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The game is about Lee, who travels by plane to a hotel on one of a small distant Bahamian island, but something unexpected happens, so he'll soon face a vivid adventures and good bunch of survival.

An exciting process of taming wild and hot babes, which will open access to a variety of unusual kinks and passionate situations, an island full of mysteries. You will have to develop skills, find contact with wayward girls, complete quests and eventually understand whether there is an opportunity to escape from a desert island!​

Release Date: 2021-03-07
Developer: Manka Games Patreon - Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.5.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
3DCG, Male protagonist, Adventure, Point & click, Groping, Voyeurism, Handjob, Vaginal sex, Creampie, Titjob, Monster Girl, Oral Sex

1. Extract and run.


  • Fixed collision check in fishing
  • Some text improvements
  • UI fixes
  • Fix location trapping after task completion (thx Trashmeat)
  • Fix progression bug (thx Vamp4re, mandor1784)


  • Story continuation
  • Weather effects
  • New torch mechanics
  • UI transitions were slightly decreased
  • New voyeur scene/minigame
  • Search minigame
  • Taming minigame
  • New bungalow and bridge buildings
  • New locations
  • New resources for story and survival
  • Added mouse wheel and drag to scroll inventory UI
  • Info windows are modal now
  • Small balance changes and other bugfixes
  • New bugs so there will be what to fix later


  • Story continuation
  • Add chapter selector
  • Add difficulty settings
  • Fishing minigame
  • Voyeur game improvements
  • Fix not visible buildings from the beach
  • Do not show item count on the unique item in inventory
  • Fix birds flickering in the main menu
  • Renpy version upgraded to 7.4.1
  • SOS task now not appears in chapter 1
  • Increased influence of skills on foraging/hunting results


  • Reworked locations internal logic.
  • Add some strange mushrooms and berries.
  • Add new random hunting events.
  • Add rock gathering task on the beach.
  • Tasks are now completed faster by 1 second.
  • Add SOS building. It's a hard and tiresome process, that lasts for several chapters.
  • Cooked food params slightly balanced.
  • Improved collision in hunting minigame.
  • Add warning when using old saves.


  • Story continuation
  • Crafting mechanics
  • New bonfire mechanics
  • Hunting minigame
  • Updated tasks and items UI
  • New bugfixes and new bugs :)


  • Return to steering game after loose, instead of the main menu
  • Add gallery mode to minigames
  • Many fixes

  • Story continuation
  • Added new chapter with new survival mechanics
  • Day/night cycle
  • Refactored progress class, old saves are broken :(
  • New minigame
  • Many fixes and improvements

  • Fixed bug, appearing in saving/loading in some cases
  • Added button to start credits from outro
  • Fixed multiple small bugs
  • Active hints and control adjustments in steering minigame
  • Fixed some confirm captions

  • Fixed bottle duplication on some scenes
  • Added hints to steering minigame
  • Changed some animations and logic in steering minigame

First public release

Developer Notes:
In our game, we decided to replace all texts with emojis. This is an experiment and a serious challenge for us. But it will allow players from all over the world to enjoy the game, regardless of their knowledge of the language. All dialogues, thoughts, tasks in the form of emojis — isn't that fun!


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Potential Patron

Today Tame It! 0.5.1 become public!

Somebody may think that 0.5.1 means that this is half of the game, but no, there are 15 chapters in the original plot so we are around 30% by now. But we’ll see, we may decide to merge some chapters together or add some additional content by patrons opinion.

Let’s return to the chapter. While Lee and Cat become aware of each other, their relations are slowly built by your hands. Meanwhile, there are some hints from the weather for future problems, so Lee must have some precautions.

Old saves are not compatible with the new version yet. Save compatibility restricts us with changes to the codebase and requires much time to achieve. And we prefer to spend this time on new content for you instead. But when all major features will be implemented in the game, we’ll get serious about saves.

Work on the 0.6.0 is going at full speed. And we expect some quality changes for the current content as well as the new one.

Download links are in the first post :)