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The Assassin

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by galvatron88, Jul 6, 2015.

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    Feb 16, 2014
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    It is a beautiful sunday morning in a suburban neighborhood. a thin dark haired woman knocks on a door to a large house. A young twelve year old girl answers the door. "Hello." the girl says cheerfully. the little girl is beautiful and is filled out quite nicely. " well arent you adorable, is your mother home?" the woman asked. " Are you the repo people?" The girl asked with a slight attitude putting her hand on her rather curvy hip. " Heh heh no im an old highschool friend of your mothers, my name is Katie." The woman says charmingly. " Oh ok, shes not home yet."
    "well can I wait inside?" The woman ask. the girl says "Sure."

    the girl lets the woman in. "So whats ur name child?" the woman asked as she reaches for something in her pocket.
    "Lacy." the girl says in a bouncy manner. Suddenly the tall woman grabs the from behind by the mouth. "Mmmmmph,mmmmph." Lacy mumbles and squeals as she struggles for her life. The tall womans strength is over powering to the small weak child.

    Lacy's hands go over her head as she tries to grab the womans face trying anything to stop the woman. Lacy is petrified with fear. tears stream down her innocent child-like face. Lacy's back arches struggling even harder trying everything in her power to get away. wiggling and squirming around like a worm but she is no match for Katie's strength. Lacy's shirt rises showing off her soft roundish belly going in and out like it was going to pop. just then the poor girl felt a sharp stinging painful sting go across her throat. Katie has cut the girls throat deep slicing her wind pipe.

    Lacy's body stiffs up like a ridged bored. Her arms froze in the air by Katies head, her body begins to convulse jiggling her exposed relaxed little potbelly. Her hazel eyes roll up into her head as her head dies then her body gos limp and wiggly. Katie throw the poor young girl face down on the sofa. her bubble butt wobbles from the fall.
    "You were a fat little thing." Katie said.

    Just then Katie heard the door open.

    "Lacy." The mother walks in only to find her 12 year old daughter face down dead on the sofa. She drops her keys then she hears a voice. "Hello Ashley." The mother then gets a strange smirk on her face. "So you finally found me." Ashley said. "Yes, it wasnt very hard, it was your love of imported bread from france is what did it....which i see love is an under statement." Katie says directing her eyes to ashley's rather sizable bulging booty. Ashley turns around with an evil smile. " Sorry about your kid...she was in the way." katie says. "I dont care about that rent a kid....she was adopted, she ate me out of house and home anyway."

    "So ur here to kill me now?" Ahsley asks. "Yes, you defected from the order, for that my mission is simple, and judging by that soccer mom body you have it will be simple." Ashley just smiled but she knew she was right, she didnt have a chance against this athletic girl. she knew she was over the hill. "Hey, why dont you just let me go and we will forgrt all about this." ashley said. "How pathetic." Katie replied. Just then Ashley hears a car pull up so she looks out of the window behind Katie. "well it looks like ur time is up." Katie looks back to see who it was but it was a trick. and Ashley tackles Katie to the ground like a football player. "AH!" Katie yells as she crashes to the floor. For a moment, the 5'8ft 155lb ashley over powers the 5'6ft 116lb Katie.

    Both girls struggle on the floor rolling around and tussling, going on their female instincts grabbing hair and trying to scratch one another. Katie then remembers her training and gives Ashley a good solid punch to her milky soft belly. "Ooouff!" ashley exhales as she curls up holding her belly. Katie gets up on her feet brushing her hair out of her face. " Look at you ashley, you use to be best... i admired you but now living out all these years made you soft and squishy... you've been living too high on the hog." Ashley then tries to do a foot sweep take down by sweeping her leg but it was too slow and Katie saw it and jumps over it. " Look at you, how pathetic."

    Katie then grabs Ashley by the hair and pulls her up on her knees. " Aaahhhh." Ashley squeals in pain. Ashley tries to free her hair but to no avail. Ashley's arms are over her head trying to free herself, ignorant of the fact that she is showing off her curvy, self-indulgent body. "My my ashley i'll say one thing about your greed...you sure did put the pounds in the right places." Katie says as she fondles Ashley's large breasts. Katie then head butts ashley making her cross her eyes and fall back on her bubble butt. then she stomped hard in her pussy. "Ooooo." Ashley let out a blood curdling sound. as she falls to the side holding her pussy. then Katie stands her up on her feet. a wobbly Ashley looks on with a far away look in her eyes. Katie then punches ashley repeatedly in her soft stomach. "Ooof..oooof.oofoofoofoofoooof...OOOOOFFff??!!" ashley's fat ass wiggles and bounces from the impact. her belly ripples from all of Katies devastating punches. "Pleas stop, please." Ashley begs katie to stop but this turns Katie on and her punches got even harder.

    Katies punches sunk deeper and deeper into Ashley's soft stomach. So deep she was hitting her liver. "OOOOOOooohhh." Ashley wines after every punch. Suddenly Ashley made this strange "hiccup" sound. her body jerked slightly then she went limp. " Huh?!' Katie said in her surprise. " I guess I killed her." She drops Ashleys healthy limp body on the floor. she made a loud thud. it was over.
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    Aug 10, 2015
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    Ok you have my intrest, I look forward to reading more of this story, if there is any more to it.