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The Demon Vessel

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by battlevampiress, Aug 1, 2012.

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    Warning: The following story contains graphic violence, blood and gore, suffering, cursing. Female elven warriors whose clothes are destroyed, whose bodies are destroyed, who lose control over their bodies. If this upsets you, do not continue. You have been warned.

    The Cast

    The cast for the following story can be found at https://sites.google.com/site/feywitches/home/the-cast
    The setting is a fantasy scifi setting. Space ships, giant and dangerous and space itself, not only inhabited by humans and fey, but also by monsters and demons ...

    Reserved for Prelude...


    The ritual is cast. The ten fey together amplify the inherent teleportation abilities of their own kind, to jump directly into the strange vessel. They form a circle and hold each other's hands, tight. A security measure: In their teleport, they cross "The Bleed", the space beyond all space, where neither time, nor distance have a meaning. Should one of them get lost, she might be lost for eons.

    But they arrive safely. From a realm of brilliant red and white, onto the darkness of the black vessel.

    "Light!" Niamh, being the tactical leader, shouts out, and Deedlit starts to whisper a short incantation. Slowly Niamh takes a look around: A big hall, probably a storage compartment, but now utterly empty.

    Then she nods again. Her curly dirty-blond hair waving about as she gestures toward a big closed hatch. "Jink, get that open."
    The young technician nods and scurries over to the gate, quickly dismounting the control panel and connecting a small device.

    In the meantime Niamh turns to check if everyone is there. Janikka and Jink, whom she had already sent toward the gate, the youngest members of the team. Deedlit and Laurelle, experiences knights. Alessa and Firiona, expert ritualists. Sylea and Keowyn, both priestesses and Pirotesse, the assassin. Everyone of them was unharmed.

    "Got it!" Jink yells over, and indeed, the big hatch slowly opens and reveals a corridor behind. As the door opens, lights flicker to life. Then all of the fey freeze, as they can clearly see a transparent light in the middle of the corridor for a moment.

    "Keowyn?" Niamh doesn't need to say more. The winged beauty smiles. "Interesting!" And with a sound of joy, her wings flare up and she zooms straight over to the corridor. "Some kind of energy. I'll take a closer look." And with that she vanishes inside. Janikka follows her, but stops a few steps away from the corridor.

    Keowyn sets down in the corridor. Her wings fade. "Interesting. I think the walls themselves are building up a pulse, that seems to run down the whole co-" For a very short moment, Keowyn is engulfed in the slight white glow, and her wings erupt from her back, eratically. The energies bursting out, ripping, making it look as if her wings are falling apart. With her back to the others, she just stands there, utterly silent.

    Then, after a short moment a silent, rippling sound can be heard. Niamh looks at the others, about to utter a question, when Janikka suddenly bursts out: "Keowyn! What's the matter? Say something, dammit! Please say something!" The young fey in her leather vest and short loincloth is about to take a step forward, into the corridor, when Keowyn slowly turns.

    Keowyn's face is a mask of confusion and shock. Between her legs, her gown has turned from white to yellow and tears are rolling from her eyes. Finally she manages to utter a sound. Something like a pathetic little whimper.

    "We have to get her out of there," Janikka shouts and reaches forward, ready to dive in, just as another pulse of energy washes down the corridor. Niamh screams out: "NO," but it is too late already. Janikka utters a sharp retching sound, before jerking back. Keowyn arches this time, her hands trying to reach for her back. She starts to stagger about erratically and a terrible howl of pain breaks from her throat.

    In front of Janikka red paints the corridor, the source hidden by her own body. But a moment later it becomes apparent: "My hand!! MY HAND!" She screams with a cracking voice, as she is grabbing her left wrist and slowly bending over. Her eyes are fixed on the spot, where a moment ago, her right hand was. It is gone. Utterly gone. Now there is only a trunk, pumping blood out, causing Janikka to bend over, still more confused, than in pain.

    [to be continued]

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    Jink yanks the young fey away from the entrance. Niamh shakes her head. "What is going on? Firiona? Alessa? Any ideas?"
    Firiona walks up to the entrance to take a closer look. She also nods to Sylea to come closer and looks toward Jink. Before she answers Niamh's question, she adresses the two. "Priestess, please make yourself ready. Keowyn is going to need your help in a moment." She turns from the dark-skinned woman to the white-haired girl: "Jink, the energy seems to wash down that corridor in pulses. The next time it washes over her, you dive in there and get her out. You're the fastest one of us, you won't have a problem doing it." Only then does she turn her head to Niamh. "Not yet. I need a bit of time." Then she reaches for screaming Janikka, to stop her from stumbling into the corridor again.

    Janikka stays bent forward, clutching her bleeding arm. The blood pulses get weaker with time, not because she is bleeding out. That is something, that's very unlikely ever to happen to a fey. The reason is rather, that her wound is healing. While that itself is a good thing, it also means, that the pain is more intense for Janikka, than it would be for a human. With Firiona there, now kneeling beside her, it is a little easier. Firiona's hands glow and her magic takes away a bit of Janikka's anguish, so that she is not screaming the whole time anymore.
    Keowyn is still staggering in the corridor. Her staggering steps carry her from side to side, she leaves a wet trail until her bladder is empty and her scream dies out into desperate sobs. Just when she is about to hit a wall and it looks like her knees will give in, the energy washes over the brown-haired priestess again. She jolts away from the wall, chokes from renewed pain, in a failed attempt to swallow and gasp for air at the same time, and then starts screaming again. This time blood runs from her mouth, from her nose and ears. Right after her screams start again, Jink tenses, and dives into the corridor. She grabs hold of Keowyn and vanishes with her, only to reappear right beside the door. Sylea immediately tends to her.

    After a while Firiona looks up and nods. "The energies inside the corridor did not really attack Janikka and Keowyn."
    "What do you mean by that?" Niamh demands to know.
    "The wound here," she lifts Janikka's healing arm a bit, "was caused from inside. I have seen this before. This is the result of a loss of control over our own magic. In a very drastic way. If the energy is causing this, it is of demonic origin."
    Niamh straightens as she hears that. "Okay, we need to return to our shi-" But she never finishes her sentence.
    The other fey stare in shock as something impacts in Niamh's head from above. With a nasty, crunching sound, the metal tip of something resembling a harpoon splits Niamh's head. Her naked body jerks and is about to collapse, but the weapon is lodged firmy inside her, and her limp body gets dragged upward, before any of the others can react.

    Laurelle shouts out: "We're under attack!" Her spear appears in her hand and the remaining fey spin around, slender feyblades appearing as they peer into the dark.
    Then she follows up with a strange "BLEARGH!" as a harpoon rips through ner neck, she is about to reach out, as the weapon gets yanked back, but there is not enough body mass to hold her. It rather tears her head right off and drags her blood spraying body a few steps through the air, before it collapses on the ground and spills its blood in a great pool.
    Deedlit spins around so fast, her dress flutters to the point where the white teddy underneath flashes for a short moment. From her left hand, a bolt of energy shoots into the dark, following the path of the harpoon and the reward is an angry screeching sound, scuffling steps and a moment later a heavy thud.

    Sylea looks up from dealing with Keowyn's wound and for a moment her dark skin takes a rather greyish tone. "Out here we're sitting ducks. We have to get away from here!"

    "The only path is through that corridor there," Deedlit retorts and before she can continue, another harpoon flies nearby and misses. Concentrated return-fire from the fey earns a shuffling sound, but it seems this time they didn't hit anything.
    Jink peers down the corridor. "I think the pulse doesn't reach very far inside. If we're fast enough, we can make it past this trap. I'll go first, then the rest follow in groups of two."
    Firiona, Sylea, what about the injured?
    Keowyn lies there, blinking, her pain seesm to have subsided. "I … can make it. Wound … inside, but I'll be okay." Firiona looks at Janikka. "I'll help her. It takes some time to recover a hand. Or a head." She looks over to Laurelle.
    "No, leave her behind. We'll rescue her later."