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The Pit - Kitty Summers & Coach Black

Discussion in 'Dialogue' started by JohnnySDM, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. JohnnySDM

    JohnnySDM Guest

    Hi everyone! A few months ago I found a post (http://www.sdtmods.com/index.php?topic=2585) where users requested and made character codes for the John Persons' (aka The Pit) comic girls. I love his work, and I thought it would be great if someone could transcribe the dialogues from the comics into the game.
    I've never written any dialogue for SDT, but since nobody has done it yet (not that I'm aware of, at least), I myself have made one to use alongside the codes mentioned above.
    So here it is. The first scene of "Two Hot Blondes Hunt For BBC", where Kitty Summers asks Coach Black for help with a... new exercise.
    The dialogue is the same as in the comics plus some more lines I've picked from other scenenes of the same comic, and a couple made by myself.
    Remember: I have no skills writting for SDT, so I don't know if I've made something wrong, but after several tests it seems to work just fine.

    The character codes and hairstyles can be found here (for this dialogue use the Kitty Summers style 2): http://www.sdtmods.com/index.php?topic=2585

    The scene is suposed to take place in the school gym, Coach Black's office or something like that. Thanks to Kuroryuu's post you will find the perfect background for you ;): http://www.sdtmods.com/index.php?topic=34.0

    With all these you should be able to recreate perfectly the scene from the comic. You can read the full comic here: http://www.imagefap.com/pictures/5120716/John-Persons-Two-Hot-Blondes-Hunt-For-BBC

    Well, that's it. I guess in time I'll make other dialogues taking them from The Pit's comics, until then tell me what do you think about this one. Enjoy!

    P.S.: English is not my first lenguage, so maybe there are some mistakes. Sorry (perdón) :P.


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  2. zzaapp002

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    Dec 10, 2011
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    Yeah man looking forward to trying it out!

    Love The Pit characters!