TV Series> Star Trek: Voyager (1995-2001)


Ryonani Teamster
Dec 3, 2010
A futuristic intergender fight. There is some back and forth action, but the guy inflicts much more punishment on the woman (Seven of Nine played by Jeri Ryan) than she on him.

I should add that they are not entirely human. She has some mechanical implants and he belongs to some humanoid alien species, but it doesn't matter much because it only shows in small details. To me they are both essentially human. And she does look pretty feminine and attractive in that tight-fitting suit of hers.

Both fighters are wearing a device with small metallic plates that sends an electric shock through their bodies when those plates are hit. Quite an interesting ryona concept with a lot of potential.

Oh, don't bother to watch other videos on this guy's channel - they are all femdom. Kind of interesting, by the way, that the first intergender fight he posted that portrays an intergender fights realistically (ie. a man destroys a woman) is from a science fiction show.
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