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Tekken Girls in Agony Finale

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by RyonaSensei, Jan 26, 2013.


DOA Christie's List, First Victim?

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  1. Hitomi

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  2. Lei Fang

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  3. Mila

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  4. Kokoro

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  1. RyonaSensei

    RyonaSensei Potential Patron

    Jan 13, 2013
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    (This Finale at a certain point contains sexual assult and rape when it gets to that part there will be a X warning and if you don't want to read that part feel free to skip until says X End.)

    Lili opens the door into her home, Asuka looks at the size and can't believe she's even there after her long history with her. Lili shows Asuka around the house, "Don't you just love the way it looks outside?" Lili says refering to the snow. Asuka looks out for a moment and looks closely as she thinks she sees something. "What's the matter?" She asks.

    Asuka shakes her that there was nothing wrong, she didn't want to alarm her over what she might have seen. They would both shortly wish that they had both left when Askua thought she saw something just as they heard a crash sound from outside.

    "What on earth was that?!" Lili asks as check out the window but doesn't see anything. She decides to go down the stairs and check the door, upon opening the door it suddenly crashes in on her. The door pushes her back hard to the ground and Lili let's out a freightened scream. Asuka runs to the top of the stairs to look down and see what happened. Lili struggles to get the large door off of her as Bryan takes his foot and stomps on the door forcing it to smash down on her body. "Ah!!"

    Seeing Lili in trouble she wants to act but waits a moment looking at Bryan, how she barely knocked him out for 3 seconds in the round. Somehow he appeared even more dangerous than before, but she swallows her fear and comes down the stairs and goes for a kick toward Bryan. He looks up and moves to the side to catch her leg, he then begins to swing and tosses Asuka sending her flying out the winder shattering the glass as Asuka rolls on the sidewalks outside holding herself in pain. Lili cries to Asuka as Bryan picks up the door with his hands like a holding chair by it's bottom and begins to strike her with the full force of the door. Lili screams in pain as he continues slamming it into her time and time again not letting her breath for a moment.

    He then picks her up by her throat with her left hand as his body begins to spark with eletricity, he readys himself as he tosses her up a bit. As she begins to land he thrusts his right fist and punches Lili in the face sending her crashing into the floor as Lili moans agonizingly after hitting the ground. "I am Fury!" He says taking his foot and stomping it into her chest causing her to gasp and her eyes widen.

    He speaks again, "There is fury in my blood now, any who touch my blood would go mad!" He yells with a grin on his face, he gets on top of her and begins punching her in the face senselessly. Lili tries to block her face with no luck as Bryan relentlessly destroyed her face as Lili cried and begged him to stop. Outside Asuka stands while pulling the sharkds of glass from her arms and legs, she limps her way back in to see what was happening.

    Asuka jumps at Bryan and puts him in a headlock from behind and wrapped her legs around his waist hoping to choke him out. He seems almost completely uneffected as he gets up from Lili who is balling in tears and begins to run backwards. He runs with incredible force as he slams his back into the wall with Asuka on it so hard that her back leaves a hole in the wall causing her legs to give out but she still hangs on with her arms. He puts his hand behind his back and grabs her by her hair and throws her over his shoulder while putting his knee up and slamming Asuka's back on his knee.

    "AHH!!!!" Asuka screams with her eyes wide open as tears begin to fall down her cheeks as she gasps ffor air from the intense pain. He then grabs her by her hair and begins to drag her to Lili, he grabs Lili's hair then drags then both outside then throws them into the snow. Asuka struggles to stand while Lili still tries to regain herself, Asuka stances and tries another attempt to attack with a jab to the face. He goes down on her and with his massive fist punches her so hard in the belly she gasps and no air even goes in, he grabs her by the hair and continues punching her belly. Over and over and over again, Lili with her arms out to Asuka wanting to save her but can't stand up out of fear. He keeps punching and Asuka cannot scream due to lack of air finally has enough and vomits though it's mostly blood.

    He drops Asuka as Lili forces herself to her feet and does a spinning kick to him which he catches her ankle with ease and slams her down back first into the concrete. Lili screams ad she pushes her body up to keep her back off the ground. She can only sob not wanting to die but knowing he wants to kill them, Bryan goes down and begins rubbing up Lili's leg as he grins. As a reflex she takes her hand and slams him, she looks at her own hand and wonders what she had just done. He forces down her hand with one foot then takes the other foot and stomps down hard on her elbow.

    Lili hears the loudest crack she ever heard in her life as she felt more intense pain than she had ever felt before in her life, "AHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Lili screams in agony as her body shakes uncontrolably and she lifts her other arm wanting to rub her broken one but Bryan stays on it. He then begins smashing down like he were squashing a bug, "HELP ME!! PLEASE! HELP ME!!!" She screams with sobs of terror and her heart about to leap from her chest.

    He walks toward her face and lifts her foot, "Goodnight." He says with a grin.

    "No!!!" Asuka yells trying to crawl but to no avail, Lili looks at Asuka in horror as she reaches her hand out to Asuka. Asuka reaches her hand back in tears as Bryan brings his foot down.

    Bryan stumbles over but doesn't fall, Lili looks up to see that he had no striked down on her yet. "You have become a burden and it's time you're taken care of." Nina says with a stance, as Bryan moves to attack Julia comes from behind and kicks him in the back of his head making him fall to one knee. Nina runs at him with her heel and kicks Bryan in the face putting him on his back.

    Nina backs off not underestimating him but Julia goes forward to check as Bryan sits up quickly and punches Julia in her still injured belly. Julia gasps and falls to her knee and he then smacks her in the chest so hard he leaves a red mark on contact. Nina runs in but Bryan turns around to meet her and he comes up and grabs underneath her legs and lifts her up to come down on the cement with a spinebuster.

    Almost living up to it's name she screams in pain as she tries to rub her back and rolls to get some distance but Bryan grabs her ankle. He takes his arm and comes down on her belly with an elbow drop, "ERGHHHH!" nina let's out a grunt of agony. He lifts his foot and stomps down on Nina's pelvis and making her gasp hard as she tries to struggle out. Julia comes from behind to attempt a back suplex but she cannot pick him up. He turns and starts to punch her in the face, each time she is about to fall he punches her belly to double her over back on her feet and continues the onslaught. Julia already regretting the decision to come after this man, he takes back his fist back far then throws it forward bashing her in the chest. She feels one of her ribs shatter as she falls and grovels in pain and despair as she tries to crawl away and tears run down her cheeks. He stomps down on her back and grabs her hair as he begins to pull on her hair. "PLEASE STOP! LET ME GO!!" She yells and pleads.

    He grins once more as he grabs her throat and pulls back snapping her spine in half and Julia let's out a blood curtaling scream. Nina trips to her feet and runs in while his back is turn, her heart sinks as he turns to face her on her way over. She can only throw a punch and close her eyes, praying that it connects. He catches her arm and then with a swift motion he bends it outward and breaks it with no trouble. Nina's mouth hangs open as she gasp and shakes uncontrolably at the pain from feeling her bone break and practically shatter. Nina falls to the ground.

    Lili stands with her broken arm and with one last attempt she jumps up at Bryan as he catches her by her neck and choke slams her down hard into the snowy ground. Asuka was the last one able to fight, she gets up on her feet and begins to spin as she throws her leg for one final kick as Bryan catches it between his arm.

    "No... please..please don't break it!" Asuka begs as Bryan smiles.

    "No." He says as he brings down his elbow turns her leg side ways and breaking it. Asuka seeing her leg bend in a direction she had never seen any leg go falls over and grovels, she screams in pain as she holds her leg and sobs hard.


    Bryan looks at them all as he grins, he decided to mix his business with pleasure. He walks Nina fist as he stomps hard on her pelvis again causing her to scream and hold herself trying to fight more tears. He takes his hand and rips off the crotch part of her pants with ease, he pulls out the bottom of her panites as she tries to pull away, "Let me go! Stop it!" She tries to smack him but it was like an ant trying to kill a human with no pinchers. Bryan unzips his zipper.

    "Everything is enhanced," He grins as she tries to push him off but he shoves into her as she gasp from it. He then laughs from pleasure of hearing her scream both from pain and pleasure. As he goes, she tries to keep her tears in but she can't. Bryan not satisfied with just one after releasing into Nina he moves onto Julia, he pulls her panties from under her skirt and sticks it into her as she begs and pleads for him to stop, he grabs roughly at her boobs as he takes his other hand and chokes her so hard that she begins to lose her blood flow to her head as well as air flow.

    He releases into Julia as she passes out, he moves on to the next as he again feels up Lili's leg then like Julia pulls her panties from under her skirt and stick it into Lili. "No! Please stop! Take it out! Please!!" She begs and pleads but Bryan only gets more enjoyment from the screaming as he continues to dominate her body and mind as he laughs alongside her screams. He releases into her causing Lili to moan sexually and groan in pain, she turns over and sobs curled up in a ball. He undoes Asuka's shorts and rips off her panties without taking the shorts off, he climbs on top of her then fucks her.

    "Mmm!!" She groans trying to keep her unwanted moans in her mouth but are unable as he picks up the base abd keeps it ongoing until her body is finally limp from the destruction of her body. As he releases into her and he only laugh at all the bodies of the other girls who are all crying and trying to crawl away.

    (X End)

    He rises to his feel and builts all of his eletric current into his fist and throws it up, Asuka looking up at him with eyes of pure terror and fear. He comes down and slams it down on her chest, she gasps as the current runs through her body like an eletric chair. The force of the current forcing her to piss herself and screams louder than she ever has, Her body now completely unable to move, she watches as her world fades to black but her eyes still open.
    Lili cralws over to Asuka's body with tears streaming down her face, she places her hand on Asuka's face sobbing. She lifts herself up just enough to gently kiss Asuka's lips then close her eyes. "I'm so sorry.." She cries.

    Bryan takes his same fist then then punches it down into Lili, Lili feels the same sensation, her body feeling like it's ging through the chair. Her body shaking uncontrolable and losing control of her entire body. As it comes to an end only one of her eyes will stay open, she is fading as she feels herself on Asuka's body. With her last bit of strength she places her head under Asuka's and rest on her chest and places Asuka's arm around Lili's waist and lays in her arms. Until Lili's world fades to black she died in her friends arms.

    Bryan stands and walks over to Julia, Julia couldn't move anywhere with hwe broken spine as he comes down with his foot onto it, "AHHHHH!!!" She screams in pain and agony. Nina looks over to them as Bryan picks Julia up to sit and places his arms around her neck. "Please..I don't want to die..please.." She begs and he then snaps her neck hard. Julia's eyes widen as she tries to gasp for breath but no air intact. Her body shivers and shakes until her eyes close and she dies as well.

    Nina takes out her gun and takes aim and shoots Bryan in the back, she having no idea if a gun would have worked any sooner, her fear confirmed as the blood flows but he doesn't seem to fill it. He walks at her as she takes another shoot, he gets it but keeps walking. He then dashes at her and leaps into the air, she watches him sore above her and comes down to smash down on her chest causing her heart to collapse, Nina gasps as she feels her heart begin to stop. Nina looks up at the sky as it snows, the whiteness in the air starting to fade away, blackness taking over her vision and tears fall. Her final thoughts being that she didn't want to die but at last it came to be.

    As he stands to grin over his damage he hears a crash landing behind him, He turns around to find Jin Kazama with a face full of anger and furious vengeance glaring at him. Beyan wasting no time runs to Jin, Jin taking a single step back activates into Devil Jin and flies at Bryan and dtabs both of his horns into Bryan's chest and slams him through the house. Jin flies up and takes his laser and blasts Bryan with it making the chemicals in Bryan's body mixed with the laser ignite Bryan's spark causing him to explode and sending Bryan's blood flying and hitting jin.

    The blood burned into Devil Jin's flesh, it was true what Bryan had said. His blood would drive anyone else mad by just a touch. Devil Jin's fury was unleashed as he screa,s and flies into the sky. With his power and fury there was not a being on earth that could stop him, not a soul that was stronger and not an entity more unstoppable.

    Jin Kazama would then go forward to destroy the world.
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    Damn your stories are all so creative :D
  3. randomguy

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    this polls choice is sooo obvious to be Kokoro or Hitomi. might as well put Kasumi on there too lol