The Death Dojo: Melissa VS...


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1 - Melissa VS The Minotaur

Melissa wasn't sure exactly how she found herself in this position.

Last week, Melissa May was settling in to her first week of classes. She had decided to go to college to study literature. She liked reading, she liked writing, and she was pretty good at both. Another thing she was good at? Being in debt. So when a mysterious man went around campus promoting his amateur fighting tournament with a million dollar prize, she was immediately interested. She managed to snag one of his flyers before he was politely yet firmly escorted off of campus. "I'd love to see you there, my sweet," he said to Melissa as security escorted him off. "We love to see girls show the guys how to REALLY fight!" His smile was infectious, and she had to admit, he was fairly attractive... in a dark macabre sort of way. Something about him reminded her of death, and yet the excitement he brought made her feel more alive than she had in a long time. She didn't quite understand it, and she didn't need to. All she knew is that she needed to join this tournament and win herself some money. What was the worst that could happen?

Well, who knows the WORST that could happen, but being held upside-down by your ankles by a muscle-bound meathead who calls himself The Minotaur is pretty bad.

She hadn't been much of a fighter in her life, but she figured she could take a few hits and maybe get some lucky punches in. If the man with the flyers just went around to random people to get them to join his fighting tournament, then surely the competition wouldn't be that fierce? Well, Melissa didn't think the flyers were totally honest.

The flyers had said that even just showing up to fight got you $200. Winning your first match was $1000, and winning the whole thing was a million. The flyer also said that it was all local talent, and this dude she was fighting now had a very thick Greek accent. He definitely was NOT from the midwest.

Her name had been pulled first, so she didn't know quite what to expect. There were a decent amount of people in the venue, which was basically just a warehouse with some bleachers and some Japanese stuff thrown around for atmosphere. The flyer didn't give the venue a name, but a sign above the "ring" read Death Dojo, followed by some Japanese symbols. The "ring" itself was just four pillars marking the four corners, with rope connecting the pillars. There was quite a bit of room to move around, which would have been nice had Melissa not been clotheslined two seconds into the match.

Melissa wore her everyday attire. A plain blue tank top with white shorts, and her favorite white sneakers. Her hair was shoulder-length and dark brown. The man with the flyers seemed so nice (despite his skull like facial features), so she was surprised to see how dark, dirty, and dangerous everything here seemed. There was a decent sized crowd, and they all seemed excited to see her get pummeled. So much for showing the guys how to fight.

So the first thing that happened after Melissa met her opponent, who wore black sweat pants and nothing else, was that she got clotheslined. This made her dizzy. The second thing that happened was that her body was pulled up into the air by her ankles. Whatever was going to happen next, she was not looking forward to it.

The Minotaur maneuvered Melissa so that she was behind his back, still being held up. She knew if she didn't do something fast, she would be slammed face-first into the ground, and the match would most likely be over.

His grip on her ankles was just too tight. She tried to wriggle her way out of his grasp, but to no avail. The Minotaur gave a shout as he slammed Melissa into the floor. Her face smashed into the concrete, and she immediately lost consciousness. The crowd starting cheering, and The Minotaur was loving every second of the attention. He looked down at his opponent, and noticed blood starting to pool under her head. He lifted her head up by her hair to reveal her bloody face, eyes rolled back and jaw totally slack. He placed one of his massive hands under her chin, with his other still holding on to her hair. The Minotaur violently twisted Melissa's head, giving off a gross popping and crackling sound. He then took his hand off of her chin but continued holding on to her hair. He shook her head around a few times to show off his win for the day, then slammed it back down into the hard floor. The flyers had failed to mention that death was a common outcome for the losers of the Death Dojo.

Being upside down was incredibly disorienting, but she managed to somehow grab on to her opponent's ankles just as he was going to slam her down. This surprised The Minotaur, and the force of himself yanking on his opponent who in turn yanked on him caused him to lose his footing. Both Melissa and The Minotaur came crashing down onto the floor. Melissa might find the situation comical if she wasn't currently afraid for her life. They wouldn't allow the fights to go that far, would they?

"I WILL KILL YOU!" shouted The Minotaur.

Well then, it would be a good idea to at least assume that death is a possibility here.

Melissa scrambled up to her feet. The Minotaur was strong, but she was fairly thin and could move quickly. The Minotaur was on his hands and knees, and Melissa saw this as an opportunity to strike. She kicked the muscle-bound oaf hard in the stomach. He laughed. She screamed in pain. Damn he's solid! Well, maybe if she kicked him several times, it would weaken him?

Melissa tried to kick her thick solid opponent again, but this time The Minotaur caught her foot. He brought her down to the ground as he grabbed her legs and flipped her over onto her stomach. She tried to crawl away, but to no avail. The Minotaur put her into a boston crab. He slowly bent her in half. Melissa screamed out as she could feel and hear the bones in her back breaking. She felt a second of relief as The Minotaur eased up on the pressure, then he put everything he had into bringing her legs down on top of her body. The Minotaur sat down on top of Melissa's head while still holding her legs. Melissa felt excruciating pain, and then nothing at all.

The Minotaur let go of Melissa's legs, but they simply stayed in place. She was bent completely in half and totally limp. He could see she was still breathing, though barely. To remedy this, he kicked her legs apart, as they were resting on her head, then he stomped down on the back of Melissa's head. After twitching a few times, Melissa's movements stopped completely. The Minotaur flexed his muscles and drank in the crowd's excitement. They chanted his name as he walked out of the ring, and no one there even remembered the name of the poor girl who lost the first match of the day to The Minotaur.

No, that would probably lead to her death! She needed a plan, and fast. She couldn't take many hits from this man. She was still dizzy from the clothesline. She looked around the room, but couldn't come up with any ideas. Leaving the ring lead to disqualification, and the way they said the word, "disqualification" led her to believe she would be better off in the ring. At least in here she could clearly see her enemy, and as he finally got up on his feet, she could clearly see that he was very big.

"Well, the bigger they are, the harder they f-FUCK!"

The Minotaur charged at Melissa and she barely got out of the way in time. His head was down and he charged like a bull.

"Why do they call you The Minotaur instead of just The Bull?"

"Bull was already taken. Plus Minotaur sounds scarier."

"Ah. OH SHIT!"

The Minotaur charged again, and again Melissa barely dodged in time. She looked around the room again to see if she could spot anything at all she could use against her opponent. Then she saw it. The pillars in the corner of the ring. They looked sturdy enough, maybe...

While Melissa was looking around, ignoring her very dangerous opponent, The Minotaur charged forward a third time, and this time found his mark.

"GWAAUGH!" Melissa was hit in her midsection by The Minotaur's head. He continued charging, taking Melissa with him, and they slammed into the very pillar Melissa was planning on luring The Minotaur into. Instead of The Minotaur's head smashing into the pillar, it was The Minotaur's head smashing into her body smashing into the pillar.

"GYAH! AHHHGHGHghgh....." Melissa went limp. The Minotaur stepped back and looked up into his opponent. She was embedded into the pillar. He watched as she started to fall out of the indentation they put into it. As she landed on her knees, The Minotaur stopped her from falling completely by grabbing her by the neck. She gagged a little, though she was mostly unconscious. He smacked her a few times in the face. "Wake up, girl."

As her eyes slowly opened, all she could see was a giant man in front of her. His hand was around her neck. This wasn't good. She clawed at his arm as he lifted her up into the air by her throat. He slammed her into the pillar multiple times until her arms fell limp and she lost consciousness again. He grabbed her neck with his other hand so that he now had both hands on her throat. He squeezed as hard as he could and heard a crunching sound. Melissa's body twitched a few times then stopped. He held her there for about half a minute to make sure she was completely finished. Then he just let go and she crumpled to the floor.

The repair bill for the broken pillar would be all on him, but if he won a few more fights it wouldn't really matter. Whatever it took to win, he would win. Nothing and no one would stop him.

The Minotaur charged yet again. He was strong, but awfully predictable. His lack of creativity could be his downfall. Hopefully!

Melissa maneuvered herself so that she was directly between one of the pillars and The Minotaur. If she timed this wrong, she would be the meat in an incredibly violent sandwich. The Minotaur raised his head. Was he done charging? Melissa really needed him to charge one more time.

The Minotaur smiled. "I see what you are doing! You want to trick me! You cannot trick me! I am smart!"

"You're not smart. You're a big fat ugly stupid sack of SHIT!"

"Wha!? I AM NOT FAT!"

The Minotaur charged headfirst towards Melissa, and headfirst into the pillar as she dodged him just in time. CRACK!


Damnit! He was still conscious! Though it looked like he was stuck! Well, she could see if she could finish him off somehow, or she could try to make a run for it.

Fuck this place, Melissa had to get out, and now was her best chance. Everyone seemed surprised that this relatively small girl could cause that kind of damage to a man that size (though he caused that damage himself), she thought she could get away in the shock and confusion. She ducked under the rope serving as the line of the ring and ran as fast as she could towards the exit. A big man about the same size as The Minotaur appeared in front of her, and somehow she was now looking back at the ring. How is that possible? She never turned around, she should still be facing the exit. Then she realized, her head was on backwards. The second she realized the big security guard had snapped her neck, twisting it completely around to face the opposite direction she was standing, she crumpled to the floor, dead. The Minotaur wins by forfeiture!

She made it this far, the big oaf was stuck, she had some time to think up something. He was yelling quite loudly, so he must have really hurt himself. Surely she could do something! His head was almost entirely inside the pillar. She tried to chop at his neck, but all that did was hurt her hand. She pounded on his neck over and over again, and eventually it started to feel like she was affecting him. The Minotaur's movements were slowing down. Then she finally had an idea that would win her the match!

Melissa climbed up until she was standing on The Minotaur's back. She was pretty good at keeping her balance, so she wasn't afraid of falling off. Then The Minotaur twisted himself around, and she felt like she was riding on a bull.

"You REALLY should have been called The Bull."

Once she felt like she had regained her balance, she was ready to deliver her final blow. Melissa jumped up into the air...

...and completely screwed up her landing. She had intended to land on his neck, but instead she landed on his shoulder. She flipped over and fell to the floor. Instead of landing on The Minotaur's neck, she landed on the floor with her neck.


Her body toppled over and crumpled into a heap. The last sound Melissa heard was the sound of the audience laughing at her humiliating defeat. The Minotaur had won, though at the moment he wasn't sure exactly how or why.

After pulling his head out of the pillar, he looked around confused. Apparently the match was over and he was victorious. He looked down at the floor to see the silly girl in a twisted pile. He picked her up by her head and lifted her up to show off his new trophy. The audience cheered, and The Minotaur was laughing and smiling. He never had an opponent kill herself before!

...and landed directly on The Minotaur's thick neck. Between him twisting around and her entirely body weight being on his neck, that was enough to do some real damage. She heard a popping sound, and The Minotaur's thrashing stopped. She tumbled to the ground and landed on her back, knocking the wind out of her. The crowd went wild and started chanting her name.

"Melanie! Melanie! Melanie!"

Well, it was almost her name. Good enough. She blacked out.


When Melissa woke up, she noticed that absolutely everything hurt. Which she supposed was better than what The Minotaur was feeling, which was nothing at all. She realized she was lying on one of the bleachers. Apparently someone had dragged her here. As Melissa started to sit up, the man who came to her campus came up to her with a wad of cash. "$1000 for you, my sweet. You're either very lucky or very skilled at looking like you're very lucky."

"Am I in trouble for killing my opponent?"

"Oh no, dear. Many of our fights end in death. Forgive me, but it's very hard to advertise a tournament that believes that death is an acceptable occurrence in the ring. Authorities don't look too kindly upon death matches. Not all of our matches end in death, they go on until I decide that they are over."

"Would you have stopped the match before that idiot broke my neck or crushed me to death?"

"Absolutely, my sweet!"

Melissa felt he was being less than honest. She was glad to be alive and was more than ready to get out of this place.

"You may leave now with your money, of course, or you may stay and watch the remaining matches."

"I'm going to head home, and I don't think I'll be coming back here for round two next week."

"That's completely up to you, of course! You may take your money and stay home, content that you fought a fierce battle and triumphed. After all, a winner is a winner whether they fight one battle or one hundred."


The man got up and started to walk away. He took a few steps, paused and turned around.

"Of course, the winner of round two gets $10,000."

Melissa could really use that money.

"Round three is $100,000... the final round is..."

"A million, right, I remember."

"Think about it, others may choose to not return next week, then there would be less people you'd have to compete with..."

The man smiled and walked away. The next fight was about to start.

Melissa had a decision to make.



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2 - Eva VS Bonebreaker

Melissa had won her first fight. Which was good since losing a fight in the Death Dojo typically meant losing your life. Her opponent, The Minotaur, had charged at her, missed, and smashed into a pillar in the corner of the ring instead, and she was able, with great difficulty, to break his neck while he was stuck. They didn't even remove his body before the next fight started.

She wasn't sure if she was going to come back next week for Round Two, but she figured she could at least watch the next fight of the night. A name was called over the speakers of the venue. "Eva, please enter the ring!" A beautiful girl who appeared to be in her late twenties walked out on stage wearing a tight pink tank top and short blue denim cut-off shorts. She was barefoot, which seemed to Melissa to be a bad idea considering how dirty the floor was. The girl didn't look like a fighter at all. She was certainly in shape, but not in "fighter" shape. Maybe she was in a similar position as Melissa? Perhaps she just needed money. She looked like a nice girl, hopefully Melissa didn't have to face her in Round Two.

Face her in Round Two? Melissa apparently already made the decision to return next week. Well then, staying to watch the fights for fun just turned into watching the fights to see her future opponents and how they fight. Maybe she would see something that would give her an advantage. Melissa didn't want to die on a dirty concrete floor, so she knew she had a tough week of training ahead of her. She got lucky today, but she couldn't count on luck again. She watched Eva enter the ring, and another name was called over the speakers.

"Bonebreaker, please enter the ring!"

The crowd started cheering. Apparently some of them knew who this Bonebreaker was. The name was intimidating enough, but maybe it was just a scare tactic. The Minotaur was plenty strong, but maybe most of the other fighters were like her, inexperienced and just in need of cash. Bonebreaker entered the ring.

He was huge. Perhaps bigger than The Minotaur. She immediately felt scared for the girl in the ring, and herself as well. "There's no way I could beat that guy if I went up against him! What am I getting myself into? I can't come back next week!" Then she thought of the cash. $10,000 for Round Two. $100,000 for Round Three. "Well, maybe I'll just stop by a couple more times. I don't need to go all the way. Maybe I won't even face this guy. Maybe Eva will win!"

"Eva VS Bonebreaker, FIGHT!"

Eva, who had shoulder length red-brown hair, put up her fists in a typical fighter's stance. Bonebreaker, who was a very large dark skinned bald man wearing only black sweat shorts, cracked his knuckles and smiled.

"I, uh, I'm not af-f-fraid of you," Eva said to her opponent. Bonebreaker didn't say anything back. "Not one for conversation, then," Eva mumbled to herself.

Bonebreaker quickly rose a fist and feigned a punch towards his opponent. Eva yelped and fell back on her butt. This got a laugh out of the crowd. Eva's face turned bright red. She quickly scrambled back up to her feet and put on a serious facial expression that she didn't feel inside at all. She was terrified, but she wouldn't give her opponent the satisfaction of acting scared again. She wasn't expecting the fighting to be as dangerous as it was, the loser of the last fight's body was still in the corner of the ring! She was shocked that death was allowed here, and she had hoped she would go up against a merciful opponent. With a name like Bonebreaker, she had no confidence in that at all.

Bonebreaker feigned a punch again, and Eva flinched, but remained on her feet. Bonbreaker smiled. He feigned another punch, and finally Eva remained unfazed. This boosted her confidence.

Then Bonebreaker punched her in the face for real.

Eva fell back, fast. She hit the ground with the back of her head and was out cold. Blood gushed out of her nose, which was surely broken. Bonebreaker flexed his muscles to the crowd as they chanted his name. He went over to his fallen opponent and grabbed her by her face. Her whole face fit into one of his hands. He lifted her up in the air, and eventually she woke up. She started kicking and beating on his arm to try and get him to let go of her. He did. As he let go, his other hand, which was balled into a fist, struck Eva in the gut. She went tumbling head over feet and crashed into one of the pillars. Bonebreaker ran towards Eva, picked her up by her face again, and slammed her into the pillar. He punched her in the belly repeatedly until Eva fell unconscious. He let go and she crashed hard into the concrete floor. He grabbed her hair and brought her up to her knees. Bonebreaker then punched Eva in the face over and over again, eventually letting go of her hair as he hit her one more time. Eva fell to the floor again.

Bonebreaker could have ended the fight at any time, but he kept going. He lifted Eva up, this time bringing her up to her feet. She was still conscious, but only barely. She swayed back and forth, with blood dripping out of her once beautiful face. Bonebreaker was ready to live up to his name. He stomped on Eva's left foot hard and a crunching sound was heard, followed by an intense scream. Bonebreaker came down on her other foot, and Eva dropped to her knees. He grabbed ahold of her right hand, and bent each of her fingers back one by one. Eva was screaming and babbling nonsense. Bonebreaker bent back her wrist. CRUNCH! Then he struck her elbow. CRUCH! Then he bent back her whole arm. CRUNCH!

Bonebreaker grabbed on to Eva's other arm. "No no...p-p-please, not again. Just end it. Finish me! Just do it alreaAAAAAHHHHH!!!"

Bonebreaker broke every bone in her left arm like he did the right. He then grabbed Eva by the back of her head, put his other hand between her legs, and lifted her up in the air above his head. Eva tried to kick her legs to get free, but it was ineffective. Her arms of course were completely useless. Bonebreaker slammed Eva down on his knee in a brutal crunchy backbreaker. Eva went completely silent and limp. She was most likely out for good this time. But Bonebreaker wasn't one to leave things to chance. He beat her stretched out stomach several times, but Eva gave no reaction. Ready to be done with the fight, Bonebreaker lifted up Eva's head by her hair. He placed his other hand on her chin and twisted hard to the left. CRUCH! Then to the right. CRUNCH! Then to the left again! CRUNCH! He let go of Eva's head and she remained draped across Bonebreaker's knee, completely defeated. He picked her up and threw her hard into one of the pillar's that didn't have The Minotaur's head lodged into it. She hit it with a last hard CRUNCH and then crashed to the floor in a mangled heap.

Melissa felt sick to her stomach. Would she end up going against a maniac like that? Would her next opponent torture her before finishing her off? She imagined her face being beaten, her back being broken, and her neck being snapped. She imagined everyone laughing at her, the poor stupid dead girl, which wasn't hard since that's what they were doing right now at Eva. Suddenly she felt VERY sick. She got up and ran towards the door. The security guard recognized her as the winner of the first fight and stepped aside to let her leave. She ran around the corner of the building and threw up. She then started crying. Not because she was sad for the girl inside, but because she was afraid for herself. She was afraid because she knew she was going to be back next week. Because the fear of death wasn't quite as strong as her lust for battle. A lust that wasn't there even earlier today. There was something strange about the Death Dojo, but she knew she had to see it through to the end. For now though, she returned home and slept the heaviest sleep she had ever slept.


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3 - Melissa VS Star

Melissa had never worked so hard in her whole life.

After surviving her first battle at the Death Dojo and witnessing how brutal the fights can be, Melissa spent her whole week training. She studied different fighting styles and techniques for ending fights quickly. Melissa was fairly thin, so she knew she couldn't take many hits, especially considering most of the fighters were twice her size or bigger. But her first taste of victory gave her the motivation to keep going. If she could beat someone like The Minotaur, then she should be able to handle anything.

But not all opponents were big and slow.

Melissa returned to the Death Dojo the following week. This time she knew a bit more of what to expect, and her name was not called first so she got to watch a few fights. She had gotten over her shock of watching Bonebreaker completely destroy that poor girl Eva. She used her fear and her anger to her advantage to motivate her. One week wasn't a long time, so physically she hadn't changed much, but mentally she almost felt like a brand new person. This allowed her to actually enjoy watching the fights, and it let her study the different kinds of opponents she might face. The first fight she watched was between two men. One was a boxer and the other was a grappler. The grappler bent the boxer all different kinds of ways before his body finally gave out. Melissa felt confident that she could take on a grappler like that. She had gotten much faster with her attacks and could probably evade him. The second fight she watched was between two women. One looked very young and inexperienced, much like Melissa was with her first fight. She must have had some abilities, since she made it to Round 2, but her opponent was much older and more experienced than her. The older woman ended up wrapping her legs around the young girl and snapping her neck. Melissa felt bad for the girl since she reminded her of herself. She needed to be careful here. The last fight was between a pretty strong looking woman and a man who dressed up as a clown. The clown beat the woman senseless, and when she stopped moving, he beat her some more. There were lots of different kinds of fighters in the Death Dojo, so Melissa knew she had to expect anything.

Melissa's name was finally called. She wore a similar outfit to what she wore last time, just a simple shirt and shorts. She decided to go barefoot this time, since that's how she trained and it felt more comfortable to her. She was actually quite surprised at her opponent, because she was a very average looking woman. She went by the name of Star. She was slightly taller than Melissa, fair skin, had shoulder length blonde hair, and had small black stars painted under her eyes. Her outfit was quite plain: just a black tank top, a black denim skirt, black fingerless leather gloves, and black combat boots. She didn't look overly strong, and she didn't have much of a style, so Melissa wasn't able to really predict what she was in for.

The bell rang and the fight started. They circled each other slowly, trying to see who would strike first. Melissa got tired of waiting and charged ahead.

Melissa went straight for her opponent's face, and Star reacted accordingly. She dodged out of the way and struck Melissa in her face. This spun Melissa around, so her her opponent was behind her. Star wasted no time and kicked the back of Melissa's legs to bring her down to her knees. Star wrapped her arms around Melissa's neck and put her into a sleeperhold. Melissa tried her best to escape, but Star was too strong for her. Melissa went limp, and Star held her in place for a few more seconds. Then she yanked Melissa's head hard to one side, snapping her neck and killing her instantly. Melissa fell to the dirty concrete floor, while Star gave a sigh of relief. The crowd was angry at such a short fight, but Star didn't care. She needed this money more than anybody here, and she wouldn't let anybody else take home the prize.

Her opponent reacted instinctively and dodged out of way. Melissa had anticipated this. Her first attack was merely a feint. Melissa saw this maneuver on a Youtube video and hoped that it would work in the real world. Luckily for her, it did. As Star leaned back to avoid getting hit in the face, Melissa kicked at her leg, which caused Star to lose her balance. Star wobbled a bit, and Melissa brought her hands together and smashed Star in her chest, causing her to fall backwards onto her back. Melissa wasted no time and jumped on her opponent and started strangling her. It took Star a few moments to get over her embarrassment of her failed dodge and eventually she was able to overpower Melissa. Star managed to reverse her position, and now Star was on top of Melissa. Melissa felt her opponent's hands close around her throat as she struggled to breathe. The element of surprise was over. Now she needed to use her strength.

Melissa beat on Star's arms, but Star was just too strong for her. With every passing second her strength lessened more and more, until eventually her body went limp. Star then grabbed ahold of Melissa's head with both her hands.

"Sorry, girl, but I came here to win. This isn't personal..."

Star violently twisted Melissa's head to the left and then to the right, hearing a gross popping and crackling sound each time. Star left Melissa lying dead in the middle of the ring with a broken neck.

"Just a few more rounds to go," Star said to herself. "I can do this!"

Unfortunately, strength was not something Melissa had been able to build up in just a week. The grip around her throat got tighter and tighter. Melissa let her arms go limp, and her opponent lessened her grip. Star grabbed ahold of Melissa's head and said, "Sorry girl, but I came here to win. Nothing personal..."

Melissa's eyes shot open. "Sorry, but it feels kinda personal!" Melissa held out two fingers and poked her opponent right in her eyes. Star fell back screaming and holding her hands up to her face.

Melissa knew she wasn't all that strong, so she hoped she would be able to fake out her opponents. First she pretended to strike her opponent's face, then she pretended to lose consciousness as she was being strangled. Luckily for her, her opponent was gullible. She didn't know if this strategy would work against aggressive opponents, but Star seemed like a normal person with no real training, and she didn't have that bloodlust in her eyes like her previous opponent had. She felt confident she could beat her opponent now. In some ways, she even felt sad. Star was probably just like her, someone living day to day just trying to find a place in the world. Well, Melissa had found her place. She was a fighter now, and she couldn't let personal feelings get in her way. She would have to win.

Star wasn't happy about how the fight was going. "You stupid bitch! That fucking hurt! That was a cheap shot!"

"There are no cheap shots here! I'm fighting for my life!"

"Well you won't be fighting for long!"

Star charged forward, and this time, the two locked hands.

Melissa tried to overpower her opponent, which was a mistake. She pushed back with all her might, but Star was just stronger. Melissa fell to her knees, but Star wouldn't let up. Star managed to get Melissa all the way to the floor, lying on her back. Star let go of Melissa's hands and quickly struck her in the face. Melissa was struck over and over again, left, right, left, right, and finally, her face was struck hard in the middle. Her nose broke and blood poured out of it.

Star stood up and was happy to hear the crowd cheering for her. But the fight wasn't over. She had to finish off her opponent. She had killed her last opponent, but it was easy. He was gross and nasty, but her opponent now was just a girl like her. But it didn't matter, she NEEDED the money. It's amazing what one is capable of doing when you're not fighting for yourself, but for another...

Star pressed the heel of her boot onto Melissa's neck. Melissa's eyes got big, and she pleaded with her to let her go. Star had no choice, she came here to win, and that's what she was going to do. She pressed down hard until she heard a snap. The crowd cheered and Star left the ring. Star was glad she won, but she didn't know how many fights she had left in her. She would continue on anyway. She had to.

Melissa knew Star was stronger than her, so instead trying to overpower her opponent, she just went limp and fell to the ground. Star again lost her balance and she fell on top of Melissa. "Goddamnit! Just fight me like normal!"

The two rolled around on the ground. They hit each other, in the face, belly, chest, sides, all over. They pulled at each other's hair. The fight was starting to look like a stereotypical catfight that you would see in the streets or at a schoolyard. Both fighters seemed to forget their training and they just went at each other. At least the crowd was enjoying the show. Star's skirt had ridden up to reveal her white panties. A skirt probably wasn't the best fighting attire, but the crowd didn't mind.

Eventually, Star managed to get on top of Melissa. They both had each other's hair in their hands. Star pulled in Melissa's head quickly and gave her a nasty headbutt. Melissa fell back and was knocked out cold. Star went to stand up, but couldn't as she was very dizzy. "Maybe...that wasn't...the best idea..." Star lost consciousness as well.

Melissa awoke in an interesting position. Apparently she had lost consciousness, and now she was at the mercy of her opponent. Star's legs were wrapped around Melissa's head. Her head was pulled up all the way into Star's crotch.

"I'm sorry, but I have to kill you now. I know you would do the same, it is what it is."

Melissa grabbed at Star's thighs and tried to pry them off of her head, but to no avail. Star maneuvered Melissa around so now her thighs were around Melissa's neck. Melissa kept grabbed at and slapping Star's thighs, but Star had the advantage of both strength and motivation. Sure she felt bad about ending another one's life, especially a girl who was around her age. Maybe in another life they could have been friends, but their paths just happened to cross at the wrong time, and now one of them was going to die. And it wasn't going to be Star. She flexed and twisted Melissa's head quickly to the side. She felt her neck compress and her spine snap. Star held the position for several seconds as Melissa twitched and gurgled. Star twisted again just to be sure, then again just because she could. Finally she let the girl's head go. The crowd went wild, and all the positive attention gave Star a massive amount of confidence. She went on to become the fan favorite, while Melissa was completely forgotten by the next round.

Melissa's life flashed before her eyes, and she knew she was going to die. Then she had an idea. It was bold, but she was out of options. She bit down hard on Star's crotch.


Star quickly let go of Melissa, and they both rolled away from each other. Melissa knew she had the advantage now as Star was no longer paying attention to her. Now was a good time to try out that other maneuver she saw on Youtube.

Melissa jumped on Star and put her into a triangle choke hold with her legs. She may not have had the strength that Star had, but she managed to lock in the hold tightly. Star was still recovering from Melissa's surprise move and was shocked to find herself on the losing end of the fight.

"Please...ack!" Star started to beg for her life. "I'm just here... ACK! Trying to... get money...GCKKKK!"

"Please don't beg, you were going to kill me."

"Just trying to...AWWWCK! Money"

Melissa tightened the hold.

"GLLCK!! For my...child..." Star fell unconscious.

Melissa loosened the hold slightly, but kept Star locked in. She didn't have any family of her own, so she never really considered that other fighters may have had family. Apparently Star was a mother. Killing the Minotaur was easy, he was big and scary and ruthless. Star was just a girl with a kid who made a bad decision to fight in a death tournament. Was it a bad decision? Melissa had made the same decision. She returned for Round 2, just like Star did. Except Melissa was fighting because she wanted to. Because she had something inside of her that longed for a good fight. Star had a real reason to be here. To support her family.

As Melissa contemplated what she was going to do, Star woke up.

Melissa saw the look of fear in Star's eyes and let her go. Turns out her compassion was her downfall.

Star surprised Melissa with a strike to her belly. This knocked all the wind out of her. Star stood up and kicked Melissa over onto her belly.

"Thank you for losing, but now you have to die."

Star stomped down on Melissa's lower back. She felt and heard the bone give way. Melissa screamed and tried to crawl away, but she had no control at all over her legs.

"In another life we may have been friends, but in this one, you die so my child can live. Hyah!"

Star stomped down again and again on Melissa's back, shattering her spine all over. Melissa stopped moving and screaming. She was barely breathing anymore. She just wanted it all to be over. She got her wish.

Star stomped down on the back of Melissa's head and crushed it. Blood oozed out of Melissa's broken skull, spreading out and covering the concrete floor. Star sighed and thought she would never get the blood off of her boots, but then she decided she liked the way it looked and kept them bloody. She would have to hide them from her child, of course.

It was risky, but Star kept on fighting in the next rounds, and even in more tournaments. She fought and fought, until she eventually lost in the final round of another Death Dojo tournament. Her opponent was brutal. Star's head was completely removed from her body, but all the money she made in the tournaments was more than enough to give her child a good life.

Melissa looked into Star's eyes, and it broke her heart. She knew she was telling the truth about her child. Melissa felt bad, but she couldn't stop now. This was the Death Dojo. Only one of them would walk out of here alive, and she wasn't going to give her life away to anybody.

"I'm so, so sorry..."

Melissa tightened the hold, and she did exactly as the Youtube video she watched did. She twisted her body just the right way and snapped Star's neck. Star twitched a few times before falling still. Melissa let her go, and in all the excitement and shock of winning another fight and the sadness she felt and ending another girl's life caused her to have a complete mental breakdown. Someone had to come in and remove Melissa from the ring. Another came and dragged Star's body to the corner of the ring, where she was left throughout the rest of the night. During the last fight of the evening, one fighter picked up her body and used it as a human shield. Star's body was beaten and broken throughout that fight, and she was barely recognizable by the end of the night.

Melissa went home in hysterics, but she had more training to do. She would rest for tonight, but tomorrow, she went back to training. She needed to build up her strength if she was going to win this whole thing.



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4 - Melissa VS Painora

Melissa had spent her entire last week training. Not just her body, but her mind as well. She had almost lost it after she had killed her last opponent. She was just a girl, like Melissa, desperate for money and having no other real options. And Melissa had been the one to put an end to her dreams, and her life. Star was a girl fighting for her family, and now she was just another loser of the Death Dojo. Star had hopes and a life, and Melissa had broken her neck, ending everything for her.

She got over it.

Her grades were falling fast, any acquaintances she had had moved on. Melissa hadn't even attended classes in over a week. Every waking moment was spend in a ring or on her phone researching different fighting styles and ways to take out an opponent permanently. She had become completely obsessed with fighting, despite the fact that just a few weeks ago she had only a passing interest. She wanted to take some sort of martial arts class when she was a teenager, but her parents didn't want her fighting. If only they knew now what their daughter was into now.

Melissa's body was finally starting to show a difference. Her legs and arms were more toned, everything felt tighter, and she had abs now! Melissa never thought she would be the type of woman to have abs! She felt proud of her new look, and wanted to show off her newly toned body, so she just wore a gray sports bra and black gym shorts. Her brown hair was tied back in a pony tail, to keep it out of her face.

When Melissa got a look at the ring, she was surprised. There was a lot more going on than before. The ring itself was covered with a cage so no one could escape once the fight started, and each corner of the ring had some sort of death trap in it. One corner had a bed of spikes sticking up from the ground, one had a buzzsaw sticking out of the cage wall, another had a very heavy looking block of steel being suspended above it, which she assumed would come crashing down if anyone went underneath it, and the last corner had a rope dangling down with a noose on the end of it. Despite her training and studies, the Death Dojo always had new ways to surprise her.

The first name was called. "Painora, to the ring!"

A tall, dirty-blond haired, very muscular woman in a navy blue bikini top and black bikini bottoms entered the ring. Ah, Melissa had seen this very intimidating looking woman before. She had seen her put some inexperienced girl in a head-scissors hold and snap her neck. It was a very short and completely one sided fight, so Melissa knew this woman was nothing to mess with. She had no mercy or pity for her weaker opponent. She saw a quick way to victory, and she took it. Melissa hoped she didn't have to go up against her right off the bat.

"Melissa, to the ring!"

Well, okay then.

Melissa stood up, adjusted her sports bra, and walked towards the ring. On her way there, she saw something that shook her to the core. It was The Minotaur. Her first opponent, the one that had almost killed her several times over, the one that SHE had killed by jumping on his neck, was now sitting in the stands watching her enter the ring. How was this possible? He was dead. His body had been left in the ring for the whole night.

"Melissa, we're all waiting for you! We'd hate to disqualify you!"

She had stopped and stared in astonishment, but the announcer brought her back to her senses. She quickly entered the ring. She looked around to see if she could see The Minotaur again, but with all the people in the crowd, she couldn't find him.

The bell rang.

Painora slowly approached her opponent. She seemed totally distracted, like she was trying to find someone in the audience. Well, whatever, she wasn't going to wait for her. Painora was here to win. She lifted one of her incredibly strong legs and kicked Melissa in the back of the head. A loud CRACK sound was heard, and she fell down totally limp, hitting the ground with her eyes and mouth wide open.

"Dead already? How did you make it this far?! You were even easier than that stupid girl I fought last week!"

Painora, glad with the win, was still disappointed at the total lack of action in the fight. She stomped down on the back of Melissa's head, just because it was something to do. Not wanting the death traps to go to waste, she grabbed Melissa's legs and dragged her over to the heavy steel block suspended in the air. She threw Melissa under it and it came crashing down loudly on top of her body. It slowly rose back into the air, revealing a bloody mess underneath. Melissa's body was unrecognizable, it was just a stain on the ring and on the block now.

The most important part of fighting: actually pay attention to your opponent!

Melissa didn't even see her opponent approach her until the last second. She would have to put her questions out of her mind so she could focus on the battle she was now in. Painora kicked at her with her powerful legs, but Melissa was able to jump out of the way just in time. Her opponent kept kicking at her, and Melissa kept backing up. If she wasn't careful she would be backed into a corner, then she'd be stuck.

She heard a loud noise behind her.

Right, she wouldn't be stuck, she would be sawed in two. Painora must have been trying to push her into the buzzsaw, but she wouldn't fall for that.

Painora kicked at Melissa again, but Melissa pirouetted out of the way and attempted to kick Painora into the buzzsaw. Her kick connected, but Painora was too sturdy. Painora was quick to retaliate and backhanded Melissa across the jaw. Melissa took the hit, which caused her to bite down on her tongue. She spit a glob of blood out of her mouth, but instead of being afraid or angry, she smiled. Melissa had taken a hit from a very strong opponent, yet she remained standing. For the first time she felt like she actually belonged in the ring, and could go toe to toe with anybody.

Still, more hits like that could be bad...

This time, Melissa went on the offensive, and started backing Painora into one of the corners. She seemed to be humoring Melissa. It was possible that she was luring her into the corner so she could turn around and push Melissa onto the spikes. Fighting was at least as much of a mental game as a physical one, maybe even more so. She would have to be careful, and watch for any sudden movements.

The two were close to the bed of spikes now. There were several rows of one foot tall spikes sticking up from the ground. Melissa hoped she could somehow cause her opponent to slip up and fall onto them, but she would have to make sure that she herself would not be the one to be skewered.

Easier said than done. Painora was right next to the bed of spikes now. Just one more step back and she would lose her balance and be impaled. Melissa got a bit too excited at how close to victory she was and tried to push Painora back with both of her arms stretched out. Painora stepped to the side and Melissa was wide open. Painora lifted Melissa up into the air and slammed her down onto the spikes below. The spikes had impaled Melissa, going into her back and out her stomach and chest, and there was one that went through the back of Melissa's head and out of her mouth, and another coming out of her forehead. Blood splattered upwards and covered Painora. The crowed cheered at the first win of the night. Blood pooled out under Melissa's body. The loser of the next fight, this one a female Tae Kwon Do trainer in a blue bikini, was also impaled on the spikes on top of Melissa, face down. Seems the spikes were the most popular death trap for the evening!

Painora was standing right next to the spikes now. Melissa felt so close to victory. Then she realized, trying to land a blow on Painora now would be a foolhardy move. Painora wasn't dumb, she knew she was close to the spikes, she must be planning something. Melissa felt it would be wise to retreat at this point. She slowly backed up to the center of the ring. Painora looked disappointed for a second, but she quickly brushed it off. Melissa wouldn't make the match that easy. She would put up more of a fight than that!

The two circled each other slowly, each waiting to see who would strike first. Melissa had spent a lot of time this past week studying defensive techniques, since it wouldn't matter how strong she got if one hit would knock her out. The crowd started to boo as neither fighter went in for the attack. Melissa didn't care, she wanted to win the match, not win over the crowd. Painora on the other hand, apparently wanted to be liked by the crowd, as she darted towards Melissa as soon as the crowd started to turn on them.

So Painora cared about putting on a good show? Good to know.

Melissa was able to parry and block most attacks, but a few punches made it through. She would have to start going on the offensive if this match was going to turn in her favor. Again, she was being backed into a corner. This was the one with the noose. Melissa would have to make sure not to get knocked out around the noose, or else she may find herself hanging from it.

Melissa's back hit the wall as Painora continued her assault. Melissa's defenses started to falter as she took more and more hits. Melissa felt a hand close around her throat as her opponent started mercilessly beating her in the stomach and face. Her arms were at her sides and her defenses were nothing now. She had taken too many hits, and she could barely see anything anymore. Her head was spinning, and she barely felt the punches anymore. Painora let go and Melissa fell to her knees and she wobbled in place. Painora brought her fist back, put it in the air, threw hear head back, and roared, exciting the crowd.

Painora's fist connected with Melissa's face, and she blacked out. Melissa had been knocked unconscious right under where the noose hung. She awoke on the ground to find the noose was now around her neck. Well, that wasn't good.

She felt a tug, which caused her quickly to stand. Her hands instinctively went for the noose, but it was too tight for her to do anything with. She reached back to try and untie it, or do anything, but it was all useless. She felt another tug, and now Melissa was on her tiptoes. She lost her composure and started pleading with her opponent to stop.

"Please, not like this! Just finish me in the ring, I'll let you do it, I just don't want to hang!"

"It's not your choice how you lose, girl, it's my choice! And I say you hang!"

Painora yanked on the rope and pulled Melissa into the air about a foot off the ground. Melissa kept trying to grab at the noose with her hands, and her legs started kicking in the air, though there was nothing for her to reach. Painora tied her end of the rope to the cage wall, and approached Melissa and started using her as a training bag. She punched and kicked at her midsection, and Melissa's face was turning red. She tried to scream, but nothing but gagging and gurgling noises came out. Melissa was held up by her neck for several more minutes as her body was beaten by her ruthless opponent. Her arms were getting very heavy. She was barely able to relieve the pressure from her neck by holding on to the noose, but her strength was fading, and her face was purple at this point. She couldn't hold up her arms anymore, and her whole body went limp as her eyes rolled back. Painora could have stopped and taken the win, but she kept using Melissa as a training bag for five more minutes. Melissa's limp body swayed back and forth after each hit. Painora finally finished with a kick straight into Melissa's belly. The force of the kick caused her body to swing around for many more minutes, well into the next fight.

There it was. Painora's showboating. Melissa gathered up all of her remaining strength, brought both of her hands together, and smashed them into Painora's womanhood. Painora screamed and fell to her knees. One thing Melissa learned in her studies: in a life or death scenario, there is no such thing as a cheap shot. The crowd stopped cheering for a second as they tried to process the turn of events. They decided they liked the way the fight was now going, and started cheering for Melissa. She used the excitement and the adrenaline coursing through her body to get to her feet. She kicked Painora across the jaw, which caused her to bite her tongue. She spit a glob of blood out onto the floor, much like Melissa did earlier in the match.

"Now we're even, bitch!"

Melissa tried to kick her again, but it was blocked. Painora and Melissa traded blows back and forth. Melissa was practically high on adrenaline now, as she barely felt anything. The two were beating each other bloody, and eventually they made their way back to the buzzsaw. They both struck each other in the face at the same time, and they both fell to the floor. Painora jumped on top of Melissa and started choking her. Melissa returned the favor by choking Painora. They were close to the buzzsaw now. If Melissa could just push her back a few more inches, then perhaps...

Painora's grasp was too tight. Her strength was all spent. Her arms fell to the ground as she lost consciousness. Painora held her grasp for several seconds longer to make sure she was out for good. Painora rose to her feet and looked backwards. She shuddered, noticing how close she had gotten to the buzzsaw. Then she looked down at her opponent and had an idea.

She picked up Melissa by her throat and her crotch and held her horizontally. Painora shouted to the crowd, "Do you want to see some blood?" The crowd cheered. "Do you want to see a fatality?!" The crowd cheered even more, some standing up, others stomping the ground to make more noise. "Then let's see what's inside this stupid girl!"

Painora held Melissa out towards the buzzsaw and pushed her body up against it. The saw cut into her body like it was nothing. It bisected Melissa through her stomach. Her legs fell to the floor, and Painora held her up into the air by her throat. Melissa's arms dangled loosely at her sides as the top half of her body was held up by Painora. Blood and guts dropped out from under her open torso. Painora grabbed one of Melissa's ankles and held up her legs. Now both sides of Melissa were being held up and shown to the audience. She posed for people who wanted to take pictures, and the image of the strong warrior holding up two halves of her beaten opponent went on to become the official logo of the Death Dojo.

Feeling one last burst of energy, Melissa put everything she had into pushing back Painora. The sound the buzzsaw was making suddenly changed, and the hands around her throat suddenly let go. Painora let out a blood curdling scream. Melissa continued pushing backwards. Painora's body was twitching violently on top of Melissa. Finally, with her hands around Painora's throat, she pushed her head all the way back and Melissa saw the buzzsaw come through Painora's head. Her head was sawn completely in two. Blood shot out and hit Melissa in the face, which may have freaked her out a couple weeks ago, but now she laughed maniacally. She pushed Painora off of her, rose to her feet, put a fist in the air, and heard the crowd cheering for her. She looked down at her opponent, with her head split open. She should have felt bad. She should have felt sorry for the woman. But she felt only elation at having won the fight. She had won her third round, which meant there was only one left. Melissa had made it to the final round. She knew her next fight would be the toughest yet, but she didn't worry about that now. Now, she was a winner, and winners don't worry.

Winners rest.

She left the ring, left the venue, sat in her car, and fell asleep.

She dreamt of The Minotaur. Back from the dead. Out to get her.

Out for revenge.



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5 - Melissa VS Bonebreaker

It was the final match of the Death Dojo Tournament. Melissa couldn't believe she had made it all the way here. So many tough fighters, and yet she always managed to find their weakness and exploit it. She could have been killed several times over by each of her previous opponents, and yet, here she was, standing in the middle of the Death Dojo ring awaiting her final opponent.

The ring this time was barebones. It was simply a white chalk square on a concrete floor. No ropes, no deathtraps, no cage, no nothing. Seems they wanted the final fight to be between just the two combatants with nothing at all to get in the way. That was fine with her. She was ready for anything.

Melissa had trained even harder this week than previous weeks. The Death Dojo was her obsession. She also had the strange encounter with The Minotaur last week, at least she thought she saw The Minotaur. After several days passed, she convinced herself that what she saw was somebody else who just looked like him. The Minotaur was dead, she had seen to that herself, back when she was just a new fighter. She got lucky then, but there was no more room for luck. Her opponent would be the toughest she had ever faced, they had to be to make it this far. She had a pretty good feeling that she knew who her opponent was going to be, because she had yet to go up against him, and she had yet to see him lose.

It had to be Bonebreaker. The man who absolutely destroyed that poor girl Eva. It was the fight that almost made Melissa quit fighting for good. Eva had reminded her so much of herself, so to see her beaten and broken like that was hard to watch. That easily could have been herself.

It still could be.

No. It could not. She had worked too hard to get here to let it all go away. She would win this tournament, then she would live off of the prize money. Maybe she could enter some fights here and there to keep her skills up, but these death matches were too dangerous. She knew if she kept going it would all end badly for her. She would have to take down her opponent and then call it quits. She hoped that time away from the Death Dojo after she had won would help lessen her interest in fighting. Being in this venue had an intoxicating effect that made fighting the most appealing thing in the world. She knew after this she would be able to get back to her studies and live a relatively normal life. After spending a bit of her prize money, of course!

Melissa stood in the ring in a black bikini. Her body was in the best shape of her life, she was going to show it off! She had made amazing progress in the four weeks since she started fighting. She hoped it would be enough for this final fight.

It had to be.

Finally, her opponent entered the ring. As she thought, it was Bonebreaker. The large dark-skinned bald man cracked his knuckles. He wore only black sweat shorts. His physique was incredible. There couldn't have been an ounce of fat on his entire body. Melissa had been working out and training hard in the past four weeks, and she was now in the best shape of her life, but she was still far from being that much in shape. She didn't think it would ever be possible to gain that much mass. At least not without some sort of drug. Melissa had done it all the natural way, which she knew was better anyway. She wondered if Bonebreaker had taken anything to get where he was.

"Is that your secret, big guy? You a junkie? Are those muscles even real?"

Bonebreaker hardly reacted.

"Right, you're a quiet one. I can respect that. But I don't respect cheaters! I bet you used to be a skinny little man!"

Still no reaction.

"Alright," Melissa said to herself, "getting into his head may not be an option. He may not have a brain to get into! Hmm, everybody has a weakness, what's his?"

Bonebreaker, tired of waiting for his opponent to attack, decided to be the one to start the fight. He slowly walked up to Melissa, and stared her down. The two were mere inches away from each other. The difference in size between the two was comical. Melissa just put her hands on her hips. She would not back down. Bonebreaker was an intimidating man, but she wasn't going to show him any of the fear she was feeling.

Her forehead started to sweat, and Bonebreaker smiled. Then he headbutted her. Hard.

Melissa went down in surprise. She was waiting for him to make a move. She figured she would be able to see an attack coming because of how big he was. And now she was sitting on her ass because she didn't think about the head being used in an attack.

"Ow! Is there a brain in that head at all? Feels like solid rock!"

Still hoping to get a reaction out of her opponent, Melissa taunted Bonebreaker to no avail. She got back up to her feet, but nearly lost her balance as she stood up.

"Great, seeing stars already. I've got to find a weakness fast. I'd like to keep all my bones in tact." Melissa remembered back to the fight she saw with Bonebreaker and Eva. He had broken essentially every bone in her body, then snapped her neck over and over again until there was nothing left to snap. That wasn't going to be her! She had worked too hard!

Melissa used a kick against Bonebreaker that she had been practicing all week. It was meant to take out an opponent's knee to incapacitate them. She figured she could give Bonebreaker a taste of his own medicine and break one of his bones! Her kick landed, but nothing happened. Bonebreaker remained as sturdy as ever. Melissa kicked him again. And again and again. The man wasn't even blocking her attacks! He was taking them like they were nothing to him! He was just toying with her!

Melissa was starting to lose her confidence. She had to psych herself back up. "You've made it this far! You deserve to be here! You've beaten three people already, you only need to beat one more, then you can rest! You can do it, you have to!"


Melissa performed a move she had practiced a lot but never thought she would ever be able to use. A roundhouse kick! She spun around and used her momentum to build up strength in her attack. She had practiced it over and over and finally felt like she had mastered it. But instead of her kick landing on her opponent's face, it landed in Bonebreaker's hand. He caught her leg! He held on to her leg, and she started hopping up and down to try and keep her balance.

"Let go and fight me, you neanderthal!"

Bonebreaker raised her leg a little bit higher, and Melissa struggled to keep her composure. He started walking towards Melissa while holding her leg. She hopped and hopped until finally Bonebreaker had lifted her leg up too high for her to remain standing. Her body flipped over and now she was being held in the air upside down by her calf. Bonebreaker slammed a fist into her belly several times and she bounced around in the air.

"Ooof! Oooof! OOOOFF!"

Bonebreaker tossed Melissa up into the air and then punched her one more time and she went tumbling away from him. Wasting no more time, he quickly approached her before she could stand back up and this time picked her up by her face. Bonebreaker held her up and punched her over and over again in the stomach.


Melissa was afraid now. Really, really afraid. She couldn't come up with any ideas on how to take down this seemingly invincible man. It was like fighting a wall, both in regards to his physicality and mental state. He might as well have been an android. And how do you take down an unstoppable machine?


Melissa lost her train of thought as she was being beaten in the stomach. Her arms fell limply to her sides, but the punishment continued. Bonebreaker continued punching Melissa's stomach as she put up no resistance. Finally growing bored with that, he placed a hand on her crotch and rotated her so that she was horizontal. He slammed her left side down into a sideways backbreaker, picked her back up, rotated her, slammed her into a regular backbreaker, picked her up again, and slammed her right side into his knee. This time he let go and she bounced off his knee onto the ground. He then stomped on her back, and her body flopped in place.

Melissa awoke in total agony. She felt like her spine had been turned into mush, and she couldn't feel her legs at all. She tried crawling away, even though she knew there was nowhere she could go. She army crawled with her arms, dragging her legs limply behind her. The then felt her body being dragged back into the center of the ring. She was terrified now. She never should have come back after her first fight. What was she thinking? She wasn't a fighter! She was just a college student! Did she seriously think she could win a fighting tournament? Some of these people had been fighting for years, she was only fighting for four weeks! Some of them were fighting for their families, or for a better life than what they had, she just wanted the money! She didn't even really have a plan for the money! She didn't even really know why she was here at all! What was wrong with this place?!

Everything was upside down now. Bonebreaker had lifted Melissa up by one of her legs, again. Then the world started spinning. Bonbreaker spun Melissa around and around and around again, until finally raising her over his head and slamming her hard into the concrete floor. She smacked into the ground back first. She was totally immobile now. All she could do now was wait for the end, or possibly a miracle. She saw Bonebreaker come into view, looking down at her and smiling. She had a terrible feeling that a miracle would not be coming for her. All that awaited her now was death.

She should have stopped after her first fight.

Bonebreaker kicked Melissa hard in the head. Her eyes were totally unfocused, and she was quietly moaning something about "staying home" and "not a fighter." Bonebreaker kicked her several more times. Her arms flopped after each kick. Blood sprayed out of her nose and mouth, and several teeth flew out after the third kick to her face.

"I'm going to die. I'm going to die in a bikini in front of a bunch of strangers because I just had to prove myself. This isn't me at all. I don't even know how I got here. I wish I never heard about this place. I never should have come."

With a fifth and final kick, Melissa lost consciousness. Bonebreaker rolled her over onto her stomach. He grabbed her hair and pulled her up to her knees. He held her there until she woke back up.

When Melissa awakened, she knew it was the end. Bonebreaker had both hands on her head. One swift twist and it would be all over. She had one last idea, though she knew it wouldn't work.

"Hey," she said, and smiled. "Hey, I COUGH, ungh." Melissa spit up a glob of blood out of her mouth, and it dribbled down her chin into the ground. "I don't suppose...gck.. ack...ugh. I don't suppose you could...gyuh... you could... let me live?"

Bonebreaker looked down at his opponent, and for the first time, Melissa heard his voice. He was laughing. She started laughing too. The two shared a lighthearted moment, then he violently twisted her head and killed her. Bonebreaker snapped Melissa's neck over and over again, laughing the entire time. Then he started rotating her head around and eventually spun it around 360 degrees, all while holding her up to her knees. He kept spinning her head around until eventually the skin in her neck ripped open and her head came off. Her headless body fell backwards so that her knees were still bent. Bonebreaker lifted Melissa's head up to the crowd, and they all cheered, practically insane with excitement. After awhile he dropped her head and it rolled next to her body, resting by her leg. Melissa had made it all the way to the final match, only to be totally annihilated by Bonebreaker, who had now won the Death Dojo Tournament for the ninth time.



In the crowd sat the man that Melissa thought she saw last week: The Minotaur. Next to him was the man who introduced Melissa to the Death Dojo in the first place: the man with the skull-like appearance.

"What do you think, Minotaur, she put on a good show for us, did she not?"

"Yes, good performance."

"It would be a shame for it all to end here, would it not?"

"Yes, it would not."

"Hmm, then I guess it's time we got to work!"

"Yes, get to work."



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Oh wow, I gotta say this was... a great journey even! :D I'd argue this is one of the best if not the best story I've read so far, including thousands RPs on f-list.

It just hit all the right spots, the setup is very similar to Billion Fight comix (can be found on, the college student turning into fighter, it was quite belivable enough, all the motivation and training. The harsh reality and brutality of bad ends, the multiple early bad ends concept that I first read in your Sonya Blade's stories until I found this. This is even better, tbh. A cute girl out of her place.

Then the foreshadowing of the finale with the Bonebreaker by making her watch him fighting another girl first, that was just perfect too.

Makes me wanna write something like that too. Some day maybe. If you're not against using your Death Dojo setting, I could use some similar too though.

The little humour in the end was perfect, and the way her body fell on it's back with legs sitll bent is one of my favorite poses. Along with decapitation being one of my fav kinks.

The only thing missing, for me, was complete lack of sexual interaction, I imagine that at least some of those fighters would enjoy the spoils of their victory and take advantage of their opponents bodies, unconscious or dead. Not every bad end should have this, maybe not even every fight, but sprinkled here and there it would be a blast.

I'm surprised there are no other comments here. Great job. Great story.


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Thanks for your kind words! I wrote the different pieces over the course of several weeks. The first part was actually the first piece I wrote like this.

The Death Dojo is kind of the general setting for most of my stories. I've written a few one offs that I'll probably eventually post here, and I plan on writing plenty more. I also plan on continuing the "main" story of the Death Dojo, but following a new character, though that doesn't necessarily mean we won't see Melissa again! Dead fighters have been known to show up again from time to time...

I tend to keep sexual content out of most of my stories, though I'm not opposed to it. I just like focusing on the brutality of the fights themselves. It's just more fun for me to write that way. And feel free to use the setting or characters in your own stories, just make sure to give credit where credit is due! :wink:


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That was really amazing, keep up the good work, I hope we can see more of the Death Dojo soon :wink:

The only sugestion I could really make here is trying to post image references for the main characters, but that's more of a personal taste really, when it comes to the writing and style itself I don't think there's a single thing I'd like to see changed, amazing job!


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BW30 BW30 Ah, I brainfarted, Sonya vs Kano was before this one :D I looked at your Joined date instead of post date, and thought you posted this in august :D And I was surprised that you used spoilers thought I remember suggesting you using them in the first place. Makes sense now :D

Anyway, if I do anything related to Death Dojo I will likely post it in the same thread, makes sense to keep it all in one place? Thought if there are a lot of comments (and I'm not helping it right now haha) it may get harder to find new stories mixed in with comments.

I, myself, actually also have a few worlds developed over time. Might use those as well, haha. Each has respective room on by the way, and even chat bots with unique fighting rules each. I currently maintain the UFL one, with Rendezvous Fight handed over to another guy who maintains it now. They even have their own art, some custom arenas I made in 3D and rendered and logos I made as well. Here are their rough descriptions:

For detailed description you can view this page:
And here is a link to the old profile that I maintained, it has more lore information

It was my first world for such ryona stories, unfortunately I started writing in another language, so all stories require translating which I'm too lazy to do :D But then it turned out pretty well into this fight concept for RPs in a public room with a chatbot that controls the flow of the fight.

The initial TLDR idea is that there's a TV\Streaming show, people download an app on their phones, sort of like Tinder but for fighters, haha. And this app then takes care of matchmaking, and also selecting locations for fights, as there's no central arena, but just random locations in the city with hidden cameras around them. More available on the old profile link under "RENDEZVOUS FIGHT WORLD. All you need to know about it. " collapse\spoiler box.

It has it's own website now, with all the info posted there, as well as fighter roster, battle logs, and whatnot: UFL MAIN PAGE

And here's lore information: Documentation: Ufl Universe And Background

UFL universe and background
UFL stands for Underground Fighting League.
Bot's setting is generic and does not restrict you to any type of roleplay, you can use the system freely in any setting you like, as long you discuss it with your opponent.
However, here is a baseline, or 'default' backstory for RPs with this bot.
Everything takes place in a modern fantasy world. A world which looks a lot like nowadays or near future, but it has place for all sorts of creatures in it. Anthros and monsters are a part of this world. Anthros can often be seen on the streets, but there are racial conflicts between them and humans. Monsters can come out of scientific experiments. Demons live in the underworld and rarely appear among humans. A lot of humans and anthros don't even know Demons exist.
UFL is illegal but very well organized Fighting League. They manage to put up shows as epic and grand as your WWE fights, with large arenas, crowds of people, TV Screens and Spotlights, and their Announcer - red haired woman in purple dress (UFL Bot tries to act like this announcer). Most people just call her "Red" or simply "Announcer". No one knows her real name.
They mostly set their fights up in underground locations, like underground hangars, large basements of bars, abandoned subway stations. And they manage to gather a lot of people.
Why they are illegal? Because these are basically gladiator fights. No real rules, no limits. Only one thing matters - entertainment of the paying crowd.
Why fighters keep coming here? Because of the HUGE prizes. Even one victory here can give you enough money for a few years at least. Because of the THRILL, as you can never know if you'll leave this fight healthy or even alive. Will they accept your submission? Will your opponent just knock you out and be done with it? Or will the crowd demand a FATALITY? And because of the GLORY. Nothing can beat the feeling of dominating your opponent in any way you like, showing your power, dominance, and bathing in crowd's cheers... or booing!

While locations vary, each club here is part of a network of underground fight clubs in the modern fantasy\near future world.

Fights in general can have the feel and atmosphere of either of these: WWE, MMA, Mortal Kombat or Gladiators.

They are all governed by people above the law, but still authorities often try to ruin this network from within, sending spies and the like. So far everyone who tried to bring it down was killed, either by assassins or in one of the fighting events. Sometimes agents pose as fighters and just dont handle it and die. Sometimes they are busted and forced to fight in an uneven match, which is a form of execution with no chance of winning.

Rules may differ from fight to fight, from night to night, but one thing remains - no limits. Rules are usually there to either spice things up... or make a fight look less 'dangerous' for some fighters. For example - pin to win. Or strip to win. But it's often easier to achieve it when your opponent is crippled or dead.

Who fights here? All sorts of people and creatures and anthros. Some make a career out of it, some just go for a quick buck, some are lured into the fight by some false pretense and misinformation.

Speaking of Laura - The basic idea is that Laura is a young girl, a student or works at some boring job, and it just does not pay the bills. One of her hobbies was amateur wrestling, so when she heard about this underground fight club that offers large sums of money and up to a million dollars for the winner of the tournament she signed up and started preparing for it...

How do they keep it secret? They keep tabs on anyone who ever visits this place. And if they find out that someone leaked information about the club to authorities... Let's just say they don't live to see another day after that.

Some possible fight club locations and fight stages that fights can occur in. These are here to help quickly set the background for RP.


  • A fight club hidden under a bar in one of US towns
  • A fight club deep in the forest of Russian rural area
  • A fight club that stages fights on the beach, any country
  • A fight club that takes place in Phuket, Thai, on one of the 'fun streets' under one of the bars

So... pretty much very similar to what you describe. I guess I could just go with UFL and my OC to not hijack your thread :D


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6 - Melissa Awakens

I hope you guys like exposition dumps! As a counter balance for the lack of action in this one, I've included a picture of Melissa at the end! I'm very excited to finally have a visual representation of her! Thanks to B0nyKnight over on DeviantArt for the artwork!


Melissa awoke screaming.

"Oh hello, sleepyhead! Looks like you're awake!"


"If you would stop screaming, I may be able to answer the question I think you just asked."

Melissa looked up into the eyes of a pleasant looking woman, which was a sharp contrast to the room she was in and how she was currently feeling. She remembered being in a fight against a very large man. She remembered being on her knees, and the man had his hands on either side of her head.

She remembered getting her neck snapped.

He twisted, then twisted again, and the next thing she knew she was right here, in this room, on this table, wondering if this was either heaven or hell. She still remembered the feeling of the bones in her spine and skull rubbing against each other, and the noise it made inside of her head. She shivered. How did she survive that? How was she here? Apparently this lady standing over her had some answers.

"OK then," Melissa said. "Where am I and how am I not dead?"

The lady smiled warmly. "You were dead, sweetie. Now you're not."

Melissa waited for her to continue, but she just kept smiling at her. "There is more to the story, right? I remember my death. The guy snapped my neck!"

"Oh, he did more than that!"


The owner of the Death Dojo, the man with the skull-like appearance, approached the table Melissa was lying on. She went to sit up, but found that her wrists and ankles were strapped down to the table. Looking down at herself, she realized she still had on her black bikini. Well, at least they respected her enough to leave what little she was wearing still on her body.

"Hey," she said, tugging at the straps, "is this really necessary?"

The Death Dojo owner looked at the nurse. "Thank you, Cynthia, I can take it from here."

"Sure! Call me if you need me! I'll be over there working on our newest patient. This one's going to take awhile!"

The nurse, Cynthia apparently, glided away out of Melissa's view. She looked into the Death Dojo owner's eyes, and realized that no matter how hard she tried, she could not tell what color they were. She shivered again.

"Cold, are you?" said the Death Dojo owner. "I assure you, you are much warmer now than you were before!"

"Can you just remove these straps, please?"

"All in due time. First, let me explain what happened to you, as I'm sure you are more than curious. See, we here at the Death Dojo have the most amazing medical staff and equipment. You don't need to worry yourself about the "hows" of everything, but rest assured, we can fix any injury you may receive during your fights."

"So I did actually get my neck broken?"

"My dear, you were decapitated."

Melissa's eyes grew wide in astonishment. "I was WHAT?!"

"Bonebreaker twisted your head and broke your neck. Then he twisted it again. He kept going until the flesh in your neck tore, and he pulled your head right off of your body. It was really quite gruesome! I've never seen Bonebreaker enjoy himself so much. That's when I knew you were special."

"How in the ever-living FUCK do you fix a decapitation?!"

"We have our ways. Don't worry about it. What's important is that you are now alive!"

Melissa tried to take it all in, but it was a bit much. The thought of having her head removed and then sewed back on made her sick. She closed her eyes and tried not to throw up.

"If you're worried about a scar, don't be. Your body is exactly as it was before your fight with Bonebreaker."

"This is all insane. This can't be happening. There's no way I died. You can't bring back people from the dead. It's not possible."

"Oh, it is! And I can prove it." The Death Dojo owner looked to the side and nodded. Then a big hulk of a man walked into her view. It was The Minotaur, her very first opponent. The one she killed.

"No. I must not have actually killed you. You never died, I never died, this is just a sick prank!"

The Death Dojo owner looked at the Minotaur and smiled. "Go on, show her."

Melissa saw The Minotaur reach for her head. She struggled to get free, but the wrist and ankle straps kept her in place. Then she felt it again. The bones rubbing against each other. The gross noise it made. The Minotaur twisted Melissa's head around 180 degrees so that her face was now against the table, even though she was on her back. Her neck was completely broken. Again.

"Haha," laughed The Minotaur. "That's my favorite part!"

"I know it is. Oh, Cynthia! Could you come over here please?"


Melissa awoke screaming again.


"Hello, sleepyhead! I'm glad to see your..."

"Stop it! No! Shut up! Get me out of here, I want to go home!"

The owner of the Death Dojo came into view again.

"Melissa dear, if you calm down, I'll remove the straps, will that help? Then will you listen to me?"

Melissa stopped screaming. It took everything in her to calm herself down, but she did it. She closed her eyes and just thought of going back to college and living a normal life again. No more training. No more fighting. No more Death Dojo.

No more dying.

"Ah, that's better!" The Death Dojo owner kept his word and removed the straps. Melissa sat up and swung her legs around the table so that they dangled off the edge. For the first time she was able to look around the room.

There were bodies everywhere.

"Others like you," The Death Dojo owner told her. "I'd like you to know that we don't bring everyone back. Only those with real potential. You became a crowd favorite, a bit of an underdog, and Bonebreaker certainly enjoyed his fight against you."

"So these really are fights to the death, then. And you just let some of them die for good?"

"There wouldn't be much point in fights to the death if death wasn't at least sometimes permanent."

"So... am I a zombie or something?"

The Death Dojo owner smiled and chuckled. "No, no. You are you! Exactly as you were!"

"So, I get to go home now?"

The Death Dojo owner's smile faded. "Ah, see, there is a stipulation for being brought back to life. Melissa, your life as it was, is in fact, over. Those that we bring back... we keep."

Melissa's heart sank. She could never get out of here? The rest of her life would be spent in this crazy place? She would be dying for the rest of her life?! How does that even work?!

"I can see you are less than happy about that. But I would like to remind you that you came back more than once, even after you knew about these fights being to the death. You have killed three people in here. Some of them were for good."

"What if I don't want to fight anymore? What if I refuse to go out there?"

"Well, we'd rather not do it this way, but we can always throw you in the ring anyway and then not bring you back when you lose. But before you do anything stupid, you should know that there is a way out."

Now that got her attention.

"If you can win ten total Death Dojo tournaments, then you are free to leave."

"Ten?! How often do you have tournaments?"

"Quite often. We can be anywhere at anytime, really. Again, you don't have to worry about how, just know that we can. Another thing about being apart of the Death Dojo... you will remain the age that you currently are. So you can take as long as you like to win your tournaments. We have the time!"

Melissa imagined herself fighting and dying for the next two hundred years. She shivered again. "How many people have got out that way?"

The Death Dojo owner thought to himself, then counted on his thin boney fingers. "Hmm, three."

"Three out of how many?"

"Hmm...I imagine thousands at this point."

"Thousands?! Jesus! What chance do I have, then?"

"Well, there is another way, but it's awfully risky, and I have to approve of it."

Melissa waited for him to continue. He seemed hesitant. Then finally he spoke.

"You can fight me."

Melissa raised her eyebrows. "Fight you? No offense, man, but you don't look like much of a fighter."

This caused the Death Dojo owner to smile. His smile made his face look even more like a skull, which unnerved her. "Tell that to the fifty three fighters who went up against me and failed. No one has even beaten me. No one has even challenged me in... oh... I can't even remember."

Melissa was getting a headache. "How old are you?"

"Old enough. Listen, if you challenge me now, I will deny you, but if you fight well out there, I may let you challenge me, but it would be a waste to lose you now. I see so much potential in you. You're going to be a very popular fighter here at the Death Dojo."

"Listen, man... guy... uh... what do I even call you?"

"Me? Oh, well... you can call me... Dave."

"Dave? That's your name?"

"That's what you can call me."

Melissa shook her head as she tried to put all of the pieces together in her mind. She couldn't believe the words she was hearing, and yet she knew it all had to be true. She was stuck here now. She would fight for her life for years to come, and there was nothing she could do about it.

Melissa looked up into Dave's creepy eyes. "Well, do you have a place I can train?"

Dave laughed heartily. "Do we ever!"


Melissa thought about her outfit. If she would be around here for awhile, she would need an outfit. She thought about it, and decided she liked the black bikini she wore. It allowed her to move freely with no restrictions, and it made her look good too. Then she looked down at her bare feet and frowned. She would need something with more traction than just bare feet.

"Is there someplace here I can get some shoes?"

"Of course, dear. We can get you whatever you want here!"

"Good. Get me some sneakers."

Dave turned to go, but Melissa stopped him before he left the room.

"Hey! Make sure they're pink!"

Dave nodded, and left. Melissa probably should have felt terror in this moment, being trapped and forced to fight for possibly all of eternity, but she felt something else entirely.

She had found a purpose in her life.

Dave returned with her sneakers. She put them on her feet, and they fit perfectly. Then she looked up into Dave's dark eyes.

"I'm going to win those ten tournaments, or die trying!"

Dave smiled his devilish grin. "Oh, I guarantee that."



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While not much going on on ryona or kinky side, it was a very fun read, Melissa's reactions are what really sold this one to me :D

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