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The Adventures of Teen Girl - Chapter 2

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by kained, Jun 21, 2010.

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    Firstly, I have to apologize for how long it has taken me to update this story. Longer than some of you might realize. I uploaded the original story to the Greyarchive years ago. Sincerely, I'm sorry, and I hope it isn't a disappointment after the wait. I've tried my best to deliver what you all asked for in the poll. A straight up beat down! Let me know any of your criticisms, suggestions for future stories, and even suggestions for edits to this chapter. Enjoy.

    Standard warning - Story is intended for people of legal age to read. Contains adult themes and extreme violence against women.

    Teen Girl

    Chapter 2

    Walking through the old fashioned, dusty halls of Godfrey High School is the angelic vision of loveliness Megan Summers. Her traditional Catholic school uniform, with her plaid pleated skirt a couple of inches above her knees, baring her long tan legs, and her tight shirt, is the image of ultimate male fantasy, making many cocks of hormonal school boys twitch. Stopping to gape at her, their lustful stares were blatant. Even from the teachers.

    It was just something that Megan had gotten used to. She didn't go out of her way for this attention, although her skirt was a little higher up than normal. Even when she would wear a blazer in an attempt to hide her breasts, it wasn't enough to do the job, her breasts pushing against any material she would cover them with. In fact she has to admit that sometimes the lusting would make her a little moist. The thought of all those men wanting her. Even she enjoyes admiring her perfect hourglass shape on occasion - curves aplenty!

    But none of the boys at school at had ever gotten close to her. The most a handful had gotten was a clumsy kiss and grope before she'd stop things right there. For such a beautiful girl, one who most of the school agreed in whispered conversations is the hottest in school, she is somewhat of a loner. She gravitates towards people who are strong individuals, rising above the shallowness of conformity and struggle for popularity in Godfrey High. And in a place like that, such people are few and far between. The more popular girls of the school, the cheerleaders and rich brats, hold a jealousy of Megan, but mostly they leave her alone - Megan poses little threat to their pathetic power structure, showing no interest in it. And Megan is bubbly, friendly with anyone she comes into contact with.

    She makes it to the library, something of a quiet sanctuary. She sits reading a short Samuel Beckett play, then digs out a Stephen King book she had recently become enthralled in. Why is it that the boys who want her attention couldn't just talk about their favourite books, or show off some creativity? Give her a guy who plays guitar and enjoys poetry any day and she'd melt. She feels like if only there was a guy who could take her out for a nice meal and turn her on with his intelligence and just behave a little like a gentleman, she's gladly get on her knees for him! She laughs at the filthy thought.

    Jamie arrives at the library, Megan's newest friend. They had hit it off almost straight away when the attractive blonde girl arrived at the school a month earlier. She's petite and small at 5'4, and wears glasses which Megan thinks made her look cuter. They had several girly sleep overs, laughing over some cheap horror films.

    The blonde sits next to Megan, speaking in a hushed tone. "Megan, I missed you last night". Megan stares at her blankly for a moment, then she realizes - of course! "Oh God, sorry Jamie. It completely slipped my mind." Jamie shook her head. "Don't worry about it. I guess you must have had a lot on your mind! I was waiting around at my place for ages, I had the popcorn and DVDs all set up!" Megan thinks back to the previous night. A news report flashed on her television just as she was getting ready for Jamie's house. There was a huge accident on the highway, 6 cars and a truck involved. As Teen Girl, Megan spent an hour helping authorities sort through the mess. Lifting cars to waist height while firemen scrambled to get people out from under the wreckage. After the exhilaration of her super heroics, the plan to spend the night watching movies and gossiping completely slipped her mind.

    "Something came up with my Dad, and I ended up stuck at home all night sorting it out". Megan lies through her teeth to one of her only friends. A rather pitiful lie, too, but thankfully Jamie doesn't press the matter. "Just let me know if something comes up on our next movie night", she says. Megan can see through Jamie's attempt to hide her disappointment. "I'll tell you what, I'll make it up to you after school. I'll take you out to Runts diner. Get you some apple crumble and strawberry ice cream", Megan offers hopefully. Jamie smiles, "sounds like a date!"

    In the diner, popular amongst hipsters and hippies and other youths, Megan feels content, exchanging gossip over ice cream. Jamie brings to her attention a middle aged teacher from school across the diner trying his best to hide his stares. Mr. Ross. The guy is easily twice Megan's age, floppy brown balding hair, very much overweight, he oozed sleaze and Megan had only exchanged brief words with him uncomfortably in class. "So, what do ya think??" Jamie asks. "You never really tell me what your type is!" She jokes. Megan expertly glances in the guy's direction to catch his stares. "I don't mind when guys stare at me," she says honestly. "It does bother me when they can be so blatent in their lusting sometimes..." Jamie teases, "still, I bet you don't feel that way about cute guys and their lustful stares!"

    Then suddenly, BOOM!! An explosion rocks the diner, the students all gasp, some screaming in shock. "What on Earth was that??" Jamie exclaims. But Megan isn't in her chair to answer.

    Running down the street in her school uniform, Megan darts into a back alley. Quickly checking that no one is watching, she takes off her uniform behind a dumpster, revealing her sexy skin tight superhero outfit. Her perky breasts pushing against the material. She places on her mask, throws her clothes into her schoolbag leaving it behind the dumpster, then soars into the air.

    Not far from the diner, armed masked men rush in and out of a bank, carrying large bags of cash, unloading them into a waiting van. Teen Girl recognizes the guns for automatic weapons - better surprise them, she thinks. Rushing from above, she crashes into 2 gun men at the doors like waves on rocks, their guns firing blindly into the air as they fall, Teen Girl easily avoids the line of fire. She runs through the doors, 5 more men inside. "IT'S HER!! KILL HER!!" The one furthest at the back yells. Looking around she can see the source of the explosion was some kind of bomb blowing open a large vault. She flies behind some furniture ahead of their fire, she takes the first on her right, throwing him like a javelin to another on the left. She lifts a desk above her head, flies to the top of the roof, the panicked gun men are shooting everywhere when the desk crashes on their heads. The leader makes a run for the doors, but instead is rammed in the back like a bull for his effort. The force crashes him through the glass doors and into the truck outside.

    She takes a moment to survey the damage. The frightened bank workers and customers raise up, thanking her, one or two had recorded the whole thing on their phones. She smiles, shaking some hands, then leaves in style.

    "Wow, that was awesome!" She grins, flying past office windows to the surprise of onlookers. "Pretty dangerous though... if just one of those guns was on target..." Something is bothering her, then she remembers... "Shit, the diner!" She picks up her uniform and makes her way back.

    Back in the bank, a suave asian man in an expensive suit exits, talking on his phone. "Yes, she was here. She's for real. Flying, super strength, the whole deal. Yes, I recorded the whole thing. So it's settled. We use the special tech. We take her out tonight". He flips the phone closed, places on a pair of designer sun glasses, grinning evilly.

    Coming into the back of the diner, Megan goes back to her table with Jamie. "Whew! Sorry about that! What's all the commotion?" Jamie looks at her bewildered.

    Later that night.

    Teen Girl stands atop a tall building, looking across the sparkling city. The wind blows through her soft black hair. She feels oddly at peace, smiling slightly. Her friend didn't suspect a thing. Things are looking good.

    A gush of air behind her. She gasps, turning her head, but she sees nothing. She's alone on the roof. Then from above, she senses something, she glances upwards. A dark figure falls quickly and she rolls out of the way just in time. A corner of the building is swiped away into rubble, the figure sports 3 claws protruding from the top of his fists on each hand, the claws at 7 inches in length. If Teen Girl hadn't rolled out of the way she'd have been cut in half. Those claws had cut through solid brick as though it were butter. But mid roll, the figure catches himself on the ground, forcing a swift kick into Teen Girl's face.
    "Hurgh!" She uprights herself to face her attacker.

    The figure hunches low. In the moonlight she can see he is dressed in a metallic black, his mask sports 2 yellow eye pieces, a long ponytail trails behind the man. He rises up, standing straight. He towers over her at 6'4, and even under the metallic suit he seems muscularly toned. If it weren't for the mask, Teen Girl could swear he was grinning.

    He lunges at her claws first and she reacts swiftly jumping back, but again she's caught by his kick, this time his boot catches her in the belly. "OOOF!" The air in her lungs escapes her as she's sent hurtling backwards, crashing through the wooden door of the stairwell leading to the roof. His kicks hurt, she feels them as though she had no super strength - she mentally makes note that her attacker must have augmented strength of his own.

    She picks herself up, realizing she's trapped in the stairwell. She knows that her best option is to get out into the open and away from those claws, but before she knows it he's charging at her like a bull. She runs at him, intending to push him aside. The unknown assailant reacts like lightning, barrow rolling towards her then kicking the feet from under her. She gasps, falling backwards down the concrete stairs. "AGGH!" She lands painfully at the bottom - but before she can even compose herself the man in black is flying towards her feet first. She jumps out of the way as he crashes right through the wall. In an act of either bravery or sheer stupidity, she charges in after him, figuring he'd be stunned. Just inside the wall is an apartment - she grabs hold of a large wooden lamp stand and attempts to swing it like a bat but he's already on his feet, the lamp misses entirely.
    "You want to tell me who the fuck you are??" She yells, beads of sweat forming on her head.

    "For now you can just call me Razorclaw", replies the man, his voice full of arrogance. "But soon it won't matter - you'll be dead before morning".

    She charges forward using the lamp stand like a spear, but he's very fast, clearly no stranger to combat. Maybe, but maybe his reflexes have been augmented too, she muses. Razorclaw slashes the wood to pieces, making her weapon useless. He charges forward slicing with his right hand, she's barely a step away, she's backed into the wall, inches from the metal tips of his claws. He grabs her head in his left hand smashing it into the wall, cracks and a large indentation form where the head was. Teen Girl uses both arms to push the large man's arm off of her, when with his right hand claws come straight for her head - she barely ducks in time, knees him in the stomach, then attempts a high kick. With seaming ease, Razorclaw leans backwards out of harms way.
    Like a jackrabbit he pops back up, TG's fist comes to meet him but again he's far too quick, ducking his head, and this time the claws meet flesh - the entire right shoulder of her costume disappears in tatters, and along the top of her right breast are 3 paintful running cuts. Blood drips on the ends of the claws. In shock, Teen Girl falls backwards, crashing into a wooden desk, it collapses. He runs towards her and she has just enough time to look up before his boot meets her stomach, his strength sends her upwards and crashing down to the ground. With each hit and struggle she makes sounds arousing to the man in black.
    He continues relentlessly and quickly, but toying with her, kicking her hard in her wounded tit before she can sit up. He picks her up by the hair. "Enggh" she moans, looking so helpless and sexy on her knees before him. But she twists her legs around, tripping him - the shock from before has left her and she's ready to fight, her attacker clearly underestimating her. She charges, fist at the ready, but her pretty face is clawed for the effort and she's again falling backwards to the floor. A painful slash of blood on the left hand side of her face.

    Teen Girl's heart is pounding in her chest - the realization that this man intends to kill her is truly dawning on her. He stands above her and she can hear his cocky laughter, as she lies catching her breath. Showing his true arrogance, he takes off his mask, revealing the face of an older, but handsome asian man. "You can call me Razorclaw. My hobby is to slowly peel the skin off the rabbits I catch. Especially cute little bunnies like you", he stands mocking her as blood drips from his claws to the floor. "And my friend here is thirsty for blood".

    She grits her teeth, If I want to live I have to keep fighting... for the first time pain registers on her right arm. Sometime during the fight, he must have caught her there, she can see her bare arm where the costume is cut, and blood seeping through. She winces through the pain, her hand comes to her face and when she pulls it away the hand is near drenched in her own blood. Three very clear cuts have formed on the left hand side of her face. She can hear him laughing again from behind her, licking her blood off his claw. "Sweet". She twists her head around quickly, glaring at him with a look of hatred. She grabs a large sofa just in front of her with one hand, hurling it at Razorclaw - even with his incredible reflexes he's caught off guard, taking the full brunt of the sofa. TG brings her leg down intending to crush his head into the ground but he rolls away, but she's ready for him, catching him with a high kick as he's on his feet, then again, and again, then using her momentum to land a strong punch on his jaw.
    Razorclaw reels backwards wiping his face but he's still standing - clearly he's strong enough to take the brunt of TG's strength without the aid of his mask. She flies through the air knocking him to the ground, then she stands over him, putting the full force of her boot into his face. "How d'ya like that, motherfucker??" He tries to swipe her, but she jumps back out of his reach. In a second he's back on his feet, catching his breath, clearly taken by surprise by the barrage from the injured girl. She stands ready to face him, oblivious that her right breast hangs outside of her costume.

    "You bitch! Now I'm really going to make you suffer!" he growls angrily. TG charges at him again but stops herself short before she meets his claws, then he hits her full force with a roundhouse kick, her back catches the wall behind her, "Oof!", she turns around to escape from his claws but they catch her on the back, "YAAAAAAGH!!" the costume on the back now torn completely away. Three long streaks of blood run top to bottom on her bare back.

    He attempts to crush both his feet onto her face while she's on the ground but she moves just in time. A spinning boot meets her face, stinging just where he had cut her. Moments later his boot meets her stomach - "URGGGGGGH!" But she stands, gritting her teeth through the pain, determined that this fucker will not kill her tonight. She ducks from one claw, sidesteps the next, and again she eats Razorclaw's foot, sending her reeling back and spinning uncontrollably. He runs at her with everything, trying to land both feet with a dropkick but misses.

    Razorclaw jumps onto a rafter in the large apartment to catch his breath, but Teen Girl flies up to him, she flies around him and launches herself into a flying kick, he blocks with his arms but it sends him back into the wall, she catches him with a sharp right punch.

    He falls to a heap below and she jumps after him. Razorclaw puts his feet up, catching TG's own feet before she can land, kicking her back into the air. She flies back into the air, then she hurtles down again. He stands with his claws at the ready, she stops rapidly just out of his range, launches herself into the wall behind him, kicks herself off it, and propels herself with a powerful spinning kick, catching Razorclaw straight in the jaw. She runs at him to keep up the pressure but she trips, she's going dizzy through the loss of blood. Through hazy eyes she can see him trying to find his feet. She tries to shake off the cobwebs then charges him again - with both feet launched forward she lands on his head. Razorclaw crashes right through the concrete wall, and falls outside of Teen Girl's vision into the street below.

    Teen Girl stumbles to the hole in the wall, panting with each breath. She looks down into the night, her vision hazy. She cradles her sore arm. She's too far up to see where Razorclaw went. I made it! She thinks. I'm alive! I'll just rest here, she says lazily, the cold night air touching her bare skin. She's aware now that her costume is in tatters, her top only covering her left breast.

    The girl sits by the wall, her breathing beginning to relax. She looks like a girl about to fall asleep, her eyes shutting, looking cute and sleepy.

    But then her eyes flash open and - WHAM!! Out of nowhere she's speared in the waist with the force of a train, some man has grabbed her around the waist, he's flying, and he flies her straight into another wall of the apartment. WHAM!! WHAM!! WHAM!! Her back crashes against 3 different walls, each one crumbling apart from the force. Now she's being held in mid-air by her hair. Some other man in black armour, this one is wearing a jetpack. She gasps and moans in agony, her spine reeling as if it were broken in half. He hovers in the air effortlessly. She can see he's wearing some kind of knucklebuster. It's glowing blue. WHOOMPF! His fist crashes against her ribs and she can hear an audible crack, then her body contorts as she's charged with strong electrical energy. He pulls his fist back, WHOOMPF!! "AAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!" Her head flies backwards, again her body is pulsed with electricity, as his fist crashes into her wounded ribs. He kicks her chin hard, and lets her fall.

    The dazed girl falls fast, hurtling past levels and levels of the skyscraper next to her. Her skin tight swimsuit is tore in many places, her back is bare with 3 large cuts running down it, one of her large breasts is showing, cuts across it, bruises forming. Her pretty face too looks painful on one side with cuts and bruises. Her ribs and back hurt. A lot. She looks to the street below. Still so far away. TG snaps out of it, shaking her head, taking control of her flight she stops herself. Looking above her, she can see no sign of her assailant.

    Then, CRASSSHH!! A wall of the building beside her falls apart, an enormous bull like thing flying out towards her. She's too stunned to move out of the way - the thing has arms, grabbing her own arms, her legs fall helplessly by its waist as it grips her tightly. Now they're both falling.

    She realizes that it's not a bull, but a man. A large, muscular man, at least 8ft tall, muscles stacked upon muscles, covered in the same black armour as her previous 2 assailants. Even with her own incredible strength she can't break her arms free of his vice like grip. He has her placed in a perfect wrestling powerbomb position. They're falling straight for the middle of the street.


    Her scream can be heard all over the street.


    From above, the flying jetpack attacker surveys the chaos below. An enormous crater has formed, smoke rising from the centre, all of the cars, buses, and other vehicles have been blown back.

    Down below, the smoke clears. Teen Girl lies prone at the centre of the crater, covered in dirt and rocks. "...Uuuggnnnnn..." she stirs. Before she can do anything else, not that she can do anything, she is picked up unceremoniously by her dark hair. The large tank of a man holds her aloft several feet in the air with one hand. She struggles helplessly flailing weakly, feeling tiny next to him. Half of her mask is ruined, her cute face covered in dirt and scratches. He pulls a large fist back, the fist the size of a television set. He punches her tiny head as hard as he can.

    WHOOM! The force sends her flying backwards, she crashes right through both sides of a lorry, and lands unceremoniously on top an abandoned car, the roof caving in completely, broken glass piercing her tan legs.

    The jetpack man reappears, throwing a grenade into the car before soaring off. Teen Girl can't move at all. BOOM! The car explodes sending her soaring, falling hard into the pavement below. To her own amazement she is still conscious, though feeling very foggy and disoriented. She tries to find the strength to pick herself up until a boot that feels like its attached to a tree stands on her back.

    In her position on the floor through fogged vision, she can see the asian man - Razorclaw - walk towards them. She can hear the jetpack man hovering somewhere. "... Big Package..." Razorclaw addresses the large man. "Break the bitches' back!"
    "My pleasure", says Big Package, sounding like a mixture between a troll and an elephant. He picks the girl up like she's just a toy, raising her in the air, a hand gripped on a leg and the other on her back, the hands so large they wrap around. Razorclaw moves close to the side. "Jetpack, get ready". Incredibly, she finds herself saying... "...jetpaack?? y-you seriously couldn't think of a more original name??"

    The next 3 things happen in quick succession. 1 - Big Package slams her with incredible force, back first, straight into his knee. 2- Jetpack flies down crashing both his feet into her already broken ribs. 3 - Razorclaw takes a large swipe at the girl's generous chest, tearing the costume completely off, leaving 3 painful cuts across both breasts. She howls.

    She rolls onto the floor, coughing up blood. She rolls onto her back. Razorclaw stands on her throat, choking her. "We're done playing now, little rabbit. Time to die!" He raises his claws into the air intending to finish her off.

    "... fuucck... YOU!!" With all the force she can muster, from some unknown reserve of energy, she kicks her right foot straight into Razorclaw's balls. She rolls out of the way of his claw, and flies several feet into the air avoiding Big Package's large fists. Jetpack throws a grenade at her and she grabs it, soaring several more feet before throwing it right back at the 3 of them. It explodes right in the face of Razorclaw and Big, but Jetpack easily flies out of harm's way - and straight into a powerful right hook from Teen Girl, sending him straight through a brick wall behind him. Every movement she makes she grimaces with pain.
    The smoke clears and it looks like Razorclaw is out for the count, but Big Package is just fine. The sirens are closing in and she considers her options. At the top of her mind is escape. Big Package can't follow her if she flies, then he'll have the police to deal with. He can deal with the police no problem... she realizes.

    God, I am so stupid... She rips a street lamp straight of the concrete and charges at Big Package, she hurls it straight at him, it catches him in the head knocking him backwards and she could swear he grimaced. She flies in for a punch, but she's hit like a baseball by the same street lamp... straight into her waist. She lands into the concrete of a building across the street, creating an indentation where she is. "Aagggggggh god that hurt!!" She grabs her waist, wondering just how many of her ribs are broken. He charges across the street, then leaps for her. She narrowly avoids him as he crashes into the building. He attempts to stand but his own weight collapse the weakened floor. He falls through each floor, 5 stories, right to the bottom.

    Teen Girl gets a bright idea. Ripping another street lamp from the concrete, she systematically destroys all 4 corners of the building. Big Package rises, just in the middle of a charge towards her, when the whole building falls down on him.


    She falls to her knees. Panting. Completely exhausted and wracked with pain. A large jolt in the back wakes her up. "Nyaaaaaaaagh!!" Jetpack has reappeared, punching her in the back, his fist glowing blue with electrical energy. He places both hands on the sides of her head. "Die, bitch!!" Both hands glow and spark, her body contorts beneath him.
    "Nahhghaghhgaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!" she moans painfully. Then she angrily swats him aside. He picks himself up, flying towards her. She stands, painfully, one arm holding herself, gritting through her teeth. He has a grenade at the ready. She sidesteps him, grabbing onto his back, flying with him. She grabs the grenade from him and shoves it up his jetback, her hand becoming scorched in the process. "NO!!" He yells. She lets go, landing gently on the ground.

    BOOM! He lands in a heap, his armour destroyed.

    The cops are in the process of taking away Razorclaw. He yells as she flies away - she can hear every word. "We'll get you you fucking bitch!! We'll find out who you are and we'll make your life a living hell! You have no idea how large our syndicate is!"

    The cool night air soothes her wracked body. She considers what she went through tonight. This power... it must have given me amazing reserves of energy... I thought I was dead for sure!

    Home. A long warm shower. Her blood seeps down into the drain. She hugs herself, letting the warm water crash on her smooth skin. She sneaks off into the kitchen, fixing a hot chocolate and some makeshift bandages. In her room she wraps these bandages around her sore boobs, her back, her waist.

    A noise from her closet! She pulls it open suddenly. It was Mr. Ross, standing in her closet, holding a camera phone. "What - what on Earth are you doing in here??" She exclaims, just about ready to start screaming. "Wait," says the fat man. "I know!! Don't scream! I know who you are!"

    He can't mean - "What are you talking about?" she says. "I know your little Secret... Teen Girl!" She stands trying her best to hide her surprise. "I think you should get the hell out of here you fucking pervert". He steps out of the closet, then holds the camera phone to her face. "You'll want to see this", he says. And clear as day, on the screen, is Megan in the back alley, changing out of school uniform and into the superhero outfit... then flying. All filmed from some window she hadn't noticed. Megan's face turns white. "I wondered where you disappeared to and followed you, came across you in the alley and quickly went into the back toilets of a building where you didn't see me. I've copied this footage... I have backups! It would be no good to destroy this!"
    Megan feels sick. Her broken ribs bringing a tear to her eye. "No... no..."

    "Unless you want every crook in the city to know who you are..." says the fat man, grinning, looking down at her, "You'll do exactly as I say. You'll become my sex slave".

    To Be Continued
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    :TT TT: Poor girl just can't get a break. Thanks for finding the time to write another chapter; it was worth the wait. Have you started on Chapter 3 or are you taking a break from the story?
  3. kained

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    I'll probably regret saying this but I think I ought to keep the momentum going and get straight to the next chapter. I remember when I was a regular visitor to the Greyarchive, I hated waiting months between stories... now I know what its like to have a life and responsibilities that get in the way. Still, I have a kazillion ideas for where to take this story.
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    So... what does her superhero costume actually LOOK like?
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    I describe it in the first chapter, and have updated the costume in the newest chapter One Bad Night. You make a good point though, I should have put further description of the visuals throughout. I'll remember that.