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TV Show> Above Suspicion (2009-present)

Discussion in 'snyperhacker's video shack' started by snyperhacker, Jun 19, 2012.

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    Jan 13, 2010
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    (Series 2 - The Red Dahlia)

    Clip #1> Beatdown> FvsF> Face Punch(s)> Bruises


    LINK: http://video.ryonani.com/snyperhacker/videos/as s2 bd.mp4

    (Series 4 - Silent Scream)

    Clip #1> Beatdown> FvsF> Weapon> Kick(s)> Bruises


    LINK: http://video.ryonani.com/snyperhacker/videos/as s4 bd.mp4

    - My biggest disappointment with the ryona scenes in the whole series is that they felt half-hearted. In the first one, they decided not to capture the 'main' beatdown scene, and we are left with only a starting 'visible' push, followed by the attacker punching the air and the audience being left with only the sound to imagine the whole scene. In the second scene, it seems the victim gets knocked out by just being pushed onto the ground, and she sells the remaining beatdown like a emotionless ragdoll.
    - The only highlight of the series (and the ryona content) is the victim/actress herself. Plus her biggest feat in the second clip is giving the 'kissing the mat' pose at the end.
    - The second picture in each section above is not included in the clip, but is just shown as an 'aftermath' image.