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Tales of Petals: Side F

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Akumart, Jun 20, 2016.

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    *Petal Contest* Side F: Carnation

    Darkness filled Fei Feng Wei’s view as her eyes remained closed, her mind entering a state of deep concentration and thought. She took a deep breath, letting her energies focus upon a single point, synchronizing it with her beating heart. A thought coursed through her mind, one that runs through her every now and then—and one that fills her being with the drive she needs to succeed.


    She exhaled, releasing her bodily energies outwards into her system, allowing it to wrap around her like a shroud, covering her body like an invisible cloak. Her former masters called it the Chi-Shield, one of her organization’s most primed tools of achieving its goals… for whatever goal that may be, her only desire is to see it unto perfection… and to be passed on to those who would follow their footsteps in the future. The speed of progress is always overwhelming, if one is left behind by the flow—they are surely doomed to drown unto it.

    Several footsteps were heard from the dark, contemplative solitude that Fei placed herself within. Two, no... there were at least five people coming towards her direction, judging from their footsteps, they were quite light on their feet and adept at moving silently, though their skill isn’t up to par against the trained woman’s hearing.

    The sounds of guns cocking was heard next as the momentary chorus of footsteps ended and was followed by a moment of absolute silence. Despite the danger present, Fei remained calm and composed, not moving an inch from where she stood. Her hands remained relaxed and opened as she moved her arms in light flowing motions infront of her, feeling the flow of energy in her body radiate outwards.

    “FIRE!” A young woman’s voice shouted out, the weapons that the five intruders held all ringing out in a cacophony of gunfire. Several bullets whizzed through the air towards Fei Feng Wei, all intent to render her into nothing but a bloody corpse. Though—what would seem like a fast flying projectile that’s invisible to the naked eye, seemed nothing but dragonflies buzzing towards her from a nearby stream—a fond pastime that Fei enjoyed with her late father. The bullets came upon her, flying across the air and were closing in more and more upon the woman.

    “Chi Shield: Dragonfly Slayer!” Fei exclaimed as the felt the bullets come close enough to her, just right within the reach of her arms. She exhaled audibly, letting all of the energies flowing around her body move up to her hands in a fluid manner. Her concentration unbroken, she could feel where the bullets were and at what direction they were coming at her—and where to strike them. Her hands moved upwards, and struck the bullets from the side. The projectiles were gradually deflected by the Chi-shield she had generated in her hands, concentrating it there rather than distributing it all over her body, giving her hands ample protection from the impact of the bullets, as well as allowing to let her deflect it behind her—making it slide off her hands in a parrying motion rather than a full-on counter force. To Fei, her motions were no different than swatting away a swarm of dragonflies heading towards her… but to the shooters—it was like the woman infront of them was rapidly deflecting their continuous hail of lead perfect precision and blinding speed, not one of their shots hitting its mark.

    The shooters kept on their task, intent to break Fei’s nearly perfect defense with relentless gunfire. But like the steadfast rocks that holds against the raging river, the defense held strong and constant, Fei not suffering a single injury what so ever. “I-Impossible.” One of the shooters said in surprise as all five completely unloaded their submachine guns at Fei, none of them hitting and the wall behind the crimson qipao clad woman peppered by their shots. One of them desperately tried to pull out a fresh clip from behind her but was surprised that there was none. “We only get one clip, Chai.” One of the five female shooters glanced at her companion, patting her lightly upon the head.

    Fei opened her eyes and breathed heavily, streaks of sweat falling upon her forehead and her body. The prolonged usage of the skill takes more than she expected that it would and despite that it proves as an effective defense, it would still be too hard for a neophyte in Chi usage to effectively use in the middle of a fight. She felt her hands shaking frantically but tried to hide it to those infront of her. Fei’s eyes gazed upon the five shooters, all of them familiar to her as her former students, all trained in the use of their Chi abilites. But even Fei herself would admit that they were not yet prepared to attempt the risky feat that she just did, let alone to use the Dragonfly Slayer in actual combat.

    “Are you alright, Lǎoshī?” One of the young women asked their combat mentor. All of the five young women who assisted Fei in her self-training were her former students and were all now bonafide Petals. Petals are women who were expertly trained in the art of martial arts and different kinds of weapon combat to suit their profession as all around mercenaries, dealing beautiful and graceful deaths to all those that oppose them.

    Fei hid her inner thoughts of worry and her hands behind her back, smiling in a warm and motherly manner to the Petal infront of her. “Of course, and thankfully my experiment proved to be quite effective—although dangerous for others to try.” She replied to her student, giving her a light pat to the head. The Petal felt the feeble shaking of her mentor’s hand but said nothing of it for now, although a look of concern was in her face. “Teacher! That’s dangerous!” One of the other Petals exclaimed, more vocal in her worry for their mentor than the others. “We could have shot you dead or something.” Fei shook her head and wagged her finger at the student. “Of course I have trained day and night before I attempted such a feat. But follow your own words and do not attempt to do that technique without my supervision.” The other Petals lowered their guns and dropped them on the ground, pretty much showing their initial disdain for wielding such crude weapons. Fei looked upon the gesture and reflected in her teachings as to train her students as not to depend on firearms and modern weaponry, thinking whether that kind of mindset will bring her students to victory or death.

    One of Fei’s students shrugged and shook her head. “We aren’t so suicidal to just try something so risky like that, Laoshi… but then again, I know someone who might be…” The Petal remarked lightly. Fei couldn’t help but nod, agreeing with her former student’s line of thinking as she listened to her speak. And at that very moment itself-- “Laoshi, Laoshi!” Another of Fei’s apprentices rushed in the dojo and gave a hasty bow before her. “Please head to the cafeteria, Jojo’s causing another ruckus with the other trainees.” The girl reported as fast as she could, clearly panicking. Sighing in exasperation, Fei pressed her forefinger and middle finger against her forehead, already getting a headache from the mere report. “I see, just a typical day in that girl’s life.” The Petal combat instructor remarked as she looked at the others who assisted her in the exercise and bowed a bit before them. “Thank you for your assistance, I now go to guide my wayward apprentice.” Fei said with a firm tone before leaving the dojo. The five former apprentices bowed back to their master. “You’re welcome, Laoshi.” They said in unison.


    Combat Trainer Fei Fang Wei


    -This is Part 1 of 3 of my Petal short fic series.
    -You can appreciate, enjoy or even worship the pic but niet on stealing the image.
    -Enjoy the fic~ :3
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    Nice opening. It is good to have strong teacher, I think :D
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    Love me some petal stories. :tongue::tongue::tongue:
  4. Kargan3033

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    Nicely done Akumart, the flow of the story was well paced, you did not spend an overly amount of time on one aspect of the story and you did well in describing Fei Feng's mind set, I look forward to what comes next.