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The Adventures of Teen Girl - Chapter 5

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    Standard warning - Story is intended for people of legal age to read. Contains adult themes and extreme violence against women.

    Megan strains to see through streaming hot tears; the glare of the basement's light bulb highlighting just how dusty the room is, and beyond the small cone of light and the looming figure of Ross there are only dark corners. No windows for ventilation, she's sweating profusely in the heat. She's been on her knees the last 40 minutes, her shins resting on a cruel slab of stone with jagged edges, and a further 3 slabs of stone have been placed on top of her knees. The young beauty's generous breasts rest on top of these, and Ross has been beating on her tits non-stop with his leather belt the entire time. Ross has become imaginative in finding ways around Megan's superior strength and resilience in order to hurt her. Though he was nearly ready for collapsing in exhaustion doing so. The fat man's shirt drenched through with sweat; he takes a step back for a few much needed breaths.

    She's no ordinary 17 year old girl at all. While the jagged stone edges digging into her shins would have drawn blood and agony from anyone else almost immediately, at first this brought her only mild pain. And while her arms are tied behind her back with rope, she can break free at any time. However, Ross was careful to instruct her that she has to take what he gives without resistance. He does not want her using her arms to protect those tits as he lashes at them dozens of times, over and over, the leather striking against her soft mounds with resounding impact.

    After the first 10 minutes on her knees, and with the placement of 2 heavy stone slabs, she had really started to feel the pain. Now, after the 40 minute mark and 3 slabs on top of her knees, she's in near agony, the jagged stone feeling like its about to bore its way into the bone of her shins. She's gritting her teeth, her long black hair falling across her face as she wills herself to endure, all too aware of the consequences of disobeying. Ross can see the intensity in those blue eyes, the concentration, the will to think of anything other than her pain, and resents it. He resents her for being able to out-last him. After a minute of catching his breath, he places a foot on the top stone slab, pressing his weight onto her knees. "Agh!", she groans under him, before gritting her teeth again, she shuts her eyes to stop her tears. Ross then returns to torturing her tits, switching now so that the metal buckle will strike her flesh.

    CRACK!! CRACK!! "Nyaggh!!" She cries out; even her super powered resiliency can only do so much. She's lost count of how many times the leather has struck her agonized tits. It must be well over a hundred times. Maybe even twice that. She had lost count long ago. He had not taken his time in striking her; he has worn himself almost to exhaustion by striking quickly and repeatedly, frustrated as he was at the beginning when she would not even shed a tear or cry out when he hit her. Now her boobs are red, covered in painful welts, and with the metal buckle striking the sensitive skin, its almost more than she can bare.

    He swings the belt through the air in criss crossing motions, the belt buckle making return trips to hit her again and again, half a second between strikes, she moans. CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK!

    "Agaaaggh", she looks up with an agonized expression across her beautiful, youthful face. He takes rest in a chair across the room, taking deep breaths. "You dumb fucking cunt. What's running through that pretty little head of yours?" She whimpers as he insults her. "Are you thinking about that petite friend of yours? Jamie... I don't think she'd hold up too well in my basement, do you?" Anger flares up in her, but she suppresses it. The price of disobedience would be leaked photos and videos that would shatter her relationships, but that would just be the start. Over the last week he's threatened to hurt not just her friend, but her mother too. She's had to listen to that disgusting pig brag that his mutual blackmailer would enact the most dire of consequences if any harm came to himself, including kidnap, and gang rape of her mother. And each time she'd have to suppress her anger and disgust. She has to endure, has to do what he wants to keep him happy. This entails so many things.

    After school, she'd show up at his door in her schoolgirl uniform, her tartan skirt, her breasts straining against the material of her shirt. That first time she showed up, just the day after her beating and rape at the hands of Raptor, he brought her in to his home and just had her pose for him. Turning her around, bending her over and lifting up her skirt to look at her panties. Her thin waist, long tanned legs, and her amazing tits; he was in heaven. She looked so innocent in her uniform, looked so pretty with her big blue eyes. What a contrast to himself; 48 years old, grossly over-weight, thinning hairline, his pudgy face, he was disgusting. Beauty and the beast; they both know it, and he loves it. That first day he made her face him, putting one fat hand on her breast, molesting her through the material of her shirt, he put his face close to hers and in one long exaggerated motion he licked her face as she shivered next to him. He just made her make out with him for hours while he groped her, or made her straddle him, or make her sit on his lap. "Give me sweet, slow kisses" he demanded, and she complied. Pressing her lips to his, she had almost a signature to her kisses, he really thought it was adorable how she'd press her lips against his slowly, draw away, and then lean in for longer, saliva swapping kisses. She was mortified just by these acts alone as his tongue greedily explored her mouth and as he insisted she return in kind. Her face was a mask of crimson as he pawed at her.

    Then came the blowjobs on demand. Sometimes she'd be on her knees for hours while he sat stuffing his fat face with chicken legs in front of the television, while she would be licking at his musty balls, taking his small dick in her pretty little mouth. She loathed taking his cum, and this did not go unnoticed, so he made her drink it frequently. A few times a day at least. The stuff tastes like bleach, and made her want to gag. He'd make her show him the cum in her mouth, making her rinse her mouth with it, even make her keep it in her mouth as the hours passed until he finally gave her the go ahead to swallow. And he'd fuck her too, of course, laying on top of her on his bed. His 5'10, over 300lbs frame enveloped her own frame beneath him. And though it stung every single time (her hymen healed some time after her encounter with Raptor, and healed every single night after getting fucked by Ross) after a minute she barely felt him in her at all. It was difficult to be thankful of this, looking up at his sweating, panting face as he raped her.

    The thing that seems to make Ross the happiest by far is to beat Megan up. His cruelty matches his creativity. On a daily basis, he had made the poor girl stand naked while he beat on her stomach with whatever he could get his hands on; starting with his fists, gut punching her as hard as he could, then moving on to a wooden baseball bat. She could take it, of course, to his frustration. Megan's super powers had made her tight stomach strong. And then came the crowbar, and the metal baseball bat that he saved for last, swinging as hard as he could. Metal on skin. Metal on bone. Yes, after a while, this hurt her badly, she'd double over wheezing and he'd order her to stand straight again just to deliver another blow deep into her belly.

    Now, back in the basement, Ross wants to try something else. He walks over to the kneeling girl and ties a blind fold around her eyes. He can see the fear in those eyes just before he does so. "Don't fucking move."

    She can hear him shuffling around, she's trying to focus on what he's doing to take her mind off of the blood pouring from the wounds in her shins. She shakes her head, exasperated, trying to do what she can to just get past this. So many times she's had to resist the urge to just stop all this and pound Ross's face until it was a bloody stump. And yet she's powerless, caught in a perfect trap, she cannot allow her loved ones to come to -


    "YAAAAGGGHHH!!" Agony; her left breast feeling like it has almost exploded.

    Ross has just aimed a sledge hammer squarely at her breast, raising it behind his head and bringing it down full force. Somehow, she restrains herself, as he raises the sledge hammer again.


    NGAAAAAAHHG!" Her right breast on fire. The stone slab her breasts are resting on shatters.

    "Nyaah, oooh oh god", she's moaning, crying new tears. "Ahh! Ahh..."

    Ross drops the sledge hammer, and slumps back into his chair, utterly spent. "Take off those ropes and blindfold. Crawl over here, bitch". Megan, still groaning, hesitates only for a moment - she's been warned about hesitating before. Ross threatening to press the button on his arm to alert his friend, just because she has paused for a few moments. She snaps the rope binding her arms, removes her blindfold and the other stone slabs from on yop of her knees, and crawls to where Ross waits. She's unbelievable; her tan skin glistening with sweat, her perfect body crawling submissively, her pretty face covered with shame as her eyes look to the floor. He can see the blood from multiple cuts on her shins across the edges of the stone slab she'd been kneeling on.

    She kneels in front of him, blue eyes glancing up. "Cunt, talk shit about yourself". She stifles a sigh, "Yes sir. I'm a dumb bitch, sir. I'm lower than dirt, I'm a stupid slut and the only thing I can do is suck cock, sir. I only live to make you happy, my master. All I'm good for is to be raped and beaten."

    He remembers how Megan was before all of this. Without a doubt the most natural beauty in the whole school, always a bright smile on her face, her voice one of sweetness and kindness. To hear her now, her voice full of shame, is exhilarating to the old pervert.

    He boots her in the face. She feels a dull thud and winces, but she can take it, again to his frustration. "Take off my shoes. Clean my feet". She's done this for him before. She's already sucked him off 4 times today and its getting late; he has no more left, except to order her to commit more self-degradation. She removes his shoes and socks one by one, the stench of his feet flares up her small nose immediately. She's realized by now that he deliberately does not clean himself; his cock, his feet, maybe even his body. Every time she sucks him off, his cock stinks of cheese and must. All to humiliate her further. His feet are just as bad, as though soap has not touched them in some time. She takes one massive foot, and places her lips around the big toe. Her belly shivers in disgust as she alternates between sucking his toes and licking his foot. She continues this process for the other foot, kissing and licking every part, sucking the toes.

    "It's Friday night", he says as she sucks on his big toe. "That means no school tomorrow. I want you to stay the night". She almost gasps, looking at him wide eyed, she desperately wants this night to end, thought it was nearly over. It's about this time that he lets her go home. "Call your parents, let them know you're staying at a friend's." However, she knows that won't be necessary. Removing his toe, she says "It's okay; they're both on a business trip. No one home". No point in lying, can't risk being caught out in a lie. He grins. She should have realized he wanted this when he insisted she bring a change of clothes.

    "You remember how I told you to read up on how to deep throat?"
    "Yes, sir". She does indeed remember, and when he told her that at the start of the week she had to resist making some smart remark about the fat man's small cock. His demands seem endless to her; not ending even when she returned to her own home. She'd put on her web cam on her laptop and strip tease for him in the early hours of the morning. He'd instruct her to dance, to sway her hips, drop her ass to the floor, act like she's turned on. And; he had her read up on blowjob techniques, including how to deep throat.

    Ross moves from his chair to another part of the room, rummaging in a black bag, he produces a 10 inch purple dildo. "Before this night is over, you're gonna deep throat this fucking dildo all the way to the base". It looks huge; she's no idea how its going to go down her mouth and into the back of her throat. She hasn't practiced, in hindsight she thinks she should have, just to get this over with. Ross sets up his trusty camera and tripod, the very item that at this point he's used to capture hours of footage of Megan's 'consensual' sex acts. "We're going to play a game. You're going to deep throat this, and hold it for 30 seconds. You're going to kneel on that slab with the edges, and you're not going to move from that spot until you get it fucking done."

    She shakes her head in disbelief. "Please..."
    He points to the button on his arm; the button that will alert the mystery man, the one that promised to ruin her life if she does not obey.
    "Please what, cunt?"
    "N-nothing sir".
    "Good. If you can manage to do it, you can sleep on the floor here in the basement. At 8am, you're gonna bring me breakfast in bed, and you're gonna wake me with a blowjob".
    "Yes sir", she says, defeated.
    "And one more thing to make this much more interesting... a consequence for failure. If you can't deep throat that dildo for 30 seconds, I'll leak your web cam strip shows to the whole fucking school." Megan balls her hands into fists, the nails digging into her palms, its all she can do to restrain herself. How?! It's fucking huge!

    He leaves her one more instruction - she's to count with her free hand for the camera, he shows her the correct cadence for counting the seconds. He laughs as he sets the camera to record. She kneels back on the stone slab; the jagged edges digging back into her skin and bone, feeling like a knife edge, her wounds still fresh and unhealed from the previous 40 minutes she had been kneeling there. "It's up to you how long this night's going to be. Good night, bitch". He exits out the door, and she begins.

    She takes deep breaths, trying to relax herself. She'll need to ignore the pain and humiliation; she's all too aware of the red light on the camera,and her own nudity. If she can't relax and forget her anxiety, as the sites she read instructed, she'll never be able to do this. She takes the head of the dildo into her small mouth, going slowly, inch by inch, waiting for the gag reflex. She feels it; the bodily instinct to reject this thing edging into the back of her mouth, she pulls back a little, and edges it back in a little again. She practices this, but can't quite get the dildo back there. She takes it out, all too aware of the pain in her shins, trying to forget her self-consciousness she spits on the dildo, rubbing her hand up and down the length, lubricating it, and tries again.

    To her own surprise, she seems a natural at it. It takes some long minutes and dozens of attempts but she surprises herself by how much she's able to take in, as she slides in one inch after another, testing her reflex and willing herself, telling her body that yes she does indeed want this big phallic object in her throat. 7 inches... 8 inches... at 9 inches, she recoils pulling it out again, almost barfing on herself. She takes deep breaths and tries again, breathing through her nose as the jelly like dildo goes in the back of her mouth, down her throat. 10 inches... she surprises herself again, can hardly believe she can take all this length, she begins counting down with the fingers on her hand, slow countdown for the camera . 15 seconds and she pulls it out again, heaving. But on the next attempt, she's able to get past the 30 second mark, giving it an extra second just in case, her face bright red as she pulls the dildo out. This didn't take as long as she thought it would; perhaps her powers afford her this ability, or maybe she's just a natural in the art of deep throating.

    Megan lays naked on the cold concrete floor with the florescent light hanging above her. She hugs her knees to herself, tries to ignore the pain. She so wishes that she could be out there tonight, patrolling the night skies, the freedom of feeling the air rush against her as she flew. She'd do this for an hour or two after her encounters with Ross before returning home. Though this week, besides a handful of petty thugs, it was relatively quiet at night. Teen Girl took her frustrations out on some joyriders one night; ripping the car door open, she'd snapped the wrist of the driver as she pulled him out, the passangers bolted in fear but they didn't get far. Now, now she feels so helpless, so alone. Her parents taking frequent business trips, leaving her by herself, when she needs their love the most. But they can't know that. No, they can never know. Exhausted, she falls into a deep slumber.


    It's a glorious day; its the weekend, the sun is out, its over 20 degrees. Teenage girl Megan Summers is stuck in a stuffy car with her middle aged geography teacher, one of his pudgy hands running along her bare thigh as they drive out of town. She stares off into the distance, miserable.

    During their nightly web cam sessions, he made her show him what clothes she had, and had her pick out the sluttiest items to bring to his place. Ever since Megan began to sprout early, she knew how men looked at her, and so wore jumpers in an attempt to hide her body. Though just after she gained powers, she felt a new confidence in herself, taking new risks with her style, getting turned on by the appreciative stares of the men around her. Still, this is ridiculous - she's wearing a black micro-mini skirt, 12", her gorgeous long legs on show. She's also wearing a sexy bright blue strap tank top, showing remarkably generous cleavage. The set is complete with black heel shoes. The skirt and shoes she had bought when clothes shopping with Jamie. They giggled as they tried on various slutty items, enjoying each other's compliments. She had to admit, her petite blonde friend looked super hot in form fitting clothes. She would maybe save them for a special occasion one night, she hadn't actually worn them before. And the tank top she'd wear underneath other clothes. She feels practically naked, as though she's out in public in glorified underwear.

    "Where are we going?", she eventually asks after some miles. "Let's get something straight", he berates her. "You don't speak unless you're fucking spoken to. You're my fucking bitch. You're my slave. Slaves don't ask questions, they just do what they're told". She stares at the floor. "Apologize now!"
    "I'm sorry, sir".
    "You don't sound like it. But you fucking will be. You'll learn your place. Anyway, we're going to see a friend," he says with a grin. She doesn't like the sound of that at all. "If anyone asks, you're my girlfriend. And just for being a dumb bitch that talks too much, you're gonna give me road head, right now."
    Shame and anger flares up inside her. He's so fucking horrible; she just wants to yank the steering wheel, pull the car off a cliff and make her escape while he falls to his death. But he's monitored constantly by that damn device he wears, hidden away underneath his ridiculous over-sized Hawaiian shirt. Dozens of cars have passed by on the road. Surely someone will notice what's going on. Even knowing what's at stake for disobeying, she finds it difficult to begin. As self-conscious as she is, there's no choice, she leans over, unzips his shorts, takes his hard dick into her wet mouth.

    They pull into a parking lot. Around a dozen stores are lined up at the end of the lot. As they exist the car and walk towards the stores he holds her hand. His girlfriend... he's decades older than me... who the hell is gonna buy it. She burns with embarrassment as young couples, families on a day out, and people out alone look in their direction. The heat seems to have everyone outside. At least we're far from home.

    "I know what you're thinking. You not even 18 yet. No one would suspect THAT, you'd be surprised by what people can get away with". What's not a surprise is that people are staring and whispering. What must they think? This grossly overweight older man with a young bombshell. As they make their way onto the pavement, she overhears one staring woman asking another, "...daughter?" But then Ross directs her towards an Adult store. She hadn't even noticed it at first, distracted as she is by her embarrassment. As they enter, the women actually erupt in laughter. She's mortified; herself and Ross are some sort of freak side show.

    There's only 5 men in the store. All older gentlemen. Their jaws practically hit the floor when they see Megan. She's a perfect porno fantasy come to life. Undoubtedly sexy and curvy, toned long legs, striking blue eyes, long silky black hair nearly reaching her ass. She notices the clerk; an aging hippie type in his 40s, grey hair tied back in a grey pony tail, he's another fan of tacky Hawaiian shirts. He's openly grinning at her as Ross directs her towards the costume section of the store. He picks out a schoolgirl set; the tartan skirt even shorter than the micro-mini she's wearing now. "Oh yes," Ross says. "Definitely this!" He hands there the set then spends some time going through racks of kinky clothing. She's never been in an Adult store. In fact, she suspects it may be illegal for her to be here. She gazes around - rubber suits, spanking paddles, dildos of all shapes and sizes. And of course, shelves upon shelves of porn DVDs. 'BBW Mums 12' Someone actually made 12 of these?? In other circumstances, this might have been amusing. Ross picks out a sexy maid lingerie outfit with a black and white lace design. Tiny frilly skirt, plunging neckline. Ross laughs a real belly laugh, picking out a Supergirl costume. He can't resist, and hands it over to her. There's a bikini rack; Ross picks out a skimpy triangle purple bikini set. They walk along the aisles as he picks out more items, her face turning ever brighter shades of red with each item. She counts 8 different men now staring at them, she's positive a few of them came in from the street just to check out what was going on. Ross picks out a black leather slave collar with a leash, a spanking paddle with metal tips, another spanking paddle with holes in it, a 16-inch black dildo, and lubrication. "Take these to the clerk. You're paying". She examines the price tags and realizes she'll be paying close to $400 for everything; the maid outfit the most expensive set. This will eat up most of her savings that she's spent the last year building up.

    Megan walks to the desk, knees shaking from nerves, also feeling ridiculous walking in her heels as she's not used to it. She audibly gulps. "...Uh, hi. I'd like to buy these. Do you accept bank cards?". The aging clerk is openly perving on her, his eyes groping up and down her body, resting on her delicious tits, before looking her eye to eye. "Are you old enough to be here?" He asks, amused. Ross joins them. "I can vouch for her, Jacob".
    "Well hey Ross, that's good enough for me. But I tell you what, you know our deal we made before".
    "Oh yeah", Ross leans over and whispers. "Trust me man, she's up for it".
    Megan's eyes light up with desperation. Just what is she getting herself in to. "I'll get Stu off his break to take over. Join me in the back". Holding her hand, Ross directs her behind the desk, brushing past a doorway of beads. The patrons stare at her ass and legs as she walks to the back of the store. They can only guess in their wildest imaginations as to what's happening; none of them would be far off.

    They move past a hallway with what she assumes are more 'black market' DVDs. Rough bondage videos, simulated rape videos showing women with exaggerated expressions, some of them less exaggerated - she hopes they're simulated, too, no way to know for sure. They enter a back office with Jacob. Even here he has posters of naked women hanging up. "God damn, let me take a look at you", Jacob says as he sits on his office chair. Ross indicates for her to spin around and she does so. Jacob laughs. "Holy fucking shit man! This is the hottest girl yet", she mildly notices that he's talking about her like she isn't even there, but what stands out more is that this obviously is not the first time this has happened. She's suspected that she's not the only girl to have been abused by Ross. Sooner or later, I'll get out of this, I'll make him pay.

    "So this is the usual deal, man. I let you have all that shit on the house. All I ask for is one blowjob."
    "Well, what do you say Megan?" Ross asks, arms folded.
    Obviously, she thinks, it would count as disobedience if she says no.
    "Yes, sir."
    "She doesn't sound too sure."
    "She's just nervous", Ross assures Jacob. "To tell you the truth, she gets off on all this humiliation shit. Insisted on dressing like a complete slut before coming here. Young women today are fucking freaks, man."
    Jacob laughs. "Yeah man, I hear you. You lucky fucking bastard. Come here, sweetheart."
    She walks over to where he sits. He runs a hand up her thigh and up her skirt, places another hand on her right boob, squeezing. She thinks of telling him that she thought it would just be a blowjob, then thinks better of it.
    "She still seems nervous," I'm right fucking here, asshole!
    "She's fantasized about sucking off strangers for a while but this is her first time following through".
    "We can help you relax", Jacob says, pulling a drawer on his desk, he reveals a joint. He lights it up, taking a drag himself. She's smelled this aroma before, a skunky kind of smell, sweet, potent. She likes the smell and has been curious about trying. This would not be her choice of circumstance. Again she finds that she has no choice. She has to play along. She takes the joint and presses it to her lips. "First time honey? Just inhale it deeply, hold it in your lungs a second or two".
    She lights it up, following his instructions, inhales the smoke.
    "She doesn't like that kindness shit", Ross says. "Fucking dominate her, she loves it".
    "What's your safe word?"
    "Jesus fucking christ. Red, her safe word is red."
    "Are you ready?" Jacob asks her.
    She believes she can feel the effects of the grass now. It's kind of a giggly, light-headed feeling. "Yes, I'm ready".
    Jacob grips her roughly by the hair, "On your fucking knees bitch", his demeanor changes, pulling her down, slaps her face. "You like that huh bitch?" Ross stands in the corner and nods at her, just out of view of Jacob. "Yes, yes sir" she says, she gets slapped again. She can see the bulge in his pants, can already tell that he's far bigger than Ross. "Well what are you waiting for you dumb slut, pull my dick out".

    She does so, unzipping him, he pulls his trousers and boxers down, revealing an 8 inch cock. She wraps her sweet lips around the head. Remembering some of the tips she read online, she sucks on the head just a little, tickling the top with her tongue as a tease, then removes her mouth, licking her tongue up and down the shaft. Looking up at Jacob with her big blue eyes, then she goes down again, taking more of his length in, her wet tongue under his dick. His hands are on the back of her head, pushing down with force, her eyes bulge as his dick moves to the gag reflex. Everything that's happening feels so strange and otherworldly. "You're gonna love this, man", Ross says. "You won't believe how much she can deep throat". This seems to encourage Jacob further, gripping her hair roughly either side, directing her head down further, she makes a gagging sound that he ignores, pushing her head down even further until his dick is down her throat. She actually has him balls deep, can feel his public hair tickling at her small nose, her gagging noises a further turn on to him. He holds her down a few more moments before releasing her head, she gasps for air and is met with another hard slap for her trouble. He pulls her hair hard and she opens her mouth to take him again. He bunches her hair into his fists, using her hair like handles, as he pulls her head up and down. He also bucks himself up to meet her, stabbing down her throat. He's face fucking her now, throat fucking her, listening to her gag, she tries to remember to ignore the reflex and relax, made easier by the high she's on. The face fucking seems to grow with intensity and speed with each passing second. "OOoh FUCK YEAH!!" exclaims Jacob. He forces all his length down her mouth and throat again and wraps his leg behind her head to hold her there. She realizes she can break free at any moment, she's far stronger than this guy, but of course the element of choice has been removed from this whole thing, the word 'free' no longer applies to poor Megan. He closes her nose with his fingers; she's getting no air at all now. "Hold it you fucking bitch, you dumb fucking cunt, yeah!" Her face starts going red as the long seconds pass by before he finally releases her, and slaps her again. "Lick on my fucking balls, take my balls in your mouth". She does as she's told, licking the man's hairy sack, taking one ball in her mouth and then the other. He uses his 'handles' to direct her mouth back to her dick again, using her pretty teenage face as a hole to fuck.

    Fifteen minutes of having a dick in and out of her throat like a piston, gasping for air, getting slapped and insulted, he's finally ready to come. "Let me cum in your mouth!" "Don't swallow it. Keep your mouth open and show him", Ross instructs from the corner. Jacob's dick is aimed at her pretty face like a gun, her mouth wide open, as he lets out multiple spurts. With the head pretty close to her mouth most of it hits the target, though some ends up on her face and hair. It feels warm on her cheek. She holds her mouth open, showing him her mouth full of cum, when she realizes she likes the taste. It's goey, but also sweet, like a mango. She notices something else; her panties are wet. She stifles a gasp as she holds her thighs together. Here she kneels in front of men old enough to be her father, having just been face fucked until she couldn't breath, with cum over her face. She enjoyed the sight of Jacob's big cock, now that she reflects over it, had never actually seen a REAL human cock until now (and really, did Ross's dick count?). "Fuck yeah. Good girl. Now swallow". She does so, taking it all down in one gulp. "Wipe it off your face, eat it, none of it goes to waste", Ross says. She does as she's told, using her hands to scoop it up from her face and hair, directing it into her mouth, as the two older men watch. "That was fucking amazing. Have another smoke, you've earned it". Jacob passes the joint back to her and she smokes while on her knees, feeling a pleasant buzz now, glad its over with. "You know what? Now I wanna do you. You deserve to cum yourself".
    "She isn't into that. Total submissive; she loves to please, that's what she does", Ross says with impatience.
    "Well you know what would make me happy? What would really please me, is to give some pleasure back to you." Talking directly to her now, ignoring Ross.
    "Yes, sir" the words just come out of her mouth as a reflex. And god damn, despite the danger, she has to try hard not to giggle when she sees the look on Ross's face. This is strange, she thinks, feeling little shame.

    Jacob directs her to her feet, running a hand under her skirt, two of his fingers slip under the material of her panties, stroking across her wet pussy. Now she does gasp; no one's ever touched her like this, except herself. He leans down towards her, his other hand on her breast. "Megan. That was the best blowjob I've ever fucking had", she giggles at the sincerity of the compliment,"Thankyou". And when he laughs too, stroking his middle finger across her clitoris, she almost has a giggle fit, before moaning, the curve of her smile and light in her eyes showing her pleasure. He leans down and whispers "you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen", and kisses her before lifting her up on to his desk. He opens her legs and she looks wide-eyed in anticipation as he sits on his chair. Moving closer between her inviting legs he begins to remove her panties, rolling them down past her ankles then throws them to the floor. She can feel his hot breath on her pussy, then his wet tongue. She feels it as he begins slowly from the entrance of her now dripping pussy. He takes his time, messaging the inner lips of her cunt, then moving to her labia. "Uhhhh!" She lies back across the wooden desk. "Ooooh", Megan groans, Jacob takes her lips in his mouth, running his tongue over her. He enters his tongue into her cunt hole; tongue fucking her. "MmmMM!! UNGHH!" Megan throws her head back, the young girl's head spinning, she starts groping her own tits. After 10 minutes of alternating between his time tested techniques, Megan's ready for coming. "OOOOH! MMMMM!" She bites her lower lip; then stars explode. "YESSSS!!! OOOH GOD YES!!!" She screams in delight. After a minute, Jacob lets her calm down from the experience, relishing her girlish moans. She's smiling like a cheshire cat; and just then, she turns her eyes to Ross - a smart phone recording, pointing right at her, and her face drops. But she notices something else - she'd expect him to be smiling, enjoying this. Instead, he looks angry. Furious, even. Ross slyly puts the phone away before Jacob sees anything. "Definitely sounds like you had fun", Jacob is about to hand over Megan's panties when Ross grabs them. "I'll think I'll take those. You know this humiliation slut will get off on walking around with no underwear". Megan's mortified. As they leave the office, Ross whispers in her ear, "Follow my lead or I share this video, straight into your parents e-mail".

    In the store the number of patrons has doubled. Men nudging each other, smiling knowingly at her. Oh god, they heard me. She looks to the floor to ignore the ogling. "I tell you guys what - " Ross actually addresses the all male patrons. "If you give me your number, I promise I'll get you some alone time with my girlfriend here. She's an insatiable slut, can't get enough of sucking cock. Give me your number and we'll organize something. Who's up for it?"

    A couple of men shiftily look around the room as if expecting to be ambushed at any moment - and these men actually exit out the front door. "Are you serious?" A man in his mid 20s, already with DVDs in his hand nervously steps forward. Ross looks to Megan. "Tell them". If she could bore a hole in the ground right now and hide there she would. She didn't agree to this. Well, she didn't agree to any of it. "I- ah, I love to suck cocks", she looks away feeling awkward. A man nearing pension age speaks up, "I don't buy this. Is she a prostitute or something?"
    "No, man, you don't have to pay. There's no catch. She's just a total slut and I don't mind sharing her. I'll prove it. Lift up your skirt."
    She feels like throwing up from the nerves. A wall of men has closed in around them in a circle at this point, everyone looking to see what happens. She grits her teeth, lifting up her micro skirt, knowing full well her panties are sitting in Ross's pocket, revealing her trimmed black bush and her cunt to the room. "Holy fucking shit", "unreal", "hot as fuck", gasps and whispers around the room. "Fucking slut", some unseen stranger says. "Well, any takers? We'll get something planned for you soon".
    And then it actually happens - men start approaching Ross, phones out, rhyming out their numbers to him, and all she can do is stand there and burn brighter shades of red. Not everyone does, some chicken out and leave, but there are more men in the store now than there were before. She counts a total of 12 men that give Ross their numbers. Some are diverse in age, race, and class. But 6 of them were decades older and were much like Ross. Fat, balding - including the man that could very well be a retired pensioner, the old pervert gawking at her, the years of his life marked by wrinkles and thinning grey hair.

    After Ross takes the numbers they return to the car. She feels eyes on her the whole time.


    He yells at her practically the whole ride to the next destination. "You thought you could knock me down a peg in front of Jacob. That's fucking it, isn't it? I told you once that this is going to be shit for you - you NEVER let a man touch your pussy unless you clear it with me first. You're going to fucking laugh - laugh at me?! You're lucky I don't just fuck your life up now!", practically spitting, on and on in a tantrum, his face red with anger. He's acting as though she somehow 'won' something. Acting like a baby that didn't get his way, he's handing her a victory over him. Which is ridiculous, considering how much control he had, still has.

    She recognizes where she is, having been this way on plenty of summers. This highway leads to the beach. They pull off into a side road, parking close to a garage. Ross hands her the purple triangle bikini. "Go in and get changed". She does as instructed, going inside, asking the clerk, a horny boy with his eyes bulging, if she can change in the rest room. When she comes out, she's sensational. Her toned, teenage body has never been so bare in public before. This would be the last thing she'd be caught wearing. It's so skimpy and tight that her boobs strain against the material and threaten to spill out. Ross had been busy; buckets of water and a number of sponges lay beside the car. He had set up signs either side of where the road pulled into the garage - FREE CAR WASH.

    "Clean the car, bitch" he says, sudding up the water with cleaning fluid. Ashamed and dejected, she gets to work, plunging a sponge into the water, leaning over the car to wipe the windshield. Ross stands back to admire. Those killer legs, leading up to her curvy ass, the purple material of the bikini bottom leaving little to the imagination, showing off the sweet crevice between her lovely butt cheeks. With her back turned to him she gets a shock when he throws a bucket of water all over her. Her hair soaked and clinging to her body, drenched from head to toe, he orders her to get back to it. It's not long before another car pulls up, and a small crowd of onlookers from the garage - mostly men - line up for a look at the buxom teen. Her wet tan skin glistening in the baking sun as the sponge suds up the car. After Ross's car she begins work on the next. A group of college frat boys in a 4x4 exit, knocking back bottles of beer as they laugh and perv on Megan, her body becoming covered in suds and bubbles. "Hey baby, the car's REAL dirty", says the driver, making exaggerated trips up and down her body with his eyes, and the rest laugh. "Yeah, its filthy, make sure you bend over to get the tough spots!"

    Soon, there's a whole line of cars filling up the lot in the garage, a small party is forming around her with tacky hip hop music blaring from one of the parked cars. Men openly holler and cat call. "Yeaaah I got something else right here for you to clean!" Constant derogatory comments, and Ross seems to have blended in nicely with the group. She's cleaning cars for the next 30 minutes in the heat of the sun; the centre of attention for the growing crowd of onlookers. However, Ross spots something on the road, and makes a retreat for the garage. Megan turns to see a new group pull up - an SUV packed with girls and boys, some of the girls look her age. In fact - oh no

    One of the most popular girls of Godfrey high steps out. Leigh, a bombshell in her own right, blonde hair and blue eyes, wearing a bikini and a towel around her waist. The girl is grinning as she obviously recognizes Megan. "Oh my God!" She exclaims. An older guy wraps an arm around her. "You know this chick?" "She's one of the biggest geeks in the school, Todd! Oh my GOD this is just too much!" Leigh's openly laughing at Megan as she's joined by other girls in her clique, and they're laughing too. "Geek?? Yeah right!" her boyfriend gets an elbow in the stomach for the remark. Leigh walks closer to Megan. "What's your name again??"
    "Ah, look, I'm just going to get back to this"
    "She's obviously tired of being the school nerd", Leigh says to her giggling lemmings. "This is absolutely just the most pathetic grab for attention I've ever seen!"
    "Ugh! What is she wearing? So trashy!" says one of the girls.
    "I know right? Why are you acting like such a total slut? Who even does this?" Leigh won't back off, eyeing her up like a wolf.
    Leigh and her mean girls are notorious in Godfrey but so far she had never run into them. Now that she's come under their notice, they're ruthless. And out come the smart phones.
    "Well, you said you were going to get back to it!" Leigh's laugh is full of ill intent.
    Ross spotted them, avoided them on purpose, which means he's still skulking around somewhere. He never told me to stop- I can't- I have to do this.
    She goes back to cleaning the hood of the car, feeling utterly objectified, dozens of people watching her, getting off to her debasement. "Are you like trying to get a career in porn kick started?" Leigh has her smart phone's camera pointed at Megan as she wipes back and forth with her breasts pressed to the hood, trying and failing miserably to ignore everything. "Aw come on! Don't act shy now! Turn around and give a wave to the camera!" She pretends she isn't listening. The boyfriend Todd walks to Megan, taking her arm. "Come on baby! Show us that fine body!" Another frat boy from the crowd is encouraged and steps forward, pressing his body against her. The whoops and cheers of the surrounding audience increase. She finds other boys and men around her now; someone pinches her ass. "Leave me alone!"
    "Leave me aloooone!" Mocks Leigh in a baby voice.
    Another unseen hand grabs her ass, someone else gets a quick grope of her tits. Leigh's boyfriend grips her by either side trying to turn her around. Megan snaps; with a wave of her arm she pushes a guy to her right to the ground, then she grabs Todd, twists his arm around, slams him into the trunk. The men closing in begin to back off. There's gasps from the crowd. No one expected this from the girl, pushing around men far bigger than herself. After a few moments she releases him; he grips his arm in pain. "Fucking freak", he says, but she just glares with an intimidating intensity. "Let's go, babe" he says to Leigh.
    "That was a mistake, bitch. I'll see you around". Leigh's eyes are like ice daggers as she returns inside the SUV. The crowd begins to disperse; people returning to their cars and getting back on the highway.

    Ross re-appears. It looks to Megan like he must have been observing from the garage. "Close call," he hands Megan a towel, and she eagerly wraps it around herself. Ross motions for her to get in his car. "Should have figured someone back home would come out this way on a day like this." Megan had previously noted that Ross himself couldn't risk exposure and this incident only highlights this fact. But what to do about it? If Ross is exposed, she's exposed. It's like they're in this together. Until she can see another option she has to stay on Ross's good side. As they make the drive home the middle aged man points to his dick. "Head," he says, and she bends down to comply.


    Megan's standing naked back in the basement, ordered to spread her legs as Ross paces back and forth wielding a metal baseball bat. It takes a great mental effort of will to fix herself to this spot; to not run, or fly out above Ross's head, or take his head off. "Your life as a normal girl is over; you're my bitch. My own loyal dog. You're lower than dirt. You're just a slave that exists for my amusement. If any man wants to pleasure you the way that fuck Jacob did, deny them. You're a cunt with no rights. You're not allowed to feel pleasure. I'll make sure you fuck every guy from that store, and every one of them will treat you like the worthless whore you are."

    She shuts her eyes and turns her head as he swings for the fences. The bat flies up between her legs connecting directly with her cunt. "NNYAGHHHH!!" She screams blue murder, and falls to her knees. A pain of fire explodes in her pussy. Her hands instinctively reach under to protect herself. The metal connected directly with her sensitive clit. She's never felt anything like this. During any of his beatings she's been able to take the initial onslaught; her super resilience giving her protection. Yet the metal bat hit its mark, bringing instant and unbearable agony. "The only emotions you're allowed to feel are pain, fear, humiliation. Get up, spread your legs!!"

    She looks up with frustration and teary eyes. Willing herself back to a vertical base, spreading her legs again. THWACK!! "AAAAAGH!!" Again the bat lands straight between her legs. Again she can't help but fall to her knees. "Get up! GET UP!!" He barks at her as she again wills herself to her feet. "It's Jacob's cunnilingus that made me think of this. I should have thought of it before. You're sensitive down there. Getting wet like a stupid slut." He launches for her cunt again. Another explosion of fire. "Aaiiiigggggh!!" This time she doesn't fall. With and effort of will and grit; this time she looks him in the eye, keeping her legs spread, and removes her hands. Disbelief on Ross's face. He points the bat at her. "This... this is going to hurt," with a solid grip on the handle with both hands, he takes a couple of steps backwards with the bat raised behind him, then launches forward swinging the bat up in an arc. "NYAHGGGH!" She throws her head up into the air, her face a mask of pain. "Aghghha...hahahaha...". She's laughing, and keeps on laughing. She has not placed her hands in front of her pussy to protect herself, has not moved, and remains standing with her legs spread. Ross is furious; his face bright red as he swings for her again. She has to mentally choke down tears; forcing herself to endure the fire. Instead of crying, she laughs, like a girl laughing at a clown. Her bright blue eyes look his straight on, unwavering, smiling at him.
    "Why are you LAUGHING!" He swings again. While it feels like hell she bores it, endures, and looks back at him. Because it gives me power over you, you stupid fuck!

    Over the next ten minutes she cries out in agony more than a few times; her pain coming out in drawn out, agonized breaths. The tears burn at her eyes. But she remains standing and refuses to look away. You're a pathetic, lonely old man. You- THWACK!! "Nyaaaahh...huh" I'm not your bitch. I'm not dirt. Your tiny dick has given you a napoleon complex. I don't see a man; I see a boy that's spent his life ignored by girls. THWACK!! "Uuuugnh!" There. Are. Four. Lights!

    By this time, blood is running down her legs and the top of the bat painted the colour of red.

    He can see it; see her focus. "What is it? Say what's on your mind this one time." She laughs. "There are four lights!" He can't believe it - his confusion, bewilderment, the story is written over his face. He has no idea what she means but recognizes the sheer defiance every time she looks at him. His previous beating sessions were in a way a contest with himself. How long before he tires himself out? And now, out of breath, he can see the new paradigm she's created. Will he tire out before she does? He can see that she's visibly shaking like a leaf; single tears running down her face. But she's not broken. In fact, she refuses to break. She's so sexy with her chest rising and falling in deep breaths; her tight, toned body with curves in all the right places, perspiring in the heat. But she's strong; she doesn't look the least bit afraid of him, her eyes steely. He hates it. He drops the bat.

    "You still have to sleep here. On the floor like a dog." Her expression does not change, still standing with her legs spread, daring him to continue. He moves to the exit. "Just remember; it can always get worse." As she's alone the words hang ominously in the air. But she knows his weakness now. She'll bide her time, she'll win, and she'll see to it that Ross answers for what he's done. Curling up in a ball on the cold concrete her long black hair like a blanket on her back, she hugs herself, shivering. The pain is beyond belief. There is no sleep for her. It's difficult for a long time to think of anything other than the fire of pain between her legs. When she can think, she wonders what she'll have to steel herself against next. It can always get worse...

    Unknown Warehouse.

    Dozens upon dozens of armoured black suits line up the walls as Lucas works in an open spaced chop shop. The heavy bulk of Big Package's over 8 foot suit lays out before him. Circuitry and metal junk sits in piles around him as he melds new pieces of equipment together. New weapons systems for Big Package. Big Package 2.0; and soon it would be the same for all the lieutenants in their private army. At the centre of the warehouse over 50 men are lined up all wearing karate gis; the Martial Arts master Haui running them through drills, Big and Jetpack standing behind him.. "Strike!" "Ya!" The large group punch the air in unison from quarter squat positions. Lucas looks up from his work as a quick flash of black flashes across the wall - and then another. The new recruits - the twins - testing out the new prototype suits Lucas developed for them from government stolen technology. It took some work to re-develop the augmentation tech to work almost purely for speed. Which benefited the twins - 25 years old, brother and sister, both experts at quick striking martial arts styles, they had racked up close to 100 kills between them as globe trotting assassins. They had been making laps around the large warehouse in their speed suits faster than Lucas could count to 10. Their army was filling up nicely with some of the best mercenaries money could buy; backed with billions of dollars of advanced hardware.

    Soon they'll be ready. They'll own the city in the name of the Syndicate.

    Leigh's bedroom.

    The blonde girl is soaking wet as she waits for the upload to finish. Her footage is absolutely delicious. Megan Summers; she checked the name when she got home. Leigh finds Megan stunning, of course, rubbing her fingers on her clit as she watches the bikini clad girl washing a car. The video continues up until the boys rush around her; sleazily pinching at her teenage body, the video cutting off before Megan's retaliation. And now for a title... 'Godfrey Slut'... she giggles. With the youtube upload finished she pastes the URL anonymously onto the Godfrey High facebook group. The link also gets posted on a dozen different porn forums and chat rooms she had waiting. She can't wait to see Megan's face in school. Why hadn't she ever picked her out before? Because she hid, made herself invisible. Well, Leigh can definitely see her now. Before she can get near a climax she receives a phone call. A synthetic voice talks to her. "Ms. Adams. We need to talk about Megan Summers."

    To be continued
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    So glad to read a new chapter, I just love all the humiliation and pain you put poor Megan through my favorite part is the car wash scene I like how Mr Ross put her in such simple yet degrade position (and just like the idea the bully girl have her part on Megan torment) is going to be a scene where Mr Ross humiliated Megan as Teen girl? Like maybe make her fight crime on a very skimping new outfit or maybe maker pose for that magazine of back at chapter 1 the one how was ofert 2 million dollar? By away the idea of send her to another planet is still a think? Because I like the idea of the prison planet and someone thrower whit all the inmate and say "this girl is a superheroine, have fun"
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    That's great feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed the humiliation Megan was put through. Ross having her fight crime in a skimpy outfit is a great idea. The idea of having her sent to a prison planet is still kicking around in my head and I love the way you think with just throwing her to the inmates.

    Tough to say when that will happen.

    I plan to call the next chapter 'Mean Girls', which should give an idea of where the story is heading next and what's in store for my favourite suffering teenager. But I also want to get back to big scale superhero throw downs.
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