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The End of a Rivalry

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Raden, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Raden

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    Sep 24, 2011
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    This one's been in the making for a while. I've been lazy, and then I wrote a Chun-Li story on a whim instead of this one.


    Anna WIlliams knelt at her father's grave, head bowed in genuflection. The reason was twofold: To of course pay tribute to her father, but she had also heard Nina was on her way to do the same. Bowed to one knee, she had taken up the length of her flowing red dress so it would not drag along the concrete. As she had expected, she heard a voice.

    "Out of the way, it's my turn."

    She was expecting Nina at any moment. Anna was not as uncoordinated or dim as Nina thought she was. Nina was about to find this out the hard way.

    "Nina... I have done everything I can to attempt to bury the hatchet in this rivalry of ours. To what end must it be resolved?" She rose to her feet to confront her sister.

    "This will never be over between us." Nina said, cold and callously, giving Anna an icy stare.

    "I was afraid you were going to say that." Anna replied fliply. "Well, I have done everything I could, but I see there is only one way now." The phrase was an implied fight to Nina, but it was also the first of two cues. At the utterance of this phrase, a stealthy figure silently stalked her way to the gravesite and up behind Nina, who was too distracted by her conversation with Anna to notice. She may not have noticed anyway, the woman was as skilled at stealth and assassin arts as Nina. Anna continued, "You are in for quite the... shock." At this phrase, there was a very loud snap sound and a crackle, as a high powered taser was switched on. Immediately after this, an arm wrapped around Nina's neck, and the taser was rammed into the small of her back. Nina's body convulsed hard, the muscles jumping in involuntary stimulation. She bucked and heaved wildly as her body's instincts to free itself from the electric arc kicked in, but the arm around her neck held fast, cutting off what would have been her primal scream as well as her escape avenue. Nina flapped around like a fish out of water, her torso's muscles tightening on their own accord. Pain radiated through her body in roiling waves. Her eyesight fuzzed. She was dropped before she passed out. She curled into the fetal position, shaking and twitching. She lost control of her bodily functions and wet herself. Nina saw her attacker through fuzzy vision, which cleared enough for her to recognize Zafina. Only one woman would have possessed the stealth to sneak up on her, aside from Anna of course. Nina's breathing was sharp, quick and irregular.

    "I've got no shame in admitting I needed a little bit of help to end this", said Anna. "Lord knows I tried on my own. You wouldn't have any of it. So, before you do it to me, I guess I have to do it to you." Anna nodded to Zafina, and Zafina kicked Nina in the face as if she were kicking a soccer ball. Nina's head whipped back forcefully, lights blossomed in her vision like fireworks, and then she passed out. "One blow, very nice" said Anna. "Alright, let's get her back to our play room..."


    Nina's eyes slowly opened. She felt cold, the result of her tasering. Her eyes did not want to open, she had to force them. When she did, everything was upright. She could not understand why she was not on her back until she went to rub her eyes and could not move her hands. She looked up and her right wrist was clamped to the wall in a steel shackle. She looked to her other arm. Also shackled. Now she knew why; she had been shackled to a brick wall. This probably also contributed to her cold feeling, as brick and mortar was not exactly conducive to retaining heat. Therefore with her body in contact with it, it slowly absorbed body heat from her. As the spot she was in was warm, she surmised she had been there for some time. Looking around, she realized she was in a dimly lit dungeon, with a single overhead lamp illuminating the area around it in a cone shape.

    "Ah, you've awoken" said Anna. "Now you and I are really going to have some fun." Anna was holding a length of pipe.

    "You really had to have someone help you get me? I always knew I was the more skilled between us. You distracted me and got the drop on me, that's the only reason you're even able to do this right now. You can't do it on your own." Nina shot at Anna.

    Anna countered in a nonchalant tone, conversational as if discussing the weather. "Oh, I'm not concerned with the logistics of how things are done, like some people I know... I'm only concerned with results. You know what they say, sis... by any means necessary." Suddenly she swung the pipe like a baseball bat into Nina's stomach. The blow sandwiched her against the wall, her body absorbing all the impact without being able to disperse any of it. "Oughf!" Nina exhaled hard, her body attempting to jerk forward and double over from the impact, but the shackles around her wrists and ankles not allowing it.

    "You fucking bitch... when I get out of here I'm going to slit your throat and drain your body of every drop of blood."

    Anna smiled playfully. "Ha... you assume much." Her voice took on a playful, sexy tone. "You and I are going to have a lot of fun, dear sister... well, I am anyway. I'm going to really... really... enjoy this..." Another blow to the stomach with the pipe caused Nina to retch and spasm again. She handed the pipe off to Zafina. "Remember, leave some for after..." Anna told her. Zafina nodded and smiled wickedly.

    "I remember a long time ago you decided to jump me for apparently no good reason.." Nina emotionlessly glared at Zafina. "You choked me unconscious just because you could, you told me. Well, guess what? I'm going to do this just because... I can." Zafina rammed the pipe edgewise into Nina's stomach.

    She didn't groan in pain, didn't want to give Zafina the pleasure. Zafina looked to Anna, who nodded consent. Zafina dropped the pipe with a clang, and then fired a punch into Nina's jaw, knocking her head to the side. Again, Nina didn't grunt. Zafina grabbed Nina by her blonde hair and hit her again. And again. And again. Nina tried to weather the storm, but finally she cried out in pain, her skull being rattled by a succession of punches to the jaw. Zafina stopped. "Finally. Damn. That's all I really wanted you know." Zafina raised a knee and drove it into Nina's abdomen, causing the air to whoosh out of her again. "That was for being such a stubborn bitch."

    Anna slipped on a knuckle duster. It was not your typical piece, it was comprised of a bar to hold onto and a flat one-piece for striking with. It gleamed in the light of the lone lightbulb. Nina watched Anna, not showing any fear of what was about to happen. Anna leaned in close to Nina. "Dear sister of mine... how about you-" Anna was interrupted by Nina spitting in her face. "Ugh!" Anna cried out in disgust, wiping Nina's saliva from her face and eye. "You bitch!" Anna punched Nina in the jaw with the knuckle duster. Nina's head whipped to the side, and she slumped momentarily. Anna followed up with a blow to the ribs. Nina coughed and groaned. "So you're not as invincible as you'd like us to think you are..." Anna taunted. Slipping back into her playful tone, she brushed the back of the knuckle duster against Nina's cheek. "mm. Don't worry. I am sure we can still have a lot of fun." Anna rammed another piston-like punch into Nina's stomach with the knuckle duster. Another hard cough. A trace of blood leaked from Nina's lips.

    "Okay... let her go."

    Zafina looked at Anna. "But are you sure? I mean we-" she was cut off by a surreptitious wink from Anna.

    "Right." Zafina went to work unlocking the shackles that held Nina to the wall. She undid the shackles holding Nina's ankles, then her wrists. When the last shackle was removed, Nina fell to the floor on her hands and knees. Anna picked up the pipe and brought it down hard across Nina's back, driving her to the floor facedown. Nina moaned in pain and pushed herself back up. The pipe came down on her back, slamming her to the floor again. Nina gritted her teeth and groaned, pushing herself up again, slower this time. Anna looked at her, shook her head, and then dropped her with a third pipe blow. Nina did not get up this time.

    "We have ways of making you shriek. And down here... no one will hear you shriek."

    Anna and Zafina rolled Nina over onto her back, then they each took hold of one of her legs. In tandem, they pulled Nina's legs apart, stretching her groin muscles out. Nina cried out in pain this time. "Aww, it hurts, does it?" Anna said, sultrily. "Again, Zafina." They both grabbed her legs again. Nina tried to fight back out of it, but earned a stunning kick to the face for her trouble. As she lay there, they wrenched her legs apart again, tearing muscles this time. Nina tried to stand, but she couldn't support herself. Anna smiled wickedly at her. She brought the pipe down on Nina's ankle, breaking it with a sickening snap sound. Nina screamed in pain, and grabbed her ankle. If she couldn't stand before, she sure couldn't now. For the first time, Nina realized she wasn't going to make it out of the dungeon alive, and she felt fear.

    Anna and Zafina grabbed her arms this time. Dropping backward, they put Nina in a double armbar. Nina's arms were bent backwards at the elbow. Nina's eyes opened wide in pain, and for the first time, Nina truly screamed. Gritting her teeth, she tried to flex her arms to stem the pain and prevent her arms being bent back, to no avail. She tried to kick her legs, but her torn groin muscles would not let her even do that. All she could do was scream with the torturous pain that was being inflicted on her. The devious duo continued to put pressure on Nina's arms. She felt like they were being pulled out of their sockets. Then they were, as they simultaneously dislocated her shoulders and snapped her arms backward at the elbow. White searing pain shot through Nina's arms, even worse than the tasering because her brain was not being scrambled this time, and so it processed the pain exactly as it was supposed to. When they finally let her go, Nina could only lay on the concrete floor. She refused to cry or shed tears. Anna raised her red heeled shoe. Nina could do nothing to stop it. "Time to squash you like a bug" Anna said cockily. Then she stomped hard on Nina's chest. "Unh!" Nina grunted. Anna stomped again, harder. Then a third one. Anna ground her heel into Nina's chest, like she were putting out a cigarette. Nina was completely helpless. Then Anna stomped her chest again. She was going to move on to other things after that, but with the last stomp, she heard a crack, and Nina cry out in pain.

    Anna was delighted. "Did I hear a sternum cracking?" she asked gleefully. "Well, we might as well go all the way!" And she drilled Nina in the chest again, breaking the bone. Nina screamed in agony.

    Anna took a slow walk around Nina's helpless, prone body, savouring her total victory. "Well, well. All these years of the embarrassment and humiliation you put me through... they've all suddenly come to a head, haven't they? I bet you didn't think today would be your last day when you woke up this morning, did you? Oh, by the way..." Anna knelt down beside Nina and then spat in her face. "How do you like it? And just think... all of this could have been avoided had you only accepted my overtures of ending the rivalry... but I guess if you want something done right... Anna sat on the floor, propping Nina up into her lap. "Fortunately for me, there is more than one way to end things." Anna wrapped her long legs around Nina's stomach, and clamped down on her neck and throat with a dragon sleeper. Nina couldn't even flail. She gagged and made choking noises. Anna wrenched harder, causing Nina's body to buckle and heave in an attempt to get oxygen, one that was not met with success. Anna held up her free hand, allowing Zafina to take the knuckle duster. Zafina slipped it on, and made her way around Anna to where Nina's head was trapped. Zafina began pumping punches into Nina's face. She split open her forehead, blood running up her head into her hair. Nina's eyes went glassy. Anna continued to constrict Nina's body and neck, like a snake crushing the life out of its victim. Zafina stomped the choking Nina in her chest, causing another involuntary heave of pain. Anna let Nina go before she passed out. Nina gasped for air

    "No no, I have something else in mind for you... While it would be satisfying in its own right to use assassin techniques to finish this, I think I'll just settle for a good old fashioned skull pounding."

    Anna rolled Nina onto her stomach. Anna climbed onto Nina's back, kneeling over her. Grabbing a handful of Nina's long blonde hair close to the roots, she pulled up, then slammed Nina's face into the concrete floor, breaking her nose. Nina yelped out in pain. Anna made sure to go slowly, to let Nina completely feel the pain and think about what was going to happen. Anna pulled slowly on Nina's hair, raising her head again. Nina closed her eyes, deciding that seeing it coming was worse. Anna bashed her head into the floor again. Nina's head spun with the impact. Anna began to grind Nina's face into the floor. Then she raised her head up and slammed her skull into the hard concrete floor again. A huge split opened on Nina's forehead above her left eye. Anna noticed this and held Nina's head up so blood would run down her face. She pried Nina's eye open with her fingers. Blood leaked in and began to burn. She smashed Nina's head again. Nina saw stars. Her consciousness began to dissociate itself from her body, and she suddenly felt like she were floating. She looked down. She saw Anna kneeling overtop her body. Anna was taunting her, then she punched Nina in the face. Nina didn't feel the impact from her dissociated view from ten feet above the floor. Anna raised Nina's head and banged it off the floor again. Nina suddenly felt like she were falling. When she came to again, she was on the ground where she had been the first time. She realized she had had an out of body experience, but she didn't have much time to reflect on that, as Anna slammed her head again. Nina did not feel the pain. She only knew what was happening because when Anna pulled her hair and slammed her head, her vision shifted. Her body was beginning to shut down in an attempt to preserve itself, one which would prove fatal. Anna continued to pound Nina's skull off the floor. Blood was splashing everywhere now. It began to resemble a murder scene, which is exactly what it would become in a few moments. Anna licked her lips, and raised Nina's head again. When she slammed it again, Nina blacked out. She had already gone limp a long time ago, having lost the ability to move. Anna savoured every smash of Nina's head like fine wine. She slammed Nina's head until she was sure she was dead. Nina had left an impressively large puddle of blood on the floor, with splash patterns flying everywhere. Anna rolled Nina onto her back. Anna put her fingers on Nina's neck, searching for a pulse. She grinned wildly when she didn't find one.

    "Vengeance is ours, Zafina! Well, mostly mine, but shared with you as well. Thank you for your help, it was a pleasure doing business with you." For good measure, Anna took hold of Nina's jaw, and jerked her hand upward and to the side, breaking her neck. If she were only playing dead before, she was not now. Anna crunched her neck the other way. Then she broke her spine with the pipe. Nina was very much dead.

    "About the matter of payment..." Zafina prompted.

    "Ah, yes, your payment. Here is your payment, it was very well deserved." Anna reached into the folds of her flowing dress, but instead of producing an envelope of money, she brought out a handgun. Before Zafina could do anything, she squeezed the trigger. The only sounds were the pffut of the silencer concealing the concussive sound that would have rang out otherwise, Zafina grunting, and the smack of Zafina's body hitting the floor. Anna stood overtop of Zafina, who was now dealing with a sucking chest wound. With a sinister grin, she leveled the gun at Zafina's head. Anna blew Zafina a kiss, and then put a bullet directly into her head. Blood sloshed everywhere, and Zafina's life was snuffed instantly.

    Anna surveyed her handiwork. Nina and Zafina had both been killed. Nina, her own sister. I tried peacefully to resolve things, but Nina was not going to be happy with that, and so things had to get to that point, Anna thought. As for Zafina? Well, now I'm the only assassin in the tournament. She was in my way.

    Anna left their corpses in the unmarked dungeon to rot. Nobody would ever find them. As far as the world was concerned, Nina and Zafina had simply mysteriously disappeared.


    Anna squelching Zafina like that was completely off the cuff, I got the idea after I had written "about the matter of payment". That's how I do it, I get an idea of what I want and then just find a way to get there.
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    Another nice dark one. A bit more brutal than I usually write, but the Nina/Anna rivalry was ripe for an ending and I'm glad to see evil Anna Williams coming out on top :p
    Also, thanks for all the praise on my writing, it made me feel really good too. Writing is kind of a lonely craft and it's always good to get positive feedback.
    Maybe we can do a story trade sometime :)
  3. Raden

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    You want brutal, read "Urban Shift". Given the source material, there is only one way it could end. "Badly".
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    Amazing story! I loved the "skull pounding" part. That was just very well written, easily one of your best