Toggling accessories with the Loader issue


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Jul 24, 2014

I made a new SWF mod including glasses (Wicke Static Hair) and I noticed a problem with the Loader and the shortcut Shift+Click to toggle those glasses: if I load the mod and try to shift-click them, nothing happens.
I then tried to load another mod (Takashima Shigure Dynamic Hair by Jaxx Jaxx ) and its hairpin could be removed with shift-click, and also the glasses of my mod that had stayed under...
I asked Jaxx Jaxx about this issue and he made some tests: same things happens to him but then he tried to put the mod in sby sby 's moreclothing and edit its config file, and shift click worked correctly.

I just report this issue because it affects my mod, as I still don't use the Loader... :rolleyes:
Nevertheless, ModGuy ModGuy and sby sby may be interested by it.
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