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TheAlchemist's dialgoues-New Dialogue: Reluctant French Maid

Discussion in 'Dialogue' started by TheAlchemist, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. TheAlchemist

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    Dec 28, 2011
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    Hey everyone. I'm a long-time lurker but first-time poster here on the SDT forums, and I thought it was about time I gave something back to the community that makes all the awesome extras for SDT. Since I'm not much of an artist, I decided to put my college education to good use and make a college-themed dialogue for SDT.

    Basically, you're this girl's professor, and she wants/needs a better grade in your course. Instead of having her write a paper or something, your extra credit is a little more... creative. She's new and a little unsure, but she'll learn to love it as you keep going. Quid pro quo, right?

    I'd suggest you use a nice office for a background. An empty classroom or even a janitor's closet would probably work, too, but it should be empty because a few lines in the dialogue talk about not getting caught. Personally, I like to make her nice and busty, but that's just my preference.

    If you have any suggestions or find any mistakes, feel free to tell me. I'm new to this dialogue thing, and I've already caught a number of mistakes in my own playtesting of the dialogue. Feel free to modify the dialogue, too. If you change "Professor" to "Mr." you could easily make this into a high school scenario. Just make sure to give me credit if you upload a modified version.

    I'll put the dialogue below in a spoiler in case you're like me and like to be able to scan a dialogue before you download.

    intro:"[NORMAL_MOOD][LOOK_UP]Professor *YOU*, this isn't exactly what I had in mind for extra credit..."
    intro:"[NORMAL_MOOD][LOOK_DOWN][SHOCK] God, Professor *YOU*, you're huge! I think I should get more extra credit for this"
    intro"[NORMAL_MOOD][LOOK_UP]This can't be any worse that my sorority initiation, right?"
    intro:"[NORMAL_MOOD][LOOK_UP] So how many points am I getting for this?"
    intro:"[HAPPY_MOOD][LOOK_UP] I hope you locked the door; we don't want to get caught."
    intro:"[LOOK_UP]In high school we just wrote papers for extra credit. I guess college is different."

    general:"[LOOK_UP]This beats reading the book."
    general:"[LOOK_DOWN]The things I do to keep my scholarships..."
    general:"I really hope no one finds us; I have a reputation to uphold."
    general:"[HAPPY_MOOD]At least I don't have to study for these oral exams."
    general:"[BLINK][LOOK_DOWN]This definitely isn't going on my résumé."
    general:"[LOOK_UP]So do lots of girls do this for you?"
    general:"[LOOK_UP]Do you like that? I hope so, I need an %22A%22 in your class."
    general:"I'll do whatever it takes to get a good grade, Professor *YOU*."

    resistance:"[NORMAL_MOOD][LOOK_DOWN]I think you're bigger than the frat guys I've hooked up with here."
    resistance:"[LOOK_UP]Can we take it slow? I've never done this before."
    resistance:"[WINCE]Sorry, gag reflex. I've never sucked something this big."
    resistance:"[WINCE]Don't stop Professor *YOU*; I need to have an %22A%22 in this class."
    resistance:"Just give me a minute; I think I can get it in."
    resistance:"[WINCE][SHOCK]Please give me another chance! I'll make it fit! I have to have an %22A%22!"

    first_throat:"[WINCE]It's not going to fit Professor *YOU*; my throat isn't that big!"
    first_throat:"[WINCE][COUGH]Are all professors this big?"
    first_throat:"[WINCE] Is this really necessary for extra credit? Can't I just make a poster or something?"
    first_throat:"Wow, I've never had a cock in my throat before."
    first_throat:"Was that good enough for extra credit, or does it have to go all the way in?"
    first_throat:"[WINCE]This is harder than sitting through a biology lecture."
    first_throat:"[WINCE]I got %22A's%22 in high school; I'm not going to stop now!"

    first_dt:"[SHOCK][LOOK_UP]I can't believe [BLINK] that went all the way in!"
    first_dt:"[HAPPY_MOOD][LOOK_DOWN]I probably shouldn't tell my parents what I learned at college."
    first_dt:"[COUGH]I felt you cock going down my throat, Professor *YOU*. I hope I get lots of points for that."
    first_dt:'[AHEGAO_MOOD][LOOK_UP]This is the best thing I've learned all semester."
    first_dt:"[SHOCK][LOOK_DOWN]I guess%22Ph. D%22 stands for %22Prodigiously huge Dick%22."


















    pull_off:"[COUGH]Oh God, I need to catch my breath, Professor *YOU*."
    pull_off:"Just a second; I can't breath with you cock in my mouth."
    pull_off:"[HAPPY_MOOD]I'm not done yet; I'm going to get an %22A%22 in this class.
    pull_off:"[NORMAL_MOOD]Just give me a time to little practice Professor *YOU*; I can stay down longer than that."
    pull_off:"[COUGH]Am I doing okay? I really need a good grade in this class."
    pull_off:"Don't stop. I need those points."

    held:"[COUGH]You can't hold me down like that!"
    held:"Hey! I can't breath when you do that![NORMAL_MOOD]"
    held:"[ANGRY_MOOD]This wasn't part of the deal;[COUGH] I'd better get bonus points for that![NORMAL_MOOD]"
    held:"[ANGRY_MOOD][LOOK_UP]This had better be worth it.[NORMAL_MOOD]"
    held:"[WINCE]Can't you see that I'm [COUGH] choking down here?"
    held:"[COUGH]I can't stay down that long! I'm a sorority girl, not a porn star."

    vigorous:"[COUGH]Be gentle, Professor *YOU*! That's my throat!"
    vigorous:"I'm getting bonus points for that, right Professor *YOU*?"
    vigorous:"Slow down![COUGH] I'm new to this."
    vigorous:"[WINCE]Not so hard! I need to be able to talk tomorrow."
    vigorous:"[WINCE][BLINK]I wonder if this gets easier with practice."
    vigorous:"I didn't know academics gave you a sex drive like that. [AHEGAO_MOOD]Maybe I should date geeks."

    wake:"[BLINK]Did I pass out?"
    wake:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]I feel a little woozy. You didn't slip me anything, did you Professor *YOU*?"
    wake"[WINCE]I think I blacked out. [BLINK]At least I didn't wake up with a hangover again.""
    wake:"[COUGH][BLINK][BLINK]What just happened?"
    wake:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]I don't know what happened, but I feel GOOD."

    pre_cum:"[HAPPY_MOOD]Am I doing a good job? Are you about to cum?"
    pre_cum:"[HAPP_MOOD]I want you to cum so I can get an %22A%22, Professor *YOU*."
    pre_cum:"[LOOK_DOWN}[SHOCK]You cock is throbbing, Professor *YOU*. Am I earning that extra credit?"
    pre_cum:"[LOOK_UP][NORMAL_MOOD]Am I doing it right, Professor *YOU*? Does it feel good?"

    cum_in_nose:"[AHEGAO_MOOD][BLINK][BLINK]You pumped my mouth so full it came out my nose!"
    cum_in_nose:"[SHOCK]I'm sorry! I'll make sure to keep all your cum in my mouth next time! [WINCE]Please don't lower my grade!"

    cum_in_mouth:"[SHOCK]That's a lot of cum, Professor *YOU*. [AHEGAO_MOOD]I like that."
    cum_in_mouth:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]So what should I do with all this cum, Professor *YOU*?"
    cum_in_mouth:"[LOOK_DOWN][SHOCK]No one's ever cum in my mouth before. [AHEGAO_MOOD]It tastes good."
    cum_in_mouth:"[AHEGAO_MOOD] Mmm, that tastes like extra credit."

    cum_in_throat:"[BLINK][AHEGAO_MOOD]Well they didn't teach that in sex ed."
    cum_in_throat:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]I could feel it sliding down my throat! That's such a turn-on."
    cum_in_throat:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]Oh god, that felt so good with your cock in my throat, Professor *YOU*."
    cum_in_throat:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]You really do expand your horizons in college."

    cum_in_eye:"[WINCE][BLINK][BLINK]I should steal some safety goggles from the lab for this."
    cum_in_eye:"[WINCE][SHOCK]I think some of that got in my eye."
    cum_in_eye:"[BLINK][BLINK]That went everywhere, Professor *YOU*. I think I got some in my eye."

    swallow:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]You taste so good, Professor *YOU*."
    swallow:"[HAPPY_MOOD]Do I still get extra credit if I enjoyed it?"
    swallow:"[HAPPY_MOOD]I'll be on the Dean's List for sure."
    swallow:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]That's the best drink I've had at college, Professor *YOU*."

    drool:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]I'm normally such a neat and clean girl..."
    drool:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]Do you like seeing your students drenched in cum, Professor *YOU*?"
    drool:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]Do I look sexy covered in your cum, Professor *YOU*?"
    drool:"[AHEGAO_MOOD][LOOK_UP]I was a nice girl in high school, but this is more fun."
    drool:"[AHEGAO_MOOD][LOOK_DOWN] Mmm, your cum dripping down my tits feels so good."

    cum_on_face:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]This is way better than writing a book report."
    cum_on_face:"Professor *YOU*, you came all over my face![AHEGAO_MOOD] I liked that."
    cum_on_face:"[NORMAL_MOOD}It's everywhere![AHEGAO_MOOD] So hot..."
    cum_on_face:"I hope this doesn't mess up my makeup; I have a class after this."
    cum_on_face:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]I feel like such a dirty girl. This is the best extra credit ever."

    restart:"[NORMAL_MOOD][LOOK_UP][SHOCK] Again?! How do you have that kind of stamina?"
    restart:"[AHEGAO_MOOD][LOOK_DOWN]This one's free because I want your cock in my throat again."
    restart:"[NORMAL_MOOD]I'll do it again, but then I have to go to class, Professor *YOU*."
    restart:"[HAPPY_MOOD][LOOK_UP]So how much extra credit do I get this time?"
    restart:"[AHEGAO_MOOD][LOOK_UP]Too bad I can't get a degree in this."
    restart:"[HAPPY_MOOD][LOOK_DOWN]Well, my professors always tell me repitition is the key to learning."

    Well, I'm back with another one. This time, you're the master of the house abusing the French maid while your wife is out. The maid isn't too happy about this, but she doesn't have much choice, does she?

    I tried to fake a French accent in writing without making it hard to read. You can decide for yourself how that went. Anyway, I've playtested a little, but there may still be bugs or mistakes. Tell me if you find any.

    Also, RajasGrime has a good swf mod of a Maid's Hat that works nicely with this mod. I'd suggest checking it out to make the dialogue more fun.

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  2. TheAlchemist

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    Dec 28, 2011
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    New dialogue posted. Check it out in the above post.
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    May 15, 2013
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    Thank you!
  4. Pim_gd

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    Jan 25, 2013
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    Using DialogueChecker v2.12
    Fixed 40 issues in Co-Ed
    Fixed 15 issues in Relucant Maid

    also some typo fixes and some sentence endings, but don't expect it to be 100% typo free.

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