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Turfster's Bloodrayne 2 Tools

Discussion in 'Tools & Guides' started by katzmotel, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. katzmotel

    katzmotel Content Creator

    Apr 8, 2012
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    The follow information was taken from Turfster's sort of working site.
    BloodRayne Tools v3.7 build 050106-1508
    View attachment BR2PodTools.zip

    Current features :
    - Extracts POD3's
    - Packs files in a directory (and subdirs) to a POD3
    - Converts TEX (BR1 and BR2 format, PC and XBOX) and RAW+ACT files to TGA
    - Converts TGA files to TEX (BR1 and BR2 format, PC and XBOX)
    - Converts SMB and SMF models to UV-mapped 3D Studio ASC, fully texture-mapped Wavefront OBJ or 3D Studio 3DS
    - Converts SCB to indented SCR (plaintext) and back again
    - BFM (model) conversion to UV-mapped 3D Studio ASC, fully texture-mapped Wavefront OBJ or 3D Studio 3DS, Direct .X file or Doom3 MD5 mesh with skeleton information
    - Converts Bloodrayne 2 BST map models to fully texture-mapped Wavefront OBJ or 3D Studio 3DS
    - Converts OBJ files to fully working Bloodrayne 2 SMB files!
    - Writes working Bloodrayne 2 BFM files in combination with BloodHammer's (g)max plugin.
    - Remembers your last settings

    Bloodrayne 2 MOD Launcher v1.12
    View attachment BR2Launcher.zip

    - Put the launcher exe wherever you want (your bloodrayne2 dir for example, or your desktop)
    - Put the [BR2L] directories wherever you want (c:\BR2Mods for example, but your BR2 dir is fine too (altho the dir will get messy then if you have a lot of mods))
    - Run the launcher
    It'll tell you to set the mod and BR2 dirs and hit backup, so let's do that
    - hit Set BR2 dir and select the directory you installed bloodrayne 2 in
    - hit Set MOD dir and select the directory you're using for the mods (c:\br2mods in the example)
    - hit backup
    If all went well, it'll tell you it completed the backup and swapped w32??snd and language.pod

    Now you can select the mods you want to use and hit launch! to play the game with those mods.

    - You download the skin and extract it to your mod dir\<whatever name you want to give it>. (Don't forget to prepend it with [BR2L] if you use your BR2 dir as your mod dir). Still following the example, that would be "c:\br2mods\Showgirl 2" (or "c:\br2mods\[BR2L]Showgirl 2"). Note that you must put the pod, txt and jpg file in that dir, so don't extract the "showgirl2" dir that's in the rar
    - Now you have language.pod, readme first!.txt and showgirl2.jpg in your Showgirl 2 dir. Rename showgirl2.jpg to screenshot.jpg if you want it to appear in the browser. (I'll probably code something to rename the jpg found to screenshot.jpg automatically sometime in the near future, but until then you'll have to do it manually)
    - Run the launcher again.

    Since this *is* a simple skin mod, you can safely select Yes
    It'll repeat the warning for the \DATA dir. Select Yes again.
    - You're done! You can now use the showgirl 2 skin in the game with the launcher

    Note : you obviously don't have to pay attention to the usage instructions in the shown readme's anymore.
    Note 2 : If a mod doesn't show up in-game, check the mod directory. Some of the skins put everything in the "root". If you have no subdirectories, move any TIF/TEX files to a new \ART subdirectory and any BFM files to a new \MODELS subdir.
  2. ghostlion88

    ghostlion88 Potential Patron

    May 13, 2012
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    Hey I am trying to import new enemy/character models. I export the BFM's, open them in Milkshape and modify the polygons or vertices, then save and repack into the MODELS pod file. Game freezes at the load screen.

    OR I find another model with low enough polygons, replace it in the \MODELS subdir with the exact same name, repack into the pod, start the game. Freezes at load screen.

    I have also tried replacing existing models by renaming them. For example, I copied one of the female models in the mansion and renamed it with the male's, replacing it. Again, freeze @ load screen.
  3. This skin (the one on the right) is on the Milkshape tutorial. Can someone please point out where to download it? Or if there are any central databases I'm missing with it and other BR2 skins. Thanks!

  4. fleet

    fleet Staff Member Moderator

    Apr 16, 2012
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    Denadin's site has Bloodrayne 2 mods. HOME
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  5. donsain123

    donsain123 Guest

    hello i really need help in this when i open the BFM file and hit convert to OBJ i get this message:
    ModelConvert : Not a valid model file.
    1 models converted
    i really need help.thanks.
  6. Hawker65

    Hawker65 Potential Patron

    Sep 9, 2012
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    I have a problem with the mod launcher, I get multiple application errors (can't start up steam or can't find steam,...). Does anyone has experienced this problem here?
  7. Pantherr

    Pantherr Potential Patron

    Jun 19, 2014
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    This is why I came in here today actually. Just bought the steam version of BR2 and was hoping to find out how to get launcher to work with steam, or if it is possible.

    Does anyone know if the launcher can work with steam, and if so how please?