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The Queen's fall

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by galvatron88, Aug 6, 2014.

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    Feb 16, 2014
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    It is the time of swords and shields in the highlands of scotland. On a large misty field stands a tall red haired woman dressed in rather skimpy armor holding a sword and looking very very proud.

    Her name is Queen Kendra, a proud queen from a very powerful family. Her throne has been challenged once again and once again she must answer the challenge or be removed from the throne. Warring only a wolf skinned cloth that only covers her woman hood, some boots to match. and a bra, every other part of her body is completely exposed.

    The queen is a nice and just queen. she has a strong since of justice and honor. she is brave, fearless and proud. the people of her kingdom love her.

    Twelve years ago in her youth she answered the challenge and defeated her opponent with little effort. In her young days she was high spirited, strong, beautiful and had a powerful muscular body.

    but over the past twelve year,she became a diplomat, a mother, a wife and being no stranger to food the queen has plumped up and gotten rather lazy. Her body is soft and voluptuous. Her royal booty is much rounder and more full then most, completely exposed, only a strap wedged in her butt and a small clothe covered her pussy. her exposed belly is a little on the chunky side, it is soft and it is roundish, Her breasts are large and full not really meant for fighting, the spotted bra she had barley held the two melons in their place. but the fierce queen is proud of her body and believes she hasnt lost a step.

    She looks off in the distance and sees a horse with a lone traveler on it. it was her opponent. The woman hops off the horse. the woman is dressed in light armor: a breast plate that shields her chest and stomach, pants with shin guards and fighting gauntlets. The woman is raven haired and pale.

    The proud queen leans on her sword and laughs sticking her round butt out, she licks her full plump lips like a dancer looking her opponent over. " Hahahaha, only true warriors need not ware armor." the mighty queen boasts. The opponent responds brandishing her large gauntlets. " My name is Diana and true warriors yes but smart warriors ware armor." Diana says. " So, are you here to take my throne then?" Queen Kendra asked. Diana responds " Not only that but I am also here to take your meat my good queen. " " MY WHAT?!?" The queen asked. " you heared me, where I come from we love the taste of flesh and yours my queen is at the top of the list... and by the looks of you we will be eating off you for weeks." Diana says licking her lips. " You are not gonna touch my juicy fat you monster." the queen says slapping her loose fat on her butt.

    The queen snickers then her face got very serious, She got into her stance and so the fearless diana got into her boxing like stance.

    The mighty queen swings her large claymore with such power, rrrRRAAAAAHHHH!!" stepping forward with a slash that swings across, Her opponent diana dashes back to avoid with such grace. the queen then gos for a thust diana simply sidesteps to the left. the queens large fat breasts dangle and swing as she leans forward. The quenn saw that she is in trouble so she rolls out of the way of a in coming attack from diana.

    She barely avoids it as the hefty queen rolls to a safe distance, but because of her weapons size the queen is slow to recover. As she got up a small pocket of gas squeezed itself out of the wide round apple bottom of the queen. embarrassed, she is too busy worried about her dignity to see diana dashing toward her like a bullet.

    The queen is taking by surprise. She is taking completely off guard. All she could do is watch as diana aims and slams her gauntlet right into her fat pussy. The queen hops off the ground, her back arches, the impact can be seen rippleing through her chunky belly and fat booty. Her eyes widen and cross as they fill with water, Her soft cheeks fill with air. she grabs her crotch in such pain as she falls to the ground rolling and thriving in pain. " Aaaaah...AAAAAAHH" Diana looks on in delight.

    After a few minutes the queen hoists herself up to continue the fight. She slowly eases her self up on her sword. She composes herself and gets ready. the pain can be seen on her face as she fights through it. The large and mighty queen rushes her opponent with her blade held high over her head. filled with rage, anger and a giant turkey drum stick she had for lunch, she comes screaming at her opponent. Diana is not bothered by this for she saw an opening. the queen left her quivering potbelly exposed. Diana makes a silent step forward in a low position. she meets the queen half way while she was in motion and slams her gauntlet deep in the soft fatty underbelly of the poor unsuspecting queen Kendra.

    the queen stops dead in her tracks and her eyes flutter white, " UUUuooooooh!" her knees touch and she bends over and grabs her belly dropping her sword. she made a high pitch yelp sounding like a wounded crying dog. The queens belly is her weakest spot. its so fragile and weak from all her gluttony.

    the poor queen falls to her knees with a heavy thud. the queen lets out a loud burp and she peas a little. Diana stands over her casting her shadow. The queen looks up at diana in disgust and contempt.

    being hit like that took all the fight out of the once proud queen. she tries to make a mad dash to her horse. but the slow witted queen is easily stopped by her better diana.

    " you win... I am defeated... you are my better but how about you let me go, I give you what ever you want... I keep my throne and you will never haft to work again, just do not speak of this to any one." The queen says begging for her life. " Alright. " Diana replied. the queen let out a big sigh with a big smile on her face. She stood up and as the queen is about to shake diana's hand. Diana with all her might and strength rears back and punches the dim witted queen in her belly so hard that her punch is completely swallowed up by the queens belly fat.

    " UGH!" the foolish queen cry is cut short for she dies almost instantly from the impact. She has a wide surprise look on her face as her body shakes then stiffs up. Diana punch destroys the queens belly, liver and all her insides. the queens body falls into dianas arms, she is limb, wobbly and heavy. Diana had a hard time holding the zaftig queen. She has a dim look now.

    Then Diana decides to gut her body as if she was a hog and put her body on her horse. Her village ate well that night and soon diana became queen and she ruled with an iron fist.