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Jul 11, 2021
Hey hows it going! First time posting here...Today i was reorganizing my HDD, and i found this game with a lot of files saved. I was around when the Konashion was still posting fresh updates for SDT. I have his last update here. I just made this thread to ask a question that i found when i was moving things. One thing that kept coming up to me was "how come no one makes games like SDT anymore?" I came across this game i have labeled as "Pochi Games" i googled it and i cant find anything on it. I played it and noticed that if this game had a few tweaks to it it could be like SDT with the Mods and all.

If anyone wants the files for that game just ask ill make a MEGA link if anything. I have alot of SDT Mods too if any of them were lost. Thanks for reading, Im sorry if none of this makes sense, and heres the game.




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Apr 22, 2021
Sure, I´d love to have the file :) played this game a while ago. I am surprised seeing it again, it´s amazing!

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