The problem with ULMF


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Jun 25, 2017
[This question is not related to any forum I could find, but I'll post it here anyway. Sorry, this is the closest one I could find].


I'm looking for someone with an Ulmf Account willing to help me post this whole topic there:
One-Syota - Removing the censor bar
I'm eternally grateful for anyone who can help me with that, or even let the guys from there see this post. I can't do it myself because:

My account there haven't been activated yet, even though I contacted the staffs and asked for it like 3 years ago. Now that Ulmf's changed and it banned un-activated accounts from PM-ing and posting, I'm effectively muted there, with only the silent staffs to talk to, and they're in no hurry to help.

So, again, I need the above post appearing there pretty desperately, so that some of my reliable friends there could see them. And it'd be even better if THIS post is shown to Ulmf so the ones in charge could see them and fix my Ulmf account. I doubt they're being jerk intentionally and it could be an internet problem or something.

Thanks for reading this, and if you're kind enough to help, please let me know!
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