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The Promotion: Chapter 2 (Amelia gets her revenge for the beating she took in C1)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by trainglec, Sep 29, 2015.

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    (you can read part 1 here: http://www.ryonani.com/fiction/6682...ut-chapter-2-amelia-will-get-her-revenge.html

    Chapter 2: Amelia's revenge.

    As Justin strolled to his sedan car in the multistory he considered what a good day it had been. He had got promoted, moved into his new office on top of the building and put that silly Amelia and her legs in her place once and for all. He had enjoyed retelling the story at lunch that day, in particular the "pleeeeeeeese..." she had hissed out when she realised the game was up.

    His smile turned to a frown though when he saw his car. The lock had been jimmied and the sunroof was open. There was no one in side though...what kind of thief breaks into a car and leaves the sunroof open? He slid into the driver's seat and went to close the sunroof... but the button had been snapped off.

    "What the...." he began, but was abruptly cut off. Two leggings-covered thighs dropped onto his neck from above. A pair of expensive looking Gucci heels clicked together in front of him.

    "Hello, boss" said a voice.

    There was sudden squeak of tights being compressed against skin, and Justin quickly found out that Amelia had not been lying about the strength in her legs. She had been hiding behind the car the whole time and now taken her revenge. Panicking at the rapidly increasing pressure and his inability to breath, Justin tried to grab at her thighs, which only had the effect of ripping those pricey tights into ladders.

    "Oh now you've gone and done it..." she purred from the roof.

    Behind him Justin heard Amelia laugh as she lay back on the car roof, and in front of him he saw her kick her heeled crossed feet up onto the dashboard. This movement made her hips thrust forward, her thighs bulged and the pressure on Justin's poor neck ramp up. For a second Justin considered just how great Amelia's legs really did look stretched taught, silky and feminine in their tights like a dancer, but when flexed (as now), powerful like an athlete.
    But then all he could think about was the pain as her grip increased and her glutes began cutting into his neck. He screamed... or tried to but no air would come out. Frantically he pawed at her rapidly ripping tights.

    "Oh, Justin." Cood the laughing brat from the roof of the car. "What was it you were saying about CRUSHING the competition?" An agonising few seconds passed as he tried to croak out an answer.


    "Well I have an idea of my own! I think what's really needed for the role is an ability to make SNAP decisions!" and with that she twisted her hips sharply to the left.

    The fear Justin felt in that nanosecond was the most intense he had ever felt in his entire life, even more than when he had free-climbed in east asia. He didn't really believe that she would kill him, as she had too much to lose with her amazing upbringing, but he was frightened that her youthful inexperience would cause her to snap his neck by mistake with her killer thighs.

    Luckily she stopped just in time, showing more self control than he had given her credit for, but his head and neck were now at a weird angle, from which he could see his thigh trapped face in the rear view mirror. It was a ghastly site, veins popping out of his forehead and eyes bulging, all ringed by ripped tights with pale skin showing in the rips his fingers had made.

    "Hahaha, maybe I won't finish you....yet...we're having so much fun!" Giggled his controller, bringer her legs and his head upright again.

    John knew he was in trouble. This late there was no one around in the car park to save him, and it would only be another few minutes before he would be forced to give up his new position if he couldn't get her off. He had one idea he thought might work. Frantically through dazed vision, he fumbled his key into the lock and turned the ignition.

    Amelia quickly realised what was happening and switched tactics, sliding her right heel down her left leg she secured her calf under Justin's chin for a tight triangle grip. Gagging as he was throttled Justin through the car into gear anyway and pulled out into the exit lane, swerving the steering left and right, the tyres screeching. Amelia hung on though by her legs on his neck, her body swaying to and throw on the roof while she laughed manically. He tried this for about 30 metres before giving up, realising sooner or later her movements would break his neck. He slammed the break and rapidly tapped her thigh, sobbing now.

    "What was that? Had enough of the best legs in the office?" cackled his tormentor. She let up the triangle just enough for him to get a tiny breath in.

    "Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese. The.....job.....gag....is.....yours..." he squeaked.

    Amelia sat up on the sunroof, grinning. "We can discuss that some other time, but first, you can drive me home.

    "Wha...cough..." gasped Justin, confused, just as Amelia unlocked her legs and scooted her ass forward and dropped onto the back seat...where she promptly kicked her legs up and refastened her calves around his neck. "Just to make sure you cooperate, now drive!" she ordered. In therear view mirror he could see her cocky, cheery face, all politeness as innocence but with those icy eyes that said that she would break you if you crossed her.

    "Er....gag..ok...just...one....thing....you're heels....can't see...." croaked Justin. He stylish heels were currently blocking her view. "I'll...remove them....." he began to gently tug at her heel.

    "WAIT!" snapped Amelia. "You'll mess them up like the silly man you are, I'm going to put you out and remove them myself."

    "Wait...NO!" said a panicking Justin but it was too late as her gymnast's calves had already began to tighten and twist together slightly, expertly cutting off the flow of blood to his brain.

    "Shhhhhhh, honey, it will be so much quicker if you don't struggle."

    In the mirror Justin watched his face go red, then purple, and the everything went dark.

    He awoke to find her calved still on his neck but the shoes removed.
    "Now, drive!" she ordered.

    He drove her home, and in her style she talked incessantly, about her legs, how much better she was at everything. Every now and then she gave a short pulse of her calves which he took as a prompt to agree and boost her ego, which he did enthusiastically. The black pattern of her tights meant that no one looking in the car could see them against the dark interior.

    Finally he reached her house and stopped. Please let it be over, he prayed.
    The infamous legs stayed in place for a moment longer, though.

    "Now, about the job...." she began.

    Here it comes, he thought.

    "We're going to fight for it, once and for all. I'll come to your new office, next week, we both wear mma shorts and go topless, and fight it out. The winner, by submission or knock out only, gets the job....deal?"

    "Deal..." spluttered Justin, his heart had been beating faster and his cock stiffening with each word.

    With that she released him and hopped out, carrying her shoes. Rubbing his neck he watched her stroll towards the door on her amazing legs. She turned as she entered and stuck her tongue out. The office bore suddenly seemed a lot more interesting. Justin started the engine and headed for the gym. The thigh press was in order.

    To be CONTINUED.....
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