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Terror Child Meika

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by neosushi, Feb 11, 2015.

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    Chapter 1: Hope

    The Bobtites were making their way through the forest, en route to meeting the leader of the Wooli clans. Though they were few in number, they were confident that no human clan was capable of stopping them by force.

    Bobtites were physically large bipedal creatures with grey skin, capable of all sorts of destruction. Most of their warriors were over 7 feet tall and 400 pounds. They dominated the land with no power daring to oppose them. The lush plains were dominated by the Bobtite clan, with the humans driven into the surrounding forests.

    Humans for the most part did not trust one another. It was very difficult for tribes to work together towards a common goal. It was unlikely for any single tribe to acquire enough power to overthrow the Bobtites from their land. It would take a very special leader to unite the tribes and form a large enough army to contest the Bobtite lands.

    Unfortunately, such a leader has started rallying many tribes under her banner. Her name was Meika. She is reported to be a very small and harmless girl, though she has already united three tribes under her banner. Each tribe was just over a hundred members strong.

    Though the Wooli clans were weak and pathetic now, it would be disastrous if they were allowed to grow. The Bobtite council decided that now was the time to act. Now was the time to crush any chance at human unification.

    This Bobtite army only had around 50 Bobtites compared to the hundreds in the Wooli clan. However, excluding the women and children, the Woolis only had around a hundred warriors. The Bobtites were confident that they could annihilate the Woolis for two main reasons. First, they were physically dominant. Second was the presence of the Great Bobtite. At around 9 feet tall and thicker than the average Bobtite warrior, these creatures were bred specifically for destruction. No amount of human trickery would be able to bring a Great Bobtite to its knees.

    The Bobtite army was headed straight toward the Wooli's village, seeking the leader. Before long though, they saw three people in front of them. In the center was a small child with long brown hair extending down to her chest. She wore oversized black shirt with long sleeves as well as a black skirt going down to her knees. She wore a long beaded necklace. She had a belt with a slingshot and a sheathed sword. On both her sides were her advisers. Older men with sleeveless black shirts and a black skirt, also knee low. They were old, but still healthy enough to fight.

    The girl glanced over at the Bobtite army and smiled at them. She raised both her hands and started waving at them.

    There was no mistaking it. This was Meika, the wicked leader of the Woolis. Long beaded necklaces were a symbol of power and respect in the Wooli culture. For a mere child to be wearing them must mean that this is the leader.

    The Bobtite army stopped marching. The Bobtite general, Bobbius, stepped forward.

    "Hi," Meika greeted. She was hopping around, spinning and twirling in a playful fashion.

    "I am general Bobbius of the Bobtites. I am looking for a Wooli named Meika. If you hand her over, I will spare your village."

    The two older men were unphased by the threat. The girl put her palms against her cheeks. She took a couple of hops towards the Bobtite. They were now about ten feet apart.

    "Ooohhhh?" She looked up at the Bobtite, towering over her. "Me? So you want me to hand me over?"

    The Bobtite nodded.

    "And you're saying if I don't hand myself over, you'll destroy Wooli?"

    Again, the Bobtite nodded.

    "Hmm," Meika began to ponder, stroking her chin with her right hand and holding her right elbow with her other hand. "You suuuure?"

    Starting to get annoyed, the Bobtite nodded again.

    "Let's try this then." She raised her hand high in the air and started waving.

    "Is this a joke?" Bobbius was now annoyed, but before he had time to react, he heard several loud bangs behind him.

    "Hehehehe," the little girl started to giggle.

    The entire Bobtite army had turned their back on her, their attention turned towards the source of the loud banging noise. Many of the trees behind them had fallen down, blocking their path back. The pile of fallen logs had begun catching fire.

    Despite the girl's wicked giggle, the Bobtites could not keep their eyes off the fire before them. Suddenly, before they could collect themselves, they could hear the scream of hundreds of men charging at them from both sides with spears in hand.

    Meika took the slingshot and a rock from her belt and slung the rock onto the Great Bobtite's head, alarming the massive creature. Angered, the creature began charging at Meika, shoving his allies to the ground, abandoning the main battle.


    Meika ran away from the terrifying beasts. However, the Great Bobtite was gaining ground on her. Her short little strides were not enough. As the 9 foot large beast gained ground on her, he swiped his hands at her, trying to grab her shirt, but only catching air. He stumbled a little, but before long he was back on his feet, giving chase.

    As she was running, Meika took a quick glance back. The quick creature was already right behind her. She tried to run away as the Great Bobtite took another swipe at her. This time, however, the beast managed to grab her long flowing hair. Screaming, the child reached for the blade sheathed in her belt, but before she could do anything, the great beast yanked her hair downward, slamming her back onto the ground.

    The girl flipped over, face towards the ground. Moaning in pain, her left hand was on her back, as her right hand tried to push herself back onto her feet. Before she could get up, the beast picked her up by her feet. Holding her two feet with his two hands, he began swinging the girl around. After two full rotations, he let go, throwing her across the forest.

    Her back slammed into a thick tree trunk, about six feet from the floor. She fell face first onto the forest floor. The impact of her body against the tree was so heavy that it left a large dent in the tree. The Great Bobtite began walking towards her.

    Meika was lying on the ground in pain, one hand holding onto her back, the other hand grasping the grass on the ground. She feebly tried to push herself up, but didn't have enough strength to support herself. As the monster drew closer, the girl tried to crawl away from him, but with her strength drained from her, she was unable to go far. The monster stood over little the girl, casting his shadow over her.

    He got on one knee, grabbed her shoulders with his big hands and tossed her back onto the tree trunk. She sat on the dirt, with her back up against the tree. Her body was limp, her head tilted to one side, tears rolling down her cheeks. Before she was able to fall over, the Giant Bobtite grabbed her neck with both his hands. Meika's hands held onto the Bobtite's, but her struggling was futile. She did not have the strength to resist.

    Meika let go of the monster's hands as they choked the life out of her. She reached her hands out towards the monster's face, open palmed. Her fingers gently started to stroke his cheeks. Confused, the great beast slightly loosened his grip on the girl's neck. Her palms were now on his cheeks fingers pointed upward. She moved her palms closer to his nose, her fingers covering his eyes.

    "Can't... see.... cough cough... me... heh... cough... heh."

    What was she doing? This little kid is about to die. Yet all she can do is play with me? For the first time in this fight, the Great Bobtite felt something other than blood lust. He felt utter confusion. Her fingers covered his vision. She rotated her palms 90 degrees, her fingers clasping around his cheeks. What he saw befuddled him even more. The girl looked straight at him, smile on her face. She's... dying. How could she be smiling?

    Before he knew it, the Great Bobtite had two daggers piercing through both his cheeks. He quickly grabbed his face in pain, letting out a hideous roar. Meika had concealed daggers, hidden underneath the oversized sleeves of her shirt. Her hands, still extended outwards toward her opponent's face, was covered in blood. Her black shirt, her beaded necklace, her face. Splattered with Bobtite blood.

    The child crawled on all fours, trying to distance herself from the stumbling giant. The howling Bobtite removed both daggers from his face, throwing them onto the ground. Blood was gushing from his face. After a few seconds of looking around, he found his target. The little girl was standing beside a tree, one hand on the tree, the other on her knee, gasping for breath. Her back was turned towards the beast.

    All the monster could see was blood. He pointed his head forward and began charging towards the little girl. Her back turned, she didn't appear to notice him. I'm going to crush every bone in her body, rip every limb off her body.


    The monster rammed into the tree with so much force that the tree started to fall over. With his arms wrapped around the tree trunk, he found himself falling down with the tree.


    The tree hit the ground. The Bobtite was face down, knees on the ground, arms hugging the fallen tree trunk.

    Meika had ducked and rolled out of the way of the Bobtite's charge. She grabbed onto the Bobtite's back and mounted on top of him. She stood up, balancing herself on his back. The heavy and uneven breathing of the Bobtite made it difficult to stay balanced, but she managed to stay afoot. From her belt, she unsheathed a sword, three feet in length. She held the hilt high over her head with both hands, blade facing downwards. After a brief pause, she thrust the blade through the Bobtite's heart.

    The Bobtite jerked his body upward, throwing Meika into the air, and let out a terrific howl that shook the forest. He fell back down onto the ground, face first. Blood gushed out from his lifeless body, staining the earth red.

    Meika was lying on the ground, her face staring upwards to the sky. She looked to her right, to her left. She saw a group of people surrounding her. Some were from her tribe, some weren't. She saw four Bobtites on their knees, hands tied behind their back, spears pointed at them. One of them was their general, the great Bobbius. The four of them stared in terror. They witnessed the fight. They saw how their prized weapon, the Great Bobtite, got defeated by a little girl, not even 80 lbs.

    One of Meika's advisers rushed towards her. "Chief! Chief!" He knelt down beside the girl, arms around her small shoulders. She glanced up at him, barely able to keep her eyes open. With the last ounce of her strength, she pumped her fist into the air, triggering a celebratory roar that rumbled throughout the forest.

    "Palepko..." Meika said. "Let them go... Let them go back."


    "They need to know... The Bobtites need to know... what happened here."

    The adviser, Palepko, glanced towards the four Bobtites and made a hand gesture. The men around the Bobtites told them to get up and leave the forest. Surprised at the mercy, the Bobtites got up and ran away before the humans could change their minds.

    With the girl in his arms, Palepko started walking toward the Wooli village. It was going to be the largest and wildest celebration. It was, afterall, the first victory that humans have ever scored against Bobtites. And as long as the child in his arms was alive, it was not going to be the last.
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