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The crippled queen

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Raden, Feb 4, 2012.

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    "Damn it, you klutz! I know you did that on purpose!" Julia clenched her teeth in anger.

    "I tripped! You just happened to be in the way of my drink! You need to watch where I'm going!" Lili went off to get another glass of water.

    The group of friends watched her traipse off.

    Xiaoyu was the one who surprised everyone. "I swear, she needs a good ass-beating." Coming from anyone else, it would have been a simple statement of fact. Coming from Xiaoyu, it was nearly a declaration of war, given her general tolerance and complacency for everyone. She was very hard to upset, so hearing her say that seemed very uncharacteristic of her.

    "She's done something to all of us to piss us off, hasn't she? I mean with me, she cheated in our fight and chloroformed me. I let it slide, because that's just who I am, but I'll be honest with you guys: it bugged me."

    "She tried to bust up my leg for good... and I never managed to get revenge in our fight, she choked me out after kicking me in the knee again." Christie said.

    "She needles me every chance she gets" said Asuka through clenched teeth.

    "She made fun of the fact that I believe in the spirits" said Julia.

    They were all seething. So it was that they didn't notice Lili coming back with a second glass of water. She let it slip all over the table again, making sure to spread the mess as wide as possible, getting everyone with it. "Oops! How very clumsy of me! I'm sorry guys, that one was my bad. Here, clean it up!" she threw napkins at the group and then bounded off, giggling.

    They were seeing red. "Guys... I don't know about you, but I'm going to beat the shit out of her tonight. I can't help it. I'll ask the spirits for forgiveness later. I cannot deal with this anymore. I'm going to cripple her."

    Julia didn't even need to ask. Immediately the question was asked. "Can we join you??" Christie asked on behalf of the group.

    Xiaoyu and Asuka nodded. "Ordinarily I would object, of course... but I can't get over how she had to resort to chloroform to beat me. I need to pay her back for this."

    Asuka nodded. "You know I'm on board."

    Christie chimed in. "I've met her on this one path once, when you were fighting your little demons there, Asuka. I suspect it's a regular thing for her. We can get her there. Best part is it's about a kilometer away from the compound. No one will even hear us. I know where to situate ourselves. Now what we'll do here..."


    As Christie had suspected, Lili usually went on a little jaunt through the pathway next to the nearby forest in the evening. She mentally ticked off her checklist for the day. "Let's see... make a load of money... check. Shop for new clothes: check. Piss off the goof troop: check." She giggled at the last one. "Oh boy, you guys are so easy to get. Let's see, tomorrow I think I'll trip one of them... hopefully they hit their head on the table. That'll be funny!" Lili's ruminations were interrupted by a sudden clubbing blow to the back of her head and neck. She hit the ground of the pathway face-first. "Unh! What the-" she was interrupted by a hard soccer-kick to her stomach and ribs. "Uhhhh!!" she gasped out. She rolled to the side to see Julia. "What the hell? Wait, is this about that water thing? Fuck you, you cow! That was a complete accident! My God, don't you have anything better to do like chew your cud from this afternoon? You freakin' bovine. You're like 150 pounds! What are you doing here instead of eating a hamburger or something? But more importantly, fuck you!"

    Julia shook her head. "You really, really just don't know when to shut the hell up, do you? Well, there's some bad news. I'm not the only one you've pissed off recently.." She snapped her fingers, and as Lili got to her feet, she found herself surrounded by Christie, Xiaoyu and Asuka. Lili was trapped in the middle. Lili looked around her, and noted the angry looks on all their faces. "Uh, um.. okay, well let's not be-"

    "Just save it, Lili. Your begging won't do any good, we are not interested in your fake apologies. After today's little antics, plus what you've done to all of us separately in the past... we're just going to hurt you. Badly. There is no two ways about it, you are not walking back to that compound tonight. You will have to be carried."

    Lili tried to protest, but was attacked from behind by Asuka with a spinning kick to the head. Lili stumbled into a knee from Christie. Her head snapped back, her back arched, and Julia took that opportunity to plow her over with a clothesline. Lili hit the path hard. Quickly the four of them beset her with a barrage of kicks and stomps, like a common street gang. Just a few seconds of this was enough to cause a lot of damage. Lili attempted to stand on her own but was met with a kneelift to the face by Asuka. Her head whipped back, sending blond hair flying backwards. Julia caught it and hauled her to her feet. The group looked at Xiaoyu.

    "Well? You wanted a couple swings at her... still up for that?"

    Xiaoyu grinned. "Lili, you bring out the worst in everyone. Even me, who tries to tolerate and respect everyone... even I want to see you get what you have coming to you. This is for cheating me in our last fight!" With a step, Xiaoyu superkicked Lili in the jaw. Her head whipped back again, and she crashed to the ground.

    Christie and Julia each grabbed an arm, and hauled her back to her feet. They held Lili up, and Xiaoyu planted another nasty superkick into Lili's face. She fell back again. "ohhhh... unh... please... please don't.."

    Her pleas fell on deaf ears. Julia picked her up. She barely stayed standing. Julia hooked Lili up into a fisherman suplex. She held Lili there for a moment to let it linger. "No... no, please.." Julia planted her feet and lifted Lili up, then took her over her head and slammed her hard with the suplex. The smack of Lili's body slapping off the concrete was akin to that of raw liver hitting a kitchen floor. Lili lay on the ground dazed.

    Julia motioned to her friends. The group each took hold of one of Lili's limbs. "Okay guys, on three, lift and slam... one... two.. THREE!" They all hoisted Lili into the air simultaneously. When Lili was at the apex of height, they jerked her back downward. Lili hit the concrete with another wet splat.

    Julia looked down at Lili. "Come on, this is no time to be sleeping! Let's do some shadow boxing!" Julia roughly pulled Lili to her feet. Turning her around, she put her arms underneath Lili's, and clasped her by the back of the head, putting her in a full nelson. Holding her upright, she let the other three tee off on Lili's unprotected face and body. Christie measured a right hook into Lili's jaw. Lili's head whipped to the side. Julia hauled her back. Christie threw a roundhouse kick at her stomach, blasting her with her shin. Lili doubled over with the impact, almost taking Julia off her feet. Julia forced her back to a standing position. Christie hit another right cross. Lili's legs went rubbery. Julia cinched up tighter. Asuka stepped up, and buried a body blow into Lili's kidney. Lili moaned in pain. Another blow to the stomach. Lili coughed hard. A left punch to the face, followed by an elbow smash. Asuka finished it with an uppercut. Lili's head whipped back, and inadvertently hit Julia in the face.

    "Ow!" Julia cried out.

    "Shit! I'm sorry about that, I didn't think about the reaction. Are you alright?"

    "Yeah, I'm fine. Sore nose, I'll live. Anyway, let's keep going." Julia wrenched Lili back to a standing position. Lili's eyes were glazing over, and her mouth was hanging open.

    Xiaoyu cracked her knuckles. "Watch your head, Julia." Xiaoyu proceeded to drive a right hook into Lili's nose. She pushed off her right leg and hit a jumping bicycle kick to her chest. She took a half jump back, and superkicked Lili again. Lili's legs completely gave out, but she did not hit the ground. Julia braced herself and began supporting her full bodyweight. Lili's eyes were glazed over, focused on nothing, half open. Her mouth was hanging open, her breathing ragged. Xiaoyu then warned Julia "Let her go and dodge out of the way when I hit her." Xiaoyu proceeded to simply drill Lili in the face with a straight punch. Lili fell backwards four feet from the impact.

    Julia took the belt out of her blue jeans. She proceeded to lash Lili across the back. The crack of the heavy, cured leather against Lili's bare back was rivaled by her shriek of pain. She arched backward with the sting of the belt lash. Julia lashed her half a dozen times in total, leaving large red welts. On the sixth one, she took the belt by the other end, and proceeded to hit her with the studs and belt buckle. Lili screamed and cried out in pain, biting her lip to try to keep the stinging pain at bay.

    Asuka laughed at her. "Oh ho ho, you can't POSSIBLY think we are through YET... We told you we were going to hurt you." Asuka grabbed hold of Lili's right arm, stepped over her, and rocked back, putting her in an armbar. Lili's scream of pain cut through the night, but was interrupted when Christie put her hand over her mouth to stifle her. Asuka torqued the armbar. Lili felt like it was on fire. She tapped a submission, but naturally the group was having none of that. After what seemed like an agonizing eternity, Asuka let her go. Lili rolled to her side, clutching her arm.

    "Aww, look, is the princess crying?" Asuka taunted. She wasn't, but it didn't stop them from taunting her, to give back everything she had dished out. "Let's see your tears, princess!"

    Xiaoyu stepped in. "Here's something I rather like... Lili, this is so astounding it will... leave you breathless!" She propped Lili into a sitting position and put her in a body-scissor/choke hold combo. Xiaoyu arched backward to increase the pressure. Lili immediately began to gag and flail. Xiaoyu squeezed harder. Lili slowly went limp. Xiaoyu released her before she passed out.

    Christie made her way over to Lili's feet. "Ooh ooh, give me a whack at her! Hey Lili, remember how you tried to cripple my leg with that pipe?" Lili dreaded what was coming next. Oh God, no...

    Christie continued. "Well it just so happens that I do remember. Let's see if this brings back some memories for you." Christie stomped her boot down hard on Lili's right leg. She sat bolt upright and screamed, holding her leg. Christie kicked her in the face, knocking her back to the ground. Then she brought her boot down on Lili's leg again. Lili bolted up and held her leg again. The leg of her pants started to show a blood spot. The chunky wedged heel of Christie's boot had cut her open. Then she took hold of her leg, and barring her knee around her arm, flipped her over and squatted down, wrenching her in a single leg Boston Crab. Lili arched her back and neck, screaming in pain. "Ahhh!! Stop! Stop! I can't take this!"

    Asuka got behind her and put an arm around her neck, stretching her backwards in a Dragon Sleeper. Lil cried out in pain. Asuka pulled on her until a couple of her vertebrae popped as one would crack their knuckles. Satisfied with that she let her go. Lili lay on the path, trying not to cry from the pain. The double submission hold was the most pain she had been in in a while.

    Julia piped in. "You guys are having all the fun. Now it's my turn!" Lili's eyes got wide. "You guys aren't done yet?? Please, no, I'm begging... don't do this..."

    Julia answered back. "Yeah, I know you are begging, and I already told you it wasn't going to do any good. Now play nice and get up, I've got a few new moves I've been practicing. I need a new tackling dummy... I accidentally injured my regular, she's laid up in the hospital right now." None of that was true, but Lili really didn't have to know that to be frightened by it. The three of them picked Lili up. It was easy to deadlift her with three people. Julia scooped her up, and dropped her with an over-the-knee backbreaker. Lili tried to scream, but no sound came out. She writhed in pain on the concrete pathway, holding her back. They picked her up again. Julia hit another backbreaker, with her knee slightly higher, to damage a different part of her back. Lili's right eye released a single tear of pain. The group picked Lili up like a sack of potatoes again. The time, Julia put Lili over her shoulder, and taking a few running steps, she crushed Lili with a running powerslam over a nearby park bench. She made a splat as she was laid out on the bench.

    "Haha, she looks like a bum sleeping on a bench now!" The best way to tease the rich princess was to insinuate she had no money, given her infatuation with it. Lili was getting frustrated at the teasing but could really do nothing about it. "Haha, you're a bum! If we only had a newspaper to put over you for the greatest effect..."

    "Hey guys, I have one!" Asuka called out from roughly 30 feet away. She had pulled one of the nearby trash can. They put it over her like it were a blanket and laughed. Christie took a picture of it with her phone. Lili was getting irate. "You delete that this instant!"

    "Or what? Hey, why don't you come over here and force me to? Come on, get up and come over here!" Christie taunted.

    Lili did her best to get up, but couldn't manage to push herself to her feet. Julia intervened by pulling Lili over her shoulders in a fireman's carry position. "Hey guys, watch this" she called out. Then she fell backwards on top of Lili, smashing her into the seat part of the park bench again. Lili's head bounced off the wooden slats, dazing her again. "Unnhhh..." she saw shooting stars.

    Julia still wasn't done. "Up again, guys!" she joyully called out. The trio were only too happy to oblige, as they picked Lili up. Julia grabbed ahold of her bent at the waist, and flipped her up. From the seated position on Julia's shoulders, Julia jackknifed forward, dropping Lili flat on her injured back on the concrete. She hit with another disgusting splatter. Her back was clearly beat up, her strapless top revealing the damage done. Lili's head rolled to the side as she lay there spread-eagled. Julia grabbed another handful of her blond hair. "No no, silly wabbit, not yet... this is over when WE tell YOU. We're going to guarantee you never mess with us again. Now, what was it you called me earlier? A cow? A bovine? Well, guess what? I have the strength of one. You'd think you would know better than to screw with someone who can slam you around like you're a feather." Lili's eyes were half open. Julia put her back over her shoulders, and put an arm up between her legs. Holding on to her thigh and chin, she stood up, putting Lili in a torture rack backbreaker. The pain brought her back to reality. "Ahhh-hhh--hhhh!!" She screamed out as Julia bounced her up and down across her broad shoulders. "I submit, I submit! You're going to break my back! Let me go! I'll do anything you want!"

    Julia sneered. "All I want from you right now is to suffer." Another bounce, another squeal. Xiaoyu took the opportunity to fire a punch into Lili's ribs. Lili spasmed in response. Another blow, this time to the face. Lili's eyes crossed momentarily. Finally Julia ended the torture and stopped bending her. Relief was short-lived, as she bucked mightily, hefting Lili up and over her head, dropping her in another backbreaker across her knee. The discs in Lili's spine clicked again. Lili's mouth opened, but no sound came out. She winced hard, screwing her eyes shut. She came to rest on the pathway again. Her eyes were closed. Julia pulled her up again, gently slapping her face as if waking a light sleeper. "Lili.... Lili... wakey wakey..." Lili slowly came to. "We're almost done. I think you will love what's coming next." Christie and Asuka pulled her to her feet. Julia kicked her in the stomach. She exhaled hard, but could not even groan in pain. Putting her in another waist lock, Christie and Asuka each grabbed one of Lili's legs, and turned her upside down. Julia sat down suddenly on the park bench, piledriving Lili on it. Lili went limp and fell to the ground. Julia scraped her up off the concrete. Lili was starting to bleed from where her head had made contact with the ground, a red patch of blood beginning to stain her blonde hair. Julia scooped Lili up, and dropped her hard with a tombstone piledriver. Lili was unconscious now, and bleeding from the head.

    "Ow" said Julia. "That kills your knees. See why King wears those kneepads? It's totally worth it though. Her spine is going to be all kinds of screwed up after those backbreakers, the piledrivers, the powerbomb, the powerslam... But you know... I think I got one more for her. Check this one out." She scooped up a handful of water from a nearby puddle and threw it in Lili's face to wake her up. "Plus it's poetic justice" remarked Christie. "Okay, guys, help me with this one. Same sitout piledriver, but do it up here..." Julia stood on the park bench. Christie and Asuka grabbed her legs again, and again flipped Lili up into a piledriver.

    "You're going to piledrive her on the bench again?" Xiaoyu asked.

    "Better. Check this out."

    Julia planted her right foot on the top of the backrest of the bench. Pushing off mightily, she momentarily stood on the back of the bench, and then dropped backwards off of it, piledriving Lili into the grass from a height of around three feet. It wasn't concrete, but it was certainly not a soft landing either. Lili slammed into the grass hard. The backwards momentum carried Lili over onto her back. She lay flat on her back with her head to the side, limp and unconscious. Her spine had been slammed, bent and compacted. She lay motionless on the grass just beside the path.

    Christie and Asuka helped Julia up. "Well... walking is something she won't be doing for a while. Hope she knows where to order a good wheelchair."

    "What should we do with her?" asked Xiaoyu.

    "Screw it, leave her here. She can crawl back."

    The group left Lili, broken, bloody and unconscious on the pathway. Someone would find her, or maybe not. A few minutes later, it began to rain, drenching Lili in a downpour almost as a final insult.
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    Lili is finished. I'm thinking she won't be appearing in your stories any more?
  3. Raden

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    Oh, I am sure I can always think of something to do to her. It's just that you reap what you sow.

    I wanted to add a section in here, but then we had maintenance. I'll write that in now.

    edit: It's after the fisherman suplex bit.
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  4. blitzrunner

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    heh.. poor Lili... I'm pretty sure she'll actually be tripping and spilling stuff all over the place now that she probably can't even walk =P

    I gotta say though, I'm kinda surprised that after all the retaliations that she's had in the past, that she never learned her lesson! You know those pro-wrestling beat-ups where there are 4 guys pounding on one duder... yeah, that's what this was =)

    nicely done as always Raden
  5. Raden

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    Yeah, some people just never learn... :D