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Too Many Updates :eek:

Does it bother you when mods get updated too often?

  • No, give me the latest version no matter what!

    Votes: 9 75.0%
  • Yes, only post an update if it is changed significantly.

    Votes: 3 25.0%

  • Total voters


Content Creator
May 2, 2019
A lot of my mods that I have posted are not totally up to date. I often make small adjustments but feel like they are not worthy of an update and just don't want to spam the resources section too much. Does it bother you when mods get updated too often?


Content Creator
Sep 12, 2018
I sympathize,

The update 15 mins after initial release just seems unavoidable to me at this point and trying to sit on those minor adjustments and only update once you've made a few would be an organizational nightmare.

It doesn't bother me with updates as long as the filenames have version numbers and everything's communicated clearly.
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