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Trap Sonic

Discussion in 'Invalid Requests' started by Nunyabizzness-555, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. Nunyabizzness-555

    Nunyabizzness-555 Potential Patron

    Nov 23, 2016
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    Would anyone be willing enough to make a trap version of Sonic the Hedgehog? I've searched high & low to no avail. I hope these are good enough references. The outfit itself, I can just use the stuff that's already there,
    48cf36615dab47c7ee636f5e93d3c7dfb38db4ae.png 780406c7667c0ebc2cbad741f8bd59d4.png e57e2d6f3fafbcb73ecb2380d3daebec9fa0c1c1.png sonic.PNG sample_f81a350e040d8cdd5a68724887ba0f4ce4e9b155.jpg sample_00bdae9c053fc3dd7ce9e074ea64adce4cd2c37e.jpg sample_e948c3522e653a3f0a96d0ee7c6d96afe9205cee.jpg
  2. stuntcock

    stuntcock Staff Member Moderator

    Jun 5, 2012
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    The Undertow forum uses English as its primary language, but it's still a good idea to explain your ideas without relying on idioms or jargon. "Trap" is meaningful to an English-speaking pervert (like you or I) but it might be confusing for someone else.

    Also, the implications of designing a "trap" character for SDT aren't totally clear, because SDT allows the player to add or remove the character's penis very easily. So it would be best to describe the general goal and then identify a few specific attributes that you want to see included:
    • general outline (a few examples)
      • I'd like a full-body replacement mod
      • I'd like a Sonic hairstyle to use with the regular SDT body, and I'd like a charcode to make the body blue
      • I want a custom dialogue which makes Sonic behave like a trap
    • specifics (a few examples)
      • does the mod need to include a tail?
      • do the eyes need to move? (SDT mods sometimes paint giant static eyes on top of the character's face in order to match the cartoony look of the original Sonic designs ... but this means that the eyes can't actually move or blink during gameplay)
      • does the mod need to include thick thighs? (if you're asking for hair+charcode then you could apply the thick thighs mod at runtime; if you want a full-body replacement then you'd need to specify it during the design stage)
      • do the hair-spikes need to move? (it's possible to include dynamic-hair animation for such details, but doing so increases the modding "cost" of the work and also worsens the game's FPS performance)
      • does the mod need to include feet? (should the running-shoes be an optional piece of clothing, or can they be permanently drawn on to the legs?)
    Please try to be specific, and try not to be too greedy. If you ask for "all of the above" then modders will probably avoid your project because it's too difficult. There people here who can create cartoon faces and body-mods and animated hairstyles and eye-mods and custom dialogues -- but there are very few people who can do all of those things. Try to focus on the details which are most important to you, and then (hopefully) you'll find a modder who can achieve those things.

    They're reasonably good at showing the general design, and they portray a fairly consistent silhouette. My main concern is that the images lack shading details. If you're asking someone to create a detailed Sonic hairstyle, then you should probably provide a highly-detailed reference image of the "hair" (even if it depicts a non-trap masculine version of Sonic).

    More importantly though - you should take a look at Wolsik's mods and Furries mods. Furries has worked with a few Sonic characters; if you want that specific sort of face then @Furries is your best bet. Wolsik has created some full-body mods, although he's not a fan of Sonic stuff. Browsing through their material might help you to understand what's feasible in SDT, as well as which things you might like to include in your mod and which things you might like to avoid.

    Once you've done that, you can reply to this thread with additional information (or reference images, sketches, etc). Or you can contact one of those guys directly if you have any questions for them.

    That's good to hear :)