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Tree of Savior Armor/Weapon Swapper

Discussion in 'Game Mod Requests' started by antonyeus, May 21, 2016.

  1. antonyeus

    antonyeus Potential Patron

    Apr 16, 2016
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    I've recently been using the Black Desert swapper made by BlackFireBR and it works really great. Easy to use. But the topic is not about Black Desert it's about Tree of Savior.

    There should be a similar version for Tree of Savior as well. The reason why I think that it's necessary to make a swapper for Tree of Savior is because in that game we need to actually travel towards a specific class in order to get the class specific costume. This really sucks because for now you can only change jobs 7 times. For each job you can only go 3 times, called circles. Seven ranks and three circles max for a class. Most of us have already planned which jobs to take, which path to follow and how many circles we'll invest in. The result for most of us is that we won't be able to get the other class costume because it's not within our tree. With the help of a costume swapper-not only for class costumes but cash shop costumes as well, it would dramatically reduce this agonizing dilemma of ours.

    For instance, I would like to wear the schwarzereiter costume rank 6 costume armor [​IMG]
    in exchange for this rank 2 costume, ranger.
    I'm not a lover of gun classes so I want to stick to going towards the bow/dagger-esque type of class but if I go towards that path I won't get the Reiter class armor. Then again if I go towards the Reiter class and get one circle..it'll screw up my build. There's also the many types of headgears and weapons that should be swappable as well. To show a small number.
    Everything is obviously purely cosmetic but some armors that we get in-game are craptastic looking so being able to swap costumes, weapons, hats, etc..would be super nice.

    I won't even begin to imagine what goes on in creating a mod but I obviously know that it's hard stuff. I really appreciate people like BlackFire and his team-if there's any- for making the mods for Black Desert. Likewise, if someone made a Tree of Savior version as well I'll be equally appreciative towards those folks. So guys, please think about the proposal.