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Tricia's demise ! 1st story :)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by elitebeatkhan, Jan 19, 2014.

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    Jan 23, 2011
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    Hey all! This is my 1st time writing a ryona-based story! I hope you enjoy it!

    I've made a marking as to when the ryona part begins, for those of you who wishes to skip the minor character introductions.

    Also, there's going to be a second part to this short story, i will probably post it in this thread too!


    "This had been a fight put off for years", Tricia thought. Heated arguments often occurred between her and her boyfriend's ex, Rose. Rose simply would not leave Will alone, despite his direct opposition to their relationship. Finally, Rose succumbed to Will's decision on one condition: Tricia had to fight her in the Cage, an underground fighting arena where there are no rules and money is gained by bloodshed. If Tricia could make her yield, she would leave them alone forever, but should Tricia lose, Rose explained it best herself, 'she will end up in a state so crippled and ugly, no one will want her'. Will was initially against the idea; Rose was a thug, her strength and brawling experience was enough to level most men. Tricia however, thought different. Her competitive nature, coupled with being swept in the heat of the moment, led to her agreeing to the fight. Once two women as headstrong as Tricia and Rose agreed on something, there was nothing Will could do to prevent it.

    Tricia was not afraid. Perhaps she was blissfully unaware of the seriousness of her fight. Either way, she was not afraid. As one of the premier girls in College, she had many times fended off attacks from girls wanting to be top dog. Most cases, her sheer will would propel her to victory. However, this was different. Tricia knew that, yet, she was not afraid.

    The door opened, "Tricia, you're up!" She nodded the messenger off, and sighed. This is it. She wore a simple white tube and black daisy dukes, and opted to go barefoot for mobility. She stepped out of her room to the noisy din of the crowd present. The atmosphere was overwhelming. She had never been the center of attention in a crowd like this, let alone fight in one. It was scary, but exciting, and Tricia marched forth to her maiden underground battle.
    Tricia stepped into the cold, hard floor of the cage, her heart pounding, but heatedly determined. She knew her opponent, this would not be an easy fight. Rose was already in the cage, firing up the already rambunctious crowd with a sultry dance. Her muscular, seasoned frame brandished scars of innumerable battle experiences. She was the heavy favourite going up against Tricia.

    Eyeing her significantly more petite opponent, Rose sneered. Despite her glorious rack, Tricia was slim, with lightly toned muscles falling in all the right places. Unfortunately, she appeared fragile as a twig next to Rose. "Girl, you gonna regret comin here. This is MY turf, you ain't getting out alive bitch!"

    Tricia smiled, "tsk, this stinky junkyard fits you well." The fight coordinator clanged a steel pipe against the cage, and the fight was on!

    ---------------------------------------------Ryona begins here ^^-------------------------------------------

    Rose charged at Tricia, arms raised for a powerful haymaker. Tricia braced herself and tried to block the hit. The punch landed with a loud smack, and though blocked, the sheer strength of Rose was enough to send Tricia stumbling back. Rose immediately followed up her attack with a strong forearm to the throat, pushing Tricia to the cage walls, choking her. Tricia's back slammed the cage with a loud 'clang!', but her scream of pain was cut off abruptly as the forearm crushed her windpipe. Tricia was already struggling now, desperately clawing at the powerful arm that terrorized her. She managed a weak kick into Rose's ribs, to terrible effect as an alert rose caught the leg
    with her free arm. Tricia was worried now.

    Rose grinned a vicious grin, and with great force, powered her boot down on Tricia's one standing foot, which released a sickening crack. Tricia could only exhale a squeak of agony through her constricted throat. Her delectable, unprotected foot was crushed and possibly fractured as Rose continued to grind her boot into it. Tears started beading Tricia's beautiful azure eyes, but unfortunately, Rose saw this as an encouragement. Still trapping Tricia in
    her chokehold and grinding her boot onto her foot, Rose pulled back hard on Tricia's captured leg.

    "Eaargghh.." came a weak moan. Tricia was trapped in a world of pain and desperately flailed her arms in hopes of some release. She could not focus, she could not think, her mind was wrecked with pain. Breathing was a problem, one foot felled like it was in a meat grinder and she could not move it, the other was viciously being pulled, and her thigh and crotch burned as her leg threatened to tear from their joints. Tears were streaming down Tricia's cute face, and Rose reveled in the rowdy cheers of the crowd.

    Fortunately, Tricia's random flails sent a wild slash streaking across Rose's eyes, weakening the hold. Falling into desperation, a survival-mode Tricia immediately sent another slash at the same location, which landed true, and finally, Rose backed away, visibly more pissed than hurt. Tricia collapsed onto the hard floor, appreciating the long lost luxury of breathing.

    Still heavily panting, Tricia managed to push herself to her knees, only to be greeted with a terrible boot across her face. The kick whipped Tricia's head back, and she was down again. Her head was ringing and she was dazed. The grim taste of blood was now evident in her mouth. Rose yanked her up by her hair, and just as Tricia was standing, a massive kick to the gut sent the helpless belle crashing to the cage behind her. Tricia coughed up blood, but with unnatural resolve, managed to grip the cage and pull herself up. "T..That all you got??" her threat sounded much meeker than she would have liked.

    "Heh, don't think you're cool bitch. I'm just getting started."

    Rose again charged at Tricia. As Tricia took an evasive step, incredible pain shot through her foot, and an ear-splitting scream emanated from the distressed maiden. It was evident her right foot was fractured, and could bear no weight as she collapsed to her knees. Rose capitalized on her downed opponent, and with the force of stallion, sent a massive dive kick square on Tricia's chest, sending her crashing back into the cage. Rose then yanked her victim up by her hair, and facing practically no resistance, she pressed her face against Tricia's. "Girl, I KNOW that you know you're in trouble, let me tell you now, I ain't gonna let this go easy, we just getting started Bitch!"

    Trcicia tried for a comeback as she cast a defiant glare, but only a weak moan escaped her lips. Rose laughed, and spat on Tricia's face, then struck a mighty headbutt to Tricia's pretty face. Tiny trickles of blood leaked from Tricia's nose, yet before she could crumple to the ground, a heavy fist pounded her belly... and another, and another, and another. Rose had unleashed a lethal combo of punches into Tricia's delectable stomach, each one tenderizing her rapidly weakening abs. Tricia was dizzy, trapped in a realm of pain; she could only manage audible 'Uggh' and shut her eyes. Each blow knocked the wind out of her, and breathing in air became exponentially agonizing. The cold rattle of the cage was mixed with Tricia's grunts as each punch crashed Tricia's back with the steel cage. The torment continued, and a barely conscious Tricia weakly reached out, grasping Rose's hair. The stocky behemoth deflected her resistor's arms easily, and held them in place above her head against the cage. Tricia's thought of a possible momentary reprieve was promptly cut by a massive knee to her midsection. The attack felt like a crushing blow by a battering ram to Tricia's battered abs. She coughed up more blood, and her sadistic tormentor seemed happy at this reaction. She proceeded with more huge knees, hoping to elicit more of the same. Tricia's fragile frame involuntarily obliged, and it was obvious now she had suffered internal bleeding to cough up this much blood. Tears now flowed freely from the beauty's reddened eyes, another testament to her agony. She could no longer fight, and could barely squeal, yet, powering through the immense pain, her sheer pride and will energized her with one final lunge; she bit Rose's arm.

    'Argh!' yelled Rose, suffering real damage for the first time tonight. She immediately dropped Tricia and stepped back. 'Oh god. You Bitch! I just wanted to destroy you, maybe hospitalize you, teach you a lesson. But oh boy, your ass is dead now! Dead!!' Even as she crumpled on the floor, the ever-defiant look on Tricia's face still prevailed.

    An enraged Rose placed her foot between Tricia's own, and executed a figure-4 leglock on her already incapacitated foe. Terrible pain shot through Tricia as her right leg, already ailed with a fracture, is forcefully bent. Rose leaned back and cranked up the pressure; threatening to break every joint in Tricia's foot. The immense pain caused Tricia to arch her back, and she frantically clawed at the hard ground for support; for mercy; for anything. Alas, Rose was as inexorable as she was raged, and through her pain, Tricia was still able to hear the words that would stake deathly fear onto her heart.

    "Heh, so I heard them guys adore your feet, and we just found out YOU simply LOVE to bite. Well, we should get something utterly delicious if we put them together, now won't we?"

    And with vice-like power, Rose gripped Tricia's foot, mightily twisted it at the heel, and pulled it towards her face. A 'pop' was heard as Tricia's delicate foot was likely dislocated from her heel, yet, this pain was not enough to drive away the anxiety that filled Tricia's tearful eyes as she watched her impending torment. Rose's malicious fangs bore down on Tricia's delectable foot, and a sickening crunch was emitted as what felt like power drills pierced skin, tore flesh, and cracked bones. "EEAAAGGHHH!!" Horrific pain jolted up from the tip of Tricia's toes, through her very core, and through to her head. Her wails of anguish and frenzied struggles were no longer of will, but driven by pure pain.
    Rose's brutal torment continued, ravenously masticating Tricia's foot. The scene could be likened to a hungry caveman devouring a raw chicken, in both her savage manner and her sheer enjoyment of the act. Tricia, on the other hand, was literally blind with pain. Her skin was torn, her muscles ruptured, her bones broken; and still Rose was continually chomping, adding irrepairable damage to those delicate parts. The immense pain in her foot was amplified by her dislocated heel, which in turn was amplified by her strained leg joints as it lay trapped in the figure-4. Tricia could feel fractured bones grinding against each other, each connection producing insane explosions of pain through the poor girl. She was wrecked in agony, she was numb; unable to move anything below her thighs, yet the tremendous pain there was clearer than day itself. She pulled her hair and bit her fingers hard, desperately fighting to survive.

    Rose spat out bits of blood 'feh, salty'. She relaxed the figure 4, and took in a minute to bask in the agony of her wrecked foe. At this state, Rose felt Tricia's leg shivering. It was her only movement aside from her panting, heaving chest. Rose sensed her fear, her pain, it was time to end her.

    'Yaaaaarggh!!' With a mighty scream, Rose pressured the leglock a final time with tremendous strength. Tricia's knee immediately hyperextended with a pop. Her eyes glared open for a second as excruciating pain murdered her nerves. Her sore throat could no longer scream. 'Will..s.. sorry..' she softly murmured as her vision tunneled, finally blacking out.

    The rowdy crowd roared even louder, evidently entertained by the massacre in the pit. Another loud clang reverberated through the pit, signaling the end of the match. 'STILL UNDEFEATED.. YOUR QUEEN, ROOOOOSEEEE!' bellowed an announcer sitting amongst the crowd.

    A pleased smirk formed on Rose's lips, as she finally released the lifeless leg. Tricia laid sprawled on the ground, unmoving. Her leg joints had awkward protrusions, and her foot brandished clear bite marks. In defeat, she took the picture of a bloodied, fallen angel.
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    Hot dang. Can't wait for part 2.
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    This was awesome, Im a first timer too. I cant wait for part 2 either.