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The Age of Apocalyse

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by Baku|Haku, Jun 22, 2013.

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    Mar 25, 2012
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    DISCLAIMER: We have already started. But you can still join the fun. Just Pm me first please.

    Mutants, Feared and Hated by humanity. The struggle for basic human rights for them was leading them nowhere. It was once told about a man called Charles Xavier who tried to unify humans and Mutants.He was killed on a mission of peace on the Cairo.His work was continued by a man Called Eric Macnus.It stated twenty years ago, The mutant known as Apocalypse gathered a pack of mutants and further enhanced their mutant power with unknown technology.
    They encountered little to no resistance on North America and many mutants joined their cause. The war was long and left the land on ruins, Survival was the first instinct. Humanity moved most of the people to the European, African and Asian continent.
    Then they joined their governments as one. Calling themselves the "Humanity High Council". As their first act if war they killed all the mutants on their
    Apocalypse saw this as the pathetic last attempt to resist him and he destroyed the Asian continent in response.
    Meanwhile the human resistance was crushed in America the ones that survived were capture and experimented upon, The others went into hiding. Things aren't looking up for mutants either, The land is infertile and most of the place is nothing but ruins. Attempts to negotiate with the high-lord Apocalypse are consider treason and they are killed intimidatly The sentinels previous weapons of mutant eradication have been re-used as Apocalypse law enforcers.

    20 years have passed of this madness and constant struggle for everyone, However one mas has been getting ready for a solution no one expected. Eric Magnus now known as Magneto destroyed the main Sentinel factory. He and a group of Mutant rebels made their appearance public.The rebellion was born. Many brave mutants have join the movement against Apocalypse.
    The struggle is hard and hope is flailing.

    Welcome to the Age of Apocalypse!

    This is a new forum Role-Play loosely based on the X-Men comic books, being narrated and organized by yours truly. Players will take the roll of a Mutant struggling to survive an era where villainy reins.
    This is loosely based on the comics. So don't worry about continuity or having knowledge about the comics. It won't be necessary.
    You will not be alone on your quest to bring justice and order nor will you be powerless. Each mutant has a extraordinary power that will evolve with experience to become more powerful.
    Details of witch character creation classes you can chose, Npcs and locations will be posted tomorrow.
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  2. Baku|Haku

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    Mar 25, 2012
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    Disclaimer: We are keeping it one power per character.
    The bad guys are also having one power per character, That doesn't mean you can't use guns or other weapons.
    There are other abilities and character traits besides Mutant powers.
    It's not unheard that as the age mutant get more powerful and they are able do further develop their powers. Some of them beating their weakness other manifesting other variable to their power.

    The next step on human evolutions. Once hated and feared by humanity now they stand as the last hope for freedom.
    Each mutant is blessed by an amazing power, They all have their advantages and weaknesses.

    Your powers depend on your mind and your concentration. Psychics don't usually engague on hand to hand combat and most of the times they funtion as support players.
    Psychic include:

    -Telepathy and Mind reading: The basic weapons of the Psychics. Not only can you comunicate through minds of your alies so no one can hear you. More than 4 minds conected requires for the telepath to stand still and concentrate.
    However it is not all fun and games, You can make people forget things. Erase their memory, Ease their pain, Maken them forget how to move even.
    For this you must enter the person minds, Some times it's more difficult tan it seems since not all the people will let you in, You'll have to force yourself into their minds and that can take a while.

    -Kineticks: Short term for the ones who can move a espesific element. You cannot create it. But you can move it as if it was antoher limp of yours.
    You can morph it in anyway you want. In fact being sorrounded by element can make you almost invinsible.
    Almost, Since as how you move your limbs it requieres energy. The bigger the element the more concentration is needed.
    PyroKinesis=Move Fire, HydroKinesis=Move Water, MetaloKinesis=Move Metal

    -Hypnosis: You can give orders to the people around you, It doen'ts matter what it is. You command and that person most obey.
    It's easy when it's only one person, But like most psychic you need insane amount of concentration to be able to control several people.
    Several things can brake the conection. Another psychic, Lack of concentration, a distraction, even the person not letting you in. Beware of your surrundings.

    -Ilusionist: The name is self explanatory. You can make people see what is not there But it's only an ilusion after all. If the ilusion is good enough you can make people thing they are really trapped in a box. They can feel that box and the lack of oxygen.
    Bigger ilusions require bigger concentration.
    Unlike the hypnotist you cannot control someone. You must make that person belive the ilision is real. If the person detects something's of the ilision dies.

    -Nihilo: An odd word that means that you can create objects from your mind.
    This does not any object. You are limited to a simple formation. Most of the people choose weapons and blades made of a particular energy.
    Some use concentration to make sort of a mind bullet that can not only pierce flesh but also concrete and even metal.
    Other Nihilo can construct an energy armor around them and even convert it into a golem like armor to fight.

    Your powers are animal like, You are quicker, stronger than the averague human In fact you are more animal than human it's even shown on your appearance. Most of the feral type have long hair, Even a lot of hair chest in the most extreme chases. You also can have ears, Claws or even wings.
    Feral Include:
    -Animal parts: You have a part of an animal. Like the wings of a bat or the feet of a deer. Anthlers and claws are common features. The less common are anphibians able to breath underwater for extended periods.
    However there are those that posses something like a tail or a claw but of an unknow animlal. They are stronger since this parts are more unique.

    -Sharp instincts: Smell, Audtion, Sight. All of then enhanced. Specially the smell. No one can hide from you, It doesn't matter if it's a human, Mutant or machine. You will find them.
    On this chase you don't have an animal characteristic. You have retractible claws.
    Beware, You conection to the wild is stronger than most mutants, You have a wild side that is begging to come out. If outragued or over exited it'll come out and there is none that can control you.

    -Half animal:
    You are almost like a were wolf, You are more animal than man. Every insticnt and every ability of the animal you were blesed with are yours to control.
    However your point of view it's primitive, to say the least. You are a hunred percent on the wild side and it's hard for the modern world to affect your way of thinking.

    You have a common hability over powered. A common feat exagerated. Being so strong to bing able to rip through metal with your bear hands. So fast that you can travel from brasil to the kongo in seconds. So smart that you can built a working radio with some lose wired and a potato.
    Enhanced include:

    Strong enough to brake a metal pipe like it as made of paper. Have enough endurace to be able to enter a volcano swin aroud and come out without a burn. Fast enough to be able to run through water.

    Able to construct, program, memorise anything within seconds. There is no end to your knowlege, The more you learn the more dangeruos you'll be.
    In fact most of the mental enhancers built armors and weapons to protect themselves

    This is a different kind of enhancer, You absorb a persons memories and ailities.
    In fact it's more a curse than a blessing. You cannot touch anyone without absorving some of his memories or natural habilities.
    It depends of how long you touch that person it's how much of it's power you absorv. However if you touch someone for a long time it's going to erase your own memorie and your own habilities.
    If you touch a mutant you can absorv his powers and use them as you wish.
    You can also absorv non-mutant powers. But those are harder to control.

    Another odd word that meams being able to change your body into almost anything.

    You can tranform into anyone! Anybody as long as you've been able to study that person, Even it's voice and manner. You are that good.
    Don't get cocky tough you only look like that person, You don't have their memories or their natural abilities.

    You become an element, You transform into it. Even your internal organs become that element. Most of the tie are minerals, Like becming a being made out of rocks or metal.
    It's not limited to it, Some become fire, water even electricity.
    You can even shoot that element from your hands. However you are entagled to that elements weaknesses. If you water you can be evaporaded or if you are fire you can be extinguished for example.

    You can enfuse youserlf with any technolog abiable. From making your hand a gun to making yourself a half mutant malf mech suit. You can put the technology on and off as you wish. It's recomended to have techonolgy attach to your limbs since fusing it with your head can make the programing alter your brain.

    Become as big as a mountain and as small as keyhole.
    You are still human tough.

    You can appear and disapear in almost every place. The only limitant it's that you must know where you are going.
    If you don't you may end up between a wall.

    You can shoot energy at will, You generate it from your own body so you get tired if you shoot long periods of time.
    Some can shoot energy from their eyes, Their hands and even from their stomachs in some chases.
    Ofter the ones that can shoot energy have a hard time controling it since the energy need to be realised often. Many use items made from red quartz to control the energy like glasses or gloves to control the energy.
    Other materials and machines can be used to help your control this energy.

    A common nickname for the mutants who can see the future. They often need a tool like a chalk board or a christal. The nature of their powers is unkown. In facy many belive that they are not mutatns but their powers come from something called "The web of Life".
    Their prediction haven't been useful since all they can see is flames and the end of the world.
    A common phrase of the preachers is "The Future can be change on the present"

    Able to "charge" an object with energy, This energy doen't come from them and can use it to either give a weapon a power of make it into a bomb. In both chases that object is destroyed.
    Some chargers are able to "charge themselves" to be an human tornado or a human torch. It doesn't kill them to this. But doing it for prolonguated amounts of time might be hurtfull to their help
    The larger the object the more time it'll require to charge.

    Also know as inmortals, They might as well be. Their cells reproduce quickly, Meaning they can regenerate from almost every injury. They live for a tousand years since their growth is slow. Poison and sickness mean nothing to them.
    There are few ways of killing a regenerator. All of them include making their brain stop working. Cutting their head off, Brain damague, Exteme damague to the head.

    Able to cure flesh wound and sickness. Unlike the regenerators they can only do this with other people they cannot heal themselves. There is also a limit of how much they can heal. For example if someone has his stomach out he is far gone.

    Force Fields
    Able to project a energy based shield that can protect people from most of the blast. It can also push away attackers that want to fight hand to hand. It also requires concentration for extended periods of time.

    You can disappear from plain sight. Invisible means that no one can see you that includes machines and other invisible mutants. Even if you are wounded your blood that is still on your body is invisible, However the one that falls to the floor can be seen. Be warned you clothes do not disappear with you, unless they are design to do so.

    On the lands ruled by Apocalysehumans are no longer a threat.
    In fact one of the many wicked sports on this area is hunting humans.
    However one man called William Stiker aka. "The Prophet" has studied the sentinels strategies and movements to give humans a fighting chance.
    The last standing human city nicknamed "Oasis" it's a secret for most people. Even the agents of Apocalypse question it's existence.

    Once a mutant hunting group, The ravers have been considered way to dangerous to deal with and are hunted same as the mutants.
    The reavers are half machine humans. All of them went to extreme lenghts to enhace their bodies. Some don't even reasemble a human body anymore.
    Most of the reavers live on wild. Scrapping for death sentinels for spare parts and food. They haven't forgotten their original goal of hunting mutants. But rather pospone it. However if a mutant crosses their path they will attack them without a doubt.

    A mutant hunting group. When Apocalyse rised to power he use them as an example to demostrate not only his power but to get more mutants to join him.
    There were infamous for capturing and experimenting on mutants. Selling
    thier parts to enhancee human anatomy.
    There is a rumor that they inhabbit on the savague lands.

    There are rumors of a race of stangue people that call themselves the Shil'Iar, No one knows where they came from or what they want they are seen trading strangue gems for weapons and food.
    They don't talk to much but it's rumored that they are looking for a thing called "The Pheonix Force".

    Giant golden creatures. Same as the Shil'Iar they appeared one day from the sky. They are more like statues than any other thing.
    They are spread acrosss the globe and no one knows why.

    Important People
    The forces of Apocalyse:

    Overlord and true master of this world. It's belive he was born in ancient egypt. No on knows what his powers originally were but they know what he is capable of doing.
    Able to grow any size he diseres to, Shoot beams from his hands, flight, super human strenght and regenerative powers.
    He is conected to an armor that most people ignore what it does.
    For him there are only stteping stones to further his rising or a pebble on his shoe that need to be erradicated.

    The Four Horsemen:
    The most loyal servants of Apocalyse, Mutants that have been enhaced thanks to the mysterious machines that the dictator uses.
    They are blindily loyal to him and practically have no mind of their own.

    Absorver. Once a biologist she drains the life force out of her opponets

    Kinetic. Able to drain water from all around him. Mostly from plant life. Altough he can do it with living creatures to.

    Feral (Sharp instincts). Once known as SabreTooth. A wild mutant, He used to work with the resistance but he quickly changed his alianceses. He is a sadistic mutant, unpredictable. Razor sharp claws on each hand.

    Teleporter. Red skin and a pointy tail. His favorite method of killin is teleporting differnt parts of the body away. When he teleports a puff of red smoke appears.

    Regenerator. Apocalyse right hand man. He wears an armor of the same tech as Apocalyse and it's able to generate force fields.
    He is a scientist that perfected the methods of the U-Men, many of the prisioners are used on his experiments.
    He is perfecting a new generation of mutants that will be more powerfull and loyal to his master.

    Dark Beast:
    Feral. Another scientist at Apocalyse orders. He is more interested on robotics and other machinery.
    Altough not as good or effective as a mutant with mental enhancing he has been able to contruct
    several amazng machines.

    The Summer Brothers:
    Energy. Scott (Eyes) and Alex Summers (Hands)

    The summers brother are the generals of Apocalyse army. Both have been raised by Sinister since an early age they were train in hand to hand combat and military tactics
    Scott is always prefer for more important matters and even Apocalye has aplaud his effort publicly. This has lead to a somewhat of a sibling rivary.
    It's rumored that altough he seems to be the favorite, Scottis the more soft of the two brothers.

    The Mutant Resistance

    Kinetic. (Metal) His human parents once called him Eric Magnus but the rest of the wolrd will know him as Magneto.Leader of the resistance and restless fredoom fighter. Wise and powerfull, The most adept mutant to liderate the resistance. Altough he doesn't wants to help humans often.
    He once saw a tyrant destroy the world with his ambtion during the times of the second world war. He will not rest until Apocalyse dies.

    Wanda and Pietro:
    Wanda-Nihilo (Spheres) . Pietro-Enhanced (Speed)
    Magneto's sons. Altough the identity of their mother is a mystery the two of them have ben with since their father since the very start.
    Pietro is quick to jump into conclusions and over rotrctive of his sister. He’s able to run insane speeds in seconds.
    Wanda is a caring soul, Always helping who ever she encounters. She can do phichi sphere that can produce many attacks.
    It’s rumored that the two of them are a Little to close.
    Absorveer (Energy). Shortly after the resistance was made a man named Bishop acused Mangeto of being a terrorist, A person that with the help of other poeple did horrible things.
    He also spoke of another place. Once without Apocalyse. About a man named Charles Xavier.
    Altough Magneto doesn’t trust him he wonders how this man knows about Charles, He also seems to know a Little to much about sentinels able to tell the resistance where their weakpoints are

    Feral (Sharp Instincst). General of the forces of Magneto. During battle this man is converted into a beast. Even the four horsemen fear him. It’s a known fact that he is Sabretooth son. He is convinced that his father was brainwashed.

    Feral (Animal Parts/Wing). Owner of the night club callled Heaven. This is the place where all the info goes around. Nothing get’s passed Archangel. However don’t get to conftable with him
    Information it’s his game. And he doesn’t care who he sells it too.

    Madame Web:
    Preacher. Deep into “New Apocalyse” there are the slums. Dirty Little places where the workers live. Bute ven further is the web of Madame Web.
    A mysterious preacher that refeers to everyone as her children. She claims that she is the closest to the web of life. Altough blind she sees further tan any other creature alive.

    Feral (Half Animal/Spider). Madame’s web hussband. Becuase of his mutation that he looks like a spider many people are afraid or disgusted by him. As usual Madame web could see further tan other and saw in him a champion.
    He protects the slums from thieves ore ven Apocalyse forces.

    Human Resistance

    Willian Striker:
    The prophet. One of the last human alive on the lands of Apocalyse. Altoguh he still resents the mutants he will help the mutant resitance to prevail.
    He has studied the methods of the human hunter and pefected a series of abilities to train his soilders.
    His main objective is to take as many humans as he can to the European continent.

    Once a mercenary now the main general of the Phrophets forces. She uses a black and White mask that covers her face.
    She sees to know where the target will be a Little to well. Some rumors said that she is actually a mutant.
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    Certainly interested.
  4. Katarina

    Katarina Guest

    your setting sounds really fun, i hope you and your players enjoy it.
  5. Baku|Haku

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    How to play.

    Each turn will be a post on the forum, Your post in the forum are the actions you do in your turn. It'll be pretty similar to a chat rp exept when you enter combat mode. During you turn you are free to explore, Talk, Attack or do what ever you want.

    The turns will be determined by who post their character first.
    You’ll start with a 100. Health points.

    During combat you’ll have four core abilities.
    Physical. Mutant Powers. Will Power. Mind.

    For each attack you are given certain number of points to attack with it.

    You’ll start the game with 50 points.
    Each for:
    Physical (10)
    Basic physical training and stamina

    Mutant (20)
    How developed it’s your mutant powers

    Willpower (10)
    There is no hope. But you know you can brake though this.

    Mind (10)
    Intelligence and concentration.

    Actions will requires certain amount of points to be executed. For instance:

    Rider kick: Damage 20. Evasion 10
    Requires: 5 points. (Willpower. Physical)

    To do the attack mention before you’ll need to gather from wither your willpower points or your physical points to do so. For instance let’s say that you use 3 Physical points and 2 will power points to do the attack.

    Also if you need to hack a computer or have magically the answer to a riddle, a puzzle you can use your mind points.

    Attacks will be determined as you give me your character details. You’ll have two “standard” attacks.
    One enhancing move and a “Killer move”.

    Don’t bother saving the points for another chapter. As every chapter commence you are granted this points again. Meaning you start with them.
    This will only be used as for special actions such as attack or stunts.

    Stunts are actions that your character wouldn’t normally do or actions that are too dangerous like trying to passing through a metal fan. For example:

    Jumping out from a building in flames
    Requires: 20 (Mind, Physical, and Willpower)

    Unless you do this well you are as good as death.

    As you progress through the game you’ll start with more points. You can place them as you feel more appropriate for your character. Rewards points will be as follows.

    For completing a chapter (5). For beating an objective. (5) For combat victories (5)

    Once you have your rewards points you can convert them in what you need. For instance increasing 5 points of your mutant power points. You can also increase your health points if you wish to.

    Beware. You enemies are supposed to be difficult and a little harder so they’ll start with more point than you. At least the stronger ones.

    During combat you can only do two actions.
    You can use Focus. It doesn’t cost any points but you waste one action. If you do you can either have three actions your next turn or instantly evade an attack.
    For normal evasion each attack has an amount of points that can be used to either counter it or evade it. The stronger the attack the more points it requires to be evaded.
    In chase of total defeat you can sacrifice 5 will power points to stand up again and start with half your health points.


    Weapon are like attacks. But they don’t require a point check. Then can be still be evaded tough and are not easy to find. In any chase a pipe or things from the ground can also be used as weapons although they won’t do as much damage. Watch out for the ammunition since there aren’t a lot of weapon shops anymore.

    Gun. Ammo: 16
    Evasion 30 Damage 40

    Armor will count as health points. Instead of losing health you can use your armor points to absorb the damage so your health points won’t suffer.

    Apocalypse Soldier armor.
    Damage absorption: 80

    This mean this armor can withstand 80 damage points before breaking.

    There will be other items. That will have healing effects or enhancing. Healing is simple. Just use the item and it’ll restore your health points. Enhancer will give certain points a “boost” it can last as long as you have it or just for a fight scene. For instance

    Mutant Growth Hormone.
    Effect: Gives character 50 Mutant powers point

    In the chase for some mutant powers like Nihilo for example you can summon a weapon or an Item. But you’ll need to use your mutant powers points to summon them. Same with feral. For example:

    Psylocke (Nihilo)
    Summon Psyblades. (Weapon)
    Requires: 2 points. (Mental, Mutant)

    Evasion 25 Damage 25

    Now this is my favorite part. You character. Since I haven't really posted the format or the character sheet yet we need to keep it to this simple format in. This is mostly to determine who's in and how will the turns will develop.

    (What's your character Human Name)

    Code Name/Alias:
    (What do the rebels call him? Make sure it sounds cool)

    Mutant Power:
    (What's her/his power? Ex: Feral, Psychic, Energy)

    (And what's particular about that power? Ex: Energy:Shoot beams from his eyes. Psychic:Can read minds)

    (What does she/he looks like)

    (What is she/he like?)

    (What was she/he before the age of apocalypse starter or if she/he was born during the years of the war? How did she/he survived and why is she/he joining the rebellion.)

    And here's an example:

    Name: Wade Wilson
    Code Name/Alias: Deadpool

    Mutant Power: Regenerator
    Brand: As long as his parts are together he can regenerate. He can put his parts together again.

    Appearance: Red and black jumpsuit. Mask that covers everything. Lot's of guns and two katanas, both of them fake

    Personality: Total goofball, He is insane and won't hesitate to do a stupid joke.

    Bio: A former mercenary working for the secret service. They wanted to create a serum that could make a new age of Super Soldiers. For this they looked for people that they could modify it's mutant gene. Because he had cancer Wilson offered himself to be a test subject. After several experiments the formula was ready and was administrate on Wade. However Apocalypse forces attacked the place and before his new mutant power could kick in Wade's skin was burned.
    Wade was buried beaned several tons of concrete. He could not die and his brain seemed to have received some damage during the experiment. As such he keep making commentaries as how this was only a game character that was supposed to replicate a popular character from a comic book.
    When he "re-emergued" to the world it was in ruins. He joined the rebellion mostly because they were the ones who rescued him from the ruins he was buried in.
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    Name: Karen Brooks
    Code Name/Alias: Swordsmaster

    Mutant Power: Illusionist
    Brand: Her left eye has the power of the Deadra of Nightmares,Vaermina-- and allows her to create illusions-- which she uses in tandem with her sword fighting skills...

    Appearance: Violet sleeveless dress that shows off her midriff. Wears long white kneehigh stockings. She has matching violet hair and eyes... Her hair is neatly held into twintails by yellow hairclips.. 2 High-Frequency Blades on her back..

    Personality: Mild Mannered and usually cheerful. Won't hesitate to help a friend in need...

    Bio: Daughter of the famous superhero, Barnaby Brooks Jr. She trained alongside her father and his partner, Wild Tiger--on the ways of being a super hero during the time that superheroes were at large. Caught up on the events during the attack of the Sentinels-- she was forced to flee with Wild Tiger as her father covered their escape, ultimately leading to his death in the hands of the Sentinels... The stress and the fatigue of their escape forced the awakening of her powers-- still uncontrolled-- she forced two men, one being Wild Tiger to kill each other by feeding them an intense illusion that overwhelmed their senses...She wanders around the world, looking for atonement for her sins and forces herself to control her newfound abilities...

    Stand-in Images: Karen Brooks- Cocona_At3.jpg
    High-Frequency Blades- HF_Blade.jpg
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    'Miss Syphallen'. That is what she tells everyone who asked. Didn't seem to bother telling her full name.

    Code Name/Alias:
    The Scholar? She seems to know a lot more than she lets on.

    Mutant Power:
    Psychic Powers.

    Hypnosis. Hypnotics - Pastebin.com

    She looks very pale being away from sunlight for most of the time, leading to futher rumours to her nickname (see Bio). Suspected to be colour blind, her eyesight is nethertheless very bad. She wears a very thick spectacles, so thick that makes it hard for her to see and be aware of even the immediate surroundings without it. Long but messy hair due to her not caring much about how she looks. In stature she looks pretty thin and lanky due to her ignoring her health to pursue her hobbies and interests, although being looked after and fed more properly since the Apocalypse made her a bit more healthier looking. Other than that this is how she looks.

    Eryl Syphallen.png

    Not much is known about her. For now she just seems to be the quiet loner type, being alone and away from everyone else.

    From the rumours surrounding Syphallen, she was a librarian in a desolated but grand library in an old part of town. Due to the age of internet and electronics, books slowly became out of fashion and she is the only one maintaining the whole place even doing some part time jobs to cover her daily expenses. Sometimes passerby of the old library can hear some tinkling and clanging of metals as well as commotions at late night coming from the basement, the laughter that comes from it lead the neigbourhood kids to call her a Witch of sorts.

    P.S. Lost all of what I typed before, I tend to type and write a lot. Lets just say from the surface and first impression, this is all that you know about her. WILL UPDATE & ADD MORE information soon.
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    Welcome to the Age of Apocalyse

    DISCLAIMER: We have already started. But you can still join the fun. Just Pm me first please.

    Chapter 1
    The danger room

    You find yourselves on the back of a jeep. The conductor has his pace covered in a black mask. On the back of the jeep there is another person with you cheeking your injuries if you have some. She is a red haired woman that has a shredded nurse uniform.
    Both of you were find wandering the ruins in different parts and asked to come nicely at the jeep. You were offered food and shelter. Maybe even a ticket to the lands where the Human Alliance is operating. There's been nothing but ruins and desserts for about an hour. Neither has the nurse or the conductor said a word for a while the nurse looks back and forward between the road and you.

    "I-It shouln't take more than a few minute to arrive at the compound. So introductions...I'm red cross and that on the well is my brother black cross. We are member of the resistance and...."

    Black Cross turns around and talks for the first time in the whole journey

    "Red, Don't tell them anything. They'll be off in a few day we don't even know if they are mutants"

    Red Cross shaked her head

    "Right....Sorry....Are you guys...Umm... Mutants"

    Black Cross sights. You can hear him mumble "Rookies"
    The road if you can call it that is mostly the remains of a highway seems to have no end. Better make any conversation, It's going to be a long trip.
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    Karen Brooks, Aka SwordMaster, sighed lowly as she leaned back on the jeep and looked at the Black Cross and gritted her teeth then let the moment's aggression go before it escalated....

    "What's gonna happen to us in a few days eh, Black Cross?" She said with a smirk on her face, leaning back on the jeep with her hands behind her head..
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    Syphallen isn't the kind of girl to be doing small talk.
    Espcially when she isn't sure what her words will lead to, especially to strangers, even one who saved her.
    She stared at Red Cross over the rim of her spectacle and kept quiet.
    Is there a reason why this person is asking? She might say more soon.
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    "What's going to happen to you is that both of you are going to a boat to European African continent and leave this graveyard....Lucky you" said Black Cross while looking at Karen.
    "Unless...You wanna help" added Red Cross, while lookng away "Magneto said that humans and mutants must work together" Black Cross signed and kept his focus on the road.

    Red Cross lowered her head most of the way. "You know must of the people I used to know long have left the continent....I just think we can make a difference in here" she looked at BlackCross waiting for some sort of awnser. None came. She looked at Karen and Syphallen. "Anyway.....What were your names again?"
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    "My name's Karen Brooks-- nice to meet you...!" She said in a cheerful voice, trying to raise everyone's spirits as she shook Red Cross' hand and Syphallen's... "Are you guys mutants too?" She asked them with a smile on her face.
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    "...Syphallen..." she mumbled, barely having her name heard.
    She nodded a little after having her hands shook and just stared at a distance.
    It is better not to tell them that she is a mutant yet, there is no reason to. Besides getting dragged to a war just because you are 'more capable' doesn't sound like a good exchange.
    To Make a difference in the World?! Especially after Apocalypse is done with it? No way that is likely to happen at all, even if there are a hundred of them...
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    Red Cross smiles at both. "Nice to meet you,Yes me and my brother are mutants. From my fathers side" She said with a silly grin on her face. "As you could se earlier I'm a healer and Ste...I mean Black Cross is...I don't remember the word but he can shoot lazers from his hands...."
    Before Red Cross can say anything else Black Cross interrupst her and points at a cliff "Oh! We are here. I recomed that both of you close your eyes now" The car drives straight towards the cliff.

    (Home Base Illision- Breaking 3. Willpower, Mind)
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    Karen closed her eyes and tried to keep calm as they drove off the cliff. She attempted to sense any kind of illusion and forced to break them with her abilities if there were any....
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    Syphallen, when looking up saw the cliff coming towards them as they rushed to it.
    She panicked immediately and stood up breaking her composure.
    "What?! Are you trying to get us all killed?!"
    As much as she wanted to control the driver's mind, she thought at that instance, that if they find out that she is a mutant and try to fight them back, she would have three mutants against one. No way!
    Feeling Fearful for her life, she tried to jump off the car. There is no way in hell she is going to die for this millitant extremists.
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    Thanks to Karen's powers she is able to tell this is an Illusion. It's actually more of a series of caves that have been forming through the years. The red cannon suddently changes as the vehicule passes through the wall.
    It was so surreal. Whoever did this illusion was a genious since it was so big and powerfull. It didn't mattered where you looked at it. They just when through the wall.

    The base was huge, The floor was made of concrete on the inside on the outside floor was made out of rock clearly modified. It was burned with Mutant energy since the rocks near the base were so smooth. On the right side there was two giant planes. Both of them black and with the plane nose kind of bend they looked like Black Birds, One of them was badly broken tough. The wings were torn appart and the middle part had been dented by a sentinel. One could tell becuse the dents were in the form of a giant hand. To the left there were piles and piles of junk; Sentinel parts, broken cars, some electronics and even a kitchen sink. About 20 mutans were working in there. At least one would assume they were mutants they all had strangue clothings, But most of them ported an X on their uniforms somewhere. Some in their hat others in their shirts, a few tattoed Xs from two shirtless men; but most of them had the symbol sewed on the right side of their clothes.

    Syphallen however is not that lucky. For a brief momment she can see herself falling down the path. She is not actually falling but her mind thinks she is. Perception is reality, Her mind is now blocked to the idea of falling and if she doesn't do anything she is going to stay that way.
    After jumping Syphallen falls hard to the ground and rolls around a couple times hurting herself in the prosses for not using a propper falling technique.

    Jumping out of a car - 25 points of healt (75 remaining), Syphallen won't be able to user her right arm until the next chapter.

    Red Cross gasp in fear, Her hands go to her mouth to cover it. A natural reaction. Black Cross stops the car right away making it slide further leaving wheel markings on the floor.
    All of theworkers stopped in that second. They all turned arround to see Syphallen rolling trough the ground. Red Cross jumped out of the car and runned towards her. Syphallen has stopped rolling and landed on her her side.

    Red Cross kneeled down next to Syphallen and touched her. She couln't say anything she was antonished by this. Turn of events. All the workers looked at the scene in silence. Black Cross jumped out of the car and screamed "What are you looking at! Get back to work", Only a few of the workers did. A man with blonde hair and beard walked towards them. He was wearing a yellow spandex suit with tiger claw markings on the sides. He also had a big metal collar on his neck and a chain dangling from it. He was bare footed, his feet were hairy and with claws instead on toenails. His hands were the same, Hairy and with claws instead of nails. His long blonde hair was all combed back and tied up in a pony tail that almost reached his knees.
    "Well..." He said while looking at Red Cross. "The girl is hurt aren't cha going to do something about it"
    Red Cross jumped after hearing the man's voice "Y-Yes...Yes WildChild sorry" She extended her hands over Syphallen a green glow came from them. Then the Librarian was sorrounded by a pastel green light. It was warm and conforting.

    Quick Fix, Requires 5. (Mutant) Evation. It can't be avioded. Effect. Heals 10 points of damague. It cannot be used on the healer only on other people.

    Red Cross uses Quick Fix. Mutant poins -5 (Remaining MutantPower points- 15)

    Syphallen gets + 10 points of healt (85 Healt points remain) ​
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    "What kind of stunt is that?" Karen said to Black Cross with her hands in her hips. "No wonder she jumped off the car... It isn't a very good recruitment drive to actually drive off a cliff and scare your recruits on the get go with stunts like this!" Karen berated him and looked at Syphallen and went to her. "Are you ok?" She asked the hurt girl
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    (Sorry for the late reply. Needed Clarification from The GM as to what it means and what can be done)
    As Karen approaches Syphallen and asked how she is, Syphallen didn't respond at all. Her green eyes stared into distance just looking into space. Even when Karen tries to shake her out of her stupor or wave her hand in front of her, she didn't react in anyway possible.
    But all Karen can hear is mumbling from her mouth as she just stares into nothingness, shivering and in constant fear.
    Its quite difficult to catch what she is saying but words like 'cold' and phrases like 'I'm falling' escape her lips.
    Looks like she is in an illusion or a trance of sorts. She didn't even noticed the brusies nor the broken arm she suffered from, she seemed like she is in a coma, unmoving, unresponsive, but still alive and breathing.