose seemed permanently scrunched and her eyebrows forked with distaste. She looked at her chest and pursed her lips. All of Bianca's assets expanded on the serum. Maria was jealous and angry that Bianca's boobs and butt were noticeably enhanced by the serum where hers weren't. She'd have to complain to the machines about this. She should have been worried about Bianca's bulging muscles, but Maria had translucent serum air she exhaled with short choppy breaths, getting excited to kill and torture a fat has-been to the delight of all her adoring fans on social media and paying to watch EMCASA.

The TV star, Bianca, shouted, “Was that your idea to string her up like that?! You were the one happy to torture her every day!”

“I am often the brains behind the operations,” Maria said, trying to match Bianca's movements to stay away from her. The babe in the black and white spotted bikini, Bianca, hunched, ready to wrestle, stalking Maria like she was a caged gazelle about to be food for a lion. Bianca charged, knowing she'd get hit. Maria threw a punch and it missed because she second guessed it as the best way to attack and Bianca was faster than Maria had imagined. Maria kicked Bianca in the shin. Bianca sprang to her feet, and slammed a forearm lariat across Maria's neck. The Chosen Five fighter, Maria, crashed into the cage. Bianca curled her arm around Maria's neck and yanked the onyx locks of her rival. Bianca socked Maria in the belly. Maria yelped. She clawed Bianca's arm and tried to gauge out Bianca's eyes. Maria's nails cut into Bianca's cheek.

The burlier battler, Bianca, had Maria hunched in a headlock. She uppercut her foe in the face, drawing blood. Maria tried not to scream to look tough, but Bianca's fist rearranged her nose and did a lot of damage. Maria whined and clawed Bianca's other arm, managing to make a slash near her elbow in a 'x'. Then Maria guarded her face with her hands. She got hit hard again in the dome and mouth. She got kneed between the legs and in the navel, getting rammed into the cage. Bianca drilled Maria in the gut with her fist, and the pale tattooed combatant moaned and screamed. Maria flailed, trying to bite Bianca's arm – anything to get loose. She raised her knees, but couldn't see well enough to aim accurately. Bianca's fat thighs blocked. Maria used both hands to attack the headlock, knowing she was getting beaten badly, but could rely on mind control and serum aura to help her secure the victory. Thankfully for her, the hit she had to tough out was just a vicious tear to her boob. Bianca had ripped off Maria's leopard print bikini top and left a bloody gash of over Maria's mammary mound. Maria socked Bianca in the jaw, barely getting a cut in her hideous botox lips. Maria thought Bianca was so gross looking.

The tanner fighter kicked high at her topless adversary's head. Maria blocked with her hands, but the impact still conked her temple. Maria staggered, dripping blood and sweat. Bianca wanted to attack Maria in the sternum where her tattoo was, but the experienced sexfighter, Bianca, kicked into Maria's flank. Maria's guard had been high. Her entire body turned from the blow. Maria gasped for breath, leaving many barely visible clouds of serum charged air. Bianca plowed a left hook into Maria's eye and cheek. Scarlet spritzed from the wound, and the skin there bruised. The topless brunette whimpered and nearly fell over. Bianca grabbed Maria by the throat and raised her in the air. She used both hands to wring the neck of the little tattooed tramp. Bianca said, “How do you like hanging?!”

Maria kicked Bianca between the legs. She karate chopped right on the clawed 'x' of Bianca's elbow. The tanner model lost grip. Maria sent an elbow down into Bianca's collar. She landed and tried to shove Bianca away. Bianca got her hands up to grapple. Maria kneed Bianca in the pussy. Bianca swung Maria's arms, looking much more powerful. She lined up a punch. Maria threw a short jab, bopping Bianca's big fun bag. Bianca leveled Maria with jaw busting right hook. “AA!!” Maria cried out. Even her hurt voice sounded stuck up. She stumbled with her head down and her hair in her bloody face. Bianca kicked Maria in the midsection. The women watching were getting a thrill out of the Chosen Five bitch getting throttled. Maria's feet left the tiled floor. Blood crept past her clenched teeth. She almost stuck the landing and swiped, clawing Bianca's nipple out of the bikini top. Bianca kicked Maria in the face, and the pale swimsuit model hit the deck with a spurt of carmine splashes down next to her. Her bought breasts flopped and wouldn't sag. They stayed firm like gravity didn't work right on them. Bianca ripped off her own top and stomped Maria's tattoo and boobs.

The bootylicious broad, Bianca, spun around and sat on Maria's face, trying to smother the little runt with her ass. Maria's screams were muffled. She writhed like a fish out of water and every time she turned her head enough to breathe, Bianca would punch her face. Bianca wanted to stomp Maria too, but had to focus on keeping her Glutes over the whore's pie-hole. With all the gore flying off Maria's face, it was hard to notice the dark clouds of serum air until they began to charge and glow. There was lots of serum chi in the cage and getting sucked down to the ground with Maria gasping for breath. Maria bit Bianca's black bikini bottoms, making them crooked and exposing Bianca's pussy. The topless and tan chick, Bianca, winced. She saw the dark clouds, cursed, and said, “I WON'T Let Your STUPID SERUM air STOP ME!!” She breathed in charged air and her body convulsed. She coughed up blood, trembled, but then was able to get her footing in a squat over Maria's bloodied face.

The crafty Chosen Five 'Brains', Maria, jabbed her entire hand into Bianca's private area, looking to rip, maul, and do other secret awful things to Bianca's vagina. Bianca yelped and stomped for Maria's neck. It was a glancing trample. Maria rolled over and got onto her knees. She hadn't wanted everyone to see her serum air at work, but it was too late now. Antonia had said that it mattered how you breathed like deep or shallow if it would be darker, but that bitch was full of it. Maria's short gasps left dark moisture clouds. Bianca swung her fist down, hitting Maria atop the head. Blood dripped from Bianca's crotch. She yanked Maria's wrist to stop the savage and cruel labia assault. Maria hit Bianca right on the elbow. Bianca pulled that arm back to punch and swung. CRACK!

Maria stood up and shoved Bianca's broken limb into the cage at the elbow where bone had shattered through the skin. She knocked the crown of her head into Bianca's chin. Bianca slammed her good elbow across Maria's nose and face to create space. Maria's face was healing well, but she was so angry, it was hard to say she looked pretty. Veins pulsed in her forehead, her eyes were bloodshot, and the decreased swelling allowed her face to contort with rage and disdain. Maria said, “None of your efforts matter. Whoever we want to hang will hang!”

“NOOO!!” Bianca said. She was mid-kick, and took a bit of steam off it. Maria's hip took the blow. She grabbed Bianca's hair. Her words and the mind control were working. She was in Bianca's head, meaning that Bianca wasn't getting full access to the serum she had left in her body. Maria kneed Bianca in the face, and twisted the busty bimbo's neck before slamming her on the ground. Bianca hit the tile hard. Her jumbo jugs jiggled, and her black bikini bottoms snapped at the strap.

“YESSS!!” Maria hissed, sounding like a snake. She stomped Bianca's face. The tide had turned drastically. Bianca struggled to defend with one arm only. Maria kicked Bianca's ribs, breaking some, and getting a good number of delicious screams. Bianca rolled onto her side. Maria stomped Bianca's neck. Bianca rolled onto her back. Maria broke Bianca's nose, jamming her heel into it. Bianca stopped struggling so much, but Maria continued to kick the nude brunette's body. She whacked her foot into Bianca's big breasts, and then mounted her downed adversary, sitting on Bianca's belly. Maria tried to hit Bianca in the face, but the naked fighter used the last of her energy to dodge. Maria's knuckles split open on the black and white tiled and blood soaked floor. Maria turned her head with her face beet red. She shrieked, “Where is my winner's serum dart?!”

The pulped and pulverized pugilist, Bianca, leaned up and crashed her head into Maria's jaw. Maria fell off, but kicked her leg out, jamming her foot into Bianca's vulnerable neck. The naked TV idol was done. She couldn't handle the serum air either, and kept choking on it and quivering. F6 shot Maria in her chest tattoo with the serum dart. Maria got back onto Bianca and tore the broken arm into two pieces. Maria took off her leopard print bikini bottoms and made Bianca tongue her pussy while Bianca still had some heat and life left.

“Let me fuck her with you!” Chosen Five Bianca Fund said, thinking they would be like a humiliation tag team. Fund had a strap-on ready for herself and one in her hand for Maria. Maria got up and opened the cage door. She grabbed the strap-on for her, and shoved Fund away, slamming the cage door closed in her face.

“I should be the only one in the spotlight for my victory,” Maria said. Maria put on the strap-on, and fucked Bianca in the pussy, hoping it hurt the tan slut from all the internal damage Maria had done earlier. She fucked Bianca's body, shaking it. The naked chick's fatty areas slapped against the ground during the intercourse. Maria got sick of hearing it, and tore into Bianca's breasts like a psycho trying to rip up paper. Maria made of mess of Bianca's sexy body and tore Bianca's breasts off.

The sadistic victor, Maria, released a load of semen in Bianca's cooter, and the white jizz came out on black tile too. Maria grabbed Bianca's hair and stuck the rod of the sex toy into Bianca's mouth. While face-fucking Bianca, Maria punctured Bianca's neck with her hand, severing and tearing out Bianca's jugular. It was very bloody, and somehow didn't get all over Maria. For good measure and her own thrill, when Maria pulled out, she came in Bianca's dead face, and snapped Bianca's neck 180 degrees. A knot from the rope used to hang Ashley was through the bottom link of the cage, and Maria walked over to grab that. F6 snatched the rope so Maria couldn't have it.

“DAMMIT!” Maria screamed. “Make an example of her TOO!!”

“We're done hanging people for a while,” Megan said. “Good fight. You won.”

“NOO!!” Maria whined as F6 and other faceless junk heaps came into her ring area. “I wanna HANG her?! Come on MEGAN!! It'll be FUN! Think of THEIR stupid faces and getting in their heads!!” Megan shook her head and walked up the pearly staircase. Maria cursed and attacked F6, breaking his robot arms. She smashed his face into the ground, breaking his sunglasses, and attacked him until it was clear he wasn't going to bleed and was nothing but a bunch of crap parts following Megan's orders. F6 didn't fight Maria, and looked considerably slowed after being ambushed. Maria kicked him in the nuts, but it didn't hurt him. Bianca's body, detached forearm and hand, and breasts, were put into a Cryo Bag. Maria rushed off for a shower, complaining about no fun and fans not thinking this would be as sexy as what she'd suggested, F6 being slow with the serum dart, and throwing a temper tantrum.

“Score another win for the bad guys,” UFSO Emily said. She tried to console Natasha, Bianca's lover, but Natasha was too angry and didn't want to be touched.

RoboMic ran onto the scene and said, “WOOEEE! Fight time! I wanna see... aww... It's all bloody and the CryoBag is full. Did I miss it?!” Emily nodded. RoboMic adjusted his shades and tried to move a stomach compartment. He didn't have one. He tried to access his tentacles. They'd been disabled or something. He let his sunglasses fall down his nose. Emily had nice tits. She wore makeup that made her look young and exotic and clothes for teens, but her body was banging. Some of these chicks were topless and barely wearing any clothes. His dick stood up tall. He was used to having three dicks, but only his most normal one was functioning. It still felt good. RoboMic said, “I'm officially a Foxy Corp Cyborg now! WOO! Call me F U or F Me! YEAH! I still got it!!”

“Let's go with F off,” Emily joked. RoboMic's jaw dropped. She rolled her eyes and decided she'd hang out with him and the group of newcomers to be shown around the estate by Antonia. Despite the intense battle, the tour was actually pretty light and fun. Many of the women noticed this, and hoped that things would get better around the estate, as spirits were low with the Chosen Five 4-0 undefeated.


2D Artist
Jan 6, 2022
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European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Preliminaries Round One:

Megan Fox (Chosen Five Leader) vs Kate Upton

“Ew, why is he here?!” Abby D asked, pointing to the fat big blond cyborg, RoboMic, on the beach. Most of the women in Foxy Corp's sexfighting/reality TV game were on the beach, trying to enjoy a coastal Spanish vacation getaway.

The brunette actress and niece of the corporation owner, Megan Fox, stood in white lingerie, watching most of the other women have fun in the waves and the sun's rays. Megan didn't like it. Drinking and partying had lost its luster compared to being on serum. Megan knew that Abby was trying to warm up to her and be part of the 'in club'. Megan sighed and rolled her eyes. She looked to her favorite android, F6, to explain. He looked the most like Megan's husband, Machine Gun Kelly, but was still a little off after his recent repairs from Maria taking out her anger on him.

“SO many TITTIES!” RoboMic shouted. The women who didn't know him, thought he was funny and harmless. Some of the others were leery. “Big BOOBIES everywhere! Topless chicks! Actresses and celeb-titties, wooeee!! … But why can't I touch it?!” RoboMic wheezed as he walked over to the In Club and the androids. He was programmed to behave like a human of his weight and size. He let his sunglasses slide down his nose to stare at Abby and Megan. Abby faked gagging.

“We shifted the compartments down, and locked the one over your crotch,” F6 said. “You are too horny. You will only be allowed to access that when Megan or winning fighter requests your assistance in that matter. As Foxy agents, we have no software for libido, hormones, or sexual fluids.”

“That's gay,” RoboMic said. He thrust his pelvis several times and gasped for breath. He added, “I can't even bang it into the compartment. I can feel it's rock hard, but that's it!”

“What were you looking at when you got excited?” Megan asked.

“Oh, my queen,” RoboMic said, bowing. “I'm sorry. This boner should be just for you! But you can't blame me! Kate Upton is in the water topless! I watched her take her top off, and I've busted more nuts to her than I have eating peanuts at Giants or Dodgers baseball games! And I always get a bag of nuts at the ball game! And beer! Baseball's not near as exciting as this, though!”

“Upton!” Megan shouted. “You ratchet sow! The next fight has been scheduled!”

The topless blonde former Sports Illustrated model with the huge rack, Kate, got out of the water and jogged onto the sandy shore. She bowed to Megan and said, “Have you decided on an easy match for me?! I don't know many people here! I'll do whatever you ask, and you can win the mind control collar. I just want to make it far and keep winning serum!”

“Put a top on, you idiot,” former WWE diva, Maryse said, noticing Megan glaring at Kate's sopping wet giant knockers. Maryse had befriended Kate and Ashley upon arriving and being in their tour group. Now she was second guessing how much she could use those two women, who were among the most well endowed in the crowd. Maryse also hoped to work with the MFL Russians. She wanted to win the mind control collar or at least to get to use it. She wanted the MFL to win it. Maryse handed Kate her matching pink bikini top. The dumb bimbo was hesitant to put it on.

“How do we unlock my compartment?!” RoboMic asked. He was ignored.

Megan said, “F6, announce that I'm fighting Kate on the beach here.”

“Woah, wait!” Kate said. “I'm sorry, Megan! What did I do wrong?! I was thinking I could fight one of the Iryna's. Irina Shayk is like a SI rival.”

“I'm like a model rival too,” Megan said. “I decided that I don't like you and your big tits. I want to kill you. That's all.”

“You can shrink them in healing or something!” Kate said, covering her nipples with the pink cloth. “I don't want to lose one already! Can you just kill me off the books or something?!”

“All of you bimbos have big fake tits,” Megan said, “and it's not even about that. I need to be the most desired on my own show at my own estate, and I see you as a model rival right now.”

F9 injected Kate in the back with a serum dart. The blonde roared. Her breasts expanded, popping the shoulder straps of her pink bikini. Kate's nipples were barely covered. She mostly had growth in fatty areas. Megan got injected in the upper thigh by F6, guiding his hand close to her crotch. The brunette's butt and breasts grew slightly, but her gains in muscle looked intimidating. Kate shook her head, and stopped being a sniveling bitch. She had renewed confidence and said, “Ok, bitch! You wanna be a model rival?! I'll fuck you up!” Kate strutted off to the cage outside in the sand to get in. F6 announced the fight like he had a bullhorn to his mouth, only he didn't. RoboMic held his ears.

Maryse tried to pull Megan aside and whisper. Her allies and many other women headed for the cage, being loud and annoying. Ashley was topless. Polina and Sveta were naked, but at least Sveta put a towel around her waist. Iryna wore a very conservative and non clinging dress, trying to hide her bimbo body. Sveta tried to dry Polina, and the way they were flirting, if RoboMic mentioned that being hot or fans liked it, Megan would want to destroy them next. Maryse said, “Power is sexy, Megan. Fans like a heel. I played one for WWE forever. You might want to keep around some of the popular busty chicks longer than ones who aren't well known. I think I should be among the Chosen Five.” Megan was too juiced on serum for reason. She sneered, clenched her fists, and stomped over to the cage.

“Hey slut!” Abby shouted, grabbing Maryse's hair. “I'm going to join the Chosen Five, not you! You're not popular anymore! You got in the MFL and sucked! You're an actress, and a shitty one! I'm going to fight and kill you this round!”

Abby's announcement and intention would have to wait to be fully put into action. The women and androids gathered around the hot small cage out in the sun. Kate's top wouldn't stay up as she bounced on the balls of her feet. She tore it off, exposing her melons. So many of the women here at least had bisexual tendencies, and the serum had estrogen, testosterone, and all sorts of libido enhancers in it. So, there was cheering for Kate stripping. Her confidence went away quickly though as Megan stepped right up and socked her in the face. The SI model backed up, tasting blood.

“FUCK YOU FATTY!” Megan shouted, kicking Kate between the legs. The busty blonde groaned and hunched. She threw a punch before Megan attacked again. Megan blocked, but Kate had good power on it. Megan grabbed and clawed Kate's breasts. She headbutted the blonde in the mouth.

“Rip her tits off!” Chosen Five Bianca shouted.

“Control her!” Chosen Five Maria said. “She is a serum thirsty twat!”

“She is,” Megan said, punching Kate in the nipple. The chest pillow inverted from impact and jostled around. The blonde's face was bloodied, but healing. Kate tried to slug Megan in the face, but the lingerie model blocked. Kate kicked Megan's leg. Megan manhandled Kate's bosom, twisting and slicing nails into the fatty mound. Kate uppercut Megan in the tattoo on her ribs. She kneed Megan in the pussy and tackled her. The sexy models hit the sand.

The blonde tore off Megan's white bra, trying to mount the favored fighter. Both of Kate's tits were scratched and bloody. The worse of the two dipped into Megan's mouth. Megan bit the areola, drawing blood, and Kate leaned back, screaming and holding her bloody and billowing breasts. Megan grabbed Kate's hair and hit her in the jaw. Kate's head turned. Crimson hit the sand. Megan wiggled her hips, bumping her bean against Kate's cooter. The blonde's pink bikini bottoms were crooked. She tried to sit on Megan's thighs, but got kneed. Kate threw elbows and punches down. Megan blocked well, but a few blows landed and bloodied her nose and lips.

Megan screamed, writhed, and shouted incomprehensible curse words and slurs. Dark charged air clouded around their bodies with sand flying up too. Kate took a deep breath, choked, and shuddered. She held her throat and spit up blood, looking pale and weak. Megan flipped Kate over onto her front. The blonde's marred and cut tits were going to sting from smashing into the ground and getting sand in the wounds. Megan dove on top of her, elbowing her in the temple. Kate tried to buck Megan off, and got punched between the legs. Megan latched on, and the bustier broad's pink bikini bottoms snapped. Kate threw an elbow backwards, and it plowed into Megan's mouth. The blood squirt hit some of the women outside the cage. Kate got up and tried to kick Megan in the face. Megan dove onto the ground.

Sand clung to Megan's sweaty body and front. Her eyesight was a little distorted too from granules in her face. She got up and slammed her shoulder into Kate's belly. The blonde with the big breasts was not used to taking hits like this yet. Her serum healing would only last so long. She crashed into the cage, banging her head. Her eyes rolled. The topless brunette went to town punching Kate's belly. Kate buckled, regurgitated blood, and slumped. Megan shoved one of Kate's arms through the cage grating, propping her up. Megan punched Kate in the eye. The nude model was out, but Megan wasn't done taking out her frustrations. She screeched like an Amazon warrior and busted Kate's mouth, knocking teeth out and painting the area with red gore.

The topless and sadistic host of EMCASA, Megan, had covered herself in Kate's blood, beating the shit out of the sobbing nude bimbo. Megan's white panties were wet and blood soaked. She carved her nails into Kate's bosoms, making the SI model scream. Megan kicked Kate in her bared pussy over and over. F6 opened the cage and stepped inside. Megan noticed and nodded to him. She punched Kate in the navel. The blonde's body hung crooked with one arm up and stuck in the grating. Her ass cheeks were pressed against the hot metal, getting cooked. Kate hiccuped and glurped crimson onto her heaving chest from her insides being brutally wrecked.

The blond android in a suit and sunglasses, F6, touched Megan's boob near her heart, shooting in the winner's serum dart. Megan ripped off her panties and he tied a strap-on around her waist. Megan pressed her nails into Kate's rack like they were swords. She carved up, tore at, and made a mess of Kate's big bosoms so that they no longer looked appealing in any way. Kate screamed the entire time, unable to defend herself, and barely able to remain conscious. Megan rammed the prosthetic on the dildo into Kate's pussy. F6 unzipped his pants and pulled out what looked like a white sex toy, perfectly shaped and more like a vibrator than a real penis. He teased Megan's butt cheeks how she liked and entered her doggy style. Megan fucked and kissed Kate. She pulled the defeated fighter down from the cage, snapping her wrist. Kate looked more awake and pained after that. She twitched, lying spread eagle on her back. Megan shot an artificial load into Kate's ruined chest.

“I AM QUEEN of EMCASA!” Megan declared. She touched herself with F6 still holding her close like a lover and plowing her. Megan got a handful of her own ejaculate, bent over, and rubbed it into Kate's face and mouth. Megan touched F6's shoulder and he pulled out of her. Megan swung the rod into Kate's mouth, making her suck it, and shooting another load into her lungs. Megan got on the ground to be under Kate. Megan forced the shaft of her toy into Kate's ass and strangled the blonde with a headlock. F6 dropped down on top of Kate, fucking her in the vagina in an orgy sandwich.

Between the android and Megan hitting her g-spot, Kate was squirting and enjoying mind numbing orgasms almost worth the previous pain to experience. After a few minutes of this, Megan got tired of the sand, and had more ideas for playing with Kate. Unfortunately, the brunette's strength was too much, and her crank on Kate's neck led to several snaps and a tongue lolling death. F6 stood up as soon as Kate died. His vibrating shaft receded mechanically, and he zipped his pants up, dusting himself off. Megan stood up, dropping the lifeless blonde bimbo. She ripped off the strap-on and shot the last of the jizz into Kate's ear. Megan jumped into F6's arms. He began administering calming drugs directly into Megan's veins. She yawed. Other androids stuffed Kate into a CryoBag.

RoboMic said, “That's gonna be me in there next time! WOOEEE!! Way to go Megan! Go Chosen Five! Choose RoboMic for fucking! WEE! Me casa Emcasa, I got a case a' wanting to fuck all these sexy ladies!! YAHOO!!”


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Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 1-6 AD vs MO.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Preliminaries Round One:

Abby Dowse (UFSO C5 Hopeful) vs Maryse Ouellet (MFL)

The giant alabaster bathroom in the guest house filled with serum smoke and moist bath bubbles. The blonde with the itty bitty waist and big boobs, Abby, took a hit from the bong, sitting on the side of the tub. She coughed. Her skin sparked or maybe it was the air around her. She adjusted her lacy pink panties and said, “What do you think of the UFSO serum, Megan?” The brunette actress didn't bother to cover up or soap over her nipples or anything. She took a big toke. Her eyes rolled. Grainy looking air flowed from her nostrils. Abby had planned on using this serum for the UFSO tournament, but she'd been upset just barely in a way she didn't want to think about. She could've won more serum. She could have fucked and killed more bimbos, but being a boss here where more people would see her was better. Abby's pink lingerie was Insta-sexy. Pics of her should be on every social media platform known to man. She added, “I'm ready to fight when we're all done here.”

“Don't rush my bath, bitch!” Megan said. “I can't decide if I like you or not.”

The bathrooms were among the few places the cameras weren't rolling 24/7. There were cameras in the bathrooms and most of the women were seen and filmed naked, but no one with the EMCASA App was going to be able to see Abby making this power play and smoking with Megan. Abby's goal was to befriend Megan and make the movie star turn on as many of her other friends as possible. There were too many followers. Abby said, “I offer the Chosen Five more than any of these singers can. You only need one chick pop star with mind control since they're all practically the same and going to get the same exposure. We need a mind control collar in advertising. That's where I come into play.”

Megan chewed on her lip, looking bored. Then some bitch had the audacity to knock on the door. The stupid French Canadian accent of the WWE diva Abby was going to destroy said, “HEY! Unlock the door! I know Abby is scheming and I can see the smoke under the door! I left my bra in there!”

“STAY topless YOU Fucking SLUT!!” Abby shouted. “You're bra isn't in here!”

“I did find a black bra in here,” Megan said, getting out of the tub. She was kind of awkward. Abby sighed. Megan stared at Abby. Abby fumbled around to hand Megan a towel. Megan nodded. She just put the towel over her shoulder and dripped everywhere. The androids would clean it up. She walked to a medicine cabinet, opened the door, and grabbed a black bra. Megan said, “You know, I want to make an example of her. Don't leave your shit around and expect it to be ok or not go missing!” Megan dropped the bra in the toilet and flushed it. It didn't go all the way down. It made a clog, and water spilled out. Abby stepped towards the door. Megan stood in the toilet water, toweling her crotch an awful lot. Megan added, “If Maryse can get a WWE contract again or be on another TV show, she could get a lot of exposure too, and that's even if I want to orchestrate more people in all this. Maybe I don't. It's all getting complicated and too involved anyway.”

“YEAH!” Maryse shouted, standing against the door. Abby grit her teeth, and unlocked the door. Maryse added, “I don't care about the bra! My bad for being careless! We can be allies and I can keep things simple for you!” Abby swung the door open into Maryse's face. The blonde bitch was really acting the part, wearing no top, black thong panties, black pantyhose stockings, and white pearls around her neck. She really flailed and flopped back with a bloody nose.

“Can I kick her ass here as an official fight?!” Abby asked.

“It has to be in a cage,” Megan said. Three faceless robots in their suits walked in and tended to the bathroom to clean it up. Megan said, “You two are annoying. You're fighting in the barn, since I don't think either of you will like it there.”

“She just smoked serum!” Maryse said. “I'll only fight if she doesn't get injected too!”

Megan put her hands on her hips, dropping the towel, and pouted. F9 tried to tie the towel around Megan's waist. Megan said, “I thought you were going to make things easier for me.”

“I can,” Maryse said. “Let me smoke serum and get good at it before I fight.”

“That'll be forever or never!” Abby said. She kicked Maryse in the belly, knocking the topless broad into the wall. Abby added, “Just accept that you're getting a loss to me for horning in on my territory!” Abby grabbed Maryse by the hair, lifting her, and dragged her towards the steps.

Megan summoned her favorite android, F6, and unzipped his pants. She said, “Announce the Maryse vs Abby fight in the barn.” He nodded. She pulled out his hard artificial member and hung on it.

F6 said, “Mistress, you are entitled to use me how you please, but perhaps when we exit the bathroom, you should think of your appearance a bit.”

“IF I want a DICK, I want a dick!” Megan said. “I don't care who knows! … But... Uncle Justin... Ok.”

Maryse had shoved Abby away to walk by herself to the stable. She brought up the rear of women fighters and androids, trying to think her way out of the battle. Abby got injected with serum in the spine by F1 and got in the cage. RoboMic said, “WOOHOO! I love it! Maryse is topless already! She'll be a double D diva when she gets injected! YIPEE!! I get to get in there and plow the loser with the winner tonight, right?!”

“You should be part of the humiliation,” Megan said, nodding.

“So Abby got to smoke serum and a full injection?!” Maryse asked, avoiding the androids. The female model F9, shot the fleeing lingerie model in the neck from a distance. Her accuracy was incredible. Even getting that boost of adrenaline, testosterone, and other things, Maryse still didn't head right for the cage to fight. Maryse said, “Fine! Abby! I'll kick your ASS, Bitch! Come out here and get ME!!”

The curvy bimbo in the pink bra and panties clanged the door open on the cage, looking irate. She charged at Maryse, who looked to escape from the stable all together, but the androids had locked the big front door. Maryse debated kicking the door down. Instead, she opened a stall with a big dark stallion inside, and found a poop shovel to wield. Her stupid opponent was going to try and drag her to the cage, but wouldn't see the attack coming. The topless diva, Maryse swung the shovel, mashing the flat steel into Abby's stupid freckled face. There was a thunk sound. Abby screamed and blood squirted from her nose and hopefully everywhere. Her petite body backed into the stable wall. The horse whinnied and kicked up hay. Maryse kicked Abby in the pussy, and tried to stab her in the neck with pointy and brown covered point of the shovel. Abby dodged. The shovel tip stuck in the wall.

Abby clawed Maryse's boob and slammed her elbow into the shovel, breaking the wood handle with a satisfying CRACK! Abby said, “Soon, that'll be your bones!” Maryse had enough handle left to flog Abby over the head. The blonde winced and crimson seeped down from her head over her eye. Maryse dropped the pulped wood, grabbed Abby's bra, and socked her in the face. Blood spattered against the siding, but the horse began to calm. The falling floozy cut her shoulder on the shovel stuck in the wall, looking dazed. Maryse tossed Abby's pink bra at her fucked up face. The brunette UFSO chick with the thirsty makeup job, Emily, helped the androids calm the black stallion. She mounted its rear like she wanted some giant horse cock.

“Kiss my ass, shovel-face shithead!” Maryse said, kicking at Abby's face. The bimbo rolled around. Maryse hoped she rolled in shit or had hay stab her skin. Maryse stomped for Abby's body, but the bitch was fast after smoking serum and getting injected. Maryse breathed in and shuddered. The air was dark and charged. She had to get the fuck away from this! Abby purposefully blew serum breath at the horse, who freaked. The horse cried out and kicked backwards, accidentally planting a hoof with a metal shoe into Maryse's mandible. The wrestling entertainment woman wasn't acting when her arms went up in the air, her legs tangled, and she hit the ground with a mouthful of blood. She was stunned and then got stomped by a horseshoe to the temple with the air crackling like a firecracker. F1 sedated the horse with a dart from his black business suit sleeve, but Maryse was knocked out.

“You've proven yourself against me and MEGAN!” Abby shouted, yanking Emily by her tank top. The brunette atop the horse, dismounted with her breasts exposed, worried about the animal. Abby sucker punched Emily in the face and tried to push her under the horse's hooves.

The former Diva's champ began to shake of her concussion with healing energy. She said, “I can't fight under these conditions! Unfair!”

“Yeah!” RoboMic said. “Woman can't and don't fart!” He had totally misheard as Maryse had mumbled and her jaw was jacked up. Many other women had gathered around now like a lumberjill or lumberjack match in the WWE. Bianca Fund launched her ass into Maryse's face knocking her down. Maria, who was also a brunette heel and member of the Chosen Five, kicked Maryse in the crotch and then the ribs. Maryse grunted and whined. Fund's trainee, the well endowed dark haired woman named Juicy, lifted Maryse under the armpits.

“You were a Diva's champ?!” Juicy asked. “More like chump!” Juicy plowed her knuckles into Maryse's mouth. The topless blonde staggered. Emily was up and grappling with Abby, not wanting to fight, and got punted in the pussy. Emily's jeans drooped and her bouncing breasts made a bigger tear in her pink crop top. Maryse backed into Emily, thinking she was a foe. Maryse reached back and began strangling Emily. Abby buried her knuckles and misplaced rage into Emily's long torso. Juicy tried to tear Maryse's teat off and then bitch-slapped the spit and Oxygen out of Maryse's face. Emily inhaled most of Abby's serum air, and switched places with Maryse by force. The blonde wrestler had put her hands down and stopped choking Emily, but it didn't stop Juicy from jump kicking the brunette in the head. Emily's legs buckled and when she went down her lips went up against the horse's swishing tail and buttocks. Abby sliced her nails into Maryse's shoulder and looked to kill her and break her nose with upward strikes at the French Canadian cunt's nostrils. CRUNCH!

“AHHH!” Maryse moaned.

Abby karate chopped Maryse's neck and fired punches into the soft stomach of the pitiful punching bag. Maryse went down. Abby grabbed Maryse's black panties and pulled. They snapped. Abby swatted Maryse's ass, and then pulled Maryse by her hair out of the pen and towards the cage, leaving crimson droplets and stains on the floor. A couple of the meaner women kicked Emily while she was down. Emily was well liked, but only one woman came to her defense, the tattooed Cora, who didn't know her from Adam. Megan noticed this with distaste.

The dragged rag doll, Maryse, awoke with a start as her hip bumped the cage. She extended all her limbs, trying not to get pulled in. In her mind, she was going to lose, but no fighting would be in the cage, so it wouldn't count! She grabbed and held herself in the doorway. Abby punched and kicked Maryse in the neck and face until the brutalized blonde let go and fell backwards in a heap with gore sploshing over her swollen face. Her tits were still bloody with claw marks on both mounds and she was naked except for the pantyhose. Abby grabbed Maryse's ankle, tearing into the stocking cloth, and yanked the spent slut into the farm cage.

“I'ma smoke serum,” Maryse mumbled between gasps, “and... kick... yo... dumbass!! Ro-Mic gonna Fuck You!! e'ry Hole!!”

“WOOHOOO!” RoboMic said. “I'll do it! And just for the record, I was helping Emily get up by the boobs while Cora supported her in other ways.”

“Repeat fights would only happen in the tournament,” Megan said, “Or they won't be official. I don't care. Uncle Justin made some rules. He thinks fans care about organization and crap.”

“What a DumbAss!” RoboMic said. “It just has to be sexy, so you should run it!”

Emily sucked in air and pointed up to indicate RoboMic was a shameless suck-up. She said, “You got something brown on your nose.”

“No, you have brown on your nose,” RoboMic said, and it was observably true. He didn't understand, and didn't care. His eyes went back to the action in the cage with Maryse squealing. Abby stomped Maryse's sexy body and kicked her from one end of the cage to the next. RoboMic loved how Maryse's titties flopped around as she rolled over. He got plenty of views of her ass and pussy with her legs kicking and writhing from the abuse. Maryse choked on serum breath that Abby blew in her face with a disrespectful batch of loges too.

“You're nothing!” Abby said, squatting over Maryse and choking her. She pulled Maryse to sit up and added, “SEE my POWER bitches?! She cheated, and I still ended her!! The washed up hag will now get fucked by all the androids!!” Abby headbutted Maryse in the face. It was savage and sent more plasma onto the hay covered ground. The back of Maryse's head hit hard onto the ground below. She was out. Abby saw the Foxy Corp robots male and female models lining up for the two cage entrances. Abby said, “With strap-ons. I want her covered in jizz!!”

“I guess I'm called into duty,” RoboMic said to Emily, acting like he didn't want this so badly. “I was gonna get the brown off your nose with my dick, but I have to follow orders. But I don't need a strap-on! Unlock my Pink STEEL!! WOO!! That's a cool name, right?!”

Emily shook her head and wiped her face. It was dirt and blood on her nose. RoboMic forced his way, cutting in line. He reached into his pants and whooped like he found his long lost dog. His pants hit his fat cankles, and he walked through the material in his horny haste, swinging a boner like a sword in his hand. The other androids were in sync strapping on dark colored dildos with artificial semen inside for shooting. Abby grabbed a strap-on and jammed the shaft into Maryse's ear. The nude fighter had to just take it. RoboMic shoved his boner into Maryse's mouth with tears of joy and elation streaming down from his chubby cheeks past his sunglasses.

“Don't take too long or we won't all get a chance before she dies,” the woman F9 said to RoboMic, who completely ignored her and everyone else. The androids circled Abby, Maryse, and RoboMic, so that most of the women watching couldn't see the humiliation sex.

“Do I get more than one load or not?!” RoboMic asked, scrunching his face, and contorting with an 'O' expression. Maryse was solid with her tongue, hoping to make RoboMic bust a nut early, and was totally successful. The best part was how he had pulled out to ask his question, and then shot it all over Abby. Abby was pissed, and tried to rip his head off. RoboMic motorboated her boobs. He got another boner, but his programming wasn't going to allow for another sexual discharge so soon.

“You don't get F6,” Megan said, pulling the only blond male android and the last in line towards her. Abby didn't really notice while ripping RoboMic's arm off, and practically barreling through the cage wrestling him and screaming in disgust. Megan smiled to think this was embarrassing for both blondes. The only thing better would've been a double KO and then RoboMic fucking them both.

Maryse began to heal and get into the oral. She got covered in white goo and was happy to be away from Abby and her stupid unfair breath. Plus, Abby hated RoboMic so much, it made Maryse smile. When all the androids had finished on Maryse, the blonde was intrigued by the last, tallest, and burliest male model, F1. He had slapped the shaft all around her body and breasts like he was into it, cumming on her nipples and in on her tongue. She unzipped his pants, and felt a big hard dick. Unfortunately for the loser, Abby had RoboMic limbless and shorting out after the winner's serum dart. Abby grabbed Maryse's pearl necklace, crushing some spheres, and dumping the rest down Maryse's throat. The brown eyed blonde with no clothes on choked and resisted, but it was no use. She choked to death on her own necklace, and then Abby ripped her head off. F6 handed a CryoBag to F9. Abby kicked Maryse's head out of the cage, hopping it would burst like a watermelon, but it didn't. It remained hard and kept its shape with Maryse's glazed over eyes, literally glazed over with semen.

“That was a statement win,” Bianca Fund said. “I think I like her!” Abby pounded on her own chest and swatted Fund's ass. The Romanian brunette, Fund, yelped. The androids attended to Abby with drugs to calm down, but she was hyped from her victory. Cora purposefully hid Emily from Abby's view, trying to take her to a bathroom for a shower. Anyone who wasn't part of the “in crowd' was seen as an enemy by Abby. The average EMCASA contestant didn't need any additional competitors to be good with serum air, but it looked like Abby was another capable and dangerous villain in the mix.


2D Artist
Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 1-7 CA vs BJ.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Preliminaries Round One:

Claudia Alende (Megan Fox Trainee) vs Bianca Juicy (Bianca Fund Trainee)

Anyone who had smoked serum previously had already fought and won in the first round of the EMCASA preliminaries. The APP and the message boards indicated the next fight would be between pop star Claudia Alende and Chosen Five Bianca Fund's protege, Juicy. It was practically a public restroom above the basement fighting area and the Brazilian Megan Fox lookalike, Claudia, patiently waited her turn for a mirror to get ready for her fight. The tan brunette let her jeans jacket hang off her shoulders, revealing her breasts and nipples even though Megan was watching. Claudia winked and made kissing lips at Megan. Claudia was thicker and bustier than Megan, and the actress was known for being jealous and psychotic.

Megan wore a black fluffy robe with a train, black thong panties, and goth makeup. Two needles stuck in the bun of her hair. Megan stuck a finger in Claudia's white thong bikini bottoms and said, “Hey slut! If I could sing, and if I put on weight, I would be you! MMM. You look so much like me, it makes me horny!” Megan kissed Claudia on the lips and smacked her ass. Megan's finger stroked the curve on the booty cheek and then a more private area. She nibbled Claudia's lip, and as usual, the Brazilian let the powerful woman hang on her. Megan had given Claudia a wedgie and pulled her bikini bottoms to see a micro-bikini strap tan line on Claudia's waist. Megan took a needle out of her hair and poked Claudia's underboob, getting a little prick of crimson. She said, “You've been sunning topless to have no tan lines there. I thought I could pop it with the needle. I want to squeeze you more than that fake bimbo, Juicy.” Megan put the needle in the top jacket pocket and headed for the door. Once outside, she took the arm of the blond android F6, and added, “I need some alone time before the fight, F6. Come.”

Claudia's black bikini for the fight was on a hanger. INNA and Delia looked back at Claudia, knowingly. Claudia had no interest in the Chosen Five or touring with a mind control collar. She wanted to find out why video games were so addicting and like mind control for her. The bathroom door flung open and Juicy walked in. Bianca Fund walked over to chat with her pupil. Juicy still had on her sunglasses and sun hat. She wore a red and white striped one piece bikini and pulled her hair out of a bun. She and Bianca walked up to Claudia. Juicy said, “So Megan is pitting allies against one another already?! She thinks this is funny?!”

“No, I picked to fight you,” Claudia said. Delia finished at a mirror. The blonde Romanian pop idol raised an eyebrow, expecting trouble.

“What the fuck?!” Bianca shouted. She grabbed Claudia's shoulder and spun her around. “Explain yourself!” Bianca demanded.

“I think of you like Abby,” Claudia said to Juicy. “Chicks like you will walk on anyone to get ahead and to obtain more power. You have no loyalty to Bianca or probably any Chosen Five when it boils down to it. I saw you beat up on Maryse and Emily when they were down, so I decided I'd put you in your place, and let everyone know what a fake you are!” Claudia honked Juicy's firm round jugs. They felt like implants to Claudia. She smirked and winked at her opponent.

“You're the fake!” Juicy shouted, grabbing the needle from Claudia's breast pocket. “I bet you're planning to turn on Megan too!”

“Too?!” Bianca asked, looking confused.

“I'll defeat you here and drag you to the cage!” Juicy shouted, stabbing at Claudia. The Brazilian blocked. The needle cut into her denim jacket, protecting her chest and ribs from an impale wound. Claudia jumped up to sit her delicious derriere on the sink. She wrapped her legs around Juicy's back, pulling the attacker close. Juicy's crotch hit the corner of the sink and she yelped. Claudia got pricked by the needle in the flank before pulling it from her jacket and handing it to Delia. Juicy stabbed her nails into Claudia's boob. Claudia grabbed Juicy's hair and slung her head towards the mirror. Claudia stopped Juicy's face and let her tan nose and cheek press slowly into the glass.

“That could've been bad for you and a mess to clean up,” Claudia said, unwinding her legs from around Juicy, and kicking Juicy in the belly and boob. “We'll finish this in the cage,” Claudia added.

“You'll BE FINISHED alright!” Juicy shouted.

“Claudia's a TRAITOR!!” Bianca shouted.

Delia shook her head and said, “There's a lot we don't agree on, but enough that we do. Chill out. It's one fight.”

The two brunette Romanian chicks didn't calm down at all after the bathroom altercation. Bianca Fund had gotten a sharp knife from the kitchen which she hid in her jeans shorts pocket, planning to stab Claudia before the match. Fund would prove that Claudia was a traitor, and then it would be forgiven for interfering in the fight. This was Juicy's idea, and it was good. Bianca Fund was sure that bitches like INNA and Claudia were trying to take her spot in the Chosen Five. Claudia just let Megan hook up with her, but didn't even really train with her or show her any respect.

Juicy wore a pinkish purple two piece bikini, showing off her big boobs. There top had extra straps that made an x over her lower ribs. Her hair was still wet from dunking her head in cold water to help get hyped and not kill Claudia in the bathroom. Her black locks were thin and kinky. Claudia wore a black bikini. Her long onyx hair was very straight. The top had a dark gray triangle and stripe on each cup. Her bottoms had peach skin colored stripes on the straps, and formed a thong in the back with little cloth. After the serum injection, Claudia's ass looked especially spankable, thick, and juicy. Juicy bit into a serum pouch instead of being injected, hoping it would help her get ready for smoking serum. She slammed the cage door open and stepped onto the white and black tiles in the cage with bare feet.

All the performers, Delia, INNA, and Antonia crowded around Bianca Fund as she tried to push her way over to Claudia to stab her. The three women boxed Bianca in like they knew what she was planning to do, but Delia was Chosen Five and showed nothing but loyalty to Megan even when Bianca Fund had wavered. Bianca cursed under her breath. Her trainee should be able to win without cheating. Juicy didn't seem that loyal either. She'd started off good, but was getting full of herself quickly. Claudia gave Megan a kiss on the lips before getting in the cage. Megan said, “Hot!” and flicked the wheel on a lighter to stare at the flame like a pyro.

Juicy looked like a caged animal, hunched, and ranting and raving under her breath. Claudia was showing much better restraint. Juicy swiped for Claudia's hair. The Brazilian backed against the cage to dodge. Juicy slugged Claudia in the belly-button and said, “TAKE IT, FATTY!” Juicy slammed her head into Claudia's chin. Claudia punched her rival in the temple. Juicy recoiled. She grit her teeth and kicked Claudia in the upper thigh, making the model's Glutes and boobs shake. Juicy's big breasts were very firm and stationary with an alluring bead of sweat in her cleavage. Claudia socked Juicy in the jaw. It was a big hit, drawing blood, and causing Juicy to stumble and flail. Claudia put her hand on her chin. Her blue fingernails brought out the blue of her eyes. She made the peace sign with her index and middle finger at the sides of her lips and flicked her tongue like a snake.

Megan sat in a throne held in the air by F2 and F3. She assumed that Claudia wanted to lick her pussy and would invite her into the cage for coitus after the battle concluded. Despite getting railed by F6, Megan was still horny. She dropped the lighter into her panties so she wouldn't touch herself and took another hit of serum from the joint in the ashtray. Some of the women stayed away from the serum smoke, but others wanted to be near it, hoping to breathe it and get positive exposure.

The babe in the black bikini, Claudia, rocketed a punch into Juicy's midsection. Juicy clawed for Claud's chest and was blocked. She pumped her other fist into the slut's underboob, and kicked her in her ratchet cooter. Juicy landed a right hook, busting Claudia's lips open. She got cocky, tearing off Claudia's bra, and digging her nails into Claudia's teats for extra pain and stinging. Juicy tried to knee Claudia between the legs again, but the Brazilian blocked with her leg. Claudia karate chopped Juicy in the neck. Juicy lost her titty twister grip. Claudia snatched her hair and slung Juicy's face into the bar on the cage door, breaking Juicy's nose. She screamed. Her boobs got momentarily squashed to the sides from the bar. Juicy shouted obscenities and sliced her nails into Claudia's meaty underboob, making a bloody puncture wound. She tangled her legs with Claudia and tried to gauge out her eyes. Claudia closed her eyes and knocked Juicy's hands away.

“Your mistake to stay so close!” Claudia said. The topless bikini model got tackled on purpose, leaning back and to the side. With her leg curled around Juciy's the Romanian's patella blasted the tile floor. Their big breasts rubbed together and RoboMic was unsure if her wanted his manhood between their titties or their ass cheeks. He would accept both. He whooped and cheered more than women watching. Claudia's ground game was very good, and alarmingly so for Juicy. As soon as the power hungry heel, Juicy was on her back, the Brazilian snared her neck and arm with one leg. Juicy tried to shake her trapped arm backwards to strike but it wouldn't work. She got kneed in the spine. Her back arched and her breasts protruded. RoboMic left his bottle of water open and splashed it onto Juicy's melons through the cage grating.


Claudia snaked her other leg over Juicy's bicep. The topless pop star showed great flexibility on one knee with Juicy's bicep squished. Claudia's crotch also rubbed the tile, still holding a 4 shaped lock on Juicy's neck and other arm. Claudia smirked at her struggling opponent and licked her broken nose. Claudia then put a series of sharp strikes into the vulnerable neck of her foe, making her gurgle and choke. Claudia took her hands to the upper limbs of her adversary. She targeted the alone arm and in a quick matter of wrenching and awkward angle shoving the resounding CRUNCH could be heard in the fighting basement. Juicy's anguished cry echoed off the walls. Juicy's face turned blue. She couldn't breathe. Her nipples were erect against the swimsuit cloth. Claudia let go of the strangulation and snapped Juicy's other arm at the elbow.

The EMCASA serum did not have near as much healing as other types, and Juicy wasn't going to get up. Claudia got shot with the winner's serum dart by F1. Megan smoked the rest of the joint, coughing and overdoing it, because she didn't want to share. She took off her robe and jumped down from her throne. Claudia sat with Juicy's head in her lap. The Brazilian clawed and toyed with Juicy's jugs, finally stripping her top off, but otherwise showing great restraint.

F6 put a strap-on around Megan's waist and tossed one in for Claudia too when he opened the cage door. Megan kicked Juicy in the pussy. She tore off the brunette's bikini bottoms and shoved her fist in deep to hear Juicy yell. Megan lifted Claudia under the arms and entered her missionary style. Megan moved her black panties to the side and her lighter fell out. It clanged on the tile. Megan thrust and squatted over Juicy, rubbing her clit and pussy into the defeated fighter's mouth. Claudia gripped the dildo of the toy tossed to her and teased Megan's private area with it. Then Claudia jabbed Juicy's cheeks and face with the dildo, releasing semen loads. She poked Juicy all over like a curious country kid with a stick poking a corpse. All the fluid released made it a slicker and more enjoyable ride for Megan getting her pussy licked. Megan came all over Juicy's face and stopped fucking Claudia.

Claudia hoped she wouldn't have to take down Megan personally. She disagreed with what Megan and Delia had planned for the mind control collars, and was disgusted by what had happened with Antonia being over-exposed to a mind control collar and having mental and physical side effects, but Claudia didn't think Megan and Delia would go too dark. She kissed Megan, and didn't hate or think of the bully as a revolting woman. Serum did make Claudia horny though. Claudia's bikini bottoms had been ruined by Megan. Claudia tied the strap on to the cage and sat on it to wiggle around and please herself during her serum and libido high.

The actress, EMCASA host, and favorite to win it all, Megan, now wanted to abuse Juicy, flipping the fighter with the broken arms over onto her front to fuck her in the ass. Juicy moaned, and Megan saw her face next to the lighter. Megan grabbed the lighter and scorched a flame over Juicy's dangling breasts and nipples.

“OWW!!” Juicy cried. Megan flipped her over and sucked on her burnt breasts. Megan liked fire a lot, and burned Juicy several times, making a mess of her chest. Megan then burned Juicy's lips and face fucked her, shooting jizz deep into her throat and all over until Juicy was suffocated and dead. Megan was a little mad that Claudia had pleased herself, but Megan had smoked chill weed and serum all rolled together. She could calm down looking at the fire on her lighter and with some drugs. Claudia opened the cage doors to let the androids in to bag Juicy's body. Megan hopped up onto her throne. The rest of the women weren't sure whether to be glad for Claudia's win or not or what it all had meant. It had seemed like a strange matchup for those who hadn't yet heard the bathroom conversation. The video of it would get shared, and leave Megan paranoid and questioning her allies more than ever.


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Jan 6, 2022
I wrote a Waifu Strip Fight Tournament on deviant with sex toned down, and they still deleted this. So here it is:
SEWFT 17 Az vs Br.jpg

Shadow Enterprises Platform Peril Waifu Strip Fight Tournament Round Two:

Azula (Avatar the Last Airbender) vs Brandish Mu (Fairy Tail)

“Look at all these guns!” Azula said, pulling Ty Lee aside on the bow of their yacht. Guns were a new concept to the Fire Nation ladies, but they'd learned quickly. Azula asked, “Did you let our secret plan slip?!” The healers all had dart guns on their belts and with their equipment, and Azula hadn't liked hearing that they were safety precautions against the combatants.

Two dark haired and shirtless studs made their way to the front of the boat, and Ty Lee grabbed The Assistant's bicep. She knew that Azula liked the guy with the glasses named the Calculator, thinking he calculated wars or something like that. Ty Lee said, “Yes! Look at these guns! You must work out a lot or did the serum pump up your muscles and your penis too?!”

The Assistant blushed and handed Ty Lee a syringe of serum. He tried to act like he wasn't totally into her boobs and body in a black and red striped micro-bikini. He said, “You stood me up and fucked me over, circus freak! You asked for a different healer and hooked up with Nico Robin in gang territory!”

Ty Lee said, “Azula said we should both have the Calculator as our guy! It wasn't personal!”

“The Assistant is such a Beta name,” Azula said, acting like he wasn't there. “Stay away from him, Ty Lee! Focus on this fight and our plans!” The Assistant stomped off to the boat cabin. The Calculator adjusted his glasses and watched Azula's foe, the green haired mage with the bob cut, Brandish Mu, step onto the dock under the fighting platform. Ty Lee looked up at the round fighting area, the pole, and all the structures covered with metal hanging on the underside of the platform like stalactite in a cave. She was going to give their plans away! Azula punched Ty Lee in the boob and whispered, “Divert his attention!”

“I thought you liked him!” Ty Lee said out loud. Azula's face turned red. The princess of the Fire Nation, a beautiful brunette, had her dark hair up in a bun with a gold pointy hair clip that would perfectly cut into the casing covering the Shadow Metal crystals that kept all the women without the powers of their universe. Azula wore a red bikini top with black leather straps and a very seductive skirt with a black leather band around her waist, and red cloth triangles in front and back. She also wore black and gold bands on her forearms. Azula was pale, fit, and curvy. Ty Lee injected Azula in the spine with the serum, making the fighter's abs stick out and her breasts grow. Ty Lee handed the Calculator the syringe and reached under Azula's bikini top to fondle her breasts. Ty Lee said, “How do the piercings feel?!”

“OW!” Azula cried. “AWFUL! How come you didn't get them too?!” Azula punched Ty Lee in the face. The acrobatic brunette did a few flips backwards and wiped her bloody mush.

Ty Lee said, “I'm doing the tattoos and you're doing the piercings since we can alter our bodies and put them back to normal. We don't want to do the same thing! Nipple piercings are sexy! I can't believe you let me do it! Hehe, but you look so hot! Doesn't she, Cal-key?!”

“I don't know about that nickname,” the Calculator said, noticing the rings and piercings pieces pressing tight against Azula's red bikini top, “but that certainly does have its appeal.”

“Told ya!” Ty Lee said, winking to Azula.

Azula felt like she could make the Calculator hers and calculate for her, but she wanted to use her powers again. It had been so long since she'd firebended and used lightning. She also wanted to kill and destroy the whore of a loser she was set to battle. She jumped onto the dock, and Ty Lee followed her towards the mini red platform that would rise to the big blue one. Once atop the fighting plateau, Azula stared down the chick with the purple cross horns in her head. She was an ugly abomination, flaunting her oversized and sickening body. Brandish wore a jacket open with a fluffy purple collar and a black micro-bikini with gold straps. Her swimsuit cloth practically needed a magnifying glass to see, barely covering her nipples or her pussy. It was that micro.

The Shadow explained the rules and asked Ty Lee to take Azula's hair clip since it looked so sharp and like a weapon. Ty Lee obeyed, smirking. Azula's hair stayed up due to a hair tie and a slight breeze blew her two long black bangs. The Shadow went away and Azula said, “I Know all You Fans WANT to See us DUEL WITH our POWERS!!” Fans cheered. Azula nodded to Ty Lee. The circus freak managed to crawl on the underside of the platform to get to the pole. Azula couldn't see Ty Lee's work or feel any difference just yet.

“Are you nips pierced?!” Brandish asked, pulling on Azula's bikini top to peek. Azula socked Brandish in the mouth and kicked her between the legs. Brandish recoiled, holding the top, and exposing Azula's sexy and kinky knockers with the pink areolae pierced and circled by gold rings. Azula felt angry, and then she felt her fire and electric charges swelling inside her. Ty Lee got to the top of the blue padded platform with her hand bleeding. She put Azula's hair clip back on her head. Brandish said, “You're gonna wear that?! … Whatever. I got my magic back! I'll crush you!”

Blue fire danced in Azula's open hand and blue electric charged down her wrist to her clenched fist. She shouted, “TRY Your BEST! You'll DIE!!”

Brandish began to grow. She became a giant quickly and was going to crush the platform, so she stepped off it. Her clothes grew with her, but the drone cameras and Azula got crotch views where Brandish's pink pussy lips and labia could be seen with barely anything covering. There were loud splashing noises and tidal waves as the busty giantess stepped into the pool/lake. The Shadow said, “We knew of your plan to use powers, and allowed it. Brandish, you have stepped out and are down one to nothing now.”

“Oh, damn!” Brandish shrieked. “I got all excited when my powers came back and didn't control them right! I'll shrink you, Azula, and squash you like a bug!” Brandish shrunk herself and when she was less than the height of three stories and a small building, Azula shot electric into Brandish's horns and the water she stood in, frying the barely clothed bimbo. Brandish screamed and trembled. Her body bounced off the water like it was solid. Her jacket blew into pieces like a pillow getting hit on the highway. Black smoke billowed from Brandish's pink and scorched body. She'd been knocked close enough for the fans to touch, but the people were all too afraid to bend down or touch the sparking water. Azula's relentless blue electric banged Brandish's body against the wall of the pool, making her tits shake and her micro-bikini fray.

“That's enough!” The Shadow said. “You shouldn't be allowed to attack a ringed out foe! This was a bad idea to let you do this.” Azula smiled, shook her head, and kept shocking the green haired victim, making her squeal and flop like a dying pig. The Shadow tried to shock Azula, but the brunette was electric. She channeled all that extra energy and built it up in her body, feeling power like she expected she would during Sozin's Comet. The Shadow's “shock” had stopped Azula from attacking Brandish though. Brandish's big boobs made her float in the water.

“You can punish me instead!” Ty Lee said, acting like a masochist. Azula felt a heart wrenching and gut pounding resonance. Her powers were gone again. Ty Lee got electrocuted, and seemed to enjoy it with her feminine parts jiggling and her tongue lolling.

“We can turn the powers back on from any location,” The Shadow said. “All our healers have dart guns to Tranq you or Brandish if you got out of control.”

“Like they could hit me before I shocked them,” Azula said, scoffing.

An exhausted Brandish whose bikini somehow hadn't been obliterated, hung on the lifesaver from a yacht, and got pulled back to the dock. As soon as the fancy little boat got there, Brandish swam for the ladder with renewed energy and anger. The pride of the Alvarez Empire and prettiest mage of the West, Brandish, rode her mini purple platform up to face Azula and kick her ass. Brandish was taller and stronger than Azula naturally. She stepped onto the platform, made knuckles, and popped her neck. She said, “You're gonna wish you hadn't done that to me.”

“Oh yes,” Azula said, taking out her hair clip and tossing it at Ty Lee. Ty Lee didn't catch it. The sharp gold object tore into the red padding of the mini platform. Ty Lee sat down and wiped her brow with her foot. Azula added, “I don't need that to kill you.”

Brandish started off by kicking Azula between the legs. She felt with her toes that Azula wore bikini bottoms, which made that less exciting. Brandish swung a punch at Azula's face. The topless and pale babe parried with force and a spark of blue light. Brandish was shocked and stunned. She swung a punch into Azula's boob, aiming for the nipple piercing. It was a direct hit and Azula screamed with rage. The sadistic princess grabbed Brandish's cross shaped horn and rocketed a glimmering and charged fist into Brandish's mouth. Blood spurted and the bigger woman almost fell over. Brandish's horns sparked like they were lightning rods. Azula let go of the horn to block and parry a punch. Brandish's arm muscles stood out like her limbs were seizing. Azula kicked Brandish between the legs. The short haired lass, Brandish, tried to claw Azula's tit, sensing that things were not going to go her way at all. She missed the nipple piercing, and clawed mammary mounds. Azula's foot had lightning energy as she kicked Brandish in the stomach. The bigger broad buckled and coughed up blood.

“You're too trashy and weird for Ty Lee's circus!” Azula said, laughing scathingly. She didn't notice Ty Lee shaking her head and wanting to take Brandish in more ways than one. Azula punched Brandish in the face and held her top so she wouldn't fall. The top ripped off, exposing Brandish's boobs, but Brandish got her footing. Azula kicked Brandish in the crotch again. The charged attack and force made Brandish cry and moan with pleasure. She was wet and aroused with erect nipples that Azula used as punching bags. Azula did not mind low blows and dirty fighting at all. She punted her rival in her private area until the micro-bikini bottoms burst and Brandish fell to her knees, dripping wet and moaning with a beet red face.

“You... gotta have a weakness,” Brandish gasped, trying to push past Azula's skirt to bite, kiss, or lick her down low. It didn't work. The brutalized fighter with the bloody face and swollen vulva, got another shot to the jaw, spattering carmine droplets. Azula held Brandish's horn not allowing the KO'ed hottie to fall. Azula looked tall and mighty with Brandish limp and on her knees. Azula charged up the remaining electric in her body and let it all out with an Amazonian war cry.

“I HAVE NO WEAKNESSES!” Azula shouted. She yanked on the purple cross horn with incredible power, tearing it from Brandish's head. The horns were all one unit, and the cross shape on the other side cut through Brandish's head and brains, painting the mat and Azula's sexy body with gore. Brandish was dead. Her eyes went white. Her tongue held out, still wanting to lick pussy, and her breasts weren't the only things leaking juice as she expired. The warrior queen, Azula, used Brandish's double-sided cross horns like a weapon, and cut Brandish's head off with the last of her charged strength. The fans went wild. The neck wound was cauterized immediately after getting an arched spurt of watery blood. The killed babe's head had been lopped off, and to add insult to injury and a complicate healing, Azula stomped Brandish's nose. She then kicked the severed head off the ledge into the water. Azula pumped her fists in the air, considering kicking Brandish's fat udders and ribs. Instead, she stuck the horns into Brandish's exposed private area.

Ty Lee scrunched her nose and sighed. Several healers got onto the platform for reviving and saving Brandish. Azula turned to the Calculator, demanding he towel the blood off her, and he did. The nubby cloth got caught on her nipple piercings, and she flailed, hitting his impressive pecs and almost knocking him off the platform. The Healer had Brandish in a CryoBag and that sealed black sack with neon liquids running in tubes going down the descending purple platform. He dove into the water to retrieve the head, but the Farmhand beat him to it.

“That is how you win a fight!” Azula shouted, covering up with the towel. The fans wanted to see more of her sexy body, but cheered for her decisive win and style points. Ty Lee wondered if Azula would've won without the accidental ring out and the electric help. Ty Lee chewed her lip and wondered if maybe she was stronger than Azula and didn't need to take crap from her all the time. Azula was looking awful sexy though, and they were like sisters. Ty Lee shrugged, and cartwheeled over to Azula to hug and congratulate her. Azula didn't want to be touched though. She was tense and ready to kill again, needing drugs to calm down... but it was Azula. She never really did calm down...

Sweet Sixteen Fights remaining:

Christie Monteiro vs Miyazawa Elena;

Erza Scarlet vs Homura Kogetsu; DOA Honoka vs Julia Dragoon

Kagura Mikazuchi vs Toyama Kazuha; Nami vs Lucy Heartfilia

Mouri Ran vs Rebecca Scarlet; Tina Armstrong vs Ty Lee


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Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 1-8 SC vs PS.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Preliminaries Round One:

Sara C (Romania) vs Polina Sitnova/Aura (Russia MFL)

The cliques and friend groups in EMCASA weren't forming or staying together as imagined. Sara didn't spend all her time with Mandy and Ozana or any of the Romanians more so than other women. Sara wasn't trying to suck up to Megan or the Chosen Five and get in their good graces either. Maryse, who was still employed by the MFL did not hang out with the MFL Russian women, Polina, Sveta, and Iryna. The three of them were kind of lepers, and maybe it was because of Russia invading Ukraine in geopolitics, or maybe it was because Polina was crazy. She and Sveta were very horny women non-stop and hooking up frequently, even though Sveta was technically dating Helga back on Pongeo Island. They had a 'what happens in Spain stays in Spain' sort of attitude, even though the MFL likely had bought viewing rights to EMCASA.

The white bikini with gold embroidery Sara wore was one of the fan favorite outfits/bikinis of hers. The trim brunette Romanian had ordered many of these in durable and flimsy/fall-apart quality. She sunned on a chair in the coastal sun, enjoying the view and the day with the straps on her bikini pulled down. Polina, the Russian blonde and former KGB ninja assassin, as usual embraced possible tan lines. She'd been out in the sun in a regular blue bikini for a very long time. Sveta had olive skin and onyx colored long hair. She also had a very sexy ass enveloping her red thong bottoms. She and Irnya wore no tops. Iryna was a short and busty bimbo with black hair wearing black bottoms. Sveta had a bottle of sunscreen in her hand. Polina giggled and kicked it out of Sveta's grip. Sveta said, “Come on, Poli! Let me rub you down! Your skin could burn! You got to put on Iryna's sunscreen!”

“And she won't screw either one of us!” Polina complained. “You're being a dumb big boobed bimbo and no fun, Iryna!”

“The war is really getting to me,” Iryna said, “and I want to learn more about this serum, this event, and the mind control collars. I don't mean to be cold and not affectionate.”

“Yes you do,” Polina said, frowning. She tackled Sveta into the crashing waves as the topless babe bent over to get the sunscreen. It flung out of Sveta's hand up onto the beach. Iryna picked it up and read the back like the ingredients were interesting or something. Polina and Sveta scampered around in the shallow water play fighting, laughing, giggling, jiggling, and flirting. Polina slapped Sveta's ass and said, “How do you get your ass like that?!”

“Poppin' a squat and twerkin on dicks!” Sveta joked. “You know that!” It was actually pretty well known that Sveta hadn't been in a relationship with a man since before being tricked into a Shadow Enterprises contract and joining the Model Fighting League for Season 1.

Polina grabbed Sveta's hand and they skipped over towards Sara. Sara sat up, not really expecting trouble, but it was always good to be on guard. Sara and Polina had organized a Romania vs Russia tag battle on Pongeo where you could fight anywhere. Sara had hoped to rematch Polina who she'd lost to on the Mount Obsidian volcano fighting area where they had both lost in the Final Four of the tournament. Sara had fought Sveta in the past and won. Polina said, “Hey Sara! We have some MFL serum we're going to try and smoke tonight to try and be competitive here. You're pretty much MFL too, and they think you might care about stopping Megan from keeping the mind control collar, even though I really don't care. It's whatever.”

“It is important,” Iryna said to no one in particular since she hadn't really followed to be in the conversation. She was sort of odd in person and a trashy whore online.

“We probably should not just have fun and focus a bit,” Sveta said.

“Have you smoked serum yet?” Polina asked, talking a mile a minute in her cute girly high pitched voice. “Any tips on how to do it?! We're more than willing to share our joint with you! Also consider yourself hand selected for our orgy! Maybe Iryna will join if your sexy tight ass joins too!” Polina reached inside Sara's top to stroke her breasts and tease her nipples with a pinch. Sveta gave Polina a wedgie to stop her from being more handsy. Sveta winked to Sara.

“I might take you up on the offer to smoke,” Sara said, thinking she could get into that slowly. “The UFSO serum is supposed to be more like Foxy Corp's serum, and that's what I have on me. I don't know about sharing with all three of you.”

“We don't care about the serum,” Polina said. She clapped and giggled. “Pay us back for our serum with some passionate love making.”

“Actually the different serum type could really mess with us,” Sveta said. “Didn't you or one of the Romanians say the MFL serum was super different that what you were used to and hard to adjust to?”

Sara didn't get a chance to answer that question. The quiet and peaceful moment on the beach with only a few women there got a lot louder and more crowded as Megan and a ton of groupies followed. The blond android in a suit and sunglasses F6 and a few others followed too. Megan looked annoyed. She was so bipolar. Sometimes she loved a party and lots of people, but right now, she looked like she wanted to ship them all off to a deserted island. Megan, the brown haired actress, wore black fishnet bottoms and a white fishnet bra that showed all of her femininity. She said, “Polina, you fucked, embarrassed, and killed Sara. I want you to do it again. I've scheduled that fight for tomorrow. That's the only way I'll be attracted to you and that you can get some action with me.”

“So if I pick you to fight against, you won't allow it?” Polina asked. Megan raised an eyebrow. All the chatty masses got really quiet. Polina giggled and added, “I don't know that I will, but if you want a threesome when I win, I'd be totally into that!!”

“You're not gonna win this time!” Sara said. She clenched her fists, stood, and her white bikini top dropped off her sun kissed mounds with the straps tucked into the cups. Sara, Megan, and Polina liked what they saw, but Sara was too thoughtful about the impending fight to be flattered. She chest bumped Megan and looked her in the eyes. Their noses and the tips of their breasts touched. Sara said, “If you want a piece of me, I'll fight you anytime. Fucking you is a real treat!” Sara assumed that Polina wouldn't be smoking serum for the first time tonight now. She bent over to pick up her top and Megan kicked her between the legs.

“Fucking you is like Trick or Treat,” Megan said, slow with the comeback. She put her hands on Sara's hips and then rubbed her thighs.

“That's because it will take a trick for Megan to beat Sara,” Sveta whispered. Polina burst out laughing.

“Halloween is my favorite holiday with all the horror, devils, and sodomy,” Megan said without cracking a smile. Megan stopped trying to finger Sara. The topless Romanian, Sara, pushed the EMCASA leader away. Megan licked her finger. Sara kicked Megan in the pussy, ready to fight with or without serum. She wasn't going to let Megan bully her. Megan hunched and yowled. Eyebrows rose. No one had this much balls! Megan cried, “The net caught my pussy! F6 come help get it untangled!! AHH!! Now!! Sara, you bitch!! You'll pay for this!!”

The blond android dutifully went to work, but Megan didn't want the wedgie and problem fixed. She fanned herself and panted. She grabbed the android's hair and stopped him from performing his duty, enjoying the sensual touch. The fat cyborg RoboMic ran to the scene, moving well for a big man. He yelled, “I'll get it for you, Megan my Queen!”

“NO!” Megan shouted. “Stop looking everyone! F6! Take me somewhere private!” Megan went limp and threw her head back for the android to carry her. She was certainly dramatic.

“That's cool how you stand up to her,” Sveta said, slapping Sara on the booty cheek and winking.

Time came for the fight in the small outdoor cage in the sand close to the shoreline. Sara wore a white bikini with gold embroidery that could be ripped off easily. Polina wore some sort of white cover-up, but that didn't stay on long. She took it off and was completely nude underneath. RoboMic was the main cheering party for Polina's nakedness along with Sveta. The Russian blonde walked up to Sara, and tried to lasso the Romanian with her garment. It went over Sara's shoulders and behind her neck. Sara bumped into Polina. The busty nudist almost fell over. Her face looked a little gaunt, and she seemed to have trouble breathing. Sara lifted Polina's arms in the air. Polina had trouble getting her footing in the sand. She had white lace over both feet with ankle ties like she was playing to a foot fetish crowd or something. Polina was an ex-ninja assassin. She shouldn't be this weak or unbalanced. Something was wrong.

“How come you stood us up – la... ack!” Polina began before losing her voice and starting a coughing jag. “Last night,” Polina said with tears in her eyes.

“You smoked serum last night?!” Sara asked. Polina nodded. She wiped her eyes and grabbed for Sara's top. She got her fingers around a bikini top strap. Sara kneed the bimbo in the belly and decked her with a punch. Polina crashed into the dark metal cage. It was hot from being in the sun. Sveta tried to help up Polina, but the blonde was too proud, and pushed her away. Sveta looked weak and pale herself. She rubbed her temples. Sara said, “You're going to have to strip me in the cage.”

“Don't let her push you around like that, Russian slut!” Megan said. She wore a white cover-up loose over her body, similar to the one Polina had worn. It didn't cover Megan's private areas. Megan added, “I wouldn't take that if I were you.”

The blonde combatant's angry face relaxed. Polina was known for being girly and cute even amidst a brutal battle. She walked over to Megan and rammed her booty into Megan's crotch. Polina bent over and said, “Put it in me already!! We both want to break Sara and be inside her!! Hehe!” Polina wiggled her butt and giggled. Megan scrunched her nose, but got a syringe from F6 with serum. She injected Polina in the neck, staring at Sara. Sara couldn't expect Polina to be weak from smoking serum. Any downsides could flip the other way at a moment's notice. Sara couldn't be cocky or pity Polina. F1 ripped the tab of a serum pouch open for Sara to drink like a Capri Sun. The brunette sucked every last drop from the pouch, and eagerly hustled into the sandy floored cage to meet her opponent.

The naked chick with the small erect nipples, Polina, hunched over like a wrestler, showing better footwork now on serum and razor focus. She lunged at Sara. The brunette kicked her adversary in her dangling melons with the tan lines. Polina went for Sara's top again, and this time, had no trouble tearing it off. Sara punched Polina in the mouth. Blood beaded near Polina's lower lip. She giggled and put her hands behind her head to taunt. Sara threw a punch. Polina backed up. Sara's knuckles grazed boob. Polina climbed the cage and flipped over Sara. Sara saw Polina's shadow and her tits flopping. Sara put her guard high and felt a blow hit her wrists. Polina landed and kicked Sara in the shin. Sara aimed for Polina's smirking face. The naked bitch dodged, grinning. Polina kicked Sara in the flank, but it didn't hurt that much. Sara punted Polina in the pussy.

“OO!” Polina chirped. “Let's get dirty before I pound you into submission.”

“I'll shake all the sand out before I fuck your exhausted body,” Sara retorted with a smile. Polina enjoyed the smack talk and their rivalry. She dodged a punch and licked her knuckles. For Sara, digesting the serum was taking a little longer for her to get full power than from injecting it, and she was currently on Polina's level. It was a good sign. Polina finally looked a bit like her normal ninja self, moving her lithe frame to sidle behind Sara. The Romanian felt a hand smack her ass cheek. Sara flailed an arm, catching Polina in the eye. She faced her foe. Sara punched and it was blocked. Polina almost took a knee before uppercutting Sara in the groin. The Russian had even pulled Sara's bikini bottoms to the side to make her licked knuckles hit Sara's clit.

Sara hugged Polina in a clinch. Polina threw her body backwards with the momentum, knowing she'd crash Sara's hands into the cage. The perky orbs of both topless babes pressed together and squished. Sara thought Polina's nipples might cut her skin. Sara's teats were hard too from the adrenaline, excitement, and thoughts about realizing her revenge. While their chests battled for space, their knees and legs pumped with patellas smacking thighs and hips. Polina winked and practically headbutted Sara going for a playful but seductive kiss. Sara knew there'd be malice after this, and partially blocked the right hook at her gut. Polina landed a left hook into Sara's kidney. Sara's abs stood out. Ingesting the serum did make her stomach a little more vulnerable than normal. Sara stomped Polina's foot and belted her opponent in the navel. Polina gasped.

The Romanian bikini model thought Polina's tits were made of steel for a moment as her own mammary mounds were cut. Sara had lowered her body and Polina had raked her nails over Sara's breasts. Sara rammed her shoulder into Polina's breadbasket. Polina tried to guard low, but could only stop one punch from obliterating her tummy. Sara landed the other one. Polina winced and dragged her tight ass against the grating to sneak away from Sara. Polina raced around in a circle, climbing the fence, hopping, and staying just out of Sara's reach. It was annoying; especially with the Russian giggling and sticking out her tongue.

“I like being chased by such a sexy chick I've fantasized about often!” Polina said, jumping and trying to kick Sara in the face. Sara blocked. The topless brunette kicked Polina in the side of the knee. The blonde kept running, kicking up sand. Sara kept her temper in check and waited for the right moment. Polina said, “Tiring you out and watching you give chase is so hot!” Polina panted and touched herself. Sara cocked back a punch, and had a weird hunch that Polina was peaking in her power. Sara stopped. Polina threw a punch. It was a simple jab, but it split Sara's lips open. Polina kicked for Sara's belly, but the Romanian turned her body to take it in the ribs.

Sara grabbed her fleeing enemy's hair. She kicked Polina in the ribs. CRACK! Polina whimpered and cried. She tried to escape, flailing like a fish out of water. Sara stomped Polina's ankle and released her rival's hair. Blonde locks whipped into Sara's face, but she was still able to kick Polina in the groin. Sara grabbed Polina's head and forced it into the cage. Polina elbowed Sara in the jaw so that Sara could taste copper and plasma from her own wounds. Sara uppercut Polina in the face. The blonde yelped and gasped. She looked out of breath. Her earrings shimmered in the setting sunlight. Sara bared her teeth in a smile, and kneed Polina in the torso. Polina squealed. The topless Romanian punched up and across her body like her arm was a missile to the moon. Polina screamed. Her body spun from the blow. Her jaw was slack with crimson spurting from it. Everyone saw the whites of her eyes as she stumbled and socked Sara in the boob.

The bikini model kicked her challenger in the back of the neck. Polina's body twitched. Sara slammed a palm into Polina's spine, and added a round of punches and a knee to the haunch. She shoved Polina's head down and into the cage grating again. With her own bikini bottoms crooked, Sara could feel Polina's hot womanhood pressed against her loins. Sara rocketed a fist into Polina's belly. The nude blonde coughed up blood, really vocalizing every injury now with shrill moans and cries. Where serum made most women bottle up their emotions in the form of not crying publicly, Polina wore her emotions on her sleeves even in battle. Sara nearly popped Polina's eye out, grabbing her head. Polina struck Sara in the temple, turning around. Sara closed her legs to block a low blow. Polina threw a punch. Sara caught it. It was so exciting! She had Polina on the ropes! Polina sobbed. Sara wrenched Polina's arm. SNAP! The sound was so satisfying. The bone break took Polina to her knees. Sara kicked Polina in the spine, hearing more ribs crunch.

“AHHH!” Polina cried. “NOOO!!” The downed and naked damsel cursed in Russian, buckled over and flopped around in the sand. Sara kept kicking Polina so she'd sit up. The brunette grabbed the loser's wet blonde locks, pulled up, and ended Polina's night with a knee to the face. The sexy and beaten body of the blonde banged into the cage. She writhed in pain, spitting up blood, and trying to crawl towards Sara to scratch her leg. It was futile, but fun to watch. Polina had no quit. She was a great rival, and Sara had looked forward to finally besting her.

Polina was able to lift her head and bump into Sara's crotch while digging her nails into Sara's calf. Sara ripped off her bikini bottoms looking to have the power of the Incredible Hulk. This was before she'd been given extra serum for winning too. Sara slammed her knuckles up into Polina's neck and heard a POP! Polina's body was brittle and maybe hadn't reacted well to smoking serum. Maybe she'd needed this loss to be able to get good enough to contend later. Maybe Sara should've smoked with the Russians while she'd had the chance. Sara saved her doubts for later. As soon as she was hit with the winner's serum dart, all she had on her mind was sex and humiliation for quivering blonde.

Mandy and Ozana, Sara's friends, opened the cage door to hand her a strap-on. They noticed Sara's power and Mandy went ahead and tied the buckle around Sara's hips for her, getting a flirty touch in there. Sveta fanned herself and blushed, leaning over and looking sick but also horny. Sara pointed at Megan and said, “I guess you're not getting in on this one, Megan! Maybe you should stop betting against me and trying so hard to avenge your UFSO loss to me!”

The nude brunette was surprised to see Polina up. The blonde jumped and Sara caught her booty cheeks. Polina's neck hung sort of limp and she used her not broken arm to hold her head in place so it wouldn't snap. Sara entered Polina missionary style, holding her. Polina loved it. Megan was way late with her comeback, saying, “Maybe you should stop sucking and start sucking up to me.”

“I'm doing all the sucking you wish you could do,” Sara said, tossing Polina against the cage. Sara stared at Megan and tongued Polina's breasts. She sucked on the mounds, teasing Polina's nipples. Polina squealed with glee; anything to not feel all the pain of defeat. Sara turned Polina around and bent her over. Sara spanked Polina's ass and looked at the footwear of the blonde. Sara slapped the dildo over Polina's back and stomped Polina's ankle for another ASMR erotic bone breaking noise. Then Sara entered Polina doggy style.

RoboMic knew he wasn't getting any action and humped the fence with Polina against it with her engorged tits knocking into the wire. If he could open his pants and access his crotch, his dick would've been out. Megan and the Foxy Corp androids had made it so he could only access his genitals when they wanted him to. As it was, Sara was the only one here in control. She dominated Polina, thrusting and squirting the fake jizz all over the Polina's sweaty, sandy, and abused body. Polina limped and tried to tackle Sara to the ground after spinning on the rod and it slipping out from all the juices. Sara slammed Polina onto the ground and went over top of her. Polina's love making sounds were muffled by Sara being on top. Polina nibbled Sara's earlobe. Sara could feel the rubber piece on the strap-on made for pleasuring her crotch doing its job. She'd already pleasured Polina to ejaculating, and now she wanted hers. Sara pushed all that stuff up, almost breaking the strap-on, and sat on Polina's face. She ran her hands through Polina's hair and rocked back and forth on Polina's nose, getting a really nice spell of cunnilingus from such a depleted warrior. Sara nearly asphyxiated Polina with her release.

The pleasure was all over, and it was time for Polina to die. She knew it. She began to sob again. There were goosebumps on her body and several of her breaks were still open with clumps of sand in them. Sara made Polina kneel in front of her. Polina held her head high with her arm that wasn't broken. Sara stomped down into that arm, knocking it down. Polina's head lolled and there was another quiet crack, drowned out by the noise of the women watching and cheering. Sara bounced the shaft of the sex toy on Polina's big boobs before dipping it up to insert in Polina's mouth. Polina tried to spit it out, knowing her demise was imminent. Sara bitch slapped the blonde and forced the dildo down Polina's throat. Polina tilted backwards. Her eyes rolled. Sara grabbed Polina's neck and twisted. SNAP!! Sara pressed the last of the release of fluids in the strap-on. She yanked Polina's neck again. CRACK! CRUNCH! She'd nearly killed and beheaded her victim with a 360 degree turn. Polina's head was turned to the side and the turns in her neck could be seen as the blood began to go away from healing energies. The blonde's boobs hit the sand and then her thirsty tongue went over the dirty granules. Polina's ass cheeks clenched and she squirted a little more before departing from this world.

The androids got into the cage with a CryoBag for Polina's body. Sara wanted to see her trophy a little longer, but instead took Polina's cover-up for herself. Polina had shown promise, but Sara was getting much better. Sara wondered how much stronger Polina would be after getting killed or if she would react poorly to smoking and the serum here and be knocked out of EMCASA next round. It would be a shame for the Russian to suck and crumble. She'd been tough even getting fucked and killed, so Sara was very happy with her win, and expecting big things from Polina after her healing.


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Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 1-9 SB vs NI.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Preliminaries Round One:

Svetlana Bilyalova (MFL Russia) vs Natash Ioana (Romanian protege of Bianca D)

The blonde haired Romanian woman, Natasha, made her way inside to battle in the basement cage with the black and white tile floor. Natasha's long blonde hair was in pigtails. She took off her sunglasses as soon as she was inside. Natasha wore a black one piece Calvin Cline swimsuit. The olive skinned brunette TV star, Bianca Dragusanu, Natasha's trainer and more, gave her a hug. Bianca had been in a meeting with Megan. Bianca had luscious lips and a thick juicy ass. She had lots of curves that Natasha enjoyed. Natasha, the blonde, asked, “Are the Chosen Five interested in us now?!”

“You could say that,” Bianca said, guiding them downstairs. “Megan isn't. She thinks I'm an old hag. Foxy Corp likes my TV connections, but I don't see us groveling at her feet any time soon. Did you pick to fight Sveta to keep the whole Russia vs Romania thing going?!”

“No,” Natasha said. “I'm fine with it though. Megan picked this fight. She was hoping Sveta was feeling sick after smoking serum with Polina and could be easily beaten, embarrassed, and humiliated.”

The tan and trim Russian, Sveta, was soaking wet. The little white t-shirt she wore was cropped just under her breasts, and her nipples poked against the material. She wasn't on serum yet, but Natasha could see Sveta's abs. Sveta had ass for days. Her black bikini bottoms were going to get pulled. Natasha cracked her knuckles, hoping the Russian would face her, but Sveta headed for the cage. Bianca said, “Maybe we should be smoking serum.” She pulled a serum pouch out of her bikini top and bit it open for Natasha. Natasha sucked down 10ML of clear power liquid. Bianca added, “I wonder if she was dumb enough to work out before the fight or if she is feeling sick. You will win regardless!!”

“Damn right,” Natasha said, flexing her muscles and getting into the cage. The Russian Sports Illustrated model in EMCASA, Iryna S, avoided the MFL Russians whores like the plague. The other trashy Iryna thot was also sweaty, but she could've smoked serum recently too. She injected Sveta in the spine with serum. Natasha's black haired rival tore off her t-shirt, flaunting some bouncy big breasts. Sveta pushed her shoulder blades back, stretching, showing off her chest, and begging for it to get destroyed. Natasha would prefer getting those ass cheeks apart and being on top and behind her rival. Natasha said, “This is closer to our turf. You couldn't handle a Romanian on Pongeo. I'd rather be breaking your crying loser ally, Polina, but I'll settle for fucking you into next Friday.” Natasha cracked her knuckles.

“I fought Sara on Pongeo,” Sveta said. She licked her lips and winked at Natasha. “With Polina in healing, I'll have some fun with you. I like tight and cocky blondes.”

“You like slutting around,” Natasha said. “I've got what you can only dream of – discipline!”

Sveta laughed and rolled her eyes. Natasha clawed Sveta's boob. Sveta swiped Natasha's arm away. Megan said, “Go ahead and fight now. Kill her quick, Natasha. I'm in a bad mood from talking to your stupid teacher.”

“My pleasure,” Natasha growled, throwing a punch at Sveta's face. The topless brunette blocked. She kicked Natasha in the kidney. Natasha scrunched her nose, thinking that Sveta had good power. Sveta was taller too. Natasha punched the bisexual bitch in the teeth. Sveta took it and hit Natasha in the stomach. Natasha yelped and slouched. She stomped at Sveta's ankle. The brunette backed up and grabbed one of Natasha's braids. Sveta pulled Natasha into a left hook. The blonde's head turned to the side. Blood spritzed from her busted lips. She kicked Sveta between the legs. Sveta's breasts jiggled. She made a stupid turned on face and kept her whore legs open. Natasha punted the Russian again in the pussy. Sveta punched Natasha's belly. Digesting the serum was slow and making her midsection vulnerable. Natasha didn't want to be pulled by her hair, so she chopped and clawed Sveta's wrist and arm to get free. Her kick was a little late, hitting Sveta's ass.

The sweaty brunette closed the gap quickly. She chest bumped Natasha and landed an uppercut to the blonde's neck. Natasha tried to throw Sveta to the ground by the boobs, but only succeeded in shredding mammary flesh. Sveta said, “Maybe you're right. I lack discipline sexually.” Sveta pulled down Natasha's black swimsuit so that the blonde's tits would flop out. Sveta then headbutted Natasha in the face, knocking her into the cage. Natasha swallowed blood and pulled on Sveta's hair. She scratched Sveta's cheek and buried her knuckles into the brunette's abs. She hoped Sveta would take her time trying to strip her, but it was a quick tear down the side seams and then Natasha was getting kneed and kicked in the thighs and lower legs.

The nude blonde was pressed hard against the cage grating. The women cheered and chanted for her to step up her game. Bianca rubbed Natasha's shoulder through the hole in the cage and stuck a double-sided dildo between Natasha's tight ass cheeks to goose and give her student a boost. Natasha felt her strength accumulating. She tapped into it, yanking Sveta's hair. Her rival's stupid face plunged into a nasty punch. Sveta gasped. Onyx locks whipped about with blood and saliva spraying. Natasha kept hold of the hair, but not the other object at her backside. Sveta kneed Natasha in the crotch. As Natasha lost grip of the wet strands in her grasp, she pulled Sveta's face into the cage. Natasha shouldered Sveta's neck and buried a round of punches into Sveta's abs. Natasha should've thrown one less punch and dodged. She got hit with a hook to the jaw.

Sveta was already thinking about sex and bent over to pick up the phallic item on the tiled floor. She got kneed in the face for that, and barely got her hands up in time to soften the blow. The rubbery snake-like toy hit the ground. Sveta slammed a palm into Natasha's navel and twisted. The blonde buckled, but drilled Sveta in the eye. The topless brunette staggered, trying to stand up and get her footing. Their fists met as they turned and circled one another. Sveta stumbled into the cage. Bianca fingered Sveta. The Chosen Five Bianca reached in and clawed Sveta's eye. The bikini model's bruised belly begged for more punches. Natasha felt ab definition and the air go from Sveta's guts. Despite Sveta's best efforts, there was going to be no clinch or titfight. Natasha stepped back and drilled Sveta in the side of the head. The topless babe's eyes rolled. Blood dripped from her agape jaw and nose. She fell on her spankable yoga butt.

“Everyone's rooting for me,” Natsha said. She wasn't as into tits as some others, but she enjoyed kicking across Sveta's fat breasts and the hearing the squeal that followed. Sveta's mocha mounds cratered and shook. A layer of skin was rubbed raw and torn over her tits. Natasha aimed the KO kick at Sveta's face, but underestimated Sveta's toughness and healing. Sveta grabbed Natasha's leg and yanked the blonde onto the ground. The air was a little charged down there, but Natasha could breathe it.

The panting Russian got her foe in a leg lock. Natasha yelped and struggled. Sveta grabbed the cage, trying to climb up it while having the blonde's leg ensnared. Megan and the androids weren't stopping other ladies from interfering, so Sveta's hands got smashed and she fell forward. The awkward and unexpected tumble led to her falling on Natasha's leg, and didn't help Natasha at all. The hard crash of Natasha's knee on the ground and her cries were barely heard in the commotion. After a twist and jerk – CRUNCH! – Natasha's leg was broken.

Sveta crawled over the top of the naked and fading woman. Sveta's ass cheeks looked like they could balance Bibles on them. She nibbled Natasha's lower lip and blocked an elbow aimed at her head. Sveta lifted her derriere and swung her knees into Natasha's belly. She got her chin clipped by a palm, but then landed a downward punch to bounce Natasha's head off the floor. Sveta cupped and groped Natasha's breasts, starting at the sides of the orbs. Sveta teased the nipples in her fingers and then with her teeth. She yanked one of Natasha's braids, and then landed a decisive blow to the blonde's neck. Sveta grabbed the sex toy, lifted her booty, and tore off her own black bikini bottoms. She butt dropped onto Natasha's tummy. The blonde sat up, coughing blood, and was knocked right back down.

The androids looked at Megan, knowing that she wanted them to wait until the last moment possible to declare Sveta the winner and shoot her with the winner's serum dart. Sveta didn't care. She batted the head of the fake dick into her clit and rubbed it around her hood, squatting above her fallen opponent. When Natasha moved a little, Sveta yanked the braid.

The very horny woman, Sveta, flipped Natasha over, who was losing all her serum strength to stopping her neck from snapping and on other healing. Sveta had the dildo hanging from her cooter and dragging the ground. She got a blonde braid in each hand and stood up, straddling the naked Romanian. Sveta let the plastic pound Natasha's back side before it even got close to entering her anally. It wasn't going to go into Natasha's pussy from this angle, but Sveta jerked up on the braids and rode Natasha like a pony. She rolled onto the ground, released hair with one hand, and fumbled around get the toy inserted into Natasha's glory hole. The blonde writhed atop Sveta, throwing elbows that didn't do much damage. Natasha's leg was in bad shape and she wasn't going to win or stage a comeback. She would get fake come on her back, squirted on there by Sveta.

There were some boos as Sveta lifted Natasha, pushed her against the cage, and fucked her from behind. Sveta's wandering hands touched and groped every inch of Natasha's body, and Sveta was eager to kiss and please Natasha too. With Natasha standing hobbled on one leg, Sveta decided to slam fists into Natasha's belly. Natasha cried and spit up blood, making the other women watching near the cage back up. This also signaled the androids that Sveta had won for sure, and they shot her with the winner's serum dart. Before she got too buff with uncontrollable strength, the Russian tied Natasha's arms up and behind her with her braided hair. Sveta got on her knees to suck and lick Natasha's pussy and make her cum.

“I guess I can play the heel here,” Sveta said. She turned around, getting a handful of Natasha's ejaculate. Sveta licked her hand and kicked her heel up like a donkey into Natasha's sensitive and spent private area. “I enjoyed every moment of this, Tasha,” Sveta said, shaking her rump. She looked over her shoulder and winked. Natasha's head dangled. She didn't put any weight on her broken limb. Sveta climbed the cage and kept her feet locked in place so she was at a height to twerk and knock her ass into Natasha's chin. The cage shook like it was going to break. Sveta's ass bumped, grinded, and obliterated Natasha's head. It was severe whiplash for the blonde. Her neck snapped on the third booty bump, splintering multiple tiny and important bones, but Sveta kept ass blasting her for. She clenched her booty cheeks over Natasha's nose, and debated beheading the blonde. Sveta had plenty of power to make a statement. She hopped down and spun. Sveta roundhouse kicked Natasha in the belly-button as the last attack. It shook one of the blonde's arms loose from her tied up position and as her cooling body vomited up some remaining plasma and gore. A broken rib could be seen punctured through Natasha's stomach where Sveta's kick had been a bit high. Natasha's inner organs had to be crushed too. She violently shook, grew pale, and didn't utter another sound or take another breath.

The androids got into the cage with a CryoBag and gave Sveta a shot to calm her down. Sveta was in good control beforehand, but the environment outside the cage was rather hostile. Iryna and Sveta headed up the steps for the showers and Sveta stuck out her tongue and gave the mostly unhappy spectators the finger.

“Sure, I'll fuck you!” RoboMic said. He began to follow, but Megan stopped him, and he acted like Megan's bitch now, so he stopped. He couldn't access his dick without her approval anyway.


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Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 1-10 MD vs IS.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Preliminaries Round One:

Mandy D (Romania) vs Iryna Shayk (SI Russian model)

It was true that Megan Fox, the leader and host of EMCASA and niece of the Foxy Corp owner, didn't like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models who were also fighters, but there were others she hated more. Megan's grudge against Romanian singer Antonia and everyone involved with her like her students, Sara, Mandy, and Ozana; was much higher. Their sexual and bone-breaking fighting style with submission and endurance had beaten and humiliated Megan time and time again on the European fighting circuit. Megan almost always needed to cheat to have the edge against anyone like that, and now she had mind control collars and serum breath. Mandy was arguably the worst or least experienced of Antonia's group, and Megan was set out to take down Mandy first. Megan had scheduled Mandy D to fight Iryna Shayk, Russian SI model, in the barn cage. It was the optimal time, because Mandy had just tried smoking serum for the first time a few nights ago and wasn't handling it well.

The blonde Romanian fighter, Mandy, looked a bit pale and frazzled. She wore a pink bikini top and black and white bikini bottoms. Her eyes were dry and teary. She coughed like she was sick with the flu as she made her way past the horses and other animals in the stables to the cage. Mandy missed the way that UFSO serum enlarged her breasts so much. She had big boobs, but bigger was better; especially when she fought and flirted using her chest a lot. Mandy chest bumped her mentor, Antonia, who had her black hair in cornrows. Mandy tugged on Antonia's tank top and shouted, “You gave me poison in that serum!! You're not the mentor I knew! You're still under Megan's control! You're not trying to help us at all, you bitch!”

Antonia exhaled and there was a charge to her breath that made Mandy flinch, twitch, and shudder. The blonde's grip slacked on the white top of the brunette. Mandy's head dropped into Antonia's cleavage. Antonia said, “You, me, Sara, and Ozana all split the 10 milliliters worth of serum from the bong. You and Sara took the most hits, but we all smoked it. No one else is having as rough a time as you. I knew your body wasn't cut out for this yet when I saw you at UFSO. You need more time and more training.”

“I'm ready now!” Mandy said, lifting her head and shoving her teacher. The dark haired and biggest male android, F1, gave Mandy a pouch of serum. She bit into it. Her hands shook, and some spilled before she drank it all. She hoped that drinking the serum would help her tap into serum aura like many of the other women here could do. Serum aura/breath/air could be used mostly by women who smoked serum, but ingesting it was a step in the right direction up from injections. The only blond male androids were Megan's favorite, F6, who may have been modeled after her husband, and the fat and perverted cyborg from the MFL, RoboMic who looked and dressed nothing like the Foxy Corp machines who were well groomed and in suits. Mandy took off her pink bikini top and got into the cage. RoboMic whooped in excitement for seeing titties.

Iryna had been injected in the spine with serum and still had some sand on her sweaty and sexy body from posing on the beach outside just before this since this was like a reality TV show with cameras everywhere rolling 24/7. The brunette combatant, Iryna, wore pink bikini bottoms with yellow straps and hadn't worn a top all day. Neither woman had much tan lines to show. Iryna got in the cage and clenched her fists, glad to be the one chosen to take down a weakened Mandy this round. She knew that Antonia would be challenging Mandy next round, wiping out her own students according to Megan's wishes. Iryna said, “I don't know why you think your tits or fighting are so great, Mandy. You don't have what it take to compete here or as a model.”

“That comment won't age well,” Mandy said. She stifled a cough and added, “Your brain is already broken, but I'm going to break the rest of you.” Mandy rubbed and caressed her own breasts, hoping to make them stand out more.

“You're the BROKEN one,” Iryna said. Mandy took short choppy breaths and looked woozy. Iryna charged. She threw her forearm into Mandy's neck. The wrestling move lariat took the blonde's feet off the ground. Her back smashed onto the wooden ground and hay of the cage floor. Mandy's boobs jiggled. She could feel serum energy gathering in her chest and making her mounds expand. She kept lying to herself that she was fine and wasn't having breathing problems. She choked on hay. That was the only thing bothering her. She avoided a stomp to the face but some cartilage on the tip of her nose got flattened. Mandy tried to ensnare her rival's leg, but hadn't moved as fast or flexible as she knew she was capable of. It looked like she had tried to kick Iryna in the knee and it had been weak. Iryna kicked Mandy in the chest. She tried for another face stomp, feeling overconfident.

The topless blonde grabbed her adversary's ankle and jerked the model down. Iryna's ass hit the ground. She flailed and kicked into Mandy's body. Mandy sat up, tightening her thighs around Iryna's knee and calf, positioning the brunette's ankle in her armpit. Iryna kept turning her body to kick into Mandy. Mandy had beaten several women with a debilitating pull or break early in matches, and should've been able to do so here. Iryna wasn't that strong. Mandy's grip and focus wasn't as good as normal. She probably had a fever and lost the submission hold entirely after getting kicked in the face. The blow to the mouth didn't even draw blood. The topless babes stood up. Iryna faked a hobble, and Mandy bit on it. The blonde tried to stomp the injured ankle, but Iryna was fine, and stepped back. She punched her advancing opponent in the jaw, and it drew blood that time.

The ground specialist in the black bikini bottoms, Mandy, put her guard up high to cover her face. Iryna kicked Mandy between the legs, and then went to work belting the blonde's belly. Mandy yelped and drove an elbow down atop Iryna's head. The Russian tackled Mandy into the side of the cage. As she stood up, their breasts squashed together, and Mandy was determined to show docking and titfight superiority. It backfired immediately as she got kneed in the crotch, thighs, and stomach. Mandy didn't have the best core for taking abuse in the first place, and ingesting the serum could make the stomach more vulnerable. Mandy's focus on getting her perky orbs to bash Iryna's boobs left the rest of her open for attack. With their hands locked and Mandy pressed into a corner, the brunette got her rack atop Mandy's anyway, buckling the blonde with several knees to the gut. Mandy spit up blood over Iryna's shoulder. The swimsuit model jerked Mandy's arms up into the air, banging them against the cage grating. The grapple ended, and Iryna drilled Mandy in the face with a punch. The trapped and battered blonde would've staggered if she hadn't been pinned by Iryna's body. Blood and spit rolled down Mandy's chin. She swung her head wildly, cracking skulls with Iryna to create space.

“A'ight, BITCH!” Mandy shouted. “Let's go!” Mandy felt she'd have the upper-hand if they were both dizzy. Her confidence rose and she jumped to press her tits into Iryna's face. She tried to land on Iryna's ankles but missed. Her first punch was a little crooked, hitting the brunette's hip. Iryna struck back with little precision, hammering a breast hump with a left hook. Mandy used Iryna's nipple as a target and made the tan bitch moan with a jab to the tit. Iryna busted Mandy's nose open with a right hook. Mandy's left hook hit teeth. Scarlet squirted from Iryna's mouth. Mandy hugged Iryna in a clinch, feeling a little gassed, and ready to stop boxing and take this match to the ground for jujitsu.

Iryna wrestled with Mandy, refusing to go down. She clawed Mandy's private area and gave the blonde a wedgie, bunching black and white cloth into her vagina. Their legs and knees clonked together. Mandy tried another headbutt and flat out missed. Her face hit Iryna's shoulder. Mandy's body was giving off heat and there were little goosebumps all over her skin besides the bruises and abrasions. Iryna took advantage of this to break free from the hug. She punched Mandy in the kidney, and then socked the blonde in the throat. As Iryna backed up, Mandy looked ready to drop. The topless brunette kicked high, obliterating Mandy's jaw with a knockout strike. The blonde screamed and crashed into the cage. Mandy had enough friends that they had been stopping other women from reaching in an obstructing the fight, but now it looked over. Iryna had good energy left, and made sure Mandy didn't fall. She caught the KO'ed cunt under the arms and then forced her wrists through cage holes up high.

Megan shoved a strap-on through the cage, put one on herself, and used a third to tie Mandy's arm to the wiring. The topless blonde would hang upright now for further abuse. Iryna was hit with the winner's serum dart from the sleeve of F1. She roared and tore into the strap-on, to separate the strap from the dildo. She tied up Mandy's other arm, jammed the rod into the blonde's crotch, and then used Mandy's tits like boxing bags. The juicy mammary mounds smacked together, swelled, and shook from the onslaught of punches. Iryna clawed the fat sacks from every angle and then pinched Mandy's teats to make her wake up and moan. A little lactate budded on the defeated fighters nipples. Megan got in the cage and kicked the dildo deeper into Mandy's crotch. She climbed the fence and made Mandy suck her crotch. Iryna got on her hands and knees to pleasure Mandy while snapping her ankles and abusing her legs. Megan felt little attraction to Mandy and no effort from the blonde to eat her pussy, so Megan face-fucked the Romanian slut, sure to spray fake jizz all over her wrecked face.

Mandy fought to get one arm free and knocked Megan off. Iryna uppercut Mandy in the chin and it was too much. The blonde's neck broke. All the remaining juices left in her poured out, dislodging the dildo in her crotch, and breaking what was left of the black bikini bottoms straps. Iryna jerked Mandy down from the cage, eager to try Mandy's finisher. Iryna forced her chest into Mandy's throat with a boob at each side of Mandy's neck. It was uncomfortable for Iryna. Iryna tried to behead Mandy with her breasts alone, but needed her hands to chop the blonde's brittle and broken neck for the POP! Megan aimed jizz at the falling severed head and then sat on it. Iryna used the dildo hanging on the cage to shove in the blood squirting wound to act as head for the dead woman. Iryna then took the ejaculate covered dildo, pulled down her own pink and yellow bikini bottoms, and pleasured herself to the kill and the win. Megan kissed and humped Iryna too while the androids came in to bag the dead woman and her head all together.

As Antonia had expected, Mandy had lost. She'd have to explain this to her allies and friends at some point, but the cameras were always on around here. Megan had questioned Antonia giving serum to her old buddies, but was certainly happy with the result being 1 loss for both Ozana and Mandy already. Antonia put in her request to fight Mandy next round on the App now, knowing Mandy didn't stand a chance this time, and had a big power gap to close before she could be relevant in this group. The big victory, requested fight targeting Mandy to end her EMCASA tournament eligibility already, and Megan's favor to Iryna bothered a lot of the women. Megan would grant Antonia's request shortly later to get the second fight in the second round against Mandy D. At least Sara and Ozana had gotten some experience smoking EMCASA serum, but they'd need more. All of this was calculated by Antonia, but she wasn't sure if it'd be enough to help someone get stronger than Megan and the Chosen Five.


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Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 1-11 DG vs NV.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Preliminaries Round One:

Dajana Gudic vs Nicoleta Vaculov

“I killed her once, and I'll do it again,” the slender blonde, Dajana, said, lying on the beach in her red bikini. She rolled over onto her front, talking to her Romanian friends at the estate in Spain. Dajana's ass and sandy cheeks were the kind of content fans were paying to see and would likely make any editing cuts for the week that acted as a sort of reality TV summary episode. Dajana kicked her legs and tossed her locks over her shoulder, looking up at Romanian brunettes Madalina and Daniela. Madelina looked Greek with olive skin. The three of them and Carmela, who joined the group, had all fought in different places in Europe on serum similar to the kind EMCASA was using now.

“Nicoleta's been weird since you requested the fight against her,” Madalina said.

“I can beat any of you,” Dajana said, “but Nicoleta has it coming. She's been talking smack about me since I beat her, saying I faked an injury. She's salty I tossed her out of the ring when she went to get a strap-on and finished her.”

“You hit her on the head with a lead pipe and handcuffed her to the ring,” Carmela said.

“Her fault for being a whore and not paying attention,” Dajana said. Daniela nodded and laughed. Dajana stood up and gave the stink eye to Madalina and Carmella. She added, “Go ahead and pick your side already ladies. Megan and the Chosen Five will like me because I'm a winner. Anyone not with them is against me. The MFL and UFSO chicks and that weird tattooed bitch are all enemies.”

“I'm with you!” Daniela said. “Megan will like that I used to be a weather girl. Imagine us controlling the minds of the masses with it sounding like we're talking about the weather! I'm getting hot just thinking about it!”

“Megan won't like you flaunting your big fake tits,” Carmela said. Madalina smirked.

“You fucking bitch!” Daniela shouted, getting in Carmela's face. “You think you're tough?!” She broke eye contact to get to her Prada bag and grab her phone and said, “I'm picking you to fight now!”

“You ought to make some choices now too, Madalina,” Dajana said, “or you're going to get eaten up.”

“Romanian whores,” Megan pontificated, scaring the small group by talking into a megaphone. She held Dajana's black lacy one piece swimsuit she'd decided to wear for the fight and hung in her room. Megan said, “Shut the fuck up and make your way to the cage.”

Chosen Five Bianca and Delia shoved the busty brunette, Nicoleta. Nicoleta wore a purple bra and purple thong panties. Dajana said, “I thought the fight was a few hours from now, and I asked for the biggest cage. Nicoleta is slower and fatter. The one out here is definitely the smallest.”

“Dajana still jealous of my fat tits,” Nicoleta said, taking the smack talk in stride. She caressed her breasts and winked at her rival.

“Put on your fighting outfit already,” Megan said, huffing a cloud of serum air that most of the women dodged in fear. Megan tore off Dajana's red bikini top and slapped the blonde's tight ass. Megan said, “I got bored. I want to see some sex and violence now.”

“You talk her into this to try and best me, you manipulative cunt?!” Dajana asked Nicoleta, snatching her suit from Megan and stripping nude. Megan looked up with fire in her brown eyes. Daniela helped Dajana into her black swimsuit. Dajana said, “You are trying to suck up to Megan, but she'll never accept you. You don't have the right look or attitude for this business. I don't expect to beat her or the Chosen Five, but I'll help weed out losers like you while I make a name for myself here!” Megan pursed her lips and liked to hear that.

“I wasn't talking to Megan beforehand,” Nicoleta said. She got stabbed in the collar with a syringe by Chosen Five Bianca who was eager to please Megan and get the fight started. Nicoleta winced and clenched her feet. Megan scrunched her nose, noticing breast enlargement on the lingerie model. Nicoleta added, “I'm here to try and smoke serum and win! Megan and the Chosen Five suck! I don't like the thought of them with mind control collars at all!!”

“We'll fight in the basement,” Megan said. “It's the biggest cage. Wear yourself out down there, fatty. We'll see whose sucking who when Dajana owns you and we double team your lifeless body. We know your cock thirsty weakness. I will make you cum so hard, you'll want me to have two mind control collars and one around the rod I bang you with! I bet men put it in your dumb tits once and then are done with you.” Megan poked two fingers into Nicoleta's cleavage. She kneed her in the ass, and shoved her towards the main housing unit. On serum, Nicoleta wasn't going to be pushed around. Dajana got a syringe from Delia, injected herself, and went to Megan's rescue. Megan pointed and Nicoleta began to walk. Dajana sprinted on her long legs and shoulder checked Nicoleta, knocking her into the sand.

The brunette rolled over and snarled. She said, “You wanna start out here?!”

“You started this when you crossed Megan!” Dajana said. She pulled up on Nicoleta's bra, making the lingerie model sit up. Nicoleta looked at Dajana's dangling mounds, and grabbed her rival there, feeling horny and curious. Dajana seemed to think her breasts weren't enough to be always ridiculing Nicoleta for being fat. The blonde's boobs felt nice and perky to Nicoleta. Dajana yanked her rival's purple bra, and socked Nicoleta in the face. The busty brunette let go of the slender aggressor’s sideboobs. Her back hit the sand. She sucked on the blood from her lower lip. Her big exposed tits flopped. Dajana tossed the torn purple bra to the side and reached for Nicoleta's panties. She kicked sand at Nicoleta's crotch and said, “As if your pussy wasn't filthy and ratchet enough, I'll make it worse for later!” Nicoleta had to bang into Dajana to sit up. The topless babe knocked the blonde into a chair. The chair broke, and Megan looked irritated as that had been her favorite outdoor chair to so sit in.

The biggest android, F1, restricted Nicoleta by getting behind her and forcing his arms up under her armpits. Sand granules from the model stood out as they got onto his dark suit and pants. His shades seemed glued to his non-expressive face. He said, “RoboMic, do your duty as a Foxy Corp agent and restrict the other combatant.”

The drooling, chubby, and perverted big cyborg, RoboMic, stumbled over to Dajana. The blonde got up, wanting blood. RoboMic put his hands around her boobs from behind. He swung his pelvis like an oversized horny puppy humping the leg of anything with a pulse. His genitalia was locked in a compartment on his body by Megan and Foxy Corp to keep him under control and on good behavior. He said, “Now this is great job! … Oo... I can almost feel it knocking into the walls! Hey... um, I love blondes, but could we trade who we're restricting robo-buddy?!”

“Get your hands off me!” Dajana shouted, slamming her elbow into RoboMic's very hard jaw. He teased her tits out of the sides of the lacy black cloth of her swimsuit, and she stuffed them back in with a huff. F1 released Nicoleta, sensing that she was going to hold back until getting downstairs. The only concern with fighting here was that more things Megan liked may get broken. RoboMic reached his hands out like Frankenstein and honked Nicoleta's boobs.

“Poor Dajana,” Nicoleta taunted. “RoboMic prefers blondes, but still likes my boobs better. No wonder you're a bitch with a stick up your ass all the time! I happen to like your boobs.”

Dajana stood in a doorway entrance to the building, turned around, and said, “In the cage... YOU'RE DEAD! Your chances here are already dead for insulting Megan. Stupid whore.”

Most of the rest of the women gathered in the cool basement with the black and white tiled floor. A few stragglers could be heard clomping down the marble staircase in bare feet. Dajana and Nicoleta were juiced up and ready to fight. RoboMic technically had plenty of cyborg energy to tap into, but as a human, he was fat and out of shape. He didn't have the will to shake his pelvis around any longer and instead rested against the cage, hoping Megan would allow him into to sexually embarrass or get his rocks off on the loser. He had always worn sunglasses to hide his creepy darting eyes because hot chicks didn't like him looking at their bodies. Now he felt like sunglasses made him part of the Foxy Corp club of androids. He allowed his face fat to grow to keep his sunglasses stuck to his head.

As per Dajana's request, some sex toys were hung high on the cage grating to distract Nicoleta. The topless brunette was already wavering in focus, wiggling in the cage with nervous angst, and eying all the sexy women watching. There were a lot of extra hormones in serum, and Nicoleta wondered about women like Antonia and Ozana who sparred together, but were more lovers than student and teacher. Nicoleta fanned herself with a hand. There were so many beautiful women gathered around. Dajana sauntered up to Nicoleta and while the brunette was checking out some of the other topless broads, the blonde spun and kicked Nicoleta in the neck. The foot contact made Nicoleta's body tighten and stumble. Her neck turned. Her shoulder raised. Dajana knew she had a few seconds to combo. She punched her enemy in the nose. She didn't break it, but drew blood. Nicoleta's body banged into the cage. Dajana kicked the thot in the stomach. The topless hussy hunched and threw a punch into Dajana's kidney. Dajana winced. She aimed an uppercut at Nicoleta's face, expecting her to be slow from putting so much power on her attack after snapping back to reality. Nicoleta raised up, and her big tits acted as a shield, absorbing the impact.

The blonde fighter hopped backwards, avoiding a lunge and grappling attempt. Then Dajana turned around to run to the other side of the cage. Nicoleta grabbed for her swimsuit, and almost clutched the lacy black bottoms. If they would've sat low or on Dajana's booty humps, Nicoleta would've had them. Her fingers stroked Dajana's ass. The faster fighter ran towards a strap-on, pointed at it, and winked. Nicoleta tried to keep her calm and pursue without falling into any traps or attacks. She rolled her eyes and got kicked in the shin. Dajana had a long wingspan. She clipped Nicoleta's ear with a punch. The topless brunette put her arms up to block and Dajana clubbed her arm into Nicoleta's collar. Dajana put a lot of serum strength into a low kick. Many of the women watching groaned with empathy for Nicoleta, whose purple panties were bunched and kicked crooked. Nicoleta doubled over, yelped, and flailed her arms high to get Dajana to back off.

The model in lingerie, Nicoleta, knew that her challenger feared her power. Nicoleta was a bit indecisive on where to punch. She wanted to tear of Dajana's clothes and wrestle. Her low punch swerved away from Dajana's crotch to hit her cleavag line tattoo on her pelvis above her thigh. Dajana backed off, swinging her fist wildly. Her knuckles mashed into Nicoleta's mammary mounds. Nicoleta threw a punch at Dajana's pretty face and missed. She accidentally hit a sex toy, denting the cylinder, breaking the strap, and knocking it onto the ground. Nicoleta got kicked in the back and her curvy front hit the cage grating. She stepped on the bent plastic or would've thrown a better punch and kick. Dajana was on the run again. Nicoleta gave chase a bit carelessly. She punched Dajana's hands down, not thinking anything of the low kicks chipping away at her endurance and balance. She had tunnel vision, blasting Dajana's lips open with a right hook at the same time a kick flew high, snaking around to slam her eye and cheek.

Dajana was lethal and sadistic, but shied away from taking and being hit. She had toughness, but thought she was smarter than the average fighter. She backed up, wiping her mouth, and shaking her daze without realizing she had Nicoleta in a daze too. The brunette was impulsive and fearless. She hugged Dajana, even though it got her kneed in the navel. Dajana was confident in her ground game, but didn't want to be tackled. She could land bad. She shoved and clawed her foe. Nicoleta grabbed the lacy black sides of Dajana's swimsuit, twisting the material and revealing the blonde's nipples. The brunette tugged and grunted, using serum power to strip Dajana completely nude. The fit blonde was mad at first, but her thirst trap for Nicoleta had worked. Dajana jumped into the air, climbing up and stomping Nicoleta's breasts. She rammed her crotch into Nicoleta's face and got an arousing tonguing. Dajana's legs draped over Nicoleta's shoulders, and then she tried to clench her thighs. Nicoleta was on to the attack. Dajana arched her back and palmed the ground, twisting her superior core. The topless brunette was launched head over heels, but unfortunately didn't land on her own skull. Her back and shoulders hit the tiled floor, but Dajana could barely see that while flipping over herself, to get to her feet. Dajana crouched low and sprinted, looking to buck the busty brunette. She was shocked and appalled with how quickly Nicoleta got to her feet. The sturdy Romanian actress, Nicoleta, rose up and crashed her chest into Dajana's perky orbs. The brunette was barely pushed back at all. Dajana tried to knee Nicoleta, but got pushed to the ground first.

All of the naked blonde's weight fell onto one leg. She got socked in the face on the way down and her head hit the tile. She screamed and held her knee injury. Blood oozed from her mouth onto a white tile square. Nicoleta held Dajana's breasts in pinning her down. The nude woman flipped over onto one knee, moaning and embellishing the stinging from the leg she'd landed on. Dajana cursed and acted like she was out of the fight from a freak accident. She took advantage of Nicoleta's kind and kinky nature, wagging her hips. The lingerie model's breasts squashed into Dajana's lower back. Nicoleta could tell that Dajana's body was cool, and thought maybe she was depleted of serum energy. Nicoleta couldn't resist backing off to look at and spank Dajana's ass. Nicoleta fingered Dajana's pussy and then dove in nose first to lick and kiss the labia and lips of her friend and rival. Nicoleta stroked and got a little rough when she found Dajana's clit, making the blonde squirm and squeal. The blonde had to clench to not be too aroused, but didn't attack.

Both sexy ladies were covered in sweat by the time Nicoleta stopped servicing the fallen fighter and got to her feet. The topless brunette stepped out of her purple panties and dropped them on Dajana's head. The blushing blonde was hiding her face for multiple reasons. Nicoleta walked over to the other side of the cage to get a strap-on and said, “You took a lot out of me this fight, Dajana. I've been looking forward to fucking you.” The nude brunette had her back completely turned. She got deja vu and realized she hadn't been shot with a winner's serum dart and was acting on urges again instead of finishing the fight. Her realization was a little slow. Dajana's leg was good enough to run on. She threw an elbow into Nicoleta's Cerebellum, and squashed the brunette into the wiring. The shaft of the hanging object separated Nicoleta's big boobs. RoboMic had paizuri titty-fucking fantasies watching. Dajana grabbed Nicoleta's head and slammed it into the cage door. Then she pushed the brunette back into the grating so her tits looked ready to burst. Chosen Five Bianca and Maria happened to be standing right there, and hadn't liked Nicoleta's comments about them sucking and not deserving mind control collars. Maria socked through the cage into Nicoleta's belly-button and Bianca gave the tan thot a titty twister, carving her nails into the supple breast tissue.

“YOU fell for it, AGAIN!” Dajana gloated, punching Nicoleta in the back of the head. It wasn't a lead pipe and she didn't have handcuffs, but she was going to choke out and kill her adversary. Dajana kneed Nicoleta between the legs and dragged her down after wrapping an arm around her neck. Dajana was fast and slippery like a snake, coiling her legs around Nicoleta's neck for a headscissors choke. This freed up Dajana's hands to punch and claw Nicoleta's face. The brunette shook, screamed, and writhed. Her face was bloodied and hidden by sweaty brown locks. Dajana could feel the gasping and temperature drop from the bitch getting choked out. She figured the match was hers and took out extra anger on Nicoleta's fat boobs. THWACK! THWACK! Dajana punched the firm brown mounds until they softened and sagged. She raked her nails into Nicoleta's chest and felt like the whore was screaming in delight and pain at the same time. Dajana said, “You're dead, BITCH!”

Nicoleta bounced her booty on the ground and got the lift to curl her abs and kick into Dajana's face. The blonde had just relaxed her thigh clamps to grab Nicoleta's head with her hands and lost grip. They were both perspiring heavily. Nicoleta flipped over, sliding on the tile. This was the hardest place to get footing of the three battle cages especially when fluids were all over. Dajana moved slowly because of this, but Nicoleta fell, looking like a fool. The Chosen Five pointed and laughed at her, but Dajana looked scared. She tried to knee Nicoleta in the chin, but the naked brunette got her hands up. Nicoleta used the slippery surface to her advantage, sliding her booty cheeks to kick out Dajana's legs. The blonde hopped over the attack. Nicoleta raised up. An elbow hit her head. Her hair got grabbed. Dajana landed on Nicoleta's shin and yelped. Nicoleta rammed her elbow into Dajana's belly. The blonde recoiled and hobbled, trying to heal and gain her composure. Nicoleta stepped into a punch, rocketing her fist into Dajana's navel. Dajana screamed and tried to poke out Nicoleta's eyes, gouging her cheek skin.

The naked brunette sounded gassed, grunting and panting, but she plowed a fist with much power into Dajana's jaw. The blonde shrieked bloody murder as crimson sprayed from her mouth. She couldn't get her head around or her hands up. Nicoleta hugged her and plowed her patella into Dajana's gut. The brunette grabbed her naked opponent, turned-on by the accidentally crotch grip. Nicoleta arched Dajana over her knee, pulling the blonde's body like she was a twig to snap. Nicoleta did damage to her own knee cap smashing it into Dajana's spine again, but the blonde's eyes got teary and bloody. She gurgled and moaned from the backbreaker. There were crunching noises and Dajana was paralyzed, but her spine hadn't been totally ruined yet. She was still alive and barely able to get her irises from the back of her head to watch her end.

“You came up a bit short,” Nicoleta said, looking down at Dajana's flushed and battered face. She was still gorgeous. “I'm gonna make you cum too!” Nicoleta claimed. She leaned over and kissed the blonde. Dajana was helpless. She didn't get into the makeout session, but she didn't resist either. She arguably couldn't. Her limbs weren't getting any energy or feeling. Nicoleta fingered Dajana. She licked and kissed down the blonde's body, still holding her parallel to the ground on a knee. Then the brunette let the defeated combatant drop. Nicoleta tribbed and humped Dajana, bumping crotches together. That was satisfying, but then she got up to get the dildo. She flipped Dajana over to see her ass for doggy style sex. The strap-on rubbed Nicoleta in a pleasurable way too. She concentrated on getting Dajana to ejaculate, but still held in her own secretions. She was building up for an epic climax, and also making a show out of squirting fake semen into and onto Dajana's spent body. It wasn't until Nicoleta got on her hands and knees to suck and stroke around Dajana's pussy while entering her with the dildo, that the blonde finally couldn't repress the physical signs of orgasm any longer. She squirted into Nicoleta's face and hoped the brunette felt stupid for getting that facial.

Nicoleta was finally hit with the winner's serum dart, and as soon as she felt the extra power and hormones, she spritzed sexual fluids from her teased and throbbing loins too. He face and thighs had love making liquids on them and she still craved more sex. The brunette wiped off her face, smiled, and sat up and turned around the blonde. Dajana's back crackled. She wailed and flailed like a rag doll. Nicoleta had sex with Dajana missionary style for a few minutes, and then the Chosen Five and other Megan loyalists decided to boo her. Nicoleta had a lot of power and was ready for the kill. Dajana felt so light to lift now. Nicoleta tossed the sexy tattooed blonde over her shoulder. The brunette with the big tits and strap-on still tied on, looking a black boner, raised her defeated foe high above her head, and then slammed her down onto a protruding knee.


Scarlet droplets flew from Dajana's mouth at high velocity. Her backbone had been severed and broken. She twitched and died with her tongue lolling and the most body color left still in her cheeks from embarrassment and sexual blush. The blonde's curvy trim body rolled of Nicoleta's knee. Nicoleta pumped her fists in victory. Many women were afraid to cheer. Megan and the Chosen Five seemed to personally take note of those who did cheer. F1 nodded to Megan and administered calming drugs by way of needle into Nicoleta's body.

“Go get showered you dirty whore,” Megan said. “I don't want to see you for a while.” Nicoleta smiled, but then hid her face with a bow. She jogged up the marble staircase victorious, wishing she could take some sexy chicks with her upstairs for bathing together. Maybe next time. Maybe she'd been stupid to speak out against Megan, but winning and avenging an earlier BS loss to Dajana felt so good!


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Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 1-12 EE vs Cora.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Preliminaries Round One:

Cora / Sara Calixto (Colombian Cam Girl) vs Emily Elizabeth (UFSO)

It wasn't uncommon to see women walking around naked at the Foxy Corp vacation estate in Spain. The models were essentially on TV 24/7 but only to really wealthy clients. The bisexual cam-girl from Colombia, Cora, liked to walk around naked because it pissed off Megan. Cora had tattoos all over her left arm and her torso. She had a crescent moon inked just under her collarbone and a heart tattoo with an eye in it under her breasts among the lot. Cora's goal was to fuck with Megan and the Chosen Five and get in their heads. She was going to try and win the tournament with her powers, but she mostly wanted to be a hassle. Cora wasn't much bustier than Megan, but all her tattoos made her look tough, and she assumed those were the reasons Megan didn't like her now. Cora got off her bed, knowing it was past fight time. She left in her hoop earrings and the rings lining the higher parts of her ear. She'd put on some dark lipstick and makeup to look the part. She didn't know if she wanted to act like a demon, villain, voodoo woman, or tempting seductress. As soon as Cora exited her room, two androids were there to escort her to the barn cage. She was going to be fashionably late.

“WOOEE!” RoboMic said. “I love this job.” The fat blond cyborg looked down his nose at Cora's body. He loved boobies, but he looked at Cora's shaved pussy. “We can carry you if you resist,” he explained. “Please resist. I want my hands in your holes and on them ta-tas!!”

“She's clearly coming of her own accord,” F1 the biggest and original brown haired Foxy Corp android said. He had no facial expressions in his programming. Megan preferred it that way.

“I'd like to make her cum with my cord!” RoboMic said. “She's not moving fast enough! She's late! I need to carry her! We can't make Megan and the other women wait longer!” The chubby man bent over to grab the naked woman. Black air descended from Cora's nostrils and she put her hands into the serum charge. Her hands had black air around them. She made 'x' motions on both of RoboMic's knees, and got close to his crotch. He got excited about this, but she blew charged CO2 over his legs. His human flesh registered deep inner wounds, and instead of sweeping Cora off her feet, RoboMic fell onto his face. He was so fat, he was cushioned, but his sunglasses fell off.

“I guess I have to carry you,” Cora said.

“No, I can,” F1 said. “Or we can leave him here.”

“NOO!!” RoboMic cried. “I wanna see the fight! What'd you do to me?!”

“I cursed you,” Cora said. She made 'x's on his arms, grunted, and lifted him by the armpits. RoboMic switched to make the metal and robot parts of his body as light as possible as the nude brunette carried him like a giant baby. She could barely see past him, going down steps and outside. She said, “Your arms are cursed too, so you can't grab me. Not that I care, but if Megan sees anyone having fun, she'll get angry. She might try and break you down into parts or ban you from having fun.”

“That sounds awful,” RoboMic said. “She wouldn't...” He pushed his sunglasses up his nose to cover his eyes. Cora pursed her lips. RoboMic admitted, “She would...”

This fight was scheduled to take place in the cage in the barn. Cora worked up a sweat and taxed herself carrying RoboMic to the barn door. Then she handed him off to F1 and said, “Actually, I'm sure you can walk now.” RoboMic looked scared to try, and fell over when he jumped down. It was because he was clumsy and not used to making his body as lightweight as possible. The doors opened and it was brighter in the barn than it was outside. Cora felt bad for the animals to be kept awake with this. Megan looked bored and pissed off.

Megan said, “The thin tattooed dyke decides to show her face. I hope RoboMic carried you and made you very uncomfortable.”

“I'm really sweaty because I have an android fetish like you,” Cora teased. She winked and walked towards the cage. Her opponent, Emily, had long light brown hair. She sometimes dyed it blonde, but looked much better darker. She wore light makeup, had sexy long thick lashes, green eyes brought out by a green micro-bikini top, and a tall lean frame with a long torso. Her top showed lots of cleavage and underboob. Her tits were borderline too big for Cora's taste, but Cora liked her some Emily. Emily's white bikini bottoms needed to come off. Cora imagined spanking Emily's ass and cursing both butt cheeks. Cora felt bad for chicks like Ashley and Kate who had breasts that were way too big. That couldn't help their overall athleticism, and those were perfect punching targets.

“You two fucking sluts seems to get along so well and try to diss me, I decided you should fight one another,” Megan said. “If it's close to a double knockout, you both lose! I hope it's one of your tickets I get to rip up first.”

“All one has to do is open her mouth and state the obvious to diss you,” Cora said. “Don't take it so personally, Megan. There's only so much that can be edited out of all this footage to make you look good, and by good I mean sane.”

“I always look good!” Megan said.

“I'm glad I waited to get my serum until now,” Emily said, biting open a plastic pouch with 10ML of serum. She drank it down and winked at Cora.

“So we're drinking it?” Cora said. She pointed at the pouch F1 held of serum and he handed it to her. She touched the pouch quickly and it looked to burst, shooting the serum into her mouth. Cora added, “You're going to need to smoke serum, Emily... everybody.”

“I know,” Emily said. “I was hoping you weren't gonna show and were scared to fight me. You're sweating like you're really nervous.”

Cora laughed and made kissing lips at Emily. She said, “At least I'll get to fuck someone I'm actually attracted to. I like how I've been asking to fight Chosen Five members, and all my requests are ignored and don't show up on the APP or anywhere.”

“You must not be doing it right, stupid,” Megan lied. She'd been denying all Cora's requests after noticing that the Colombian seemed to be able to exhale a lot of dark serum air just hanging out around the estate. Some of the other women voiced concerns with asking for fights, and Megan glared.

“Enough squabble,” F1 said. “We are here for a fight.”

“Don't be afraid to make friends with whoever you want,” Cora said, getting in the cage. Emily was already in and jogging in place, feeling nervous. Cora looked cool as a cucumber. She added, “Don't get butt hurt by what I do to you, Em. I like you. That's why I won't go easy on you.”

“Yeah,” Em said. “No hard feelings, ya naked little slut! I like you best too, and don't think I won't fuck you with RoboMic and make your butt hurt if I can win!”

“We're going to enjoy this way more than Megan is comfortable with,” Cora said.

“Shut up,” Megan said, trying not to lose her cool. “You're both not so funny or smart. I don't care about either one of you. You don't bother me.” Cora stuck her tongue out at Megan.

“I'm starting to digest the serum and feel it,” Em said, shaking her arms. Cora looked at Em's bouncing breasts. “You ready to fight?!”

“How about you attack me first, babe,” Cora said. She exhaled and a dark charged cloud made Em back up. Cora raised an eyebrow, made her lips pucker, and sucked in a strand of air like it was a noodle.

“I guess I need to be able to breathe this shit,” Em said, walking her face into the cloud. She was a little taller than Cora and the air did rise. Em swung a punch high. Cora blocked. The bikini babe choked and spit up blood. Her head shot back. She winced and kept her guard high. Em's body had Cora so horny. Em's white bikini bottoms barely covered what they needed to, and the green bikini top was rising up the brunette's jiggling mounds. Cora wasn't trying to take advantage of the fact Em had drank serum, she just had such a sexy long torso to hit. Cora's knuckles hit Em's kidney. The taller woman buckled and popped Cora in the lips. It wasn't enough to even cut Cora's kissers yet. Cora kicked Em in the pussy. Emily yelped and slammed an arm against Cora's boob, aiming elsewhere.

“I gotten soften that up and stimulate your clit,” Cora said.

“You look like a kinky dominatrix or bdsm chick who'd enjoy that kinda thing yourself,” Em said, throwing another punch. She was trying hard, but hadn't tapped into her serum power yet. Cora blocked. Cora wasn't trying to embarrass Em. Cora had hoped she'd be more tired from carrying RoboMic. She wasn't. She kicked Em in the flank. Her opponent's entire body shook and she bent form impact. Emily kicked high for Cora's head, which was dumb. Cora ducked that and uppercut Em in the gut. The bikini model gasped, cursed, and buckled. Cora pushed on Em's tits.

The UFSO combatant, Emily, bounced off the cage, ignoring the little traces of serum breath Cora left behind. She kicked Cora in the shin and finally grazed a punch on her rival's body, getting her ricocheted fist to hit pelvis. Cora wrapped her arms around Emily. Emily was really curious why Cora was so sweaty, but absolutely controlling this fight. Emily felt Cora touch her arms. Emily hugged Cora tight, thinking some pierced nips on Cora would've fit her look nicely. Emily would only date men, and had never considered herself into women before serum fighting. Cora didn't try and titfight her. The mature Colombian woman let their jugs fit like a jigsaw puzzle and it felt nice. Emily tried to pop Cora's back in a bearhug. Her grip sucked and Cora didn't even writhe like she was in trouble. Cora raised a knee into Em's navel. Em bit her lip in disappointment and lost grip. Cora's other knee got propelled into Em's tit, nearly exposing it from the green bikini top. Em was feeling gassed. She reached for Cora's hair or her earring. She didn't want to fight dirty like that.

Cora landed on Em's foot and rocketed a punch into the brunette's face. Blood burst from her mouth, and her sexy little cry was so hot. Em was cornered and in trouble. Cora licked her lips and stomped Em's ankle. Em yelped, but followed through with her punch. The right hook flew into Cora's jaw, getting some whiplash and blood splatter. Cora barely returned fire in time to get past Em raising her hands to block. The back of the bikini model's head hit the cage. Most women would try and block, evade, or clinch in this situation. Em was slightly bigger. Maybe she was stubborn or dumb and not being tough and ballsy. Cora was sure she'd have an open belly shot, but Em got her elbow down to block. Cora knew she was going to take a hit, but socked Emily in the nose anyway. Emily yelped. Her foot crashed into Cora's flank. Cora managed to grab Em's leg. Cora got a glimpse of Em's pussy with her white bottoms bunched when Em kicked high. Em's other foot careened into Cora's ear. Sound and the cheers got weird. Cora could also hear her curses with the one ear that wasn't bleeding. She dropped her rival's leg, ducked a punch, and rammed her shoulder into Em's belly. She heard a grunt and felt the wind leave Em's stomach. She was surprised Em got off such a good uppercut. Cora's chin took the impact and she was forced to back up, even though she didn't want to. Em had coughed up a bit of blood onto Cora's chest which rolled down her cleavage. Cora saw Em wind up for a big punch and felt her own serum air in her teeth. She bit down and Em's punch swerved to the side with the sound of a little explosion.

“OW!” Em yelled. “What was that?!” She cradled her bleeding appendage and then looked at her other arm. A black 'x' was on the back of that bicep.

“I told you I wouldn't hold back,” Cora said. “My serum breath allows me to curse people. You touch me or I touch you, and it can mark a part on your body and wound deep.”

“I feel that!” Em said, trying to shake her numb arm. She decided to kick at Cora. The naked brunette dropped to a knee and then uppercut Em in the crotch. The busty bikini model whined and stumbled into the cage grating again. Cora kicked Em in the torso. It went a bit high and cracked ribs. Em moaned. She threw a punch with the cursed arm, and Cora blew that off course with an explosion too. Their chests bumped together, and despite Em's pain, she didn't hunch or land on Cora. She kneed Cora in the pussy, and smacked Cora's ass. This really got Cora's respect and got her in the mood. She headbutted Em in the mouth, pinning the bloodied hottie. Cora grabbed Em by the boobs and slung her onto the ground. Em rolled onto her shoulder and almost got right back up and into the fight. Instead, she landed on her butt after a somersault with her big tits exposed. Cora tossed the green bikini top to the side. Em got to her feet, turned, and kicked. Cora knocked it down to hit her hip.

“When I throw you down, I wanna see that ass, Emily!” Cora said.

“You want all of me,” Em said, pushing herself to try and corner Cora. There was a fast back and forth of knees and punches getting blocked. Em kicked high, clipping Cora's boob. Cora karate chopped the brunette's neck. It sounded bad, and Em's green eyes rolled. Her tongue hung out and she was temporarily paralyzed. Cora reached out to grip Em's hooters and kneed her in the clit. Em's wet bikini bottoms were fraying and falling apart, bunching into her private area. Cora stopped fondling Em with one hand to hit her vulnerable tummy. Em's stomach couldn't take more of that. She choked up blood, bending and quivering. Cora threw Emily down. The topless babe's breasts didn't stop her chin from hitting the hay covered wooden planks of the floor. Em's ass cheeks clenched as she propped herself up on her elbows.

“This fight's over, but my fun's just beginning,” Cora said. She took her eyes off Em's sexy body for one moment to see the stupid looks of the faces of all the villains and Megan who had never seen serum breath converted to curses before. It probably could be explained better in some scientific way, but Cora liked to call and think of them as curses. She was like a witch. Besides from the dark pockets of air she could breathe in to refuel herself, Cora's aura also had many see through threads like string that attached to the different parts of a person who she'd touched. If Cora got her hands or body greasy with her dark moist air, and marked her opponent's body, liked she'd done with Em's arms and now her boobs, the thread leading there would really hurt. It was like the longer it charged, the more damage it did. Cora could expel serum energy through her skin and tug on these strings that she was sure no one else saw to attack any part of a nearby competitor's body. In a really tough fight against another woman with powerful aura, Cora's curse strings could get broken, severed, or be not tough enough to send energy through. Right now, Cora could touch with her hand or preferably bite a number of strings to hurt Em. She was most interested in showing off and spooking the spectators. Cora kicked Em between the legs to get her to roll over and show the curses on her flabby tits.

The other women and androids definitely noticed the black glowing marks on Em's tits. Em saw her heaving chest and moaned, “UGH. I g-guess... x... marks the spot...” The tattooed fighter dropped her knee and all her weight onto Em's belly. Em arched her back, jamming her eyes shut. Her hands were still at her own crotch where Cora sat. Cora socked Em in the face. The brunette's head bounced off the wood. A splash of blood hit the cage. Em panted and gasped. Cora bent over to lick and kiss Em's underboobs and then all over pretty ravaged face. Cora looked like a dog out of control, tonguing Em's nose, cheeks, and mouth.

Cora sat back, said, “Watch this!” and clenched her teeth. The x over Em's areola on her left tit was scorched off in the explosion. The bikini model's singed breasts jiggled. Cora added, “I cursed her!” Cora let off the other marked tit with a little more energy. It wasn't enough to blow Emily's chest to bits, but some blood and dermis came off the lovely loser's rack. Cora wiggled her ass atop Emily, and got treated to a pretty nice pussy stroking from Em, when the mounted woman could feel her fingers. Cora spit and slobbered on Em's breasts. She sucked and massaged the burnt flabby orbs. As promised, Cora didn't hold back or get too caught up flirting. She drilled Em in the face with a punch. It gave the sultry lass a shiner. Cora held her opponent's hair. Em whimpered. Cora said, “You don't seem too scared of my curse powers. I could blow you up!”

“Uh, blow me,” Em joked. Cora kissed and nibbled Em's lips, and then slammed her head on the ground. Em was dazed and hurting all over. She grumbled, “I know you wanna preserve my sexy body for fucking.”

“You got that right,” Cora said. She squatted and tore off Em's bikini bottoms. The nude Colombian's lust was off the charts. She pawed her own sideboobs, circling and teasing her own nipples. She plunged her pelvis down, getting her butt and vagina to smash into Em's swollen bosoms. Cora groped and excited Em's nips with spit-shine rubbing, and was pleased when the boobs got harder for banging her clit into. Cora cursed Em's ass with hands that spread and kneaded the Glutes. The explosions were light and sounded like spanking hands. Em's body shook and vibrated, which was great for Cora, sitting scissored crotch to crotch, and tribbing.

“What the hell is up with her?” Megan whispered to F6. “Don't give her more serum for winning.” All the other androids heard every word that Megan said to one android. RoboMic had thought he was hearing things at first until F1 had explained to him that function. It still made RoboMic jump, hearing Megan whisper in his ear when nowhere near him, and made him wish he could touch himself even more. His junk was locked between a cyborg compartment on his body by Megan and the androids.

“It'll be fine,” F1 said, aiming at Cora like Spiderman with a web. He hesitated, curious about the curses and the lesbian sex. Cora and Em seemed to be enjoying one another's bodies in a very natural and rhythmic way. Cora went down on Emily, probing her pussy and labia lips with a wet whipping snake-like tongue or an experienced lubed digit. Em had to clench her body and pull at her hair to stop from squirting. Then Cora sat on Em's face, humping the bloody beaut to get eaten out herself. Emily stroked and squeezed Cora's thighs, gasping for breath as she went nose deep into Cora's private area. The tattooed witch leaked a little on Em's face, but the defeated woman just ingested it and smeared the rest in her flushed cheeks. Finally F1 shot Cora with the serum dart for the winner. Cora looked like a double jointed crab, arching her back and leaving her throbbing loins near Em's mouth and labored breath. Cora exhaled charged black serum air, getting the film around one hand. She was so flexible. Cora's feet held Em's arm in place in above her head. Cora held her crab pose with one arm palming the hay and blood covered ground. She slurped and shook her mush into Em's cooter and fingered the taller bottom chick rapidly with her serum charged hand. Em leaned up, licking Cora's ass, before getting back to the poon. It didn't take long for Emily to be overcome with ejaculation urges. As hard as she tried to repress it, she still moaned, cooed, and squirted some.

“Boring,” Megan said, trying to hide the fact that she'd just fanned herself and was jealous of the sexual chemistry between the women in the cage. “Kill her already, or I'll come in there and do it!”

“Come in and I kill you!” Cora said. She pushed off from the ground and then sat back on Em's chest. As erect as Em's nips were, the weight and constant abuse was flattening her titties and making them sag at this point. Cora said, “You don't want to be cursed yet, Megan, cause you're scared! I've been charging the air for my kill in ways that no one can see.” Cora waved to F1 who had been instructed to carry her favorite double-sided dildo in his suit jacket pocket. He tossed it through the cage grating with perfect accuracy. Cora snatched it from the air. It was short, thick, and veiny with two giant mushroom cap-like heads. It was less than twelve inches total which made RoboMic feel better about his small penis in real life before he'd been modified. The fat blond cyborg's smile was no longer just perverted, but now also slightly boastful and vindicated. Cora inserted part of the sex toy into her vagina and leaned over to be nose to nose with Emily. Cora exhaled dark serum air and said, “Breathe in and get charged up. If you try to fight me after this, it won't go well for you.”

Em sighed and nodded. She got a bit of a shock from sucking in the dark charged clouds, but felt a nice wave of recovery going over her body. The inner damage to her stomach was more bearable and the cursed areas weren't burning and stabbing with pain any longer. Emily knew how awesome it was to be recovering after a win and to fuck the loser with all of the pent up hormones and energy raging. Cora's was trying to maximize Em's sexual pleasure, and Em was just along for the ride, knowing she had much work to do in order to be relevant against the Chosen Five or someone like Cora in the future. Emily tried to see what kind of attack Cora was charging, but couldn't. She could feel it though, and it was ominous and real, like a heavy rainclouds. Emily gave in to a makeout session. Her hands were all over the place with renewed vigor. Cora seemed to use her curse magic to give them both extra tingling sensations in and out of their bodies. Cora plunged the other end of the dildo into Em, and they were so close, bumping beans, and sliding with the deep inserted dildo that Megan said, “I hope that gets lost in one or both of your cavernous whore vaginas.”

Cora whispered sex moves into Em's ear while nibbling it. Cora was like a vampire, using her teeth to graze Em's skin and break it a few times. She really liked rough sex and smacking flesh. Her ability to go super hard to soft was mesmerizing. Cora wanted to time their orgasms, and pulled out the dildo to do so. It was a massive success with simultaneous juices flowing, zero personal space, and a feeling of oneness. Some of Cora's ejaculate got in Emily and vice versa, pushing their fingers to curl and go out with spritzing and intermittent pressure; harmonic give and take; and mind numbing nirvana. The primal orgasmic squeals of the nude brunettes set the bar high for enviable mutual pleasure after a fight. Many women were jealous, and maybe even some of the androids who weren't programmed to enjoy sex, but to do it as ordered by Megan or the company.

“Aw Fuck,” Em groaned, covered in it. “I think anyone would kill for sex that good.”

“I must've cursed you to be into me,” Cora joked. Em was spent and fanning herself. Her body could recharge more energy for sex with more serum breath, but she still had wounds to heal. She easily could've fought a lot of people at this point, but she knew she was going to be killed and bowed her head. Cora got up and lifted Em under the arms. She reached down and jerked Em's leg up. She shoved Em's ankle into the cage grating so that Em's dripping pussy was eye level. Cora said, “I could've fucked you like this. Maybe next time when Megan schedules us to meet in the playoffs or when you get healed and want a taste of curse ecstasy with me again.” Emily raised an eyebrow, feeling like the guillotine was at her neck. Cora wasn't going to eat her out again, so Em wiggled her foot free. Cora said, “You can't mind control a cursed witch! Take note bitches!!” Cora wanted to make this flashy. She had woven several clear serum threads, charging them and refining them to the point of being thin and razor sharp. She bit and pulled at the ones near Em's neck. Everyone could see Cora jerk her body and clench her teeth. There was a little blood at Cora's lips, and Em's head got lopped off nice and clean from the 'curse'. There were gasps from the crowd.

Cora caught Em's head which immediately began to cauterize. She kissed Em's lips again on the severed head, and then booty bumped the rest of the body forward. There was no chance for the busty and beautiful body to topple over. It got grated by the razor thin charged square slicer of air Cora had made. Cora checked to see if anyone in the crowd could see her attack. Maybe the androids could, and that threw Cora off from scanning the entire crowd. Em's body had been gorily cubed. Cora set the head down atop the chunks and opened both cage doors wide, motioning for the androids to come in with the CryoBag to begin resurrection of the killed challenger. Cora's flashy win definitely gave some of the spectators goosebumps. Cora enjoyed the eerie silence, smirking, as she exited the cage. She stopped to pet a horse and cow on the way back to her room, looking forward to seeing what made the cut for the reality TV show footage this week. Cora didn't want to get attached to anyone here, but she had a taste for Emily, and interest in a few other women fighters here who seemed as smart as they were sexy.

The group inside whispered and huddled in cliques. RoboMic was dumb enough to say, “That kill was dope! I want to be curse-fucked!! … But Cora isn't that hot, and everything Megan does is better.” Megan sighed, realizing how much the fat cyborg aimed to please her. RoboMic said, “Like a number times better higher than I can... fuck numbers. I don't know why everyone's so quiet!”

“Emily did lose,” Chosen Five Maria said, “and Cora really isn't that good. I can take her, and anyone with mind control will be able to take advantage of the fact she's a raging lesbo with a flare for theatrics and no control.” This got people to be a little louder and less afraid, but it had still been a weird battle and one unlike anything the serum fighting world had seen yet.


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Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 1-13 14 15 16.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Preliminaries Round One Fights 13, 14, 15 & 16:

INNA (Romanian musician) vs Valenti Vitell (Russian born UFSO Londoner);

Megan Fox, the host of Foxy Corp's TV show and the women on the estate in Spain, was barely following her uncle's wishes and kind of doing her own thing as usual. She was getting bored with no Chosen Five members battling recently or any fight winners opening the cage up for her to join in fucking and humiliating the loser. Megan scheduled four fights all in a row to finish off the first preliminary round in the basement cage with the tile floor. Megan wanted to only have her and Chosen Five members fight, but Uncle Justin was all about fairness to the other whores and equal opportunities to fight. They were ratchet attention craving sluts and didn't deserve to get as many fights as Megan and her friends. Inna showed promise for using with a mind control collar as she was in the entertainment industry. She wasn't as cringe as the blonde bitch in the beige bikini with the mesh top and her nips visible. That was Valenti, likely a MFL spy, who needed to go down.

Inna looked like a bad ass in her black bikini and with tattoos on her shins. She wasn't gross tatted all over like Cora. Inna had long dark curly hair, and wasn't near as pretty as Megan. Megan hated how even she was attracted to Valenti. The bitch was stubborn and a free thinker. Megan wanted to break Valenti's will, make her a sex slave, or ruin her body and image so no one would like her. The popularity and hotness polls always had Megan on top, but she was starting to wonder if those were manipulated by Uncle Justin or someone in the company. The view counts for clips with certain low ranking women were very high, and even so for that big chested Russian tramp Ashley, who Megan thought leaving up and on camera for days hanging all bloody, mauled, and ugly, would plummet her appeal.

Both Inna and Valenti got injected with serum, and Inna made a point to go in the cage door Valenti stood by. Inna shoved Valenti into the side of the cage and said, “You call yourself the Russian Barbie. HA! It's because you're fake and plastic. Just admit you got a boob job before you die!”

“You'll feel how real I am for this fight,” Valenti said, getting in the cage behind Inna. There was no signal to start the fight, and three more fights were planned, so Inna started with a right hook to Valenti's face. The blonde was pretty tough taking that and fighting back. As expected, Inna, could take a punch, and wasn't afraid to fight dirty. Megan did not like Valenti's perfect ass. She had to have some body modification to keep it that round, firm, and free of creases or stretch marks. Megan had to fan herself when Valenti got kicked in the crotch and whined. The blonde wanted to wrestle, but Inna refused to go down. Inna ran with a no blocking strategy, keeping the attacks flowing, shoving Valenti around the cage, and trusting in her power. Both women had taken several knees to the gut and legs during sexy clinches that Valenti initiated. The blonde's pussy got pounded again. Inna clawed Valenti's back, leaving more bloody nail marks in Valenti's flesh. Then Inna got socked in the jaw. Valenti's top was falling off anyway, and didn't last a yank from Inna. Valenti finally missed a block miserably, and her head snapped to the side. Megan hoped the topless thot would go down.

“I wanna play with Russian Barbie!” RoboMic shouted. “Look at those titties!! WOOEEE!”

Valenti hung in there. She got kicked in the leg and the belly. She kicked Inna in the flank and belted the brunette in the chin. Inna grabbed her rival's hair and landed a devastating face punch, before her arm got attacked. Valenti looked woozy. “Finish the whore!” Megan shouted, but Inna got dumb and cocky. Maybe she was tired or had hit tit envy, because a round of punches hit Valenti's chest while Valenti landed head shots. Inna staggered. She and her foe set their feet and threw punches at the same time. It was a double spray of blood from the mouths of the models. Valenti couldn't see straight, but swiped Inna's legs out from under her, kicking Inna's tattooed shins. Inna landed on her ass. Valenti stumbled into the cage.

Megan grabbed Valenti's blonde hair through the cage grating and pulled one of the Barbie's arms through the link. She ignored the dumb bitches speaking out against her interference, but noted them as enemies by name and face. Megan couldn't make out their words over all the cheering and shouting. Nicoleta, Sara, Cora, Ashley, and Sveta were making Megan's shit list by opening their mouths and being too close to her. Megan tried to tie Valenti's hair to the metal. Valenti tried to elbow Megan through the grating. Megan held the blonde's arm and stuck her finger up the Barbie's butt.

Inna got up and said, “And that's why you stay away from the cage and don't run around evading like a little bitch!” Inna wiped her bloody mouth and punched Valenti's blocking arm away. She kicked the topless blonde in the pussy twice before the ditz closed her legs and hung her head. Inna drilled Valenti in the stomach with punches. The blonde buckled. Megan ripped off Valenti's bikini bottoms and let go. Inna blasted Valenti with a barrage of punches to the face. Barbie bitch was brutalized and done.

The Romanian entertainer clawed the nude blonde's boobs and slung Valenti over her knee. Inna jammed her patella into Valenti's navel multiple times, getting the bent over broad to scream and cough up blood. Inna spread the booty cheeks of the loser, probing and violating personal space boundaries. Inna then grabbed Valenti's hair in order to lift up and put the finishing touches of punches and kicks into Valenti's face and neck. A particularly gory knee to the face knocked Valenti off Inna's knee and onto her back to pass out in a pile of her own blood on the black and white tiled floor.

Inna got the winner's serum dart and requested tons of sex toys. She let Megan in to have fun with Valenti too. Inna put on three strap-ons over her waist and had her hands full with four double-sided dildos. She stomped Valenti's firm mounds until they deflated and bled. Megan broke Valenti's nose with a stomp and then sat on Valenti's face. Megan wanted to be pleased and to torment Valenti, but Inna was annoyingly doing her own thing. She tried to fill every hole of Valenti's body with more than one shaft. As soon as Megan stood up, both ends of a double-sided dong were shoved into Valenti's mouth. Inna tried to force them in Valenti's ears and nostrils, and most of the toys had the fake cum in them too that Inna squirted all over like this was a super soaker party or something. Megan backed off to not get covered in the goo so early.

“Barbie dolls go POP!” Inna roared, pulling on Valenti's arm. The gagged blonde let out her last scream as her appendage was ripped clean from the shoulder joint bone and all. It did make a popping sound, and then Inna beat Valenti's head and body with the arm. Inna couldn't pop Valenti's tits although she tried, but she certainly demolished and flattened them a bit. When Inna lifted the dying hussy up under the arms, covered in goo, Megan was mad that Valenti's ass still looked so good. Inna stuffed all of her strap-on shafts into Valenti's mouth, emptying them of fluid. Two dildos were in Valenti's ass and one was in her ass and pussy. Inna jerked those out and put them in Valenti's mouth. She put a foot on Valenti's shoulder to keep the lifeless blonde up on her knees. Then the Romanian brunette popped off Valenti's head with an Amazonian war cry. Megan stood topless in her black thong covered in it all and had F6 towel her off and give her a boa to cover up a little for the rest of the fights. Other androids came in to get Valenti's body parts to heal her. Inna was too juiced to be allowed to stay and watch the rest of the fights. Megan was kind of annoyed with her anyway.

Fight 14 Iryna Ivanova (Russia MFL) vs Genesis Lopez (UFSO);

Megan enjoyed watching the end of this fight because Genesis was brutal in victory. RoboMic was especially loud and obnoxious for this fight because both combatants had giant jugs. Iryna was one of the shortest women with some of the biggest boobs, and she'd spent all last fight naked near her slutty Russian allies. Apparently Iryna had been talking to Delia and wanted to speak with Megan about mind control. Megan wasn't interested right now. Everything about Genesis was bigger than Iryna; her lips, tits, ass, muscles, etc. Yet, the nudist got the bikini model to the ground quickly, and got Genesis in some debilitating submission holds. Iryna was successful tearing ligaments and kneeing Genesis in the face while they scrummed on the slippery tile. Genesis couldn't stay on her feet at first. She had pounded Iryna's face and body with the first blows of the match, and then looked stupid contorted for a while. She lost her blue bikini top with the white swirly print on it wrestling and got fingered past her bottoms too.

Iryna had Genesis in a headlock with her legs around the Latina's abs and back. Gen's right arm was crushed and numb with her on her side. Iryna made nasty slut noises grunting and trying to smother Genesis in her cleavage. Genesis had to grab the cage, and then was able to squat and get up. Before she was choked out, she slammed Iryna down on her back. Iryna's Cerebellum smashed onto the tile, but she kept her grip. This was the beginning of the end for Iryna. Genesis lifted and slammed multiple times, concussing the brunette nudist and making several gashes in the whore's head and cranium. Iryna's limbs went numb.

Genesis spread out the pasty white prostitute on the ground and fisted her shaved pussy. The topless bikini model and bodybuilder, Genesis had so much strength. One punch rattled the Russian's jaw, and the next haymaker ruined her nose. Genesis had lots of power in her stomps. She somehow mangled Iryna's thigh and shattered the loser's ankle after several stomps. Iryna sat up, wailing in agony, only to get kneed in the mush. Genesis lifted Iryna's arm and kicked it until it broke. One stomp to the stomach had Iryna curling into the fetal position and crying like a dying bitch. Gen stomped Iryna's ribs, breaking bones, and getting some splintered white marrow to cut out from Iryna's torso. Genesis sat on Iryna, smothering her in her breasts. Genesis then lifted Iryna by her agape mouth, belting the breasts and the belly of the bruising abuse victim. Genesis threw Iryna at the cage. The Russian's knees slid on the ground and she got smashed into the grating with portions of her big tits through the links and some of her face right there for the women around the ring to hump or attack. Polina tried to lick Iryna's pussy while Chosen Five Bianca, Maria, the other Iryna, Daniela, and Juicy used nails or lighters to mar and hurt Iryna's protruding front. Big booty Bianca even got her ass over Iryna's nose.

With her foe getting pounded from the front by women outside the cage, Genesis took to attacking Iryna's backside with kicks and punches, making Iryna's spine crackle and her body tremble. Iryna was finally allowed to fall from her abused position against the cage. Polina had helped that happen by shoving some of the other women with her friends Sveta and now Ashley. Genesis climbed the cage and jumped off, dropping her ass onto Iryna's face. Multiple face bones crunched and blood spurted in waves from underneath Genesis's succulent booty cheeks. Megan clapped and laughed. Iryna's head was ruined. The topless bikini model was then hit with the winner's serum dart and given her sex toy of choice. She didn't bother putting the strap of the strap-on around her waist and poked Iryna's yucky face to keep it from healing. The semen squirts into her wounds didn't help either. Genesis jammed the rod into Iryna's pussy and tried to tease, but was very rough. She lifted Iryna, held the lifeless loser limp above her head, and slammed Iryna's front onto the tile. There was blood everywhere. Gen kicked the dildo deeper, but it shot out with the loser's ejaculate. Genesis jumped in the air and pounded her fist into Iryna's spine. CRACK! The victorious brute ripped the dead woman's vertebrae out of the punch hole in her tailbone. Genesis held the curved bony spine and snapped it like a beef jerky in her hands to end the fight. It was a lot like a Mortal Kombat Fatality and Megan enjoyed how dark it had been. Some fans would be grossed out and like Megan better after seeing that. Genesis was escorted upstairs by F1 and two other androids as had happened to Inna. They put the women in the bathroom and gave them drugs to calm down. Inna was lounging in a bubble bath up there after her win.

Fight 15 Viki Odintcova (Russian IMDB sadist) vs Madalina Ghenea (Romanian IMDB fighter);

Foxy Corp androids tried to clean up some of the mess in the cage, but RoboMic was hopeless cleaning and it was taking too long. Megan slightly favored Madalina to win, but that Romanian slut had a chance to impress Megan and swear allegiance earlier and hadn't really like Daniela and Dajana had. Megan didn't like the tan and fit Viki from Russia. Viki was essentially naked, only wearing a white hoodie tied at her waist like a skirt. She took that off as soon she injected herself in the neck with serum like she was as accurate as the androids with placing that stuff. Megan shook her head, hoping to get to fuck with a dead Viki. Madalina wore blue lingerie and native looking earrings and wristbands. The bra had crochet rainbow colors obviously to support Megan and all the oppressed lgbtq+ people worldwide. Megan liked that. Madalina was perhaps on the same wavelength and wouldn't be hard to control with a collar if anyone gave a shit about her anyway. She wasn't bad looking, and she only stood out from the crowd because of her outfit.

The pluses for Madalina didn't add up long. After getting injected in the spine and getting in the cage, Viki nearly ripped her ear off jerking out an earring. A high kick to the chest frayed rainbow colored bra yarn and Viki's foot ended at Madalina's chin. She stumbled into the cage, jiggling more than Viki who was nude. Viki said, “I won't consider it a favor if any of you whores hold her down.” Madalina lunged, throwing a punch. Viki ducked and uppercut the Romanian in the bread basket. The lingerie model hunched and almost got Viki's fist forced literally into her throat. Viki's knuckle bled as she brought it back out. Madalina landed solid strikes to Viki's body and leg while gasping and choking. Viki crashed her chest into her foe and blew into Madalina's face. No one could see much color or charge to Viki's breath, but it bothered Madalina enough to make her flinch and hide her head. Madalina's tits jumped like serum air had gone inside her and exploded. Viki tore off a large chunk of Madalina's other ear, snatching the remaining earring. A strike to the neck had Madalina looking wide eyed, paralyzed, and done.

The nude brunette Russian focused almost all of her attacks on Madalina's left boob. A combo of punches and kicks shredded the bra material and tore a blue strap. Madalina jabbed her fist into Viki's nose. The Russian's head went back, but she kicked high into Madalina's nose. It was a blood splattering stunner, whipping the Romanian's head back and making her back into the cage again. Both of the underwear model's tits were hanging out, but the left one continued to get the abuse. The swelling and abrasions had the orb looking big in some places and flattened smaller in others. There were blood and scratch marks over Madalina's most exposed tit too. Viki peppered in some belly punches and a right hook to the mouth that put a spatter of crimson outside the cage. Madalina tried to punch back, and swiftly got her arm grabbed. Viki turned, twisted, and wrenched. Madalina moaned, and it looked like her arm was broken or at least injured and not going to help blocking. Viki slammed Madalina into the cage, trapping Madalina's good arm behind her.

“Damn,” Madalina whimpered, barely able to hold her head up while getting demolished against the cage with no interference. “Sh-she's... a top... fighter.” Megan didn't like hearing that. Viki grinned and punted Madalina in the pussy. Viki's kicks were so rough, it only took a few to give her rival such a wedgie, the blue panties cloth couldn't be seen front or back save that which ran into the thin pink waistband. Viki ruptured nipple and areola with a punch and then was satisfied enough there to move up to Madalina's eye. She kept kicking the defeated and cornered combatant between the legs, flaking and forcing off destroyed panties cloth.

The haggard and convulsing babe still on her feet, looked like Two-Face after getting belted in the eye and one side of her head obliterated with punches. There was a large knot near her eyebrow and lots of dark black, purple, and blue all around the bleeding skin by the swollen shut eye. Viki kicked Madalina in the crotch, getting whines of pleasure now. Viki said, “Why don't you close your legs stupid?!” THWACK! She kicked again. 'AH' her victim cried. 'Oh!' THWACK! “Is it that you can't close your legs?!” Viki taunted. THWACK. 'O god!' the loser mumbled, dripping wet. “Pathetic!” Viki said. She leaned back like she was going to kick a soccer ball from one goal to the next. Her foot blasted her foe's private area, making the battered brunette's pelvis shift. Viki's big toe and a few others remained in Madalina's pussy. She shoved them around in there. Madalina moved the arm from behind her back as she leaned over in anguish. It was numb. She tried to remove Viki's foot, but couldn't and came. Viki still left her toes in, pushing harder. She grabbed Madalina's arm, snapped it, and tossed the bitch onto her back with the elbow bone piercing through the skin.

Viki took a double-sided dildo for victory and invited no one into the cage to partake in celebratory fucking or gangbanging. She fucked Madalina with anal sex from one end of the cage to the other and back, rubbing the poor woman's front raw from friction. Viki pulled out of herself to squirt fake dildo juices all over Madalina's back. She pulled the device out of Madalina's rear and managed to break the rubbery toy over the back of Madalina's head. Then Viki sat Madalina up against the cage with her legs open. Viki humped Madalina in the face, getting her clit bumped and kissed. Viki forced Madalina's nose and face deep until she blew a load. Unfortunately for the suffering chick, the fluids largely went over the beaten and ravaged side of her face, which stung and hurt a lot. Viki glared at Sara while face-fucking the loser with no toy. Viki cranked Madalina's neck 90 degrees. SNAP! Viki moved her body to keep humping, copying Sara's finisher without the strap-on. Viki wiggled her toes in the loser's pussy and then snapped the head for a full 180 death CRUNCH! RoboMic wished he could access his junk with Madalina's agape mouth open and crotch level past the grating. He looked down at her heaving chest and liked that too.

“Don't worry, Sara,” Viki said. “You're not the only one I want to kill. You might want to worry about leaving me alone with Inna and Gensis upstairs. I don't especially like or dislike either one of them.”

Fight 16 Daniela Crudu (Romanian weather woman) vs Carmela Cream (Romanian fighter)

Viki was allowed to stick around to watch this fight after being given some calming drugs by androids. Viki's self-control and possible ability to do serum breath put a target on her back, but also made the Chosen Five and other women fear her. The androids were working hard to keep things going, and some of the women were very nice to them, treating them like people instead of bots. Megan didn't like that. Her servants didn't have feelings; not even the human ones. The fake titty weather woman who had made herself look like a Kardashian, talked a lot of stupid smack about how good and hot she was. She wore a white bikini and Megan couldn't fathom how anything other than big boobs made this chick popular. Daniela's lips looked Botox fake big. Carmela looked lethal in sleek tight gray athletic pants. She took off a blue and white Nike jacket, revealing a purple sports bra with white flecks on it. Daniela's long black hair was curly and looked greasy. Carmela's hair was very straight and she looked hotter to Megan, like Cleopatra with eye makeup coming to a point or looking like side bottom lashes where other old hags would get crow's feet.

“You're wearing a lot of clothes you scrawny loser,” Daniela said. She even sucked at smack talk. “Are you cold?” Daniela asked. “You must be afraid. My A+ body is going to own you! Do you even weigh 100 pounds wet on serum?”

“I'm mostly muscle, you stupid bimbo,” Carmela said. Megan was interested to see if Carmela was any good and who she might align with. Carmela had traveled with Bianca D, Natasha, and other Romanians in that group who seemed to be obstacles to Megan's wants and needs. Both women got injected with serum. Neither one was trying to show off and ingest serum. No one had tried that even though it was thought of a stepping stone or building block to being able to smoke serum and be one of the best – like Megan was.

In the cage, Carmela had quick footwork and short precise jabs. Daniela flailed and flopped a lot. She thought it would be humiliating to rip off Carmela's top, and bragged about how her tits were bigger, only to get socked in the jaw and become a bop bag for a round of head and body blows. Daniela tried to claw, wrestle, and grab hair, but she got her ass kicked. Carmela was faster, stronger, more fit, and just as willing to fight dirty. Daniela hung in there, showing decent toughness and injuring Carmela too with a few big punches, titty twisters, and cuntbusting blows. Carmela didn't bother to purposefully strip Daniela. The body blows on their own knocked the busty brunette's tits out of the top, and a few hits later, the straps broke, and the cocky sow was topless.

Women teased Daniela for getting her legs kicked out from under her and falling on the bloody and sweaty tile multiple times. It was so easy to get into Daniela's head. She was full of rage and trying to prove herself, and took her eyes off Carmela several times. This earned her a black eye and later a broken nose from a kick that crashed across the bride of her nose. Daniela flailed and thrashed around after the stunner to the nose. Carmela patiently waited and then kicked and punched Daniela in the back. The topless bikini model happened to land her fist into Carmela's nose by extending her arm. Carmela winced and ducked her head. She was tough, but Daniela was pretty strong. Daniela got some confidence and landed blows to Carmela's belly. Unfortunately for the Kardashian lookalike entertainer, her stomach didn't have near the abs to shield that Carmela did and she'd already been taking a worse beating. Daniela buckled from a kick to the belly. She socked Carmela in the neck. Carmela broke Daniela's big toe with a stomp and swept her leg. That fat chested bragger belly flopped and moaned. She did a push up, turning and flailing. She got kicked in the mouth.

RoboMic was one of the few to say nice things about Daniela, but he liked her big tits. It wasn't like everyone was against her, but she opened her big mouth a lot, and even Megan was enjoying watching her get beat up. “Come at ME!” Daniela said, continuing to ramble and talk smack while she was clearly losing. “You GOT Nothing! … CLEARLY you... about done. AH!” The chesty chick fighter was so tired her punch was more of her thrusting her arm into Carmela's neck. Daniela got socked in the jaw. It knocked the stupid out of her and left her face looking pained and shocked. Daniela backed into the cage, dizzied. She threw a punch that got parried. She got kicked in the pussy and slid against the grating onto her ass. She stood up, punching Carmela's knee. Carmela uppercut Daniela in the mouth. Daniela yelped, spitting blood and spinning to try and stay on her feet. She fell again.

“I ought to stop hitting your face or we won't hear the dumb things you say,” Carmela said, kicking Daniela in each butt cheek. “Oh, that's your ass. Looks about the same.”

Daniela growled, got up, and tackled Carmela. She elbowed Carmela in the mouth. It could've been a big turning point as Daniela wrapped her legs around her rival and went for limb locks, but Carmela wiggled free and flipped over to mount Daniela. An elbow crashed against Daniela's mouth, and she had been moving so crazily she knocked her own head and was too slow to block. Carmela finished Daniela, bouncing her tight butt cheeks on Daniela's belly and pounding the priss's face left and right until it was lumpy and oozing like bloody ground beef. Carmela then attacked Daniela's prized breasts until she came to and begged for mercy.

“AW!” Daniela screamed. “JUST lemme... heal a bit.... AND FUCK ME!!”

“My terms, stupid,” Carmela said, slamming the back of Daniela's head on the ground. She bit Daniela's tit open and bitch slapped the spit out Daniela's mouth. Carmela stood up and took off her pants while Daniela twitched and sobbed. Carmela opened up the cage. She got shot with the winner's serum dart right before she pushed her black panties to the side to ready a strap-on. She added, “If you want a piece of this ugly fake broad, Megan, you can fuck her with me.”

Megan didn't say thanks or anything. Daniela was already humiliated and wanting to be fucked, so inside, Megan made Daniela suck and please Megan's pussy. Megan and Carmela left Daniela's white bikini bottoms on and only made her cum by kicking her in the vagina. They put Daniela on her knees and jerked her head left and right to tongue pussy. Megan wasn't sure whether to like and bond with Carmela over this or to be competitive and angry that Carmela kept jerking Daniela to her for more. Daniela seemed to try harder tonguing Megan. She'd use her hands more for Megan and bow too. Daniela said, “Can we... uh... share a dildo, Megan?!”

“SHUT UP and SUCK!” Megan said. She almost threw a punch at Carmela who nearly broke Daniela's neck jerking her back to herself. Carmela was too damn smug and not whining or flushed like Megan. Was she trying to prove superiority by not being turned on?! Carmela kicked hard into Daniela's stomach, knocking her over and making her spit up blood. Megan sat on Daniela's face and got off. Megan tried to suffocate Daniela with ejaculate, but the stupid bikini model survived. Megan could use another squirting orgasms or too, but allowed Carmela to lift Daniela for the kill. The busty brunette choked and gagged. Carmela slammed an elbow into Daniela's jaw that made her face look crooked and ugly. Then Carmela kicked up into Daniela's nose, shattering it. Nose bones went into Daniela's brain and she landed on her back with her abused titties bouncing and her thighs as white as her bunched bikini bottoms.

“Can I be let out and in and get off on her?!” RoboMic asked. Megan nodded. As soon as RoboMic got his hands on his member, he went off in his pants, and his body was controlled so he wouldn't recharge that right away. He should've been embarrassed, but he looked sort of happy and relieved. Megan felt that way too, but tried to act like she didn't like any of this. She had to maintain the demeanor of a calm and cool collected leader. She would always be the best. She was going to win this tournament, and she couldn't wait to start ripping up tickets an kicking some of these losers out of her estate next round.


2D Artist
Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 2-1 MH vs NV.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Preliminaries Round Two Fight One:

Nicoleta Vaculov vs Maria Hart (Fatal Five)

The androids had cleaned up the mess from the four matches in a row in the basement cage with the tile floor. The women were gathered there abuzz as there had been a fight not in a cage that didn't count for EMCASA records, and because the Chosen Five, now calling themselves the Fatal Five, was back in action, looking to ruin chicks they didn't like. Maria, a Romanian Fatal Five staple member to Megan, EMCASA's host, tossed her long black hair over her shoulder to show off her makeup and long earrings for the constant video footage that would obviously be clips of her now as she was about to fight, fuck, and kill Nicoleta. Maria wore a black lingerie night dress that showed off massive cleavage and a black gown loose on her shoulders. She took off the gown, and nearly went off on an android again for not taking her garment right away. Maria had an explosive temper, a superiority complex, a nasty attitude to anyone not in the 'in crowd', and a scheming and grudge holding nature. Her nails were dyed a dark red color like blood. She'd attacked Megan's favorite android F6 after he interfered with her fun after beating Bianca D. Maria had nearly lost her position because of it, but Maria knew she was too important to Megan. Maria didn't physically assault F9, but shouted, “You STUPID JUNK HEAP! Can't you do ANYTHING right?!”

“Treat our servers better and stop posing,” Nicoleta said, reaching up Maria's dress to smack her ass. Maria wore black lingerie. Nicoleta was a brunette with long hair and tan skin. She wore a pink floral print bikini with a small cleavage window and juicy underboobs showing. Nicoleta added, “I see why you're wearing a dress. Your pasty ass isn't impressive.” The bikini model barely evaded a punch from Maria and made her way to the cage door, smirking. The serum that had been injected into Nicoleta's spine gave her confidence, even though she was afraid and expecting a tough and brutal battle. The fear was in knowing that Megan and her cohort were angry at Nicoleta.

“Your death will be slow and painful,” Maria said. She punched the female looking android, F9 in the head, wanting serum. The woman's glasses fell off. She aimed her suit sleeve at Maria to shoot her with a serum dart. “GIVE me the FUCKING POUCH!” Maria shouted, wanting to show off how she could drink the serum and tap into it right away. Maria was going to show everyone just how scary and powerful she could be. The plastic pouch split open without Maria tearing into it, and she slurped up the liquid contents with little care or concern that some had spilled, gone on her face and body, and would have minimal help from it if absorbed at all through her skin. Maria was Megan's strongest and most powerful ally, and she planned to prove that now. Megan couldn't afford to lose Maria, and Maria would play the Foxy Corp heiress like a fiddle.

“To think; we're on this beautiful beach estate, and you stay in all day and can't get a tan,” Nicoleta said. “Hit me with your serum breath or whatever. I bet I take it better than most!!” Nicoleta bounced on her toes like a boxer with her fists clenched. Maria got in the cage, looked at a camera, and bent over, caressing her milky white chest mounds and pressing them together. Nicoleta kicked Maria in the ass and grabbed the Fatal Five fighter's black thong. Maria screamed and slammed an elbow into Nicoleta's head. The bikini model took the brunt of the blow, but also had stripped Maria, ripping off her panties. Nicoleta aimed a punch for Maria's stomach. Her knuckles grazed the nightgown. Maria backed against the cage. She tried to kick her rival between the legs, but hit thigh. Then Maria got socked in the face. Her pale cheeks flushed. Scarlet spritzed off her lips.

“FUCKING Sluh-CHEATER!” Maria shouted. She blocked a high punch, but then her jaw got rattled by the next. She kneed Nicoleta's midsection, and then tried to kick the tanner woman away. “The match hadn't even started!” Maria screeched. Nicoleta batted Maria's hand away. She kicked Maria in the side of the leg. Maria stumbled into the cage. Nicoleta rammed her shoulder into Maria's gut, and then worked over the bully's belly with punches. Maria yelped and elbowed Nicoleta across the nose and mouth, drawing blood. Nicoleta put another jab into Maria's stomach, fraying the lingerie dress material and making Maria hunch. Maria's blood red nails tore into Nicoleta's chest, gouging deep into mammary flesh, shredding pink cloth, and exposing one of the bikini model's nipples. Nicoleta winced, and grit her teeth, frustrated by her lack of accuracy and accidentally punching Maria's boob. Maria kicked Nicoleta in the pussy and tried to pinch Nicoleta's teat over the sunflower print on her top. Maria's foot felt gritty and foul.

Nicoleta backed up, having trouble breathing. Her chest heaved. She had a major wedgie, but also a black mark like soot on her bikini bottoms. It was on her top, underboobs, wrist, and maybe more places, feeling suffocating, itchy, and problematic like hot tar. Nicoleta tore off her bikini top. Mixed in with the bloody claw marks were black seeping wounds that presented a danger the healing ingredients of the serum didn't seem to know what to do about. Nicoleta shook her head, convincing herself this was some sort of play on her mind. The Fatal Five and Megan were all about getting in people's heads, and that's why they were wrong and needed to be stopped.

Maria sneered, looking at her topless foe. Maria wiped her mush and said, “I'll hit you with these fists.” Maria swung a punch at Nicoleta's head. It was blocked. Their knees knocked. Nicoleta slugged Maria in the belly, making a hole in the nightgown. Maria yelped and buckled. Her chin hit her enemy's chest. She tried to bite Nicoleta's boob. Her teeth clipped skin. Maria wrapped her hands around Nicoleta, feeling lots of curse energy in her fingers. She tried to quickly charge the air. She got kneed in the navel. Maria swore loudly. She got thrown down and hit her back on the tile. Her fake tits were about to fall out. Nicoleta grabbed Maria's ankle to pull her legs far apart and reveal Maria's cooter. The yanks made Maria yelp. She tried to kick Nicoleta, but as soon as her foot hit boobs and ribs, Nicoleta latched a hold. Maria felt all her serum air hanging there for her to use. She felt energy leave her body, and saw the dark swirls of air gathering around Nicoleta. Nicoleta looked scared at first, but closed her eyes and then elbow dropped into Maria's thigh. Maria planned to attack the topless hussy with curse explosions, but something canceled them out!

The naked tattooed slut, Cora, wiped sweat off her forehead from outside the cage and smirked at Maria. There was still some of Maria's aura outside the cage. As she breathed heavily, it was like she blew that power and anger towards the Colombian cam girl to hurt her. Maria hadn't touched Cora, but could still curse her with powered threads of air. Unfortunately Cora's serum aura acted as a shield. Nicoleta twisted up Maria's legs something fierce in a submission on the ground. Maria screamed and reached for the cage. Her leg and ankle were going to be broken at this rate! Maria rubbed serum air into her face, making it look like mascara was running down her cheeks and she had black iris contacts in. Maria saw Cora trying to extend silver curse threads out to protect Nicoleta again, but they were tiny, thin, and weak. Maria hadn't been looking for Cora to interfere like this, and didn't know that her serum air curses could be seen by anyone other than her. Maria could see Cora's curses well for the first time after barely getting glimpses of them for Cora's fight. Maria felt her own serum air wanting to clash with Cora's. As Maria sweat heavily, the evaporating serum went to the air near Nicoleta, wanting to go into all the dark greasy spots on Nicoleta's back that Maria had touched.

“YAHH!!” Nicoleta shouted. Her back crunched. Her chest protruded forward and flesh was burnt off near her spine and tailbone. Each of Maria's curses had a touch target detonator near her. She bit a black dot only she could see (and maybe Cora) and the dark spot everyone could see on Nicoleta's chest shocked and hurt the topless whore. Nicoleta lost grip of Maria's leg. Maria kicked Nicoleta in the face, knocking the little bitch over with a spray of red. Nicoleta army crawled on her chest towards the cage wiring to grab it, pull up, and collect herself. Abby stomped Nicoleta's fingers from outside the cage. Maria glared at Cora, stomped Nicoleta's ankle, and took out her own long dangling earrings.

“THAT'S Right, BITCHES!” Maria shouted. “I AM the CURSE QUEEN!! Cora is trying to interfere! I consider anyone who stands by idly, her ally in crime!” Bianca F put out her cigarette in a hard glass ashtray and then slammed it into Cora's head, taking a chunk of hair and skin from Cora's head. The blonde Fatal Five member, Delia, grabbed Cora from behind under the arms. Another musician, Inna, punched and kicked Cora while the tattooed babe's arms were held up and her naked body was vulnerable. Fatal Five Bianca F tackled Cora and Delia to the ground to sit on and beat on Cora. Maria smiled and kicked Nicoleta in the crotch. The brunette's ass cheeks clenched. Maria said, “Your ass isn't anything, Nicoleta, you filthy slut! WEAKLING! CRY for Mercy! You can't escape ME! AHAHAHAHA!” Nicoleta tried to kick Maria, but the pasty pugilist used serum air to knock it away. Maria stabbed an earring into Nicoleta's ass cheek. The trembling loser screamed and tightened everything. The earring was like a blade sticking in the Glute, and only gathering blood at the surface due to the serum ingredients that produced more blood in the body. Juicy, who didn't even like the Fatal Five anymore, but would attack anyone close to her at this point, kicked Nicoleta in the face through the grating.

Nicoleta rolled over onto her side. The Fatal Five were too strong. She reached back to pull out the earring, but Maria got to it first. Blood spurt as the sharp object was pulled out. Maria kicked Nicoleta in the chest and the chin. She jammed an earring into Nicoleta's private area, and shoved the other one into Nicoleta's sagging underboob. Nicoleta cried and writhed. Maria set off a few more curse bombs to make sure she wasn't going to get kicked or see any resistance. Maria loved hearing the scared losers gasp. Nicoleta's tears and fear was fuel to Maria's sadism. She flipped the floozy onto her back, and tore off what was left of Nicoleta's bikini bottoms. She made sure that the earring was going to make any vaginal penetration unpleasant. Maria took that earring out and jammed it into Nicoleta's eye. The crowd and the victim reacted just as Maria had hoped with shock and trepidation. She left the silver rod in Nicoleta's face and pushed the other one around in the impaled booby meat. Nicoleta's body gave a spasm. The eye wound was very close to damaging the brain and killing Nicoleta.

Maria took off her dress, trying not to ruin it. F9 was quick to open the cage, take Maria's gown, and offer her a strap-on. Maria said, “PUT it on me, and then give me my WINNER's reward!!” F9 obeyed, with a bruise on her temple near her sunglasses. The androids felt pain and emotions and were part human. F9 put the strap-on around Maria, getting condescending orders about it not being tight enough. Maria was injected in the spine with the winner's serum dart, but didn't need any more testosterone or hostility. She ran over to Nicoleta, stomping, kicking, and making a scene of the victory. Nicoleta stopped fussing and moving after a while. It was a gory mess on the tile floor from Nicoleta's curse, stab, and bludgeoning wounds and her ruined chest.

The nude and self-proclaimed curse queen, Maria, fucked Nicoleta in the pussy first, knowing it would hurt and feel good at the same time for the dying loser. Then Maria molested Nicoleta's ass with the shaft, fisting her anus, and spreading booty cheeks so far apart, Nicoleta was getting bone damage with torn ligaments. Maria then broke both of Nicoleta's legs, making the fucked female wake again for a short moment. Maria broke toes to try and rouse Nicoleta again, but the stabbed and naked numb doll was still out. Maria thrust the shaft of the dildo into Nicoleta's wounded chest, making the fun bag flop and tear and the earring fall out. Maria stabbed it back into Nicoleta's butthole and left it there to finish up. Maria got mad when the strap-on ran out of fake semen for covering the loser with stickiness. She shouted for a reload, and F9 and a different android outside of the original dozen just stood by with extra sex toys to spray on Nicoleta where Maria was pointing or entering with the plastic head.

It wasn't necessary to suffocate Nicoleta with cum, but Maria did just that, shoving the black rod of the strap-on into Nicoleta's mouth, and breaking her teeth with too much unrestrained power. Finally, Maria pulled out the earring in Nicoleta's eye, and the brunette was already very dead. It was bloody and gross for most watching, but Maria enjoyed every moment. The bullies had stopped pounding on Cora, but still held down the bruised interferer. Maria fucked Nicoleta in the eye. She wasn't satisfied until she broke every finger and little bone on Nicoleta's corpse. “FINGER, FINGER, WRIST!!” Maria said, getting a shiver of ASMR bliss for every bone snapping CRACK, POP, and SNAP! Maria was so OCD, after leaving a pinky finger somewhat in tact, she doubled back to make sure that was broken to her liking. She licked Nicoleta's broken fingers in a sexually suggestive manner, and then Maria used Nicoleta's dead hand and arms to try and rub Maria's clit. “You couldn't satisfy a squid!” Maria said, looking down at Nicoleta's body with disdain. She charged all her curse energy, walked away, and exploded Nicoleta's head to get guts all over the two androids in the cage doing her bidding.

“Why would anyone want to satisfy a squid?” Emily said. “You and Megan into bestiality?!” Megan's cheeks darkened, she fumed, and huffed. Some of the women laughed. Megan whispered to F6 for him to take note of who thought this was funny.

Maria walked out of the cage, snatching her gown from F1 who now held it. She yelled at him to put it on her and told him how stupid, chauvinistic, white, and guilty he should feel. Then she addressed Emily and Cora, saying, “SCORE CHECK, UFSO SLUT and Cambodian NOBODY! You lost to CORA! Don't ACT like you're friends! YOU both WON'T WIN Again! I can get any beast of a man I want, and you can't get Cora's sloppy seconds!!”

“I might be into that and a threesome with Cora now,” Emily said, “but sure. You got me. I lost my last fight and don't want to lose again. Your joke was a super great dis and super funny.”

Maria twitched. The serum was making it hard for her to register the sarcasm, even though almost everyone else did. Maria was given calming drugs or she might've blown another gasket. Maria was escorted upstairs by three androids. Megan whispered to F6 to see if anyone knew about her deep passionate connections to one of the black stallion horses. Megan also enjoyed sex with F6, and wondered what the fans would think of Emily's comments if they could or were watching live. Megan didn't care what others thought, but she did. She wanted to control what they thought, and she knew she was right. Whoever she loved and made love to was her business and should be accepted. Megan spit on Emily and kicked Cora while she was down. It was hard to be a leader and to keep losers in line, but Megan and the Fatal Five were killing it. Maria was really strong, and needed to be the one to knock Cora out of the tournament if Cora was determined to be stubborn, selfish, and not on the right side of things. Then Maria would forfeit to Megan in the final and Megan would have full use of the mind control collar as planned.

EMCASA 32 woman standings:

Maria 2-0 (Tournament Spot guaranteed *), Nicoleta 1-1, Megan 1-0 *, Bianca F 1-0 *, Antonia 1-0 *, Delia 1-0 *, Inna 1-0, Abby 1-0, Claudia 1-0, Iryna S 1-0, Carmela 1-0, Sveta 1-0, Cora 1-0, Sara 1-0, Viki 1-0, Genesis 1-0, Juicy 0-1, Dajana 0-1, Daniela 0-1, Madalina 0-1, Ozana 0-1, Polina 0-1, Iryna I 0-1, Natasha 0-1, Bianca D 0-1, Mandy 0-1, Kate 0-1, Ashley 0-1, Maryse 0-1, Alexis 0-1, Valenti 0-1, Emily 0-1


2D Artist
Jan 6, 2022
Binaca vs sara.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Preliminaries Round Two Extra Two:
Sex, Cheats, & Humiliation; Ass vs Class: Bianca Fund vs Sara C (Written in Collaboration)

Immediately after the Carmella fight….

Bianca watches in anger as Carmella’s cryo bag is taken away. She watches her nude rival Sara’s naked ass as she makes her way to the showers. Even tho Sara haven’t been injected with the winner's serum dart, her body seems to use the serum in her body to heal the rest of her wounds. While she takes a shower, Bianca Fund and everybody else in the gym leaves. Bianca stays in her car for a few extra minutes as she checks her phone.

Megan calls and Bianca picks up. Megan says, “Well, where's the footage?! I expect to see Carmella with a headless, limbless fucked hard body, standing over it.”

“That's not really what happened,” Bianca says. She hears Megan scream and something break in the background. Bianca says, “I'll send the gym footage over right away.” Then she hangs up.

One of the perks of being a Fatal Five member and friend of Megan is having access to an app that controls the androids to stop or shut them down in case of malfunction. As much as Bianca wanted to get shot with a serum dart after Sara’s win, she knew that she had to be approved by Megan first. Megan scheduled things and was a control freak, worried about her image, but Bianca hates all her rivals so much that she is willing to go with her gut feeling… and her gut feeling is telling her to go back inside and humiliate her biggest rival, Sara. Maybe Megan won’t be upset at all to see a video of Sara getting utterly humiliated and fucked! Sara isn't scheduled to fight in an EMCASA cage soon as far as Bianca knows.
Bianca looks at the front of the gym and sees Robo-mic lurking there. The gym is closed and it’s odd to see him in this place. Bianca's eyes open wide. She smiles as a plan comes up in her mind. She gets out of her car with a gym bag containing some sex toys and sneaks behind the android.

Robo-mic oddly turns on the lights of the MMA octagon inside the ring and says, “Hey, where is everybody?” Bianca stays hidden behind a curtain and keeps listening. “Anyone here? Wait a sec…. is that blood and cum?!” Robo-mic's smelling sensors pick up the cum and blood from the other side of the gym. Before he can investigate, he hears someone walking behind him.

“Hey! What the fuck are you doing here?!” Bianca asks the surprised cyborg.

“Bip-Boop-wow! Bianca Fund, nice to see you here.”

“Cut the crap, I’ve asked you a question!”

Robo-mic answered truthfully, “I heard that an impromptu fight will take place here between one of my favorites Sara and her rival Carmella. I love to see Sara win…or lose. I will never forget the Laura vs Sara humiliation, it was so fucking—”

“That fight is already over, you came too late…unless...”
Robo-mic stood there confused. Because of his crazy behavior he got software from Foxy Corp that made his personality more non violent and somewhat submissive, especially to Megan and Fatal Five members. He just stands there with his fat jaw agape as Bianca takes off her top and her tits are on full display. He mumbles, “Boooobbbbiieeesss.. sexy ….Bip-Bop!WOOOWHOOO!!”

Bianca has her phone in her hand and enters the Foxy Corp androids app. Robo-mic sees that Bianca unlocked his original fat penis and she pulls it out and put it in between her tits. After a few minutes of tit fucking and blowjob, Bianca puts him on his back and rides his penis until he cums inside her pussy. He is forced to lick Bianca into orgasm while she sucks him off and while she does that, she uses her phone. He shoots his second load inside Bianca’s mouth and the curvy woman swallows it all! Robo-mic is blasted over the face with Bianca’s squirting orgasm and he notices that Bianca’s body is changing like she just took serum. Bianca gets up on her feet, wipes her mouth and uses her phone again. She says, “Good, you did your job! Now I’m going to switch you back to regular cum!”

Robo-mic realizes that he simply got used by Bianca to get the sexy woman to have serum. He doesn’t mind being used by a sexy evil bitch like Bianca anyway and becomes submissive to her, wanting more sex. He had no idea his sexual juices could contain serum, and if not for his personality modifications, that would've greatly inflated his ego.

She tells him, “You’ll do what I say and you’ll cum inside all of someone’s holes soon!” Since Carmela failed at one upping Sara, Bianca was determined to do so. Bianca continues, “First you'll shoot Sara with 5 ML of serum as soon as I give the signal.” Bianca knows she has about 15 ML inside her from the blowjob and sex. Androids can have serum darts in them. Bianca probably could have just ordered him to shoot her with a serum dart using mind control serum breath, but deep down she was horny after seeing so many Carmella and Sara fights she just wanted to fuck! Even though Sara will only be on 5 ML of serum, it will look like it's an even fight to everyone who watches later. RoboMic is ready to go for sex again, but she stares at him angrily, and he frowns and drops his head to listen. Bianca says, “Your next order is that you will use only your original penis in the hole I direct on Sara with the aim to cum in all 3 of her holes… facial and double penetration AND to give me a strap-on or whatever sex toy I request. Third, act like an official announcer with introducing the fighters, saying at the proper time FINISH HER! and BIANCA WINS! FATALITY!” RoboMic nodded. Bianca adds, “After you shoot me with the winner's serum dart, leave Sara alone. She is MINE to DESTROY!” RoboMic frowns. Bianca kicks him in the balls. He winces, smiles, and nods. “Don't forget, I'm allowing you to fuck all her holes!!”

RoboMic continues thinking it's cheeky to speak with robot noises first, saying, “Beep. Boop. Yeah! I had a malfunction, and was forgetting all that, trying to take your orders seriously, booby and ass goddess of the Fatal Five. MMM... BOOBIES and BOOTY!! WEEE!”
“Just remember all of this,” Bianca says. “You are in charge of sending Megan the footage of this fight after too. Now move your chubby pig man body and follow me!”

Sara has just finished showering and getting dressed. Bianca attacks Sara from behind, and takes her to the cage by force. Sara is surprised that Bianca is on serum, and to see RoboMic. Robo-mic shoots Sara with a serum dart, announces the fight, and makes a bell ringing noise.
Bianca grabs Sara's hair and throws her down. Sara gets up and throws a punch. Bianca parries. Her arm knocks Sara's so hard, the trimmer model nearly falls over. Bianca runs, jumps, and slams her ass into Sara's face to knock her over. Bianca jumps on Sara and punches her face in. Sara can barely block. Sara writhes and knocks Bianca off, but is slow to get up, gasping for breath.

“Come on, pussy,” Bianca says. “You should be riding adrenaline from your last fight!” Sara tries to kick Bianca. Bianca catches Sara's foot, and kicks Sara in the crotch. She grabs Sara's hair again and throws her rival down.

Sara tries to fight back but nothing works. Bianca quickly dominates the fight and toys with Sara, picking her up and throwing her around. Sara crashes into the cage, turns, and kicks. Bianca's kick is so strong, Sara's leg nearly breaks from impact with Bianca's shin. Bianca says, “I've beaten you so many times, but it feels so good every time!! I beat your stupid student, Alexis, and she will know she fucks a loser after seeing this beat down! Everyone will see you lose! HAHAHA!”

“You have to be on way more serum than me,” Sara says. Bianca uppercuts Sara in the face. Sara goes down hitting her back and Cerebellum on the ground. She is bloodied and dazed. Bianca continues to toy with Sara, shoving her face into the ground, spanking her, and slapping her face and tits.
By now, the other androids have realized that their presence will be needed again for another death cleanup. They arrive as Bianca and Sara are naked, and Bianca is declining the winner's serum dart from RoboMic to make it look like she's just that good.
“STRAP ME ON!” Bianca says, and RoboMic misunderstands. He ties her around himself, inserting his dick inside her, and leaving the shaft of the strap-on to his side. She screams and pushes on him, but then enjoys it. “I meant, gimme the STRAP-ON!” Bianca says, blushing, and almost able to rip RoboMic's cyborg head off. RoboMic stumbles and steps on his own sunglasses, breaking them. Bianca jumps off RoboMic as Sara tries to stand, and sits on her face, flattening her. RoboMic is barely able to get the sex toy on Bianca's body as she fists Sara in the butt and the pussy. Bianca is still all fists and in fighting mode, punching Sara's face, stomach, and butt cheeks, when not inserting her balled digit into orifices. Bianca says, “I bet I do more for you than that anorexic little cunt, Alexis!” Bianca licks Sara's clit and vulva lips. She gets everything nice and wet, trying to hold off her extra testosterone and punching rage. Bianca then moves to Sara's face, kicking her in the jaw. Bianca thrusts the strap-on into Sara's mouth.

RoboMic says, “I can fill her holes now, right?” Bianca nods. RoboMic whoops with glee, but struggles to move his large fat body into place with Bianca rocking Sara so much on the ground. Bianca tells RoboMic to hurry up with his orgasms, as she shoots loads all over Sara's bloody and battle worn face. Bianca flips over to 69 with simultaneous oral sex. The plastic rod bangs into Sara's chest and then her bruised belly. Bianca tongues Sara's semen covered private area and forces RoboMic to clap those booty cheeks with backdoor anal penetration. The cum filled strap-on dildo bangs into Sara so hard while she licks Bianca's crotch and makes the bigger brunette squirt first. White goo goes all over Sara's torso. Bianca slides on it while pleasuring Sara.

“WOAH!” RoboMic says. “Butt cheeks are kinda like boobies! WEE! Becoming a robot is the best thing that ever happened to my sex life! I highly recommend getting killed and brought back to life!”

Even after nearly every sex position possible was exercised on Sara, Bianca threw her around the floor and kept tag teaming her with RoboMic. Bianca puts Sara on her knees to drill into her booty. Bianca slaps, teases, and rakes nails over Sara's breasts, getting RoboMic to touch himself, watching. Bianca demands RoboMic enter Sara's pussy again, and the blond tubby dude happily obliges. Bianca stands Sara up too rough, breaking an arm, holding it back. Bianca continues to put it in Sara's butt as RoboMic enters her missionary style. Bianca nearly breaks Sara's neck, making her turn to kiss. Bianca decides Sara's face is too sticky and gross, so she spits on her. Bianca kicks out Sara's legs, breaking one, and the losing fighter falls to a knee with the other lower limb bent and wrong.

RoboMic slides out by accident and shoots a load into Bianca's face, which pisses her off. Sara is able to hold her head up for a second and laugh at Bianca. Bianca jerks Sara's hair, face fucking her again. “Dry her off!” Bianca demands, and RoboMic takes off his shirt to do so. “EWW,” Bianca says, noting the fat cyborg man's unfit and flabby body and chest. “Put that back on and get a towel!” Bianca says. RoboMic shrugs, nods, and obeys. Bianca nearly pokes out Sara's eyes with the dildo, tired of filling holes, and ready for the kill. All three participants have lost several loads all over, and the androids feel bad for whoever will have to clean this mess up. Megan will likely pay the gym owners to hire cheap immigrant help to clean up the blood and sexual fluids. Any 3rd world country people coming to Spain can be hired cheapest. F1 decides he will do some cleaning himself before they all leave.

With Sara incapacitated and her head only holding on to an unstable neck by a thread, Bianca gets her ass over Sara's nose, suffocating her. Bianca loves as Sara fights off the asphyxia and tries to shove. Bianca breaks Sara's other arm and rips it off with a war cry. Bianca then situates her ass to get her Glutes on either side of Sara's throat. She clenches her ass after spreading her own cheeks with incredible and near inhuman flexibility. Her ass crushes Sara's windpipes and beheads the underdog who never had a chance in this, the second of a double-header match. Bianca tries to pop Sara's detached head with the arm she ripped off the dead woman, but doesn't succeed. Bianca has more in mind, but is hit with calming drugs.

Late that night as Megan watches all the footage, she demands the editors make it seem like Sara and Bianca are on the same amount of serum. Editing RoboMic's serum levels and hiding what all he lost when with Bianca help the situation. Megan loves seeing the ryona fight, but thinks that the serum disparity was too high. Megan will cheat herself, but Fund's cheating was just too much. Maybe Bianca F isn't that strong and shouldn't be a Fatal Five member. She also hadn't checked this with Megan first. What if Megan wanted Sara to fight after Antonia and Mandy?

Round two of EMCASA and the whole tournament is just the beginning, especially if someone can upset Megan in the tournament. It seems unlikely, but Sara and Cora are very good. Anyone who can smoke serum may be a problem, and many women are going to try soon. Megan has seen their packages of UFSO or MFL serum arriving, and she thinks about taking their stuff to stop them. Megan replays the fights and has F6 pleasure her to get lost in bliss rather than her negative feelings to her ally, Bianca. She has doubts about herself winning it all and winning the mind control collar her and her allies already use, but she will never admit any weakness.


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Jan 6, 2022
Eu vs Bianca DM.jpg

(Pics are supposed to be reversed on this and the previous one)

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Preliminaries Round Two Extra Three:

Rival Tale of the Tape Sara C vs Bianca: Back-story/ Fight 7 before fighting in the gym

“You only really have two wins against me after our initial topless boxing match I won by KO in the third round,” Sara said.

“Boxing is for pussies,” Bianca said, taking off her sunglasses. She stomped them into the pavement. Was she on serum already? “That double ended dildo sexfight should be counted as our first fight. I came too, flipping you over, and putting it in your loser ass! Then I smothered you with my ass in that cage fight and fisted your dirty pussy!”

Fans cheered. Just hearing about this was getting the Assistant and other onlookers flushed and excited. “You fought well,” Sara said, “but then I got better. I beat you a week later with a pussy smotherer, fucked your face, and fisted you into submission. You had no chance in the tribbing sexfight. Our first death match with the strap-ons, you cheated! You handcuffed me to the ring and broke my neck!”
“And fucked you,” Bianca said, smirking.

“I got you back good,” Sara said. “Next death battle I broke your arms, fucked you hard with a cum filled strap-on, fisted your fat ass, let those three fans fuck all three holes, before I face fucked you and broke your neck 180 degrees.”

Above the ring the graphic for the next fight it's displayed. In a couple of minutes the fans in the arena will witness another fight from the two rival ladies. The score so far is it's 3-3 and last time they fought was their first deathmatch. On the big screen is showing what happened last time, some highlights...
In the sixth fight, at first Sara and Bianca are inside the cage nude just wearing strap-ons; Sara wearing a pink vibrating one while Bianca a skin like colored cum filled rod. The highlights of the fight show them exchanging blows and Sara doing the better from the exchange. Next it's showed both ladies landing a few combinations in slow motion. Back and forth it's amazing action. Bianca got Sara spun around and smashed her body against Sara's back on the wall, trying to rake her against it. Sara lands a back elbow that sends Bianca down on her ass but when she tries to ponce on her downed foe, Sara yelps in surprise as her shoulder dislocates. Sara is on her knees with her arm cuffed to the wall. The cuffs are chest level. Her shoulder pops out of the socket. Bianca raised up laughing and from that point Bianca simply dominated Sara, beating the hell out of her. Sara was on her ass with her back against the wall. She weakly lifted her head only to see Bianca's ass smashing in her face multiple times. Sara didn't passed out, but she was beat up and left with no energy. She sat there against the wall on her ass and couldn't do anything. She watched her rival kneel between her spread legs. Bianca rolled her shoulders and licked her lips as she felt a serum dart into her ass cheek.

Bianca undid Sara's strap-on and raised it in the air before using it to slap her victim across the face and tits with it and roughly forcing her to suck it before Bianca push it inside Sara's pussy and put the straps back on tight. Sara looked down between her spread legs to see her own sex toy strapped the other way around as Bianca punched it and turned on the vibrations of the dildo. Bianca shooed a load of her sex toy over the trapped brunette's face and tits before she tit and face fucked her briefly. Then she put Sara ass up and face down, the top of the head against the wall and started fucking her in the ass hard. She enjoyed the screams and moans that the loser made; spanked her ass hard! The vibrating strap-on dildo inside her victim plus the rough anal sex was too much for Sara and she squirted hard; her eyes rolling in the back of her head as Bianca shot a load inside.

Bianca didn't stop and kept going as she yanked her victim's head up and force her to suck 4 cocks pushed thru the cage mesh and 2 cumed over her face and tits and two inside the mouth while Bianca brings her to orgasm once again and pulls out. She watched as cum leaked out of Sara's ass and pussy before she shoved her fist inside the anus and roughly fisted her ass. She brought the loser up on her feet bent over, face and tits pressed against the wall and fisted her hard while 3 more guys masturbate and moved cum on Sara's face and tits turning into a messy bukakke session. Sara came one more time before Bianca pulled out and forced her to suck on her hand before she is put back on her ass against the wall and face fucked with the cum filled strap-on again but this time more violent. Sara's feet weakly moved on the floor as her eyes rolled in the back of her head.

Bianca felt that something inside Sara's throat gave out and shot one load inside and the remaining cum from the dildo over her victim's face. Sara offered no resistance as she was finally uncuffed from the wall and dragged back to the center of the cage a broken cum covered woman. Bianca again fucked her face down opponent in the ass going as hard, fast, and deep as she could before undoing the straps, but leaving the toy balls deep inside. Then Bianca stomped on it!

Bianca flipped Sara around and in the next few minutes she planted her wet pussy over the loser's mouth and nose and face fucked her really good until she came hard!


Bianca brought Sara back on her knees and stepped over the shoulder, her big ass right over Sara's face; the head bent backwards. Sara came again from the vibrator and during the orgasm, Bianca fell down with all her weight on Sara's head and .. CRACK.... broke her neck! Sara's back of the head is pressed on her spine in a very brutal looking way as Bianca posed over the twitching corpse.
Bianca wins! FATALITY!
Seeing that loss fuels Sara for fight seven here and now. Sara keeps her eyes closed and tries to focus but her own scream of terror from the highlights and the massive CRACK sound makes her a bit scared like it would anyone. But the moment she's shot with the serum her fear goes away and she's ready to have her revenge!

Bianca is the first to walk to the ring. The crowd cheers for her as she stops and says something to a group of fans. When she enters the ring, she takes off her top and cup her naked boob and ass cheek. Bianca says, "Bring that slut here so i can beat, fuck and kill again!"

Sara walks to the ring with her eyes locked on her rival. The fans cheer as she enters the ring and stands in the opposite corner. She takes her yellow top off and tosses it into the crowd. She says, "You fucking bitch, I'm going to kick your fat ass! You cheated last time and now I'm going to take great pleasure watching you moan and scream for mercy!"
“I didn't cheat you weak slut,” Bianca argues. “I was smarter! The cuffs were there to be used. I don't need any help against a bitch like you anyway! This time I'll rip your head off with my ass!"
“FIGHT!” the announcer says.
Bianca and Sara charge at each other and attack. The first exchange of blows makes Bianca back off despite the fact that she lands a few good hits of her own. A good combo to the tits makes Bianca step back into the ropes as she misses a wild punch and gets kicked in the belly. Sara brings Bianca's head up by the hair but before she can do anything, Bianca knees her in the pussy hard and gives her a shove. Sara falls on her ass but manages to roll over and get up on her feet just in time to block a running punch to her nose. Sara fails to block a few good knees and punches to the belly and chest. Now it's Sara's time to be pushed against the ropes as Bianca digs her nails into her tits and knees her in the pussy again. Sara screams as she's lifted up in the air by her tits but before she can be tossed over the ropes, she lands a vicious knee right into Bianca's jaw. The smaller brunette falls on her ass cupping her chin as Sara falls face to face with her rival. The two slap, punch, and scratch each other on their way to their feet and with a mutual shove they take a moment to catch their breath and talk some trash.

In the next couple of minutes the crowd is on their feet cheering as the two battered each other like crazy. Finally Sara has Bianca trapped in the corner and ties to kick her foe in the side but her leg is caught and trapped between Bianca's arm and side. She screams as she gets low blowed hard. Sara's leg shakes as she hops to the side with one arm holding the top rope to say upright and take a few more punches to the crotch before Bianca rips her green shorts and leave her nude. Bianca lands a knee into Sara's bare crotch before she releases the leg and punches her opponent in the tits and face and spins her around. She uses the discarded shorts to wrap them around Sara's neck but she's a bit to slow as Sara manages to get one of her hands up. But that doesn't stop Bianca from wrapping the material as hard as she can around Sara's neck. One of Sara's hands is trapped in the wrap. Bianca starts to choke her nude foe! Bianca presses her body to keep Sara trapped. With one hand she hold the shorts to continue the half choke while the other hand moves between Sara's legs. Bianca fingers her hard from the start! The finger fuck paralyze Sara as she stops struggling for a few second and tries her hardest to focus back to stop the choke hold. Sara creates enough separation with her hand to breath better. The surprisingly strong material of the shorts somehow with all the serum doesn't tear, but mostly Sara can't rip them because her legs feels numb. In about a minute, she cums! Immediately after the orgasm, Sara rips the shorts and elbows Bianca in the side of the head a few times.

Bianca sees double as she backs off. Sara turns around and holds the ropes to stay upright. Her legs still shakes after the orgasm.
Fans shout things like; “Finish her off Bianca!".... “Smother her out with your hot ass!” .... “Fuck her up!” … “Spank that bitch!” ... the crowd cheers for Bianca but they don't realize that Sara is not done. In fact Sara is enraged and ready to mount the comeback!

Bianca looks surprised as Sara launches towards her. Bianca eats a flying knee to the face, followed by multiple punches across the face and tits. Sara looks very angry and focuses as she batters Bianca around the ring. Bianca grabs a hold of Sara's tit and bare crotch and tries to shove her down but Sara simply headbutts her with a spray of blood and pulls Bianca's head down by the hair. Bianca's eyes open wide in shock as Sara squeeze her neck in a standing scissor hold. Bianca is bent over and confused. Sara gives her foe a nasty wedgie with one hand and with the other she ruthlessly spanks Bianca's big ass again and again. A few good elbows to the ribs make Bianca's resistance gone for the moment as Sara rips Bianca's shorts and lands 10 more brutal spanks! With an angry yell, Bianca uses her remaining strength to get upright and flips Sara over her head in the process too!
Bianca gets on her knees but as she turns her head around, she can't do anything as Sara kicks her in the face. Sara stomps Bianca's tits and face before she gets down next to her stunned foe, grabs Bianca's left arm between her legs, and in an instant she breaks it with a fast arm bar. Sara release the hold to get up and stomps on the broken elbow joint before she turns Bianca around, lifts the right arm, and stomps on the other elbow and breaks it! Sara gets down on top of Bianca and with two handfuls of hair she bashes her opponent's head into the mat again and again. Sara slides back to sit on Bianca's ass. With one hand, Sara pulls Bianca's head off the mat. Bianca's back is bent almost 90 degrees and with the free hand Sara starts to rain cross punches across the face and tits of her brunette rival. Sara grabs a hold of one of Bianca's dangling breasts to twist it and she finally stops the beatdown when she feels a dart fired in her back.

Sara takes a moment to catch her breath and realize that Bianca is knocked the fuck out. As the serum slowly starts to kick in, she feels a second wind. Sara goes to take some sex toys. Bianca moans in pain as she wakes up ass-up with Sara hitting her ass hard with a spanking paddle. When Sara hears Bianca moan, she tosses the paddle, kneels behind her victim, and with one push she fills the poor woman's ass with a cum filled strap-on dildo. Sara smiles as she hears Bianca cry and scream. The rough anal is as bad as she got from Bianca last time. The sound of the flesh clapping echoes in the arena as Bianca just takes it. Sara even shoots a load inside to lube that hole and goes even harder, fucking her rival in the ass hardcore style. Next Sara fucks Bianca bent over the ropes and forces her to look at the crowd before she parades around the ring with the sex toy never leaving the loser's anus. Sara continues to fuck Bianca standing in the ass while her hands are busy milking Bianca's boobs. Sara finger fucks the broken woman. Bianca cums and she's forced to suck on Sara's hand before she is tossed on her knees and forced to endure a brutal face fucking, sucking her own ass aroma. Sara shoots a load between Bianca's breasts and tit fucks her for a couple of minutes before she hangs Bianca upside down in the corner and fists her in the pussy until she orgasms again.

Sara next drags Bianca out of the ring and bends her over the railing as a few fans force their dicks one by one inside Bianca's mouth. Sara fucks her pussy with the strap-on AND fists her ass! After 5 minutes of forced blow jobs, tit fucking, and a combo of pussy fucking with the strap-on and anal fisting, Bianca cums a couple more times. Fans including women face fuck her and cum over her face and tits. The bukkake session is even rougher than what she did to Sara last fight. Finally Sara takes a breather, and lets the crowd fuck her cum slave whore. First spit roasted sex with two active males and passive Bianca. Bianca is penetrated from the rear while she sucks the penis of person 3. Next for Bianca was standing double penetration. Bianca gets dropped onto all fours getting triple penetrated. It as a very active and enthusiastic crowd! Finally Bianca is laid on a guy face up with his dick in her ass. Another 2 fuck her other two holes and even one person is tit fucking her. They make her cum again and they cum inside and on her.

After one of the most humiliating post fight fucking, Sara is not done yet and drags the cum covered slut back in the ring. She tosses the strap-on away and in the next few minutes she face fucks Bianca hard and cums inside Bianca's mouth. Sara has Bianca draped over her knee and spanks her and forces Bianca to say that she's "Sara's bitch" and that Sara is better.
“FINISH HER!” the announcer says.
Bianca is forced to kneel with Sara behind her; her skin is fully covered in cum: her ass, pussy, and mouth filled with cum. She is garbed by the chin and forehead, and forced to look at the woman who fucked her.
“Say goodnight fat ass!” Sara says.


Sara breaks Bianca's neck again and again until she has the head facing the wrong way. Bianca falls tits down, ass up. Sara pushes the strap-on inside Bianca's mouth, gets on her knees to shove her fist up the dead woman's ass, and takes her victory photo as she spanks the bitch! Sara thinks about one last thing as she puts one foot on Bianca’s ass. With two handfuls of hair, she rips the bitch’s head off and shoves it in between those big, red, cum covered ass cheeks!



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Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 2-2 AI vs MD.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Preliminaries Round Two Fight Two:

Antonia Iacobescu (Fatal Five) * 1-0 vs Mandy D 0-1

The beautiful day on the Spanish coast with dozens of beautiful women in bikinis or less was soon to be tarnished. The sexfight death matches were brutal, but no one was dead for more than a few days due to advancements in healing technologies. The cliques and women acting out because they were on film 24/7 was showing the ugliness one would expect. A lot was on the line every fight. As soon as 16 models had 2 losses after a full round, the EMCASA tournament to win a Foxy Corp mind control collar would begin.

As scheduled awhile back, Romanian singer, Antonia would be fighting her former student, Mandy. The small steel outdoor cage in the sand where this fight would happen was hot to the touch. Antonia's black hair was in braided cornrows. Her tan skin struck a stark contrast to the white bikini top she wore. She wore no panties under black shorts she wore high on her waist. Her navel and fit tummy could barely be seen. She had some tattoos on her arms and wrists, looking the part of a sexy and tough villainess, but there was a lot more to the story than that. Antonia also had a tattoo right at her sternum under her breasts. She got injected with 10 milliliters of serum in the spine by a Foxy Corp male android in a suit with sunglasses, F1. Antonia was a member of the Fatal Five with Foxy Corp's host, Megan Fox, the niece of Foxy Corp's owner. The Fatal Five were at the cage, ready for battle, but many of the other women lagged behind.

“Get your fat ass over here, Mandy, and die!” Megan shouted. It was the celebrity actress Megan Fox. She wore a white bikini top, a black tie, sunglasses, and tuxedo bikini bottoms to match the attire of the androids better. The busty blonde Romanian, Mandy, raced through the sand, seeing some of her bags and luggage at Megan's feet. Megan hated to see women with bigger breasts or anyone more popular than her. She scrunched her face, noticing Mandy's big boobs jiggle. Megan had a special dislike to Antonia, her lover Ozana, and students and lovers; Mandy and Sara. Megan had made it her goal to recruit and destroy Antonia before EMCASA, cheating in a fight, and then using a mind control collar to make Antonia a sex slave and obedient while Sara and the others were away on Pongeo Island doing their fighting circuit.

“Today is gonna be the first loss for anyone in your precious Fatal Five!” Mandy boasted, snatching her bags as Megan opened them, trying to pull out the golden EMCASA invitation ticket. Megan laughed scathingly. Antonia slowly approached them from behind.

Megan said, “I packed your bags, bitch. I can't wait to rip that ticket and kick you out of the estate.”

The blonde held the golden ticket high. Its shimmering reflected in her sunglasses. Mandy wore a red bikini top and black bikini bottoms. She shoved the ticket into her bottoms and said, “Come and get it, Megan!” Mandy swelled out her chest. She was very proud and flirtatious with her bosoms, and was getting a rap for being a bit of a bimbo rather than garnering fear for her fighting prowess.

“Eww,” Megan said, sneering.

“I'll take that!” Antonia said, sneaking up behind the dirty blonde haired babe. Antonia grabbed Mandy's hips and bumped her pelvis into Mandy's booty. Antonia's hands were fast to pinch the ticket, but slow and deliberate to linger in the blonde's bikini bottoms, stroking and teasing her clit and vulva lips. Mandy shuddered and fell into the trap of being attracted to and remembering hot moments with her mentor and teacher. The blonde turned her head and kissed the brunette. Antonia held up the ticket. Megan demanded her favorite blond male android, F6, to snatch it, and he did. Antonia put her hands in Mandy's red bikini top and caressed the blonde's big mammary mounds. Antonia shook the orbs, and then pinched and stretched Mandy's nipples.

“HEY!” Mandy said, snapping back into focus. She shoved Antonia. Mandy's red bikini top straps snapped. She shimmied out of the top of slung off her sunglasses. Megan rolled her eyes. “Get off me, Antonia!” Mandy continued. “You've gone nuts, siding with Megan! It's the mind control! Me, Sara, or Ozana will win the tournament, and figure out how to stop you from being a dumb controlled bitch! Give me a serum pouch!” F1 handed the topless blonde a small plastic pouch of serum. She tore the perforated tab and drank the clear contents inside. The EMCASA serum didn't really magnify the women's assets as much as other serums, but Mandy's body sent a lot of that energy directly to her breasts, making them expand and stick out more.

“You'll be going home after you're healed,” Antonia said. “Your body can't handle serum air like those of us who smoke serum.”

“You're just saying that to get into my head!” Mandy said, trying to shove Antonia. The brunette exhaled a charged cloud of air and Mandy dodged it. Mandy had gotten very sick and had needed a healing after trying to smoke a very small amount of serum. Mandy's arms got forced to bang into her sides. She smashed her chest in Antonia and added, “Your mind control won't work on me!!”

“As if I'd need it,” Antonia said, breaking free of the grapple. She smacked and cupped Mandy's underboobs. Then she tickled and prodded the areola. She said, “I'll fondle and play with your sensitive tits and fuck you so hard that you won't feel the pain and humiliation of losing.”

“I'll fuck your tits!” Mandy rebuked. “And your ass! And your pussy!” Mandy stomped through the sand to the cage and got in. Antonia shook her head and followed in the same door. Mandy tried to shove Antonia. The brunette latched hands with her former student, transitioned into an armbar, and blew serum air into Mandy's face deep from her lungs. Mandy's eyes watered. She choked and writhed, trying to shake free. Antonia pushed Mandy's front into the hot wiring of the cage. The blonde's big bosoms pushed through the grating.

“You're going home, bitch!” Juicy said, slamming her water bottle into Mandy's chest. Abby squirted sunscreen into Mandy's eyes. The four Romanians with a similar bone breaking jujitsu sexfighting style (Antonia, Sara, Mandy, and Ozana) all had a lot of haters. Antonia didn't need any help though, and slung Mandy to the ground. Mandy was already sweaty and getting sand stuck to her skin. She wiped away the sunscreen, and smeared some into her flushed cheeks. Mandy got up, ready to fight, imagining using her decapitating finisher with Antonia's head smothered between Mandy's boobs.

There wasn't a lot of room to run or evade in this small outdoor beach cage. Antonia stood tall, waiting for Mandy to come at her. Both women were very good wrestling. Antonia believed that Mandy stood no chance as she was now. Her body was still rejecting serum air and serum being smoked. Antonia felt it would do Mandy good to see this, be humiliated, and then take the necessary steps to try and overcome this. It was rather random who struggled with serum air and who didn't, and some people maybe just couldn't do it all. It was a new trend in the way of serum. Those who could do it were at a huge advantage. Mandy would need help from Shadow Enterprises or she'd have to fight only in places where women couldn't or didn't smoke serum. Beating her former student, would also please Megan, who Antonia was fooling. Antonia was not loyal to Megan, and neither was Claudia. It was a real gamble with them trying to persuade Inna, another pop star, to not side with Megan completely.

“Stupid,” Mandy grumbled, walking right into a fog of visible serum air Antonia had planted to hurt her. Mandy couldn't be afraid of this stuff. The topless blonde uppercut her mentor in the mandible. Antonia's head shot backwards. She looked surprised. Mandy grit her teeth. Her stomach churned. Her lungs burned. Blood came up, but she refused to cough it out. Mandy kneed Antonia between the legs. She grabbed Antonia's white bikini top, pulled, and punched Antonia in the mouth. Her knuckles split the brunette's lips open. Antonia answered with a knee to Mandy's stomach. The crimson plasma spurt from Mandy's mouth. Antonia followed that with a right hook to Mandy's mush. The busty blonde staggered with her tits flopping about.

Mandy managed to block the kick aimed at her crotch. She socked Antonia in the boob. The brunette buckled her protege with a left hook to the kidney. Mandy tried to pull down Antonia's shorts. Her hand whacked Antonia's crotch. Antonia drilled Mandy in the neck with a punch. She said, “This what you wanted?!” and kneed Mandy in the vagina. Mandy gasped and shoved Antonia's head up. Mandy grabbed Antonia's tan boob and cocked back a punch. As soon as the blonde stood up, Antonia headbutted her in the face. Mandy squealed and misfired her attack into Antonia's shoulder. A scarlet wave went over the topless blonde's fighting form. Mandy got a hold of Antonia's longest braid. She kneed Antonia in the thigh and punched Antonia's abs. Antonia tripped Mandy and blasted knuckles into the blonde's navel. Mandy wrapped her arms around, Antonia, crying, and got tackled into the sand. Mandy nearly pushed her mentor off by the head after they hit the ground.

The tattooed badass, Antonia, pulled down the waistband of her own shorts, while mounting Mandy. Antonia knocked away one of Mandy's arms, and got her head nearly taken off with a punch. Antonia began to topple over. Her legs were tangled with Mandy's, and she'd been thinking about submission and bone breaking. Antonia's core was strong. They both hit the sand on their sides. Antonia got kneed in the belly, but was sure she'd end Mandy now. They locked lips, and Antonia exhaled serum air into Mandy's body. Mandy trembled and sputtered. Her tan skin paled and looked blue. She just couldn't handle this stuff. Antonia flipped Mandy onto her front. She shoved the blonde's face into the sand. Antonia spanked Mandy's ass and pulled up on the black bottoms to give Mandy a wedgie. Antonia then grabbed Mandy's arm and pulled it up and behind the blonde's back. Mandy moaned and flailed, but Antonia stood up and stamped her spine down.

It was hard to hear Mandy's cries and curse words with granules of fine silica in her mouth. Antonia wrenched Mandy's arm. She stomped near the elbow. SNAP! “AHHH!!” Mandy screamed. The blonde writhed. Antonia dropped the limp broken limb and looked at Mandy's butt cheeks clapping. Mandy's bikini bottoms were so crooked. Antonia could see Mandy's pink coin purse pussy. Antonia kicked Mandy between the legs. The chickfighter with the cornrows tore off her shorts to be nude. She sat on Mandy's quad, and twisted the blonde's leg like a pretzel. Mandy looked pained and pathetic. She couldn't hang. Megan and the others probably enjoyed this, but Antonia felt bad. Her student shouldn't be so weak, and wouldn't be, if not for her body's flukey rejection of serum air. Antonia punched Mandy in the face.

The busty blonde could barely sit up in the sand. Antonia stretched Mandy's groin and popped the hip socket or something. She kicked a foot into Mandy's chest, teasing the nipples with her toes, and trampling the fat flesh mounds flatter. Mandy swung her legs and clamped a thigh around Antonia's neck. Antonia grunted, rose to her feet, and slung the blonde into the cage. Despite her engorged tits, Mandy's face still hit the metal. She landed on her knees with one arm up holding a link. Antonia kicked Mandy in the spine, making the blonde moan and squish into the barrier more. Antonia put Mandy in a headlock and jerked. She forced the blonde to lick Antonia's pussy. Antonia punched down into Mandy's bruised boob. After getting her erotic buzz going, Antonia shoved Mandy's head away. She dropped an elbow into Mandy's face. Antonia swung her leg back, and plowed her patella into Mandy's spine. The blonde bikini model screamed bloody murder. Antonia lifted her under the arms and rammed her face and chest into the cage several times. Mandy was knocked out, drooling. Antonia lifted high, spun, and slammed Mandy face-down. The sand wasn't all that soft of a landing, and Mandy likely would've suffocated if Antonia hadn't kicked her face to the side.

The Fatal Five and many others cheered, knowing Mandy had lost. Antonia ignored the sobs of the loser, and gave her an atomic wedgie. Antonia stripped Mandy nude and then got a strap-on from F1. The nude brunette started the embarrassment by shoving her fist up Mandy's butt. With an extra push from the winner's serum dart, Antonia jammed her other fist into Mandy's pussy. Mandy flailed about, flushed, and whining while atop the phallic plastic attached to Antonia's waist. Antonia rocked Mandy so hard, the blonde's hip cracked. She kept swallowing sand and getting it stuck in the wounds on her chest. Antonia removed her fists, opened a hand, and spit in it. She smeared that all over the rod of the strap-on, and then entered Mandy's pussy from behind. Antonia jerked on Mandy's blonde hair, railing her from behind, and forcing the bimbo to her knees. Antonia hung over Mandy, kissed her neck, and whispered in her ear, “You're out of your league here. I never want to see you again, you weak slut!” Antonia hoped that would fire Mandy up and make Mandy want to conquer the troubles she was having with help. Knowing Mandy, she might be depressed for a while, but Antonia wouldn't need Mandy's help against Megan. Mandy would be a liability herre the way she was now.

Antonia groped and squeezed Mandy's breasts. Her hands were more focused and touching every area of Mandy's crotch. The shaft penetrated hard and deep, but Antonia's fingers rang Mandy's bell, and had the stubborn blonde squirting after several minutes of passionate and rough thrusting. Antonia flipped Mandy onto her back and sat on her face, dipping the dildo into Mandy's mouth. Antonia squatted and pulled Mandy up by the arms. CRACK! POP! SNAP! Mandy's broken arm, and even the better of the two, sustained injuries from that. Antonia sat Mandy propped against the cage. Mandy's head lolled. Antonia puffed Mandy's cheek, pressing the sex toy in, and then did the other side. She pulled out forced the shaft between Mandy's boobs. She made Mandy suck while getting tit-fucked. Antonia squirted fake cum on Mandy's face. She wiggled her toes in Mandy's pussy. Mandy choked and coughed up fake jizz, barely clinging to life and consciousness.

“I made my student first to be eliminated from tournament contention,” Antonia said. She draped her legs over Mandy's shoulders, inserting the rod deep into Mandy's throat, and sort of sitting on the swollen breasts on the naked cum covered blonde. There were some dark bruises, but a lot of the flesh was hot and pink from chafing, slapping, and battle. Antonia snaked her legs around the back of Mandy's neck and applied pressure. She beheaded the blonde with her leg strength alone, and slapped up on the black plastic dong, holding Mandy's severed head up like a trophy on the shaft of the pseudo-dick. Antonia gave the last squirts of the rod and Mandy's head fell off into the sand. The droids came in to stuff Mandy into a CryoBag.

“That was so HOT!” RoboMic shouted. “WOOEEE! But lemme fuck Mandy before you kick her off the resort!” Megan shook her head. RoboMic, the fat cyborg made by a gang on Pongeo and not Foxy Corp, added, “It would be humiliating for her, right?! Lemme. PLEASE! Queen Megan! I like blondes with big boobs, but not as much as you!!”

“I don't care who ambushes her or what after she's healed,” Megan said. The brunette smiled as she grabbed Mandy's golden ticket from F6. She ripped it into tiny pieces and then blew in her hand, to make gold glitter litter the sand. The other women watching who weren't part of Megan's posse, didn't like seeing this.

There was a while without any fights with another 4 matches in a row scheduled in the basement cage. Mandy was healed, and kicked out of the estate. Megan had a taxi waiting for the blonde Romanian. Mandy said goodbyes to Sara and Ozana and vowed to train at UFSO and smoke serum. Mandy left wearing a pink dress, pink and black heels, and black fishnet stockings. Juicy, Abby, Bianca Fund, and Maria shouted nasty things at Mandy and some even kicked her luggage, spit at her, or threw their alcoholic beverages on her for more shame and bullying. Mandy's face flushed. She looked out the window of the taxi, glaring at Antonia. Megan laughed and said, “One loser gone! I likely won't kick out many other women. I just hate her and she's so useless. I don't even care that I didn't get to fuck her. It was a shame to waste Antonia on someone so weak.”

Antonia had a feeling this wouldn't be the last time they saw Mandy. Mandy and Sara would keep in touch, and Antonia might try and secretly contact Mandy too, giving her anonymous gifts, or trying to boost Mandy's self-esteem after such a humiliating exit. Mandy needed to fall into good hands, and it seemed like the worst and most evil and manipulative women were all here and hanging around the Fatal Five. Sara and Ozana looked mad at Antonia. They'd learn the truth eventually, and Ozana would need to not lose again to make the tournament. Antonia as a member of the Fatal Five was getting a free bid. She would not forfeit to Megan though if they met in the tournament as Megan had made all her allies promise to do. Megan would go down!


2D Artist
Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 2-3 4 5 6.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Preliminaries Round Two Fights 3, 4, 5 & 6:

Bianca Juicy 0-1 vs Kate Upton 0-1

“More tickets to rip up tonight!” Megan Fox said, getting carried down marble stairs by male androids F2 and F6 while she sat in throne made specially for her. “Dreams to ruin and fakes to expose!” Megan glared icily at Claudia and added, “You Brazilian slut Me-wannabe! I taught you all my moves and we talked about mind control and stuff! This is why I hate people and prefer to spend my time with F6!”

“Yeah,” Claudia said, shrugging. The brunette singer looked a bit like Megan, but was much thicker and curvier. She added, “I asked for a fight against Delia and Megan is making it out like I'm sort of traitor.” The androids finished carrying Megan down to the black and white tiled floor of the basement where Megan had allowed four fights to be scheduled all in a row to get the rounds over with sooner. There were too many losers to kill and weed out. A woman android, F9, injected Bianca Fund's loser protege, Juicy, with serum near the steel fighting cage. Juicy's big tits were too big, firm, and the perfect shape. They had to be fake, and Megan hated that, but she liked the thought of American bimbo cow, Kate Upton, losing. Megan panted, thinking of Kate's tears when Megan would rip up Kate's golden ticket to show that Kate was no longer eligible for the EMCASA tournament.

“BEEP BOP BOOP!” the chubby non-Foxy Corp cyborg, RoboMic said, getting ready to inject the blonde Kate. Kate wore a tasteless white mesh top that was see through and not covering her big boobs. The sleeveless straps were to the sides of her oversized jugs. Her panties were a similar material. RoboMic dropped the fake robot talk having a rare moment of objective observation and clarity that the other women didn't especially like that. He said, “Kate Upton titties in the flesh! WOOEEE!! My ton of junk is up!”

“Emotions and instability detected,” F1, the biggest FC android said, snatching the syringe from RoboMic. He injected Kate, who did think RoboMic was funny.

“YOU ARE a FUCKING traitor!” Megan screamed at Claudia. “You requested to fight Juicy first, and even though I don't like her, she was Bianca Fund's student! You're out of the Fatal Five!!”

“I was never in the Fatal Five,” Claudia said, shaking her head. “I just like a good fight. Delia is my friend. If I can't beat her and her serum aura and mind control, I won't have a chance of winning the tournament. Aren't you getting tired of the Fatal Five winning every time?!”

“NO!!” Megan screamed. “Go by MY plans!!” Megan wasn't the only one who preferred the company of droids to humans now. She had created a droid special for Delia, ensuring the blonde Romanian pop star's allegiance. The special model Foxy Corp robot, R0837+, had emotions programmed and didn't look like all the other androids. He didn't wear sunglasses, and Delia clung to him like a lover. Delia must have been playing with him to give him a neatly trimmed beard and a tattoo on his buff arms. She called him Robert. He looked like he wanted to help restrain the perv, RoboMic. At least Robert wore all black like the other FC droids in dark suits and pants. RoboMic wore a Lakers jersey over a stained white t-shirt and jorts. Megan thought a little more about what Claudia had said. Megan sneered. She leaned over in her throne. The androids adjusted to the weight shift perfectly. Megan shouted, “I WIN the Tournament! Your job is to beat up the losers I don't feel like handling myself!”

“Maybe I'm too much like you,” Claudia said, “in that I want to win. I wasn't your student. You didn't teach me anything. We just sparred and you ran your mouth because I was nice and listened. I'm not the only one playing you like this. I bet none of you are good at mind control when I'm in your heads!”

“F-Fuck YOU!!” Megan screamed. She jumped down from her throne. F6 and F2 set it down, and the blond android like her husband, F6, was at her side to touch her arm and be ready to restrict her. Megan maybe should've put some hot tats on F6 like Delia did for Robert. Megan said, “You're PUBLIC enemy NUMBER ONE now, Claudia!! Delia!! Kill HER NOW!!”

“The women scheduled to fight first have already been injected,” F1 said.

“Fine,” Megan said. She huffed and hopped back into her throne. F6 pulled out a lighter from his pocket for Megan to flick to see fire and calm down.

The brunette, Juicy, got in the cage. Kate, the blonde, was smiling and looking confident. Neither woman could afford a loss. Juicy wore a white bikini and a white seashell necklace and bracelet. Juicy hated Claudia for many reasons now. One being, Claudia stealing spotlight before Juicy's fight and betrayal. Juicy was playing Megan and the Fatal Five as well. Juicy wanted mind control and the championship to herself, and thought she was good enough to get it all. Juicy's mentor, Bianca Fund, who fought with her ass a lot, and had taught Juicy little to nothing, was fresh out of healing and hanging on the cage grating to 'coach' Juicy. Fund said, “Good thing you listened to me for once and selected Kate right away, even though I wanted her. Megan will like you after you kill her!! Just know your place unlike Claudia, and things will be better for you.”

“FUCK YOU FAT ASS!!” Juicy shouted. “I'm not some FUCKING lackey! YOU did NOTHING for me!! When I win, you're not claiming this for YOURSELF! I planned to BETRAY your dumb ASS all along too! TOO Bad I'll get a win now, and – mmf!” Juicy's big reveal and speech was cut short by Kate socking her in the face. Juicy's big reveal also included her bikini top getting grabbed and her tits flopping out. She got slung into a second punch that split her lips. Juicy's perky orbs were on full display with the top broken and in the blonde's hand now. Juicy chest bumped Kate with hard mounds, disgusted by the blonde's flabby and sagging bosoms.

“Don't act like I'm not here!!” Kate shouted, trying to knee Juicy between the legs. Juicy blocked with her thigh and then parried a punch.

“THAT ALL YOU GOT?!” Juicy taunted. She tried to punch her rival in the face, but Kate blocked. “CHEAPSHOT CUNT!” Juicy shouted, complaining about how the fight had begun. She kicked hard at the same time as Kate. Her leg powered into Kate's, knocking the blonde off-balance. Juicy really wanted to destroy Kate's face, that smirk, and that lip dimple. Kate kept her guard high. Juicy tried to kick Kate in the coochie. Her foot hit the front of Kate's crotch. Kate aimed a jab for Juicy's neck to crunch the seashells. Juicy wasn't going to allow that. Her tummy was open for a punch. She took it and groaned. Kate wasn't fast. Juicy slugged Kate in the belly. The busty models clinched for a hot second. Juicy was able to lift her legs enough aggressively to knee Kate in the clit. Kate drove her fists into Juicy's abs and flanks. “DIE!!” Juicy shouted, using her head as a weapon. Kate barely dodged, but Juicy had a second plan after the headbutt. She jammed her nails into Kate's eye.

The blonde combatant screamed and put her hands to her face, covering the injury. Red trickled down her cheek. Some of the women outside booed. They could boo all they wanted. As long as Juicy didn't get too close to the cage, no one else could touch her. Juicy was confident that serum air would hurt Kate more than her too. Her haters could try that shit too, and it wouldn't matter. Juicy blasted Kate in between the legs with a kick. She took off her seashell necklace with a pop of the string and tossed them under the blonde's feet. Kate wasn't seeing well, and the stupid bimbo stepped down onto the shells. CRUNCH! Kate yelped and limped. Juicy snickered. She hit Kate in the navel, buckling her adversary. Kate winced and kept her bloody eye jammed shut. She flailed and struck Juicy in the chin. This just pissed off the brunette, who put more power into punching Kate's big tits. Kate whimpered, supplying no defense for her dangling udders. The thwack, thwack, thwack of the blonde's breasts cratering and getting pummeled had RoboMic in ecstasy.

Juicy stomped on Kate's foot embedding broken seashells into the underside of her foot. Juicy sank her nails into Kate's breasts deep. She shredded titty flesh, gauging holes and strips in the soft and sensitive bruising dermis. Juicy kicked Kate in the pussy again, and then delivered an uppercut. The blonde's head shot back. Crimson escaped her agape mouth. Juicy kicked Kate's ankle to make sure the wounded woman fell. Kate's back hit the broken seashell necklace. She cried, arched her spine, and jerked herself away from the booby trap on the tiled floor. The white bottoms of both women were looking wet with sweat, and Kate's bright red and abused vulva was visible through the cloth.

The topless heel/villain, Juicy, was enjoying this and the angry chicks watching. Juicy kicked Kate in the ribs to get the whore on her back where she belonged. Juicy dropped her knees into Kate's navel and mounted the loser. Juicy let her bracelet slide down her wrist. She grabbed the string and pushed the shells to be like weaponized knuckles for popping Kate in the mouth. Shells broke and tore into the blonde's lips. Juicy broke the rest of the shells into Kate's face, hurting her own hand, but making Kate a bloody mess. Juicy pushed aside Kate's top and said, “Why wear anything?!” She tore the damp shirt and then the panties cloth of Kate's body easily. Then Juicy took out more frustration on Kate's tits. The flopping and shaking fatty areas got flattened, misshaped, and discolored. Juicy had to grab the tits to make keep them solid and better for hitting the nipples. Juicy jammed fingernails into an areola. She ruptured Kate's nips with sadistic glee.

“AHHH!!” Kate yelled, fearing her EMCASA run was over. The naked blonde wriggled like a fish out of water. Juicy's ass was still atop Kate's stomach. Broken shell pieces were lodged in Kate's foot, back, and face, but she couldn't give up yet. Kate's chest hurt so much. It felt rubbed raw, but she summoned desperation strength, sat up, and bashed her girls into Juicy's firm tan mounds. The naked blonde and the topless brunette rolled around, wrestling. Kate wanted Juicy to get stabbed by broken shells, but it didn't happen. She just wore herself out, titfighting and trying for submission that would never come. It was sexy to watch.

RoboMic, the tubby blond cyborg who wore sunglasses all the time, humped the cage. His genitals were locked in a compartment so he couldn't touch them with his hands, but that didn't stop him from humping and getting his pink chub some touch and friction against his robot compartment. He wasn't on drugs or serum or anything. When he was in fantasy land, he hand no self awareness, got tunnel vision, and was numb to anything but his own pleasure.

The bikini model, Juicy, was continuing to scrum with dirty techniques like clawing Kate's exposed kitty. The nude blonde shoved Juicy off, realizing she couldn't wrestle her way to victory. Kate got to her feet. Juicy took her time getting up with complete confidence. Kate forgot about her foot injury and limped. Juicy threw a high punch that got blocked. All it took was one more cuntbusting kick to combo Kate. Kate clenched her legs tight and tried to have her elbows block belly abuse. That didn't work. Juicy's knuckles went into Kate's navel. The blonde hunched over, trying to grab Juicy, gasping and moaning. Juicy rocked Kate with some sweet chin music. The uppercut knocked the blonde into the cage grating. Kate's arms flew into the air. Her titties shook. Not one former ally of Juicy reached in to attack Kate. It was over anyway. Juicy lifted Kate under the arms and slammed her back down on wherever there were broken shells. The topless brunette continued this several times, picking up and slamming Kate down. The blonde's body was in bad shape, and worse so after a few head smashes to the ground split open skin over her skull.

“TIME to FUCK the loser!” Juicy gloated. F9 gave Juicy a strap-on and an additional dildo. Kate twitched on the tile, barely conscious. Juicy equipped herself for humiliating Kate by taking off her own bikini bottoms and putting on the strap-on. She grabbed Kate's hips, lifting her bottom half and forcing the shaft of the sex toy into Kate's pussy. It was awkward trying to hold Kate up and plunging the dildo into Kate's ass cheeks while fucking her vagina too. Juicy hit that g-spot hard and got squirted on. She spanked and slapped Kate's ass, and then made the blonde suck Juicy's pussy. Juicy felt some broken sea shell fragment on Kate's face, sitting on the blonde, and nearly suffocating her. Juicy then pounded in Kate's face more.

To put the finishing touches of the embarrassment and sex, Juicy squirted all the semen from the rods on Kate's body, especially her injuries. She left a good amount to nearly drown the blonde, shoving both into her mouth. Juicy got the winner's serum dart and caressed her own ass and curves. She jumped into the air, bulking up, and landed her ass on Kate's belly. The blonde sat up, coughing up blood. She was barely awake. Juicy got up and jumped again, mashing her ass into Kate's belly. Juicy could feel the blonde's vertebrae and inner organs pulverizing. The cum covered loser flopped around, wanting to not die on her back, but it wasn't her choice. Juicy climbed up the cage, unafraid of any bitch trying to stop her. She jumped and landed her ass on Kate's stomach. It wasn't a perfect landing, and the blonde's tits got squished too. Kate was seconds away from death. Juicy got up, grabbing Kate's arm, and broke it. Elbow bone pierced skin. Juicy tied Kate's hair to the upper part of the link metal fence. She took some steps back and sprinted on the slippery tile. Juicy jumped into the air and rammed her booty into Kate's paper thin midsection. Juicy flew through Kate with a fatality that split the blonde in two. F1 got his hands through the cage grating to try and push Juicy back so she wouldn't break the cage for the next fight. His shoe rubber burned the ground and he was barely able to stop this. The lower half of the blonde fell, squirting gore, and the top half of her hung there swaying.

Juicy was given calming drugs and then quickly went upstairs to the joint bathroom to wash off and await the possible next winner. She had put a target on her back, and she didn't have any friends here now likely, but she didn't care. She'd won. And it had been awesome!

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Preliminaries Round Two Fight 4

Madalina Ghenea 0-1 vs INNA 1-0

After the clean up, two sexy Romanian brunettes in bikinis got injected with serum. The singer, Inna, didn't know what to think about Claudia and Juicy going rogue. Inna wore a light pink bikini with light blue straps and lining. She looked way shorter than the woman she'd chosen to fight, and thought she could knock out of the tournament. This was also because Madalina wore red high heels. Inna got angry watching the slut take off her showy accessories including the heels, a necklace, and earrings. Madalina had luscious full lips and long limbs that made Inna salivate, thinking about popping the limbs off and dismembering Madalina for the kill.

The chick in the teal bikini, Madalina, was taller than Inna by over half a foot, but she was tense with her eligibility on the line and not wanting to die. She got injected with serum, pursed her lips, and stepped into the death cell to face Inna. Inna started off the aggressor, trying to force Madalina's back against the wall. Madalina used her length to her advantage and landed the first blood spattering blow with a fist to Inna's mush. The lanky babe in blue kicked Inna in the flank, careful to avoid wrestling or getting any limbs grabbed. Inna tried to tackle Madalina's leg, going full out with a dive. She got kneed in the face, but knocked Madalina into the cage wiring. Bianca Fund was eager to find a new replacement for Juicy as protege and reward loyalists. It wouldn't be Inna since she was a popular musician with her own well established fighting style, but Fund grabbed Madalina's hair anyway. The blonde Fatal Five hopeful, Abby Dowse, kicked Madalina in the back of the knee. “You're not cute with those heels, whore,” Abby said. She took out a bobby pin and stabbed Madalina in the spine. Inna was scrappy and up fast. She wouldn't speak out against those helping her or those in power. She kicked Madalina between the legs, feeling a little relieved to wear down the taller chick. Madalina should've been an easy win for Inna. Inna was doubting so much right now, and wondering if her and Claudia's friendship was a lie too. Bianca Fund pulled on Madalina's teal bikini top from behind. The cloth bound tight against Madalina's tan orbs, strangling them until the nips and excess mammary cushion sprung out. Madalina's chest protruded and her back arched as she pulled out the pin from her back. The puncture wound trickled blood. Abby kicked Madalina's hand with the pin into the metal cage wiring to injure Madalina's hand and make her drop a possible weapon. Inna punched Madalina in the navel and grabbed her leg. Fund finished stripping Madalina topless, smiling to Abby. Madalina banged her arm into the cage links, getting her elbow to hit Fund in the mouth. Fund cursed and tried to breathe serum air at Madalina, but the topless babe was already getting pulled to the ground by Inna.

Inna scrambled on the tile to get a figure four leglock. She said, “I'm getting so HORNY thinking of popping off your stilts, Big Bird!” Madalina kicked Inna in the face to get free. She was careful to stay away from other women who might attack her, watching close to the cage. She noticed Cora, Emily, and Russians Sveta, Ashley, and Polina crowding in closer to get in the way of Fatal Five and Megan loyalists. Madalina picked her wedgie, ready to box. Inna sacrificed her body again to lunge at Madalina's leg. The topless brunette pulled on the pop star's bikini strap to try and throw her off. Madalina got tackled again. RoboMic had been given a dildo to hold for the winner, and as he was playing with it and staring at Madalina's shaking melons. He accidentally pressed the release button, squirting artificial jizz out and onto Madalina's heaving chest and face. She looked up and back in disbelief. RoboMic grumbled, “Whoops.”

Inna was topless now too. The feisty brunette punched Madalina between the legs and clawed her longs thin thighs. Madalina sat up, crashing chests with Inna, and forcing Inna onto her back. The tasteless paste was cool on Inna's chest from rubbing tits with her rival and then getting a face full of the jizzed on jugs. Inna was not expecting to get overpowered and have her head punched down into the tile. She grabbed Madalina's hair to sling the broad's face into the tile. Madalina's full and pouting lips were split open now and her nose was bleeding too. Inna's confidence grew as she rolled over, pulling Madalina's arm behind her back. Inna stood up on Madalina's spine. Inna tore off her own panties, feeling aroused. This allowed Madalina to snake free and kick Inna's shins. The brawler in the light blue bikini bottoms, Madalina got to her feet and sent a high kick at Inna's face. The nude brunette ducked and uppercut Madalina in the pussy.

Madalina let Inna get too close again. The shorter chick, Inna, grabbed her adversary's hair again and pulled. She plowed knuckles into Madalina's face and stomped the taller fighter's ankle. Madalina had strong ankles. She elbowed Inna in the neck and jaw. Madalina refused to be tackled or pushed backwards. It got her cuntbusted again and her belly punched. She karate chopped Inna's arm to stop being yanked around by the hair. Then she took a knuckle sandwich to the chops and tasted blood in her mouth. Inna really wanted to grab Madalina, slicing her nails into Madalina's shoulders, hip, back, etc. Madalina set Inna back with a big jab to the face. Inna tried to take out Madalina's leg with a headfirst slide. Madalina kicked and hopped over the nudist. Inna's exposed breasts rubbed on the tile. Madalina landed and continued to play a patient boxing style.

The women watching cheered as it was a pretty decent and technical fight. Inna's height disadvantage looked too much to overcome with Madalina landing several big punches and kicks. Inna got bloodied and dazed, and staggered towards the cage. She could still see Madalina spinning and kicking in her mind, even though roundhouse had already landed and rattled her jaw. Madalina fired an upward strike that blasted Inna's neck. The naked and exhausted hussy trembled in shock. Madalina cocked back a punch, and decked Inna. Blood flew. Inna's ass cheeks hit down hard first when she fell. Her head had swung back, and Madalina was convinced Inna was concussed from being downed. Madalina mounted Inna, looking to finish the fight, and was surprised at how fast Inna sat up. Madalina felt lips, tongue, and teeth at her teat. She went from dominating the fight to a slight sexual shock, and then Inna had snared her arm. Inna was out of breath and fighting with the fury of an underdog. Madalina yelped, getting dragged on the tile on her front. Her arm was in Inna's crotch, getting squeezed at the bicep. Inna tried to sit on Madalina's ass. She kicked her foot into Madalina's pussy. Inna grunted and sounded turned on. Madalina wouldn't let the tables be turned like this! She pushed her billowing boob away from her hand and pushed off the ground. SNAP! CRACK!!

“Oh YEAH!!” Inna shouted as Madalina squealed. Madalina's arm had been broken, but she was able to get back on top. Madalina got to her feet, stomping Inna's face, and stepping away for a brief moment to catch her breath and fight off chills. Madalina held her ruined arm between her moist breasts. Inna got up, trying to punt Madalina in the pussy. The taller woman moved and got a foot to her booty cheek. Inna touched herself, thinking her victory was imminent. Inna attacked Madalina's face on the same side as her broken arm. Madalina dodged and kneed Inna in the belly. The fight certainly wasn't over, but Madalina had only one arm to work with. Inna circled her prey and couldn't get close enough to stomp her ankle. Madalina's kicking prowess had Inna's ribs bruising. Inna charged like a bull several times and missed the mark, only clawing tit or hip flesh, and taking a shot for her recklessness. It was on one of these moves where Inna stopped, determined to stomp her foe's foot. She rammed her shoulder into Madalina's navel. Madalina was going down!! Only, Inna got elbowed in the back of the neck. She felt the whir of Madalina's long sexy leg arching. Then Madalina's heel hit Inna's Cerebellum. Inna didn't even see her face and chin smash down onto the black and white checkered tile. Inna's ass cheeks clenched. He hands were underneath her body and low. She would touch herself when she came to, but Madalina had plenty of time to stomp Inna's neck and spine and render the tough little combatant too stunned and paralyzed to fight back.

The fight was over now. F1 shot Madalina with the winner's serum dart. She forced a lot of energy in to heal her arm which crunched with reversing the skeletal brokenness. The statuesque beauty asked for her heels. RoboMic handed her a dildo. F9 got in the cage with a dildo and strap-on to give to Madalina. Madalina said the female android, “ThANKS! RRRG! Help... Take off... please, ASSist Me with my Bottoms.” The touch of the androids felt so real and almost everything about them besides expressionless faces and sunglasses seemed so human. F9 only touched Madalina where needed to take off her teal bikini bottoms and help her get in her heels, but it looked erotic, and Madalina was sweating profusely and humming with sporadic moans and pleasure. Inna twitched on the ground. Blood pooled at the side of her head from her mouth and other injuries. She cursed and failed to make a fist to pound the tile in frustration.

The nude Romanian in heels squatted behind Inna, stroking the pop star's clit and vagina with her lanky and firm fingers. Then Madalina grabbed Inna's hips and fucked her hard, banging the tip of the strap-on against Inna's sturdy clitoral ball and hood. Madalina found that the strap-on had been positioned on her for maximum rubbing pleasure against her pussy. The dildo RoboMic had given her was mostly out of fake jizz. There was quite a bit on the fat cyborg, watching the sex with his tongue out and his shades slid down to his nose not covering his wide open eyes. Madalina spanked Inna and said, “You wanted to send me home and take off my limbs!” Inna nodded. Madalina flipped the loser over and gave the smaller woman some heel play. A stiletto went into Inna's crotch. The other one pressed Inna's innie belly-button. Madalina forced the dildo into Inna's mouth. After several minutes of kissing, trampling, and wild, inventive, and flexible sex, Madalina shot the rest of the contents from the dildo at the outside of the cage like fireworks. RoboMic wasn't the only one who didn't dodge the contents. Some of the other women entranced got speckled too.

The trim and slender Romanian winner put the dildo between her voluptuous breasts and kept her arms in close to her body to hold the object there. She flipped Inna onto her back. Inna cried, trying to cover her eyes, knowing her death was coming. She was afraid her eyes would be stomped out. Instead, Madalina bent over Inna. The two heads of the sex toys touched Inna's chest and belly. Madalina forced Inna's arms apart, straddling her. Female ejaculate dripped down Madalina's thighs and onto Inna. The nude brunette in blood red high heels trapped Inna's arms spread out wide between the toes of the shoe and the pointed heel, shredding arm skin. Madalina grabbed Inna's wrists and pulled. POP! POP! “NOO!!” Inna screamed as her arms got torn off at the shoulders like a plastic doll. There was a lot of blood for effect, but there didn't have to be. The dildo fell from between Madalina's tits and into Inna's horrified and open mouth, muting her scream. Madalina dropped the dismembered limbs, growing tired from such brutal moves with max serum energy applied. She grabbed Inna's head. The armless singer still had some bite, going for Madalina's boobs in her face, but it turned into a nibble and sucking for comfort as she began to black out and welcome the grim reaper. Madalina put her hands on both sides of Inna's neck and pulled up. The neck of the victim elongated and then POP! – snapped off clean. Madalina squirted a little more from the sound and then rolled Inna's head like a bowling ball. The beheaded corpse landed tongue pressed against Inna's pussy.

“Mada-loser gets lucky and lasts one more round,” Megan said, shaking her head. Madalina exited the cage. She was still horny. She kissed F9 on the lips and tried to feel up the android's breasts. They were small, firm, perky, and very authentic. F9 professionally administered calming drugs, and Madalina walked up the marble steps from the basement to cool off in the showers. The previous winner of the four fight event, Juicy, was surprised to see Madalina, and ignored her.

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Preliminaries Round Two Fight 5

Delia Matache 1-0 (Fatal Five member: Tournament entry guaranteed) vs Claudia Alende 1-0

The Brazilian Megan Fox look-alike, Claudia, was turning EMCASA on its head, not going along with the plans of Megan and the Fatal Five. She sucked down a pouch of serum and tossed her long onyx locks behind her shoulders. Claudia's peach colored crop top was made of a see through mesh material. Some FRS serum types made the fatty areas of women expand, but Megan didn't want her reality TV series showing whores with any larger assets than they already had. Claudia's big boods pressed against the top mostly because she was stacked and sweaty. The white bikini bottoms were a nice contrast to her tan skin. Her blue eyes sparkled and she hummed her own song, “I'm Good at Being Bad” to herself. Everything about her was a turn on for RoboMic.

The buff and bearded special model android, Robert injected Delia in the spine with serum. She shivered, gripping his body tight, and practically purring. Delia, a Fatal Five blonde pop star, wore black bikini bottoms and a yellow tank top that showed off her belly, ribs tattoo, delicious sideboob, and cleavage. Delia looked ready to erupt and attack Robert with lust. Claudia smacked Delia's ass cheek and said, “He didn't goose you and fuck you up the ass with serum?!”

“You're the idol swingin around your fat ass in videos,” Delia joked. She spanked her long time friend and gave her a wedgie. The serum began to pump hard in Delia's veins. She wasn't showing near the anger and hatred to Claudia that Megan wanted. Megan cast a sideways glance at Delia. Megan wasn't great with verbal mind control, but her nonverbal powers were insane. Delia shuddered. Megan had just made Robert especially for Delia. He had feelings, emotions, and would certainly be great in the sack. Claudia looked at Robert wrong – she wanted him too, and Delia wanted to mar her friend's face and rip out her eyes. Her nails slashed across Claudia's nose and cheek. Claudia grabbed Delia's long blonde hair and pulled it out from the style with it sitting atop her head with no bangs.

“Let's do it in the cage,” Claudia said, trying to pull Delia, and sensing that something was up. Delia tried to knee Claudia between the legs. Claudia blocked. Delia exhaled serum air at Claudia. It crackled and burst with a flash of light, but Claudia was not affected. Delia threw a round of punches into Claudia's belly before being slung towards the open cage door by her golden locks. The slutty temptress brunette took off her top. Delia grabbed the cage wiring above the door opening, and slung her body forward. She kicked Claudia in the face. Specks of blood from the topless babe's luscious lips, and hit Megan in the face. Megan grinned, until Claudia flailed towards her.

Delia kept swinging outside of the cage, hoping Claudia would fall and that she could land on her. Delia said, “You don't GET to say how anything gets DONE now, Claud!! You don't get to always call the SHOTS!!” Delia swung back towards the cage, noting Claudia tangle up with Megan. F6 and F2 held Megan's throne in the air, and Claudia looked to purposefully grab Megan's leg to knock her out of the fancy chair. The two brunettes hit the ground. Megan screamed, cursing, and trying to get the lighter out of her leather booty shorts pocket to set Claudia's ass on fire. The leather was too tight. Delia swung out of the cage again and landed one foot on a black tile and one on a white. The edges of the tiles cracked. Delia's boobs jiggled. Robert could be programmed to literally only have eyes for Delia, but she wanted him to experience as much humanity as possible. Delia wanted all the droids to be treated well. They were just too human. She tore off her yellow top down the middle like the Incredible Hulk. Delia liked to fight with and flaunt her breasts.

“You can't tell us apart,” Claudia joked, shoving Megan towards Delia. Megan finally got her lighter out of her pocket, flicked the wheel, and huffed serum air into it to make a flamethrower. Claudia yelped and dove on the ground with a roll to avoid. Her tan skin was still scorched. Claudia got up blowing on her smoking mammary mounds. She said, “I thought you were better than letting your allies double team people outside the cage. It doesn't count if I lose out here anyway!”

“As long as I drag you into the cage with a breath of life, it counts as a loss for you,” Delia said. She sprinted at her friend and rival. Claudia was by the marble staircase. Abby, Bianca Fund, Maria, Daniela, and a few others looked eager to hurt Claudia to impress Megan, but there were many women against that and getting in the way. Delia tried to stomp Claudia's ankle, but missed. Megan whined like a banshee and threw her hard thermos of iced coffee at Claudia. Delia stepped on Claudia's other ankle. The thermos cracked the brunette in the face, knocking her head backward. Delia clawed Claudia's shoulder and chest to keep her from getting away. Then Delia clothes-lined Claudia down against the marble stairs. The Brazilian in the white bikini bottoms arched her back in pain. Delia jammed her heel into Claudia's navel. She walked up a step and punched Claudia in the mouth. The back of Claudia's head hit the edge of the steps.

“Ow f-fuck,” Claudia groaned, getting lifted by the hair. She hit Delia in the stomach, and got it back twice as hard, bouncing her off the wall. Delia dragged Claudia up the steps and stuck her fingernails into the wound at the base of Claudia's skull, opening it and making more blood flow. Claudia added, “You're going the wrong way!” At a landing turn halfway point of the steps, Delia slung Claudia into the handrail. Claudia got her hands up so her face wouldn't smash the wall, but the wind was still knocked out of her. Delia kicked Claudia between the legs from behind.

The topless blonde ran at her foe. Delia slammed an elbow into the back of Claudia's head running into her. Claudia's boobs squashed against the wall. She elbowed Delia in the mouth, drawing blood. Delia drove her knee up into Claudia's pussy, and controlled her frenemy's head with a firm grip. Delia swung Claudia's face into the banister and the wall. Claudia tried to bump Delia off with her ass, but Delia held tight with a hug. Delia's bosoms billowed and flattened up against Claudia's shoulder blades. Robert's titillating touch would be all over Delia's clit and breasts in no time. Delia socked Claudia in the neck. Delia had wanted this to be a good and even fight. She wanted to prove that she could control Claudia's mind too, but Megan had helped give Delia this big advantage. Delia wouldn't waste it. Delia grabbed the gasping doll's heaving jugs, shaking and scratching into them.

“You're going to look so ugly by the time I fuck you,” Delia said, slamming Claudia face-first on the ground. The brunette yelped. Her head went over the stairs, but her chin still hit marble. Her ass cheeks clenched, hiding the white thong material. Claudia's flabby orbs bled already. Delia kicked Claudia between the legs and then stood on Claudia's tailbone and spine. She grabbed one of Claudia's wrists, pulled up, and then kicked her foot into Claudia's head to tip the brunette over the steps. Delia rode Claudia down the stairs like she was a surfboard. It was a rocky ride and the damage to Claudia was brutal. The brunette's entire front got destroyed on the way down. Delia had to jump off near the bottom with the way Claudia's legs and body got held up smacking down hard.

The bloodied and ridden whore, Claudia, collapsed in a heap at the bottom of the steps. She spit out blood and a tooth or two. Her tits were bruised worse than anything else on her anterior side; swollen, engorged, and oozing flesh wounds. Claudia wiped her face and tried to get to her knees. She knew her friend well and immediately ducked and tried to block a kick. Delia's foot was partially blocked, but still clipped Claudia's neck hard enough to knock her onto her derriere. Claudia staggered over to the open cage door, grabbing it to stay on her feet. Claudia made kissing lips to Delia and said, “Robert thinks I'm sexier. … He likes... the uh... losing chick better. Obviously.”

The blonde, Delia, couldn't believe she fell for that. She didn't buy it totally, but turned to look at Robert. That got her kicked in the pelvis. She whipped around taking a punch to the face. Claudia had ridden the cage door. Delia got her balance and pushed back. Her body crashed into Claudia's. Claudia trembled and tried not to whimper, but Delia knew she was hurting bad. The door crashed into the wall. Claudia tried to harden her boobs for titfighting and knee Delia in the crotch, but the dark haired doll was soft and easy to punish. Delia shoved Claudia's arm into the hole in the cage door grating. Claudia wasn't stupid. She pulled that out first thing, still pumping her bruised legs to try and keep Delia away. Delia would've broken Claudia's arm if not for all this. Delia got a patella to the groin, but was able to blast a right haymaker into Caludia's cheek. Delia landed a combo of punches into Claudia's guts, buckling the brunette. Claudia's boobs were too big and jiggly getting hit. Delia stepped back to kick Claudia in the flank and the ribs.

The battered combatant in white bikini bottoms, Claudia, lunged forward, throwing a punch as she coughed up blood. She hit the hottie in the black bikini bottoms pretty damn good considering all the damage Claudia had taken. Delia's head turned to the side. Megan seemed to like to be in the way of the blood splatter. She licked her lips and rubbed the red plasma in to her flushed cheeks. Delia took the hit well, and was able to sidle and shove Claudia's back. Claudia began to fall, but caught herself. While bent over, Claudia knew she was in bad shape. She tried to block, but the cage door got swung at her and the steel siding gave her another facial. Claudia yelped, getting knocked on her back. A splash of gore went in the air just to land on her face and heaving chest. Claudia stayed down, trying not to get hit with the door again. It didn't matter. Delia wanted Claudia going into the door again, so the blonde lifted her crumbling enemy under the armpits and then forced Claudia's forehead into the door frame for skull clonking pain and temporary paralysis.

With Claudia barely clinging to life, the blonde Romanian singer tossed her into the caged fighting area. Delia slammed the door shut behind them. As Claudia scrambled to her feet, Delia tried to kick her in the face. Claudia grabbed Delia's foot and pulled her down to the tiled floor to wrestle. The topless babes bonked heads. Delia was convinced she would break one of Claudia's limbs in this scuffle, but her friend proved to be tough and resilient on her desperation life line. Delia couldn't get free of Claudia's hug long enough. Delia's nipples got erect from rubbing against Claudia's melons and banging around on the tile. There was some kissing and below the belt play as well. The way the women picked themselves up and tackled one another, grunting, moaning, sucking face, and touching each other had the whole place steamy and loud. Claudia stayed low with her rear in the air, and slammed Delia's back down. Delia wriggled left and right, cratering and smacking Claudia's worn bosoms. Delia spanked Claudia's ass. Claudia slammed Delia down again. The blonde yelped, keeping her head up, but taking considerable back damage. She kicked into Claudia's pussy and stomach. The brunette's abs had taken a beating. She hunched and wiped away tears. Her bottoms were crooked.

“I'm ready for sex,” Claudia said, “panting and puffing, “but I gotta beat you up s'more.” Delia got to her feet. Claudia gave herself a tighter wedgie, pulling the white swimsuit strap. Claudia moaned and depansted herself. She said, “Stunning you couldn't get that done. Feels good.”

“You didn't strip me at all either,” Delia said, stepping out of her black bikini bottoms, trying not to break them with all her serum power. She exhaled a cloud of serum at Claudia. Claudia breathed it in and attacked. Delia got blasted in the jaw. She tried to block, but Claudia was slinging her ass around and flailing perfectly. Delia got struck in the chin and the torso with fists. She tried to hit Claudia's belly, but hit back or ribs. Claudia spun and a fist hit Delia in the head. Delia was dizzy. She tried to kick Claudia in the kidney, but got whiplash and a foot to the face. Delia couldn't believe it! She'd been knocked down!

The naked blonde looked back at the spectators. Her hands were above her head. Robert gave her hand a squeeze through the grating. He could've given her more serum, but she didn't need it. He could've also grabbed her boobs, and Delia hoped he would later. He let go and Claudia tried to dive on Delia. The blonde rolled away from the nude brunette. Both women got to their feet looking ragged and tired. Claudia said, “I'm disappointed Megan is in your head and that you haven't won yet.”

“FUCK you!” Delia said. “I can control your mind!” The air around Delia sparkled with serum breath. “I know what you really care about! Your precious video games! I hacked your online accounts and erased your profile!”

“I'm in your head more than you're in mine,” Claudia said. “The best games you don't mind doing the journey again if progress is lost. And you're totally lying.” Claudia threw an uppercut. Delia caught it with both hands. Her rival's knuckles were at her chin. Claudia opened her hand. She tried to breathe in the serum air, but Delia sucked it back in. Delia was being tested hard, even after such a big head-start. It was maddening. Claudia was doing training and something right to be this tough, but she was done. She'd used all her strength. Delia stomped Claudia's ankle and slung the brunette by the arm head over heels. Claudia's ass hit the tile hard. She swung an elbow backwards, being a feisty pain in the ass. Delia saw where the back of Claudia's head been cut early on. She focused serum air into a scream, and directed all that energy into the wound, flaying it open. Claudia cursed and got to her feet, wincing.

The exhausted brunette threw a punch. Delia caught it. Claudia kneed Delia in the belly. She headbutted the blonde in the face. Scarlet sprayed. Delia hobbled, but got her own knee to bury into the brunette's vulnerable midsection. Delia put Claudia in a headlock, spun, tripped Claudia with a heel to her ankle, and body slammed the naked broad's front to the battlefield tile. Claudia moaned and gave one last jiggle of resistance, but with Delia on top, cranking her neck, Claudia was out of the fight, and going to need everything left in the tank to stay alive.

“Get in there and hit her with the winner's serum dart, Robert,” Megan said. “Were you not programmed with any common sense?!” The bearded android nodded, and got into the cage, carrying a strap-on and a double sided dildo for Delia. Delia's cleavage was pushed further apart with Claudia's head pressed against the moist mounds. Claudia's head was turned to see Robert coming. Her blue eyes opened wide and watered. Blood and wet hair hung in her paling face. Delia slapped her tits into Claudia's neck. Then she stopped trying to break Claudia's neck. The blonde released grip of the naked brunette and lounged atop her body. Delia smiled and winked to Robert. She took the dildo from him and shoved it up Claudia's ass. The nude blonde leaned over and kissed the quivering female loser on the lips.

“Pump me full of serum with your horn, Robert,” Delia said, sitting on Claudia's tailbone. Delia opened her legs, wanting serum from a dick and not a dart or pouch.

“He's n-not a f-fuckin trumpet,” Claudia mocked, choking, and gasping. Delia shoved the dildo deeper into Claudia's anus. Claudia moaned. Delia swatted Claudia's ass and stuck two fingers into Claudia's mouth. Robert gingerly moved Delia's blonde hair over her shoulders and caressed her neck. He put a serum dart from his robot wrist into her jugular to give her the quickest access to the serum for healing her injuries and maximizing strength output. Robert assumed Delia wanted to wear the strap-on. He tied that around her waist as she roared and ripped his clothes off.

Delia jumped into Robert's arms, humping and riding his cock. They kissed and fucked. Delia forced Robert to motorboat her breasts. His body was so hard. Delia could rake her nails into him and jerk his hair or flesh with no negative repercussions. Delia shook herself free of Robert's grasp in order to fall atop Claudia. Delia pulled Robert down too, flaunting the intercourse over the brutalized victim. Delia face fucked Claudia with the rod on the strap-on, filling her mouth with cum, and shooting loads in Claudia's face. Robert licked and stroked Delia's pussy. He was programmed to make Delia's clit sing and her kitty purr, and he kept his boner the entire time. Delia was able to orgasm more than once. She punched and stroked Robert's long thick shaft. He was a durable fortress.

The only thing Robert could've done better for Delia was in humiliating and hurting Claudia more. Delia had made a mess atop Claudia's body. She took the dildo from her friend's rear and pleasured herself with it. Delia lifted and slammed Claudia to be on her back. She kissed and made out with Claudia. Delia forced Robert to sit and massage her breasts. Delia's nipples were hard. Robert pinched and prodded around her areolae and teats with expert fingers and rough squeezes. Delia plunged the dildo deep in herself and swung it around all over every inch of her pleasurable inner yoni and outer lips. She then sat on Robert's boner, bouncing up and down, and alternating who she kissed and touched. Delia said, “Don't hold it in, Robert! Cum as much as you want!! Enjoy my stupid friend, Claudia too. Put it in her anywhere; just not her pussy. That's only getting my FIST!!”

Almost on command, Robert entered Delia's vagina on an intimate level and gave her his first load ever. His touch and passion felt like a real lover. He remained hard and ready to go; never tiring. Delia wanted to punish Claudia and not let her experience too much pleasure. Delia's knuckles spread Claudia's legs wide and stretched the brunette's lower femininity. Robert stayed close to Delia, vibing with her, and trying to read her mind and body for commands. Claudia writhed on the tile, turning onto her side. She yanked Delia's hair and attacked Delia's boobs. Delia kicked the back of Claudia's knee and stuck the dildo in Claudia's head wound. Robert plowed his boner into Claudia's ass. Delia stomped Claudia's ribs and then mashed the strap-on cock into Claudia's stomach and breasts. Delia pointed to Claudia's face. Robert pulled out. Delia squirted dildo juices onto Claudia's tan butt humps. Claudia tried to get up and kiss Robert. Delia punched Claudia in the mouth, knocking out and cracking more teeth to give Robert less chompers for his blow job.

Claudia was willing to suck Robert's cock and give Delia head too. She'd lost and it sucked, but a threesome with one of her best friends and a sexy robot man obedient to the winner was pretty cool. Claudia wished she could've won and been the dominatrix of this orgy. Robert was instructed to fuck Claudia in the tits and blow a load over her face. He obeyed and enjoyed it. Delia offered her breasts for Robert to slide his dick between, wanting his full attention now. Noticing her disregard for the cooling crushed combatant and Delia's clinging, Robert turned his pleasure senses up while Delia's firm orbs sandwiched and squeezed just under his penis head. Robert made sure to have a more voluminous and forceful spray of jizz for Delia's body and breasts. Delia tackled him for more fornicating, and made everyone present jealous of the amazing sex she was able to have, up, under, or on top of the naked alpha male bot.

“You and Robert can get a room,” Megan said. “Kill Claudia already. There's still one more fight to go. At least she couldn't enjoy this as much as us.”

Delia nodded and walked over to her friend. Claudia was on her side with her neck still crooked so that she could watch Delia and Robert and be ready for whatever. Delia shoved Claudia's face into her cleavage. Delia said, “With Mandy gone, I'll be popping all the heads with my tits!” She pressed her bosoms tight into Claudia's neck and forced the strap-on shaft into Claudia's private area, finally giving Claudia clitoral stimulation. It was a tease. Delia used all that was left of her serum power and serum breath around her to pop Claudia's head off with her tits. The brunette's decapitation was barely bloody and her tongue was all over Delia's nipples; playful and horny even in death.

“That dumb bitch thought she was on par with me and the Fatal Five,” Megan scoffed. Robert carried Delia under the legs out of the cage to get her some clothes and drugs. Unlike the other two winners, Delia would shower and have sex with her droid and then come back to see the final fight. Juicy congratulated Delia on her win and was too nosy watching Delia and Robert in the showers. Madalina pulled Juicy away for Delia to have privacy, and it almost started a fight between the two of them. Delia broke it up, feeling very good, victorious, and loyal to Megan and Foxy Corp for giving her Robert. What would it hurt to control the minds of some of her audience? It wasn't like the big tech companies and media weren't controlling peoples' minds and doing similar things too.

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Preliminaries Round Two Fight 6

Dajana Gudic (0-1) vs Ashley Tervort (0-1)

“I can't wait to rip up more tickets!” Megan said, glancing at the two tall women about to fight for their chances to be alive for the tournament. Megan hoped that Dajana, the blonde in the blue lingerie would win. Megan gave the busty Russian brunette, Ashley, the stink eye. Ashley wore a light blue bikini with sideboob and underboob skin showing. She took off the white jacket off her arms to be injected with serum. White thigh stockings were on her long legs. She was one of the tallest fighters who'd been invited here. Ashley also had some of the biggest boobs. All the sluts with balloon chests were going to be done this round! First Mandy, then Kate, and now Ashley. Megan approached Ashley with her lighter in her hand. Megan said, “Maybe we'll leave you hanging again after you get killed like last time. I think our viewers forgot that you're just an ugly fat saggy cow after getting fucked and beaten.” Megan flicked the wheel of the lighter, trying to roast Ashley's underboobs, but it didn't light. The busty brunette was already sweating. This was the cage where she'd lost to Delia, and then been hung and tortured for days with her neck re-injuring constantly.

“You took her down when I got here,” tattooed nudist Cora said. “She's not really my type, but I see the appeal and would do her. I will only try to schedule against women with no losses who aren't guaranteed a spot in the tournament. We need to make one another stronger before the tournament to go through all your lackeys. Who knows who the best one really is, but I'd say Maria.”

“She's got curse powers like you,” Emily said, smacking Cora's ass. Emily winked at Ashley. Cora used her curse powers with serum air to get the last laugh. Little explosions went off in Emily's yoga pants and bra. The trendy and trim brunette, Emily, had the crotch blown out of her pants and her nipples exposed where gray cloth had singed off. There was a lot of chemistry, liking, and flirting between Emily and Cora even though Cora had beaten and had sex with Emily in a cage round one.

Dajana bounced on the balls of her feet in the cage. She had selected Ashley to fight, thinking she could get praise from Foxy Corp for taking out a big bruiser like Ashley. Dajana looked fit and formidable. Her panties waistband nearly covered her navel, and her ass was tight. Ashley was thin with giant flabby tits, and didn't look so tough. She barely bulked up after being injected in the spine with serum. When Dajana got the winner's serum dart, she'd be tearing those big tits off. Megan tried to scorch Ashley's ass with the lighter. Megan said, “I'm the BEST! Hurry up Ass-ley, and get in there and die! F6 and I need to... it's uh, scheduled maintenance after this.”

“I think you mean you want that man's ten inches in your blow hole,” Emily said. “You are so horny for that dude!! And you're supposed to light a fire under the asses of your allies to help them, not someone you want to lose!!” Emily was definitely noting and cataloging her intense emotions and desires for other women on this type of serum. She wanted to try all the different types and let the public know the side effects. Em fingered Ashley's butt to see if it was warm – burnt; and it wasn't. “You're not fat at all, babe,” Em said, stroking Ashley's belly with her palms from behind. Ashley's bottom and body was warm like Emily's pressed against her. Emily groped Ashley's boobs and added, “Everyone but Megan and haters like these fat girls on you – nice tits. I'd like to spar and hit the showers with you. I wouldn't mind being the sub and you on loads of serum and no calming drugs.” Em gave another titty squeeze and got elbowed atop the head. The serum was flowing for Ashley to her limbs and making her want to fight. Her jugs were already hanging out so she growled and snapped the straps of the blue bikini. Em backed off, fanning herself. Ashley furrowed her brows, looking at Emily, but found appeal in Em's blushing face, curves, and forwardness.

As the topless Russian woman, Ashley, stepped into the cage to face Dajana, Cora said, “Your popularity polls are garbage, Megan. Does the company even give you real data before you filter it to give to us? Why do you care about the feedback and all that crap?! Chicks with huge tits will be popular, but sexual freaks like you, me, and Sara, will gets tons of views and praise too!!”

“Don't act like you know me,” Megan said. “I'll make Emily rip up Ashley's ticket with mind control and kick her out of the estate! But she's scheduled to fight next and sure to lose too! If only you cared, Curse-witch, I'd make you rip their tickets, but I'll think I'll get to enjoy that.”

Cora rolled her eyes. She did care about all the women on the estate. Cora was a very free and sexual being like a hippie, and this serum could really mess with women. Cora had read Emily's diary and journal. She didn't want to lead Emily on. Emily thought of her compulsions for sex as side effects, and was going with the flow. Cora was bi and always had been. She didn't want to get too close to Emily or any of the other women, knowing that when EMCASA was over at Megan and the company's whims, the pursuit of stopping mind control would guide Cora more than staying close to friends or temporary lovers. Megan would also use friends and allies against anyone who didn't succumb to her tyranny.

The cage doors shut. The topless bimbo, Ashley, bounced on the balls of her feet. Dajana looked rigid and upright with her chest protruding and her fists clenched. Ashley expected Dajana to start out by boxing. She received a swift kick to the groin. Dajana tackled Ashley. The Russian reached out to grab the cage wiring and keep her balance. Dajana wanted to down Ashley immediately. Maria, who would never admit she was flattered by Cora and also hated her, decided to show off her curse powers, making an explosion on Ashley's hand with a dark cloud of serum air. Dajana tackled Ashley to the ground, plowing her shoulder into Ashley's legs, lifting, and yanking. A knee got Dajana in the neck, but she got the bigger woman's arm caught behind her back with the landing. Dajana mounted Ashley, grabbing her hair, and slugging her in the face. Dajana was fast to draw blood. Ashley was quick to lean up and block her face. Dajana sat back as Ashley squirmed. She left red marks up Ashley's thigh to her crotch. Dajana pulled Ashley's blue bikini bottoms crooked, scraping and slicing Ashley's private area. She punched Ashley in the stomach, and got knocked off Ash's body when the topless broad walloped her in the side of the head. Both babes got to their feet to continue the brawl.

Cora blocked the next invisible curse of serum air sent at Ashley close to the cage. The sound made Ashley turn her head. Dajana kicked hard across Ash's belly, buckling her. The lingerie model rattled her opponent's jaw with an uppercut punch. Dajana stomped Ashley's leg. The dark haired dame tried to grab Dajana. Ashley had power in close quarters. Dajana needed to avoid that. Ash's finger pulled the dark blue bra forward and slipped out, teasing Dajana's perky tan orbs. Because Ashley's big knockers had flopped up by her face after being hit, Dajana misjudged how to kick Ashley in the neck. She kicked high just as Ash's jugs swung back down. The tits took the brunt of the blow that ended at Ash's jaw subdued. Emily fended off the women wanting to interfere by the cage and managed to give the Russian gal's booty an encouraging pat as Ash crashed into the metal link wiring. Ashley's bikini bottoms were so crooked, Emily stopped watching Fund and Abby attacking her, and got smashed into the cage. Em's nips were super hard, but maybe some of that was Cora's curse still tingling.

Ashley blocked a punch aimed at her face with her forearms. Her bouncing breasts shielded a blow aimed at her stomach. Ashley landed a left hook to Dajana's mandible. Ashley wasn't a hulking or muscular chick, but she was tall and busty. When she ran at Dajana like a freight train the impact would've sounded more brutal if not for the fleshy chest pillows initiating a lot of the contact. Dajana's bra was fraying. She glossed her hand over her front as she quickly got her ass off the tiled floor. A kick smashed into Dajana's ribs. She yelped and aimed a punch at Ash's pussy that missed. Dajana cursed, getting to her feet. She spun with a roundhouse kick. Ash let the attack mar her big breasts, walking into it. Ash jabbed a fist in Dajana's face, knocking the blonde's head backwards with a spritz of scarlet. Dajana's backside pressed against the cage. Ashley kneed Dajana in the kidney and put a round of punches into Dajana's toned midsection. The blonde yelped and used her supple and sturdy orbs as blockers because of her reflexes and stomach pain.

The babe in blue bra and panties, Dajana, was soaked in perspiration like Ash now. Dajana's lingerie material was thin and frayed. The waistband of the underwear bottoms had slipped down and been destroyed to show her navel. Dajana elbowed Ash hard across the mouth, showing the gore and intensity of death battles on serum. Ash got her hand fully in the cup of Dajana's bra, clawing her mound, and stripping her topless. As Dajana was drawn in, she hardened her chest to crater Ash's orbs and do nipple and teat damage to the jiggly Russian. Dajana kneed Ashley in the pussy, tangled their legs, and tried to pull hair to get Ashley off or down. Ashley stood her ground, titfighting Dajana. Dajana's feet slid on the tile. Her tight booty cheeks clenched. Ash lunged her chest forward. She body slammed Dajana. The soft part of the blonde's skull hit black and white tile. Her taught body bounced. Ash's curves enveloped Dajana's model figure.

There easily could've been several unblocked headshots on the Romanian with dirty blonde hair darkening during the fight. Instead, Ash bonked foreheads with her, and incidentally got their mouths caught together. Ash bit Dajana's lip, tearing luscious pink flesh, and then bashed the crest of her head into Dajana's pretty facial features. The blonde moaned, getting bounced like a rag doll on the ground. It wasn't that Dajana wasn't tough, it was just that Ashley was that powerful and determined. Dajana's ankle had snapped during the fall – a freak accident that surprised her and she didn't have the discipline or experience to force the healing energy away from that injury to help her get back in the fight. Ashley put a twist and jerk in Dajana's long leg, reaching back, and took a few last shots to the head and chest. Ashley ground, pounded, and marred Dajana's face with brutal downward punches and elbows that rendered Dajana's blocking hands slow and useless after the first dozen strikes of fury. Blood gushed and spurted as Dajana's face was beaten in. Dajana managed to sit up for a moment, but couldn't keep her arms around Ashley to stop the onslaught. Their tits really shook when they separated and Dajana was concussed and unconscious after her dome plopped on the floor again on the way down.

The androids were hesitant to shoot Ashley with the winner's serum dart. They looked to Megan for guidance, reading her body language and tapping into her mind a little. Megan frowned, shaking her head. She looked pleased as Dajana's body gave a spasm, and the blonde's legs jumped. Dajana reached past Ash's boob, bumping into the dangling melon to get her hand up to claw Ashley's face. Ash rubbed her crotch and pelvis on Dajana's abs while sitting atop her. The healing hadn't kept up to keep Dajana's face pretty. Ash scrunched her nose and put the final attack into Dajana's neck. The blonde's hand went limp. Her nails stuck in Ash's cheek for a moment, and then her arm swung limp to the tile. Dajana's chest was still firm. After receiving so much breast punishment, Ashley pounded on Dajana's exposed mounds. She hugged the paralyzed loser and got to her feet, clutching the lady in lingerie close. Dajana's back and spine popped from the squeeze. Ashley tossed Dajana down onto her front. There was no resistance. It was brutal. Ashley's hand got caught in Dajana's panties for the throw. The blonde was naked, defeated, and out of commission. F1 shot Ashley with the winner's serum dart. The bikini model was on serum overload with tunnel vision on Dajana's tight ass and wet pussy.

Em and Cora had hoped Ash would notice them and invite them in for post match humiliation fucking, but Ashley was too violent and aroused with the extra serum not going to many injuries on her person. Em and Cora kept their mouths shut, even though they knew being allowed in the cage would piss off Megan and the Fatal Five and be funny. It could also cause problems. Em was happy Ashley had won, and hoping to hit the showers with her soon anyway. Ashley did see her fans and allies looking on, but she barely gave them more than a nod. Ashley got a dildo and strap-on from F1. She wasn't going to be able to put the strap-on around her waist. The male android shut the door, sensing she might go attack others and didn't want any assistance. Ashley lounged against the cage pleasuring herself for a quick moment. She left the double-sided dildo in her pussy, and the stomped over to Dajana. Ash hadn't needed to strip herself since her bikini bottoms were so loose and crooked. She kicked Dajana in the crotch to get a reaction.

The winner sat down and lifted Dajana's legs over her lap. Ash swatted Dajana's ripe and pert ass and inserted the other end of the dildo into Dajana's glory hole. Ashley humped and fucked the blonde, accidentally banging the victim's face on the tile more so that it had more trouble healing and not looking gruesome. Ashley spanked Dajana, leaving welts on her rear. Ash wanted to see more damage and wasn't getting good intercourse energy from Dajana. The blonde moaned and cried. Ashley shoved her fist between Dajana's booty cheeks and got rough. Ashley nearly broke the dildo and swung it around like a weapon, slapping the nude blonde's flesh. Ashley sat Dajana up by the cage. She kicked and punched the dazed damsel mostly in the body. Dajana's head and face was already beyond repair, slumped, and puddling blood, drool, and sweat in her cleavage. Fluids splashed as Ash kicked and assaulted Dajana's boobs. Ashley humped Dajana, making the blonde's nose rub her clit. Ashley struck Dajana's head demanding, “DO a LITTLE BETTER to LIVE Longer!! We both COULD Enjoy This! It's MEH now!!” Dajana whimpered, sobbed, and tried to use some tongue, but she was so out of it. Ashley tried to kiss Dajana and finger herself. The sensations were maddening, but controllable, and not peak pleasure. Ashley bit a chunk out of Dajana's lips and gave up on trying for good sex. Ashley wrapped her giant jugs around Dajana's neck, smothering the blonde. Dajana's entire head was mostly lost in the giant tits. Ashley turned her body.


Dajana's neck was broken 90 degrees in the tits of the woman she'd chosen to fight. Ashley roared and said, “You're NOT HANGING me NOW! I'm HANGING in there!! WOOO!!” RoboMic echoed her woo. He loved big titties more than almost anything. Emily got some calming drugs from female android F9, and opened the cage, wanting to escort Ashley to the showers. No one stopped them from going up the stairs together. Em was close, but not being affectionate, seeing Ash's chest rise and fall and her practically frothing at the mouth for more action. Ashley's socks were covered in blood and some of Dajana's ejaculate and pee. Delia wasn't surprised or disturbed to see Ashley had won. She stayed with her bot Robert close to Em and Ashley who had some fun together before Em even gave Ashley any calming drugs.

Back downstairs, other androids bagged Dajana's body. There had been four fights this night and two eliminations. Three women had lost for a second time this round and would not be tournament eligible. Megan was in a sour mood and wasn't as nice as normal to F2 who helped F6 carry her in her throne up the marble stairs. The betrayals and surprises added some needed nuance to the series. The Fatal Five and serum air users were still heavy favorites, but the resistance against them was looking brighter.


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Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 2-7 EE vs VV.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Preliminaries Round Two Fight 7

Emily Elizabeth 0-1 vs Valenti Vitell 0-1

The babe in the olive green bikini, Emily, was glad her fight was taking place mid evening. The sun was setting and the animals in the barn hadn't gone to sleep yet. The barn on the Foxy Corp estate had a cage for sexfighting, and Megan thought it was funny to say Emily was an ugly horse or could only get laid by horse cock. Emily was getting laid a lot, but all women. The estate was all women, some male androids, and sometimes Megan's husband would stop by. Emily's bikini top had a small white x on the left cup, reminding her of the actual x's Cora had put on her body with curse serum air. Cora seemed so serious anymore, and that made Emily sad. Cora had been fun, funky, and playful. Em missed Cora's touch, smile, and physical companionship. Cora's long black hair, tattoos, very red lips, and nudist lifestyle still gave Em excited feelings seeing her. Cora winked and gave a thumbs up. It was better than nothing.

Fatal Five Delia's special made robot, Robert, injected Emily in the spine with serum. The blonde pop star, Delia, didn't like Robert being into other women, but she wasn't as psycho and as clingy as Megan. Robert looked like a buff and handsome man with a beard. RoboMic was a huge fan of Emily, and lots of women at the estate were nice, but Emily was feeling lonely. Cora wasn't as affectionate as Em had hoped after the two of them hit off well after fighting and fucking and agreeing about wanting to take down Megan. Em had hooked up with Ashley after her fight, but as soon as the busty Russian chick Ashley had gotten calming drugs, she apologized and wasn't into Em much. It was a little awkward between them now, even though Em tried to play it cool. Emily knew that Delia, Megan, and many others wanted her to lose and leave.

“I don't know why you didn't let me pump you with serum,” RoboMic the fat blond cyborg said, pouting. Em knew him from the UFSO fighting in the states. RoboMic continued pouting and complained, “There won't be a next time for us, so Valenti bring me in for the sex! WOOEEE!”

Valenti Vitell, a Russian born woman who lived in London and was suspected of being a spy against Megan and Foxy Corp, had requested to fight Emily. Valenti wore a white crop top that wasn't much bigger than the light gray bra with white straps it covered. Valenti's panties had a white waistband. The clinging material was light gray like her bra. Valenti was very fit with a yoga bubble butt, Barbie doll proportions, and a perky tits. She didn't frequent the UFSO like Emily, but had been part of it too before coming here to Spain for this. Valenti said, “Maybe I'll just kill Emily and deny her the pleasure of sex before the final deed. … Nothing personal. I requested you because I bet we're at a similar level. I need more time to experiment with smoking serum, and you're busy whoring it up with the ladies. I gotta do what I can to stay relevant and this.”

“FUCK!” Em said. “What a let down! I was hoping you wanted to do me as much as I wanna do you.” Valenti rolled her eyes. Em was curious about the rumors surrounding Valenti. Was Valenti working with the MFL to stop Megan and win the mind control collar or just trying to be a strong fighter? Em could sense RoboMic staring at her slightly expanding breasts. Robert was looking at the blonde highlights in Em's hair like he was programmed to prefer blondes and always working out what he should and shouldn't feel. The poor guy was surrounded by 25+ mostly naked supermodels sexfighting. He always had a boner and would replenish immediately after ejaculation. He was never going to touch himself or orgasm unless with Delia, and she was allowing him so much freedom to be as human as possible. RoboMic used to always touch himself in public with no control. He nut in his pants so much that Megan and the Foxy Corp bots put his genitals in a locked compartment so he wouldn't do that and would be loyal to Foxy Corp.

Em bumped into Robert by accident. There was a strap under the breast cups of her bikini, and Robert seemed to think he'd messed up Em's outfit. Em's tits were just big and busting out to show underboob. He tried to fix her top. Em watched Delia who looked like a cat with her ears back. Robert's finger got stuck in the gold loop between Em's boobs holding the bikini top together. There were four rings at her hips holding the tight olive green bikini bottoms together too. Em jostled with Robert and felt his throbbing member. It wasn't totally an innocent touch on her part. Robert blushed and backed away, sensing something was up. Em pulled her arms back to make her tits jump, stretching. She tore off her bikini top, exposing her alluring girls. Delia pulled Robert by the wrist. RoboMic whooped. He didn't think Emily was going to win for some reason and he had worked for the MFL. Maybe he knew Valenti had tricks or serum air abilities too. F1 injected Valenti in the tailbone with serum. Like the other tan Russian, Sveta, Valenti had a killer ass. Em got in the cage, fanning herself.

The combatant in the white crop top and panties, Valenti, didn't look like she had it all under control. She shook her head and clenched her fists, getting into the cage to battle. The floors were wood and there was a lot of room for running around. Emily had good energy, looking ready to box. When she exhaled, Valenti saw a glimmer in the fading light. She walked up to the topless chick and punched at what she suspected was volatile serum air. There was no explosion. Valenti's knuckles smacked the American woman's mammary flesh. Valenti said, “You're smoking with Cora?!”

“Well yeah,” Em said, reaching for Valenti's tits for a fondle or stroke, but Valenti swatted her hand down. “We smoked, but I could barely toke a few times. You're a spy for the MFL?!” Some women gasped. Abby and Bianca Fund were so dramatic and comical overreacting to everything and trying to bully and interfere in fights they had no business in. Em added, “You want Megan to lose and to stop her from winning the mind control collar?!”

“The MFL did approach me about that topic,” Valenti admitted. “They've abused mind control research themselves and don't want to see it happen again. I arrived with the MFL Russians, but I'm not in league with them or anything. I'm my OWN woman! I don't want to be so HORNY on this CRAP! I'll control myself and this BATTLE! Sorry Em, you're done!!”

“We'll see about that,” Em said, but the women rooting against her were loud. Em tugged at Valenti's top. A straight jab grazed her chin as she jerked her head to evade. Em added, “Come on! Two tops?! I don't see the need to control against our urges here.”

“I'm happily partnered off!” Valenti admitted, starting the fight by belting Em in the mush. Em wiped blood off her lips and was a sucker for punishment, playfully reaching for Valenti's top again. Valenti punted Em between the legs. Emily got her arms up to block her face. Her stomach and chest took a barrage of blows. She walked through it and Valenti backpedaled with anger and ferocity in her dark eyes. Em straightened up and had to grab her chest to stop it from jiggling from punches.

“Then YOU should've NevER agreed to come here!” Em said, feeling sort of bad for Valenti being misunderstood, maybe not being a spy, and wanting to stay loyal to her significant other. Em said, “I wanna control all of your sexy body. The Russian Barbie's breasts look as round and perfectly shaped as that ass. I can picture the hard strap-on ball in and against my crotch as I stick the rod between your ass and tits. It's not cheating if I fuck you.”

“SHUT the Fuck up,” Valenti said, sneering. She clawed Em's boob, sinking all five nails in to drag the thot by the tit. Their striking knees collided. Em honked Valenti's melons with her hands, jerking just the white crop top off. Valenti absorbed the chest bump from Em, yanked her dirty blonde hair, and split her lips open further with a big right hook. Valenti kicked Emily in the leg, hearing the crowd get into it. Emily's high kick went high and hit Valenti's sideboob. Valenti was right to pick Emily to fight. Em's mind wasn't in the right place. She was so susceptible to Megan and the Fatal Five and wouldn't be a winner. Valenti winning this round would be huge for her fight strength progress. Emily's torso was long and an easy target. Valenti kicked Em in the flank. The punches didn't go quite as planned with some burying into Em's breasts. Em yelped, blushed, and liked the rough titillation.

The topless bikini model Emily, hit her adversary in the head with a left hook. Valenti stumbled. Em swiped for Valenti's bra, getting turned on by the cat and mouse shenanigans. Valenti kept feeding into it too, like a naughty girl putting up a prude front. Valenti could've attacked Em, bu swatted her hand away and stuck out her tongue. Em's foot snaked around Barbie's bodacious backside, slamming into peach bottom contour curves. Valenti threw a punch that Emily parried. Valenti ran for the side of the cage, trying to use her speed. Em gave chase, feeling reckless. She trusted Cora to stop anyone from harming her and interfering. Em caught Valenti by surprise with a karate chop to the collar. The Russian still got off her stomp to Em's navel, but then sidled and winced. Valenti kicked Em in the ribs and then did a fancy jump kick to push through Em's blockers into her face. The topless brawler's head shot back, spritzing blood. Valenti's heel clunked the wood floor. Emily kicked sort of blind, cramming toes into Valenti's armpit.

Seeing the bloodied brunette in the green bikini bottoms punching and attacking still with no give, Valenti ran to the other end of the cage. Emily chased, attempting a jump kick of her own. Valenti dodged. Em's foot broke a floorboard and she stumbled. Valenti caught the board with catlike reflexes and splintered it smaller, smashing it into the back of Emily's head. Valenti then kicked the dazed dope in the spine under her shoulder blades. Em flew into the cage grating chest first, moaning. Valenti kicked Em in the pussy, liking the sight of those white ass cheeks shaking and the wedgie. Emily pushed off the cage, drilling Valenti across the nose with an elbow. Valenti stabbed the sharp wood fragments into Em's underboob. Emily squealed and attacked Valenti's arm, wrenching the plank from Valenti's grasp. The lingerie model grabbed her foe's hair and landed a KO punch. Em's eyes, nose, and mouth bled, but she stayed on her feet. Em chopped Valenti's bicep, getting the blonde to holler and let go. Valenti booted Emily right in the tits and nips. The boob that hadn't been cut into took the worst of the damage, shedding flesh and blood and reshaping from the brutal impact momentarily. Valenti then nailed Em in the crease on her chin with a high flying kick.

Globs of crimson burst from Em's agape mouth into the standing audience gathered around the barn cage. The topless bikini model put out her arms to catch herself falling. Her ass hit the wood. Her abused titties ached, touching and pressed to her torso. Her shoulders blades and the sliced up part at the back of her skull touched warm metal cage grating. Valenti was feeling cocky. She flexed her arm muscles and then sliced through the back of her bra with a nail. She pitched the top in Emily's face as the the idiot gasped and had trouble seeing straight. Valenti caressed her firm and shapely mounds and said, “Yeah, my Tits are GREAT. … I was fighting not to fuck, but now I'm going to WILD on you!! I always thought you got lucky getting all those wins in UFSO. Prepare to DIE!!”

“Do me,” Em grumbled, preparing for the worst. She tugged at her bikini bottoms, stripping herself as she sat there in pain. Her face and tits were so bloody and bruised and taking healing energy to look good. She forced that stuff away and to her legs and arms. The little rings of her bikini bottoms clanged against the cage bars. Em grabbed one and flicked it at Valenti. The topless Russian doll blocked or would've been hit in the eye. Em managed to finger through another ring. She rose and tackled Valenti, whacking their voluptuous bodies together. Valenti stood her ground, kneeing Em in the pussy and navel. Em tore off Valenti's panties, shoved the ring against Valenti's clit, and then split the lips of Valenti's v.

The now naked and infuriated blonde slung her rival by the wrist. Em crashed into the cage again, whimpering because her face and chest was already so engorged and beaten. Valenti pulled out the ring and put it on her finger to make a sort of brass knuckle. She held Em under the armpits, raising up and kneeing the brunette in the privates. Valenti's orbs pressed into Emily's back. She reached up to choke Em's neck, but got thwarted. Valenti scratched Emily's ears and cheeks as the panting hussy whipped around. The first punch with the ring added extra oomph and torture to Em's face. The ring broke. Blood splattered. Em whined and this time her hiney hit the cage. Emily punched and attacked wildly, just trying to hang in there. Valenti dodged and grinned. Valenti tried to embarrass Em, parrying a punch, but the nude brunette still had decent power and balance. Emily got more coordinated giving chase. Every time she breathed in deep, she felt better. It tasted like Cora, and Em was convinced her crush was helping her. She didn't have time to look though, and surprised Valenti with a kick to the kidney. Emily exhaled long and hard to make more room for Oxygen. The inhale had a bite and spark like serum air, but wasn't totally Cora's brand. It was similar but also internally familiar, like maybe Em was finally doing this shit and keeping pace with the other ladies!!

“You fucking lucked into this recovery!” Valenti said with wide eyes, noting the serum air, “but it's weak! You're WEAK! You're still gonna lose!!” Valenti belted Em in the jaw. Emily's eyes rolled, but she got off a simultaneously right hook that hit. Valenti's eye glazed over. The Russian babe in her birthday suit staggered, and looked to run to recover. Em gave chase, lusting after those tan buns, and leaped off her feet like a defender in football stopping a touchdown run. Em hands restricted Valenti's legs and thighs. Her fingers grazed vagina. Em's chin hit ass humps. Valenti's body jerked down and then left awkwardly. CRUNCH! Em had nothing to do with that. Valenti had stepped in the hole in the floor and gotten her ankle snapped.

The horny and opportunistic model, Emily, spread out and over her fallen opponent. The touch and feminine areas bumping was electric. Valenti's leg got bent awkwardly underneath her, and she screamed and moaned, trying to right that. Emily was able to knock Valenti's head and pretty face around, giving the tight bodied little tramp a taste of her own medicine. Emily wasn't really sure how she did it, but she got Valenti's arm to wrap around her own throat, and broke some big arm bone, all but ensuring her victory. Valenti tried to roll over and go to the fetal position, shielding with her ass, but Em flipped the blonde onto her back, and continued the head carnage. The floorboards creaked but didn't crack or split again with Valenti's noggin getting knocked around. Em didn't want to mar such a pretty face and backed off to make sure. Valenti's eye was swollen shut. Her gashed open kissers puckered and her nose was twisted, bruised, and oozing.

Like Valenti had tried before, going for a match ending neck injury, Emily squeezed Valenti's throat. She positioned her nude body to scissor and bump beans with Valenti and then got two hands above Valenti's collar. Em brought her hands together with a deadly clap and made Valenti shudder and moan. Lying on her side to thrust and hump, Em continued to lean over Valenti's sexy body and play with her. Em groped, kissed, and licked Valenti's tits. She tongued and teased til the teats got hard and then Em put her mouth to Valenti's lips, making out with and nibbling the struggling woman's lips. Em's hands patted down Valenti's slender tummy and then got some below the belt action. Emily knew the winner's serum dart would be slow to arrive, but finally felt it hit her rump after finger blasting Valenti. Em thought about inviting Robert or Cora in for sex, but deiced to go it alone. She would let RoboMic inject her and get in some gropes next time she fought. He shouldn't be rewarded for saying Em would lose this evening!

As Emily had envisioned and fantasized, she was given a strap-on and double-sided dildo from the androids. She needed so much healing, she didn't have the immediate strength to break the sex toy, getting it around her waist. Em fucked Valenti in the ass and the tits and then the mouth. She was harder in the fleshy areas and careful not to break teeth with the oral. Then Emily got the double-sided dildo to do its magic. She sat Valenti up against the cage, noticing burn marks from rubbing the ground all over Valenti's ass, legs, and skin. Emily was queen of timing her orgasms, and waited through a lot of them to cum at the same time as Valenti. There was a rush of fluids and the dildo flopped out of Valenti who moaned and grabbed the bars with one hand. The other arm hung limp, bleeding and contorted. Emily stood up and humped Valenti in the face. She climbed over the defeated doll, squeezing her thighs around Valenti's tender neck. Her heels touched the Russian's still tight ass cheeks. Emily bounced her clit against the blonde's nose. Emily turned and pivoted, dragging a suffocating warrior forward. Valenti couldn't breathe with her face forced in Em's business. Emily looked like she was doing the worm, humping and banging her bush into Valenti's nose and mouth. Emily relied on her core strength with her signature finisher to CRACK and break Valenti's neck between her legs. Emily then sat back, still face fucking the dead blondie. Emily's pleasure added to her strength and her cum covered thighs turned Valenti's upper body pale blue. SNAP! POP!

Valenti's head spurted off with a clean break and minimal blood for such a gory finisher. Em caught the severed head with excellent reflexes again and kissed Valenti's lips on last time. She positioned the head back where it belonged atop Valenti's shoulders and pushed the eyelids down. “That was hot, babe,” Em said, palming Valenti's cooling ass. “Sorry to knock you out and end your run here.” Em winked to Cora, knowing that she could count on more sex later. Cora was totally turned on and happy Em won. Not many other women were glad. The androids came in to clean up the mess and bag Valenti's body.

Megan frowned, shrugged, and said, “Maybe that bitch was a spy. Losers are losers. You both suck. Yuck up your only win, Emily stupid name Elizabeth. You're as weak as those Clifford the dog stories where you got the same name of the girl. The only thing I like about them is the blood red color of fur.”

“She's mental,” Em said. Cora laughed, nodded, and put a finger to Em's lips to shush her. There was no need in provoking Megan or the Fatal Five at this moment. Em still needed a lot of healing and was exhausted and injured. She had won though, and perhaps showed enough improvement to suggest that making the tournament was possible for her.


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Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 2-8 MF vs IS.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Preliminaries Round Two Fight 8

Megan Fox 1-0 * vs Irina Shayk 1-0

Megan Fox woke up on the wrong side of the bed. She took her motorcycle and went out shopping for a bit, and everyone pissed her off. Even wearing sunglasses, men were noticing her and into her, but not sexy studs like Kelly or F6; more like average incel everything that's wrong with the world white men. All of them had dark skin and said crap in Spanish, and people were helpful, but not helpful enough. Megan couldn't unzip her leather jacket as much as she wanted, because she hadn't worn any other clothes. Her ass did look great in leather pants, but that didn't excuse undesirables from looking at it. By the time she got home, stewing, and thinking about the fighting women she hated, she was ready to attack the first thing she saw.

That happened to be Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, Irina. Megan had already locked up her motorcycle and taken in her purchases, which she'd gotten for free. Irina and Kate were by the garage for some reason which was sketch. Megan had already ripped up Kate and Dajana's tickets to their faces after they healed which had been a big rush. Their reactions had been a bit of let down, and Megan was impatient to eliminate losers again. Megan didn't bother to kick Kate and Dajana off the property as she'd done to Mandy. Dajana would continue to suck up to her. That fat blonde sow Kate was topless again, and messing around with Irina. The Russian model with long wavy brown hair, Irina, nodded, laughed, took off her yellow bikini top, and said, “True! Cora walks around nude and so many chicks are topless.”

“Robert's going to show us his crotch rocket,” Kate said, “and maybe we can get a ride around the beach. No tops necessary for that!”

The pale skinned brunette, Megan, unzipped her leather jacket, standing in the sun. Her bosoms flopped out. She tossed the jacket on the ground angrily. Her mind was made up. She made some texts to the androids and scheduled herself to fight Irina right now on the App. Only the notification alerted Irina to Megan's presence. Many of the women had taken to wearing their phones in ankle or wrist straps. Kate didn't even have her phone on her, but she was a loser and a whore. Irina looked nervous and upset when she saw Megan. Megan stomped in the gravel towards the garage. Irina backed away and said, “Megan!! Why?! Is this some kind of mistake? I'm loyal to you! You didn't even say which cage we are fighting in.”

“You said Cora's name without declaring your hate for the witch!” Megan said, “and I hate you Sports Illustrated models walking around topless!! I should've had a SI spread – no twenty!! And you're Russian! I HATE all RUSSIANS!! REEE!!” Kate rolled her eyes. Megan grabbed the blonde's head and smashed it into the side of the garage. Irina dropped her top to help the whimpering bimbo with a bloody face. Megan unlocked the garage and said, “AND you helped KATE now! You should be kissing my feet and grabbing the jacket I dropped!!”

A crowd of models and androids came out towards the garage. F1 operated a crane, and with the help of other androids, set down a mid-sized moveable fighting cage over the concrete in front of the garage. Irina looked totally shocked and upset that a fight was actually going to happen and count. No one but Megan and the Fatal Five had known about the 'put a cage anywhere' option. Megan started up her motorcycle, revved the engine, and sped off towards Kate. She should've kicked Kate out like she'd done to Mandy, but this would make her feel better. Mandy would likely cry and want back in, and Megan would allow it on her terms and use Mandy against her friends. Megan drove the motorcycle and ran over Kate's foot, hitting her leg, and sending her flying with gory wounds. Kate landed on her back, wailing like a pussy. Megan hit the breaks and circled back around on her bike. It did feel good riding topless.

“Miss Megan,” F1 said in his projecting voice. “Uncle Justin sees all the footage. He will not like money spent on unnecessary healings.”

“This IS NECESARRY!” Megan said, hopping off her bike to hug and kiss F6. He gave her an injection of serum. Irina stood near the cage, wondering if she could help Kate. No one could really get there fast enough or sense what Megan would do next except the androids. Megan glared at the blonde with big tits on her back, held the handles of the bike, and while accelerating, dragged the vehicle over Kate's crotch, spraying crimson and flesh. Kate screamed, getting killed in a brutal and awful way as Megan shouted, “How about THAT for ROCKING your CROTCH, BITCH?!” Megan then slid the rapidly revolving tire over Kate's chest, body, and head, tearing her to pieces. F6 took the motorcycle from Megan and switched off the engine. It was a mess for the androids to clean up, and some of the women who had seen the end of this were upset, angry, or afraid that similar kills and resorts to violence would happen based on the moods of those who were powerful and in charge. Megan added, “Let that be an example to You ALL NOT to CA-ROSS MEEE!!!” Megan bellowed angrily and ripped off her black leather pants. She had a landing strip of dark pubic hair which was a lot hotter than Cora's bush in Megan's always right opinion.

“It's fine, Megan,” Irina said, gaining her composure after being injected by Robert. He promised to show Irina his motorcycle some other time. Delia wasn't clinging to Robert like Megan did to F6. Delia was actually one of the last women to arrive at the fighting site as well as Antonia, RoboMic, and Cora and Emily. That rubbed Megan the wrong way. Irina got in the cage with sand still on her tan booty cheeks and her yellow bikini bottoms sitting so low that cleavag lines could be seen in the front. Irina said, “I've got one loss to spare. If you need to get out some anger on me, so be it! I'll try and beat you now, but if we face in the tournament I'll let you have it.”

“LIKE you would make it,” Megan taunted, stepping into the cage. The concrete was awful warm on Irina's feet. Megan left her black boots on. She didn't care if that looked bad. It was sexy to be nude in high black boots, and she wanted to kick Irina's ass in these and not scorch the bottoms of her feet. Megan added, “You CAN'T COMpete with ME!! EVER! You're NOThING!” Megan grabbed Irina's hair and punched her in the face to get things started. She stomped Irina's foot and kneed her in the crotch. Megan got punched in the mouth and liked the taste of her own blood. She laughed and threw her head about wildly to avoid a punch. She got kicked in the flank, and released Irina's hair to claw her face and neck. Megan's punch got blocked, but Irina's back was at the cage. Megan stomped Irina's knee. The topless bikini model's back hit the cage.

The naked host and spoiled princess of EMCASA stepped forward to continue her assault of Irina. A karate strike hit Megan's neck. She winced, but slammed the sole of her boot into Irina's navel. The brunette buckled with her tits draped over the steel toe of Megan's black boot. Megan wasn't sure if the top or bottom of her boots would hurt Irina the most. She broke Irina's toes with a stomp and got punched in the kidney. Megan kicked high, crashing steel toes into Irina's chin and kissers. Crimson splattered and Irina flailed falling back against the cage wiring. Megan bared her pussy with another high arching leg movement to stomp Irina's face. The swimsuit model's nose broke, and that made Megan feel giddy. It looked like a footprint was left on Irina's face too. Megan wanted to display her superiority and appeal by dragging down the focus of her ire. Instead of titfighting Irina, Megan latched onto Irina's tits, trying to shred them and rip off dermis with her fingernails. She wasn't satisfied with that, but yanked Irina's hair to keep her head down and her eyes from focusing to aim. Megan kneed Irina in the stomach and crotch repeatedly.

“What is this bull shit?” the tattooed nudist, Cora said. She had carried a folding chair up from the beach and sat in it with Emily on her lap. Emily wore a barely there bikini bottoms thong, hanging on and kissing Cora. Cora was back to being outspoken and affectionate after Emily had won this round. Cora added, “There's a bunch of blood and a body bagged outside the cage. Judging by the count of women, I'd say Megan killed Kate! And she's wearing boots to fight! What a bitch! You may win the mind control collar by cheating, Megan, but you'll never master it with such a weak mind.”

Megan socked Irina in the face and threw the bloodied broad by the head to the concrete. Megan turned around, spitting, and said, “Why DON'T you GET in the CAGE and SAY THAT?!” Megan was jacked up on serum and adrenaline from killing Kate. She wanted nothing to do with Cora yet, though she believed she was better and stronger. The cursing was something she wanted to know more about and be sure she could control or manipulate to her benefit, but Maria wasn't opening up a lot about it yet, and Megan had been too busy to hunt Maria down and talk. Maria was a stuck up bitch anyway and no fun to talk to.

Cora stroked Em's ass, putting a little x curse on her booty cheek to explode. The mini blast bumped Em into the air, fraying her blue bikini bottoms over her pussy. Em landed on her feet and Cora stormed over to the cage, grabbing the chain links on a door. She said, “Let me in. I'm not afraid to fight you now, I just don't see a point in it.”

Megan breathed out black swirling clouds of serum air at Cora. The tattooed badass was able to use invisible threads of serum air to combine with Megan's air in a volatile reaction that left the remaining gas stable and safe for Cora to suck in. Irina got up and kicked Megan between the legs. She grabbed Megan's black hair and slung the bully to the ground. The black haired vixen in black boots, Megan, got to her feet, swearing, with cuts and cherry burns on her arms, elbows, and legs. The combatants would not want to be wrestling much on concrete. Megan attempted to gain the upper hand boxing. She punched Irina's hand, but got kicked in the stomach. She socked Irina in the boob, and got walloped in the mouth. Megan had whiplash and spit blood. She guarded high and got hit in the abs and belly again. Megan's counter strikes were inaccurate. Her uppercut hit thigh instead of pussy, and her belly punch soared up into Irina's fleshy underboobs. Megan got drilled in the jaw and the eye with flying fists, getting knocked towards the cage.

To get on Megan's nerves, Cora started fingering and making out with Emily right against the cage. It drew Megan's eyes, and the Fatal Five leader was getting her head and body punched in because of it. Megan gasped, looking pasty and irate. Bianca Fund and Abby D tried to yank Cora and Emily back to their chair where they couldn't really see past the standing women to see the fight. RoboMic 'helped' too, fondling Emily's boobs. Cora set off curses, so the Megan loyal enforcers just dragged Emily to the chair. Emily shook her head and put her arms in the air to submit, not wanting to end up in healing this time. If she'd been on serum or had mastered serum air like Cora, she might've been willing to brawl.

The Russian babe in yellow bikini bottoms worked Megan over with a boxing combo. Megan's guts got belted and then a knifing uppercut to the jaw made the nude actress collapse onto the concrete. Irina dropped a knee into Megan's belly-button, looking to ground and pound her way to victory. Irina's tan, perky, and bleeding mammary mounds pressed into Megan's face as Megan tried to sit up. Megan screamed and shot out dark serum air from her mouth and pores. The dark charged air obscured the wrestling women from view. Irina coughed and trembled, feeling violent eruptions in her throat and going down deeper. Megan rolled over atop Irina, depantsing the Russian model and shoving her fist and hand into Irina's private area. Megan opened her hand, slicing with her nails to really torment her foe. Megan's other hand could've went to end the match quickly with neck strikes, but she wanted to mar Irina's pretty face.

As the vile smoke and serum air cleared, Megan was atop, throttling and choking a naked Irina. Red plasma was all around the concrete and hanging on the cage rungs. Megan had tapped into mind control, staring at Irina. She said, “You can NEVER make me happy!” And it seemed true. That was not something Irina wanted to hear, since she had intended to work with Megan to advance herself. The harsh realization and truth to exacerbate her fears left Irina trembling and unwilling to guard. Megan punched Irina's face raw and disfigured. Megan slammed Irina's head down onto the ground. She put her hands around Irina's neck, choking her until blood seeped out the sides of Irina's eyes with the tears. Megan lifted Irina up under the arms. Megan was feeling horny, motioning for sex toys with one hand while she fingered herself and pressed her body against Irina's to keep her propped up against the cage. Irina shook off her daze, but it was too late.

The naked Russian clenched her fists, ready to continue this hopeless battle. Megan gave Irina a smooch on the lips and then hauled off, plowing her knuckles into Irina's nipple. The boob cratered and bled. Irina yelped, and delivered a solid punch near Megan's spleen. Megan cursed, and then stomped and twisted Irina's ankle, going back to the advantage she had with her boots. Megan kicked Irina in the belly with the steel toed boot, and then the ribs. The kicking frenzy knocked away and injured Irina's arms and destroyed her slender midsection, cracking ribs and leaving dark welts. Megan didn't spare Irina's privates. She cuntbusted Irina until the defeated babe's lower lips trickled blood and released other fluids too. The more Irina hunched, the easier it was for Megan to stomp, kick, and punch her sagging melons. Those got obliterated, saggy, and ugly too from torture.

With the fight certainly over. Megan shoved Irina's arms through the cage to keep her standing. Megan kicked high into Irina's neck, paralyzing the loser. Megan left her foot up high, punching Irina's body until she buckled enough to get her face right at Megan's pussy. “EAT UP!” Megan shouted, and Irina didn't need mind control against her to obey. It didn't take long for Irina to get a face full of ejaculate. She couldn't writhe hard enough to get her arms free of the fence as they'd been shoved through with no room to spare. Her biceps had rubbed and left marks from going in. Megan put her leg down and was handed sex toys. She used a strap-on to tie Irina's wrists together behind the cage. Megan beat Irina's face and chest with a dildo, and squirted artificial semen all over the broad. Megan put on a strap-on with androids ready to step into the open cage and hand her sex toys in a line.

The cruel and victorious naked black haired villainous, Megan, slipped some tongue into the blond android's mouth. She got her winner's serum from him, tore off his pants, and got fucked in the ass. While kissing F6, Megan was able to look at Irina and jerk her body, popping the arms off. Irina screamed and fell to her knees for Megan to facefuck her while getting pleased by F6's perfect android member. Megan demanded F6 try to drown Irina with his cum, but Megan had already killed the gargling and suffocated armless bitch with the strap-on juices. F6 showed no emotion as usual, following orders. Irina's body twitched on the ground. Megan grabbed Irina's ankle and ordered that the corpse be tied to the strap of the sex toy Megan held. F6 and F1 complied. Megan got on her motorcycle, holding Irina like an animal on a leash, and drove towards the beach, tearing the loser's body apart on the ground. It was a flashy kill and a real pain for the androids to deal with, clean, and get Irina revived. They also had to clean the motorcycle after Megan squirted all over the seat.

As if Megan and the Fatal Five weren't bitchy enough control freaks making enemies, they were doing actions like this to make women question siding with them. Foxy Corp didn't think Megan's actions required a scolding or anything. She was spoiled, but largely still unhappy. The thrill of her win and the kills was very short term, and she hated having to wait long term to get the mind control collar and for more attention from her touring husband. Megan debated rewriting F6's programming to make him more like Robert, but Megan didn't want to deal with someone with different opinions who wouldn't always be loyal and wanted to fulfill their own needs. Megan's servants should only have the need to serve her. F6 wasn't good for conversation, and that sucked, but there were plenty of whores on the estate to make miserable, and that thought always put a smile on Megan's face.


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Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 2-9 VO vs AD.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Preliminaries Round Two Fight 9:

Viki Odintcova 1-0 vs Abby Dowse 1-0

Walking through the halls of the estate, it was clear that some women ranked higher than others. Apparently some chicks got their own rooms. Viki's tan skin was warm from sunning and beach training. She was ready to strip off her white booty shorts and be one of the nudists. Serum smoke billowed out from under the white door of a bigger room. Viki breathed it in, knowing what it was and getting extra strength and titillation. Her phone vibrated in her pants, making her hornier. Viki spit on the door to Abby's room. That's how she felt about the spoiled blonde, Abby. Saliva dribbled and speckled Viki's bare chest. Her mocha colored mounds were looking big and juicy. She let her tits press against the door, and then teased her own areolae and nipples with her fingers. Viki didn't need to check her phone. She knew Abby was bitching that Viki was late to meet with her by a few minutes. It wasn't like they were friends, and rumor had it, Abby wanted to challenge and beat Viki for the Fatal Five.

Viki opened the door to Abby's big and luxurious room. Abby had smoked almost all of a bong with serum in it. The serum clouds were everywhere, and Viki could get a contact high and mini power up just from being around this stuff. Viki had been smoking serum and trying to be Russia's greatest sexfighter. Viki's IMDB rival was Galina, who wasn't even invited to EMCASA, and liked to hang around the MFL on Pongeo Island. Viki looked at Abby. The blonde's long hair was scraggly, ratty, and unkempt. She wore a black mesh see-through crop top with long sleeves. Her stomach was uncovered, and her breasts were 100% visible under the material. Her lingerie/pajama outfit was trying too hard to be cute and her bottoms were so busy with extra and unneeded black straps and a beige satin finish to the crotch fabric. Abby rested on her bed, glaring at Viki with pouting lips and forked eyebrows. Viki said, 'Ew' to her self and then addressed Abby, “What the Fuck do you want, skank?!”

“If you would've gotten here on time, we could've had a civil discussion and you could've smoked this bowl with me,” Abby said. She looked up at the cameras in the corners of the room and smiled.

“I was five minutes late,” Viki said. “I don't want your friendship serum. You're a bitch! I want to kill you! You've got too high an opinion of yourself.”

“I objectively see how much better I am than you,” Abby said. “I'm prettier, stronger, and smarter.”

“Fuck you, whore!” Viki shouted, breathing in serum air. “Are you trying to fight me or what?!” Viki clenched her fists. None of the requests she put through to fight on the App went through. Megan and the Fatal Five were controlling that and it was infuriating. The show would only display what Megan and Foxy Corp wanted to besides from having to admit actual fight results. Viki was stuck sharing a room with fucking Ashley and Maryse with a bunk bed. Needless to say, Ashley ended up on the floor a lot overnight. She wasn't going to snuggle up with Viki. Viki could respect Maryse as a bitch and opportunist, Viki just thought Maryse was trash as a fighter. Even Maryse seemed to realize this, wanting to form alliances and join in with the powerful. That's what Abby was doing. Viki was powerful. She didn't need allies.

“Some of you dumb women never check the App,” Abby said, rolling her eyes. She sat up and looked at her phone on the nightstand. There was a lot of junk on the nightstand. Abby said, “Are you really incapable of being on a team or having any common sense?!” Viki blinked, trying to hold back her anger. Abby had such a dumb look on her face, waiting. Abby shrugged and said, “Well, I tried with you. Antonia, Delia, and Bianca are all trash. Delia may be ok, but Antonia smells like a fake cunt traitor, and Fund is just a big ass loser who does as she's told. You and I could replace them, but I guess it'll just be me winning Megan's favor.”

“I don't give two shits about mind control,” Viki said. “I don't believe in it. If you've got power and intimidation, you're in someone's head. That's it. I'll be damned if I'm going to sit back and talk about trying to program people's minds or play stupid mind games and let Megan win the tournament if she can advance as high as I do.”

“That stupid extremist talk from you just now is on film and proof,” Abby said. “Put some clothes on, you trashy troll, you're making me sick just looking at you.”

“Why don't you put in a request to fight me,” Viki said, “Since none of mine go through.”

“That's conspiracy talk,” Abby said. “Here, look at my phone. The App works fine for anyone with a brain.” Abby waved her phone. Viki shook her head, walking over with her phone. Abby moved quickly. She had smoked a lot of serum. She knocked Viki's phone out of her hand. Abby reached for the thing under a magazine on the nightstand. It was a syringe of serum. Abby injected Viki in the neck and laughed. Abby ran out of the room saying, “We're scheduled to fight now in the basement, stupid! You're on serum, and I'll be injected when I get down there. Come and get me!” Abby blew a dark cloud of serum air and sprinted down the hall. Viki walked right into the cloud, inhaling, and trying to prove that shit wouldn't stop or hurt her. It tingled on the way down. Viki puffed out her chest. She debated tearing up Abby's room. What would Megan or the Fatal Five do about it?! Nothing. That was petty. Viki would rather tear up Abby. Viki went back into the room to check her phone. She had a missed text from Abby and the fight scheduled in the basement was legit. It had just been posted. Viki ripped off her white shorts and put them over Abby's pillowcase. Naked, she strutted out of the room to go fight.

The nude brunette, Viki, didn't hear many voices down the marble staircase to the fighting cage. The house cameras captured her bouncing breasts, scaling the steps. At the half landing, Viki saw that the whole group of women hadn't arrived yet for this impromptu bout. Despite being on serum and having good eyesight and reactions, Abby sneaked up on Viki. The blonde hopped up two steps, jumped onto the banister, and blind sighted Viki with a metal baseball bat swipe to the side of the head. The busty Russian woman, Viki, fell the rest of the way down the steps with a lump at the back of her head. She groaned, and looked for her attacker. Abby leaped down swinging the bat with both hands over her head at Viki's face. Viki blocked with her forearms, and swung her legs to not be landed on. Abby kicked Viki in the tailbone and grabbed strands of her brown hair. Viki kicked into Abby's leg. The bat hit Viki's mouth, mashing her teeth into her gums. Viki swallowed the blood down, and sat up, to shove Abby over. The blonde's stupid top flew open, leaving no see-through cloth over her perky Barbie bosoms. Viki saw several other weapons strewn across the black and white tiled floor: barbed wire, an ice pick, a wooden bat, extra chairs, and hedge trimmers.

“If you haven't noticed,” Megan said, “This is a weapons fight. I didn't think Abby or anyone could talk sense into you for joining us. I hope this really hurts you.”

“What happens when I kill Abby before we get in the cage?!” Viki asked. Abby scoffed. Bianca Fund kicked a clump of barbed wire with her boot. It slid on the tile. As Viki stepped away from Abby swinging the bat, she stepped on the wire. Viki yelped and limped. Viki almost caught the bat with an open hand. Abby was careful not to step on the wire, and kicked Viki in the flank. Viki stumbled into the wall. Abby pounced, turning the bat horizontal to force it into Viki's neck. Abby's strength was very high considering she'd gotten the regular dose of serum and also smoked some right before this. Viki could feel her windpipes and throat getting crushed. She had to put her hands up and try and stop Abby. Abby stomped Viki's foot to the tile. Barbed wire was now imbedded in Viki's foot. Abby kneed Viki in the stomach. She kneed Viki's legs apart. Viki's hands got in the way, gripping the bat. Blood from her head wound smeared against the wall. Abby jerked the bat from Viki's grasp, stepped back, and kicked Viki in the crotch.

Megan continued the conversation in a bored voice like there wasn't wild action happening. She said, “Even mostly dead with any pulse, whoever gets dragged into the open cage for the final fuck and kill will earn an official EMCASA win. You're both on serum. Abby said so, and I saw the footage of it. Both on serum and killed in a cage are Uncle Justin's requirements or whatever.”

Abby bashed the handle of the bat into the wall, and Viki barely dodged that. Viki socked the grungy blonde in the belly. Abby gasped and tried to stomp Viki's foot again. She missed. Viki punched Abby's tit, hoping to pop the silicone. The orb remained firm. Abby's nails sliced Viki's sideboob. Limping, Viki aimed the barbed wire on her foot at Abby's knee. It slashed skin and Abby yelped. Abby grabbed Viki's hair and couldn't get the bat to hit Viki without bouncing off the wall first. Abby jumped backwards, kicking the sole of her foot into Viki's navel. Abby finally seemed to realize she would have a huge length advantage with the bat, and should have more power since she was on more serum.

Viki said, “Abby smoked right before this fight. That's some BULL SHIT!! Shouldn't be allowed!” Viki yanked the barbed wire from her foot, stripping flesh layers, and put it around her fist. Abby circled Viki, watching this. Bianca Fund tried to hand Abby barbed wire. They both flinched, pricking their fingers like pussies. Viki's hand was covered in blood and numb just from her wrapping the weapon around her fist. It would be worth it to hit Abby like this though and a winner's serum dart from any android would have Viki's hand able to hold a dying blonde rat and enjoy some sex.

Megan said, “I don't make the rules,” and shrugged.

“It would be hard, but not impossible to measure approximate serum entering the body from what's smoked, based on the starting amount of the volume,” the brown haired and biggest first model android F1 said. Megan rolled her eyes. Viki would've thought Megan would've been happier after killing two people recently, but she seemed dead inside as usual.

RoboMic and some of the other women began to arrive, rushing down the steps. RoboMic was fat and wide, getting stuck with the chicks he tried to race past. Viki couldn't let that distract her. Abby was distracted now. She shouted at Bianca, “Put the wire on THE BAT STUPID!!” Bianca tried to obey without hurting herself too much. Viki was done limping and knew this fight would hurt. She stepped up to attack. Abby swung the bat with wire still dangling and loosely wrapped around the sweet spot. Viki ducked low to dodge, and grabbed Abby's top. Viki yanked, stripping the ratty blonde topless, and slugged Abby in the mouth. Barbs chunked Abby's lips and the blonde screamed. Abby brought the bat back around to smash into Viki's ribs. She kicked into Viki's legs, to keep Viki away. Abby exhaled serum air as a trap to hurt Viki. The nude brunette tried to breathe it in without walking into it and being blinded by its dark color for a moment. Bianca Fund punched Viki in the tit. Viki turned towards her in anger.

WHAM! The bat with barbed wire broke Viki's jaw and cut up her face. The busty babe fell onto the tile; thankful there were no more barbed wire booby traps. Abby raised the bat over her head to smash it into Viki's belly. Viki rolled away in the nick of time and planted a cloud of serum air of her own to slow down Abby. The topless blonde avoided that, giving Viki time to get to her feet. Viki had fond memories of killing Galina with an ice pick on Pongeo Island. She wished she was closer to that weapon. Viki felt pops in her mandible as healing energy went to her wounds. She pushed all that energy away from healing to get more power with her mind and by clenching extremities like fingers and toes. Abby swung the bat again, and Viki blocked with her wrapped hand. It was brutal, gashing to the bone. Crimson spilled down her arm. Plasma also got into her cleavage with her chest heaving, but Abby's face looked pretty jacked from one punch too, and she was actively trying to heal that.

“Everybody just stay up there and stay out of the way,” Megan ordered.

RoboMic whooped with glee at the sight of Abby and Viki. Abby shuddered. She hated RoboMic. Viki took this opportunity to sprint and tackle Abby. She rammed her shoulder into Abby's navel, spearing the stuck up chick. Abby's butt hit the ground first. Bianca Fund put her hands down to cushion Abby's head so she wouldn't be knocked silly. Viki punched Abby's wrist and the weak blonde lost grip of the bat. Abby punched Viki in the jaw and slammed an open palm into Viki's nose, trying to keep her away. Viki squeezed and mauled Abby's boob with the hand resting on her chest. Abby shrieked like a Banshee, emitting noxious serum breath that sparked and shouldn't be ingested by anyone but Abby. It burned Viki's cheek as she tried to dodge. Abby tried to wiggle free, punching and hitting Viki's chest and belly. Viki blew serum air into Abby's cloud to detonate them both and focus back on mounting Abby. Viki raised her hand with the barbed wire to strike, and Abby looked gloriously horrified.

CRACK! Fatal Five member Maria, broke the wooden bat over Viki's head. The sultry nudist toppled over, going in and out of consciousness. Abby pinned Viki, kneeling on her legs and then sitting on her. Abby hammered her fists into Viki's belly, and then tried to force the barbed wire into Viki's face. The brunette was awake enough to resist that. Viki almost expected a Fatal Five member to pin down her arms to help Abby. It didn't happen. Abby punched Viki in the face. This was bad for the tattooed broad. Abby had a lot of power swinging fists and elbows down. Red smears from Viki's head wounds appeared with her dome scooting on the tile from repeated trauma and attacks. Abby laughed, “HAHAHAHAHA!” She took out some frustration pummeling Viki's big flopping tits. She forced Viki's limp arm to scrape barbed wire into boob meat. Viki came to, trying not to cry, and feeling ready to erupt with a serum air attack to stay alive. Viki calmed herself as much as possible as Abby raked her nails into Viki's breasts. Abby said, “Maybe I'll trim these off or shred them before killing you. HA!” The clawing torture gashed through a nipple, making the pointy flesh bit of the teat flap off like a Hanging Chad. Viki quivered and had to get some healing energy there. As the nip reformed it also bled and squirted milk into Abby's face, which she didn't like.

Viki swung a punch with her weaponized hand. Abby used both hands to grab Viki's arm. Viki thrashed, getting Abby's ass off her. Viki stumbled and staggered towards the ice pick. Abby kicked high into the back of Viki's head, knocking her over. Viki flailed and didn't catch herself very well on the way down. Her boobs smashed into the tile, and she wasn't sure how much abuse she could take there without needing more healing energy expended in that area. Viki was very close to the axe. Abby didn't notice this and went for her bat. Viki grabbed the ice pick and swung it wildly, nearly cutting Bianca and Maria. As Viki limped and trembled towards the cage, the blade of her pick went right into F9's gut. Viki jerked it out. The android woman moaned. Blood squirted onto her suit jacket and dress shirt. Circuits and electric components inside her sparkled and went on the fritz, hissing. Viki got in the cage, holding the chain link, and said, “Come on in and get me, Abby, if you're not afraid to fight by yourself!” Abby stuck out her tongue and gave Viki the finger, heading for the other open cage door with the bat firmly in her hands. Viki added, “I bet you didn't think I'd get a hold of any weapons when you decided this would be a weapons fight.” Abby motioned to have the big clippers handed to her, and screamed out angrily when it wasn't done fast enough. Of course, Abby needed a second weapon, but talking a lot took energy and concentration, and Viki had already talked some smack.

The topless blonde lingerie model got in the cage. She set down the hedge trimmers, preferring the length of the metal baseball bat with barbed wire. The room spun for Viki and the black and white square tiled floor was some weird mix of shapes and colors whirling. Abby set several traps of dark serum air. It looked like she was kissing invisible people, but Abby only kissed up to people. Viki breathed in the aura around her and stood tall. Abby approached with an Amazonian yell and sprint like she had everything planned. Viki bellowed and swelled out her chest. The Russian's chi obliterated most of Abby's traps. Both chesty babes swung their weapons with all their might. The ice pick latched onto the bat. Abby was disarmed. A mini explosion hit Viki's hand. Abby kicked Viki's wrist, and both weapons went flying and clanging up against the cage. Abby kicked Viki in the gut hard. The nude brunette hunched.

“You're done, whore!” Abby said, grabbing Viki's hair and shoving her face into the cage grating. Viki feigned weakness, getting dragged towards the clippers by the hair. Viki slammed her hand with barbed wire into Abby's belly and side. Abby yelped. Viki blew serum air at the hedge clippers so Abby missed when she bent over to grab them. Viki cut through her own hair with a swipe of the barbed wire, leaving Abby off balance. Viki kicked Abby in the face. The blonde bimbo banged into the cage, looking dazed. Viki grabbed Abby's hair, and then it was over for the Fatal Five favorite. All their help couldn't do anything for Abby as Viki rammed her barbed wire fist into Abby's face and throat several times. The gore was insane. Abby stopped squealing and sobbing after the second hit, succumbing to blackouts by choice to not feel the pain.

Viki's hand was broken and looking awful as she unwound the barbed wire and let the nearly dead blonde with a bloodied and unrecognizable face fall to the ground. Viki spread Abby out on her back with her foot. Viki stomped Abby's boob, and figured there were no implants capable of being popped at this moment. Viki went over to the ice pick. She grabbed it with glee. Her brown hair and blood covered face still shined bright as she grinned and stabbed the point into Abby's navel. The pick hit the tile beneath Abby, with her fully gored and impaled. Abby opened her mouth and eyes in horror. A red bubble formed over Abby's agape mouth and burst. Viki tossed the pick to the side and put the hedge trimmers open. She pinched off Abby's panties and placed a serrated blade into Abby's pussy. Viki rocked the device enough to make sure Abby would feel no pleasure for the post-fight actions. Viki had won and everyone knew it. She didn't get the winner's serum dart near as quickly as she got sex toys. Abby's guts could practically be seen from her stomach, but healing magic was on overdrive and stopping such sights that were so grim and graphic.

Viki put on a strap-on, mostly for her own pleasure, and plowed the rod into Abby's mouth. Viki squirted all over Abby's face. She didn't care much about filling all Abby's holes. “I didn't mean to hurt the droid,” Viki said. “CAN I GET MY FUCKING SERUM NOW?!” F1 apologized and accurately shot Viki's body with the dart between the bars of the cage. He had been the one to give Viki the strap-on. Viki started to feel better. Her jaw popped back into place and her hand began to heal. The head injuries needed healing too. Viki fingered herself and walked on Abby. She then decided to fuck Abby's belly wound. The black plastic kept reopening the rapidly trying to heal area. Viki fucked Abby's sexy tummy so hard it broke the dildo on the tile. It was messy and gross. Viki then took the trimmers and snipped off some of Abby's fingers, just to see if she'd wake up. Abby's curvy defiled body gave a slight twitch. Viki clamped off Abby's big tits, and then went for the limbs, dismembering her foe. There had already been enough gore and Abby was dead. The healing mechanisms in her body automatically cauterized the wounds for easier healing in the CryoBag and tanks later. Viki propped the limbless doll up against the cage and rammed the dildo into Abby's mouth again. While doing that Viki clipped the loser's head off. It was brutal, and Viki wasn't really a heroine, but many were happy to see Abby and any Fatal Five or loyalist go down.


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Jan 6, 2022
EMCASA 2-10 DC vs II.jpg

European Model Cage-fight and Sexfight Association Preliminaries Round Two Fight 10:

Daniela Crudu 0-1 vs Iryna Ivanova 0-1

All of the women were on the beach gathered around the cage in the sand except Megan and the two combatants. Megan's favorite blond android was at her side as usual to record whatever the stupid chicks wanted to say to her and protect her. Megan looked great in a woven cloth rainbow bikini with red straps. The other whores; not so much. Brunette Romanian weather girl, Daniela, approached Megan first. Daniela wore a red bikini with a glossy dark finish. She was very trim and tan with a Playboy bunny belly-button piercing in. Megan saw that, sneered, and said, “I could get Playboy if I wanted.” The awful bimbo, Iryna, who Daniela had scheduled to fight, lingered too close, nodding. She was blonde now and had always been weird. Her atrocious slingshot bikini was more blue straps than cloth with her nipples and ratchet coochie barely covered.

“I'll beat that Russian bimbo for you, Megan, and prove my worth to you!” Daniela said. Daniela had gotten a boob job before entering the fighting tournament and had noted that Megan hated the women with big boobs. After losing her first fight, Daniela had requested that the androids take out her implants and make her look like she had as a younger woman. It was all natural, and Daniela looked very sex either way. Daniela added, “I would work as a weather woman again to help your causes and with the Fatal Five and mind control! Look, I'm not flaunting bought breasts either! You just tell me what you want, and I'll do it!!”

“I want you out of my face,” Megan said, retreating further into the shadows under the doorway awning. “You're only worth a shit to me right now if you can fight and beat Viki, Sara, Polina, or Cora. I have enough people who can and want to push mind control large scale. That's all Uncle Justin's wishes and Foxy Corp anyway. I don't care if their stupid drugs sell.”

Daniela blushed, nodded, and headed over to the cage. Iryna stared at Daniela's ass, liking what she saw. Iryna walked up to Megan with more confidence than normal. Maybe the dyed hair had helped her. Megan planned to ignore Iryna, but the bitch touched her!! Iryna said, “You don't need to be bothered with the big Foxy Corp decisions, but if they fail, so does this estate. You are rich and powerful on your own, and allies and enemies are always changing.”

“SHUT UP FAT TITTY RUSSIAN WHORE!!” Megan shouted, karate chopping Iryna's arm. “KEEP Your hands OFF MEEE!!”

“I was born in Crimea,” Iryna said. “Consider me Ukrainian.” Megan frowned. Her brain wasn't processing this well. Russia was bad. Ukraine was good, but Iryna showed up and hung out with the MFL whores. Any chick who wasn't with Megan was bad. Duh. Iryna stuck a bloody pin pricked finger close to Megan's mouth while hugging her. Iryna's tits were big and warm, needing to be shredded, but Megan liked blood. She sucked the blood off Iryna's finger willingly. Iryna added, “I'm working on being of use to you. I know the Russians the best for getting in their heads.”

“You'll have to prove that,” Megan said. Iryna wiped blood from her finger on her lips. She had that ugly mole or 'beauty mark' that Megan didn't think was beautiful, but Megan couldn't resist locking lips with the blonde sow, kissing, and licking that teasing sample of blood. Iryna was pretty good with her hands, stroking Megan's crotch and was a real freak lesbian. Megan shoved the thot in the blue swimsuit and shouted, “AWAY! Just cause Sveta and Polina won't FUCK you cause You're Ugly, doesn't mean you can get any from ME!! Get IN LINE!!”

“I will,” Iryna said, stripping out of her threadbare bikini. She caressed her tits, flicked her own bean, winked, and said, “Daniela doesn't get that she can never please you. Changing her body didn't matter. I will stay like this even though you hate my curves. We both can be popular. There are different tastes, and I'm sure you'll come back to mine. Polina is playful like a little girl. Look at her flirting with Sveta instead of seeing what we're talking about.” It was true. The ex-KGB ninja assassin was topless wrestling the brunette she was fooling around with. Iryna had wanted to date Polina exclusively like Sveta was doing with Helga, but Polina didn't want to commit. The nude blonde, Iryna, didn't check Megan's face for understanding. She knew that Megan would have to take time to digest this and see more action. Iryna walked over to the cage.

“What were you and Megan talking about?” Sveta asked, shaking free from Polina. “You got this win by the way!”

“There's always lots of talking that means nothing,” Iryna said.

“So boring and serious as usual!” Polina said, nibbling Sveta's earlobe from behind. “But hey! Sex-ay! Hehe! Your bikini was so hot, and now nude!! Only, I'm supposed to be the only hot Russian blonde! Dye your hair a different color and I'll fuck just you!!”

Iryna ignored Polina. Iryna had been hesitant to be promiscuous here, and when she had joined in smoking serum, orgies, or threesomes, she was always the odd one out. Polina was most into Sveta, because Sveta was so wild, experienced as a lesbian, and feeling naughty since she had a girlfriend back home. Iryna got injected in the spine with serum by F9 who was up and running well again as if she hadn't been broken by an ice pick to the belly last fight. Daniela was already in the small cage, huffing, cursing, and kicking up sand with her fists clenched.

The busty blonde wasn't very tall, but she held a stance like a sumo wrestler. There was a sheen of sweat on her big melons and sexy body. Daniela screamed, charged, and kicked Iryna right in her bared crotch. The brunette was a bit taller, but not near as heavy or strong. Iryna liked to and was good at wrestling. Iryna hadn't looked that tough compared to Genesis who she had lost to first, but Iryna had been developing quickly by smoking serum. She grabbed Daniela's head and tossed the bikini model down into the sand. Iryna dove at her foe and missed, getting an armful of sand. The granules stuck to her sweaty mounds. As Iryna got to her feet, she picked clumps out of her pussy and got rocked in the face with a punch. Blood spurted from her lips.

Daniela knew the allure of big boobs, and punched Iryna's tit. Daniela wanted to destroy Iryna's chest, assuming Megan would want and like that. Daniela raked her nails into Iryna's sideboob. Iryna crouched and socked Daniela in the abs. Daniela swung another big punch, hitting Iryna in the jaw. She grabbed Iryna's hair, looked to Megan, who wasn't paying attention, and said, “Another ticket for you to rip up, Megan, and one of the Russians!” Daniela karate chopped Iryna in the neck. Iryna hugged against Daniela, tangling their legs and bumping crotches. Daniela's perky boobs pressed down on Iryna's rack. The bimbo's jugs swallowed and squished all around Daniela's orbs. Daniela couldn't really knee Iryna since her thigh was already pressed up against Iryna's sandy vagina. Daniela yanked at Iryna's hair to get her face away from Daniela's shoulder. It didn't work. Daniela pounded a fist into Iryna's spine, and felt Iryna's hands cup her ass cheeks. Daniela was about to be lifted again.

“You're so sexy and better than me,” Iryna whispered into Daniela's ear as her head was pulled to the side a bit. Daniela snaked her other arm out from the clinch, leaving Iryna's face and neck vulnerable. Daniela was trying to stand tall, titfighting Iryna with all directions of motion. Catching Iryna's jugs exposed Daniela's hard nipples. Daniela punched Iryna in the eye. Iryna spread Daniela's ass cheeks with her hands. Iryna could tackle Daniela at any moment, but was trying something different. She whispered, “Don't do anything different. You'll win. I want you.”

Most women were shouting and full of anger, vitriol, and aggression on serum. Iryna had dialed that back to focus on stimulation. She had studied the MFL mind control. All women who were healed likely had chips in their brains that could be programmed and affected. The mind control collars tapped into that and more, even working on people who didn't have computer chips in their brains. Iryna's gamble paid off as Daniela bent over to kiss her on the lips. Iryna's hands had gotten into Daniela's red bikini bottoms, tickling and teasing the vulva lips. Iryna poked and massaged Daniela's clit. Daniela's red bikini bottoms were about to break. She leaned into Iryna, wanting to be aggressive, and groped the blonde's big tits. Daniela fell on top of Iryna. She jerked off her own bikini bottoms and sat atop the magical fingers and pelvis of her opponent. Daniela leaned back, gripping her own tits with a moan.

Iryna knew how wild urges on serum were. She knew that Daniela was not very confident and wanting to please. Iryna hadn't been able to train with a mind control collar or access brain chip computer programming, but she felt she was manipulating Daniela and getting what she wanted. Iryna felt in full control. She had Daniela close to squirting and thinking she had the fight in the bag. Iryna wiped blood from her face, and then shoved Daniela onto her side. Daniela leaned in to kiss. Iryna flattened Daniela onto the ground, bending over her. Daniela tried to milk Iryna's tits. Iryna punched Daniela in the face. She grabbed the red strap of Daniela's bikini top and drilled Daniela in the mouth. More crimson flecked off Daniela's surprised and confused face. Her top had broken and as her back crashed into the sand, her perky bosoms shook. Iryna kissed Daniela again, positioning their naked bodies to scissor. Daniela tried to attack and fornicate, but was clearly out of her element. Iryna contorted and shoved Daniela's arm so her own shoulder blades would be atop the arm. Iryna grabbed the wrist and pulled. Daniela whined and clawed Iryna's cheek.

The blonde wrestler never released her leg curl around Daniela's thigh as she sat up executing the arm submission. Daniela was weakened. Iryna punched and elbowed Daniela in the face hard, making Daniela doubt that she had things under control. Daniela thrashed fiercely to get her arm back, and likely hurt it more in the process. She whimpered and reached for Iryna's tits with a big whiff. Iryna leaned back with a figure-four leg lock, making Daniela cry and sob. “Ya-you f-fucking BITCH!” Daniela hollered. “You la-lied ta ME!!”

“I did not!” Iryna said, pouting and puffing a cloud of clear serum air. She released Daniela's leg and shoved the nude brunette. Daniela breathed the charged air. It exploded, and she rolled onto her front with the audience taking note of Iryna's progress and power. Iryna goosed Daniela's anus with a finger and got kicked in the tit. Iryna liked the pain. She was used to worse. Her nipple was almost ready to bleed and lactate. Daniela scrambled on a gimpy leg and arm, picking up her bikini bottoms. She got to her feet, trembling and putting her bottoms back on. Iryna was so in Daniela's head. Iryna grinned. She said, “We all win with sex. … You may be a better person than me.” Iryna almost felt guilty for the things she was about to do here for EMCASA. She'd certainly betrayed her homeland and done bad things intentionally and unintentionally in the past as well.

“You can't Have me!!” Daniela said, fixing her wedgie and gasping for breath. She clenched her fists. Iryna got to her feet, taking a wide berth. Daniela kicked high. Iryna ducked and rocketed her knuckle into Daniela's camel toe. Daniela yelped and stepped forward with a sloppy punch that clipped Iryna's ear. Iryna rammed her shoulder into Daniela's abs, knocking her against the cage. Iryna brought her head up under Daniela's chin, dazing the topless brunette. Daniela yelped and put her hands up, blocking a weak punch aimed at her face. Iryna wanted Daniela's hands up. The naked blonde kneed Daniela in the stomach and then went to town punching Daniela's vulnerable belly. The Playboy piercing swayed until Iryna aimed at that and broke it, making Daniela's slender midsection riddled with cuts and bruises. Daniela buckled, coughing up blood. She reached for Iryna's hair or eyes, but the crafty and curvy chick was ready and swatted that away.

The dark haired Romanian looked spent and humiliated, hunched over with her tight ass cheeks pressed against the hot cage wire, sizzling her booty cheeks like a branding iron. Iryna pinched Daniela's nips, giving her a titty twister. Daniela yelped and tried to headbutt her foe. Iryna threw her shoulder up into Daniela's nose. Daniela screamed. More blood poured out. Iryna punched Daniela in the temple. She uppercut her opponent in the throat. Daniela, choked, sputtered, and shivered, feeling cold and lifeless. With one hand, Iryna pulled Daniela away from the cage by the hair to see her booty. Iryna licked her hand and spanked the indentations on Daniela's butt cheek. Iryna then brought her knee up into Daniela's belly. The arched brunette shrieked in agony. Iryna released Daniela's hair and kicked up into the critical torso point. Daniela fell to her knees folded like a tent with her head down, trembling and hacking up plasma violently. Daniela's tits hung down and shook. Her ass cheeks jiggled more side to side. Iryna fisted Daniela hard and then looked to the androids for a winning serum dart and sex toys.

“YAY Iryna!” Polina shouted, hopping on her toes and clapping. “Lemme in too, pwetty please!! So hot! You can throw me around and be in charge for once!!”

“Just me,” Iryna said, walking to the open cage door to push Polina away. F1 noticed this and also restricted the bubbly blonde. Polina folder her arms, pouted, and grumbled. Iryna was given a strap-on and a dildo. The fact that Daniela still hadn't moved from her ass up face down position and had stopped crying and moving was a good sign that she wasn't going to make a comeback. Still the androids didn't give Iryna the winning dart yet. Iryna shrugged that off and strapped up. She walked up to Daniela and spanked that presenting rear in the air. She pulled down Daniela's red bikini bottoms. Iryna shoved the dildo deep into Daniela's butt getting the g-spot, a grumble, and squirt.

Then the big chested blonde twisted the dildo harder, getting behind Daniela, and humping her with strap-on vaginal penetration. Iryna lifted Daniela, squeezing her neck tight, and choking her out. Iryna took the dildo out of Daniela's ass and drummed her tits and brutalized belly with it. Daniela went pale and blue, choking, and not offering much resistance. Iryna fucked Daniela so hard that Iryna's tits spilled milk from banging into Daniela's back. It was too much weight on Daniela's injured leg, and the brunette fell into the sand with her head turned to the side, getting cranked and cracking. Iryna pulled out and released the strangle hole. She hosed Daniela's backside with the strap-on contents, and then dove on top of Daniela to rub and smear her tits into the creamy white goo on Daniela's dorsal side. The strap-on plastic rod bent and banged into Daniela's butt and tailbone until it broke.

The former weather girl, Daniela, had proven to be too weak for Megan or to have tournament eligibility. She was nude and covered in juices, including her own lathered against her brown landing strip and thighs. Iryna turned Daniela onto her back. Finally Megan sighed and F1 knew it was due time to shoot Iryna with her winner's dart. Iryna hadn't taken too bad of injuries to heal and started off by kissing Daniela's lips. The brunette quivered. Iryna crouched, picking sand out of her pussy, and then humped Daniela in the face. Iryna was shocked she didn't have to hit Daniela or ask her to tongue her out. Daniela used her last remaining life to give satisfactory cunnilingus. Iryna let a big load go in Daniela's mouth. The brown haired babe was already suffocating with no Oxygen, and almost keeled over dead from female ejaculate lodging in her throat, temporarily blocking her windpipe, and spilling out of her agape mouth. Daniela's tongue lolled, covered in cum, and Iryna was ready to clean up and end this. She sat in the sand and draped Daniela over her. Iryna snaked her legs around Daniela's battered waist. There were abrasions black and blue on her tan trim tummy. Iryna positioned Daniela's sweaty head between big gooey mammary mounds. Iryna's tits slapped the sides of Daniela's head. Iryna's chest was a soft pillow coffin also swarming and threatening to smother the dying broad. Iryna latched her arm around Daniela's neck which was already brittle. TWIST! CRUNCH! Daniela's neck got broken and turned so that her entire face was lost in Iryna's big boobs. Iryna squeezed her legs tighter and tighter, kicking into Daniela's guts. Iryna grunted with a final surge of strength and tore Daniela's body in two horizontally across her navel. It was gory and Iryna immediately unwound her legs and shoved the corpse's top half into the sand. Iryna kicked some sand up over Daniela's cooling flesh like she was burying her, but the androids quickly came in to bag the loser's parts.

Polina and Sveta cheered for Iryna. They didn't know the betrayal Iryna had planned. Polina was a little grumpy Iryna hadn't let her in for sex. Iryna had felt good denying Polina for once instead of the other way around. Daniela would've been loyal to Megan, but she just wasn't strong enough. She wouldn't be kicked off the estate, but she wouldn't get another official fight for this TV series or for the tournament for the mind control collar. Megan wasn't even upset that Daniela had lost. She all of the sudden had more of a taste for Iryna, and licked her lips, enjoying the sight of the bloody mess left in the sand.

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