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trash. (manga title)

Discussion in 'Guro' started by SquigglySwag, Sep 8, 2015.

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    May 18, 2013
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    Just discovered this manga yesterday, went on a quick binge, and was reasonably pleased by the ryona and guro (and ecchi) content contained within.

    The latest story arc is a bit sillier than the earlier chapters, but also has a lot more female guro (the first parts are mostly men getting killed violently).
    Here's a quick sampling from the latest story arc (Volume 3: Trigger Happies)

    Cover image (
    all the girls
    in this image get ryona'd and/or guro'd at some point)

    Random girl trips and gets decapitated and stepped on.

    SPOILERISH content below:

    Shemale masturbates onto cake then chops off girl's head.

    Slap and countered with a belly punch.

    Yandere-esque villain pelts girl with slingshot repeatedly in arm, thigh, back, and (after some sexy kiss-ing and suck-ing) in the vag-ina.

    Villain gets head vertically-bisected.

    Anti-tank gun blasts naked girl's torso in half.

    Loli villain gets clothes-ripping torso shot and headshot.

    Gun-toting girl gets arm chopped off.

    Heroines both get gut-punched. One gets repeatedly punched in face.

    Bonus: assault-snuff from another, slightly more realistic story-based arc.

    I could keep going, but I think you get the point. Check it out if you want.
    As far as "trashy, smutty gore" manga goes, I thought the story was pretty good, particularly the "Song of a Murderer" arc (quite a bit of loli torture and sex, fair warning, also some non-loli rape).

    Anyone else enjoy this manga? The first few arcs feel like semi-feminist revenge stories (while still being super exploitative). Then it devolves into an ero-guro fest, and I don't really mind either way.

    The mix of enjoyable story and borderline-h with semi-frequent ryona and guro feels rather unique. Anyone know of any similar manga?
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  2. Faithful

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    I actually much prefer having my ero-guro with context and story so sharing stories over simple pictures is really awesome for me. Thanks a lot for sharing. All the guro mangas I've read have either been from GuroManga.com or from just looking through the horror genre section of manga sites. I did find this tumblr page that suggests a lot of good guro and horror mangas
    Not sure if you guys know these sites already. My favorite guro/ryona mangas that you might enjoy are:

    Ibitsu (Interpretation of a japanese urban legend where a lolita stalks the protagonist and systematically kills his family while he figures out her past. Lots of Ryona in Chapter 5 where the antagonist smashes some girl's bones with a sledgehammer.)

    Pupa (Manga about two orphans that get a virus. The virus makes them need to eat everything they see, one orphan decides to eat her older brother's flesh to satiate this hunger.)

    Hakaijuu (Basketball manga that changes gears in the second chapter to a Lovecraftian Survival Manga with monsters eating people.)

    Eroguro [That's the title of the manga] (It's a picture book of girls getting eaten alive by monsters and such but the last 3 chapters are dedicated to a story about magical girls fighting tentacles that tear them apart very bloodily.)

    Mouryou no Yurikago (Story about a zombie that starts tearing people apart on a boat in the middle of the ocean though the gore is pretty tame.)

    Applicant for Death (This is basically a collection of short stories that are about people who want to die in certain ways for their fetish.)

    Toukyou Akazukin (The most ero-guro manga with an actual plot which got me to begin my love with guro. The manga's about a "red riding hood" who wants to find her "big bad wolf" which she wants to eat her and she fights/kills/consumes many people to get to this wolf. It has vore, gore, ryona, death and "incest" [Kind of but not really]. When I think guro manga I think this one.)

    Mai-chan no Nichijou (The most ero-guro manga that's essentially the most extreme ryona porn manga ever. It's about a maid who regenerates from all wounds inflicted on her and she's hired as a sort of prostitute for men who want to do whatever they want with her. Extreme ryona warning as in she gets raped, punched, crushed, cut, sliced to pieces, grinded, chewed on, eaten, everything.)

    Manhole (A mystery manga about two detectives trying to find out why a man who was missing for months crawled out of a manhole naked with worms in his eyes who then puked blood and worms on another man talking to his girlfriend on his cellphone. Has gore but doesn't go out of it's way to be violent. Very good story though.)

    Franken Fran (Dark Comedy guro manga about a mad scientist girl who solves people's problems by turning them into mutants. Gore, Vore, and Ryona.)

    I wasn't sure if you wanted specifically story driven gore/ryona mangas or just gore/ryona mangas in general so I just listed the most story driven ones I know without them being too strange or artsy. I'm sorry if I didn't tell you what you wanted or you've read these mangas already. If you want more abstract types of guro or the gore porn ones I can share more.