Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Tournament Fighters (SMD)


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Jul 11, 2013
Platform: SMD.
Published: September 1993.
Genre: 1-on-1 Fighting.
Ryona Rating: 2.5/5

This version of Tournament Fighters is different to the SNES version that I posted on the Wiki some time ago, the characters and plot are different from the previous game. And mainly, April O'Neil it's playable here too (and in a very sexy outfit!). Here you will fight eight characters and three unplayable bosses to rescue Splinter.


  • One female player character (Karai can't be chosen here).
  • SImilar to the other TMNT game, various characters can grab April. First, Sisyphus can grab and bearhug her (did you notice that Sisyphus' face is on April's crotch during her grab?).
  • Ray Fillet can grab april and choke her (I'm not fond of choking grabs, though).
  • Triceraton enemy grabs her, then bites and gnaws her, this is a special move that does more damage if the player doesn't move the directions fast enough. His second move (uses it when April ducks and defends herself) knocks her to the floor, jumps and stomps on her repeatedly (he also stomps her crotch, and if you pay attention, this move still does less damage, even on harder difficulties. Maybe she likes this move...).
  • Kraang's Android can grab and throw her to the floor, if this move is done in a corner of Kraang's stage, the floor will break, similar to the semi-final boss arena on the SNES version (vs. Rat King).
  • Karai sports a more...acceptable outfit that her SNES counterpart: consisting of a leotard with some type of armor. Definitively, SEGA does what NINTENDON'T, at least for this version.

Female Characters:

  • April O'Neil is the only female playable character, she dresses in a battle bikini with a skirt, and she uses various wrestling moves that make her look the hottest (namely, an elbow drop and a back drop).



Thanks to Boundy22 for telling me about this port! I always wanted to see April O'Neil on a dangerous Ryona situation, and now it's possible! The bearhug and stomping made my day!


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Dec 26, 2009
Krang also can deliver a power bomb. He is the boss you fight after the dinosaur.


Ryonani Teamster
Jan 7, 2012
Glad that i helped :) , i think this is the only game that has the classic april o'neil as a playable character and the more interesting thing is that she wasn't in her normal classic yellow costume but she was in a hot outfit

She is playable in several other games but in her modern character and lately she was briefly playable in the latest TMNT game
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