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Tales Of Kriegmar: Linara & Alchana - Gotcha!

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by TheCrimsonRisk, Sep 2, 2013.

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    Unrelated is a fantastic artist and he took the time to do a piece featuring our Blades of Kriegmar characters Linara & Alchana. I had no idea he had been working on it and it was a wonderful surprise when he shared it with us on IRC. This accompanying story essentially wrote itself. The contrasting personalities of the impulsive Linara and cool Alchana made this a fun one for me. At the very least, check out the pic!

    Linara & Alchana - Gotcha!


    After many days of travel, the party had stopped to take a well deserved rest. They'd been through a lot together and a good night's rest would go a long ways towards the recovery of both their physical and mental faculties. Alchana, a light sleeper from a young age, was usually the first to rise. Let the others linger in their dreams a while longer, she thought to herself.

    The wood elf walked silently down the hallway. She enjoyed having some time to go outside and reflect in solitude. A few metres from her room, she stopped and looked down. There was a tripwire stretched out in front of her. It was thin enough to be obscure, but sturdy enough to cause someone to fall on their face if they weren't careful.

    . The mischievous brunette had been relentless in her quest to prank Alchana. Insects in the bed. Buckets of water perched atop doors. And now this. None of the tricks had come even close to working, which only seemed to make Linara work harder. The gags had gone from mildly amusing to annoying in a hurry.

    A snickering was heard.

    That does it. Alchana started to walk to the end of the hall where Linara was obviously waiting around the corner. "One of these days," Alchana said. "These stupid games are going to get someone hurt." As if on cue, there was a loud thunk and a childish yelp of pain.

    "Oooowwwee!" Madelyn moaned as she lay on the ground holding her arm. "A'na..."

    "Maddie!" Alchana rushed to help the priestess.

    Linara emerged from her hiding place. "Oops. Sorry..."

    "I thought...oooh...I thought I'd wake up early and surprise you, Alchana," Madelyn said, tears at the corners of her eyes. "We could go out and watch the sunrise. You could teach me those stretches you're always saying I should do."

    Oh, that does it. Alchana rubbed Madelyn's elbow, which had turned a bright, pinkish colour from the fall. "Linara. You. Me. Outside. NOW." It was obvious that the normally stoic elf was upset. Linara dutifully marched out, not even bothering to gather her equipment. She wanted to defuse the situation quickly, though she couldn't help but chuckle at Alchana's perturbation.


    "I'm sorry that Madelyn got hurt." As soon as they were outside, Linara launched into her apology. "I mean...I was looking to trip you up, not her." She playfully stuck her tongue out the side of her mouth, but Alchana didn't seem amused. The two girls were a study in contrasts.

    Alchana dressed to be incognito. Whether it was lurking in an urban environment or venturing through the woods, she knew the importance of blending. If they don't notice you, then they won't see you coming until it's too late. Beauty was the least of her concerns, though in the moments where she allowed people to get a good look at her, they were always taken aback by her striking features. Even the stern look she often wore on her face couldn't distract from the natural sexiness that she carried so effortlessly. Her toned leg and butt muscles were apparent under her tight fitting leather pants and her brown top offered a tantalizing hint of cleavage. The absence of material around her midriff served to accentuate a set of killer abdominal muscles that most women (and men!) would kill for.

    A few feet away, Linara was maintaining a stance of awkward contrition and playful defiance. In her bright pink attire, it was difficult to take anything she said or did seriously. Her leggings drew the eye towards her luscious thighs. On more than one occasion, Alchana had seen how a swivel of Linara's hips was enough to send men into joyous convulsions. She didn't have Alchana's hard body, so the one-piece that covered her upper body made her look like a delicious piece of chewy candy. Intentional or not, Linara could turn a simple walk into a celebration of the female form with her teasing ponytail and bouncing assets. Alchana had enormous respect for Linara's gifted swordsmanship. She couldn't understand why she was always prancing around and making a fool of herself.

    Noticing that Alchana hadn't said anything, Linara repeated herself and stepped forward offering a handshake. Again, no response. "Hey, what's the big deal?"

    "We've talked about this before. You've apologized and then you move on to another ridiculous scheme. I feel like..." Alchana hesitated, not wanting to get her own blood up. "...like we need to work this out in another way." She removed some pouches from around her waist in preparation.

    "I'm not sure I understand."

    "A physical exercise, maybe. A way we can both work out our frustrations."

    "Look, I already said I was sorry, I'm not sure..."

    "Your pranks. You want to get the better of the street-smart elf girl? How about we spar? You know, get the tension out. Who knows, maybe you'll even beat me..." It wasn't like Alchana to be so bold, but she knew this was the best way to get under Linara's skin.

    Unarmed combat was not Linara's specialty. She hated it. She was terrible at it. However, the only thing she hated more than fighting without her sword was backing down from a challenge. "Fine! Let's do this." The way Linara figured it, Alchana was always trying to avoid direct combat. With a little luck, I might just be able to get my licks in. How embarrassing that would be for her!

    The ex-princess' combat stance could kindly be described as unorthodox. Her feet weren't spaced properly, she held her hands too low and her head barely moved. If Alchana wanted to go right up to her and poke her between the eyes, she could have done so...but it was her turn to clever.

    Linara genuinely surprised her with a high kick to the shoulder that she still could have deflected; instead, she took it and stumbled. The girl was strong and it wouldn't be difficult to let her have some confidence. She threw another looping kick that Alchana easily ducked. Quickly twisting her body, Alchana's legs clipped Linara before she could retract her own and the pink swordswoman was planted on her ass.

    "Oof!" Linara yelped. "Pretty slick, A'na." She got back up and fired a right hook, then a left, neither coming particularly close to connecting. She feinted an overhand left, then buried her right hand into Alchana's belly. Clearly, she'd learned something from the many villains who seemed to enjoy targeting their stomachs. It was enough to get Alchana's attention, though her firm tummy absorbed the blow without much fuss.

    Thinking that she had her opponent on her heels, Linara ducked down and shot in for a tackle. She wanted to use her size to control Alchana. The thief saw the attack coming from a mile away, but allowed herself to be brought down. She controlled their fall, immediately clamping her legs around Linara's waist to establish her guard. Linara had no idea what Alchana was up to and mistakenly assumed she was dominating the action. Posturing up onto one knee, she began to attack Alchana with light slaps. Confidence and aggression, that's all it takes. I knew I could do this. "Nyahaha! Should have let me stick to my pranks, A'na. This ugly incident...*snicker*...could have been avoided."

    Alchana remained silent. Her arms were beside her head, protecting her from Linara's assault.

    "Hey girls!" Linara yelled in the general direction of the inn. "You all should come out and see..."

    Cutting off Linara's boast, Alchana made her move. She grabbed on to Linara's right wrist and yanked downwards, bringing the girl to her knees. Her legs were up in an instant, locking together around Linara's arm, neck and shoulder in perfect triangle choke position.

    "Hrgk! Wh...what..." Not familiar with any sort of martial art, Linara had no clue what was about to happen to her. She figured the hold was merely meant to immobilize her. "I'll...get out of this...just...grrr..."

    Alchana allowed herself a small smile. The trap had been set and Linara fell right into it. She couldn't muster up any offense in this hold, so Alchana took the opportunity to pinch her nose and muss up her hair.

    "A'na!" Linara was surprised and getting angrier by the second. She somehow managed to regain her footing, planting her feet deep in the dirt. As she straightened up, she lifted Alchana off of the ground planning to slam her down and break the triangle lock. It was an impressive feat of strength and her quivering leg muscles indicated the effort she was putting into the maneuver.


    The ground was firm, but not hard enough to do any serious damage to Alchana who landed flatly on her back. She knew the tactic wouldn't be effective; in fact, it only allowed her to sink the choke in deeper. Time to finish this. Alchana brought her legs closer together while pulling down on the back of Linara's head. The tightness of the hold was felt immediately, but Linara still refused to admit defeat. It wasn't until Alchana's thighs pressed against her carotid artery that she realized something was wrong. Within seconds, Linara's body went limp. She passed out, her face buried in Alchana's crotch.

    As soon as Linara was unconscious, Alchana eased up on the pressure. She kept the hold secure though, enjoying having Linara's face buried between her legs. Backstabbing monsters in the back was a pleasure, but the thrill of direct combat had its own appeal. If this were a street fight, Linara would wake up to find herself tied upside down with her clothes stripped off and her possessions gone. Alchana didn't plan to go that far, but that didn't mean she couldn't have some fun.

    The hold was relinquished and Linara slumped forward, one side of her face in the dirt and her shapely bum up in the air. Her brown hair drooped down, the perspiration from that brief struggle causing it to stick to her face. As Alchana slid backwards away from her, she was amused by the glazed over look in Linara's eyes and the drool trickling down from the side of her mouth. She stood up and walked behind Linara to get a rear view. Huh, she thought, raising an eyebrow. I guess I can see why she's so eager to flaunt this thing. Getting back to the task at hand, Alchana took the bottom of Linara's leotard and gave a sharp tug upwards. The material was thrust between her cheeks, lost in a heap of flesh. Alchana chuckled, admiring the wedgie she had just administered. She parked herself beneath the shade of a nearby tree, waiting patiently for Linara to regain her senses.

    Eventually, enough air filled Linara's lungs causing her to cough. Dust shot up from the ground and clung to her wet lips. "Unnh...wh...A'na...I..." She vaguely recalled Alchana's legs wrapping around her and then...darkness. What the hell did she do to me? The next thing she noticed was the discomfort in her crotch. She reached back to feel around and noticed that she could only feel bare skin and no leotard. The uncomfortable sensation of material going where material shouldn't go soon struck her. "Alchana! What has come over you?" She gingerly fixed her leotard, glaring at the elf. Her attempt to stand was thwarted by the lack of oxygen in her brain and she fell backwards, propping herself up on her elbows.

    "Ooooof!" Linara wind forced from her again as Alchana strolled over and took a seat on her stomach. The victim groaned, much to Alchana's delight.

    "Now, where were we?" Alchana said, adjusting her position. She slid up Linara's body so that she was sitting just under her chest. Linara's wrists were taken and held down so that they were beside her head, palms facing the sky. "I believe that you were about to yield."

    As soon as she heard the word "yield", Linara's protestations ceased. The defiant look returned. "'Yield?' To you? Ha...ah...*cough*...ha! You just watch, I'll be out of this any second." She bucked her hips and strained her arms, trying to do anything to shift Alchana's weight but the thief had her dead to rights. In desperation, she kicked her legs up violently. Alchana's counter was flawless. She briefly let go of Linara's arms, then reached back to hook her victim's legs under her armpits. Leaning forward, she resumed control of Linara's wrists while folding her in half.

    "Aiiiieeee!" Linara cried helplessly. Her feet wiggled helplessly, precariously close to touching the ground next to her head. "Alchana! Please! I wasn't meant to bend this way!"

    "Ah, you're doing fine." Alchana was again in a position to do what she wanted and she knew just the thing. She leaned forward even more. Linara squealed as her flexibility was tested. Even worse, Alchana's breasts were slowly being lowered onto her face.

    "A'na, don't!"

    The cries were muffled by Alchana's smothering maneuver. She had to hold back laughter as Linara's open mouth started to tickle her. Her lips, teeth and tongue failed to impede Alchana's erotic offense. Alchana let up for a moment to give Linara another chance to quit, but the stubborn warrior said "Never!" This went on for a few minutes, with Linara refusing to give in even as her struggles grew weaker and weaker.

    Finally..."I-yeeee...I-yeeeeee!" That was it.

    Alchana rose up, quickly concealing her glee. "What was that? I just want to be clear."

    Linara had a glum look on her face. "I yield." She couldn't look Alchana in the eye.

    "Very well." Alchana popped up, letting go of every part of Linara's body that she had been restricting. Linara's limbs flopped around dumbly and after a moment to stretch, she curled up into a ball trying to massage whatever hurt (which was pretty much everything). "I hope you..." Seeing her teammate in such a feeble state filled Alchana with an ounce of remorse. Eeeh...might have overdone it here. I better check on her. She walked over to Linara, her hand outstretched, willing to give her the handshake she had sought before. "You okay, Linara?"

    "Hyaaaah!" Playing possum had worked. Linara turned over and flung a handful of dirt into Alchana's eyes. Alchana angrily stomped around, fighting to clear her vision. "Tie me into knots, will you!" Linara had the opening she needed. Or so she thought.

    For a rogue like Alchana, relying on only one sense was a path to disaster. Losing her vision meant nothing, when she could still hear Linara's laboured footsteps. Taste the sweat from her pores. Feel her as she came in close. Linara had laid one finger on Alchana when she found herself being flipped head over heels with a judo toss.

    Linara landed in a heap. You have got to be kidding me.

    Instincts taking over, Alchana hurriedly ensnared Linara's limbs, eager to teach her one last (and lasting) lesson. Standing behind her, Alchana forced Linara onto her feet. She took Linara's right arm and laced it under her left knee, bringing Linara's left leg off of the ground. At the same time, Alchana's arm was resting against Linara's left arm, rendering it useless. She stepped over Linara's right ankle with her right foot, creating an angle that gave Linara zero leverage.


    "Owee owee owee!" There were no words in Linara's vocabulary to describe what she was going through. The hold was as humiliating as it was painful. Any attempt to ease the stress in one area would only cause another to flare up. Linara whimpered. She turned to look at Alchana, who glared at her viciously. That dirty tactic did not make her happy. "I yield! I yield!"

    "You had your chance." With her free hand, Alchana reached over Linara's shoulder and stuck her fingers between Linara's breasts. She began to poke and tickle and pinch, doing anything she could to make the experience as unsettling as possible. Linara's eyes expressed a range of emotions, from sheer agony to shock. "No more pranks from now on, you hear me?"

    "Aaaaaah! Yes!"

    "Say it!" Alchana commanded, twisting Linara's wrist and bringing it even closer to her body. The pink leotard began to intrude again as her leg was forced up higher.

    "I yield! I said it! Ooooh..."

    "Say 'no more pranks!'" Alchana felt around for one of Linara's nipples and tweaked it harshly.


    Convinced that Linara had finally learned her lesson, Alchana ended the ordeal. This time she carefully allowed Linara to balance herself, saving the poor girl further discomfort. "Good. If you've learned anything at all, then this was all worth it." She patted Linara on the head. "Don't feel too bad. I was surprised you actually managed to hit me a few times. It was a fine effort for one so unaccustomed to hand to hand combat."

    Linara brightened up. "You mean that?"

    Alchana winked and nodded. "Now, I think I need some refreshment after that kind of workout." She gathered her pouches and removed a small flask from one of them. Abusing Linara was hard work. A few gulps of cooling water refreshed her immediately, but then she felt a mild burning sensation on her tongue.

    Still recovering, Linara turned around too late to see what Alchana was doing. "Oh no, A'na! Don't drink from that one! I..."

    "Linara, you..." The mild burning became a searing flame. It was like Alchana's mouth had been stuffed with hot peppers! "Grrrrr....aaaaaaaaaaah!" She stamped her feet wildly, rapidly fanning her mouth.

    Linara ran into the inn to retrieve a skin filled with actual water. "I forgot about that one! I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry!" She ran to Alchana to give her the skin, but she was pushed away. Alchana didn't want anything to do with the irresponsible swordswoman at that moment.



    The other girls finally got up, roused by the commotion outside. They looked out the window and saw Linara and Alchana running around in circles. Linara was spilling water everywhere and Alchana was feverishly fanning her mouth. Exchanging looks of disbelief and confusion, the party shut the window and did their best to sleep in for a few more minutes.
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    Probably the best piece you've written to date. I know I already told you on IRC, but your descriptions were very vivid, the portrayal of the party members' personalities was spot on, and the polar opposite personalities created a terrific dynamic to draw on.
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    I gotta agree with Raden here, this is some of your best work yet! Amazing visuals and a great story (All kept within character too!) to accompany Unrelated's art piece. I especially liked the part where Alchana gave Linara that wedgie while she was prone. >:3

    I think we could all benefit from collaborating in the future.