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The Hunt for Helena

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Raden, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. Raden

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    Bayman had been following the trail for so long, he had begun to wonder if it hadn't gone cold a long time ago. He'd been commissioned to attack and injure Helena, but he had to FIND her first. Specifically, the communique instructed he was allowed to do whatever he wanted to her, as long as she was left alive. Intelligence reports had suggested she had trafficked this area, and recently. She may still be around.

    As he turned a corner, he saw about a block away, someone else looking rather shifty and suspicious. Deciding to tail her, he quickly determined she was after Helena as well.

    Had two different people hired someone to take her out? The payout for this job was too high for Bayman to just let fall into someone else's hands.

    Once he got a little closer, he recognized her as Christie. She was an assassin type as well. She was tracking Helena as well.

    Bayman didn't play well with others, and he wasn't about to let this payout escape him. He sneaked up behind Christie quickly and caught her totally off guard, wrapping her up in a cobra clutch choke. He sunk it in deep, and she started to gag.

    "I'm going to ask you this only once, and you're going to answer me." His voice was callous and cold, all business. "Who sent you?"

    He eased up a bit so that she could answer.

    "Aaaack...aaa-ayane... she promised a large payout if I took out Helena..."

    Bayman narrowed his eyes. She had played the two against each other, probably to see who could do it first. And to the victor went the spoils...

    "Hmm. She commissioned me too. Well, little lady, it looks like this commission is mine. For you, it's just mission over." Bayman sunk the choke in deep and tight, his strength much more than Christie could manage. In order to eliminate any chance of her managing to fight back, he began to shake her back and forth viciously, like a ragdoll. Christie's body tightened in response to the breathlessness, but when Bayman started to fling her around like she were but a child, she quickly lost her faculties and went limp in his hold. She tried to submit and tell him she was giving up the bounty, but he would have none of it. He hated her guts, and strangling her pleased him greatly. Finally he stopped shaking her, and simply pumped the choke hold on her. Christie had gone limp a long time ago, and when he looked at her face, it was turning purple. He'd choked her unconscious.

    He laid into the choke hold a little more, and then dropped her to the ground. She hit the pavement like a sack of meat. Bayman hoisted her up over one of his shoulders and carried her unconscious body over to one of the nearby dumpsters, throwing her in. "Into the trash, where you belong, bitch."

    As he had disposed of Christie, he turned around... and there she was! She was always so prim, proper, elegant, classy... everything she wore exuded class. High class.


    He had no idea where she had come from, but she was quickly getting away.

    Bayman took off after her, trying to run but be silent about it as well. Once he was within distance, he broke into a full sprint. Helena heard the rapid heavy footsteps of his army boots on the ground, and turned around just in time to be leveled by a giant clothesline, as his arm wrapped around her neck and chest, sending her to the ground, hard.

    Helena was dazed badly from the sneak attack. Before she could even register what was happening to her, Bayman had mounted her stomach. Helena tried to move, but her reflexes were not up to the task, and Bayman began teeing off on her with punch after punch. Over and over, his fist met her beautiful face, sharply connecting.

    Helena cried out with each one, until she managed to reach up and rake Bayman across the eyes with her fingernails. Not exactly the classiest move she'd ever pulled off, but it was effective. "AAAHHHGG!" Bayman yelled out as his hands reached up to his face. The momentary stun allowed Helena to turn her body and roll Bayman off of her, throwing him to the ground. She scrambled for a counterattack, but Bayman's military training proved too sharp, as he shot out a hand and caught her around the ankle, tripping her up and pulling her legs out from under her. She came down hard, landing on her ample chest as her chin smacked off the ground, stunning her for a moment.

    Rubbing his eyes, Bayman pounced on her, tearing off her blue and black short jacket, and leaving her in her form-fitting body suit. Helena felt Bayman's weight on her back, and then her left leg was being bent inward and trapped, while he clamped down around her jaw with his hands, trapping her in an STF. Everything Bayman did was designed to injure as he tightened the hold in a flash, suddenly wrenching her neck and her knee. The combined stretches arched her backward, damaging her spine at the same time.

    "AAAAHHHHHHH!!" Helena screamed as her body was contorted. "AHHHHMMMMMPPHHH!! "MMMMMMMMMPPPHHHHH!!" Her screams became muted as Bayman repositioned his hands around her mouth. "Oh, do shut up. I can't stand all that noise." he grumbled at her in his gravelly, thickly-accented voice. Bayman wrenched and pulled on Helena's body, twisting her up unnaturally. Helena's back was arched a long way, her flexibility being put to the test. Helena's arms flailed as she tried desperately to get out of the hold. Finally, Bayman released her, and she held her back and neck, squirming in pain.

    "Haahh... huhhh... wha... what are you... who sent..." Her questioning was cut off as Bayman punched her in the ribs. Helena's body jerked in response and her hands darted to her side. "Uuuuhhh.." she gasped in pain. Bayman grabbed her left arm, and quickly rolled through with her, his Sambo training kicking in to high gear. Helena was sent tumbling through the air, landing on her back. Suddenly Bayman was yanking on her arm, the fiery pain instantly shooting through her arm.

    "AHHH! STOP, PLEASE!" Helena cried out. "Please, don't do this!" She was met with the loud snap of her arm breaking as Bayman pulled down on it sharply. Helena's scream filled the air, but it went unheard by anyone who might be able to help. Bayman continued to pull down on her arm, causing the broken bone to slowly slice through sinew and muscle. The pain burned hotter and hotter in her arm until she was finally released from it. She curled up, cradling her arm and shuddering involuntarily in pain. Bayman stood up, and grinned at her before planting a kick directly into her back. The kick arched her backward again. Bayman reached down, and ripped the ribbon out of her hair that held it back. Her golden hair cascaded freely like a radiant waterfall.

    Bayman took up Helena's long legs, and stepped between them, crossing them over his. Their length made the task quite easy. He rolled her over onto her stomach and sat down, arching her back and straining her legs painfully. Helena squealed as pain ripped through her again. She bit down on her thumb in an effort to try to block the searing pain. Nothing helped. It just hurt too badly. He hiked back on her legs a little more, and she whimpered again, her blonde hair flitting all over the place, freed from its ribbon cell. Bayman used his strength, and still holding on to her crossed legs, positioned them up a little higher on his arms, bearing her weight on them. Standing up, he took a couple steps back, which effectively hung Helena upside down with her legs crossed over Bayman's arms. The pressure on her knee was torturous enough, until Bayman roughly planted his knee in her back. Helena gasped sharply in pain, wincing at the blow. He reared back and delivered another pounding knee to her spine. She winced again, gritting her teeth with the blow. Suddenly he let the hold go, simply dropping her on her head, with zero respect at all. Helena's head bonked off the ground and she crumbled to a heap.

    Bayman turned and delivered a kick to her ribs, causing her to fold up again. Then he grabbed her by the throat, and began to drag her around a little. He dragged her through the dirt, covering her in it. A small nearby puddle stained her clothes and hair with water, compounding the dirt already on her. Her hair became a frazzled mess, her clothes were dirty, and her right jaw was beginning to bruise up. She was far from the picture of perfection she usually appeared. Scraping her up by her throat, he pinned her against a nearby tree, and then drove a knee into her stomach. Helena retched once and then slowly sank to the ground in a seated position against the tree.

    Bayman picked her up again. It became clear to her that this torment would not end until he had had enough. He clamped his arms around her waist. With a little exertion, he picked her up and windmilled her through the air, bringing her down in a devastating tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Helena's body folded backward around his knee as her spine was unmercifully jarred. He held her over his knee for a little, part to cause some pain and part to just admire the view of her breasts jutting out as she folded her over backwards. Once he had had enough of that, he pulled her to her feet again, and suddenly he wrapped his arms around her again, popping his hips backward, and throwing her with a belly to belly suplex into the tree. Or at least, the beginnings of one. He shot off her feet, but impacted the tree with her face and chest, cutting her head open. It seemed that as blood leaked out of her head, the will to fight leaked from her as well.

    He grabbed a large handful of her hair, near the scalp, and pulled her up again. He pulled the pull-on-sleeve on her broken left arm off of her, and then wrapped it around her throat and used it as a garotte. He pulled it tight, twisting the ends over each other to make it tighter. He began to shake her with it, viciously choking her with it. Helena could only make clipped strangling sounds as the air was not allowed into her lungs again. Spots appeared before her eyes, and they began to flutter. Her body went slack, and as it did, Bayman dropped her to the ground, wanting her to suffer more. Helena sucked in air like she were trying to hog it all for herself. Bayman calmly let her recover, because he didn't want to knock her out too quickly with his next move. As she struggled to her feet defiantly, he stayed behind her. When she got up, he hooked his arms around her neck, and leg-swept her, falling forward with her and banging her chest and face off the concrete. It nearly knocked her out, but the pain brought her back to reality as Bayman leaned backward, wrapping her neck and arm up tight with a choke hold again. It was the Hell Hazard Lock, one of his more nasty Sambo holds. He held Helena in the choke hold for a few moments, and just as she was getting ready to pass out, he leaned back the little extra and popped her left shoulder, dislocating it. Helena wanted to scream, but the compression around her throat didn't let her, and she didn't know if she'd be able to physically do it at this point anymore or not anyway.

    Helena wanted to beg, plead, scream for this nightmare to be over, but when Bayman did let the debilitating hold go, she found she couldn't do any of that. Mainly because she wasn't physically able to, but part of it was a pride thing. She simply didn't want to tell this prick that she had had enough, that he had beaten her. She couldn't quit. Would it even matter? What was he going to do? Say "Oh, okay" and just leave her? She figured if she was going to get beat, she might as well do it defiant the whole way.

    With Helena still trapped in the Hell Hazard Lock, Bayman stood up and pulled her into a nearby alley, where the dumpster he had deposited Christie was. Pulling her down with him so her lean, tall body ended up on top of his, he readjusted a little bit. The Hell Hazard Lock choke became a rear naked choke as his arms locked around her neck. He pumped it by arching backward a couple times, taking her with him and bending her back. Pain and oxygen deprivation clouded Helena's eyesight, and she felt her arms get heavy, and then heavier, until she couldn't muster the strength to move them. Her eyes began to flutter closed again, but he released her to torment her some more.

    "Heh... I'm not always all business... I can mix some pleasure in with my business. I was given orders that I could do whatever I wanted to you as long as I didn't kill you..."

    He pulled on her hair, forcing her head back toward his. Then he whispered, repeating himself, "Anything... I wanted."

    With that, he continued pinning the right side of her body with his arms, and started to run his hand over torso and stomach, slowly making his way up to her large, perfect breasts. Helena tensed for a moment, the realization of what was happening not kicking in yet. Bayman slowly caressed her chest, her nipples perking up at his touch. His caress soon turned into groping and fondling.

    Helena slowly came around and realized what was happening. "Unh! What are.. get.. let me off you son of a biMMPH!" her last word was cut off as Bayman grabbed her now-ratty blonde hair, and forced her head to the side, laying into her with a kiss. Helena's protests were muffled as Bayman forcefully continued his liplock on her. She tried to struggle, but her left arm was broken, her good arm was trapped, and her legs were pinned. She tried to rock back and forth, but it only caused pain to fire through her dislocated shoulder, nearly making her ill. She had no choice but to take this from him, as he kissed her on the face, the lips, the neck.

    "You son of a bitch..." she hissed. "If you think you're going to get away with thiMMMMM!" He silenced her with another forced kiss. He held this one for what seemed like an eternity. She resisted at first, but slowly began to submit to it, to allow it... to welcome it. "Mmmmnn..." she moaned, clearly not pained, as his assault continued. Helena eventually gave in and stopped resisting, letting the Sambo mercenary kiss her...

    She was brought out of the stupor she went into when he started to caress her crotch, which she hadn't even noticed had started to become moist due to the stimulation. The realization kicked her into panic mode, and she started to do everything she could to fight back. She tried to work her good arm free, but he wrenched it behind her in a hammerlock. He put his arm around her throat and choked her again. "NNNNNNNN!! NNNNNNPHHHHH!" Helena tried to cry out, but once again, that sinking feeling of unconscious threatening to overtake her kicked in again... and once again, just as she was on the brink of passing out, he released her so she would be conscious for what was happening to her.

    He started to fondle and rub her vagina with his left hand, not worrying about a counter due to her arm. He rubbed for a little bit, and then tore her bodysuit, exposing her beneath it. He then invaded her with his fingers. Her body stiffened in response. As be began to rub and finger her, she started to moan. She wasn't capable of fighting back, but as he drilled her harder and harder, she wasn't sure if her bdy wanted her to try. Her mind was screaming at her that this was invasion, it was wrong, it shouldn't be happening... but her body overwrote everything, driving hormones through her brain to get it to be quiet. It won out in the end, as she began to moan and quiver, not in pain. She went slack as the feeling of pure sexual pleasure ran through her, radiating outward through her vagina. Every so often her body would stiffen or spasm in rapture. Helena's eyes rolled into her head as the pure euphoria spread through her whole body. Bayman forced a kiss on her again, and she didn't even try to stop it. She was soundly defeated, and he let her pinned arm go. She couldn't even move it, which let him assault her chest again. Helena was getting more and more wet, but the breast fondling put it over the top.

    "mmmm... mmmnnn.. mmmMMMMMMNNNN!! MMMMMPPPHHH!! MMMMMMMMMMPPPHH...." her screams and moans were muffled, lost in Bayman's long kiss. Her body spasmed hard and wouldn't relax, and not long after, Helena climaxed, squirting her juices over his hand and into her ruined bodysuit. Bayman smiled, but didn't let up on her after that, knowing he could get another one out of her... and very quickly she creamed again, her body tensing and pumping fluids out of her. Bayman was finger-pumping her with a regular, quick beat, after another minute or so of working her crotch hard, he was rewarded with the release of her body's juices flowing over his hand again, warm and sticky. Pleasure, shame, anger, all raced through her mind at the same moment she ejaculated for the third time.

    Bayman took his hand from her vagina and wiped it on her suit. He stopped fondling her chest, but he let the kiss linger a little while. She didn't even try to break it. She had instead been broken, physically and mentally.

    Finally, after long, long minutes, the kiss ended, and Helena almost felt empty for a second... but once she was no longer being mentally dominated by her own body's hormones, she realized the true extent of how shameful what had happened to her was. She wanted nothing more than to curl up and die of embarrassment.

    Bayman decided he had had his fun, but he still had a mission. "I do still have to get paid." he intoned to her.

    He hooked her into a Dragon Sleeper choke hold, pulling backward on her neck. She made strangling sounds as he heartlessly pulled harder on the choke hold. The now-familiar sensation of her body refusing to obey her brain's commands and move hit her again, and she slowly drifted off into unconsciousness. Finally, long after she'd blacked out, Bayman unhooked the choke hold from her.

    He stood up and admired his handiwork. Helena was a complete ruin. The picture of perfection, as it was, was perfect no more. She was beaten, bloodied, bruised. Her left arm was broken, her shoulder popped out. Her hair was frizzy, rumpled, matted, and she was covered in dirt. Vaginal secretions stained her dark suit a darker colour all around her crotch, spreading down her thighs. If you only glanced at her, you could mistake her for dead.

    She might wish she was when she woke up. As it was, Bayman grabbed a few souvenirs from her, including her torn hair ribbon, an arm sleeve, and a locket she wore around her neck. These trinkets should be enough proof to Ayane that the deed was done. He set off to find her, to go collect his payment, leaving the destroyed Helena in a heap on the ground.
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    Hot, but maybe death with Helena orgasming would've been even better.
  3. Seth

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    I was almost sure that she's gonna die. Nice surprise and well written story.
  4. onlinehero

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    I can see a pattern repeating. Not that I would complain though :D
    Poor Helena :)
  5. Relampagos

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    The breasts jutting out part after the back breaker... Pure genius. That's exactly what I love
  6. wilhitewarrior

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    hehe nice. Poor ol' Helena :D
  7. TheCrimsonRisk

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    Nice work, Raden! I liked how Bayman warmed up on Christie first. What a professional.

    Bayman makes for a great baddie and it was definitely fun to see him dominate and desecrate the normally elegant Helena. The sensual elements you worked in were refreshing and I'm always excited to see you expanding on your repugnant repertoire.

    By the way, wouldn't it have just been easier for Bayman to use his cell phone camera at the end? :p
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    Poor Helena. Poor, poor Helena... :D

    Great story, Raden!