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Three Karate Fools

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by galvatron88, Apr 14, 2014.

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    Feb 16, 2014
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    You Messed with the Wrong Dude

    It is 5 in the afternoon, three young girls were walking home from their karate class. Three good friends named Magen, Shelbee and Jessica. They are laughing and talking about how they beat up this boy in class. Although they saw themselves as vigilantes at their school, in reality they were bullies.

    Megan: A black 17 year old with a tough girl attitude. shes an orange belt and tall, thin but soft in the belly. She has a fat bubble butt warring skinny jeans and a tight pink shirt. Then theres Shelbee, Shes a 15 year old yellow belt who has a strong since of justice. warring a sports bra and spandex shorts that really shows off her round hips and booty. then finally there is Jessica. Shes 14 and a yellow belt who is terribly stupid. all she cares about is fighting and eating. She believes shes a harden warrior but her gluttony proves otherwise. Shes the curvier of the three being very voluptuous for her age. warring a shirt that exposes a potbelly and tight skinny shorts that leave nothing to the imagination.

    as they walk, they see there former friend Heather walking toward them on the sidewalk with a tall thuggish looking black kid. To them it looked like he was harassing her. Blind with overconfidence and vigilance, they rush to her aid.

    but in reality, Heathers brother and the thuggish boy named Ty were friends on the football team. He asked Ty to walk his sister home and he was glad to do it.

    "Get away from her you thug." Shelbee said sticking out her beautiful chest. " Wo wo wo what the fuck." Ty said. Heather tried to explain but they wouldnt listen. " Run Heather, we got this." Megan said getting in her karate stance. Ty didnt want to fight the girls not because they were girls but because they were a waist of his time. He tries to leave and let it go but Megan swung and hit Ty in his side. This made him mad so he took a south paw stance.

    Megan tries to follow up with a side kick to his head but Ty grabs her foot and swings it around getting her back. As her foot lands she can feel her fat booty jiggle and Ty says. " nice." She knew he was talking about her butt so this made her mad. as she turns Ty decks her in the mouth catching her off guard. blood splatters everywhere. Megan is holding her mouth crying in pain. then Shelbee and Jessica rush him. He uses Jessica weight against her and just pushes her fatass down on the ground. Shelbee being overly dramatic tries to do a punch but Ty catches her with a flurry of jabs to her fist. " Uu ugh ugh ugh ugh..." Shelbee is just eating his fist. then he punches her in her left breast and it stings like crazy. " AH!" she cried. Megan tried to help her friend but being fatigued. she threw a slow wobbly punch. "...Uuugh." Megan moaned as Ty ducks her punch and plants a punch in her vulnerable soft belly. 'SMACK' he hit her so hard you could see a light ripple in her body fat. it made her hop off the ground making her fat booty shake again. He whispers in her ear. "Nice" then he puts her in a vice like headlock.

    Jessica gets up, she hurt her tender belly when she fell but shes gonna fight threw the pain because her friend is in trouble. " LET MY FRIEND GO YOU ASSWHOLE!!" jessica yelled as she rushes Ty who had Megan choking her out in a headlock. every attack Jessica threw Ty either blocked or nullified with one hand. Shelbee tries to join but Ty kicks her in the face dazing her.

    Jessica is getting tired for she has the lowest stamina. so she stops and stands there staggering in place and gasping for air. Mean while Ty realizes he had megan in the hold too long because shes is convulsing and shaking so he lets go and megan falls limp on the ground with her ass slightly up. Ty then walks over to the tired and exhausted Jessica. " You know what girl...ur kinda fine." a lazy smile came over jessicas chubby face. as he plays with her belly Jessica got a euphoric feeling. Jessica let out a high pitch squeal. "Mmmmph." Ty waited until the dimwitted jessica is in full bliss, then he plants one deep in her belly. " OOOOOOOOOOOOooofFFF??" She almost sound like she died. every part of her body jiggles and shakes from the shock wave of his murderous punch.

    She then farts and throws up all over his arm. her eyes rolled and she was out. as she falls face forward he walks over to Shelbee. He punches her in her pussy and she just drops. him and Heather looks at the three losers knocked out on the ground. " I never liked them anyway." Heather says. Ty smiles then they both just walk off.

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