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Tales of Kriegmar: Power Hungry

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Raden, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. Raden

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    Sep 24, 2011
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    This is another entry in the "Tales of Kriegmar" line, sort of a "what if this happened in Blades of Kriegmar instead" scenario. It allows us to explore potential outcomes of things, usually bad ones. In this case, what if Tylissa (the character I play) decided she wanted to get her missing power back... any way she had to?

    This is also post 44,444 in the forum. \o/

    Tylissa had been traipsing around with the group of adventurers for a short while now. Her power was tricking back to her slowly, but not quickly enough for her liking. So she had taken matters into her own hands.

    As the group stared down Delanni across the cavernous throne room, the group had gone into their usual "blah blah" rhetoric. It was all Tylissa could do to avoid rolling her eyes. Tylissa was so bored, she almost missed the cue Delanni delivered. "Ah, there you are. I somehow knew that I wouldn't be seeing the last of you five. I see you brought along the fledgling goddess... and what's this? An overgrown fish?" Delanni chuckles. "So, what brings you to the site of my future throne?"

    Tylissa launched her line. "I think you meant future tomb, Delanni. We're here to stop you. You can either hand over the Spirit Glass now.... or we can go over there and take it from your cooling body." The two locked eyes.

    "You should have finished us off when you had the chance, you knave! Don't think you can just brush us off like last time." Valerie pipes up. Be careful what you wish for, tin can.

    Alchana went sneaking off somewhere while the demigods and Delanni parlayed back and forth. Finally, they disappeared, to fight off the invasion force Delanni had sent against the forest village.

    "Call off your attack, Delanni... or you won't live to regret it." Tylissa said with conviction. Hell, she almost believed it herself.

    "You would stoop so low as to attack a defenseless village? Your crimes are unforgiveable!" Valerie shouts, her blood burning with righteous fury. As she moved to attack one of the eel-like statues in the room, Delanni cut her off by usurping the power of Xili, one of the demigods and the one to who the temple was dedicated to! The newly-ascended demigod launched a hard water bolt, staggering even the stoic Valerie Lionheart, hurting her even through her toughness and Tylissa's Magical Warding. Before the girls could retaliate, Delanni had thrown up a water barrier!

    Tylissa had to make it look good. She launched her Ice Bolt at Delanni, firing directly into her shield. Madelyn finished that off with a flash of light, vapourizing it. Delanni responded by launching a fire bolt at Linara! Linara shrieked a little as the flames danced over her momentarily, and then fizzled. Alchana's stealth was no match for the magically-charged Delanni, who quickly shock bolted her! Delanni was fast on the draw, her firepower proving formidable.

    The girls were not without their tricks and techniques either, as Alchana darted in and laid down a smoke bomb, causing Delanni to choke and cough, her sight robbed of her as the rest of the group laid into her. Alchana's hands were on Delanni, and she never even felt the potion being lifted from her person. Alchana was slick, a lifetime of such activity being required to simply survive on a daily basis.

    Delanni waved her arms, trying to dissipate the brackish smoke, as force both physical and magical was unleashed on her again. Valerie's spear caught her in the ribs, and angered Delanni, along with laying down an injury. By the time she got her sight back, she had opened her eyes just long enough for Madelyn to whip up a flash of light! Afterimages popped like fireworks in Delanni's vision as it was whited out, her scream of frustration and pain evident from the blinding... and then from the group's battering of her in her vulnerable state! They'd laid down a lot of damage, and Delanni hadn't even got out of the starting blocks yet. A couple of the eel statues zapped Linara and Valerie with magic blasts, but the damage done was really more of a nuisance than anything.

    Even through all that, Delanni smiled a wicked smile, as four Giant Slimes formed in the room, one at each side. The group was now surrounded, and Delanni had got her vision back again. She built up a large amount of energy, and it swirled and crackled around her. She fired another cursed water bolt, striking Alchana hard with it. Two of the slimes moved up, and punched Alchana and Madelyn in their stomachs, winding them.

    It was about this time that they noticed the floor was covered in roughly an inch of water, except for a few large bare spots where it was dry.

    "Get to a dry spot, now!" Tylissa cried out, as the group headed for one. Everyone made it except Val, who took a heavy shock when Delanni unleashed her Lightning Wave into the floor, sending it through the water! Val's whole body convulsed like a marionette whose strings were being wildly pulled. As if that weren't bad enough, two of the slimes decked Valerie with a punch as well.

    The group now noticed there were eight giant slimes... and they were all flanking the group like a wall, as Delanni smirked from behind them. The group railed against the slimes, looking to take them out as quick as possible, but four of the nearby ones as melded together and formed one colossal being. Delanni then unleashed an Earth Bolt against Valerie as rock smashed into and cracked her armour. Then Delanni threw out a large green blob of goo, catching Linara. Some of it got into her mouth and immediately made her sick to her stomach.

    The group huddled together and Madelyn blessed them all, healing every member of the party who was injured in some way. This was everyone... except Tylissa...

    The colossal slime couldn't reach the group by going between the pillars, but it did manage to snatch up Madelyn and engulf her! Madelyn screamed just before being absorbed by the slime, and the slime began to retreat. Tylissa threw an ice bolt at one of the giant slimes accosting the party, causing to to freeze and shatter after the attacks the others launched against it! This at least ensured that another Colossal Slime could not form, or worse, a Titanic Slime, which was formed with two Colossal ones. The Titanic Slime had been a mighty foe, and they were not keen on facing down another one.

    One of the slimes then punched Tylissa in the stomach, and Delanni cast out an Earth Bolt that found a home in Tylissa's ribs, bruising her up and leaving her vulnerable. That should allay any suspicions...

    Tylissa put on a show of caring for Madelyn, who was beginning to suffocate by now, but took the time to unleash a bitterly cold blast of arctic air against two of the other slimes, freezing and shattering them in the process as well. After that, she headed to the Colossal Slime, and launched a huge fireball into it. Alchana came over to help free Madelyn, and Valerie lent her spear, viciously drilling it into the slime, severing key adhesive areas, allowing Alchana to finish it off with a backstab and free Madelyn. Linara has her sword stolen from her, but the blast of wind shattered the slimes and let her retrieve them, all the while the poison coursing through her body caused her to get more and more tired...

    With Linara's sword returned to her, she finishes the last slime off, and goes over to the group. They huddle together, and Madelyn works her healing magic on all of them again...

    ...but they all suddenly feel very cold, as Tylissa freezes the water around them! It's only extremely shallow, but it's enough to immobilize hands that might have been in it, and the element of surprise is more than enough to confuse everyone... until Tylissa darts over to a dry spot, and Delanni smiles widely. Delanni unleashes a Lightning Wave into the water, viciously electrocuting all the girls except Tylissa. Tylissa smiles.

    "Oh, how could you not have seen that coming? Honestly, I was attacked... how often? Once by a slime and once by Delanni..." Tylissa says, as she makes her way over to Delanni. "Think about the whole time I've been following you cretins around here. I didn't get the Spirit Glass used on me, so I didn't have a nightmare. I was the last one "defeated" when were sealed off in that room. It was then that Delanni and I came to an... understanding. I then laid down, pretended to be unconscious, and watched as that Zenorc choked out Valerie the Tin Can.

    We woke up in that tomb, we got out of it. We went through that huge room of things I'd have loved to see shred you guys, but no, we should be all nonviolent and stuff... So, finally, here we are, my final gambit. And it paid off! You suckers never suspected a thing....

    ...none of you did." Tylissa smiles as she quickly wrenches the Spirit Glass out of Delanni's grasp. Before Delanni can attempt to grab it back, Tylissa is holding it in both hands, brandishing it like the deadliest weapon she's ever held. She concentrates hard, and Delanni is soon rendered as helpless as a baby as she's left a writhing, sobbing mess on the floor, as nightmare after nightmare assaults her mind, enfeebling her.

    "hehehe.... he hehahaha.." Tylissa cackles as she clutches the Spirit Glass tight in both hands... and soon, swirling energies have transformed her into the same terrible nightmarish version of Xili that Delanni had become, who was now her old human self.

    "Yes..." Tylissa utters, as dark, corrupt evergy floods her, and continues transforming her, her voice taking on a haunting evil echo. "Power... so much power... power that rivals Guildmarian magic..." Tylissa stiffened as magic energy coursed through her, a feeling she had missed. When her transformation was complete, she looked like a half-elf and half... whatever Xili was. It was truly a terrible scene to behold.

    "Thank you for the aid in the beginning, Linara. I think I'll repay your kindness by killing you first, so as to avoid watching your friends here suffer..."

    Tylissa held out the glass, building up dark energy...

    "First, you four... then Zentil... Gridenia... all of Kriegmar... THE WHOLE PLANE... muhahahahaa..."
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  2. TheCrimsonRisk

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    Not bad, Raden. It was interesting seeing you summarize our characters' recent battle and put your own twist on it. This does make me worry about what's going on inside Tylissa's head though.
  3. KevinFace

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    Apr 3, 2010
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    So much injustice and gods among us.
  4. Raden

    Raden Ryonani Teamster

    Sep 24, 2011
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    Eh, she likes the group well eough to not actually do this. I think they're safe. :P

    Glad you liked it. Idoro told me in IRC that it was different, and I take that as a good thing.