[PC] The Orc of Vengeance!!!


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Oct 15, 2018
Orc of Vengeance has 11 sex scenes in total, each featuring a unique girl. The sex scenes follow a strict formula. First she is upset and begs you not to rape her. You force your dick into her despite protests, talk down on her while fucking her, and cum inside her. The formula is so repetitive that you could blindfold yourself and still correctly predict lines in the dialogue. For example, the girl says in every scene “Oh no, wait, outside! Please cum outside!” I understand the developer wanted to appeal to forced impregnation fetishists, but couldn’t the writers add some variety to the content?

If not for the unique CG, every single sex scene would be pretty much exactly the same. There’s scenes of standing sex with a scared female begging you to stop. Female soldiers are subjected to missionary sex. There are no exotic positions or fetishes, just cookie-cutter orc sex. On the plus side, the waifus are virgins. You even get to deflower and impregnate a hot nun! The women are practically speechless and drooling like retards after a good pounding, wearing a juicy ahegao face.

At the end of the game, you can choose the ending. You can let the holy princess of the castle escape, or you can rape her. And because other orcs have arrived to help you, things escalate into a gangbang! She takes so much cock, her mind is completely broken. She submits to being a living cock sleeve till the end of time.

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