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Tekken Fiction: Anna, Christie, Julia & Nina - Who Watches The Watcher?

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by TheCrimsonRisk, Jul 2, 2012.

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    For unknownwatcher, because he loves gyaku and I'd never tried incorporating that into any of my writing before. It was a fun challenge! This is probably one of the longest stories posted on this forum, but I knew I'd have at least a couple of readers so I went all out with it.

    Anna, Christie, Julia & Nina - Who Watches The Watcher


    Chapter 1: The Williams Sisters

    Photographs spilled out of the dossier as it landed on the desk. "This is the target."

    Nina opened up the file and shared a smirk with her sister. "This man?"

    "Doesn't look like much." Anna said.

    The shadowy figure puffed on his cigar. "Ladies, I've been assured that this is a mission - and a payday - worthy of the infamous Williams sisters."

    "We're in." Nina said. "So who is this character?"

    "They call him...The Watcher."


    "Ooh, this feels good," the man said as he settled into the bubbling hot tub. He was paying the price for not keeping a regular work-out routine. The heat was already loosening his aching joints. He was ready to enter a state of relaxation when the door opened and two gorgeous women entered.

    One was a petite blonde with hair tied in a ponytail that ran past her shoulders. She was wearing a skimpy white bikini. Her face was flawless, with high cheekbones and stunning red lips. The brunette who entered with her had a tougher, sultrier look. She looked like she had been poured into the high cut black one piece that clung to her curvy figure. They were both striking in their own way, but anyone could tell that they were sisters.

    "Oh my!" the brunette said, putting her hand to her mouth. "We didn't know anyone was in here."

    "Sorry to interrupt you," said the blonde. "We'll just be on our way."

    The man's eyes widened. "No! No! Feel free to jump in. There's, uh, plenty of space here." There wasn't, but that didn't seem to matter.

    The blonde started to stretch seductively while emitting an alluring sigh. "We were looking forward to the hot tub after such a long...hard...swim."

    "Indeed, sister." The brunette dipped her toes into the water and the man couldn't help but admire her toned legs. "And since this...handsome gentleman has invited us to take a dip, it would be rude not to accept, wouldn't it?" The slinky blonde nodded her head and slowly immersed herself. The brunette did the same. So far, the plan was going perfectly for the Williams sisters.

    The man seemed to be struggling to compose himself. "So...are you two, um, professional swimmers?" As soon as he asked the question, his face began to redden. Nina giggled, but inside she was itching to dispose of this fool and get paid.

    "Ha ha ha, no dear. I'm a lawyer and my sister Anna here is in real estate."

    "Yes and we both agreed that we'd been putting off a good trip to the gym, isn't that right, Nina?"

    "That's right, Anna. Look how fat you've become." In response to Nina's jibe, Anna pinched her beneath the water. She hated when her sister improvised.

    "That's my big sister, always being clever." Her aggravation was scarcely concealed.

    "Wow, I mean, uh...I think you look fantastic!" the man said, overeager. "I mean, I mean, that is to say..."

    It was now Anna's turn to fake a laugh. "Isn't this one sweet?" She shifted towards him and playfully ruffled his hair. "But you seem so nervous. What is it that you do, Mr..."

    "You can call me..." before the man could respond, his cell phone chimed in from its perch next to the tub. He moved away from Anna to read the message and she slyly manoeuvred herself behind him. "Darn it! That's actually work calling now. It's an emergency, I have to..." Again he was interrupted, this time by a pair of soft hands on his shoulders.

    "Don't be in such a hurry. Just like me and my sister. All work and no play." As she spoke, she began to knead the muscles in his shoulders. His eyes began to roll back. Her technique was superior to any masseuse he'd ever been to. "That's it...just relax." Her tempting voice made it almost impossible for him to move.

    Nina raised an eyebrow. Her sister was good, but she was wasting time. "I think I've had enough of this heat for one day. How about we go somewhere to cool off? Maybe back to our apartment?"

    The man snapped out of his stupor for a moment, remembering the message on his phone. "Oh geez, I'm sorry. I can't do anything like that today. It really is an emergency and I..."

    "Ssssh," Anna put a finger to his lips. "Come with us. You won't regret it. I promise." Every word was designed to hypnotize him.

    He started to get up. "I have to go!"

    Anna roughly pulled him back down. "So do we...Watcher." Before the man could react, she had wrapped her legs around his waist. "Nina, get his arms!"

    As the Watcher started to flail, Nina did her best to secure his wrists, limiting his movement. Anna tightened the squeeze around his waist and it felt like he was in the coils of a python. In any other situation, having those luscious legs around his waist would feel incredible, but this woman seemed determined to injure him. He put up more of a fight then they expected and Nina yelled at Anna to do something. She placed her hands on his head and proceeded to dunk him into the water. He'd barely been able to take in a breath before going under and he almost blacked out instantly. His survival instincts kicked in though and he kept fighting to get up. His head bobbed up and down causing water to splash all over the place. Over and over again, Anna dunked him back down while keeping up the pressure on her body scissors. She was surprised that he hadn't given up yet.

    There was a sudden pop and then a numbing jolt of electricity that ran through the combatants. The Williams sisters had to relinquish their grip on the Watcher as they regained their bearings.

    "Anna, what the hell?"

    "We just got fucking electrocuted! What do you want?"

    "I don't know, a sister who can subdue a civilian target, maybe?"

    "Oh, you bitch!"

    "I'm going to..." The Williams sisters were about to tear each other's hair out when they noticed that the Watcher had already made it out the door.

    "Shit," they said in unison.


    The Watcher stumbled as he navigated his way through the weight room while attempting to slide a shirt over his head. The idea of dying half-naked was disturbing to him. Just as he got the shirt on, his foot hit a dumbbell and he went hurtling over to the exercise mats. He cursed himself for going to such a cheap, poorly organized gym. He turned to see the Williams sisters in pursuit. Anna was still in her one-piece, but Nina had found the time to slip into a hot pink body suit. It was zipped down in the front and he could not take his eyes off of her shapely chest. They both had put on white knee high boots in anticipation of a chase.

    Knowing her opponent would be distracted, Nina immediately pounced. She landed in a sitting position on the Watcher's chest, knocking the wind out of him. Nina leaned forward and pushed down on his forearms, trapping him to the mat. Her breasts hung tantalizingly close to his face. "Anna, check the phone. See what information you can get from it. Then toss me the restraints."

    "Don't boss me around!" Anna went to retrieve the phone.

    Nina smiled as the watcher squirmed under her. She wasn't heavy at all, but she was used to applying herself in such a way that even bigger men couldn't get out from under her. Most of the time, they didn't want to. The Watcher could certainly understand that. He could feel her crotch rubbing against his chest through the skin tight latex. He kicked his legs trying to get free, but she had him trapped. "I've got you now, Watcher."

    "I don't know what that is! I don't know any 'Watcher'! I..." His speech was halted as Nina covered his mouth with her hand. She inched up his torso, shifting her knee into position to trap the arm again. He looked up helplessly at the statuesque woman.

    "This isn't the first time a target has claimed mistaken identity. Hell, I'd say it happens on almost every mission where we have to pick up some sad sack, hacker wannabe like you. I'll save you the breath. It never works."

    Anna returned with the cellular phone. "Let's see what we have here." There was a blinding flash of light as the phone exploded in her hands. Nina had picked the wrong time to turn as she too was soon seeing stars. It was the opening the Watcher needed and he timed his roll perfectly to get Nina off of him. He knew the distraction would only last seconds, so he headed over to the weight rack. The worn out rack had been damaged months ago and the gym owner had put off repairing it this whole time. It was held up against the wall by a loose chain. The Watcher grunted as he pulled the chain off of the wall sending a wave of iron hurtling towards the Williams sisters as the rack collapsed. Their supreme agility allowed them to dodge most of it, but they were tripped up and it was more than enough time for their target to evade them again.

    Anna angrily brushed the hair out of her face. "What is this guy, a fucking gremlin?"


    Chapter 2: Christie and Julia

    "Are you sure this is the right place?"

    Julia scratched her chin, glancing at the crumpled up paper in her hand. "My intel tells me this is the gym he goes to. He hasn't been seen in a while, so this might be a dead end. Sorry, Christie."

    "It's okay," Christie said. She walked over to console her friend. "I know this was important to you."

    "It was a long shot anyway. I just thought I could finally get my hands on the bastard. I should have known that we wouldn't just trip over him." Just as she said that, there was the loud clatter of garbage cans being knocked over. Julia and Christie whipped around to check out the commotion. Reaching into her pocket, Julia took out a photograph and held it up. Sure enough, there was the target lying in a pile of trash.

    Plastic bags and aluminum cans were scattered on the pavement as the Watcher gathered himself. Standing about a dozen feet away were two more beautiful women. At first glance, one of them looked to be Native American. She had feathers attached to a purple headband and her hair was done up into two pigtails. Her brown top showed off a hint of cleavage and a smooth abdomen. Strong legs extended out from her jean skirt to her feet, which were adorned with cowboy boots. She wore brown fingerless gloves. There was a warmth and tenderness that radiated from Julia's soft features.

    The Watcher's gaze switched over to her partner. Her skin was a captivating dark brown and she was in amazing shape. She wore shiny silver pants that revealed an alluring glimpse of her hips and a Brazilian style bikini top that offered much more than a glimpse of her dazzling breasts. Her hair was tied into a ponytail and she also wore fingerless gloves. While Julia may have been warm, Christie was a simmering inferno of sexuality.

    Time screeched to a halt as the Watcher appraised the majestic creatures, when in reality only a few seconds had passed. On any other day, meeting all of these women would have been a fantasy, but there was more to this than meets the eye.

    "Christie, wait!" Julia yelled out, but it was too late. The fiery Latina charged the Watcher, moving in an elaborate Capoeira routine that was breathtaking to watch. The Watcher was in a trance. A spinning kick to his chest brought him back to reality it and he was sent flying back before bouncing off of a dumpster. Christie maintained her rhythm, flowing from her kick into a loose combat stance. As the Watcher started to get back up, Christie launched herself into the air looking to fire off another kick. It would have landed perfectly if not for the Watcher slipping on a banana peel as he tried to move out of the way. The error saved him from a foot to the nose and Christie ended up landing awkwardly on his head.

    Her butt was now covering his face, to be precise. He blindly grabbed at her, getting a hold of a purple rope that was tied to her waist. This only served to send them crashing down in a heap, her backside still firmly planted. Even as he was being smothered, the Watcher noticed the shape and tone of Christie's butt. All of that Capoeira paid off. Christie wriggled on top of him, trying to get free, but he was panicking and wouldn't release the rope. As it was, her jiggling cheeks filled his vision and he was completely disoriented. Finally, Julia managed to help Christie up.

    "Would you quit horsing around!" Julia said.

    "It's not my fault that this guy can't stand up straight. He's probably drunk."

    The Watcher tried to sneak away, but Julia grabbed him by the back of his pants. "Not so fast, buster." With astonishing quickness, she wrapped her arms around his waist and grounded herself. Her hips exploded with raw power and the man was lifted off his feet as if he were filled with helium. Julie bent her body, falling backwards into an arch, sending the man crashing headfirst onto the ground with a picturesque German suplex. She stood up to observe her unmoving victim.

    "Oh, dear."

    "What," Christie asked, "he has the data you're looking for, right?"

    "Probably, yeah! But he won't be too helpful if he's severely concussed."

    "I see your point. I'll help him up and then maybe we can get some answers." The man had recovered quicker than they expected and as Christie got close, she got a handful of trash thrown in her eyes. Substances from a diner had been disposed of here and they immediately caused an intense burning sensation. "Gaah, damn it!" Christie bumbled around, steadying herself against a brick wall. The Watcher started to run away.

    "Hey! What did I tell you?" Julia took hold of the man's waist again, cinching her arms into a bearhug position. He was slightly taller than her, but her considerable might more than made up for it as she yanked him up into a bear hug hold. "I don't want to harm you." It was hard for the Watcher to believe her when he could feel his sides being compressed. Julia figured this would be the best way to subdue him without causing any serious damage, but it definitely hurt. He gritted his teeth and beat his fists against her shoulders, but she knew her holds and he couldn't land anything substantial. He was at her mercy.

    She gave him a prolonged squeeze and he gasped as breathing became increasingly difficult. His eyes began to fill with spots. He slumped over her shoulder, his face resting against her neck. He was pressed tightly against Julia's body, the life draining out of him. Another squeeze sent his head rocking back in pain and he started to drift into oblivion. The Watcher gradually slid out of the bear hug and as he did so his head came to a rest against her bosom. Julia was so focused on incapacitating her foe that she didn't even notice him passing out face down in her cleavage. She squashed him for a few more seconds before gently putting him down.

    "Son of a bitch, this burns!"

    Julia was amused. Christie was rarely this angry. "Are you okay?"

    "I'll be fine. Just let me at him."

    "I've got him down."

    Christie rubbed her eyes and blinked rapidly. She could see, but it was all fuzzy. "Okay. Good job, Julia. So what do we do...hold on." Her vision was impaired, but she had excellent hearing and she could sense someone was coming from around the corner. She shot Julia a knowing look. "Let's get off the streets first and sort it out."
    "Good idea." Julia flung the Watcher over her shoulder and the two women made their way to the fire escape.


    Chapter 3: The Watcher

    The Watcher awoke to the sound of a heated argument.

    "This goofball is worth a lot of money! Now back off and let us do our job!"

    "Not this time, Nina!" Julia shot back indignantly. "You and your sister are always pushing people around to get what you want. I dare you to push us." Christie stood behind her, ready for some action.

    Anna stepped forward to flank her sister. "Ha! You are two of the biggest pushovers the Iron Fist tournament has ever seen. Get out of here before you get hurt."

    "Oh yeah? Let's see you back that talk up for once you rich bi..."

    "Ladies! Please! There's no need to fight over me." The four combatants were interrupted by The Watcher. As he rose, something seemed different about him. Even the temerity he displayed by interrupting them seemed at odds with how he'd acted earlier. He was brimming with unnatural confidence. "I'm sorry to have troubled the four of you, but I assure you that I know just how to resolve this situation."

    It was Julia who chimed in first. "Give me the rainforest restoration data that you stole and my friend and I will be on our way. You can dance with these two bimbos on your own."

    Anna jumped at the insult, but Nina held her back. "Hold on a second, sister. Something isn't right here."

    The Watcher continued. "I wasn't lying when I said I'm not the Watcher. That's really just the...alias I chose to leak to attract all of this attention. It is fitting though, considering what I have in store for you." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small electronic device. The sound of beeping buttons was soon replaced by what sounded like the roar of a jet engine overhead. Two figures descended from the sky.

    One was a friend of Christie and Julia's, the android Alisa. She wore her usual pink and purple dress, with black short shorts and see-through stockings over her legs. Everything looked slightly worn, as was most evident on her white gloves and boots that looked to be covered with soot and oil. Her hair, half red and half purple, was unusually messy.

    "Alisa!" Julia ran over to her colleague. She had been missing for a few weeks and her friends had been worried about her. Alisa was known to wander, but usually gave some indication of where she was going or when she would return. "Are you okay?" They locked eyes and all Julia could see was blackness.

    A Jack robot touched down shortly after, nearly making a hole in the roof. It resembled the other Jack models, but there was clearly something different about it. It looked more human. All the artificial pads and plates were covered up so he looked more like a mutated monster than a machine. Still, the way he moved and the red glow in his eyes gave away his mechanical nature. Wearing only a heavy pair of camouflage pants, his muscular body was intimidating even to these seasoned warriors.

    "Meet my friends." The Watcher said. "Malfunctioning hot tubs, exploding cell phones...those were parlor tricks. Reprogramming a Boskonovitch and designing my own Jack robot from spare parts? You have to admit that's impressive."

    "You're still just an over-prepared nerd," Nina said, "and you're still coming with us."

    The Watcher laughed. "Sure. I tell you what. I'll be right over here. You have a chat with my friends and after that's over I'll hand myself over to you. As for you, Ms. Chang, I'm afraid to say that I just can't recall where I stored that data. I can be so scatterbrained and I...oh, wait. What's this?" He tapped his knuckle against Jack's stomach. "Mm hm. That's right, I believe it's stored inside this Jack unit. I'm sure if you ask politely he'll share it with you."

    "What have you done to our friend?" Christie shouted.

    The Watcher sat down on some rooftop equipment. "I believe we've covered that, but if you need further explanation..." He accessed his device again and Alisa's wings opened up again. She shot forward like a rocket, throwing her arms out and bowling Christie and Julia over. "Divide and conquer." The Watcher commanded.

    Jack turned towards the Williams sisters who were more than prepared for a fight. They moved in opposite directions, looking to produce a pincer attack. The Watcher nodded in approval. They attacked swiftly, but the robot was quick enough to deflect most of their attacks. Finally, Anna landed a crisp roundhouse kick that snapped his head to the side. As his head turned, his torso twisted with it. His massive arms shot out and he suddenly became a spinning top of destruction. Anna had started to celebrate prematurely and she was caught by a steel fist that rattled her brain and sent her tumbling down.

    "Anna!" Nina reflexively moved to protect her sister. The flying Alisa intercepted her with a shoulder tackle, spearing the blonde's belly. It felt like a lung had been punctured. Just like that, the Williams sisters were in trouble.

    Julia grabbed Alisa, putting all of her effort into a full nelson. She knew not to underestimate the android's strength. "Stop! Alisa, this isn't you! Let us help you!"

    As Julia wrestled with Alisa, Christie was using her unique mix of fighting and dance skills to distract Jack. "Come on big boy! Catch me if you can!" Even the Watcher was dazzled by her athleticism as she bounced from cartwheels to somersaults to back flips. He drew his thumb across his throat in a slashing motion, but regretted having to destroy something so marvelous. The Jack robot recognized its master's command. It pulled its arms against its chest and began to vibrate and hum. Christie paused for a moment. Several panels opened up around Jack's arms and shoulders releasing a cloudy mist. It moved quickly, falling in a small radius around him. The mist filled Christie's lungs causing her to cough uncontrollably. Her eyes were tearing up and they were soon shut by Jack's fist which shot forward like a piston. His punch landed square against her forehead and she fell back against a brick wall. Her nose was bleeding. He followed with a left cross that would have knocked her down, but he straightened her up by her hair. Two more straight rights pounded her head into the unforgiving brick, causing an indent in the wall. She was finished.

    Anna was stirring so the Watcher leisurely walked over to her. "Settle down, tigress." He gave her a hard kick to the stomach and she curled up to protect herself. She regretted not being able to change as the flimsy bathing suit offered no resistance. The Watcher stomped down on her back eliciting a gasp. He ended with a kick to the face that made a sickening crunch as his shoe connected with her jaw.

    A few feet away, Alisa and Julia were still fighting. Alisa wouldn't budge and the combined weight of the two girls was squashing Nina beneath them. With a Herculean heave, Julia was able to drag Alisa off. Nina inhaled deeply.

    For a moment, Alisa's stopped fighting. "Julia, I...I..."

    Julia eased up for a moment. "Yes! Alisa? It's me. Your friend."

    With Julia no longer pressed against her so tightly, Alisa had a small space to open her rear jets. "...I...I...I never really liked you." Alisa said, sneering. A hot flame burst flashed from Alisa's wings and Julia's legs were scalded. She fell back in horror, holding her thighs, desperate to figure out some way to relieve the searing pain. A shadow fell over her. It was a looming Jack.

    Nina sat up, but was soon on her back again as Alisa pounced once more. She'd fought Alisa before, but the inhuman strength combined with her innocent looks still shocked her. Alisa reared back to punch and though Nina did her best to block, it was impossible to stop all of the blows. Over and over again, Alisa's fists came down, smashing Nina's defences. The shots started to land cleanly and Nina's head was getting bounced off the concrete like a beach ball. She managed to get an arm up and she stuck her finger in Alisa's eye, puncturing the socket. This would have stopped anybody in their tracks, but to an android, it was only a minor inconvenience.

    Trapping Nina's arm, Alisa swept one leg over Nina's shoulder and fell back pulling the assassin on top of her. She locked her legs around Nina's head, arm and shoulder, executing a seamless triangle choke. Nina's oxygen was being cut off and she began to frantically claw at Alisa's leg, but it was no use. At the same time, her arm was being hyper-extended. Alisa adjusted their position again, shifting them both to their sides. She turned on her jets and suddenly she was hovering eight feet above the ground with Nina in tow. The triangle choke was now an impromptu noose and Nina's suffocated body was dangling in the air. Her legs kicked futilely and she looked like a broken marionette as the darkness overtook her.

    The Watcher would have clapped, but he had his own plans. "You know," he addressed Anna, "I didn't appreciate you trying to drown me before. A little payback is definitely in order." He grabbed her boots, securing her legs under his armpits. Turning over in one harsh motion, he forced Anna onto her stomach and sat down roughly on her back. As he leaned into the Boston Crab, Anna could feel her whole spine starting to bend.

    "Aaaaaaaaaaaah! Let me go! Please!" She pushed up onto her elbows, but the Watcher cranked up the pressure and she could only scream as she was brutally bent. He wasn't a martial arts expert by any measure, but he'd done light training in all sorts of disciplines including submission wrestling. There was no way he'd get to apply a hold like this in a fair fight, so he loved every minute of it.

    "Are we having fun yet?" The Watcher asked. Anna continued to cry out in submission, but she had crossed him and now he was making her pay. What made the hold even better was that her spine was curling around him and he could feel her back muscles tightening up. Anna's body started convulsing. There was an audible pop and the Watcher nearly fell over as he felt something in her back give out. She stopped moving, but the Watcher kept her in the hold just to make sure she was out of it.

    "How are we doing over there?" He shouted to his toys.

    Jack was having his way with Julia, whose mobility was badly hindered by her scorched legs. He repeatedly picked her up and threw her against whatever hard surface he could find. At one point, he held her by her ankles and smashed her through a nearby skylight before pulling her back up and splattering her with a spine buster. Now, he pressed her over his head, looking to his master for approval.

    The Watcher made a "thumbs down" sign.


    Julia was devastated by an over the knee backbreaker. She'd experienced the move before, but never with such force or malice. Jack was an uncaring robot and he had no restraint. Her spine nearly split in half and her eyes were wide open, frozen in disbelief at this new level of pain. It was even more frightening when the sensation stopped and she didn't feel much of anything at all.

    The Watcher pulled out his device again, this time using it to send a signal to several floating cameras that had been hidden until now. "You see that, Mishima? You see what I'm capable of? You thought you could get rid of me? I'm the boss, now." One of the cameras hovered in front of him as he delivered his speech. "Bring that blonde trash over to me, Alisa." Alisa held Nina up by her arms and carried her to her master. He put one hand under Nina's chin, lifting her head before addressing the camera again. "These "Iron Fist" fighters...they're nothing. Do you see how easily I dispose of them?"

    He made a motion to Alisa, who zipped down the front of Nina's body suit. "Ah ah, not too much. No reason to give anyone a free show." The unzipping stopped at her navel, but the front of her body was almost completely exposed. "No, this is the only kind of show I want to give." He sent a hard punch into Nina's mid-section and she moaned as she her consciousness flickered. More stomach punches followed and her head flew back, her sweat drenched hair whipping around from the impact. The Watcher landed one more rib shattering blow, making sure to grind his fist into her flesh. Nina's eyes were wide with pain and her mouth formed an "O" shape. She coughed up a spatter of blood before passing out.

    "The Williams sisters were easy to trick. They'll sell themselves to the highest bidder. But these two...well, I was only expecting Julia to be honest. This one was a bonus." He pulled Christie out of the wall and waved Jack over. The Watcher pointed downwards and Jack grabbed Christie, cradling her in his arms. Jack emitted a small electrical shock, waking Christie up. "This was supposed to be a test run," the Watcher continued, "but I meant for it to be three on three. I honestly wasn't sure if my pets were ready for this challenge. It's a good thing they were because these girls kicked my ass something fierce and I wasn't in any condition for a fair fight. I am, however, feeling well enough to do this."

    The tiny Christie was but a plaything in Jack's arms and he placed his hands on her legs. Gripping her calves, he slowly pulled her legs apart. "Ooooh, God, noooooo!" Christie begged. Her groin muscles were on the verge of shredding and she didn't even try to hold back her tears. "Why...why are you doing this?" She managed to squeak out.

    "To prove a point." To punctuate his statement, the Watcher landed a soccer kick right to Christie's vulnerable crotch. His ankle bone connected firmly with her pelvis. It was a savage manoeuvre designed to humiliate as well as hurt. The stabbing pain was more than enough to paralyze her. The Watcher nodded his head and Jack let her fall down in a heap. "And the point is this. You tried to take away my life when you fired me from Mishima Zaibatsu and you thought that would be the last of me. Now I'm speaking to you in the only language you seem to understand. Power. These are supposed to be the best fighters in the world. Look at them!" He turned the camera towards Christie who was lying on the floor, sobbing. "That's nothing compared to what I'm going to do to you, your company and your whole family."

    Alisa tapped the Watcher on the shoulder and she pointed to Julia who was trying to crawl away. "Ah, yes. This one." Alisa and Jack each took one of Julia's arms and yanked her to her feet. The Watcher circled around her as he taunted her. "Despite all of my lies, there is some truth to my story." He kicked her in the back of her right knee, forcing her to kneel. "I am a programmer and I did steal that rainforest restoration data." He kicked her other knee and she fell, supported only by the iron grip of the two machines. The Watcher was in front of her now. "How else do you think I could afford to run this operation? My financers are paying a lot for this information and for my expertise. With some slight tweaking, I'll make sure that this information goes towards clearing out the rainforests more efficiently than ever and that every single resource is drained dry."

    "I...have allies...they'll come after you..." Julia wanted to stay strong, but her hopes were diminishing with every word.

    "That is exactly what I'm hoping for. As you can see, I've recorded everything that happened today. Not only am I going to broadcast this worldwide to establish the new status quo, but every move and motion is going to be processed and programmed into my next creation. The more fighters that come after me, the better I'll be prepared when I decide to make my move against the Mishimas."

    Julia shook her head in disbelief. She turned to Alisa with fear in her eyes. "Alisa...please..."

    "Yes, Alisa. Please. Wire." The Watcher commanded. Alisa reached into a hidden compartment in her thigh and handed him a thin wire. He uncoiled it and shaped it into a loop over Julia's head. It settled around her neck.

    "Don't...do this...Alisa...you have to..."

    The Watcher pulled on the ends of the wire, constricting Julia's windpipe. Her arms were going nowhere and her feet beat a meaningless rhythm. The wire sunk into her flesh. Wanting to prolong the torture, the Watcher would occasionally loosen the wire only to rip into her again as she was recovering. This went on for minutes, the cameras capturing every moment of Julia's torment. The Watcher lost control and the veins in his arms were visible as he choked the life out of her. Her eyes rolled back into her head and drool ran down her chin and throat. She gurgled feebly. Regaining his composure, the Watcher stopped and ordered Alissa and Jack to let her go. Julia collapsed lifelessly.

    "Gather the targets." He said, wiping sweat from his forehead. "We'll need training dummies." The cameras switched off. The Watcher leapt onto Jack's back and let out a brief victory cry before he and his companions flew off into the night, their spoils strung up in a net behind them.
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    In the words of lee: excellent!

    *thumbs up*
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    I just have no words for how incredible this is. Christie managed to survive getting her skull pounded into a brick wall so hard it dented the wall... she's pretty tough. lol.

    You've done something like eight stories and you've managed to get to the same level, or higher, that it took me 30+ to get to. Your descriptions are just incredible.
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    These girls are always getting hammered with crowbars and baseball bats in your stories so I used that as my gauge for how much damage they could take. Christie's brain damage is on your head!
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    I have to say this was simply amazing!
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    I really enjoyed the ending.
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    Great work
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    The backbreaker was sick. =D