TERA Online


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Aug 19, 2011
TERA Online (PC)

Free-to-play MMORPG

Playable Female Races:

Human, Elves, Castanics(demon-like looks), Elins(little goddesses), and Amans

Every character has a "balance" stat which determines how often the character gets stunned or knocked down.

Two types of flinches when hit:

Light flinch - Character barely shows signs of getting hit; the body shakes a bit and no face animations. Normal attacks usually cause light flinches.

Heavy flinch(Hit Stun) - Character flinches as if dealt a powerful blow; has a face animation. The hit animation varies based on race
and class as each class has a different stance. Normal attacks from normal monsters usually have little chance to hit-stun.
However, bosses and other players are more likely to cause hit-stun to other characters.

Characters can be stunned by either players or monsters.

Characters can knocked down
- Normal attacks(low chance) from mobs have a chance to cause knockdown. However,
some monsters have special skills(there will be a red signal that they are going to use it) that have higher chance of knockdown.
Also, some classes excel at causing knockdowns to other players.

Five different voices to choose from regardless of race and class.
Korean and English voices are the same for playable characters.

Side note: AAA quality game with very good death and hit-stun animations.
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