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Tekken Girls in Agony 2: For a Friend

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by RyonaSensei, Jan 17, 2013.


Tekken Girls in Agony 3

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  1. RyonaSensei

    RyonaSensei Potential Patron

    Jan 13, 2013
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    Asuka was preparing for her second preliminary battle and she had won the first. She begins to get ready as she checks her next opponent is Bryan Fury. She could remember him from the tournament but on vaguely. She decide to not let it bother her so as she got ready for the fight she had in just a short couple of hours she recieved a very unexpected phone call. Asuka against her better judgement agrees to go where the person on the phone asked, she arrives at the hospitals minutes later. When she arrives a Butler walks up to her and says "I'm so grateful that you came Ms Kazama."

    "Not sure why I did..." Asuka said already not being a fan but felt like she had to. She followed the Butler to the room to see Lili resting in the hospital bed, the girl who teased, and picked with her through all the time had gpne by since she met her in the last tournament. She had never seen Lili so vulnerable and almost regretted coming, even if she wasn't found of Lili she hated to see her rival like this.

    "This was done by one Bryan Fury..." He said and Asuka's eyes widen. "When she saw your name was up to fight him next she became quiet... She was obviously concerned."

    "Concerned that I can't beat him just because she couldn't?" Asuka says offended, "I'm going to win and then I will be a shoe-in to win the tournament this year!"

    "You don't understand... She wasn't concerned about it because of you getting an edge or anything like that." Asuka was understandably confused as he continued, "The Miss doesn't have many friends, she was very sheltered and lonely even if she never showed it. She moved to Japan just to be able to get back at you after beating her. She wasn't angry or upset not even jealous. She wanted to be around you, you were the first real friend she's ever had a doesn't want you to get hurt."

    Asuka turns around with a word and begins to walk out, "It's time for my fight." Asuka says as she walks out leaving the Butler with Lili.

    When Asuka is gone he says, "I hope I got through to her." He says looking toward Lili knowing her eyes were half way open and listening the entire time.

    The next part of the tournament consisted of being held in an old parking lot full of cars and trucks set up to be a barrier for the fights. When Asuka arrives she see an opponent defeated by being through a car door window, Nina Williams exits with the cheers of the ground and walks passed Asuka their eyes meet as they go by wondering if they might fight this year.

    Asuka gets into the car circled ring and waited, Bryan gets on top of one of the trucks with a grin and jumps down his feet breaking the concrete on his fall. Asuka swallows and ready's up, Bryan squares his fists as the prompter says to begin. Asuka runs in first on the offense and begins jabbing Bryan in the face then when he wobbles a bit she swing kicks him in the chest causing him to fall backward into the car door. She doesn't let up as she jumps for a flying kick and Bryan takes the opportunity throwing out his fist and punching her painfully in the crotch. Asuka gasps as she falls over hard hitting her head on the ground. One hand rubbing her head and the other on her crotch, she moans a bit from the pain but knows she can't stay down.

    Bryan begins to chuckle as she charges toward her and she hurries to her feet as he meets her with a punch launching her into side of a truck which Bryan jumps up to meet her as she's planted and punches her in the belly. Asuka has the air knocked right out of her and in the same instant before they both secome to gravity he is about to pry her from the wall while she gasps for air and throws her over his shoulders to fall back first onto the cement ground.

    "AHH!!" Asuka cries out in pain lifting her back from the ground, she could feel her spine aching, she couldn't give up yet so she stood on her feet with Bryan approaching. Asuka waits for him to get closer as she is able to land a quick kick to his abs, he is off guard so she jumps to her feet and spinning heel kicks him and he hits the ground. The ground errupts in cheers, it was the first time Bryan was seen on his back in the preliminaries. Bryan punches the ground out of anger but looks up with a demented smile and rushes her with so much force she can't think in him as he spears her and rams her into a car. Asuka shrieks in fear as he back hits the car she coughs and Bryan let's her go so she falls and hit's the floor. He then sits on her back and places his hands on her chin and begins pulling her head back and bending ber back mercilessly.

    Bryan laughed as Asuka screamed from the agony of feeling her spine becoming ready to snap from the strain, she kicks her feet with no luck. There was no way out of this hold unless he let her out and he appeared to be having far too much fun, she then hears a small snap on her back and a heated sensation it wasn't big but she had fractured a part of her spine. Asuka screamed as tears flowed down her cheeks and Bryan let her go. Asuka begins trying to crawl away but then stops for a moment, she wipes her tears and begins struggling to her feet.

    "I would stay down if I were you little lady, I'm not responsible for what happens when you stand up. What are you trying to prove to yourself?"

    "I'm not doing this for me now..." Asuka stands and is able to get into her stance even with the pain on her back, "This is... for a friend." She says, and Bryan grins like he wants to laugh at her comment so decides he will go to finish it. He charges it as Asuka tries one final time, she dodges his attack then begins kicking his sides and his legs making him lose balance. She gets hin down to one knee then begins jabbing at his head making it bounce like a bobblehead, she couldn't let up for a moment, she kept hitting him then starting kicking his face hoping he would go down, she thought about Lili in the hospital and what she was told. She puts her hands toether when he's on both knees and come down like a hammer on his head, the moment it connects he has a moment to act as he wraps his arms around Asuka's waist and with her boobs in his face he begins to bear hug her and crushing fractured spine. Asuka gasps in pain, it is almost too much as she begins to pass out, the pain was unbareable. She couldn't think anymore, she was losing strength and passing out, she screamed and cried as he kept hitting him in the head but each punch did little but make him take a step back as Asuka came up with an idea.

    Bryan laughed with each hit as he stepped back closes and closer to a van, Asuka was still running very low on energy, she struggles from the pain as her tears also feel on him which he seemed to enjoy. She then gets hi back to the van and takes what strength she has left, she kicks him once in the balls to make him lose his grip, no matter how big he was he still had those and they were as fragile as any mans. She falls down from him but forces herself back up as he's leaned against the van then jumps up high and kicks the side of his head which rams his face into the metal side of the van.

    Bryan falls and Asuka falls back but is still conscious, the ground errupts and the prompter calls Asuka the winner due to KO because she was still moving and Bryan was not, he was only unconscious for a few seconds but a KO was a KO. Asuka barely hanging on to her consciousness laid on the ground as Fury very furious sits on her and begins punching her in the face just whaling on her and no one has the balls to get in his way. He then takes his hands together like a hammer and crashes it down on Asuka's face knocking her out.

    Asuka lay unconscious until she felt a soft hand touch her face, she wakes up her body still in pain but remember she had won. She looks up to see Lili smiling over her in the middle of cars, Asuka tries to speak but Lili places her finger on her mouth. Lili then wraps her arms around Asuka holding her and says, "I'm glad you're okay..." Lili says swallowing her pride and Asuka closes her eyes to rest having just beated Bryan Fury who was now one fight from being kicked out so whoever was next would feel his wrath.

    (Thanks for reading this, not as bad of an ending but hey all Ryona Fiction don't need bad endings am I right? Tell me what you guys think and I'm going to add a Poll for the next Fiction/Tekken Girl who will be in next chapter.)
  2. randomguy

    randomguy Ryonani Teamster

    Feb 5, 2010
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    Nice! Though I wanna know who saved Asuka. I would want to. Poor thing glad she won in the end kinda
  3. Bagel

    Bagel Potential Patron

    Mar 26, 2012
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    Wow, it's rare that I read a ryona story that tugs at your heart strings. This may be one of the few times I don't mind a happy ending. Well done!